The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 8, 1962 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1962
Page 13
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MAY I, 1942 &lgona Arbor Day Is Observed With Tree Planting Girl Scout Troop 423, eighth graders, and their leader, Mrs. Howard Long, presented and planted a tree during an Arbor Day observance at Lucia Wallace School here Friday afternoon. A program, featuring talks, poems and songs, directed by MAY 8, 1962 Georga Anne Voigt, with accompaniment by James Voigt and James Boyd, was also presented. Fern Stanton, Lucia Wallace principal, welcomed those present and introduced guests, and the following appeared on the program: Origin of Arbor Day — Kathy Skow; Governor's Proclamation — Lana Cook; poem "Trees" — Lynn Buchanan; description of the state tree, the burr oak — Dale Peterson; poem "What Do We Plant When We Plant A Tree?" — Dean Smith. Poem "Birches" — Diane Dan- Ends Tonite (Wed.) "FACTS OF LIFE" "BY LOVE POSSESSED" THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY JTONY CURTIS HIS TRUE LIFE STORY MAKES FICTION SEEM TAME!! wGREAT I .IMPOSTOR! ielson; description of a birch tree — Steve Schutter; Let's Talk About Trees — £raig Taylor; and acceptance and thanks — Kathy Hobbs. PLUS TWO COLOR CARTOONS PLUS A SIZZLING DRAMA OF MARITAL INFIDELITY f COLUMBIA PICTURES i _ KIRK KIM DOUGLAS NOVAK ERNIE BARBARA KOVACS RUSH Strangers When WeMeet CiMmaScopt • EASTMAN COUW THURSDAY IS BUCK NITE THE WHOLE CARLOAD FOR $1.00 SUNDAY THRU WEDNESDAY NOMINATED FOR 5 ACADEMY AWARDS I AUDREY HEPBURN Set Graduation For 16 Seniors At Burt High Kurt — Plans are nearing completion for Bacculaureate and commencement exercises for the Burt high school class 1962. Bacculaureate services will be held at the school at 8 p.m. Sunday, May 13. Rev. W. G. Bohi will deliver the sermon. Commencement exercises will be held at 8 p.m. Friday, May 18. Henry Galbreth, Des Moines, president of the Iowa Association of School Boards, will give the address. Members of the graduating class are: Linda Ackerman, Joyce Angus, Janet Black, Evelyn Cherland, Keith Mitchell, Dennis Meister, Patricia Long, Deanna Bernau, George Patterson, Cheryl Westling, Duane Lavrenz, Carole Lovstad, Larry Willrett, Roger Wiener, Claudia Moore and Audrey Gardner. Eighth grade award night is p.m. May 22. graduation and scheduled for 8 Name Officers Burt Band Mothers held elect ion of officers for the coming year. Elected were Mabelline Lovstad president, Dorett Abbas, vice pres ident, Magdalene Ortman, secre tary, and Lillian Heerdt, treasur er. Grace Ackerman, Esther Hilton and Ruth 0. Patterson, group chairmen, In other business, plans were made for the annual community picnic which will be held at the school May 24. Committee mem bers appointed for the picnic are: Thelma Meister, Bertha Willrett Alleda Harms, Lillian Heerdt Magdalene Ortman, Betty Miller Evelyn Mawdsley, Benita Mitchell and Evelyn Angus. Committees Named Memorial Day committees were appointed at the May meeting of the American Legion and Auxiliary. Those appointed were Celia Scott, Beth, Genevieve Graham, Georgia Holding, Leona Lacy, Ruth Alice Ruth Clapsaddle. Poppies will be Patterson and sold by Auxiliary members May 25 and 26. Members voted to send $5. to The Ladies in Blue" project and $5 to the National Promotion Fund. The group also voted to meet at the hall Wednesday to give it the annual spring cleaning. Hostesses at Tuesday's meeting were Frances Smith and Stella Geesman. Son Ordained ENDS TONITE (Wed.) "EXODUS" AT 7:30 ONLY THUR. thru WED. ALGONA FOR ONE BIG FUN WEEK I sophisticated The _ Hollywood as HOLLY GOLIGHTLY , ..the most hilarious heroine who ever rumpled the' i pages of a best seller . BREAKFAST ar * PLUS SECOND FEATURE • . Uteat-ftet-fligktJ Walt Disneyi TECHNICOLOR- _—it* CoftoAwr famuli Pioduut beefed by WBW-WmBUMfl'GlwraN ROIllUt-JHfifffilll •MlMIMirittcU* • fefeM<t|fwi«iilwMpti.ta DONALD DUCK CARTOON "DONALD ANOTHER WHEEL" ADULTS — 90c; JUNIORS — 75c; KIDDIES — 35c There area million boys named Fairish Lost, lonely, seeking identity. Stumbling into manhood with the violence of ambition and the scorch of passion *•• P*rrlsh'» <hrw loves *rrs» rw