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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 30
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania • Page 30

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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30 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Tuesday, October 2, 1990 TUESDAY'S TV PROGRAMS Tuesday prime time I 8:00 I 8:30 I 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 KQ( Rescue 911 Movie "Angel ot Death" UfTAE Who's the Head of Roseanne Coach thirtysomething WIMC Bot the Clan WPXI Matlock In tho Hoot of tho Night Story hind tho Story WQp Nova Frontline Spocial Report Soaton Proviow unCV Richard Tucker Gala World Goldon "UC Monitor Years UDTT Movlo "Adam's Rib" Twilight Twilight I Zona Zona WPCB Together Hit Placa Project 90 Apocalypse Planot uinru Movio "Firewalker" Mama's Mamo'e "ron Fondly Family US MCI I Movio "Just Tell Me You love Me" Movio "The Admiral WNCU Was lady" emmf Movlo "Night People" Movio "The Ouilier Memorandum" AMtr (Cont.) ip Biography Mahler' Song of tho Earth Design flat I I clonic CIN Movie "Star Trek II The Wrath ot Khan" Movio "Breaking In" niCM Halloween Movie "Pickup on South Street" Fred Halloween Aitolre ESPN Major League Baseball Toronto at Baltimore (Cent.) Baseball qq Movie "Old Gringo" OroamOn Crypt Tales ysyQ Movie "Turner Hooch" Movie "Me Him" Yjy Movie "The Assassination Bureau" Movio gQ Movio "Immediate Family" Movio "Cop" USA Murder, She Wrote Boxing Nate "Mr." Miller vs. Michael Greer Late Night With David Letterman Scheduled: actress Teri Garr; Detroit Tigers President Bo Schembechler. 9 22 Paid Program 40 Hia Place Movie "The Legacy of Maggie Walsh" (1979) Katharine Ross, Sam Elliott. Two American architects discover a terrifying secret alter they are invited to a foreboding English mansion. 12:370 Wolf While Tony searches for the kidnapped wife of Dylan's star witness, Sal is forced to care for the woman's baby.

(R) Arsenio Hall See 11 p.m. listing. 1:000 Kate aAllie 9 Joe Franklin 22 Home Shopping Club 40 Jerry FalweliP 1:15 17 Movie "To Have and Have Not" (1944) Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall. Bacall made her film debut in this adaptation of Ernest Hemingway's novel of a fishing boat captain's involvement with the resistance movement in 1940 Martinique. Colorized version.

1:30 Three's Company Entertainment Tonight OUter With Bob Costaa Guest: actor Tom Selleck (Parti of 2). Paid Program 63 Connie Martinson Talk! Book! 1:37 Joker'! Wild 1-41 0 Ohio Valley Used Ck Classifieds 1:51 0 Let There Be Light 200 Nightwatch 9 Paid Program Quit Kida Challenge 40 Getting Together 63 Movie "Uptown New York" (1932) Jack Oakie, Shirley Grey. The glamour and excitement of the big city provides a setting for romantic liaisons. 2. -07 Nightwatch 2:30 Joker's Wild The Judge 3.

-00 9 Home Shopping Spree Trump Card 40100 Huntley Street Movie "Charlie Cobb: Nice Night for a Hanging" (1977) Clu Guiager, Ralph Bellamy. A private eye is hired by a wealthy rancher to find his missing daughter. 3:15 17 Movie "The Americano" (1955) Glenn Ford, Cesar Romero. A Texas cowboy finds romance and adventure when he attempts to deliver prize Brahma bulls to Brazil. 3:30 Tic Tac Dough 63 Mr.

