The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 15, 1962 · Page 22
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 22

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 15, 1962
Page 22
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(la.) Upper DM Molnet Tuesday, May IS, 1962 Collected During Rural Heart Campaign According to Mrs. L. S. Young, Algona, Heart Chairman for rural Kossuth county, a total of $345.50 was collected during a recent fund drive. Amounts reported by township were : Hebron ...................... $ 8 Lincoln ...................... 6 German ................. ..." if, Wesley ...................... 22 Irvington ................... 13 Plum Creek ................ 24 50 Portland .................... Ki.50 Kamsey ..................... 75n Garfield .............. d Eagle ............... '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 7.50 Swea ........................ If, Seneca ...................... 13 Greenwood ............... '.'.'. ]rj Burt ........................ 22 Union ...................... 15 Cresco ..................... 20 Ledyard ............... .'.'.".'.' 19.50 Springfield ..... ............ 4 Grant .................. .... 5 Harrison .............. ' ' ' . ' IQ Buffalo , 13 Prairie 7 LuVerne Sherman .. Riverdale .. Whittemore Lotts Creek Fenton S-City Council To Meter More 4 19 4 10 10 15 f Cily — The Swea City council agreed this week on a plan for accident and health insurance for the two city employ- es, Jack Stouder and Harold Con- Way. Special effort is to be made this summer by the city to meter all places in Swea City. Presently, 13 buildings, which include 4 churches, VFW and Legion hall and other civic places, are not meler- ed and are presently paying (he minimum water fee. The meters are not expected to raise the bills but will help in the prevention of water waste due to undetected leaks in mains. Final payment has been made on the blacktopping for city streets which has been done in the past. The final payment of $1,000 on the water works loan has been paid by the city one year in advance of its due date. $1,300 was given to the city library for its use from tax funds. Dr. A. W. R. Llchrer, Inspection LIBRARY FUND Winnebago Co., Apportionment Emmet Co., Apportionment -Hancock Co., Apportionment _ Humboldt Co., Apportionment Palo Alto Co., Apportionment Raker & Taylor Co., Books .0. G. Waffle Book Co., Books Collier's Encyclopedia, Books _ Houghton Mifflin Co., Books . 1. S. E. A. Library Sew., Books INSTITUTE FUND Bureau of Educational Re- <c,irch & Serv., Fees Bureau of Educational Research & Serv., Fees RETIREMENT FUND Security, First Quarter First Quarter . „ Security, First First Quarter First Quarter jecuntv, First Soc^il IPERS, Social IPERS, IPERS. Social Quarter Quarter POOR FUND Algona Locket rTant, Rent __ CuNiqan, Soft Water 'hern-togas Co., Fuel _. N. W. Bell, Tel. Serv. . Honsbruch Drug, Medical Drs Schuttcr A Koob, Medical Thucnte's, Medical Carson's For Color, Supplies Hegarty's Plb. & Htg , Repairs Whittemore Imp., Parts _. . _ Algona Imp Co., Parts . Advance Pub Co., Supplies _ Inc , Sup- Rent 45.00 HOARD