Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 1, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1896
Page 3
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ilni THE K1BLLEY Shower 'Bath 1 RING Hot Water . , . . Proof Hose $3 Kxptcsii id, SOe. Prevents Wetting Head Floor or Walls. HornleM Water Cloaeta. Send for Catalogue Frost Proof Water Closets, gelf-Acting Water Closets, Kelly Slop and Waste Cock, THOS. KELLY & BROS., No. aoi Madison Street, Chicago. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGANSPOKT. INDJ • $200.000 j. P. Johnson, President. 8. W. Ullery. Vlc« President H. J. Hettbdnk, Ca*hlsr. DIRECTORS. Johnson. 8. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott SV. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. Buy and sc'l Government bunds. .. uoney en personal security and collator- tl«. rs:<i|p special certltlcates of depoMtl bearing ; por cent. Interest when left one f««r; 2 per cent, per annum when aepoa- "££"° Safety Depo.lt Vault, of thl, t»nk for the deposit of deeda, ta » ur *P°« »llcle», mortgagee and ether valluablai, *«r,ti>d at from 15 to H5 r«r y° ar CATARRH ForYourprouc —--^——•— tlon. Wo positively state that thU remedy does not contain mercury or Hny otbet Injurious drug. ELY'S |rjREAM BALM Cleanseji the Nasal Passages, allays ^"a™™,; COLD^ HE/ffiSSf^ senses i>( taste and smell. IT WILL CURE. Samp «t 10j, by n nil. Greaie&t Discovery or the 19th Century. New Line to Develop Mines of, Old Mexico. t A QUEER CHARACTER General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. Frederick Bartlott, of Chicago, has secured a,-most important railway concession from the Mexican government •li» fact, flic linrsost since that of th.c Mexican Central. The charter covers two thousand kiloniotters wltto. main Hue -and branches and provides for n standard gauge road to run from some ipoliut in the State-of Chfllhnahua on tlic Mexlcani Coiiitra.1 railroad westward to a point ou tihe Souora, road, with brandies d-ninii-i-ug nouth iu.to one of tine richest mineral regions o.n. t:ic globe and 1 s?o lift Inward atouff the Pa'cHic coast, thus insuring the development of 'nh'e north west mid west coasts oC the repulblic. The HIM will traverse a. fint- • timber country and open wp a very extensive, mineral region which is now of difficult access fliul abounds lii gold and silver properties, a-iul whleh. was re- courtly favorably re-poiireil on by an a-.«onx of It-he UothsclUlds who explored •the Stiaites of Sonora. and Dnrango. The region'.-is regarded as Hie treasure •liouse oC Mwoiico and it Is.believed will add a. new -sold producing district equaling'tho most famous in -the- world, awiuttlvidn-nl miueri a'i'O mow, with rhu most primiiiivc apparatus. raiding out Im-w niia.nfr.H1cs of metaJ. The total extent oi: tilu! .'road is greailer than the Mexican! Central'* main Knosuid is the only ;rrcat road the government ha< bowl willing W j,'ive'a charter to with sitbv-euirtoiii which on tiho main Hue :wnonnrts to l?13,000 per inillc. but the aiece-sstrv- of the- road from a commcr- ci-al 'and strateir.Leal polnit. of vJow aui desLmbUi'ly for wpen-i-ns up t"he north- westemi portion ot tho coumry and complain?: -the i\aUwuy system was readily dfccerncd. r.ni.c.tioal radlway men consider tbait the line -1ms excellent prospects. Dr. Medicated AJr For the Cure of Cuturrh, A»thma and all Pnlmonacj Disease*, It has no equal fir Sick and Nervons Head- hcbe, 1,000.000 people me annually from the above named dlseaMi. KROEGER& STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. CHAS.L. WOLL, " :-: UNDERTAKFR ~ N«. 