and Mrs. North 4:00 New! (R) 22 Home Shopping Club 40 Kay Arthur 63 Movie "Trigger Trio" (1937) Ray Corrigan. MaxTerhune. 4:30 This Morning's Business Headline News QD Tale Spin 17 Flintstones 4:30 Growing Psins Perfect Stringers Preview Sesame Street Todiy'i Japan 22 Video Power 40 Flying House Tiny Toon Adventures 4:35 17 Brady Bunch 5:00 Donihue Cheers Family Fsud Challenge Gersldo 9 It Take! a Thief Niwi Innovation 22 Munsters 40 Betty Jean Robinson Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 63 Designer Fashion Bargain! 505 17 Laverne 1 Shirley 5:300 New! Night Court Live Gersldo News Reading Rainbow Good Neighbor! 22 Addimi Family 40 Fire by Nile QDALF 5:35 17 Good Times Evening 6:00 BO News News 9 Cosby Show MacNsilLehrer NewsHour Mother and Son 22 Andy Griffith Charles in Charge 605 17 Beverly Hillbillies 6-30 ABC News OO NBC News CBS News 9 Who's the Boss? Are You Being Served? 22 Dick Van Dyke 40 Lightmuaic Mr. Belvedere 6:35 17 Andy Griffith 7:00 CBS News Current Affair Cheers Wheel of Fortune 9 Comedy Wheel Jeopardyl Nightly Business Report Health Talk 22 Andy Griffith 40 700 Club Night Court 63 Fashion Clearance Sale 705 17 Happy Days 7:30 Evening Magazine Entertainment Tonight OALFP Jeopardyl Golden Girls 9 Major League Baseball New York Mets at Pittsburgh Pirates.

Wheel ot Fortune Wild America EastEnders 22 Hogan'a Heroes M'A'S'H 7:35 17 Jofforsoni 8:0000 Rescue 911 Scheduled: Strangers attempt to save a woman Luther to coach the team. 40 Project 90 10:00 thirtysomething Elliott and Nancy marriage suffers further strain; Hope discovers that two children are more than enough for her to handle. Story Behind the Story Shedding light on stories behind headline events. Featured: John Lennon's encounter with another fan on the night he died; enemy tunnels beneath the Vietnam USO show. Season Preview World Monitor 22 Twilight Zone 40 Apocalypse: Planet Earth Mama's Family 63 Movie "The Admiral Was a Lady" (1950) Edmond O'Brien, Wanda Hendrix.

Four war veterans with a passion for avoiding work compete for the attentions cj an ex-WAVE. 10-J09News Golden Years of Television 17 Major League Bieaball Atlanta Braves at San Francisco Giants. 22 Twilight Zone Mama'a Family 11.000 00 News Newi Auitin City Limit! 22AraenioHill Scheduled: actor Robert Wuhl; Crosby, Stills and Nash; actress Rue McClan-ahan. 40 Focus on the Issues fflM'A'S'H 11:10 'Alio, 'Allol 11:300 Inside Edition Golden Girls Tonight Show Guest host: Jay Leno. Scheduled: actor Paul Sor-.

vino; actress Peggy Lipton; singer John Hiatt; comic Johnny Dark. Wiseguy Vinnie. now a bodyguard for the paranoid overlord of an international crime empire, is ordered to rescue Susan from kidnappers. (R) 9 Comedy Tonight Lionel Hampton Back to Paradise 40 Power Connection Love Connection 11-40 Butterflies Late Night 12O0B Instant Recall ONightline 9 Jack Benny 22 Paid Program 40 Lightmuaic My Talk Snow 63 Movie "Mr. Wong in Chinatown" (1939) Boris Karloff, Grant Withers.

A poison dart used to slay a visiting Chinese princess puts the Oriental sleuth on the trail of wartime spies. 12:30 Barney Miller Into the Night Starring Rick Dees Scheduled: actor Hector Elizondo; Belinda Montgomery; the Whispers. trapped In a burning car; Police officers try to persuade an armed man to release his 4-year-old son. Who's th! Bom? When Angela's dating schedule slows down, Tony persuades Mona to entertain her. OQ Matlock A madam it accused ot killing a former employee who was blackmailing famous clients.

Nova (Season Premiere) The series' 18th season opens with a re-enactment of Clifford Stoll's efforts to catch a hacker stealing data from military and research computers. 22 Movie "Adam's Rib" (1949) Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy. An attempted murder casi wreaks havoc on the previously happy marriage ot a lawyer and her district attorney husband. 40 Getting Together Movie "Firewalker" (1986) Chuck Norris, Louis Gossett Jr. Two soldiers of fortune head to Central America in search of the priceless Indian treasure a young woman has seen in a vision.