PROCEEDINGS _, I J e K" lar January Session TH DAY APRIL 2. iri62 IMC Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present were Jens Sorensen. Chairman, Charles Newel, Charles Plathe. A. M. Kol- lascli. and John Rode. Absent- None Motion by A. M. Kollasch and seconded by Charles Newel that cigarette permit be granted Central Sta* Theatre Corp. of Des Moines for the Starlite Theatre. Ayes: All. Nays: None Motion carried. Motion by Charles Plathe and seconded by John Rode that Class "B" Beer Permit be awarded Warner Wer- niersen, LuVerne, for the Galbraith Store and to become effective April J, 1062. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel and seconded by John Rode that refund Si 1.56 be granted Evelyn Eckhart of Bancroft for Soldier exemption missed on Real Estate. Ayes: All. Navs None Motion carried. Motion by A. M. Kollasch and seconded by Charles Newel that lumber contracts of Cowan & Cowan of Waterloo and Mid-West Lumber Co . Lincoln. Nebr., be approved. Ayes: All Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel and seconded by John Rode that J. P Report of N. J. Nemmers. Greenwood Twp be approved. Ayes: All. Nays: None Motion carried. Motion by Charles Plathe and sec- one. onded by A. M. Kollasch that 1st quar terly reports ol 1962 be approved toi Auditor. Clerk. Recorder and Sheriff. Ayes; All. Nays: None. Motion car- Road petitions on roads in LuVerne Twp. and Garfield Twp. which were presented to the Board were placed on file at request of the Board of Supervisors. Motion by Charles Newel and seconded hy Jnhn Rnde that Delinquent tax ut l'.)22 on Lut 11 Blk 2 Calls add to Bancroft Inc in the amount of $27.86 be accepted as payment and interest on same be suspended, abated and cancelled. Ayes: All. Navs: None Motion carried. Molion by Charles Newel and seconded by John Rode that transfer of $4.(100 he made from the court fund 'o the general county fund Aves All Nays: None. Motion carried. It was motioned that pavment cit claims allowed at this meeting of the persons and firms listed immediately following be ratified, allowed, and continued SECONDARY ROAD FUND Interstate Power Co.. Electric Service $ 511 (in Hancock County. Taxes 22(1 11 North Central j'uhlic Service. Gas _. Algona Municipal Utilities I'tilnics F.. A. Lee. Labor Chicago. Rock Island i Pac . Freight Chicago \ N. W Railway Freight . 1 177 71 Chicago & N \v Railway Freight (IBS 5i Kossulli County Treasurer Taxes Payroll Fund -Secondary Road Payroll . i- James H Mcrr\man Labor. Management, Equipment Sam Winter. Filghl-ot -Was Raymond K Walker. High'l-of- Wav . 1 ;.,;,,„ Margaret Mc-Gulie. Right-of- Way Ii4 (in rurciy Tr,i.-.t, liight-ot - W r, .1^ uo Stand.ird (">il. Fuel 1 liil <IH Kent Molcn Co. Part., \ K,-- p.ili s W E l.e\ Motor Ci, Pu-kup 1'cn ival's, Hepan - .Ncinmeis HarcK'. are. Supj PCS I'angman Welding Shop He- pairs Voxel's 1'aint ,•; \\ «\ Supplies 1J. X. Sunr,i.s (Jll Co , Fuel Tltonka Ilnplc-nenl C'o P.niv Foil Dodgi- Mac-hir.i- \ Supply Co . Paris 11, ;n Norton Mai-tune \Vorkn. Parl.^ & Repair* 41 (il Ham-mil Implcii.ei.l Co Pail-, 2i< 112 fioplei ud Lubricant.- Inc Fuel IH't (iii Jacks O K Tin:!,. Inc.