The Democratic Standard from Coshocton, Ohio on January 11, 1895 · Page 5
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The Democratic Standard from Coshocton, Ohio · Page 5

Coshocton, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, January 11, 1895
Page 5
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·FECHJ DHJMOORATIO COUNTRY COUSINS. Reformed church, on Dutch Bun. Sunday. Jan. 13th, at 1030 a. ro. John Rodger's er.,has been seriously ill · but is improving at this writing. . , Straws Bros moved their portable saw JBricht Bits Of GOSSip Gathered mill to Michael Feeler's farm on Dutch ^ ^ Bun. Michael Ringler, of Holmes TEACHERS' TESTS, Questions Proponnded at the Exam- Inalon Held Dec. 22nd, 1804. By Oar Corps. of the Things That Were, the That Are, and the Things To Be. Correspondents are requested to number their letters consecutively throughout this year. Our object m making thi?. request will be explained later on. Wills Creek Waves. Letter No. 16. £ earth has disposed of its mail' tie of snow, and mud and water now abound. _ . The enterprising ice men of this place did not hustle, and the thaw did sinch damage for them. A lost sleighing party, who attended church Thursday evening of last weett was found on the road, ecqumng for Avondale. , . · Rumors of a wedding in the near fn- Miss Ada Mock returned to Coshooton where she is-employed, after a weeks visit to her home here. Mr.JohnEnnan and Mr. Boiler returned home Christmas day from Illinois. .. ... k Dr. R. C. Bainter and wife were visiting at Adamsville, Tuesday. Mr. Uriah Mobley was taken quite ill Tuesday morning, with pleurisy. KNICKERBOCKER No 2. Adams Mills Midgets. LetterXo. St.I D. BALO oi Franklin county visited at his home here last week. Miss Laura Smith ia in Newark this week. George Molford has baen quite ill for the last two weeks but is reported better at this writing. ' Miss Flora Ross of Coshootoa spent Sunday with relatives here. Miss Anna Tilton has been at her home here for the last two weeks. Miss Carrie Balo who is attending school at Lafayette spent the holidays at her home here. A native of Persia in his native dress lectured at the church here Wednesday evening. The church social at the residence of Mrs. Jos. Skinner, Wednesday evening, was well attended. The Presbyterian pulpit was occupied by Rev. Dr. Holbert. Services every alternate Sunday. Miss Bessie Miller ot West Lafayette was the gneat of Miss Carrie Balo during the holidays. ' PONTIAC. Dutch Run Details. I-flttcvXo. S 1 toTTR. Fred Lonsineer an ·V/4 dent of this locality at this writing. ...... county. who has been visiting his step-daughter, Mrs. George Rahn. returned to bis home last Wednesday. Brink Haven is rapidly becoming a prominent shipping point for a number of Knos. Coshooton and Holmes county fanners. The shippers are honest and fair dealing merchants, and always pay tho highest rates for grain and produce. Wheat is selling at the Brink Haven market at 55 cents per bushel. 40 bushels of choice timothy seed for sale at Lawrence Miller's, at the lowest market price. C. R. Fowler, dentist of Mt. Vernou, was here on business, last Monday. Miss Edith Raha Sundayed with your correspondent. LEOX. Warsaw Wliittllngs. Letter So. 1SI 'HE grand events occurring here since my last letter to your valuable paper, were the Fnuk family reunion and the hop, which proved red letter occasions in our social circles. The boys celebrated the New Year with merry mirth, making time catching a greased pig, which soon grew to be a hog. Our neighbors just over tbe lino in Bethlehem township, have a board of education composed of young men who are wide awake to the best interests of their schools. They have purchased of Mr. Ed. B. Bach, the Teachers' Normal D. S. 111STOKY. L. C. Shaw. Dec. 22.1S94. 