417 Market ff .feet. ' Calls attended to proliptly, o*y •* 0l S£tra) Union ^Mutual telepbonei. Office. Mo. 16: Residence. No. UL The Logansport Humane Society (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animals K. S. Klco—Pros. Oco. W. •Walters-Sec. j J. «lt<lol»riHiilt-Tro»». W. M. Bishop—Hum»ne OBlcer. J. 3. Bice. J. C. HM"Jey._ _K- ^.Cooltough W D.rratt Mt5.J.N.NelI. Telephone No. 30. . Rejort casfl.t o£ cruelty to Secretary. ITC-IE "One o'C the c-lwmeters Ju -the rail road .bus'm<«« o-f yea,rs n-po," said the Old Timer, "was Newt Gosawj'. I think ho is still Hviiig Lu Inxliana!poliB.He was u. nroinnii on «ie old Jindlnmnpolls, Pern & Chicago, now tlije Mk-liifran City d'i- v.JIslw of t,lie Ijakc Enie Jt Wcsitm-n. He uscU to lire for Chan-Joy Eotiinsou; son of tlhe super.laiitoiuleut of tbo rofl'd. who .Is now iiinmims «m engine on the Lake Eric & Western. Once thei-e was n plc- nlc IIP t-lic-,road. and Clrarloy hauled the' tnul-n, A diiincins a>la:tforin 'Inul been flx-ed mi on <a flat ca!r, and Charley was out there danctaR, while- Newt was .do. taR some swJtchins wl* ttc eo-jxtaQ- RabiBson wi«to-l1ie m-idst of a. dreamy \valte, wlicm Gosney sent a'flat ca.t iisalufct ri.li-e dancta'g plaltfccmx Two 01 llhiroe cws wei-e T,Teck-ed,"buit luckily no out- was hurt. But after that C-ha?. ley let Gonsey do tilio danciafi, a,n.d he -took caa-e, -of lihe en?toe. It was a notorious fcuit fbait Gosney was never •icuown to buy -any chewing to'bacco, nm<l lie chewed all alue time. J, S. Robins-on wa-s aupDi-toitcndcmlt of the Union (station «uid milway. Gosney would walk up to him amd say: , " 'Mr. Roblmsou, would you kindly accoiimnodn-te me wlini a bit o-f tobacco?' . . • '^Lr. RobLhson would pass over Ins ptap. Gosney would take a Dltc and .piiit the rest in lus pocket. " 'Newton, 'dojiH you know I Imve to buy .tilvat tobacco?' " "llhalts all right, Mr. Robinson. Yon are a. sniwln toudnit. I a,m only a ftronwn." Dvesldenit ot •ffltie.VancUi.l'ia:; Majoi- foi-d, -pnymnstm- of it'lie V-andaili.a, and Gewga D. FaiTlnfftan, secretary'of the Terra. Hirn'te & InKllain'apollis Railroad ;om'pamy. a OMrles Hanner is off duty on account of aickmess. Fa-ainik Jaxjkson of .the car shops is oft duty for a few (fays' varai.tiou. C. \V, Bow-man of 13ic repair track, Is off duty on account of flu illness. •Fat Grmioy, the PanJmiidle engineer, is «t LouiBV-Mlc attending 'the races-. ,Tol«n Welsh, of Who boiler -shop, is off duty on account of -an affliction to his oij-e. WK'Hom Kviflta, foromon of The coal wliairf at ui^it, fe off duty on account ot Nlckness, •- ;_'.•'• . \ M. Mo-niyluwi-, a iwaclilue helper in the round 'house ,te off duty o-ni account of a woninded knee. Bni-'liie X«. 