The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 15, 1962 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 15, 1962
Page 19
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May 2 — My mind goes back to my youth, reminded of it by three May baskets given me yesterday, one from Rex and Rick Post, one from Jeri Jo Sires and one from Becky Ostwlnkle. Again, thanks. Years ago, when 1 took a May basket to my little "boy friend" who lived in the present Mrs. Cora Martin home and 1 passed the Call house, now Good Samaritan Home, little did 1 dream I would one day be living in that mansion. It was rather a spooky place then, as there was no sidewalk on the north, just a worn path, and huge lilac bushes made the place rather awesome and forboding. But with a couple of playmates, we braved the dark to deliver my token of affection. His basket to me was made of an oval piece of candy, a toasted cocoanut with taffy rim and filled with little candies, quite a confection which I waited a day or two to eat. I was amazed that on a recent TV show jaw breakers were offered. Those I am familiar with, too, for th,is same little "B.F." used to carry sacks of them and pass them to me in school way back in room five. Passed them under the watchful but kindly eyes of Addie Schichtl, sister-in-law of Byron Richardson. • • • To one who merely signed, "A former Algonquin" — I am glad you read my column. There is much to be said pro and con on this California-Iowa question. Since you didn't have the courage to sign your name, I won't answer in further detail or argument. However, I cannot resist quoting this verse found recently in the Des Moines Register. "There's a California, yeah bo! (There's an Iowa too) I'll sneak back to Iowa, Jeer me if you will, in roll of prodigal, I've had my LA fill!" Mrs. M. G. Bourne and Mrs. Vallo Naudain have returned from a recent D.A.R. tour to Washington D. C., Mount Vernon and places of historical interest in Virginia and Kentucky. Among the . Carious interesting places visited /^were the Continental congress, ' senate and representatives, White House, capitol, D.A.R. museum and geneological building and Smithsonian institute. of. the highlights of the . ivas seeing -Astronaut Glenn's cap. iulc, which now rests in the {Smithsonian institute. Zada Nau- said there was so much to fiee it would take a book to cover I said, "Write it and I'll read U » ,. • The Lyle Ricdingcrs have established a pattern which seems hard to break. They recently became parents of their fourth son. They had hoped for a little sister for Don, Randall and Rickie. The newcomer has been named Ronald Lynn. < * * Mrs. Mamie Drickcn, who formerly lived at Lone Rock, later coming to Algona and moving to Chicago four years ago, visited here briefly with Beulah Richardson and the C. M. Whitehills Apr. 20. Sunday she went to Lone Rock to join her son-in-law and daughter, Rev. and Mrs. Wilbur Sanford, who conducted church services there. The Sanfords have been in South America the past few years doing missionary work and teaching. * * * Mrs. Robert Lnmprighl and little daughter Sandra Jean have come from Hahn, Germany because of the sickness of Mrs. Lampright's father, Gene Murphy, Emmetsburg. They have visited Robert's parents Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lampright. They do not plan to go back to Germany since Robert will be discharged in August after three years there. Among the interesting places visited are Belgium where the fair was held and Bavaria, home of the "Passion Play". « * * The Elmer Kclleys are celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary May 20 and will hold open house. Mrs. Kelley's sisters Mrs. Glen McMurray (Kate) and Helen Zittritsch arc coming from Glendalc, Calif., to join the family. They plan to make a liesurely trip and see everything of interest so they possibly will not be here till mid-May. Lizzie Post, a sister of the women is also having as guest a former schoolmate Mrs. Robert Gardner, Manilla. She will be remembered here as Bessie Hubbard. • • • Right? "This isn't a recession — it's just that we had a boom and somebody lowered it." * * * It's quite a strain. "I never like to stay for a weekend in the homes of friends because it's hard to be nicer than you are for so long." » » * Last May, after Hazel Lusby, Lizzie Post and I had been at Dav- ,e,W}prt visiting .with Blanche and Abrier Long, I wrote about seeing the building which had been recently purchased for a Good Samaritan Nursing home and I told about us driving out to see it. Soon thereafter our manager here, Herbert Lindquist, began making trips there to assist in the organization and make plans for the changes to be made in the "Mid- ing. With the trips becoming more frequent, I had a hunch he would soon be more closely connected with the project. I was right. He finally agreed to taking over management and is there now. * * * In the Methodist Vim this item appeared — "Did you know- In 1092 two adults were baptized by immersion in the river here and became members of our First church? The minister was Rev. A. S. Flanigan." I might add another "did you know" that he was the pastor who married my parents? They were married May 18, 1891 in the parsonage which was back of the old Methodist church and is now the home of the Erwin Wiltgens, 308 south Moore street The Methodist church then stood on the corner of the former Dr F. E. Sawyer home, a red brick building just across the road wes of the Congregational church. How many of you can remember it? * * * Web Orion brought a bit of the voocls to Leora