1 What President of the United States was the adopted son of Robert Morris? When and how" l.njr w»8 he President? By what party elected? 2 Na»e the" Presidents of the United States who have served two terms, (b) Has there been a President elected but not for consecutsvs times? If so name him. 3 Who founded the colony of Oeorj;- ia? When? (b) For whai express purpose was it founded? 4 Describe the tres'.y of 17S3. and name two noted Americans who assisted in the negotiation of this treaty. 5 What do you know of President Johnson's f»ninf"»*v itr.iolsniBtion Oi it did the loss would have been H) per «001, CLE.\N K.U5S WANTED. cent. Find tie cost. 6 How much money must b« invested in 5 per cent, stock at SO, to insure a dividend of 1300? 7 Find the coat of a CO day draft for S2.000 exchange at 2 percent, premium. interest 6 percent. S A sold a horae to B, and B sold him to C. and C sold him to D for S15S -·». A. B and C gained the same -rate per cent. Find what rate f horse cost A Cash paid for clean cotton rags at the Standard Advertising Go's work*. Poultry Wanted. The Cold Storage Co., on Second St., will pay the highest market piiee iu cash for all kindo of pouitiy. . 9 When it ie noon at Greenwich, what is the longitude of a place where the clock-time is lia'l past eix a. m.? 10 A bos is eight feet lone, 4 feet wide, and one foot deep;uad line in it. ~ --School boots and at Smith's Drug stern. g.'hool supplies OUR A N N t ' A L -- aged resi- is very ill Schools began operation here lest Monday after a vacation of one week, A nephew of Jlr. Andrew and Lewis Fisher, of Iowa, is visiting here. He will remain here if he can secure a V position. T"SMiBB Hattie Rees is visiting with rel- f atives at Black Creek, Holmes Co., Ohio. Miss Wheatcraft of Keene is teaching a very f nccessfal term of school at the Dutch Run Sc'iool. All the household ponds belonging to the Chaney family were consumed by fire last Saturday. The fire visited every room in the house, and burned it badly on the inside. The contract for cutting the wood for the McKey school district will be sold next Monday evening. Henry and Cleveland, eons of Win Kent are sick with fever. Dr. Fowler was here on business last Monday. Wm. Williams and family were visiting at Harmony, last Saturday. Miss Ethel Drummond, after a two weeks visit with her parents has returned to school at West Bedford. HASE. will make the road up the hill ot science easy for teachers and pupils, as they entirely eliminate all elements of chance and uncertainty, are practical, and the schools will get more actual value from them than ten times their cost. By the amount ot ice being put up, we certainly will bo able to keep cool next summer. This being the leisure season, farmers are reading up and watching the doings of those in authority. Between protracted meetings, farmers' gatherings, debates, lyceums, hoe down?, sleighing, o., life in the rural districts seems worth living. Wm. McCasky, once a resident here, now of Kill buck, Holmes county, received for a New Years gift a patent on a stone creaser, which will make him wealthy, as he was offered five thousand dollars for it before it was patented. * Cannel Spur Condensed Specials. Letter Xo. 10.1 HE Bedford Caunel Coal Company received an order for 2 cars of coal. J. B. Shnrpless came very near loosing a valuable horse Monday. Samuel Elder assisted by L.H. Thompson