300 was 'taken, on't of the round liou^e rfwp yestci-day, after undergoing class "3" repairs. T'h-e supply I'l-atk to Iliv irtanin? mill i,s Iteiai remoddod ami ch-auRed a. few -'t north- of -Hie foriiWi- locaitiim. Ed Tw-el'is- of the f'rcilglit bouse has d into qiTito a- spi'lnitcn- lately. He was out for a. record Saturday. A. F. TiiniKMS'tain.. formerly of the M. or W. -office, but now oC the Suite Ku- tin-iEiil En.uk. is sijenulHiK a. few days' vacation »'t St. Louis. Leonard WccM's oliice Tins been cfliartiiwd from 'the 'car shiop* t.o tho buildliiK used a.s a,n oliice ror the ro- l>n,!n- sane forciiKiin wfterc fin office is being OJuiit for him. F. C. cWei'. who recomtly vosiffiiaa, nftiisr nvolvc y-wi.rs' sc-n-ice with- the Ifa-a bpoix ..-ipiio-lin't'eil ma-stcv iU: ol' Ilio'LO'iiisvUle, Eva.nsvr.lo & iS-t. Louis, vMv 'liead(inn.vr,crs at r.i-iaico'ton. The twe.nt,v-fom*li annual conivontion of tire Amra.-k.WM Assod-a.Hon of Ti-avol- his Passenger Agents met -ait St. Louis Tuesday, rresidcant F. M. Snnv-ely. of Cleveland, presided. ' A'bout a, iliundrwl meinboi-s of the assocla'tiou- wore pres- ouit. The mwalBK session wais ctevoted ito tho selection of the next meetin? p-lrtec,' Uio admission of new momTwrs fl'tul -routine hnsincss. In the aftewioou the visitors w^re -sihow-n n-Wowt t'he city In cSiiTOlaigos. 'Chtoaffo an'd Nashville wore the places .presoultea ror the next coiiTeiiitiau of lire association. Chica.go wiis- dh-osen by a. vote of 30 to 14. We have no old shelf worn goods, but everything new and up to date. Read the following prices: Our $15.00 Suits go for $12.00 Our $10.00 Suits go for $ 7.50 Our $;2,00 Suits go for $9,00 Our $8,00 Suits go for $5.5O Our $5.00 Suits go for $3.50 50C FOR CHOICE OF ANY STRAW HAT IN TBE STORE. 25c choice of any of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys'Duck Suits one third off, th*y are bargains. how is Lh*time,to buy a Suit of dothes, a Hat or Gents Furnishing Gocds, and 526 Broadway is the place to save money. These Prices are For Cash Only, JOSEPH G. GRACE & CO., 264 BROADWAY. GA3IES . A dispatch dated Boston, says: There ,. wa s an interesting ga.UM-)ng la the .Mayor's office at 10:30 o'clock today •whan Mayor Qulncy .received a delegation tha-t laid boca- commlsslonod to In-tos to him, the Chief M-a.grst.ratc of the American Athens, tire testimonials of regard and appreciation from tho Mayor of Ancient Athens. Rev. Peter Macqwen, of Somcrvllle,. who was specially deputized to convey the- message and medals headed tho delegation. In an 'appropriate speech -ho presented to die Miayor the two medals, one of gold find the other of 'bronxe. On the obverse side of tho torwnze medal is a head of Olympian Jove -and a depiction of Olympla- On the reverse Is this Inscription to Greek: "International Olympian Games, Athens, 1800," sur. rounding a'representoitkKi o? Acropolis. On /'the obverse side of th'e gold medal •.'.AthMita 1« seen .presejUting a crown- to tho victors, while oa the rtgut is the Unscriptloin, "Olympian G'tunes, 1778, E. C. to 189C." The inscription on the reverse .side Is ."international Olympic ': Games, AHiwis, 180C." .... The f onrteentiraniri'ual Jeunioin of .tht, ••'• -^and;. scventy-.flftb. ••'•ami ; ":fl«f Indiana Volunteer Infon try , ; -will tic 'helfln Elwood.'Oct. l. ; nnd 2, ;;;. RAILROAD NOTES. ' Harry Millar,' gonarnl superlntendeBt of the Vandalia lines, is so 411 as -to confine Mm to We 'house, N C Dea-ne, super urtcrident of tlie Vaiidsiitn, main line, is so well satisfied w,!Uh Ills position 'tbiait He lias gone to Car.acgie,-.Pa., 'to remove his family to Torre Ha-uto, Ms lwa<lqna!rtors. The Illinois Cc-mtral's new elevator at New