-, & Repairs ;jj7 7 [ Certified Elci Dr. IMOI, Sop. , P'K-'s 76 nil West low.i Telephone- Co Teic.-- phone Sci c h t- i) ;•, j Tltonka Telepnunc Co piionc Ser\ Ire Brim n Supply Co I'.irt.- Reynolds Machinery (. ,. I' L. J. White. Labor N. W. Bell Teleph phone Service Arthur J. Do.vle. Labor Dahlhauser Bros , Parts Bowen's Superior Explosives Parts Iowa Electric Light ,1: Power Co., Electric Service Gibhs-Cook Equipment Co . Parts Herman M. Brown Co . Parts J. c.. Ukena & Co.. Parts Mason City Blue Print Service Supplies . Lewis Motor Supply Co.. Parts Pritchard Auto Co.'. Parts Bauer Implement Co.. Parts Iowa Electric Light & Power : Co.. Electric Service Eugene Elsbecker. Repairs Greenberg Auto Supply. Parts Northern Lumber Co , Supplies Frank Flaig. Repairs Barclay Co.. Supplies Frank D. Fisher. Parts Brayton Radiator Repair Repairs ... Elberfs D. X.. Parts and Fuel Root Hardware, Supplies Algona Implement Co Parts Cook's Welder's Supply. Supplies . . Douglas Holmes, Labor Geo. K. Nelson. Parts Cowan & Cowan. Lumber Elmer Dole Co. Final: Proi 320 (41 Elmer Dole Co., Maint. Pro.]. COUNTY FUND North Central Public Service, Gas __ _ Algona Municipal Utilities Utilities \lgona Municipal Utilities, Utlities ust Office. Postage . Frank Bauer. Bounty 'ay-loll Fund. County Payroll 'ost Olfice. Pomace .._.'. Mary Eileen Lampnghl. Extra Help Pavioll Fund, County Payroll E H Futst. Extra Help Webster County Detention Home Care \ Keep Ralph W Lindhorst. Board ,t Lodge ot Prisoners Ralph W. Lindhorst. Mileage etc. Donald M. Wood. Mileage, etc P. R Iron.-. Repairs N.W Bell. Telephone Service Long s Studio. Prints Gordon I. Wmkel. On Fines Joyce Haydcn. Mileage Rusk Drug Supplies Culligan. Soft Water R .1. Funk Plumbing ing Parts Stephen R Tiaden. 1 Mileage- Louis Wingert. Labor ,V Mile- 04.3; 30.45 7888 540.16 16.7 940.74 38.70 8.56 4.06 6.08 17.05 14.00 50.00 39.90 215.75 8.85 26.52 118.55 36.72 550 12.20 18.11 32.58 2!).25 92.50 8 24 7.0(i0.04 1,521.40 42.32 12.45 1B8 00 7.7!I37'.I 15.00 24 (HI 2,(>fi7.:io 25 00 Grace-Lee Products plies Frederick Hdw.. Supplies .... Finn s Bakery. Food . Council Oak, Food . Algnna Locker. Butchering __ M A J R Kikes. Supplies . Consi Coop Creameries, Dairy Products _ Pennev <,, Clothing .....__ £ & L, Clothing ... Standard Oil. Fuel Bob Rir-cher, Hay . _ .... Hoharton Coop Elevator, Feed P R Irons, Repairs . . .. Carlson Irnp.. Parts . R A Davidson. Payroll Fund, Poor Payrol Harvey Rath, Rent . Roger Palmer, Rent G R Cook, Rent Garry Funeral Home, Ambulance North Central Pub. Serv , Gas Algona Mun. Util., Utilities . Charles Schrader, Fuel _ . Ann Hosp , Medical Richard C Tripp, M. D., Med- __ Dan L. Bray, M. D., Medical . Joseph M Roonoy, Medical _ Honsbruch Drug, Medical ... Dr R K. Richardson, Medical University Hosp., Medical Hancock Co Mem. Hosp., Medical Holy Family Hosp . Medical _ Lutheran Hosp., Medical Dr J B Harris, Jr., Dental . LuVerne Pharmacy, Medical .. Thuente's Pharmacy, Med'cal Dr. A. F. Krosch, Medical .Rusk Drug, Medical Drs. Powers 4 VVoltcrs, Medical Van Norman Drug Co Medical . T. J Egan, M. D, Medical . Welp Drug Store, Medical .. M. G