and N. Shaw completed putting up his supply of ice. Frautc McCullough acted as tutor at Douley's school house, Tuesday, the teacher, H. R. Kanaval beiug eick. Literary at West Bedford last Thursday night. The Patrons ot Industry are still flourishing in Bedford township. STBAXC1E1I. G Whfct do you know of the Kassaa Nebraska Bill? Its author? What President was elected ou tho issue of this Bill? 7 What was tbe population of the United States as shown by the census .ot 1SOO? When was tho first census of 'the United States taken? S Name the P-esidents who were in ollico within the Seminola War. y Who is known in history as the "Poet of ihe Revolution?" 10 In what year was Kansas admitted t i t h e Union? Who was President at that time? GEOGRAPHY. N. S. McCLURE. Dec. 22od, 1S94. 1 Name the countries which are crossed by the Tropic of Cincer and by Rhode Island (b)State area and name the capital of N. Dakota and S. Dakota respectively. 3 Name the absolute monarchies of Europe, (b) What is the latitude oi tho city of London Y 4 Where are volcanos most numerous? Why? Give three noted examples of earth quakes? " the area of the basin of BUSINESS BREVITIES. --Use Diamond Du*t Flour and be happy. Jatiiw-1. --Who'e wheat tlo;ir. just the thing ley's. --If yon want to buy o driver, or n well bred horse or colt, attend the horse sale ou the 22ud Hcd 23rd. jan.llw_'. --Four cans of sweet corn for 'J5 cts, at W. A. Smith's Bee Hive Grocery. --1 doz small bottles of Lion beer for GOjts. Call the Mecca Cafe, Telephone No. 28. Dave Fnwcett, Prop." --Diamond Dust Flour--the best. Jan. 4 tf. --Don't forget that we still have the finest 50o. tea iu the country, at Mortley's. --The horse sale, Jan. 22nd and 23rd. is an assured success, there being S2 head to sell, including some of tbe best horses in tho county. jan.llw'2. --Pop corn that will pop at Mortloy's --Try a smoked tongue sandwich ot the Mecca. HELLO! The Telephone Kvcliaugc It nw In "pi'i.ul.' :ui.i we want to i-lumt .iloni; lli» !!:.· t h a t we lia\e j u f i ilulslu-d InvoU-Ini; anJ row come.* oui GREflT CLEflRlffe CLEAEAICE SALE BEGAN- J-AJNTTJA.RY 1» 1895, AND CONTINUES --New York and Club House cheese at Mortley's. --Meals, lunch or other goods to the amount of 25cta or over delivered free. Call the Mecca. Telephone No. 38. --Pixley Boy. 2:12; Willie Bee. 2:20; WMArtoroi^Irfca'diB* Kuby. 2:22: Spragne Pilot. 2:24; Thalia \Miica nyer oi Aintauis- 0-al . pi m | M1(lnn ^ n , O .or,. ATM;« v, n \^ a , n water southern Northern northern southern COURT UODSE NEWS. "he Business Transacted at the Couut) Offices Daring the Week. Bt VO! , According to the census of what is tho population of Ohio and Coshocton Co., respectively? 7 What is the largest city in the south latitude? (b) On what ts latitude measured? 8 What parallel forms the boundary of Tennessee? boundary of Wyoming? The boundary of Kansas? Trie boundary of Penn,? 9 Locate the great sugar producing region of '.he world. 10 What and where are tho following : Dolce Jorullo, Petchor., Canaveral, Hood and Royale? GKAMMAR. B R. MCCX.EUJAXD, Dec. 22ad, 1S94. 1 Write the plurals of .ilnmous, vertebra, vertex, erratam, and ellipsis. 2 Write possessive, singular, and plural of mouse, hero, Frenchman, valley, lady, ox, colony, Mr. Perkins. 3 Give the distinction between the Personal and Relative pronoun. 4 Write sentences to Illnstratn Objective Predicate, Adverbial Predicate, and Factative Predicate. 5 What effect did tho ' Norman Conquest" have upon tha formation o! tee English Language? 6 When shouid'A pnoil besin thi study of language? The study of Grammar? 