Orleans/of 1,000,000-bushicl en, naclty, is completed and will. next week begin to -receive gwUm> greasy increasing the facllitiles of tBe company. .Tntfob Plii-pps, a condiiotor on the Toledo division of the Bemasylvania lines wlio accidentally fell from his trnJn Last Fa-ida,y, died from the injuries -he Deceived and was burled ait Mansfield, O., Tuesday. Johu F. Miller, gcinoral superintendent of the Southwestern system of the ' Pennsylvania lines, was to the city yesterday, He does not incline to the be- Ihrf tlint George Roberts, president of 4ihe P-onnsylv-nala 'lines; will soon retire .jirad -be succeeded by James McCrea. Ul-ke oilier officials of the Pennsylva.nla lines, 'he t)aln-ks Mr. Mebrea fully competent to 'assume the duties of president. ' .... : The t anerail services of the late Jo- •seph HIU, •who.for.iMi.ny r«» ^ d o{ ' "flclnil positions :on -the Vanttoll-a;- oc- ' Lute.- A'num- THE PATHETIC PICTURE. Bryan's Weeping, Burdened Farmer a Speculator. Council Bluffs Xoaparie.1: Mr; Bryan is exh.iW.ting quite freely a word picture . of a- very pathetic scone. Tlie principal figure ' is an minofe fa.rmer, ;i schoolmate ol 1 life, amd a college graduate, TV-IIO stands with bears rolling dowai Juls c-TieeKs pleadhip: with' Mr. Bryan-for some way by which ho will be able to relieve himself from a crush- •lni£ burden of debt, and Hie' ehitchinR of the gold blip, wlille about him are • three little cliUdren, clmnorlng for money with which to -take a college course. Mr. Bryan s,iy-s tiifri picture •cam b'o 1 multiplied by thousands and tens of thousands. Now comes Mr. Clorl.hnn, of Jacksonville, 111., who is n.'personal a equal ut- iniucc of Mr. Bryan a.nd ot Iiis cotlegc friend, wh-o forms the chief figure in the pathetic picture. He explains that it was not legislation, but speculation wMeli caused the .trouble. The young man was -left sevoral thousand dollars by Iris father's estate, a.nd instead of cnriu? for tills share a-s aid- li-i^ bi'Othc-rs fancied -lilmself a goologfet flnifl expert miner, chased nUabows Jn the moim- twin-s, - mnde bad .deals lip the silver •iniuing States, and his sound money vninisiliecl, but not.by any act of Con : crress-or any clutch o* tlie pold Dn-gs. There 'are enough people wlio arc in ttfcslTess Mirou-pli mo fault of tili-cir own wlvo m-lKlit Wtter bo.pictured by Mr. Bryan -l:lum such a v.lctJiin of s;?«cnl;\-' tlon and lack of Judgment, but H seems Dliatthc eiasis o^ which he parados tills specimen, is that witli v.-nldi -lie most sympathizes. The relief , which lie promises te also of tlie wry nature that allures wi'th its fallacy, just such a class oC unfoir.turaV»s—menir who are 'more sanguine than wise.' The bard- Jieaded'tliLuker, although un'fortuna.te, and doslrlng a'tootterawnt ot condition, is .not wiling to accept a mere'promise because It is -a bigger promise than any- clsc will make. He Tracts a. better BONANZA FORTUNE GONE. Denver Field and Farm: California hn-s 'Ions Imd a. reputotion as the homo of tho bonanza, king. a.nd -a vecantly- Issucd document, bnsed cm tho records of thu Sna Francisco Probate Court, .fulls a,u -Isiitcrostiiig story ot' the contests, and entanglements which have mussed about -the last testament of many famous millionaires mid the final dispositilou of the vast sums they left belliiid -them. TJie docu-meu.t