Bourne, M D., Medical Drs. Schutter !. Koob, Medical John J. Lesiak, M D, Medical Hood's, Food .._._..... Council Oak, Food Vogei's, Food .. ... Cowing Food Mart, Food ... Bill's Mkt., Food Clover Farm Stores, Food hood's Cash Stores, Food Standard Oil Co, Fuel . ._ Standard Oil, Fuel .._ D-X Sunray Oil, Fuel _. Standard Oil, Fuel .. Standard Oil, Fuel Bancroft Oil Co, Fuel ..... Boys & Girls Home, Care A Keep Home ot Good "hepherd. Care 4 Keep Delta Falvey, Care & Keep _. Algona Good Sam. Home, Care i Keep . Luth. Home Find. Soc , Care S. Keep .. ..... jarah Harbaur, Care & Keep _ Minerva Curtis, Care & Keep _ Marian Home, Care & Keep _ State of Iowa; Dependent Children itate of towa. Blind >tate of Iowa, Emergency 2756 17.51 62.76 2 60 35.37 2V.75 178.73 6.2-1 20.25 91.19 12 50 12.50 456.56 511.35 251.75 281.96 4,897.20 4.722.02 1200 24 50 37.50 22 88 309.46 22.50 8 00 23.29 39.50 39.84 6 51 6.00 85.39 32.03 75 43 16 74 148 40 222.48 279.69 34 33 25 99 33609 165 00 152 29 3200 10 55 1,00500 3500 2500 25.00 900 42 56 17 49 675 1,007.34 3.75 77 25 276 75 52.54 39 75 335.80 7495 244 40 107 25 8.00 20.50 H5 15 12.00 140 49 29.00 22 25 16.00 10 30 72 00 237.75 40.50 91 00 134.00 118.00 35 00 20.00 2042 20 00 87.97 8 30 60.36 21 61 14 36 73.95 88 75 3000 1 19 38 29 00 6500 15.00 103.00 135.28 1,515.16 295.72 266 05 State of Iowa, Disabled 75.57 McCutlough Funeral Chapel, Ambuiance. 110.00 PAYROLL FUND Heiko Clapp, Co. Home 149.44 Alice Clapp, Co. Home 149. 4<t Murl Jorgenson, Co. Home _- 136.93 Hulda Jorgenson, Co, Home _ 126.83 Dr. Robert Brainerd, Medical Examiner _. ^ 13.49 Dr. R. F. Snyder, Medical Examiner . .... -. . . 34.06 Joan Mueller, Assists the Sheriff ... .. 120.50 L. C. Rovn, Probation Deputy 98.27 R. K Beck, Probation Officer 87.43 Dean G. Parrotf, Court Reporter 51.00 Claire A. BoltZ, Court Reporter 62,50 Raymond H. Wisnom, Jr., Court Reporter . ,.. ..... 61.72 Fern V. Miller, Court Reporter 57.12 John H. Rode Meetings & Mileage ".. . .. 524.28 A. M Kollasch, Meetings & Mileage 487.51 Jens M. So'cnscn Meetings «, Mileage " . . . 411.77 Charles Platho, Meetings & Mileage ." 444.36 Charles H. Newel Meetings & Mileage 480.02 H. M. Smith, Engineer 648.02 John Frascr, Assist. Eng : necr _ 463.60 Hazel Anliker, Clerk 209.01 Raymond Baade, Labor 321.68 Noble L. Crouch, Labor 309.31 Clarence Hentges, Labor 381 74 Clifford Holmes, Labor 377.75 Ferdinand Meyer. Labor 333.02 Ben Metzger, Labor 400.17 Urban Neuroth, Labor 349.01 George C. Studer, Labor 377.73 Henrv Zwe-fel, Labor 321.91 C. E. Zaugg, Labor 398.15 Alvm Ewing, Labor 301.86 Dale Helmers, Labor _ 30029 Herbert C. Nellis, Labor 222.95 Edward Ricke, Labor . 34691 James Willis Schultz, Labor .. 41922 Lem Stockwell, Labo' 356.03 Cyril Wagner, Labor 427.22 Erich Willrett, Labor 36397 James Walker, Labor 385.06 J. VV. Burnett, Labor 308!34 E M. Downs, Labor . 33862 John Eller, Jr. 98.15 Earl Eller, Labor . 8388 Henry Elbert, Labor 48.68 '/aunce Eischen, Labor 106.84 3onald Frideres, Labor _ 101 25 George Gade, Labor 45.05 Don Hainzmger, Labor 344.87 A. J. Kollasch, Labor 36863 Anton Kardocs, Labor 320 52 ?alph Markla, Labor 374.59 George Weringa. Labor 31995 Ed Blanchard, Labor .. 