The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1949
Page 11
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11TRICAT, WAHCH It, Wit corn PA1GHB KJBTHV UT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople "AH, A MISSPENT tire OH, fOK TM' CHARM, PEACE AMD KvlDEPE-M- DGNCE OF TK FARM, 'STID OF THE AWFUL. ROM? OF INDUSTRY.' CAN'T TOO TELL WHAT HE'S THINKN'? THEY ALL NO, MAJOR UOOPlfc r»*T HE'S OUT MftKlMS HIS AFTERliOOi SUW6YOF YEH.AKT TLLBET ,wenf i see YOU'RE A, . PCMSOO^e MORSAri OLD F1MAMCIAL (OAME.'TELL "CUE MA3OR I'D LIKE ID MfMie A DEAL FOR HIS 9OOP- KEPELLENT VEST O'THEM THATP STARVE TO DEATH RAISIN' SOMETHtKf IF IT'S AM OvteRDue BILL, 3UST MAU- IT CAE6 F1TZV06LL M6ST OF FRECKLES * HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BL086EJI A Warm Group Willing lo Oblige WALTHAM, Mass. tUP> — OHi- lials of the Magnesium & Alloys foip. branch here agreed to jnove he entire plank after nearby resl- lent.s complained of too much noise It night. Political Announcements [•'Subject lo Municipal Election April 5. 1949 For Mayor DOVLE HENDERSON E. R. JACKSON By Bob Wade and Bill Miller QUEEN ^^^^•^(P) Bf l«4 W«J« «*4 fcH MiHct TUB STDIlVi Aflrr krl.jt rBB- ured by Hr. niir»don and kel« la Jnhn l[r nd Sin Can nyr JardBv vrr arc For Alderman First Ward RALEIGH SYLVESTER JIMMIE SANDERS Second Ward WALTER C. GATES J. W. ADAMS Third Ward .JENNINGS BAILEY LOUIS Q. NASH Fourth Ward (Two to be Elected) J. WILSON HENRY LESLIE MOORE . We know watches EXPERT Watch repair rnrr rrlpnMcd by Kn prcdlctitble Klrl *ro fl c urr> In 1ke tnnuled murder mratrrr »1 Axure, Calif. Fay* hnd romr lo Ike raark In •rarc'li o( lirr rar and A* BOOB •• Ihr Cojiovrr* nre rrlrimrd, khr- dl«- niiprarn. Iravln flae tjtplr Una , - r thr CoBovera !• aj- home. AN Work Guaranteed Reasonable Prices DHEIFUS Meet II rr; it in . . , Wear Diamonds IB Mi \l\\\ . ITOau <» HIUPKIt, BUIHHItU a» Dliniuitl Crappie or Catfish 24 HOURS DAILY Special Sunday Dinner 75c Simpson Cafe Ark-Mo State Line XXX far ahead of them twinkled the lights of Azure, set in »n incandescent halo against early evening. The burly driver turned a knob and twin beams leaped out ahead of (tie speeding truck. "Whereabouts you want to go this time?" he asked wearily. "Any place there's a phone," John Henry said, feeling a bil embarrassed. He wished Ihey hadn't flagged the same truck and trailer that had given him a lift earlier in the day. "Drive-in up here has one." "That'll be swell." The driver cased down on the brake pedal near a big neon sign that alternately flashed THE TOMAHAWK in red and then DRIVE INN in blue. John Henry jumped down from the high cab and held up an assisting hand to Sin. She gingerly came to earth "Thanks for the lift," John Henry called up. The driver nodded as the truck pulled away. "Gosh, am,I,glad to see peopli again," Sin. burbled happily. "Jus plain old unarmed people!" "I'll bet that driver thinks I'm nuta." "Forget him, honey. We're jus five minutes away from the police Then -we'll be all right. I feel lik hugging Lieutenant Lay." The phone booth was inside anu at the far end of the counter. The room was almost deserted. Th girl behinci the counter whistled a she concocted a chocolate malt The solitary customer was a pom pous-looking man in his fifties who .