2:24; Embosaador. 2:25; Annie Erabossa- TO make room for Spi ing Gamin, if you I»I«H THE - ENTIRE - MONTH! dor. 2:25; also, James Hogan's fast pacor. and any number of good drivers, will bo sold at the sale JHU. 22ad and 23rd. jan.llw2. thl.4 tiile you will mi*! tho --WAstKD--A gooJ canvasser in every p , . township in Ooshocion county. A good br6l6Sl inaa can n ake S1CO per month. Addres P. 0. Box No. "7, Coahocton, 0. --Wood powder shells for sale at Gray's hardware storo. --Furnishe_d rooms, with or without board, at Misses McCabe's, 320 West Chestnut st. GRUB THAT MAXES THE BUTTER IF YOll I^EED FL\\ BVCKWIIEAT CAKES! Of your life to liuy tlooJ Goodn ;it 1'rlcc! All our winter goodt) will be cut lo the itiick. Wo hnvo too mauy gooiln. d money more than tho goods, so wo him* concluded to give you about Wo v.' DOLLAR These cold moruings there is nothing better than good buckwheat cukes made from pure old fashioned buckwheat Hour. Ask your crocer for tho Empire Mills buckwheat flour, every pound of which is guaranteed absolutely pure, unadulterated and made in our own mill. BAKSKY. DKM*SS Co. Jat:4 n 2. Anything In our line It will pay yon to iciucm- \cr thin. in winter goods for the small sum of hii'f a dollar in cash only. For CIIH!I tho only way you oan buy those gooiln. This snlo incImlcH the following: Buiuk-.-tH, nil wool fiout S2W) Ier pair up, worth from $4 per pair up-cheap, cheap, Our entire block of childreriV, ladiiM 1 anil men'u Underwear Hello Central! Very Bespecf fully, Give that 25? me 28, please." Weil, please eeud "Hello! is p. i!oz»u small bottles ot Lion b u er, and put in a ChildreuV, , ouch Koscoe .Rumblings. Letter Xo 51. ·ISS GERTIE CARHART after spending the holidavs here returned to the Granville music school. Mrs. J. W. Daugherty is seriously ill with quinsy. Mrs. C. Randolph is still dangerously ill and but little b ,pa is entertained of her recovery. ·^Ihe snow and ice have just disappeared but our young folks improved the opportunity for amusement, the largest crowd from this place and Co- abocton being on the basin skating on New Tear's that has been teen here for several years. Miss Elnor McCann of Zaiesvil'e was a guest of the family of Mr. John Carbart last week. The ertertainment at the M. E. church on New Tear's night drew a crowded hons» and was entirely successful and reflected much ere lit on the managers Messrs. Howard Slaughter and John Gleason. Mrs. El-zabeth Boose of Kent, Ohi«, is a guest of the fanvly of ner siauxr, Mrs. J. W. Baogherty. Alphens Bailey VMII locate shortly in Koscoe for the purpose of teaching vocal and inatrumtul^.l music, guitar, violin and mandolin « spec aity. Pete Carnes, is a new residence for himself uji family on ttic flits just north o l i o »u and when completed says be exj. CCH to open it frequently for pub.iu r^ligioua worahip. rete is living as r,!i-U£h tiiera is something more imp rumt tnan worldly pursuits or possrt-riona and to be candid we wish tber **ere mors persons living in thw sanx-*ay. Cm/.hN Tivertou Tiding*. Letter No. 40. i BS. MONTGOMEBT and twc sons, former residents of this Deighboiuood but now of Illinois, are visiting with relatives and frienas here. David and Abraham Mizer and wives visited with Mr. and Mrs. Philip Suntheimer, last Wednesday. Mrs. 8- is very ill with rheumatism. J. W. Arnboit, farm implement dealer ot Enox county was in tnia township on business, lost Wednesday. The Tiverton Center post office is now adorned with A sign bearing tne inscription "Tiverton Poet Office." J. I. Purdy received by express from bis brother-iu-law, J. B. Power*, ot