The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 15, 1962 · Page 26
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 26

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 15, 1962
Page 26
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Farmers, Businessmen, Spend Two Days Building Gravel Roads Editor's Note — The Iowa State Highway Commission, checking its old bulletins, ran across the following story from a December, inifi, issue. It concerns a "home grown" effort to improve roads in thn Algona area. We arc indebted to Hornic Kooser of the information dept. for the story. Farmers and businessmen of Algona to the number of 12, r > spent (wo clays, Tuesday and Wednes clay, Nov. 22 and 23, (1916) building gravel roads leading into that town. More than 600 loads of grave: were hauled and spread. Estimated at $1.50 per load for the gravel and considering the amount of roac improvement aside from the graveling, the two days' work would undoubtedly run well over Si,000. But aside from the actual money value to the community was the spirit of mutual help and benefit and the good fellowship between the people of both town and country, which grew out of the two days united effort on the roads of which both are to make daily use. The stretches of road improved were some of the worst as wcl as the most important leading into the city. Since the days' work, these roads are reporte to be the best leading into th town. The Upper Ues Moines-Republi can had this to say about the tw days' work: "Jimmie Neville furnished al the gravel that was hauled on the first day; not content with this he put on a team to heJp haul it Mrs. Neville too, kindly contributed to the good work by bringinp out a batch of de&ious warm doughnuts at noon to the hungry workers. In the middle of the afternoon she brought out plenty of pop corn. Mr. and Mrs. Neville are surely entitled to a great deal of credit for their kindness and generosity. Everyone is praising them. Contributed Apples Lars Sorenson brought out a bushel of apples Tuesday morning. These made a big hit and disappeared in about five minutes. At noon all the workers had lunch together in one of the sheds and they appreciated the rest. L A. Mner brought out hot coffee, DUOS, hot wieners and cinnamon rolls which helped considerably Oh Wednesday an equally large and enthusiastic group of farmers and businessmen were on the job south of town. Wm. K. Ferguson turned his extensive pit over to the good roads enthusiasts and told them to haul it all out if they needed it. We couldn't have gotten along without this gravel and al! appreciate Mr. Ferguson's generosity in donating it. He. too. had a man and team at work to help haul. This clay the road between the two bridges was graveled and from the south end of the second bridge to the concrete culvert on the west road and up to the foot of the hill on the east road. After this had been completed, the hill beyond the pavement was graveled half way down. People in town spoke of the rain on Wednesday, but those who were working were not aware of it. About K)::JO in the morning, the boys wi-re treated to a cup of hot coffee. At noon, a fire was built in the open and all had lunch together About two o'clock, Kenneth Deakens brought out a lot of delicious apples. At three-thirty Frank Mathi-s brought out coffer and rolls to the boys which they appreciated a great ck-ui. These two days proved conclusively Hint we have one of the best and hvest lot of farmers and businessmen in the country. They are all workers and doers and when called upon they're ready to act. Farmers Who Helped The farmers that came out with their teams weie Will Dearsch, J Byson, Herman Dan, Will Nelson Frucl Will, Dave Keefe, Jimmu Neville. Frank Jenkinson, Harrj Keith, Pete Hopkins, H. G Krye Homer Lindhorst, A Gillingham A. J. Brown (two teamsi, Johi Cox, Mike Loss (three teams) John Barr, Walter Coggins for Wm. K. Ferguson. Will Fallowaj worked all day and had a team on the job part of the time. M. J Jones and J. W. Curtis were both there. The Algona Auto and Machinery Company sent out its big trucl both days and it certainly did tarry a pile of gravel. The Mann Auto Company sent out a truck and two men both days. The Quinn Lumber Company sent out a truck and man one day. The- Commercial Club hired six teams both ila>.i from Waller Dally. Dr Hanniaii suit out W. J. Mixdorf one day, and C. M. Dailey hired him Hie next F. S. Norton senl out Art Coilinson with his team and wagon one day and the other day he had a man out with a shovel. Lewis H. Smith and £. J. 6-Algona (la.) Upper Des Moines Tuesday, May 15, 1962 Van Ness sent out a team. Clarence Paine hired a team one day and Lute Stacy and Hans Sorenson hired a team. Banks Join In Effort Each of the banks was represented either by one of their own men or by a man and a team that they had hired. Mr. Ferguson of the First National hired a team