The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 8, 1962 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1962
Page 9
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Sexton Lays Claim To 'Growingest' Area Town By Sexton Sue SEXTON - While the rest of our great state cries there is no California, this small community has shown what can be done. What other town has doubled in population in the last ten years ? Now the Sexton Boosters club will have to begin a search for an industry to keep our children home. Mr and Mrs Clarence Golwitzer, the newest residents of our city, nave added a great, percentage to the gain. They have five small chil- 1 dren and more, it's if it seems like even because two of the youngsters have the brightest red , hair. ; Mr Golwitzer is employed by Wilford Ward as a driver for one of his grinders. Mr Golwitzer has also been helping out in the evening at the Glenn Gabrielson farm on the edge of 'town. Although Sexton was pretty proud of it's own private boating area, Glenn was probably pretty glad to see Lake Corrine finally dry up as it was putting him behind in his field work. Although Mr and Mrs Palmer Rurup moved to the C. E. Detrick farm house west of Sexton, Palmer must still be getting up mighty early to commute as he still drives the other grinding truck out of the elevator at the "crack if dawn". A big welcome home to some of our gadding residents and a special welcome to the big increase they brought back with them. Mr home where he spent the winter to return to his house in Wesley for a summer of batching. The gang at the elevator can re lax; yes, they will be able to watch a garden grow again this year Mrs Clarence Huff has at last started planting. Seems she was waiting for a nest of baby rabbits in the middle of the garden to get big enough to move on before the lettuce came up. It looked mightly good to see Arl Olsen out hauling beans to the elevator after the rough winter he has had, in and out of the hospitals but it must have been just toe much. He entered the hospital at Iowa City with another asthma attack. This also left Mrs Olsen with the tough job of finding a hired man just when spring work was starting. Sexton had more than its share at Iowa City. The Everett Stevens took their young son Craig to a lung specialist for tests and were very happy to hear the good news he did not have a serious infection as they had been told before. You would never know it to see him out playing now, but George young son of Mr and Mrs Art Hix has had his third operation for removal of adenoid tissue. He is now the happy owner of a new parakeet, but what a hard way to earn it. A familiar sprite figure is to be seen walking around town again After looking after home and stock for a number of farmers the pasl years when they vacationed, Arch Burger finally took off on a trip of his own and spent two weeks with his son Frank at Carlisle. It must have been nice to be welcomed home with a new neighbor in his yard. John Shier has moved into his nice blue trailer parked in Arch's front yard. More proof this is still a growing community, the first building project of the summer has been started. Leo Kirschbaum is adding another room to his house. Mack Wise won't have to make his long threatened vacation trip after all. The young lady came to see him. Tina Wise of Savanna Illinois, spent a few days last week with her grandfather. She was accompanied by her parents, Mr and Mrs Lloyd Wise. Mr Wise is employed by a newspaper at their home town. If you see youngsters scattering away from the Art Hix home, a regular gathering place, there is a mostjunusual*reason, Art is back onThls 24 hour a "day" schedule o working all night for Everds Bros construction and then doing his "farming" and driving as extra man for the elevator during the day. But when the kids scatter it means Alice is trying to get things quieted down a little so Art can Stratton has left the Cla'rence Huff get a few hours sleep during the and Mrs Martin Mimbach home in time for Martin to are get his garden in after spending the winter at Roy, Utah. Mothers who have been wanting to get out after the long winter will welcome this 'news as Mrs Mimbach is a favorite baby sitter for many i?i this area. Returning with them for a visit is their daughter, Mrs Lawrence Taylor and two sons. Sgt. Taylor is stationed at the Air Force base in Utah. The first signs of spring were mighty late this year, although they are a little different in this town. The first sign was August Kirschbaum out raking his yard for the first one done as usual. August is to be congratulated on taking such good care of main street this winter that the season ended with our street in much better condition than those in some nearby cities. This also left August enough time to begin a long needed project in this town