gives the history of llfty-three wills, disposing of $175,000,000. About 400 Heirs divided the vast -sum, and tod-ay nearly halt of that number have succeeded in afld- ing -to their inheritance. Tlie average number of persons provided for .im eaich w,i.s ten, tliougb in a num'bcr of imsta:n«es, the most uota.ble of which was tlie case of Florence Ely the the entire estates passed into tlite bands ot staffle heirs. The com- piratlvely s-ina.ll estn-tc of Kate John- sou, wihidi w;w appraised M ?1.KO,000 reached more heire -than any other, the number on the list being twenty- five. while tho $4,000,000 o-f Thomas Blytlie wont to tlie one child, Florence, after a celebrated trial. The estate ot Maria Coleina.n was valued a.t .fl,757,- OOO'aind dt weot equally to three heirs. Charles Crocker's 'ii;2-2.000,000 reached six persons, while Mar?- Ann-Crocker's jJ!ll ; S83,firi7 went shtii-c and slwre alike to four of the six who sot Charles Crocker's larger fortune. Pewr JDon-ahiie's- ?3,70S,312 went in equal parts to tfureo heirs. Mrs. Theresa Fair's $4,003,250 went to three persons-Charles I.. FsiJr, Miss Virgin ia Fnlr aiiwl Mrs. Chan-les Oelriclis—while Will!'.i.m P. Fuller diltrtriibuted his $1771 °62 to seven persons of -iris name. Emaai'u-el Golds-to'to'.s lfl,000,000 went to s-lx holi-s, Gwrge Hearst's $S,7SS,13i went in equal ports.to his wife and SOD-, while Walter Hobarfs i?3,273,3CO went in thirds to Ms tlu-ee chll'd.ron-Walter • Hob-m-t, -Miss Ella, Hobnrt ond Mrs. Winftln-bp- Lester! Ma.ry HopUin'-s $"0 694,702'wont to two persons. Robert c" .ToUnsoB. - s $l,910,r)50 went to e-leven persons im nlmos't equal portions. There are a few exceptions to the general course of estates, as in the case . O f Lick .and Stanford. The $35,000,000 of the Ucfc estate went chiefly to one Heir and to a -irannber of trusts of a. public nature created 'before .Tames Lick's Charles McLaiughlln left his All Kinds of Drawings Made by BYRON B. GORDON. Sp, T Block Ugansport ;onrfed-Tucsaay fit' St. Loute.- rA';num- officifl.ls,coiinected'wl.th .iuid . O11U Ul£*v! »•»»» «!•««*%-• — ^ •• -promise, 'a promise which appeals to reason rather than greed, one which te based on fcftjts rather th«n fancy, one that is backed' by previous performance of other' duties and whose future js guaranteed by a. reserve fund of further confidence. v . The fellow who 'has been led to to trouble by foollfehiaess .Js ready to accept the promise of. further foolishness ,to lead hmi.out. From the. sample' picture which Mr. Bryan is : eshlbitlins it seems, th-at he feels that 'his' strength lies in appeal-: tog to 'this foolish class of unfortun- ates. '.•'•.'-'. • ... •'.-' - ;. & W-Hsoh colla!rs..were aippralsefl, '' — .. nt 12% cents. 'That's the price. Jcmkiines', Assignee., A. G; dt>a'tn. ^yiinn i-ca ^i^^.'iv't,'^— V 1TC 000 to -Ms widow, while Alexander Montgomery's $2,356,845 went to'the three hei-rs.. Daniel T. Murphy's ?2, 'Oil 070 went to six -heirs. Willlsim S. O'Brlteu's ?O.C55,450 r«achcd eight ]>er S oms. -Tamos left- on. even mllllou. winlich reached four persons In shares and a number of s-mall bequests. A. ,T. Pope's $1,000,000 reached four heirs. Washington, RyeHeft .$1,270.398 to fit- teen parsoJis. Inland -Stanford's; $17,088,319 went to fotr persons'and'the trust for the.'university. self lie started for New Yor& and has .lust arrived, says a corespondent W*to He left home ho walked eight miles to- CaWon. .