Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 30, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1896
Page 8
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New Fall Dress FOUR BIG BARGAINS FOR THIS WEEK These are beyond question the Greatest values ever offered, iUr of goods we offer and the little money it takes to buy them. We want you to note the 38 Inch all wool Serges in black and all new fall shades and a magnificent line of new Imported plaids* and* wool novelties all at • •• •••••••••.•25c yd: CASE IS SERIOUS An Unf ortuua te Encounter Results in Murder. OSCAR DICKEY IS DEAD Jerries Barry, Who Hurled the Fatal Stone, is Wanted. 100 piece?, bright new Novelty Dress Goods In all the latest checks, htrlpes and fanoy cloths, ; ; .<^scar Dickey, died ut the residence of ills mother on Eighteenth street last whlob.'baveiiJ'rtS 1 ' 1 ' 1 * 1 -' n "'dock f «>ni the effects of svtailed generally for 05o a yard all at ................................................................ '• ................. .......... ........ :---.39c yd ' • • • ' . " : i Our immense counter, loaded with the newest and most choice Noveltr Dress Goods, oft.be .season; £.•«-. •fating of rouph scotch effect? which are in ttrong favor at present. Th" most extensive line in the city atithe; worth 8 times as much, at only.... ............... . .................................................................. -, ....... -. ...... ...... 48c yd The correct thing Tor the season which are the inulto, colored bouuies 2 toned wool esouriala, derbysui'-. t;h6 Injurk'.s he received on one night of September 10th, supposedly at the hands of James Barry, ' w'no Is still gs -which retail generally for $1.00, price only 9S8c'yd THE GOLDEN RULE For Your Own Pure Sake Visit Our Store this week. We heed the demand of the times. Better Goods for Less Honey 'We.run 'to the occasion and overshadow nil possible compeitiitl'on. with nui- fbrmally low prices 'that seems miraculous. Every barga'ta we 'name is here aoul ianuincmiblc more. You will never be disappointed by any printer's Ink over our 200 men's nil-wool, fall overcoats. Tliey consist of .black-cheviots, fans and drab 'meltons. No overcoat in tho lot wortih less than .?7 or ?S, we sell tnem at .-. ? 4.00 150 moil's fell suits, the*line includ es Tweeds, Cheviots and- Cassimeres Honestly ma-do amd •trimmed. Value po-sftlvoly $C and ?7, we sell them at.$3.50 , 100 -nnxn's extra flue fall overcoats, Including 'twelve different lines of all wool covert cloth tap coats lined wiitli silk or fine Itoliea. cloth worth W-LOO^.'jilu.OO amd ?1C.OO, go at $10.00 200 man's very finest suits, embracing fine famcy worsteds, neat plaids andcliecked cbx?vJots, tailored with proper regard for perfect fit and eatls- . Victory wear, unquestionably equal to (the best $15.00 suit you see elsewhere. •We sell thorn for $10.00 .Thais magnificent display of men's, 'boy's and' children'* fall and -winter clothing, li-ats wncl furnishings surpasses- anythliing ever seen. Tlie prices •ZWTO -been made ?o low that not the slightest stumble block remains to bar awy man or boy from betog comfortably wnd 'Stylishly dressed. We invite you to call and 'inspect our line. THE GLOBE. CORNER FOURTH AND MARKET STREETS. PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hirchberg Optical Co., TL6 well-Known Specialists of Now York have appolnte D. A. H AUK aa agent lor their celebrated Spectacles and Eye GlasMa, every pair guaranteed. D. A. HAUK lias complete assortment and Invites all to Mtlsfr themselves ot the groat suparlorlty ot the.se goodso?er any nmnulactnred, at Kie store of D. A. HAUK, sole agent lor, Logartsport Ind. No P«ildlers Supplied. AN OFFICER nALIGNED. ; Vnother Ananias Story of the Pharos for Political Purposes. '. 1 'It will he romembered that Barry, who hafl .been ait outs with Dickey for HGLASS $2O.OO WiH Buy a. S€ood Winter Suit OF- D. CRAIQ. 