oves... «_ -,- Ali . llAAI Xi»* TECHNICOLOR PIUS 2 COLOR CARTOONS For a glorious week-end in Minneapolis stay at the New Al ft* N*v HouJ MiryUnd, oe My w«*k tod, you will |w | larg» doubt* room, brwU«M lot two « ih« M*ryt»nd'i fibu- low Orltani room, fr*t TV tnd ptrkinf Fn* lodjinj r»n undw 14 wh«n tccom- pinitd by p*rtni*. Speail r*duc*<l niM w AJU CONDfnONIB KWIOOMI "Moon Pilot" Starting Thursday at the Algona Theatre for one week. CHARLIE THE CHIMP uninhibitcdly enjoys himself at an Air Force dinner as his friend, astronaut Richmond Talbot (TOM TRYON) looks on in this funny scene from Walt Disney's Technicolor comedy feature, "Moon Pilot," starring Tryon, Brian Keith and Edmond O'Brien and introducing Dany Saval. Buena Vista releases. A large number of Burt relatives and friends were among the over 300 guests who attended ordination of Rev. Arthur B. Campney, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Campney, Burt, held at Arnolds Park Apr. 29. Conducting the Ordination was Bishop F, Gerald Ensley. Sponsoring Rev. Campney were Rev. Donald Koontz, Indianola, and Rev. Fred Ortmeyer, Estherville. A reception honoring Rev. Campney and his family followed the ordination services. Mrs. Dean Andrews, president of the local WSCS presided at the guest book. The Rev. and Mrs. W. S. Handy, Boone, former Burt Methodist >astor, were overnight guests of Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Holding Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Vern Rafdal and amily, Titonka, were Tuesday evening guests at the parental iawrence Doege home. Mr. and Mrs. William Brandt, V(ells, Minn., were Monday night and Tuesday guests at-the Al Hinckley home. ;,the--Burt~seniorsvand .Principal Fred Hilton attended, the annual Law Day. trial,at Algona.Monday.' .1 Rev. W. G. Bohi attended funeral services for Rev. Harry Burns at Humboldt Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hilton and Gary spent the weekend with Mrs. Nelle Hartman at Waverly. Sunday, the group attended the dedication of the new high school of the Shell Rock-Waverly School District. Mr. and Mrs. Ladell Olson and Jade and Mr. and Mrs. Larry Olson, Blue Earth, were Sunday guests at the Larry Holding home. The Burt band, under the direction of William Holmseth, spent Saturday at Fertile where they Skyline Ballroom Estherville, Iowa Booth Reservations Ph. EM 2-4397 after 5:30 p.m. SATURDAY, MAY 12 FRANK JONAS SUNDAY, MAY 13 GUY DE LEO RON-DA-VOO and DINING ROOM OPEN EVERY NITE RCA VICTOR FUN! INDOORS AND OUT The VISCOUNT 3RG3-Q SERIES RCA VICTOR Transistor "Powerlift" Portable Radio • Smartly Gift-boxed with f Earphone, Batteries and Leather Carry ing Case ; t Includes 3 Improved, High Efficiency Transistors in it» Complement of 6 transistors tnd 2 crystal diodes $29.95 TOM'S RADIO & LV, CY 4-3260 participated in the annual State Music Contest. Mrs. Ed Fredrickson attended a Republican meeting at Algona Thursday. Nine members of the local WSCS attended the annual conference of the North Iowa WSCS societies held Wednesday at the Mason City church. Among the 565 ladies registered at the all- day meeting were Mary Jean Andrews, Lefie McMuIlen, Georgia Holding, Stella Geesman, Elsie Lockwood, Helen Vogel, Jenny Riebhoff, Edna Smith and Hazel Larson. Dr. and Mrs. J. G. Clapsaddle arrived home Apr. 27 after residing in Florida since October. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Dremmel, Aurora, 111., visited with his mother, Mrs. Nelle Dremmel and brothers Ray and Paul. The annual Mothers Day Tea, held by the Burt Blue Birds has been scheduled for May 12. It is to be held at the Burt Legion hall. Rev. and Mrs. H. A. Smidt attended funeral services for Mrs Smidt's uncle, Ubbe Toomsen, held Monday at Ackley. Mernbers_pf the,. Fortnightly Club will meet., at .the home" 'of Mrs. Ben >Bahnng'''M3#?