-uid there he met >fiij. McKinley, whom he has kmown all IMS. Hid.' Major McKinlej laid aside all Ins cares as a Presidential candidate and *poke with the litlte lad, and promised him-a Job if elected. He told tie Major he was going to Cuba to join tho insurgents, _ "Mr McKiulcy told me I'd bettei ^•IT in Ohilo," ,an.id Harry at the Oak street police station today.."and told me to come to Him when he goes, to ti, e White House. He promised t« make me a page In the SeMtc.. I •thanked him, Uut decided to go east. I wanted ^o'go to Cuba either as a life or drum boy ita Macco's army. I de- ternrioed that if I. failed U, that would apply to the Gerry Society, for work, and, gentlemen, Hero •- am. "How will Ohio go this election: my lad?" asked Attorney Edmund C. Price, who had been an interested listener. • . •Prom my observation, sir," grave! 5 replied the lad. "Ohio will cast two- thirds of her-total vote for Major Mc- Klnley. I kdie™ that wc "^ to have a Bepubllcau, landslide." TO MAKE HIM A PAGE. - Hnrry Her is 12 years old. but he Is a bora statesman and diplomat. Ho is '•n little fellow with a t»ig head, and when his uncle,"who lives la Mnsslllon Ohio told him-to go and sivlft for hlm- HOW'S THIS. We offer One Hundred Dollars re row* for any cose of Catarrh that can not be cured by Ha.U's CatarrW Cure. . p. J, Cheuey : & Co., Toledo, O.. We the undersigned, have known F ,T ChW, for t lle tast 15 yonrs ' arad lleve him perfectly • honorable in al busihess'transactions and flnanciall able to carry out any obligations mad l>y their firm. WEST &; T.EUAX, -Wholesale Drug gists, Toledo, O. WALDING, RINNAN' & MARVIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. I Hall's-Catarrh Cure is taken Inter- •. WOEK OF PB.ISON RBFOBM. A special from, Milwaukee says: At be nieeDlng of the National Prison Congress the committee appointed at .lie last session of t-he Prison Congress o assist in preparing a history of prison management in the United States, to be presented to the International Prison Congress, which will meet in Brussels, in 1900, hold a.-meeting. There were present: Z. K. Brockway, of Elmi ri N Y.; M. C. Cnssidy of Philadelphia; Fred H, Wines, of Springfield, 111- Mrs. Ellen Johnson, of South Parma-uphhm, Mass.; Peter Oaldwclt of Louisvillo. Ky-; Gen- Brinkerhoff, of MausDeld O.; and J. L. Mulligan, of Allegheny, Pa. ... The Rev. S- - T - Braddows, of Boston, who is the commissioner appointed by the government to represent the United States at the'International Congress, was nlso present. It is proposed to lay before the International Congress a volume giving a history, and account ot the present condition of prisons In. this country, together -with tlie prison and crlmiaal laws a.nd the work of- prison rftfor'ni Jn this country. EFFECTS OF NABCOfCICS. . Only a week ago one of our citizens taug-ht Jiis dog. a finely-bred weU-bc- haved settw to chew .tol>a«c^ says tlie North .Tudsoa News. Now the dog . comes into the House by the back door,. never goes- to cSrnrch, Is careless at his meals, gets burrs m Us tall, goes with a lower grade of dogs, iud It is thought that he is beginning to toke a-n interest in politics. Subscribe for The JooraaL

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