Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 1, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1896
Page 2
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WHY AM I SO TIRED? Do I Feel So \tfoak Bun Down? and Tour Poor Condition In Mnile Worso I>T Xcrvoiu Debility. Scltnco rm- cllilnm. » Co<'tiilii IComedy. You have lost your old-time snnp «,nd vim. Work that you used to do with ease, now tires you. Yon often feel dull, dispirited and without m.obi- tiou. You pass more or loss sli!opl<:ss nights, wake reornmijs, tired nnrt un- refreshed, have little or no appetite for breakfast, yo;;r lu'.ad. 'feels dull, there is a bad taslu in the mouth, and your bowels arc constipated. You go about your empioyiviont with a sense ' of weakness or weariness, and a distaste for taliin? hold of your work. Besides, you ;uv ni-vvous. irritable and often ''blue" wi'.liov.t apparent cause. Then look at your.scl'f. Mrs. Aodreu-JliU-hell, of , r ,2, r > Kempton St., New Jk't'.-cn-d, 5I:i.ss., tells you that you can lu civ.-ofl, as she wnu cared when weak, tirud and nervous. MP.3. AXORBW MITCIIKLL. She took Dr. Greene's Nervura blood »nd nerve remedy, finding' llmt it improved her condition at or.ce. She was so much benofit-ted by the use of Dr. Greene's Xurvura that she suys she •' can not say enough in praise o£ Jt," and she urges all her friends to give it a trial. This wonderful restorative, Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy,'will give back to the weakened and exhausted system the strength it has lost. It will impart etrength and vigor to the brain and nerves, vitalize and invigorate all the physical powers and restore you again to that grand degree of lusty strength, of bounding pulse, and strong physical and nerve power, which, by overwork, ignorance or folly, you. have exhausted. It is not a patent medicine but the prescription of the most successful specialist in curing nervous and chronic diseases, Dr. Greene, of 35 W. 14th Street, New York City, who can he consulted free of charge, personally or by letter. A REMINDER, Fit, Wayne Gazette: The Chicago Timc^Heraid -is a young paper and iua<y be excused for not remembering th'tngis thkitt -Happened before it was born. The cither day it ma:de Che blundering remark that never was a presi- ilcmtfal candidate hooted down when •ho attempted to address the people,until tUio YnJc boys put the frog chorus of Ariytopttaiios as nm extinguisher on r.ryan, at New Haven, We tejf to refer iliLtc Tinifs-Herald "to Hie reception given to the immortal .Tames G. Elaine, w'lion he attempted to address tlio iieople of Ft. Wayne from -the veranda of tile Avellne house. DISCOVERY SAiYED HIS LIFE 'Mr. G. Callouotte, druggist, Beavcr vllle, '111., says: "To Dr. King's .N Dlscoverj' I owe my life. Was taken -with la grippe and tried all the physicians for miles about, I>ut of no avail and was given up and told I could not live. Having Dr. King's New Dlscov- -ery in my store I sent for a bottle and began its use and from the Urst dose began to got better, and after- using three bottles was up and atoout again. It Is worth -its -weight In gold. We •won't keep store or house without It." <jet a free trial at B. F. Keesllng's drug store. Tho' MotlKKlist church wt Ilartforu "Cl'ty, whieli ha.s been remodeled, was dedicated Sunday. Tho Rev, D, H. Mooro, odlto-r of the Western Christian Advocmt-e, conducted tlia services. Tneorlew or cure may be discussed at .Ipngfh b.r idiyslclRtis. htit the sulteyors want quick relief: find One Minute Oougb Curr- will give It to them. A iafe cure for children. Tt is "the onjy harmless remedy thnt produces Immedl- at» results."—.Tno. M. Johnston. TJW5 si]v-e.r tmm/d -in t'hb hands of two suspected nuin 'arrested ait Grcpnsburg Inst wecU luis bc^-n identifiecl ns'tho propofty O'f Joseph Cliirisman, and It waVs stolon from his home nen.r Rush- Tllle. It dowr ' mnttor mueb whether sick headache biliousness. Indieestlon and cons^parlon nre cnnswl by neglect or by nnaTOldnMp circumstances: DeWitt's I-lftl* 1 Early Risers will speedily' core them nil.