-., reading a newspaper near the hone booth and munching absent- nindedly on a double-deck ham- urger. As the Conovers came in, e gulped down the last bile, ropped a coin by his plate and queezed by them. John Henry pulled the folding oor to the booth open and said, I guesi you just ask for the po: :e." "That's what it always says In he front of the phone book." Sin at down at the counter next to he telephone booth and ordered wo hamburgers—Vwith every- hing!" Then she reached out a lat'e arm and scooped up the icwspaper the departed customer had been reading. * * • JOHN HENRY folded the door ~ shut behind him and got com- 'ortable on the .built-in stool. He ook the receiver off the hook. He listened for the buzz of the clear wire. He dropped the coin inlo the proper glo*. There was a sudden banging on the glass by his head and he reared back, startled. Sin was hammering one small flst against the pan and pointing to the newspaper. "Operator," a precise voice sai€ in his ear. Sin was pointing to the top o the newspaper where it saic EXTRA! in red ink. She shook he head furiously at him. "Operator," the voice said agatn "Wrong number," John Henry answered mechanically and re placed the receiver. He pushec open the door, asking irritably "What's wrong, Sin?" "You didn't get the police, d you?" Sin grabbed his shoulde Her face was white and strainer "Not yet Why?" "Johnny—look at that!" Her pointing finger tremble over the front page of the news paper. AZURE HOTEL MA; BRUTALLY SLAIN. The ta black type blurred. John Hen shook his head, plopped on a sea SCOTT ALLEY SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Better Signs • Better Service 808 North Franklin Phone 3203 THE GRAMS (O\II>\\y Real Fstdtr - Nioritjufje Loan*- In^urdncr OSCEOLV BIVTHEM11I Phone 521 Phone 3075] FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS COTTON FARMERS Chemically dellnled cotton seed germinate quicker, plant uid plow the same week. Reduce chopping expense and produce more cotlon per *«re. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE O. i F. L. No. 14, per 00 Lit. Ban JlO.Ofl D. & F. L. No. 15, Per 50 Lb. Bag 10,00 atonevillc 'i B, Per SO tb. Bag 10.00 Stoncville i! C, Per 50 Lb. Ba(.... 10.00 Rowdcn 41-B. Per 50 tb. Baj 10.00 Hair & Hall lllibred). Per 50 Lb. Ha* 10.00 Coker's 100 Wilt Resistant, Per 50 Lb. Bag 10.00 Panla, Per 50 Lb. Raj 10.00 Empire, Per 50 Lb. Bag 10.00 Come In and place your order or prt Toor snpply torlay. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone S58 Bljlhtvillf. Ark. Phone «57 Branches: Leactiville, Ark., llorncrssllle, M». anrl Senath. Mn. TUDEBAKER Here's Your Truck! OR ANY EXCAVATION ^ree Ssi'images m There's a new kind of Operating Kconomy in every "• size and wheelbase of the New 19^9 Sludehaker cs tXMTICUlJM Krtow "WAT'S din eix 01 THE euzz TM4.N THE HOP6 OIMWND.ORA FIRST EOITOM OP> "PUT OLD PECORO? fTAIrJT foSCAWW AMD tM BI.HIM& THf MAM OT1UE MISERY TUBE 15 PEEWEEl L oowT 0*0 IMT C»t on iwe POOCH . BUT WE PUJNKEH. BOY ON *»« Gir BOX IS SORB eotxe / NC. T. M. mo u, >. MT. on, 'No, ma'am! tf this is your first rids, I wouldn't 'go galloping over hilt mid clnla'—the KroimrT'1. n little hard to the touch this time of the year!" tCOCH ktHUft.