Toledo, a box containing Xmaa presents. James LnHia, of Warsaw, visited with his neice, Mrs. G Bahn, on the Tankee Bidge. ' Bev. L. G. Walker, of Tankee coramenc^ revival tervices at bnrg, last Sunday. Sheriff Ciurk, of Coshtoton, vas hero on ofSo;al business IBBI Saturday. . Preaching services will be held at the PROBATE COtJET. Guardian of Mary J. Hinds filed first account. Assignee of George W. Henderson reported sale of real estate; sale confirmed and deed ordered. Elzie Baker, a boy of Washington township, on a charge of Truancy was sentenced to the Boy's Reform School; sentence suspended pending good behavior. Trustee of George W. Geese filed fourth account. M.'JEP.IAGK LICENSES. John W. Neldon and Eflie M. Berry. Charles L. Fulka and L. Alice Eorv- e-1. John W. McCleory and Belle Brownfield. TRANSFERS OF RSAI, ESTATE. Nancy J. Cnllison to Elizabeth Reid enbangh et. al., 146 acres in Perry tp., quit claim, for $1.000. Henry D. Beach to Joseph F. Meek, lot in Coshocton for SSOO. David Benell to John Benell, -10 acres in f«wfo*d »n. for SI.200 Calvin G. Si nmons to Benjamin Simmons, et. al., piece of land in Tiverton tp, for 81. Elizabeth Bronnon to Fran. J. Brannon, 41 acres in Lafayette tp, quit claim, for $200. Christian Gamertefe!der to David C. Gamertsfelder, 42 acres in Jefferson tp. for $575. John Benell to John G. Lower, 20 acres in Crawford tp, for $750. Tbeophalns Vmibenel to James E. Weatherwax, 92 ac.-es in Monroe tp, quit claim, for $2.000. John Kuoff to Jndeon E. Knoff, 27 acres in Franklin tp, quit claim, for $1. Jndson E. Knoff to Jane E. Knoff, 27 nnres iu Franklin tp, quit claim, for 81. Chn'stnu Gamertsfelder to Lemuel S, Lower, SO acres in Mcnroe tp, for $a70. ar i sii'.uti uuiues ui uvu U-LT, HUU |)U[ iu n j--. T-i r -n /T ~\ fT A X T 1 V T O 7 Give the classification of sentences bnlf dozen of thoao smoked tongue caud- Vj) % W . lVlClVl/\ JN JN 1O. Meeting of S. S. U. The bi-monthly meeting of the Sanday school Union of Jefferson township will meet at the Jeff-jrsoa Presbyterian church, Saturday evening, Jan. 19;h. 1S95, at C :30 standard time. Toe following program will be rendered: Mnsic of the ti. S. and how conducted, by Mie» Maggie Gamble. Teaching intermediate classes, by Prof. L. C. SD«W. Promptness of Superintendent and Teachers, by Mr. Foy Elder. Music turnisned lor the occasioo by the *-resbyt«ri«n church. Ei-erybody come aa a good time is expected. W. H.?ELDEK, S. C. KISSXER. List of Letters Remaining unclaimed in tbe as to uge. and dufice each CIHES. 8 What do you understand by Eanl !;»:·-·, Ictkccion, and ElUpeis. 'J V/iil'j thioa ru!oa io; the use of thu comma. 10 Let him whom the hoe fHs put it on. Give case and why o! all nouns und pronouns in the above sentence. PHYSIOLOGY. B. B. McClelland, Dec. 22n.i, 1S94. 1 Define Anatomy, Physiology, ami Hvgione. 2 Tell all you can of the structure of the muscles. What effect does the UBS of alcohol »bavo upon their structures. 3 How do veins differ from aiter- ies? 4 What is a c;land? What, asen's interfere with the work of a gland ? 5 Give important laws conducive tc health. (i Why ere chilly sensations produced by loss of sleep? 7 Explain in full tbe chsnpe produced in t^e air by the process of breathing. S What favoia the c-evelopmtnt of consumption? 9 Will tbe use o alcohol assist a per- poa to withstand low temperatures. Why? 10 How does the heart perform its function without friction? THEORY AND PRACTICE. L. C. Shaw. Dec. 22, JS94. 1 For what onrpose are pupils called upon to recite? 2 What are proper incentives to studj ? 3 What are the objects of punishment? 