—-Too. M. Johnston; FOOTBALL' IN INDIANA. The foot bull prospects at -'Indiana University are very bright till Is year. While last season's t«mi was. not a startling success, the benefit of good coaching was so apparent that this fall the athletic association securer! the Goii'terman, who played halt on Harvard ten in last year, to take charge of Mic eleven. Tliure i.s ,-. great deal of eiithnnlasni in rugard to -the team nnd the outlook is mo.rt. pi-omisMig. Active work lias already begun, and about twenty candidates nre now h:ml a:t work. Coach W-ailc, of DePauw, Has 'had his men working hard during the week. The maitorial Is excellent, and at least six of last season's tonm will bo In the eleven this fall. UeP-auwV schedule, ha.-; not yet been com^Med, but Coach Wntle believes that lie will have a much stronger team than In '05 and llii; boys arc all working hard to carry olT the Indiana championship. Not much has been heard from AVa- b.ish ami Purdue. Both will have teams in the field, but it. hn.s noit been decided yet who will have charge of them. Anns was very successful with the AVaibash team hi sit fall, and Purdue, miller the coaching of Bal-lict, did some excellent work. These same men may .have charge of the men this Fall. At Butler there has been some little. preliminary practice, trot it has been limited, owing to the late opening date this year, R«bcrts, Lister, the Loops, Beville and others of last year's team, including several youngsters wlio have had pood coaching, and have only need-" od age to toughen t.hem. are back ami have been on the field. Severn] new players from the city, and Kingsbury, of the '04 team at Butler and the '00 team '.it Purdue, are to play. -A meeting for preparation Is to bo hold next W(*k, after the-several collages nnd it hi' .nniverslli.es of Indianapolis open. Tlie team will probably bo the umlvcrsity loam. Director Zink hns put the field- ait Butler in condition, anil will offer facilities for practice in the gymnmsi- um and on the field. He is corresponding with several coaches recommended by Casper W. Whitney and A. A. Stags bint the selection will not be made until next week. The Light Artillery foot ball -team met last night n.nd outlined the work of. the coming season. Nelson. Oliu, who played one of the ends lust season, was elected captain, and will -bike charge of the team at once. Manager Catterson said that he had pracocaHy closed negotiation with a good coach, bat was not nt liberty to give his name for n few days. The team will practice three evenings a week and will get riigbt down to business, as i-t has a very hard schedule before it. The flrst game will be played on Oct. 17.—Indi- News. THE I pro ONLY True Blood Purifier in .the public eye to- Therefore MAHIN^ERS AND TRAVELERS. Speak In high terms of the preventive and remedial properties, of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, a medicine peculiarly adapted to the wants of those called on to experience the vicissitudes of climate, the inclemency of the weather, the hardships ot a sea-faring or out- of-door life, or the'dangers of a malarial or otherwise pestilential atmosphere. A small quantity of this agreeable tonic nullifies Impurities in water, and fortifies the stomach against tine consequences of an unhealthy or unaccustomed- diet. Jit also enables the constitution .to bear up unkarmed against unhealthy climatic Influences, and the system to sustain, unimpaired in health and vigor, the fatigues of traveling. Emigrants, tourists, miners and others who have thoroughly tested the efficacy of the article, declare it to be a sovereign preservative of health under conditions most favorable. , ' ' EXCURSION TO BLTJFFTON, IND., Via Vandalla Line, October :L3th to inth.—On October 13th to 15th the Vandalla Line will sell excursion tickets from all stations In Indiana to Bluffton, Ind., at one fare for the round trip, account Baptist Convention and Young People's Union of Indiana. Tickets good to return until October 10th, Inclusive. For f'Jll particulars call on nearest Vandalla Line Ticket Agent, or address E. A. Ford, General Passenger Agent, St Louis, Mo. BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE., Tie Befit Salve In the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, saii: rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped bands, chilblains, tively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by B. F. Kees- Unsr. It you have ever seen a little child In the ngonf ot summer complaint, you can realize the danger of the trouble ,and appreciate.the value of Instantaneous relief always afforded by DeWltt's OoMc & Cholera Cure. For dysentery and diarrhoea It la a. .reliable remedy. We.could not afford to.recommend thl« M a cure unless H were a cure.