406 Broadway, Second Floor. Sip" iBortthrely the best cup of coffee In ijgS-Hte city at Dykeman's cafe. |f : S' (toiy, one more day until the Col- J§T«nWa cigar $25 cucss comes off. ^yrlTOainted—To rerot a good barn.in the of Sixth «hd Broadway. En- ofBce. 'All coupons foi 1 the Columbia cigar .musit -bo returned to Julius- Wag! Wednesday evenlnisr.. ttia appraisers of the Otuo A. Kro>us is -hove cotni»leted their work and • being sold at retail, motto ,ta our new cloak deipart- "Ijffvf p-rlcos aind reliability." is oiu- success.—Trade Palace, •nuttff&'.yoH want to see; one part •aiioither. for summor at :eg:in's new stove store, 310 Market Fresh oysta'-s, Rotbei'mel, today. Don't m'iss seeing our new rsafly- made suiitis.—Trade Palace. .GM wanted for geineiral Iwuso work. Call at 114 Pawnee street. • Old papers for sale at the Journal office. 20 cents a hundred. . Call at Flonegin's new stove store and see the best stoves in the market. Only one. more .day for a guess on the $25 prize. Buy a Columbia cigar and get a coupon. ' T-ho .Quest range ever made. See it at Flnnogtn's mew stove store, 310 Market- street. Found.—Lap roibe. Owner can get same .by calling wit this office amd paying .for thts ji'dvertlsenieiir. Jfotlillnjr mte our niew cloak depart- menite. . Suctss, low prices and reliability the cause. —Trade Palace. For rent.—Two -front rooms furnished for two or four persons. Inquire at 40S Third sftxoct, second floor. The ladies of- the Episcopal church will give a cMekan pie -supper at the rectory on Wednesday evening, Sept. 30. All invited. Supper 25e. It took almost 10 days to appraise tlie Otto A. ICraitis stores assigned to A. G. Jcptlncs. The three flooi-s on Fourth •street contaiai a world of goods. The GMcago Business Men;s Sound Money Club 'have :0-1,000 men enrolled for the big pnrado Oct. Oth. ' Tho dem- onsttratlou promii-ses to 'be ithe Iarge9t in the history of.'the n Th-o Pha-ros9ias gotten so in the Iwibil ij lying ii.1iii,t 'it l;v,vs iiwako- nijjhb: •LluklRg up fresh' Ananias series.to •jball (to Its I'ow readers. It's Litest nd most biu'C-facod lie follows:' ! "A very oilieio\is individual nnmeil _Ms'lw>p, W. M. Blsliop, of Hepubllejiii origin and firm in, tin: sold Inig Ynilh, l:-.is been clotla'd wiili a,ul-!rori-iy -l:i yt^ vont cnrolty to women, chiiMn.-n ai.U Not cou'tent -\vlth p.'rfonu- his dutlus eitiliur weU or ill it.'ap-. -s )l!:i.r. he 'lia.s voted Jilmscli' n. spe- c-kil diatator of iniblic freedom a.iid free speech. YfShM'da.v. while Fwnk .Fix-, w, -an 'lionorable anil lulghly respected citizen, who con-ducts a, ci.gfir store a.nd ]>ooll rooni on 5Iarke>t stret:, was en- Kflged in a friendly discussloai of .tlio money ruiiistlon with -n farmer ait Wiu corner of Market aud Third streets, .Offl'ce-r (?) -Blsihop a>pproodlicd and, pimsping Tixler by the coait, made use of Hie following language: " 'I bollwo you arc an anuj-clilst:, and I you must stop this talk.' "It didn't take Mr. Plxler Ion? to call Blsiliop down ta,a manner tliait .t'he la.t- ter wiill n»t soon forget. " 'Go on and attend to your own business,' sal'd Mr. Plxlej". 'Go and loarri •\vlw.t your duties are- a,ncl you will find thai you iha^ve uo lanthori'ty -to jnitevfere,. with a,public oxpression of one's political opinions; go and -read itihat decision of n.n Irullaoapoll-s judge, Wie otlier day, on a case of this kind. I suppose you think the people -h'ave no rights which- police officers are bound to respect. Go and cliase yourself.'" Tlitere a-ro flve -separate and distinct 1-ie.s In this short article, and it is sus- . pected -tfliat the aiitlior dild not straiii Iti'mself at . that. The truth 1 of the- mnlttori.as learned ]iy am fntervi'cw with both 'the officer nod Mr. Plxler, Is Dhat the laititer was-stanxllmg on 1'he side wnllk at-the corner of Mafket'nnd Third' streets, opposite John E'okert'-s place, Monday afternoon. He w«-s'ta an argument wLtito some man and a ci'owd had collected, completely 'blockading the Std'Bwailk. Mr. Ptx/ler denies that the officer called him. an anarchist.' He pays the main- with^wliarni -he was having tlie argumejit^'os fhe offender, arid that . the instant the objectionable ,uamie was applied to him, .