63 Movie "Just Tell Me You Love Me" (1979) Robert Hegyes. Lisa Hartman. A newcomer to the Hawaiian island of Maui falls in with a couple of hotel thieves. 8:05 17 Movie "Rollercoaster" (1977) George Segal, Richard Wid-mark. A safety inspector desperately attempts to locate the extortionist who is planting homemade explosives in America's leading amusement parks.

8:15 Richard Tucker Gala Beverly Sills hosts this 15th annual musical celebration. Performers include Robert Merrill and James Morris. 8 JO Heed of the Class The IHP class becomes inlected when Arvid shows upatschoolwiththeflu. SMX) Movi "Angel of Death" (1990) (Premiere) Gregory Harrison, Jane Seymour. A convicted killer works his way into the lives of a woman, with whom he became infatuated while in prison, and her young son.

Roeeanne Oan and Roseanne leave Darlene out when they talk to Becky about birth control. OQlntheHeatof the Night Gillespie must discreetly investigate a child-molestation claim against a fifth-grade teacher. Frontline Special Report "Global Dumping Ground" Bill Moyers investigates the exportation of America's toxic wastes to Third World countries. 40 Hi! Place 9:30 Coach When Coach Hayden is taken out of the game by an abscessed tooth, it's up to Highlights Pirates baseball, KBL and WWOR at 7:30 p.m.: The Buccos meet the New York Mets, live from Three Rivers Stadium. "Adam's Rib," WPTT at 8 p.m.: Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn play lawyers who are married to each other but are on opposite sides of a murder trial.

"Global Dumping Ground," PBS at 9 p.m.: A "Frontline" special about the American practice of shipping toxic wastes to the Third World. Bill Movers serves as host. "Tho Story Behind the Story," NBC at 10 p.m.: Return of the magazine series that uses re-enactments to look at news events. Tonight: the killing of John Lennon and the Apollo 11 mission. RON WEISXMD 'Twin Peaks' over the edge Ot teeters along the fine edge of self-parody without ever falling off," I wrote in April about the pilot episode of "Twin Peaks." Alas, on Sunday night's season premiere the show's creators, Mark Frost and David Lynch, sent "Twin Peaks" careening over the cliff and rolling down those snow-covered mountains to a crashing thud.

I'm not upset that we didn't learn who killed Laura Palmer we've all come to expect that. Of course, there is BOB, the long-haired man who was seen last season by Agent Cooper and by Laura's mother in nightmare visions. BOB was the killer in the European videocassette release of the "Twin Peaks" pilot, and Sunday's episode concluded with a flashback to the murder that showed him doing the deed. But is BOB real, or does he represent the actual killer, the evil force in the town of Twin Peaks who drove Laura to depravity through her teen-age years? It's hard enough to figure out what is real in "Twin Peaks." But what made the pilot episode so compelling and unsettling was that it created what seemed to be a real place with real people, a place with an underlying edge of weirdness that belied the town's placid facade. It gave us a peek at primal emotion, the kind we all keep bottled up deep inside.

Then tragedy strikes, a homecoming queen dies, and a mother sobs uncontrollably. A high-school principal chokes up after announcing the news. In the pilot they seemed odd to us, but we have known their counterparts in life. The cardinal sin of Sunday night's "Twin Peaks" premiere was that it violated this carefully crafted universe. The program acknowledged its artificiality by making fun of its own quirks.

There was the interminable opening scene in which the senile waiter returned again and again to Cooper's room and gave him the thumbs-up sign, oblivious to the fact that the man lay bleeding on the floor. A scene at the Double Diner opened with some yahoo yelling, "This pie is great," as if to mock the show's fascination with sweets. And were we really supposed to buy the Home brothers dancing crazily while a rejuvenated and suddenly white-haired Leland Palmer sang "Mairzy If this wasn't self-parody, what was it? Lynch, who directed the episode, and Frost, who wrote it, poked a giant hole in the emotional truth of "Twin Peaks," which, along with Agent Cooper's serene optimism, was the only thing that kept the show on solid ground. Now Twin Peaks seems to be nothing more than a weird town filled with weird people who have only the most tenuous connection to reality. I'm willing to stick it out, though.

The "Twin Peaks" pilot remains the best fictional drama I've seen on television this year. Maybe Lynch and Frost can get the magic back. On the other hand, the "Twin Peaks" premiere finished second in the overnight ratings to NBC's Perry Mason movie. Frost has been quoted as saying that by the seventh episode this season, we will know conclusively who killed Laura Palmer. A few more episodes like the one Sunday, and no one will be around to find out.