—Jno. M. JohMton. : . dariiHood 1 !SarrtpMillft. Therefore* - --^ ;••."••... ••'!..-•:•• ;•.•; • ;vv:'•) •/•-,\ i ii; ; s*y* '^^^^-AgiJ.',^.^'>y.-j';j',^'J^^fe^'i | 't,:Si^0)j:: A GREAT REMEDY. For Sufferers From) Piles. Dr. Redmond, a s-pocMist lu the study and treatment erf Mas and rectnl diseases, recently stalled that the Pyra- mfcl Pile Cure, the new discovery for •the care of ii-liles, wts the most reninrk- nible remedy he Hind ever seem or trie'd !iu one respect; «irul 'Mmt vras, the instant roMel experienced in nil eases, no mutter 'how scvwre, from toe moment •Uve remedy wus fliipli'ed; Skis was the more «mnwlsln« to him, because he had carefully Hiialyzed 'die pi-epnratlon antl no ibrnco ol' opium, cocaine or simitar poison could be detected. Plyysltians look Avitfi great f:i,vor upon the Pyramid Pile Cure because it Is rapidly taking 'Hie place of surgical operations- ami because It is so simple, so cnisl-ly applied and contains no -mineral o-r otter poisons so commonly iised in pile cures. Dr. Ester.brook reports mat llhe Pyramid Pile Cure not only- cures the various forms oC Piles, but never Mis to give Immediate relief on the first application, no mutter how severe the pain or discom'Ca-rt -may be. Peoiple who have suffered from piles for yews ftire ofteu nstonlslied at the instant relief experienced from tlie first .application.' Another important advantage -Is the fact jtlua-t anyone cnn use-the remedy w.Miout detention from business or interference with dally occupation-. Sold by druggists -nt 50 cents -per pnckage. Send for free book on cause and euro of piles. , NEW ENGLAND CONCEIT, Boston Tnuniscdpt: Am Indianapolis lady visiting In Boston. l«is hnd her civic pride grievously hurt by Having street cars pointed to her us sometMns she could not see at liorae. This lady's remark tlcat her entertainer's ignorance of the near west 'is typie.il among many fmtravetcd New Bngla-nders has nltpsother too much tru.tli to- it to bo. wholly wrong. The- Kew Englainders area pood deal like the Old Enprlanckrs in theiii-'belief that nobody else mm possibly Jrare what they possess. IF TROUBLED WITH BHEUMA- , - TISM READ THIS. Annapolis, Md,, Apr. 1C, 1804.—I have used Clwmbcrlain's. P.ain Balm for rheumatism'wod found it to be nil that -is claimed for it. I believe it to be the •best preparation for rheumatism and deep seaited muscular pains on the market and cheerfully recommend it to the public.—Jno, G. Brooks, dealer In boots, shoes, etc.. No. IS Jlai-n St. ALSO READ THIS. Meehanicsvlllo, -St. Mary County, Md. —I sold a bottle of Cl*un>berla'ki't5 Puln Balm to -a man who had been suffering with rheumatism for several years. It made him a well man. A. J. McGill. For sale at 50 cenls per bottle by B. F. Kecsling, druggist.. • When Bingling Brothers' circus was in this section one of the brothers remarked to a police officer: "There ' are seven brothers of us, and we fire all Democrats. When, election day comes the circus 'will be somewhere In southern Texas, but. it is tlie intention of all of us to go home to vote. We live in Wisconsin. We will all vote for McKinley." SOMETHING, TO KNOW. It. may be worth something to know that the very best medicine for restoring the tired out nervous system to n healthy vigor Is Electric Bitters. This inediclue Is purely vegetable, nets by. giving tone to the nerve centres, in rn« etoinncli, gently stimulates the Liver and Kidneys, and aids these organs In throwing off Impurities In the blood. Electric Bitters Improves the appetite, aids digestion, and is pronounced by those who -have tried if as the very •best blood .purifier and nerve tonic. Try it. Sold for 50c and $1.00 per bottle at B. F. KeesHng's drug store. A ga« explosion :«t Windfall caused serious injuries to Fa-auk Coomer and \\-jfcaiiul Miss Cora Mount. They. word moving from one lio-usu to ouo-lHwr auil in attacliinpr .ga,s- fixtures.