-there were, four guns "flashed"'in the crowd: He says thait Officer Btshop did tell him to stop the argument tliore; that >t]>e sidewalk -ivus blockaded so thait ladles were obliged to go out into the street to pass along, -and that immediately thercaCter Uie crowd dispersed. • , TJie story told by Officer Bishop, tallies oxaotly«wlitb- Mr, 'Plxlcr's rel-a- tion, and as they are tho two most'in- terested, the Plm-ros rn'iig-ht have told the trutih- without damaging anyone'. . The police hare been very tolerent of :the crowds that have collected about street • orators, . and In consequence ladies are often obliged to take to the muddy streots to pass along. TJbe worst of such street aTguroeats is that the "arguflers" very often- fall Imto scun-ilous language, not fit to be heard by anyone. What a. polled Judge mlny 'have decided In Indfanapoiis "cuts no ice" as the popular phmse 'has dt, in LogaBsporlr. Every maa li-as the •right of free speech, but this right does not carry with) 'it the rlguit to blockade sidewalks and spew vile laniguagb 'broadcasti /nrnd ithere will be less of it it»l-erated hereafter. • :••'•''•"-.• time, stood on the Seventeenth street bridge with some friends about 12 o'clock on the nlglut men'tlomed, when Dickey approached, and lit i« said, provoked a fight, Barry warmed him to ket'p quiet, but he did not heed th-e «ir.tlion;iujt, a-nd Barry, w-lio was much ,l:lic>. ^mailer of tho two, seeing an en- crjimter^ could not be averted, .sci/.ed a' rbtk'and hurlttd Jt at Diclicj-. Tlie :irissll« struck -him ou tlie head. •Dickey fell to the ground unconscious ..; nd never fully regained consciousness, After tlie light Barry went to David 'Hall-aim's saloon, aroused him and telephoned Dx. J. W. Ballai-d that a man was badly injured, a:nd What lie was needed. The frightened man Imm-edl- ailely left town, «nd has not beem. seen 'ho'r' hesird from since. Dr. Ballard responded to the Mill, a.nd found the tele- phono message was true. The- <:asc \\")i's not reported to the police for twelve liouvs. " 'After a short treatment Dickey seomod to revive; hi.s i)ulse became 'stronger, lie had a good appetite and 'seemed to understand a-11 tha.'t WILS s.-i.id ro liim, but was at no 'tliae able to •tnlfe'oilter lie was injured. ! ' Dick-oy .was employed as a 'eer,.ond it is said lueld malice toward Barry because lie.Iicld 'him responsible for Uie loss of a. contract to dig a well. Tii'Oi-e iSeeuis to be a great d«al of sympathy for Barry and for the victim, nnd many regard tho case ns a regret- tvi.bte nillsfontnne. 1 Barry is much smaller than the man whom he' fatally injured, «nd is not inclined to be quarrelsome. It is said ith-at on several former occasions Dickey tried to provoke ilii.in to fight. "Ok-key's deu'th mokes Barry's sftua- tton quite serious. The time for tlie funeral of Oscar WE'RE HERE AND -:- •. i , -:- HERE TO STAY. You are cordially tnvJted. We look for your acceptance with eager aa- tlclpatl«n, for we arc confident of your" enthusiastic commendation ol our efforts. We assure you that no finer stock can be found In late country, and you -will agree with us that it surpasses anything ever before seen In Logansport. We have entered this field as readers should, avoiding the time-trodden path, shunning the policies that have hitherto prevailed, but with unequaled facilities and characteristic enery we have sought the best, that you may enjoy the convenience of finding here at home those exclusive styles you have hitherto been compelled to seek In other markets. The management of all our departments Is In. our hands. We've had a life long experience to guide our judgment, we inow every '"Fashion Inlet" and "Quality Harbor" in this and foreign countries. Behind it are our capital, our enterprise, our broadguage mettods. Such a union of tact and talent must succeed. We've gathered a stock that is artistically perfect and marked at prices that will be an agreeaible revelation to you. Bearing out the reputation that we will win for this store and your confidence. Yours Very Truly, THE HUB. Berwanger Bros & Co, Successors to HARRY FRANK THIS 15 YOURS. We waiuit you to understand that we are running this laundry for you and that your wishes -arc to be regarded in every particular. We will give you just exactly what yon want If we can find out what that is. Perhaps you believe thalt it is impossible to have your laundry work "handled without Irritation and annoyance. We ore sure that you are mistaken. Slay we have an opportunity of demonstrating it? HADLEY BROS., Successors to Campbell Bros. BRYAN HERE NEXT WEEK )ickby 'has not been set. HIGHWAY ROBBERY. John Bowers Has His Trial--Ver|' diet This Morning. ;Jplin Bowers, charged by a colored •.map',".Henry Melton, and by Arthur -Wiiley, of the Panhandle offices, \yith attempted .highway .robbery >Mie night .of August 29th, was .tried in the Clr- cillit court yesterday," and the jury, wMch. went out lalt supper time, returned about 0 o'clock, and the verdict will be. unsealed -in court this forenoon. The verdict, judging from .'the testimony, will find the defendant probablj guilty, thouph 'his attorneys .Iu>ped fo a disagreement, nit least. JJ. G. Meek ami George Walters- w tor-'the accused. The mother of Bowers swore that IK came ..home-early the night of Augtis 29t}i-,-ithait he was drunk, jmd that she ,plnccd him in his room and locked the door, not allowing him to again emerge .until 1,:15 n, m. The. testimony of *be two men v/h.o were held'up by Bowers at the corner of North and Piftih. streets, was to tlie •effect thait .the meeting occurred abonl 1 o'clock. Captain Skelton of the po Hce 'force also testified that he saw BOWCTS neair 'the Panhandle station- at .a- time when the prisoner's mother avers he was In liis room. He Will Speak at Logan sport on Wednesday. RICHnOND BOYS COrtlNG Railway Hen's Sound Honey Club ! Visits Here Saturday. Fiiaak MeMon was'met by the police h'ere yesterday when he a-rrlved.from Sheldon, 111., wfhiere he had boen, play-;, ing ball with the'.-Sheldon'team.' He was interviewed wlifh regard to alball suit thait the Sheldon'authorities wiircd' 'he .Iliad -TVTongfuUy In 'Ws 'possession'. He'iait once delivered the"9iilt, •'though.' The Immense boot and shoe,' clothing 'bo cMm's that'tht- ipania.gement of tire and.genits fnrni.sh!ing sitock of Jnorehan- ' "••-"-- '•-— ---- j - '-•--••-^- * < d-lse, assigned'by .Mr Israus to A G Sheldon, •tcrtm'ds.iri' hlstlcbt'foir sal:iry.. 'Saturday nlgOut, October 3i-d, tho:Ballway Men's Sound Moaey club of Richmond will visit' the Logans-port club;-amd a meeting wiill be'held at the Broadway rink. The Richmond dcle- will bring n. speaker. There will 'be no-street demdnetratioiu ::, ^nituiday afternoon 'the big McKinley pole at Kokomo will be raised. T-htere jy-lll be,a crowd present from ''here,;and ithe -motonond men will re- turn-.wiith ttem in the evening. A most InteresUng anjd enthusiastic meeting, is tatstsht Ifor Saturday night, October 3d, at<.the:'rink. •,'.' : ,'." '.;•''.'.''' , ." ; ,. Jenlaltfes will be- closed- next 30 dmys art 'retail the Ivts taken a Jol> it felie luiicii co 1111 '»i of John Baker ...'Kokomo Tribune: Mrs. Frani Polk,, of. IxjgAnsport and Miss Nellie Smith of who hive been the guests motlra, J ( Ij"- Tolr B-ud re to Ui&ir uouieh today of The Popoeracic circus train will pass through Hooslerdom lito> a comet next week and William Jennings Bryan, will gave A auui'ber of Ms famous parlor-<SLr .oxliiibittons, including n, few clioicc pyrotechjuicnl speeches frojn ithe rear .