--,— R*K f/DDUF x- PRISCIU'A'S I'OP Speciivl Delivery By AL VKRMEER 1 lOVE MV DOLL/ ITS JUST WHAT I WANTED B1RTHDAV I HOPE YOU REMEMBERED TO THANK YOUR OADOVX WHAT TOR? 1 DIDN'T HAVt ANYTHING TO DO WITH PRA5VEO FOR THIS.' Mission Accomplished By MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE Wt'll MOID THtM IN THlTTHATI RrSNT, Till WE GET TO NEW WIAIN. Wt'RI PUSH WO OUT WTW SOURIt* A» TWt HASH,THAT nWKtfMWM VORK AND THEM TURN NOT IN«IM THI , t»TTY. I KAB\Y«AR3 KOU BY, TUIM OVEE ID TNf r(D[Ml.lM4IT OF ANV 1C MRMIN WITH FtWT, 1UTMOBITIE5, MR. FLINT. SOfttV IF I SCARID \TX>. WASH TUDBS Liulv on the Train AND WHERE ACE VOU GDIUG LITTLE L«OV7 TO HUE WITH MV DMlDV IN TEVAS. HE'S (k RIG Olt GENTLEMMO TWO HOtlES? TH£» WE HU&T IE TO THE SftME—' WWT!. H SOU SAID WILT*, DIPM'T VOU?: 1 . AND Voua ACCEHT \6 ENGLISH! PKKDOH *£, .WU MUiT KUOMGISW1LTV NOW 1C VOU'lL 'sense UNCIE ER5V SMS WEIL BE HiW INEBE M TWO HOUCs 1 . 1 MUST GtlTWS RE6PVI A.RE...AREVOU CATHER-IMEr BUGS BDNNY By FRED HARMAN THERE AIN'T KOBODV AROUND/ 1XLUSE. , THIS S(-0».' rrwo«.vcED.' THERE'S SPA.ce ENOO6H O4TH' CARD T LIST AU- Q.UALITIES By V. T. HAMLIN FOOZV!: ISNT THW VA&. THE EX-KINS Of YEP. I KWW SON 15 ON TH NOW N0BODV WITHOUT ROYAL 'BLOOD RULE'S LEM... TH' PEOPLE WOULDN'T HAVE IT.' R3KABAE5X5 5I5TEE.T T'ME FORGOTTEN PRINCESS cside his wife and, focusing care, ully, begun lo rend. Of.ICK SEARCH FOR P1IAN. OM KILLER IN SECONt WEEK.-KND TRAGEDY HERE Arure r> o I t c M ihla evemajc - jmbed Ilia city for R myaierLoua kltlfr who ha.i Mmck twice h, twenty-four hours, following the discovery of the hotly of Jninc" V CSayner. 35. assistant mAnn^cr of the l.oa Dunns Hotel. Clnyner was qtAhbcil to death In one of the hotel'* rue»t cottage* «arly thli afternoon, police aald. l.leiuenant It. Fenlon I.ay. liom- Icltla bureau chief, cUlint that tlie munUr la apparently cloiely re- Inted to t^ie ahoctlnr of lloi\icr AnarUn, il-yeur'Old prOBnector In Aiure laat nif;ht A klalewlJe Alarm hat beon ]•• -.led tor Hie arrest of Mr. and Air*. John Henry Conover. of San UleRo occunami <j( th« cottax* In which Clayner'a body waa found. The Conovera. creaent at the Bcene of the nral slaylnc, have dfAaroearea from Uie hotel, announced. "I expect an arrest within forty- elfrht lioura," he *ald. tlayner'a body was discovered, atixbbed In the back wUh a hotel letter opener, by Vernon Stebblnn. 22. Lai Dunaa employe. There were no alma of a atrucKle. An autoinaHc penoll, believed lo t>« the properly of the mUrina; Cor,- -••em, wa« found b»ald« th« 'WHAT are we going to do?" Sin demanded. They think we did itl" John Henry gasped in amazement "Can you imagine that?" ' "But what «re we going to dor lie read the story again, rubbing s jaw irresolutely. This was a tifiht spot. Tighter and tighter. They were present at, perhaps implicated in, the first murder. Their alibi lor the second murder was Barsetou. And Barselou w»s certainly no friend of the Conovers. Suddenly John Henry slapped the counter. "The prize—th« quiz conteal," h« cried- triumphantly. "Part o( your winnings is a fairy godfather. He's supposed to take care of us and see that we have a good lime, remember? He said so himself. Well, we're not having one." "Oh, but honey—what can Mr. Trim do?" "I don't know, baby.< That's his deparlmenL But anything at all would be an improvement" John Henry banged the booth door to and began lo call feverishly for the operator. (To Be Continued) S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTH EVILLE ARK. > • Phone, 36+6a^2525 Trucks. Come by today and look over our complete •P, line of 'illeis. 70 Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studebakcr Dealer" Railroad * Ash I'hone 210S 'STUDEBAKifti X m 99 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Awful Kale tAOMMy GOW" wo? LW^i vvyt HI 6*^7 X\ (SWKVtM^ f ^n.( S o v VOU 5VV30VO ,^>\ ^ ^ voovi *&,-* By EDGAR MARTIN j j -i !

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