- a lorgt nmounut of nmtural gas. wn« to set into the (house. Mr. C-oomer struct a mmMi, can&iftfr an explosion, Ail Hhiroo were severely luirned. Th 1 :- bu.ilili.nj* w«s -wrecked. If -your children arc sub.lc-ct to croap watcli for-the flrst sybptom of the dls- c^rnB nnTairski'n eruptions, and posl- case-hoarsens. -1C Chamberloln-s Cou-gh Remedy is given as soon «s .i:ho child becomes hoarse-it will.prevent the attack. -Even after tue crbupy cough has appeared the-attack can always l>e prevented by glvrug tills remedy. ' It is also invaluable for' colds and •whooping cough. For sale by. B. F. Keesling, druggist. .,.'•'• Don't trifle away thna when-yon cholera mortnu or diarrhoea. Fight them In the beginning with DeWItt's Oollc ft Cholera Cure. Yon don't baye to wait forwBDlto. They ; «re; iMtan- taneou* and It leare* the bowda In healthy condition.—Jno. M. Johniton. .-' SCIENTISTS IN PERIL. From advices recently received from members of the Lick. OUserv.iitory eclipse expeili'tion'to .Tapnn. it is anrlc- iiipa:ted thnit tJ»o party Avill n.rrive home aii Friday next. Its home coming is •fraught with much interest, for several of the members met with thrtlllng ad- veiiturcs. Dr. G. E. Sbney, I'rofe&ior Scha.eberke aaul Louis Jlest'O]), whiki returiitng much dteheartcuw] from the stn-llon in northern .Tsipan. selected for tlie obscrviitions that wen.- made, lie- 'twinIned to cliill-li thc'siio^T summit oL r.njiya-ine. 12.000 feet above The sea level, iKkr\vilh.«t:i'iHllnc; tlie ominous coiKlitluus that threatened a severe storm. "The ascent .was not marked by a-uy exr.rnordina.ry CcBnires U'util th'j snow tiue waw well below us," writes Dr. Sliuey. "Th-e istorm broKe fin-iu.sl-y upon-us within fl very s;io-r-t time afterwards. It was Hie most furious that boa.t: ivbout the snow-chid mountain for many years. . The blizzard swept the craps, and we -nearly perished. For thirty-six hours we were storm-bound. Our food supply was exhausted and we suffered much. We searched tor slwker and at the summit, located a ra.msha.ckle, but which afforded a slight obstacle to the fierceness of the storm that raged about, us." The party was found at Kobe by Professor Bu-rckhnltor. Dr. Shiiicy writes under daite of Aug. 22: "We left Golin bay a few days after mnJiiiiff the ascent of Fujilya-mc with the Intention, of coming direct here, bin: -wi-th our limited knowledge of .Tnpnn- ese a.nd the station agents' less knowledge of English, we could iiot understand -why he could not sell a ticket through to Kobe. He would owly let us have one to Xagoya, where we had to stop over .uleht Then we could only get another ticket to Kyoto. n.ud at the latter place learned that the cause of our difficulty was due -to the fact that' the storm we had while on Fujiyame was one of -the most severe ever known so no through trains were run. Washouts along the route greatly delayed 'travel." The Darlington, Wis., .Tournal, says editorially of a popular potent medicine: "We know from experience tha.: Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, is <a!l that Ls olflJmed for it, as on two occasions it stopped excruciating pains -and possibly saved us from an untimely grave. We would -not rest easy - over night wi'thout It -to- the house." T-hfe remedy unfloubltedly saves more pam fluid suf- ferimg than, any other medicine in the .world. Every family should keep it in tlie house for it is sure to be needed sooner or later. For sale by .B. F. Jvcesltog, druggist- EXOriR&IONS TO PITTSBURGH. Brotherhood of St. Andrew Annual Convention, via Pcmsylvamia Limes. October 13th, 13th and 14th special low rate excursion ticket's will be sold to Pittsburgh via Pennsylvania Lines, for annual convention of Brotherhood of St. Andrew; return coupons wllj be valid through to original starting point on or be-fore October 20th. "Boys will be' boys," but yon can't afford to lose any", of them. Be ready for the green apple se.-issn by having DeWItfs Colic & Cholera Cwre In the , S(; ._,Inci. M. Johnston. CharJes M-aurar, a flfteen-ycar-old boy, ace!d«ntfll]y touched a live wire at Madison .-mid was killed. Ttnu whole system la drained and undermined by Indolent ulcers and open sores. DeWitr"* Witch Hsz''l Salvfi speedily heals tbem. It is tlie best pile cure known.