-platform of 'the.train, if the latest program does not -fnil. .The comet, will strike Indiana, in- the. vicinity of Louis- v.illq, wJiirl on north to Indiana.jwlis, 'where it will rest for a night. From there its-counse will be north again to Hammond, where the last stop oa Hoosicx soil will be'rimde. This information was contained Bii a. telegi-njn Chairman Martin of the Popocratic commi'titee, -received from Judge Mc- Conviille, chd«f of the speiiSers' bureau at the National htaaaqu«rters. According to Che-itinerary furnished Mr, M:u l - tiu, Bryfin will len.vo Louisville for .Tef- •fersonvillc early oil t-he niorniwg of tlie 6th, Tiuwday- of next w<»k. Stops .rangiu'g from teiu minutes to liaJf an hour will bo made at Jeffiersonvillc, X<*w Albany, Scottsburg, Seymour, Co- •lum-bus and Fr.inlcliri. T-lie imhi is 'scheduled 'to arrive at Indianapolis at 12:50. Th-cre»AviU bo two- spoochefi— at 2:30 and 8 o'clock p. m. At 8:30 ou thte morning of the Ttlv the Journey- north will be continued. Speeches of various -lengths will be made ai No-bles- ville, Uptom, Kolconio, Logansport, Wlnaimac, North Judson, Grown Point and Hammond. At the last point a night, meeting wiill be held. , 'REQO|RDS 0V Last SumJiiy a Oliicngo minister described the free silver convention, of Cook county, hold on the eortli side recently. He said, "the convention is classified wonderfully by a Democratic paper of this city, ft is stated that seT- icnteen. delegates nave T>e<ai tried for murder, tlhat seven have been sent ix> the penitentiary for murder, an.d served sentence, thirty-six liave bee* la the penitentiary far burglary, two pickpockets from .the penitentiary, eighty-four recognized jailbirdfi, eleven horse thieves, 265 saloon beepers. Of these we may as, well say It Is danger-, ous to bring them to the surface, and the success of ilhe 10 to 1 party at the polls mwuiis «lia.t they would push 1o the front "Let us stand by tli* party which lov<\s order and teaches obedience to law. Let us vote ajnd pray to God, the presevor of our nation, thus far, that he will thwart those who seek to.rido into power upon the fiery waves of passion find hatred." • George C. Titbcr, as attorney for the First X«it!onal Bank has filed the fol- •lowiug suits to secure the payment of notes: AgaiLn-st Frank Beotner, $105; Isaac Ellis, ?100; Henry Knoff, ?100. Republican Meetings. Republican speaklngswlll .be held at the following places In Cass county: Q. A. Myers wdll speak at Shady Nook Thursday evening, Oct. 1st. Thursday evening, Oct 1st, Geiroge- town, Hon. W. S. Haggard. -.>;... Friday evening, Oct. 2nd;i,.Center school house, Washington'.'ib^nshlp, a W. ,S. Haggai-d, candidate for DlcutonOnit Governor. Friday evening, Oot 2nd, rink, A. >t. Higgtas, of Terr* Hauitc, Saturday 'evening, Oct. 3rd, Royal Center, Hon. W. S. Haggard. Wednesday evening, Oct 7th, Red Scliool house, Ndble townsli'lp, Orlando Powell. , • ' • ' Sx>tnt, J. Loivdnnd of Peru will spenk at Wavcrly Mondjiy evening, Oct. 5th; Lucerne, Tuesday evendmg, Oct 6th; Mnooln,.\Vedinesd)ay evening Oct. 7th, •Friday ev«nflng, : October!9th, Johnson school -touse, WasMnigton towni ship—D. C. Justice; • • ••• A. complete lin« of beaters and cook stoves at the new stove store.—Flane- gln's, 310 Market street. The ladies of the Tilnilty Cpjscop J church will serve a chlcLen^ipper at .t-h,o rectory PRICES THAT TALK. Women's Good Rubbers 23c (Women's Storm Sandals ..........28c Men's Good Rubbers 36c Men's Arctics 5Sc Women's Arctics 48c Misses' Arctics 38c Men's avers for Felts 98c We also have the celebrated. Goodyear Glove Rubber goods. No better brand of goods In the world. Women's Kid Pa.tent Tip Dress Shoes, Button 68c Women's Vici Kid Patent lip, Button .....,.98c Men's Velvet Slippers .....'. 45c Men's Buff Bals, Plain Toe .......98c Men's Buff Congress, Plato Dress Toe ....'...........98c Youth's Good School Shoes•-. 76c Boys' Good School Shoes .........98c Boys' House Slippers .1 .45c Women's Very Fine Needle Toe and New Cola Toe, LatSe aofl Button, • ' Kid Dress Shoes, Good Value at $2.50; Our Prtce on this shall be.?1.48 The above goods are "all fresh new goods, Tvhich ; ai« arriving d»lly, bought direct froin.the manufacturer for cosh, : and our customers shall have.the, benefit. : '•'.' Line W. Pilling, Shoe*, 412 Broadway, Logansport, Ind. •',-;".;

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