353.75 Clifford Blanchard, Labor 300.05 Arnold Hainzmger. Labor .. _ 38692 Earl Johns, Labor .. 425.13 George W. Kockler, Labor 396.59 Roclf E. Miller, Labor 344.02 John Schueler. Jr., Labor 320.21 Charles Thompson. Labor _.I 346.11 Gerald Wibben, Labor 322.34 Orville Wciland, Labor 355.66 SOLDIER'S BELIEF Emma Beard, cash 50.00 Roman Arend, rent __ 25 OC Welp Drug Store, medical ..". 8.47 Harluy Bocckholt. transportation 30.00 Iowa Pub. Serve, co.. cicc. serv. l(i.57 Mrs. Emma Bryer, rent 45.00 Interrmll Grocery, food _ . 3G.OO J. P. Clark & R P. Base. medical . 65.00 Mrs. E. Behnkendorf. rent 25.00 Holy Family Hosp.. medical .. 273.45 Thuente Pharmacy, medical .. 31.40 John M. Schutter. M.D.. medical 7.12 Independent Med. Group. medical 700 Council Oak Store, food 132.00 St. Ann Husp.. medical . ... 14.55 Droessler's Mkt.. tood 51.00 Honsbruch Drug, medical 38.14 Hancock Co. Mem. Hosp . medical 107.50 Rusk Drug, medical ... _ . 13.52 LuVerne Pharmacy, medical 25 00 REFUNDS Evelyn Eckhart. soldier exemption Ominission ._ 11.56 COURT FUND Kossuth Co. Law Libary. apportionment . . . 600.00 Payroll Fund, court payroll ... 559.80 Hugh Raney. bailiff 24.00 Dr. Cameron C. Shierk. Mayor's fees 5000 Delia Welter. J. P Fees 8.00 Ralph Lindhorst. mileage etc. . 16.35 Delia Welter, J. P. fees _ 6.00 Ralph 1 'Undhorst. mileage etc. . 1N.24 The Pengad Co. Inc.. supplies . 9.63 Raymond H. Wisnom. Jr.. mileage etc. 5.10 On motion adjournment was taken until April 12. 1962. A< Heat- abor ,V 1552" 11. RH :i 1:1 6.60 M 2 '.10 7ii 01 1 flK ti.OI) .Ifc'C .Id 81 Ui, (if, 11 "I In 181 11 2!» lilt Alfred Mrlz. LaPor \ Mileage Lew is Bosma Labor tv Mileage Richard Mawdslcy. Meeting Franc-is Froc.-hllch. Meeting How.ud lianey. Meeting John Mi-i-lmg John P Simon. Meeting Jerome Klsenb.irth. Meeting Elmer Sc naefer Meeting Elmer Wllhnert Meeting Al Djcldmg Meeting Win Oldenburg. Meeting Vugsl Lou'-Ks. Mc-e'mg OrMlIc- Ilrandt. Meelmg Frank Ilotterman Meeting -Mc-Um I.oge-u.iiir. Mec-tmg Lewis liosma Mei-lmg Linus Wn.gert MI — 'IIU' Allic-.l Mi-l/ Mrc-lm,' Mc-pM-i' H 'I .,,i|i.,i .1 c-llng llL.'.-1-ll .-. .1 ipplit, North C' Pvihl.. N W .>±; Burn I F'ldl.n I- HI 80 a i no 21 B'l -i on i mi 4 III! 4 fin •i mi 4 Of) 4 on 4.(Ill •I 110 4 on 4 III) 4 do 4 on 4 1)0 4 (III 4 (HI 4 on 4 III) 4 :i!i Ser\ i.ul. ,>. I',:. l'i I'.K-ific- Iiite Ficisht tile-W-Furt IJ.xJjjc C AuMln-Wi-.ili.-in C'n Krei Gi.idei Kc>'.--i,th County 'I'ri- 1-ic-ijjhl bldiuliird Oil Tuel DiiKeiiiirl Hu«lieb Tr.icl E'l upturn! Cu . Parts, .St.inilHrd Oil. Fuel I! .) Funk I'arU 1 .\ n, .in Aulu Supply C li../cn .1. Hep. ma All Wheel Drive C ' K . Khpl Bo.,i. Ph. HuUc-11 5 Certlfii-d phi- f i c-ili-n r i-n-ilrn. AiBol,,! 1'rinlinE.' HlaiiK B F.lci-' Calculi Maint Colon, Wake up Wonderful! FOR THE SOUNDEST SLEEP ANY MATTRESS CAN GIVE YOU BEAUTYREST has the PROOF! Ayiee, init v Sup- Sei.ool n Hi :i 15 22:1 18 :ian oo S!i on . Lands ,il Community . Free Lands Kin t>4 Mchult/ Til I'arl.i c-lcphc, ('(.•niriil lutv.i Rural Telephone Servii-e llol.erl Deal Saw l.i, lit- Hoik Telephone. Tt-lc- pl one Sei \ lee C'cnliul li.wa Telephone C'o , Teh i huiit- Service J.