—.Tno. M. Johnston HarWord City people tire forewarniHl 'to prepare for va haird winter. .Tcsepli H. C. Swan-, "the sage of Whitewater," widely known for hue'correct forecast of '('lie St. Louis cyclone and oilier metcorologic.il phenomena, makes tlie following prediction. "The winter of 1SOO-07 wiH be very long and cold, TV it:, much snow in all localities." Polsou Ivy, InsHct bi:v. bruises. »caldfi, burns, are quickly cur-'d by DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve, the great pile . ure ._,Tuo. M. Johnston. BUTLER COUNT* FATE EXCURSIONS VIA PENNSYLVANIA ; LINES. Oct. 5th -to 9th, low round trip tickets .to Hamilton -will be sold via Pennsylvania Lines for Butler county fair; return coupons valid Oct. 10th, inclusive. Many a day's work Is lost by sick headache caused by Indigestion and itomncli troubles, DeWitt'8 Little Early. Risers arc the most effectual pill for overcoming such dlfflcultlcs.-Jno. M; Jobnaton. , Whan rtwMM • CWM, «h» cried ^or OtMota. When dw l»!c«in« 5ffc«. rtm i , LffNCOLN'S LOVE. LETTER. • jN<ew Yoj-k Advertiser; Ou^ of the most rem'arkwble 1 -love letters on record i.s probsubly iha.f. of Jlr. Lincoln to Maty Todd, wlio became his wife. It Is a love letter without speaking of love, and -a proaiosn-1 without proposing. It Is an ingenious conrposition and does crwlilt to the profession to which Mr. Lincoln belonged, ami miRli-t serve as a guidt 1 to 'some siimbitious youth wiio Is not aulte sure that the girl he loves loves him, : "Jiy Dwir Mory— You must know that I cannot '.we or thi.uk of you with •en-tiiro indifference, and yet it may 'be tlwit you -are mistaken in regard to wh-nt my true feelings toward you arc. It! I kmcw yon were r.ot. I siioiild not trouble-. YOU with this letter. Perhaps any other mnni would ;;now enough without further information, but I consider it. my peculiar right, .to plead ignorance and your bounden duty to al- 'low the plea, T want in al* cflsos to do right. <ind more particularly so in all cases with wonwm. I want a-.t. this imrticulsir time more tlmn anything else to do right by you, <iud if I knew It would be doing right, as I rather suspect, it would, 'to let you alone, I would do it. And for rho purpose of making the mutter as iplai-n n.s possible I now say you f.-fl:n drop the subject, dismiss youn- thought*, -if you ever had any, from me forever, and loavc this letter unanswered without calling forth one sitcusiros murmur fronn n:e. And 1 will even go further and say Hint if it will add 'anything to your comfort and peace of mind ro do so, It is my sincere •wish tlwir. you should. Do not understand by this that I w;sli to cur, your (icqutiiwfcamce. I UKSWI no sucn thing. AVhat I do wish is thflit our furtlu'-r n.c- iiuai'iitancesli-all depend upon yourself. If such further 'acquaintance should contribute nothing to your happiness 1 am sure it would not to mine. If you feel yourself in any degree bound to me, I 'am now willing to relense you, provided you wish if, while on .'he other hand. I am willing and even ;vnxious to bind you faster '>' I can be convinced that it -will in -any degree add to your happiness. This, -Indeed, is tlie whole question with me. Nothing would make me more miserable than ,to believe you miserable, nothing more happy than to know you were so. In what \ have said I •tliiuk I cannot be misunderstood and -to moke myself understood is the only object of this letter. If it suits you best not to answer tlhis, farewell. A long life and a •merry one attend you. But If you conclude to write Iw-ck, speak as paiiinly as I do. There -can be neither linrm nor danger in saying to me anything yon think, just in the manner you think it Your Friend, LINCOLN. RECORD HAUNTS HIM. Early in the campaign; several extracts from the Congressional Record of the Fifty-third Congress were published 'by the Commercial Tribune. •which chaDlenged Candidate Bryan's Amori'Caalsm. Reference was made to his vote against certain, amendments offered to llie bill admitting New Mexico in the Union to the fourth provision of Section 3 of tlie bill, -which Is as follows: - . "That provision shall be made for the establishment n-nd maintenance of a, system of public school -which shall be open to all tire children of said Scato -and - free from • secfciriam control." SmRli, of Ilinois. proposed this addition: "And in alt of which schools tin; English language shall lie taught." One hundred and flfrccn Democrats. Eiyan and other Populists opposed tiln? iam-endm-en-r. Seventy-three Republicans with seven Dc-mocra'.-s. iuclndinz Ritchie, Barter and Ikcrt, of Oliio au-1 y, of Indian:!, voted in tJh-e at- It is plainly evido.nt thnt record en this qwsdo-n is causing the Dcmocraitlc mtinagers (o-isiderahli anxiety. Senator Faulkner was annoyed by. the correspondence until he. concluded to write a general letter of d-en-itil. Tlia't explanation, as he terms it. for lie 's.iys the amend -m ohifc; were proposed by the enemies of the bill, is the weakest document that h-.is 'hobbled from Faulknor's commit CDC rooms J.a tins campaign. la, framing nis excuse for Bryan. 1 Senator Faulkner must have 'studied the Congressional Roc- ord very cnrefully, but l:o has failed tn mention another very pertlncn-t fnct con*i.incd .t'hcrein. Wilson, of Ohio. was the author of -another proposed amendment, providing for leaching the Enffllsli language in (ill public schools, but not to the exclusion of other languages. Two Populists (Bryan ano Bell) and 113 Democrats def (sited this amendment. 'GREAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE. Playing Cards. Sent! 12 cents in stamps to John.Se- bastian, Geh'l Pass. Agent C. "&. I. & P. R'y, Chicago, for the slickest pack of playing cards you ever bandied, and on receipt of such remittance ; for one or more packs they will be sent yon postpaid. . r ,, ,.,,. ,. Orders containing 60 cents In stamps or poBtal note for same amount win re B pick* by «fcpre«s, cbarget. Induced by the use of coca, opiate or narcotic compounds is bad, decidedly bad.. They undermine hcnlth nnd shatter the constitution and the patient is steadily growing into o worse condition—often resulting in tha terrible slavery and misery of the cocaine and opium habit. Bleep induced by the use of Hood's Sain- parilla does not perhaps come as quickly, but it comes more surely and wore permanently through nature's great restoring and rejuvenating channel—purified,, vitalized and enriched blood. This feed* the, nerves with life-giving energy and buiids up the system and constitution from the very foundation of all health »nd life—the blood—pure, rich, red blood. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is tbe One True Blood Purifier. All druggists. >L »_• ji r»«ll curellverllls.easFtotake, rlOOQ S HlllS easy to operate. 25c*Dtt. Evangelist D. T. Blvk, Peoria. Illinois. Saybrook, 111-, Feb. 19, Pepsin Syrup Co.: Dear Sirs: While at Cerro Gordb, UL, In my revival -work, I purchased bottle cf your Syrup Pepsin. 1 regard It aa most excellent I cannot get it here In Saybrook. Is It on sale In Peoria, III. If BO, at what etore? If not on sale there, If you will send me » dollar bottle there this week I. promptly remit. I will be home thlf; week. Address Rev. D. T. Black. 1000 State St.. Peoria, 111. Tours truly D. T. BLACK.:,i For sale by B. F. Keesllng. I ' »'M.-irk'« FOR THE BLOQD, NERVES, LIVER e .-AHD— '"'" KIDNEYS. 4 B B B B Cunr; me of Rheumatism. Youts, ; W. E. Roberts, LeLanon, Ind. ; : 4 15 3 3 B are purely -vegetable. Put up in capsules, sixty in a box.', Thirty days' treatment, in a boad Price $1 per bos, or six for $5.-, j Manufactured by H. C. BRAOO,| Connersville, Ind. | . For sale by. all druggists.. ! -KOR SALE BY- B. P. RWfSLING, 5UHMER TOURS .VIA "BIG FOUR' TO THE flOUNTAINS, LAKES at SEASHORES SoUd Vestlbuled Traiar ' Wltli Wagner Sleeping Can ,|L to -. • ! ™ New York and Bostoi .st. Louis, Tcoria. Indianapolis, ( natl, Dayton, Colnmbus, CLEVELAND AND "The Knickerbocker "The Southwestern i^im.Tca.; ijt; Six Terminals nt the Great tak«fc^| Chicago, Bentoa Harbor. 'iv.i«ia Ojetrolt, Sandosky, ^.-..,—— Tourist Rates In all Dlrecttoni; % E. O. McOormlcki *"'' Pas». Traffic Manager. • • . D. B. Martin^ . , ^.,^ GenL Pass and Ticket A.geD^jji& people, with, tore eye*. *>>d red «nd i-p cmUrrh or otherwlifJH n *• • priceleM boo«K'-' l&or 2ftdrpp»«of ,B«ta Into: • ^** efmrm wmter tod'b«the;rti8,.< •od morning, -

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