of many boys. With the aid of his • tractor, and numerous young help- Rng"harids' "August has built aT>tTsb- "bnll diamond by cleaning up Ed • Fitch's lot south of the Kirschbaum house. Three cheers for a good job well done but Bertha watch out for those foul balls when you come out your back door. Another sure sign of spring, John TAKE THE HELL OUT OF HAIL PROTECT YOUR LABOR, EXPENSE AND CROP INCOME WITH HAIL INSURANCE It doesn't pay to put off buying your Crop Hail Insurance. IT COSTS NO MORE TO INSURE NOW. And, while you save nothing by waiting — if Hail Strikes Before you're insured, you can lose many dollars. We Have Not Raised Our Rates!! So . . If Hail Raises A Fuss Make Sure Ifs On Us. CALL CY 4-4529 OR SEE A. J. (ARNIE) RICKLEFS day. Mack Wise was acting postmaster for a day. We don't like to see our ladies leaving for Des Moines right now but since they spent the day at a Baptist Church convention it was safe enough. Anyway welcome home again to Mrs Nell Opheim and Mrs Don Mains. That wasn't a wedding train stuck in town after all, just "Swede" Witham's horn got stuck. Maybe with a new manager at the station they will be adding a lunch counter considering the number that stop at the store during the summer for the makings for their dinner. Too bad they can't package and sell all that excess energy at the John Jennings. Not only is Mrs Jennings up and very much on the go after her bout with pneumonia, but John just can't seem to stay retired. After investing in a tiller to make his "gavJen farming" easier, John is going out in the country to help farm again. Portland Club Plans Tea For Former Members Portland — Invitations are being mailed to former mfimbcrs of the Portland Progress Club for a tea in their honor, which is to be held May 17 at 2 p.m. at the home of Mrs Clifford Young. Since there are some whose whereabouts are unknown to the committee, this means is being used to welcome all former members whether or not an invitation has been received. Social Club Met Four Corner Social Club met May 1 in the home of Mrs Lloyd Bartell. There were ten present, four guests, Mrs Minnie Larsen, Mrs William Spiecher and Mrs Harvey Graham and little granddaughter, all of Titonka. It was decided the club would hold its annual picnic the second Tuesday in June. This will be an after supper luncheon of ice cream, cake and sandwiches. Members may bring cake or sandwiches. The picnic will be held in the Portland Community hall about 7:30, June 12. Mr and Mrs Ora Ollom of St. Paul were Friday and Saturday visitors in the Tony Jandl home. Mrs Donald Leek and two chil dren of Woden visited Mrs Ton; Jandl Thursday. Mrs Axel Carlson entertained he circle May 2, circle C of,the Bur Presbyterian -'church. 5 Mi&*Heni* Smith had devotions and Mrs Ro; Hingsdorf was in charge of Bible study. Circle C will meet next month with Mrs Roscoe Stewart. Mrs Lawrence Govern, Mrs Clifford Young, Mrs W. J. Stewart and Mrs Elizabeth Kennedy attended a Democratic meeting at Hurt Wednesday. Mr and Mrs Jay Steven and Mrs John Opheim, Dawn and Johnny were Sunday evening visitors in the Verne Shipler home, Burt. A committee meeting was held Monday in the home of Mrs Ho- maker's contest. Mr and Mrs Con Schiltz went to Cedar Rapids Saturday to attend the wedding of Kenneth Lampe. Kenneth is the son of Mr and Mrs H. K. Lampe, former Bancroft residence. Kay Menke, Ames, spent the weekend with her parents, Salur- dey evening, she and Meredith Bergman visited friends at Fairmont. Mrs Fred Eckhart, Tom and Dale visited relatives at Armstrong Friday. Mrs Dolan and family visited her children at Fort Dodge Saturday where Patty, a graduate of St. John's, made plans to enter college there this fall. Senior Class Play The Senior class play, a three act comedy entitled "Take It Easy" will be presented May 11 at 8 p.m. in the high school gym. Cast includes: Juanita Corcles, Kathy Peterson, Clare Barrett, Kent Gerzema, Larry Becker, Rita Weringa, Albert Becker, Marilyn Rippentrop, Roger Neuman and Dean Christ. ward Sparks to play a former members tea for the Portland Progress Club. Those attending the neeting were Mrs Tony Jandl, Urs Clifford Young and Mrs Frank Becker. Mrs Howard Sparks was a Thursday visitors in the Merwyn Dimond home, Algona. Mrs Clifford Young was a Friday :aller in the Victor Fitch home. Show At Lakofa Nets $80 For Rec Program Lnkota — $80 was raised Tuesday evening for the summer recreation program for Lakota youngsters at the show put on bv men of the Lakota Community Club. Chuck Enneberg, as Art Linkletter, was master of ceremonies. Robert Beemer was the announcer. Simone was played by Stanley Ellman. Art interviewed such notables as Abigail Van Buren, Matt Dillon and Chester, Connie Boswell, Laurel and Hardy, Marilyn Monroe, Edith Head who in turn interviewed three ladies portrayed by Herman Jutting, Wayne Hinrichs and John A. Dorenbush. Also appearing were Jose Jiminez. Miss America and a lady from the Jack La Lanne club. Art also interviewed four school children portrayed by Wilson Brack, Clayton Helvick, Donald Peterson and John Ellsworth. The audience also participated in the show. Barbara Beemer won a prize. The Lakota Boy Scouts sold homemade candy as a fund raising project. Second In State A. M. Schroudt, buttermaker at the Bancroft Co-op Creamery, recently took part in an Iowa State buttermaker's exhibit held at Iowa State University at Ames. Mr Schroudt received a score of 99, and ended up in a three-way tie for second place in the butter Prom Is Held The Jr.