-iini-.- H Mcrrvinan. l.alxir. M. ,11.1^1-11 er.t t"c. Ecjuipincnt Mlili.iel Tocid A Co. Supljllea i.icl Oil c u Fuel HaiiMlinan Hepaira 11 0,1 Co . Fuel .s t ,i,i.| Sei-Mi-e. Tirc-s . John K ,\ Hilto et, i pl , - D X Repairs I. u !H-, Parla low.. I'uhl:, Sc-i vii-r Co . Elec-- tru t,,.-i ', u c- ,\oil- tL-niiol I'uijlu ielAic-e. low. i M,icl.ini-i\ iS. Supply Co., I'.il la AlRiina Mile-lime .Shop Parts Toun ut VVcit bend, Electric- SL-I-. u-e Clou_t CjI'tatl. (.'i,',. 3)7 (JO 411 2h T.I o:; 7oii fj.l 1 1 5u 21 1)5 4 08 5 on 41 58 21 Hi A'l I'PPI Am . fppi A(il ,: pi.i I'-.,;.- . Noll, 21)5 75 21 Od 15 12 1.1 Mi •\;i on Over a period of 11 years, people like you went to sleep in the laboratory sleep rooms of the United States Testing Co. Electronic equipment recorded their brain waves . . . heart beats. All leading mattresses were rotated through the rooms. The conclusion, supported by 60,000,000 recordings, Beautyrest gave deeper sleep than any other mattress. The Unique Beautyrest comfort construction is the reason. Come in and order this famous Simmons mattress today I Fcjt-4. Tufted or Smooth Tuftless |7»j| EAI. ATTEST' Marc Moore. Ko.ssuth Cotmly Auditor Jons M Sorenson, Chairman, Board of Supervisors The Board of Supervisors mef pursuant to adjournment. Those present were Jens Sorensen, Chairman, and Charles Newel, Charles Plathe, John Rode and A. M. Kollasch. Absent: none Motion by Charles Plathe and seconded by John Rode that resolution concurring contracts for SN 742 and SN 745, Farm to Market Road, be approved. Ayes; all Nays: none. Motion carried. Also approved were Projects No. 5-117!) <3|; S-2500 (1); 5-2727 (2) and 5-2!)2!> (1), Federal Aid Secondary Roads. Motion by A. M. Kollasch and seconded by Charles Newel that order for two-Wheel mounted Bituminous Maint. Unit be awarded to Dukehart- HuRhes of DCS Moines, in the amount of $2-lfiO F. O. B. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel and seconded by A. M. Kollasch that each Supervisor be hereby empowered to place embargo on roads in their re- spective'district when deemed necessary with 8 Tons be set as the Gross load limit. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel and seconded by A. M. Kollasch that the petition for the County Conservation Board, that was submitted to them, be filed and the County Audior be authorized to hold election on the issue June 4, WG'2. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel and seconded by John Hode that 4th Ward of Algona Inc. be changed from City Hall to Court House in Algona Effic- tivu for the Primary Election. Ayes: nil Nays: none Motion carried. On motion adjournment was taken until April 27. ATTEST: Marc Moore. County Auditor Jens M. Sorensen. Chairman Board of Supervisors BOARD PROCEEDINGS TENTH DAY APRIL 27, 1962 SPECIAL APRIL SESSION The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjourmcnt. Those present were Jens M. Sorensen, Chairman, and Charles Newel, Charles Plathe. A. M. Kollasch and John Rode, Absent: none Motion by A. M. Kollasch and seconded by John Rode that Division II contract for grading be awarded to G. .1. Van DC Riet & Sons, Inc., Fairmont, Minnesota. In the amount of $15.270.8!). Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Charles Plathe and seconded by Charles Newel that Faber Construction be awarded the Division I Project in the amount of $•) 1,80,1.82. Ayes: all Nays; none Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel and seconded by John Rode that condemnation proceedings be entered against Dean ahel Mary Jean Andrews in the NW'4 Sec. 35-D7-29 for Hwy. purposes. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Mo;;on by diaries Plathe and seconded by A. M. Kollaseh that condemnation proceedings be entered against Lambert P. Brcthorst in the NWV.i of Sec. 7-90-23 for Hwy. purposes. Ayes all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel and seconded by John Hode that condemnation proceedings be entered against H. F. and Lucille Kramer in the SE'4 Sec. 10-97-20 for Hwy. purposes. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel and seconded by John Rode that condemnation proceedings be entered against I. W. Nelson In See. 1D-07-29 for Hwy. purposes. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by John Rode and seconded by A. M. Kollasch that condemnation proceedings be entered against Mrs. Elizabeth L. Haggard (Undivided Va interest). Marie Falkcnhaincr, Diane Stamp and Tasker Falkcnhalner (Undivided >i interest), Veda Elizabeth Murtagh (Undivided 'i interest) and this property is subject to the life c=tate of Mattle Mac Falkcnhaincr in Section 1B-OT-27. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Charles Plathe and seconded by Charles Newel that the lien on the Kenne property. Whittcmorc, described as Lot !) Blk. 15 be released and the county maintain the lien on the other two houses that belong to Mrs. Catherine Kenne. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. On motion adjournment was taken until May 1, 1002. ATTEST: Marc Moore, County Auditor Jens M. Sorensen, Chairman, Board of Supervisors with HAIL INSURANCE Hail losses were heavy in 1961. Don't be a victim in 1962.-Insure now with Farmers Mutual Mail; and be safe. Fire and lightning protection on crops in the field is included at no extra cost. BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE 6 North Dodge CY 4-4443 2323 GRAND MOINES, IOWA Phone CY 4-3535 - Your Newspaper OUR HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS TO WHITTEMORE HIGH CLASS OF 1962 WHITTEIVIORE PRESENTED BY THE FOLLOWING PUBLIC-SPIRITED WHITTEMORE BUSINESS FIRMS FARMERS STATE BANK OF WHIT TEMORE A GOOD BANK - IN A GOOD TOWN - IN A GOOD COUNTY TRI-COUNTY DRYING ASS'N A BOOSTER FOR THE AREA WE SERVE CONSOLIDATED CO-OP CREAMERIES NOBODY EVER WENT WRONG ON DAIRY PRODUCTS WHITTEMORE CO-OPERATIVE ELEVATOR THE BEST OF EVERYTHING TO THE CLASS OF 1962 ELBERT CHEVROLET A FAIR DEAL ALWAYS PHONE 8-4911 WHITTEMORE, IOWA WHITTEMORE HATCHERY A GOOD PLACE TO DO BUSINESS ZUMACH'S A-G FOOD STORE Wi ARE PROUD OF QUR 196? GRADUATES SCHUMACHER T-V and APPLIANCES CALL WHITTEMORE 8-3942 pr WEST BEND 4501 "AT YOUR SERVICE" A WHITTEMQRE BOOSTER

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