Another series cliffhanger was resolved with a lot less publicity Sunday. But the result was a lot more satisfying. When last we saw "Star Trek: El KOKA-PrtUburgh (CBS) VYTAE-Pitteburgh (ABC) WJAC-Johnetown (NBC) WTRF-Wheeling (CBS) wTOV-Steubenville(NBC) 9 WWOR New Jersey (Ind.) (D WTAJ Altoone (CBS) ID WPXI-Pitttburgh (NBC) (D WQED-PitOburgh (PBS) (Q WOEX Pittsburgh (PBS) 17 WTBS Atlanta (Ind.) 22 WPTT-Pittsburgh (Ind.) 40 WPCB ittsburgh (Ind.) WPGH-Pitlsburgh (Fox) 63 WNEU-ftttsbwgh (Ind.) Laet-minute program change or cancellations my be mad by loctl ttation or th network. Indicate cloeed-ctplioned for the hairing impaired. (R) Indicate repeat program.

Morning 7 .00 QD This Horning Good Morning America (D Today 9 Paid Program QD Sesame Street 17 Tom Jerrys Funhotuo 22 Police Academy 40 Adventuret in Dry Gulch 0D Dennis the Menace 63 Home Shopping Spree 9 Children's Room 22 Alvinandthe Chipmunk! 40 Just Kida 68 Real Ghostbusters 8:00 9 Children'! Room QD Mister Rogers 22 Tom and Jerry 40 100 Huntley Street 0) G.I. Joe 63 Gift Shop 8:05 17 Gilltgan'a Island 8J0 9 Today's Monitor CO Sesame Street (D Sit and Be Fit 22 Dudley Doright 2 Jim Hen son's Muppel Babies 8:35 17 Bewitched 9:0000 Sally Jessy Raphael QD Live Regis a Kattue Lee Joan Riven 9 One Norway Street (QGeraldo (0 Body Electric 22 Happy Day! 40 Richard Robert! Q) Flintstones 63 Designer Discount Fashion 9:05 17 Little House on the Priirie fc30 9 Silver Spoona CD Instructional Programming (Q Homestretch 22 Paid Program 40 Paul Geudino Exercise QD Merrie Melodies 10O0 BOO Family Feud Pittsburgh'! Talking Let's Make i Deal 9 Nine Broadcast Plaza a (D Joan Riveri (Q Learn to Read 22 Robert Tilton 40 Project 90 6) 700 Club 1035 17 Movie "American Geisha" (1986) Pam Dawber, Dorothy McGuire. An American graduate student's fascination with Japan and its' culture compels her to discover the truth about the mysterious lives ot the geisha. 10:30 (D Wheel of Fortune OO Classic Concentration Against All Odds 40 Let's Talk 10:55 News 11:00 0O(D Price Is Right QHome OQ ID To Tell the Truth 09 Here's to Your Health 22 Highway to Heaven 40 Something Beautiful QD Perry Mason 63 Designer Fashion Bargains 11 JO CD Marsha Warfield Fun a Games 09 Mister Rogers 03 Government by Consent Afternoon 12.O0 BQQ 03 00 News Challengers Graham Kerr 09 Sesame Street Write Course 22 Taxi 40 700 Club QD Family Ties 63 Designer Discount Fashion 17 Perry Mason 1230 BO Young and the Restless Loving 09 Generations Discovering Psychology 22 All in the Family QD Odd Couple 1:00 All My Children QQ 09 Days of Our Livei 9 Bonanza Wild America Frugal Gourmet 22 Happy Dayi 40 Getting Together QD Bob Newhart 1. -05 17 Movie "The Blue Knight" (1975) George Kennedy, Alex Rocco.

Based on the book by Joseph Wambaugh. A Los Angeles police veteran sets out to bust a drug addict. 1:30 BO Bold indlhe Beautiful Sit and Be Fit Mister Rogers 22 Laverne a Shirley QD Brady Bunch 2. -00 OO As the World Turns One Life to Live 00 Another World 9 Laredo We're Cooking Now Sesame Street 22 1 Dream of Jeannie 40 Psychiatry and You QD Peter Pan a the Pirates 2:30 Joy of Painting 22 Paid Program 40 Back on Course QD Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears 2:35 17 Beverly Hillbillies 3.00 BO Guiding Light General Hospital OOOD Santa Barbara 9 Hawaii Five-0 Sesame Street Collectors 22 Tom and Jerry 40 Dave Roever Presents QD DuckTales 63 Fashion Clearance Sale 305 17 Tom a Jerry's Fun house 3:30 Nathalie Dupree's Matter! of Taste 22 Mighty Mouse ind Friends 40 E.V.Hill QD Chip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers 3:35 17 Flintstones 400 OO Oprah Winfrey Who's the Boss? Cosby Show Donahue nun for Your Life People's Court Mister Rogers MotorWeek 22Jetsone 40 Adventures in Dry Gulch GaZiGJIC 1 I 9 IIILMIB SAVE 60c CONTINENTAL DELI VIRGINIA STYLE DAIRY MART OLD FASHIONED SWEET CIDER HAM $6)19 $229 LB. GALLON aamLZa! LAWSONS CUSTOM SLICED PREMIUM BOLOGNA ALL VARIETIES KLONDIKE i BARS SAVE 70c BUTTERBALL TURKEY BREAST LAURICE HANNA GAINED 80 POUNDS AFTER 79 $1 EACH LB.

COLLEGE! THEN SHE LOST IT AT ST. FRANCIS! Atter I left college. I gamed 80 pounds-l knew I riad to lose it so I tried almost everything tferent we'ght los programs and diets I manage to lose 20 pounds but it was so stow1 1 ALL FLAVORS FAYGO BEVERAGE SAVE 90c BREWSTER PREMIUM SWISS CHEESE $349 WHITE OR YELLOW AMERICAM CHEESE S3 29 LB The Next Generation," Captain Jean-Luc Picard had been abducted by the Borg, a race of half-human-oid, half-mechanical creatures intent on conquering Earth. They were turning the captain into one of their own, and the Enterprise was about to fire on the Borg ship in a last-gasp effort at stopping them. The weapon didn't work, as it turns out.

But the Enterprise prevailed (of course) by rescuing the captain and using his knowledge of the Borg to find a weak link. In effect, our heroes put the Borg to sleep, causing a malfunction that blew up their ship. The plot was exciting, to be sure. But the excellence of "Next Generation" is found precisely in the area where "Twin Peaks" came up lame on Sunday. As did its predecessor, "Next Generation" immerses us in a thoroughly plausible vision of the future and that vision remains consistent.

The show never makes fun of itself, never winks at us as if to say, "This is all a joke." The show's acting ensemble remains first rate, and the best scripts resonate with meaning that goes beyond the narrative. The force of ideas and the relationships between the characters are the key factors that distinguish "Next Generation" from other shows. Because it airs in syndication and not on a network, "Next Generation" doesn't get the respect and attention it deserves except from its loyal fans. "Twin Peaks" may have faltered but "Star Trek: The Next Generation" continues on a steady path, i imnflfrfril e1tb I.Al IIICi; II A. Ol IKKKL HILL 'eit 'hat I had to lose the weight faster or I would lose 2 LITER FLAVOR OF THE MONTH LAWSONS SPECIAL OCCASION DEEP DISH APPLE PIE ICE CREAM SANDRIDGE GOURMET GERMAN POTATO SALAD PB MAX CANDY BARS mv determination, so I called St Franc.

their doctors evaluated me and put me on the St Francis Meoi'ast Program I lost 61 pounds in 16 weei-s-and I love it-it really changed my liie-lt the nicest thing I ever did tor myseil Laur.ce is typical of many of the weight loss patients who come to St Francis. They have Peen able to lose some ot the we'ght but it so slow that they have become jcouraged The answer is evaluate each individual the goal ot providing a medical program will taKe the weight off rapidly safe'y. and with Medical Supervision. Sf F-ancis is the only rredicaily rji-ecteu we'ght loss center that offers a complete va- efy of o-oven weight toss programs Eecause some are related to medical factors, your insurance may pay all or part 0f the cost Call today for a free no obligation CCrsultat on St. Francis Health Outer Downtown at 471-7780 ami for Kvn or Donim.


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