-Sr. Banquet was held Apr. 2!i. The theme of the banquet was "International Friendship Garden". Talks were given by Charold Barrett, Paul Geilcn- feldt, Kent Gerzema, Carmen Cook, Kathleen Peterson, Caroline Groff, Kurt Rusher, Mr. Bulfer and Stipt. Cook. Members of the senior class are Clare Barrett, Harold Baiunan. Albert Becker, Larry Becker. Dean Christ, Juanita Corcles, Kent Gerzema, Paul Geilenfeldt, Marvin Heidecker, Rodger Neuman, Kathleen Peterson, Dennis Wer- inga and Rita Weringa. Back From Trip Mr. and Mrs. Fred Srhroeder returned home April 28 after spending five months in California. They visjted with their children, the W. A. Sehroeders and children in Chula Vista, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson and family in National City and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Blome at San Diego. They also visited with Mrs. Schroeder's sisters, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Sorenson at Pacoima and the Harvey Reeds at Glendale and with her brothers, the Thomas Lewis family at La Crescenta and the Charles Lewis family at Glendale. They also visited former Lakotans, the Morris Wortmans at Venice, the Lloyd Herbers at Englewood and the Mike Winters at Los Angeles. Visitors at the Glenn Mabus home Sunday to help Lyle celebrate his 13th birthday were Mr and ; Mrs. Elmer Paulsen and Donna, Mr. and Mrs. Arlow.e Blome and family, Bancroft, Mr. and Mrs. Will Mabus, Mrs. Vernon Smith and children, Kalhy and Bruce Heetland.- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mitchell visited at the T. R. Eslle home at Ledyard on Sunday afternoon American Legion Auxiliary mel Vlay 7. The meeting honored Golc Star Mothers. The guest speaker will be the county president, Mrs s Simonsmeier of Ledyard There will be a county meeting it Algona on Tuesday, May 8. Lake. Sunday afternoon visitrtrs at the Tod VVallentine hoVie were the Robert Wallehtines and Mr. and Mrs Otto Larson, Swea City. Mr. and Mrs. John AIke attended I he funeral of Jennie Alkc at Tiln-ika Wednesday. Mr*. Ed Dontje and Mrs. Eldon Don i IP of Ledyard wore Tuesday morning callers at Mrs. Frauke Schadendorf's. Tin' Otto Englcbarts and Paul Herukes were Sunday evening visitors at (he Henry Bocttrhrrs. Mr. and Mrs. Albin Nelson and family and Mr. Bob Hassebrook of Buffalo Center were Sunday evening visitors at the Alfred Christ hnme. Mr. and Mrs. John Bruhns and Norman of Buffalo Center were Sunday afternoon visitors at the C. C. Gerzema home. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Blome returned home Thursday. They had spent several months in California visiting their son and family, the Eugene Blomes. Candy Shop Is Enjoyed Here A large crowd, including parents, brothers and sisters of the performers showed repnalcd an- nrnval through ovations as grades 1, 2 and 3 of Bryant school prc- Tuesday, May 8, 1962 Atgona (la.) Upper Des Moines-3 sented "The Candy Shop", a musical in miniature, at the school Apr. 30. Corrine Shimel, director of the production, and her assistants, Mrs. Motta Bonacker, Mrs. De- Anne McGuire, Judy Whitehtirsl, Mrs. June Carson. Mrs. Janet Andreasen and Mrs. Florence Larson, teachers of the classes involved, sent their charges through a variety of songs and dances during the night. From the time Shari Klesath dendercd a solo in which she demonstrated a fine voice near thr start of the show, until the Lifp Savers took the stage near the end of the evening and came through with the best group singing of the night, the theater-goers had much to hold their attention. The set, costuming and timing were outstanding. There wore licorice sticks, spearmint, double- mint and juicy fruit gum, chocolates, caramels, candy bars, lollipops, animal crackers, peppermint sticks, mints, gum drops, peanuts, popcorn, crackcr.jacks and life savers, all enacted in cute costumes by students from the three grades. Leading roles were played by Juanita Limbaugh, Carol Mains, Daniel Menneke, Larry Samp. Shari Klesath and Barbara Faul- slich. COLTS Donald Routh of near Emmets- U.P.W. of the Presbyterian 'hurch met on Thursday. Hostesses were Mrs. Orville Ruby, Mrs. Inhn Roelfsema, