The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 22, 1962 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 22, 1962
Page 7
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6-A!gonct (la.) Upper Des Molnes Tuestfay, May 22, 1962 I . / 'T Id b } t s b y E ] \Ve "Three Mushalecrs" went traffic, a feature we like, on one of our sprees May 11. With weather quite threatening, we didn't get off till 11:!10 but made it to Stubbs Ranch Kitchen at Sponcer just under the 1: :!0 wire for serving. We took a back road from Kmmctsburg through Ayrshire. Good roads led from there to Spencer and we met very little A little ride around Spencer wa enjoyed so much—so many, many flowering crabs and rcdbud tree? -all so profusely abloom we hardly saw a leaf. Uncle Francis Ody and I used to argue the merits of Spencer vs. Algona. Naturally, I defended Algona. Then a ride past OF PROTECT YOUR LABOR, EXPENSE AND CROP INCOME WITH HAIL INSURANCE It doesn't pay to put off buying your Crop Hail Insurance. IT COSTS NO MORE TO INSURE NOW. And, while you save nothing by waiting — if Hail Strikes Before you're insured, you can lose many dollars. We Have Not Raised Our Rates!! (ho site of uncle Fronds ami nun Mary's old Commercial Hotel. Tin hotel has been gone many a yea and replaced by a brick building # # * The shopping center nnrtli o town was doing a fair amount o business during the half-hour or so I sat in the car while Lizzie » * * and Ha/el browsed around the stores. I linvr boon at the Okobnjis a few times, but only at Arnolds Park, so a trip around West Okoboji was interesting and gave me a good idea of where various friends have cottages, and the trailer court. The Inn looked like a very fine place to stay, some of the homes were quite pretentious and a good many just little homes that should be kept up with a minimum of labor on mom's part. However, the fly in the ointment at summer homes is an overflow of company! Some guests nvited. but a good many "drop- ling in" for the day. I've done a idle lake vacationing, years ago. it Clear Lake and remember a ew inconveniences we wouldn't 5ut up with at home but cheer- ully accepted when vacationing. Among them were some Chic Sales which are a decided draw back. * * * We glimpsed Brooks golf course the airport, the new golf course and the site of the Country club destroyed about a year ago. Am the railroad track past the Verr cottage, the Scott cottage belong ing to Bob Post's mother-in-law Mrs. Lloyd Scott, Topeka, Kan Hardly a cottage, with seven bee rooms, maid's quarters, living room, porch, dining and breakfasi rooms and kitchen. The Dr. Scan Ian place, the Joel Herbsts, the Dr. Bourne's and ever so many others. I was interested in learning the Herbst cottage once be- Llzzfc liatt never lie.ftrtt of gypsy burial spot so we drove I that and it was with respect am reverance the titles on nearby stones were read. The finale t a wonderful day's outing was a drive through our State park am we agreed it rated with the bes for beauty and convenience. We are proud of it. » * • Lillian nestenlehner told me her granddaughter Pamela, 15, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wood, Minneapolis, is one of a group of 27 girls who dance ballets between quarters at football games instead of performing the drills and twirling batons. They went on our in March, going to California, Colorado and Arizona. They danc- 'd for the Los Angeles Lakers, 'isited Disneyland and stayed at no of the plush hotels on Sunset boulevard. longed to Mae jopular young Palmer Forbes, girl here many So . . If Hail Raises A Fuss Make Sure It's On Us. 4-4529 ,-ears ago who went to Chicago and here met a Mr. Forbes in a sort of Princess and Prince story of courtship and marriage. Remember her sister Ruth? The Palmers ived in the house now owned by C. B. Murtagh. # * * Enroute home via Seneca, we tried to find the artificial lake Glen Graham told Hazel about. All we found was a little pond on a farm, a place they had made themselves, good for wading and bathing, but [or private use. # * * In discussing conservation projects, I said I thought it would be a very good idea if the soft water pond could be restored—the trees taken away from the banks, except for a few to be left for picnicking under. There used to be good fishing there, good skating oo, and it is in a fine location for iewing by the hundreds who go o Ambrose Call State park and splendid recreational place. How about it? Mrs. Fish finds a good market or her violets, and no wonder 'hey are such beautiful plants. he sold 25 last week. * * # Mary Bieser and her little great- ephew (or is it grand-nephew) elebrate the same birthday. The ttle fellow was born May 11 to Ir. and Mrs. Jerry Hobbs, Omaha, Neb. « * * Hilda Gronwall is home from California where she spent the winter, most of it at San Diego with her daughter, Mrs. George Sayles and family. She was also at Ftillerton a short time with her son Gerald and family. In March, the Sayles and Mrs. Gronwall took a trip into the desert. Mrs. G. said the flowers were beautiful and such an abundance of them. The rains had been more plentiful than usual and the flowers benefited thereby. * * * T was interested in the report that Jeanie Frohling, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Frohling, had won a $200 scholarship to the college at Decorah. Her father is a resident here at Good Samaritan and I see her mother frequently when she comes here. m • • Having been at Aniana and -lomestead several times and par- aken of their excellent food, I •ead with interest the book "A Change and a Parting." The il- ustrations are good, too. * * * Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ryerson took Mattie McWhorter with them to Burt for a weekend visit. They recently returned from Citra, Fla.. where they visited several weeks j with Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Crosby ' Iowa looks good to them and they agree "there's no place like home." • » * True love? The showgirl's rich beau asked whether she'd still love him if he lost his money. "Of course," she said, "I'd miss you. Jackie Gleason took « friend for n ride in his new and expensive foreign sports car. "What makes it hold the road so firmly" the friend asked. "The heavy payments," was the reply. * * « John Prew's birthday was observed May 12. I believe he is 81. * * * Mrs. Herbert Lindquist was in Davenport when the severe storm struck. She said even more damage was done in Moline and Rock Island, trees down and the usual debris resulting. * * i«i Mabel Samson (old me she has in orange tree with blossoms ^reen fruit and ripe fruit. That is •haracteristic of the big trees am ooked odd to mother and me the irst time we saw them. Mabel ays the fruit is about the size of a plum but when the tree is older, will bear oranges about the size of tangerines. It is a house- tree. * * * When we were on our trip Fri- tt Is vrry warm todny. I wonder, niversary of she and her husband, if 1 dare store my wool blanket day Lizzie said, "I wouldn't be sur- prized to find the California folks had arrived." I said, "Oh, they couldn't make it that soon. But I didn't know, for when she got home about 7:30, they had como. Glen and Katherine McMurray and Helen Zittritsch. Lydia Sampson came with them and will visit with relatives. The other three came to attend the Elmer Kelley fiftieth wedding anniversary May JO. Every time I have it put away, the weather turns cold. * * * Aly good frit mis Clarence and Maggie Pannkuk, Fairmont, Minn., well-known former Algonans, have been having their troubles, too, along with countless others. They passed up spending the winter in Florida as they had done the previous winter, as Clarence began in November having trouble again will) stomach ulcers. Not to be outdone by him, Maggie was doing what the majority of housewives are doing—house cleaning. She was on a ladder and fell- well I'll quote her letter. "Did you ever try falling on a bed with just the head and foot and side rails' 5 Well, I did — and don't try it. I hurt my left arm or side of my hand. (Only a year ago she fell on ice and broke her wrist) and shoulder—and the leg below the knee. I broke a blood vessel just below and beside the shin bone. I never saw anything swell up so quickly, nor get so black. I was in bed 10 clays and the doctor lanced it a week ago. I am up around on crutches a little. Thank goodness there were no broken bones." They hope to see me Memorial Day. I hope so too. * * * May in was a big day for Froda Zwicfel. In addition to being Mother's Day it was her father Julius Knopf's eighty-seventh birthday, nnd the twenty-ninth wedding nn- Hcnry. # * * Thanks to the Irvhitflon Presbyterian women, we had corsages lillies- at. the stems for longer preservation. SALES BOOKS — Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Algona. WE INVITE YOU TO Annual Poppy Day, Algona Poppies Made by Disabled Veterans of America's Military Forces in Veteran's Hospitals. HONOR OUR WAR DEAD BY BUYING & WEARING A POPPY (Proceeds to Disabled Veterans). Sponsored by American Legion Auxiliary *-H-H-H-H"H' How many arc in the same boat? Not just three sizes... but three different kinds of cars... Chevrolet! j) // Kocul-Uoor Station Wagon illllllliSi::,:*!-'' Cotwir Uontu. 1/,-Uwr ticdun (t/uckyrvuiul) Take your pick of 34 models during CHEVY'S GOLDEN SALES JUBILEE No look-alikes here! You've got three doc-: !odly different kinds of cars to choose from—each with its own size and sizzle. The Jet-smooth Chevrolet's specialty is luxury- just about everything you'd expect from an expensive car, except the expense. • If you're thinking a bit thriftier, there's the Chevy II with practicality to do you proud. Lota of liveliness, too, for such a low, low price. • Got a sporty gleam in your eye? Step right up to our Corvair for rear-engine ecamper and steering that's doggone near effortless. • Conclusion; See your Chevrolet dealer now tor the most versatile choice going and a beauty of a buy oo your favorite* at your local authorized Chevrolet dealer's KOSSUTH MOTOR COMPANY™ 108 SOUTH HALL ALGONA, IOWA CY 4-3554 LuVerne to h School Left to right, Anne Mjelmaland, Shcryl Goetsch, Mae Belle Maass, Gerald Heinen, Henry Schnetzer. Left to right, f'Aarcia Stripling, Ehoryl Six, Paul Hansolman, Doris Byson, Gordon Harmon. Loft to ri'jht, Cheryl Dimlor, Sonja Guess, Kathy Nerem, Dean Gjerstad, Sally Prior. (NOT PICTURED) Le Ota Ann Voss Left to right, Dennis Sill, Bob Norcross, Linda Kubly, Bob Bristow. FARMERS STATE frH't I I » I "A BACKER OF LUVERNE HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES"

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