^KSi*"*;>*' < Mrs. J.' L. Atiile'r. spent several days recently at the home of her son and family, the Clark Millers, assisting with the work while both Mr. and Mrs. Miller were ill. Erna Baars was hostess to members of the Womans club Monday evening. She was assisted by Lefie McMuIlen and Ruth riapsaddle. Erna Baars and Ruth Hodgson presented the lines and music of Rodgers and Hammerstein, with Francis McDonald and Gerald Hilton singing several of their selections. Lillian Meinzer presented Federation news. On May 14, the club will hold a Tea at the Presbyterian church honoring the senior girls. The annual Cancer fund drive is being held in Burt this week. An organizational meeting was leld at the home of Jenny Rieb- loff Friday. Workers assisting the cancer chairman, Mrs. Riebhoff, are Lillian Fredrickson, Toots Hoppus, Beth Miller, Jean Lockwood, Lefie McMuIlen, Ethel Dremmel and Gladys Hawcott. Helen Vogel was hostess to members of the Fidelis class Wednesday. Officers for the coming year were elected. They are: Georgia Holding, president, Gladys Hawcott, vice president, and Lulu Hawcott, sec'y-treas. Weekend visitors at the parental F. L. Pratt home were Mr. and Mrs. Earl Nester and family, Worthington, Minn. Attending final rites for Mrs. Augusta Lavrenz at Algona were the Ray, Ernest, Richard and Roland Lavrenz families and Mrs. Nettie Lavrenz. CATFISH Conservation officers recently took two big catfish from Black Hawk lake. The biggest one weighed 52 pounds and the smaller one weighed 25 pounds. BLACKSMITH C. 0. Beezley of College Springs is an 85-year-old blacksmith with no thoughts of retiring. He begins work at 6 o'clock in the morning and quits for the day at 8 p.m. with a half hour break for lunch. He has built about 2800 wagon boxes in the past 20 years. "MOON PILOT" Thursday thru Wednesday, except Sunday, 7:209:20. Saturday matinee at 1:30. Sunday, 1:50-3:50-5:50-7:50-9:50. MOTHER'S DAY IS SUPPOSED TO COME every year the second Sunday in May. This Is alright as an official proclamation, but it may or may not be celebrated at just that time nt our house. It all depends on the state of the youngsters' proceeds from baby-sitting, whether or not the man of the houste is away for the opening of the fishing season which sometimes coincides with Mother's day, and whether or not Mother herself is involved in some project which rules out enough leisure to properly celebrate Mother's Day. THIS YEAH WILL BE MY nineteenth Mother's Day as a bonafide, birth certificates, picture-showing, mother. During these 19 years, I have had just about every kind of Mother's Day. <: -I: -f- THERE WAS THE FIRST TIME WHEN I received a lovely gift- wrapped package with an appropriate card. It was signed, "From Bill", but since our only child was then but five months old, I sort of suspected it came from my husband. * * * THEN THERE IS THAT FRAMED motto which still hangs on our kitchen wall. When daughter Mary Ann was about nine she was down to the city dump with her dad and she found this perfectly good picture; reading, "God Couldn't Be Everywhere, So He Sent Us Mothers." She wrapped it up and gave it to me for Mother's Day, and although it isn't exactly an artistic masterpiece, I shall always cherish it. THERE WAS THE MOTHER'S DAY 1 had breakfast in bed. Breakfast in bed is really not my idea of luxury and the few times I've had it there have mostly been wHen I was in the hospital following the births of our children. But the kids heard someplace that breakfast in bed is very luxurious for mothers so they fixed me coffoq, toast and orange juice and served it to rne about half-hour before I was ready to get up. The coffee was weak and a littlte cold, the toast crumbs got all over the bed and we were all a little late for Sunday School because the kids tried to clean up the kitchen before they got dressed. I loved that Mother's Day. * * * THEN THERE WAS THE YEAR OF luxury Mother's Day presents. From the whispered conferences after Bill received his paper boy pay, the reminders to Father that the daughters had no outside means of support besides their household chores tips, I thought my Mother's Day gift would at least be a mink stole. I was almost right. My gifts that year were extra special. There was a box of candy, of which I got to eat two or three pieces after passing it around, and therte were the earrings. I had been wanting some earrings for ever so long, but to buy such frivolities for myself when I needed a good cotton slip seemed to be the height of extravagence. But when I opened the package there they weiH5 ! Just the style I would have picked, and they were on a card with the price, $4.98 plainly marked on it ! I blanched a little, and 1 guess my kids know me pretty well. "Don't get worried about the price", they assured mo, "That $4.98 was for a set with necklace. They were on sale and we only paid 75 cents". I immediately felt better. * * )!: THERE HAVE BEEN.MOTHER'S DAYS when 1 didn't receive, any present at all. SometSrneythis klds'Were a little Bhomefaced^aboutitTbut Uiey, always explained that due to the high cost of living funds were not readily'available. I understood perfectly because I was operating under the same financial plan myc/elf. But the mother at our house has icr days, even is they don't always come the second Sunday in May. * * * IT WAS MOTHER'S DAY FOR me when our son, never demonstra- ive, at two years old looked up from the game we were playing and ,aid, "You know, I like you, Mom ! We have fun." It was Mother's )ay when one of the girls confided in me, "Some mothers are too strict; some let kids do anything they want to; you art* kind of in be- ween and maybe about right." * * * IT WAS MOTHER'S DAY FOR ME one March when our doctor looked up from examining our littlest one who had been terribly ill and said, "She is over the hump now. Go honle and go to bed." * ;!i * "* IT WAS MOTHER'S DAY LAST JUNE when our son got his scholar- ihip and his acceptance for college and it's Mother's Day for me right now when he writes from the University, "I've told so-and-so about you Mom, and he said he'd like to meet you." It's Mother's Day whenever I have all five of our family around the table these days in the ever-shortening times when we are together under one roof. * * * IT WAS MOTHER'S DAY ONE November when I came home from work to find the daughters had cleaned the house, straightened the kitchen cupboards and prepared supper, just because they knew I would be exhausted. * » * I EXPECT IT WILL BE TRULY Mother's Day when the kids are grown and married and bring my hoped-for grandchildren home for me to spoil. But, heaven forbid, if this never comes to pass, I shall still have had my moments. And they all add up to a pretty good record of Mother's Days. * * * A WHILE BACK, RAY N. BESCII of Minneapolis wrotte me requesting a copy of a poem he said I had in my column several years back. It was entitled, "What is a Parent". Mr. Besch says, "It is quite evident that this poem was considered by me to be outstanding for I remember it quite vividly after this period of time." I was pleased to receive life, letter and I would be more than happy to send him the column. The only drawback is that 1 can't find it. It's bothered me quite a bit, but although I have written quite a bit on parenthood, I don't think I ever wrote this particular one. Especially not in poetry. SOME POETRY I DID RECEIVE this wteek was written clear back in 1882 by a girl friend of my grandmother's ! It's in old-fashioned script and it tells the story of how Grandma met Grandpa. It seems her steady beau didn't show up at a party one night and another guy took her home. The latter was the orte she married. Many thanks to Mrs Harold Oxley of Renwick who saved this fur me and also some school and Sunday School cards Grandma received when she was a child. There was also a picture of my motiler at about U and one of my grandparents. Although I didn't see Mrs. Oxley, 1 was in Renwick this week to speak at a woman's club I enjoyed it very much. * * • THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS FOR Rhubarb Pudding Cake. i cups rhubarb cut in '/•; inch pieces 1 cup sugar '/» cup water 1 cup flour 1 teasp. salt '/a cup lard 23 cup sugar 1 egg \-i teasp. vanilla 2/3 cup milk Cook cut rhubarb in 1 cup sugar and ^ cup water, until tender, stirring frequently. Keep hot until needed. Sift flour, baking powder and salt together. Cream lard and Vj cup sugar Add egg and beat until light. Add vanilla to milk. Alternately add dry ingredients and milk to cream- id shortening and sugar, stirring until smooth after each addition. Pour batter into greased 9 inch pan. Spoon rhubarb sause carefully over batter. Bake in 350 degree oven for 35-40 minutes. Serve with cream. — GRACE.

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