4 Do you think it is better to have a pupil recite in the exact language of the author or in his own language? Give reason. 5 What should be tbe temperature of the room ? 6 What do you think of the "self- reporting system t" 7 What dots co-operation in rchcol work mean? S Name some of the most common evils of our schools. ORTHOGRAPHY AXD BEADING. B. R. MCCLELLAND. Dec. 22,1S94. 1 Defioe readiuz. 2 Define articulation, accent, and tell how you determine accent. 3 'Describe your method of teaching a c.a?9 to read. 4 Give a short account of the author of ''The Reaper and tbe Flowers." and name five otoer poeais written by the same antnor. 5 What American i-oet died recently? Name one of his productions, aad tell what be describes in it? 6 Define Orthography and Oroepy. 7 What is n substitute? Write words containing all ibe soostitutes lor A long. 8 When are 1, e and b silent? 9 How do you determine tne nom- wiches, some chicken oyster eaudwiehe?, a jog of coffee, a pitcher of soup, and anything uiee yon tiavo that is nice. I am too busy to go to tliuuer. ,.:il w,iiit a lunch " No. 2S is tbe Mecca Cnfo. from 17.- up AH wool fUnneta from IBs per yard up. geuts' IK R T) . ell wool, from lOj per puir up. All kuit gloves, hooO.-, fnhfrjutors. baby kuit Biicnueit, '.. c., away down. Dress Groocl ladies' aud i\» mittens,. Notice lo Water Consuinsrs. Water rents arc now due and CHS be paid to Supt. at hia rcnideucu on WR{nut street between 8-d-and 4th stn-'-Ui, second house west of M. E. church. Unless paid by Jan. 20th 10 per cent, will positively be added. All parties in arrears Fcb 1st water supply will be turned ^IT. D. A. RAIKF, Snpt. Water Works. The Secret i.f hucccss in makiacr good brend i« always to use "Diamond Dust" floor. You will never fail witb it. Jan.4wS Dry Goods Etc, BEE-HIVE DRY GOODS STORE. at prices that wo nro actually iishnmcd lo quote. But they nuidf. «e£ up itud we don't earn to iuvoico them ii'iil will uut iT we can help it. When you exnmiue our lino and find ouMhe prices you will «rab them up sure. tnnking some people hiippy in the eillc stock. \Ve have had uu immenso nilk thin et-aeon, nud we IIP.VO iv great many Oclds aiicl Ends. Tour Mother's Bread Wns always good, wasn't it? She used '·Diamond Dust" flour and never failed. Jan4w3. WRINGERS REPAIRED at the White Sewing Machine office, Wilcoxon block. snttnblo for waists and trimminKe.tjmt we are goinjj to put out to close lit prices way down. So don't put it off but come quick and Beoure the We put on sale CO ' This lot will RO at : . B e u r e e argans dozen men's nnlnundried white shirts, considered cheap at :«)o. Match them it yon can for 50c. Yon will find iu thi* remnants of drees goods, silks, table linen, sale JEflKS, FLflMELS. PRINTS, muslins, shirtings, embroidericfl. ribbcns, laces. A-c., st give away prices. a few soiled corcets that will go quick for 15c each. Odds and cuds from department at tho eamo rates. A lot of KID Cannot be overcome, as lor instance, that we are selling Good goods cheaper than any other firm in this section. Best meal in the city. Fresh bulk oysters 25 cents a quart. Butter, eggs, fruit, dressed chickens. Call. worth from $100 to $1 50 for 50c. 2,000 yards muslin for 2|rc per yard. yards heavy brown canton flannel for 6Afc per yard. A big lot of jeans cassimer pants worth from 3100 to $1.75--to close out atC9c and 98c per cheap. We have about 50 small ends of carpets from 10 to 25 yards each, We Cordially invite the * rB ' n8 BDd Brussels, that we want to close before our new spring line comes . · »· j yon uave nse for 80m o f these