St. John, Adelo White and me Thursday afternoon, owls of wood violets — so pretty, le has promised to bring me some leeks too. Like after eating onions, I may lose my friends for a few hours, but leeks are worth it. * * * Mrs. Julianna Voigt's birthdaj was observed May 3. « * * There is a radio commercial being sung now to the tune I knew years ago as "Hello My Honey." As much as I recall is "Hello my honey, hello my baby, hello my ragtime gal, Honey, my heart's afire, Send me a kiss by wire. If you refuse me, honey you'll lose me, then you'll be left alone." * * * Years ago I taught Hawaiian guitar and among the students were twins Howard and Herbert Engstrom, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Engstrom. I remember how thrilled the lads were when a baby sister Betty Jean was added to the family. The years passed and the boys were in service. Herbert died seven years ago from an ailment the source of which was attributed to service. Howard is married, has a refrigeration and air conditioning business in Houston, Tex., and was recently visited three weeks by his parents and sister. Howard is in a good business for having been in Houston twice, once in May, once in July, I know what I'm Balking about. ' ""' -"" » * *' May 4 — today a hurried call from Lela and Dara Mendenhall, Laramic, Wyo., but better a brief call than none at all. They were galloping around to wind up some Manufacturer i suggested retail price for the Lancer 170 2-door sedan, exclusive of white walls and destination charges. Manufacturer's suggested retail price for the Dodge Dart 6- cylinder 2-door sedan, exclusive of white walls and destination charges. Manufacturer's suggested retail price for the Dodge Custom 880 4- door sedan, exclusive ol white walls and destination charges. DODGE BIQ DODGE CUSTOM 880-Triis Dodge is custom-made for the big car man. It's big, all right. And packed with luxury. Almost 18 feet long. Chair-high seats. A big ride on a long 122* wheelbase. Big power from a mighty 361 cu. in. VS. The Custom 880 is big in everything but price. Without doubt, the biggest bargain on four wheels. NEW SIZE DODGE DART-Sized right m the middle of the big and little. Two feet shorter than America's longest car; two feet bigger than the smallest. You get family-size room in an agile, parkable car. The most powerful standard 6 in the business; the hottest standard V8 near its price. Like every Dodge, Part offers Torsion- Aire ride, rustproof- ing, 32,000 miles between grease jobs. COMPACT DODGE LANCER OT-lf you want a compact that does more than save gas, Lancer is your answer. Car Ufe caljs it America's best handling compact. It's one of the hottest, too. Lancer GT, a snazzy bucket seat job, is America's first Spoils-Compact. Try it at your Dodge Dealer. PERCIVAl MOTORS, Inc. 800 Soyth Phillips Algona, Iowa business as they plan to leave at 4 a.m. tomorrow. Dara has to be back at work. Just as they came in, I had put a pill in my mouth to swallow with no water just plain laziness to get no liquid. I said to Lela, "Wait till I swallow my pill" and since there was no evidence of it in my mouth, it was already on it's way down, I wonder if she thought I had parted with my wits. I didn't explain — we were too busy with greetings and chit-chat. When she reads this, she will get the drift. • * * 1 can't resist this little verse to add to a certain portion of this column, titled "Retreat from Fabulous L.A."—I'm sneaking back to Iowa, Tired of husks and chaff; I wonder if a kindly friend will kill my fatter calf? "via Imogene Allard, Gladbrook. The other little quip was also by her. Apparently she's really "had it." Mother Passes Lakota — Funeral services were held Thursday at Oelwein for Mrs. Katherine Sachs, 84, who died Monday evening at the Buffalo Center hospital. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Vera Blome, and two sons, Eldon Sachs of Lakota and Loren Sachs of Oelwein. Angeles, Cal., brother of Mrs. Daniel Bray, Algona, died there Apr. 27 of a coronary attack. His wife and five children survive. Ho Buffered an attack a year ago and was associated with a medical center there. KRAF Sandwich Spread Brother Dies Dr. Robert Delmore, 43, Los How to liven up potato salad Just mix it with Kraft Sandwich Spread! Special perky relishes in a creamy, zesty dressing. Great on head lettuce, too. And it comes in a handy new wide-mouth jar! KRAFT &ndwicfi Spread Tuesday, May 15, 1962 Algona (la.) Upper Des Moine*-5 GOT NEWS TO SHARE? The folks far awny would like to Iicnr about ifc] —be sure to phone them your good newsr Everyone enjoys a pleasant telephone Hint' and the cost ia very low. Save time. .. call by number • Save money...callstation-lo-statinn.\ Northwestern Bell J^ In Iowa SHARON HANSELMAN RON SCHAFER . MELViN R. SALMELA EARL W. STEVENS, TREASURER VICE PRESIDENT PRINCIPAL SUPERINTENDENT CLASS PRESIDENT SECRETARY (£0mmwmtg * i , ROLL* BONNSTETT£R CHARLOTTE BAMWART PHIL EJCHEUZER RUSSELL •BEATRICE RICKE ROGER CHISM r MARCEL LA GERSER BARBARA CHRISTENSE'N JACK SCHMIDT The Following West Bend People Proudly Present Our Class of '62 IOWA STATE BANK WEST BEND, IOWA Always A Home Town Booster SCHAFER'S U-SAVE STORE We Salute The West Bend Class of 1962 MONTAG BROS. FORD SALES & SERVICE May Your Future Be Fruitful, and "Fordfull" WEST BEND ELEVATOR Our Senior Class — One Of The Best WEST BEND AUTO CO. Rambler Sales & Service — We Deal Right K M rp UT'C II K, ii ii i u STANDARD SERVICE Our Congratulations To The Seniors WEST BEND - "Home of The World Famous Grotto" - INVITES YOU

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