one day. Arthur Ferguson was out himself on Tuesday and L. C. Seward was out on Wednesday. Mr. Murtagh hired a man and team to represent the County Savings Bank. Mr. Smith contributed a team and man to represent the Kossuth County State Bank and Howard Beardsley was out to represent the Algona State Bank. The high school boys that worked were H. Clapsaddle, H. Paine, R. Brownell, M. L. Rist, C. Fal- kenhainer, E. Kenefick, C. R. Ward, J. Herbst, M. H. Loss, R. Woods, G. French, Dawson Hodges, Ward A. Dailey, D. Wille, R. Benjamin. L. Crawford. M. Surgery For Sexton Man; Likes Letters SRXTON — Just when there Was iopc Art Olson would at last be coming home there was word he tllll |T41_1_SUIIUI14 IV I Ul I J I It-I I V^UUII . , T and Schumpp probably put more was to have surgery. He was oper- limn nnr i onprtfv into fh>> Lric ti, n n ated on last Wednesday at Univer- Sarchelt and P. Voorhec-s. Will McDonald with men Coon lime and energy into the work than anyone else. For two whole days they worked trying to set up ;i gravel pump on the river. Will had his little I.H.C. 8-16 Mogul tractor on the job all the proved its worth in time and it many ways. Wednesday he used it to plow up the gravel so that it could be shoveled more easily. Hoy Moulds was "plow boy" all day and from appearances he has followed the plow before. Takes Denver Job Burt — Marsha Dremmel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray C. Dremmel, Burt, was a recent graduate of the Mankato Business College. She is now employed as a secretary for the Shell Oil Company in Denver, Colo. Marsha is a 1961 graduate of Burt high school. sity hospital at Iowa City for the removal of 17 carbuncle-type infections on his neck and has been told to plan on staying there for a few weeks yet. He will also have to have skin grafting done on the surgery area. Because of the infectious nature of his trouble he has been placed in an isolation room and this brings up the need for mail. He would surely appreciate hearing from YOU. His address is Ward C 34 University Hospital, Iowa City. Mrs Art Olsen, Trudy and Terry drove down to see him on Saturday. Mrs Roy Hansen has found a way to get some time off from her many sewing jobs. Roy also took a few days off at the elevator and they went to Chicago, to visit their family. While the two Mrs Hansens went shopping Roy accompanied his son, Harry, on his landscaping work. They also visited their daughter Linda, as she will not be home until this fall when he: nurses training will be cortlpleted Roy's sister, Cora Haiisen, re mained here at the family honie, Mr and Mrs John Jennings at tended a family service fof George; Graham, who was a brother 6 Mrs Fred Jennings, at Titonka They did not atte'nd the Thursday morning service as Mrs Jennings has suffered asthma attacks from being outside too much. It really takes the younger generation to make a fast recovery from illness if a party is involved. Mary Alice Klein must have been trying her hardest to win out over a severe sore throat so she would not miss out on the Prom at Garrigan High School. Since she is the last of the beautiful blond Klien girls it would have been a shame to miss the big occasion of her junior year. Also attending the dance from this area were Mr and Mrs Bernard Cooper. Since Sharon Hix really likes school she had a very bad ear ache to bring her home. She also had to make a fast recovery to attend the Mother-Daughter Banquet at the Presbyterian church as a guest of Mrs Geigel. One Of the joys of being a grandmother is being invited out and not having the worries a mother does about her children at a social occasion. Mrs August Kirschbaum was a guest of her granddaughters, Susan and Diane Bode, at the Mother-Daughter Tea given by the Plum Creek 4-tt girls. If you saw Mrs Martin Mimbach calling on Mrs August Kirschbaum this week it would be a purely business meeting. They are co-hostesses for the, May Friendly Club. Five Teachers Hired By Board At Ringsted Kingstcd — The Ringsted school board hired five more teachers for the coming year, Mr. and Mrs. Arlo W. Young, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lopez and Merrill Fransdal. Mr. Young will teach commercial subjects and replaces Thomas Herrick. He has taught the nnst four years at Ocheyedan. Mrs. Young will teach 4th grade. Mrs. Alfred Petersen, who has taught 4th grade will teach 6th grade this Coming year. Mr. Lopez will be :he instrumental music director. Mrs. Lopez will teach vocal music "n the grades and high school. Mr. Fransdal is a native of Sstherville and a 1962 graduate of tfankatp State College. He will each junior high science and mathematics and physics in high school. Dr. Donald D. Schmitt will leave Ringstod May 2n to start practicing medicine in Des Moines. He will be associated with Dr. Arnold T. Nielsen and Dr. Larence Gray. Dr, and Mrs. Schmitt, the former Esther Christensen, R.N. from here, came to Ringsted in April, 1958. They have two children, Valerie, 6, and Jeffrey, 3. S. J. Lund was honored Thursday evening al his home when his family brought and served the 6 o'clock supper in honor of his 7flth birthday. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Merle Carlson and Christie of Bradgate, Camilla Carlson and a girl friend from Algona, Harry Lund of Swea City, Mrs. Gary Snyder of Phoenix,..Aft*., Mrs, Jeanne Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Lund and John, Dennis and Arnold Hewett and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Lund. New officers for the student council for 1962 and 63 were se.- lected last week. Jeff Christiansen will be president, Connie ttoppus, vice president, Caridace Christiansen, secretary, and Gayle Loewenberg, treasurer. Members of the student council from each grade will be Pam Giffin, Beverly Twait, Norma Ruth Christiansen, Clay Warren, John Sorenson, Karen . Lundeen, Bonnie Nelson and Charles Jensen. giXB^JW38833S3B3Xm^ BLAKE FUNERAL HOMES CORWITH RENWICK HOMES AT LuVERNE WESLEY TITONKA ALLEN J. BLAKE, DIRECTOR 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE OXYGEN EQUIPPED - RADIO CONTROLLED jj PHONE TU 2-3322 (collect) LuVerne (Home Office) \ towrorotttrtaaromoasraeo^^ GOOD NEIGHBORS TO KNOW Around The Town & Country YOUR COUNTRY NEIGHBOR YOUR AREA NEIGHBOR Meet Roland Lentz Of LuVerne WATCH THIS SPACE EVERY OTHER WEEK TO MEET A NEW COUNTRY NEIGHBOR When you enter }he farm yard of the place tenaplcd by Roland Lenz in Sherman twp.'your first impression is one of a well-kept place. And it is. For the past 13 years, Roland has farmed 360 acres in that township, just a mile or so east of the Galbraith elevator on the blacktop. The farm is owned by Dr. Walter Benjamin, now of Pipestone. Minn. Dr. Benjamin's wife is a former Bedell girl of the Irvington area. Roland was born at Fairmont, Minn, but has lived in Kossuth County since 1935. He farmed one of the Cap Kohlhaas farms prior to entering the army, where he served 38 months in World War 2. He began farming on the present place in 1950. Mrs. Lenz is the former I.uclla Oberhelmen of Corwith. Mr and Mrs Lenz are the parents of five sons, ranging in age from two months to 19 years. On their SfiO acre spread, they feed hogs and cattle, and at present have 229 head of cross-bred hogs, and about 130 head of cattle. They buy calves in the fall, feed them" out and sell them in the spring. At present the farm is going to have 119 acres of corn, 135 acres of beans, and the balance in oats and grass. Mr. Lenz typifies a young, progressive and energetic farmer who is carrying on in the best tradition of agriculture. Beecher Lane Appliances "Where The FAMOUS NAMES Greet You" In TELEVISION \\cstinghouse In APPLIANCES Uestinghouse Frjgidaire Voungstown Phone CY 4-3613 Algona Clark Grain Co. Galbraith Station LuVerne, Iowa., P.O. Grinding & Mixing Master Mix Feeds Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery Store Located On Diagonal Street On CNW Tracks. Algona Implement Co, Irons Heating & Plumbing Your Friendly International Harvester Dearler FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS Sales & Service 'Completely Equipped To Serve You Completely" Plumbing - Keating Sheet Metal CM or Oil Unit* Pump* Water Sy»iem< Complete Fixture* CLARK GRAIN CO. - GALBRAITH Don Clark, owner of the Clark Grain Co. of Galbraith (postoffice, LuVtn ft), made a trip to Ames a few years back which put Galbraith back on the map — the Iowa State Highw*, map, that Is. Years back, Galbraith was on the state maps; then it ceased to appear. Don wondered why. He went to Ames, presented his case, and since then Galbraith has reappeared on the state maps. Don was raised at Jamaica, Iowa, and was associated with his father in the elevator business. In 1953, father and son purchased the Galbraith elevator from the Kunz Grain Company. The Elder Mr. Clark died in 1955; his son has carried on since. The elevator has a storage capacity of 355,000 bushels, including 6 new quonsets erected from 1954-61. The firm also handles fertilizer, feed and grain, and does grinding and mixing. Mr. and Mrs. Clark are parents of four children, three girls and a son, all married. He is a past governor of the Moose Lodqe of Algona, a member of the Masonic Lodge and Shrine, ,*•',' WE BUY and SELL GRAIN Buscher Brothers Impl. Minneapolis Moline — Kelly-Ryan — Papec New Idea Farm Machinery • Service • Friendly & Coujteou* Alwiy* N. Main St. Phone CV 4-9451 Joe Bradley Equipment South Hotel Algona Farm Machinery — Trycks — Tires Oliver Mamey-Harrll Allit-Chalmer* CMC Truck! Fire»tone Tire* Robinson Construction Co, Sioux Steel Building* Building Construction F«r (is*, itrength. long tii* end «IH o< building. lnii*t en — SIOUX — Another advancement In e»»ler isrming. E. E. Roblnton Eaii on Hwy. 18 Phone CY 4-3374

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