to put in your kitchen or bedroom, now is your Closest inspection ana COmpar- chance, as you can buy them cheap. We also have a big lot of ison on our new Wraps oi all kinds, Fur Capes, etc. Blankets 500 a pair and up. AH wool Red Blankets at $1.98 a pair. Winter underwear 25 cents Lace Curtains in two pair lots thct can be bonght very cheap to close tLem out. are very fina. Call and see them. What Some of them Probate Notice, each and up . Dress Goods at new low tariff prices. You will find it to your ad- as do hundreds of ntn .o~^. rti.- -- c ~ 1ost b^r of syllables a won! may have? Olnce atOosnocton, Ohio, week enoing m* w*.«. ;,,,...,.,,. »._ _,.: .. T T 1 C O T T . ' · ° Jan. 1895: Ladies--Mrs. Scktall. Miss Josephine Sherwood, Mra. Millie B. Stelley. Gentlemen--J. 0. Chamberlin, A. C. Raymond, W. B. Kailhell, Shon SiUgy, Joseph A. Smith, Frank G. Stitel«r, J. H. Winn. Pereons claiming the above will p-ense say "Advertised," and give date o this Hat. 10* What ia meant by ultimate and penultimate *a app iea to syllables? ARITHMETIC. L. C. Shaw Dec. 22,1894. Fanners' Instil ate. The E.tst Goshocton County Farmers' Institute win h* held at Piainfield, Jan. 28th avi i9 b, 1695. S. W. Siiu.GY, ot-c. J. E. MAGiRs.Pres, cent. 1 A grocer ee'.ls ten pounds of butter for what eight cost him. What is his loss per cent. ? 2 The surface of a cube is 159 square inches; what is the surface of a cube whose edges are twice as great ?? 3 A can do a piece of work in two days, B In \}4 day*, C in ^ dav, D in ' 4 day. In vrhai time can tn^y perform it wording together? 4 Find the sum of 4,7,10, etc., to 20 terms. 5 I sold a a article at a loes of 20 per If it had coat me f 2'-0 more than SETTLEMENT OF ACCOf-VTS. ACCOUNTS and voucher* of the following * * named person* and estates hnvc been filed In the Probitc Court of Coshoclon coitnly.Oh'.o, for Inspection, settlement and record, and unless exceptions are filed thereto, they wlii be fur bearing and continuation on Monday. Jan. 21st, A. P., 1835. Second nnd final account of Franklin atxl Wellman Ullraan Administrators of the estate of Jacob Cllntan, deceased. Final account of John W. JlcClcirjr, Guar- tllan of Lnke Kceocy, a inlnoi. Second fcnd flnal account of John w. JIc- (Ic.-.ry. Guardian of the minor heirs of Jame* Itcndetson. deceased. h'ir.-t and final account of (J. F. Shanwcekcr. Aamlnl«irator of the estate of George F. Shxu- weckcr, deceased. HTM account of Wm. Camanan. Trustee of Geoncc W. Geese Second and final account of II. O. Shroycr, Kx^cntor or the last will of Andrew Shroycr. deceased. Flm account ot E. 7., Hayn, Assignee of S.imncl M. Wcller. Kim and flnal account of Gcorpc W. Crow, Administrator of the estate of t-red K. licil deceased. Second account of Stanley S an-iew and Ru«- sell Sharpie-'. Kitcuntoni of Hi: tain will of James sharpies*, deceased, Second nnd flnal account of To!:n Hcnder. Ad- Istvator of tno estate of C nrn.l vantage, Others, tO buy your Dry Goods we have left will be sold regardless of cost. One lot will be closed at the BEE HIVE STORE ono C06t ns le89 tnan ^ ^» 0 matt;r » lfa cy most go, and go they will at Coshocton, Ohio. Not tbe small Now this is no shnm sale, but actual facts. If yon don't believe it see. Now some of these goods will be closed out on the first day--but soon as yon can, and we will n»l! yon something cheap to pay you for your Yours for honest service, Very Truly, First account of Wm II. Compton, Guardian of Frank D.compwn. a minor. JK-C. ssth,'M-8t. The Ransom-Geidel Co. IN FW SPA PERI EWSPAPER

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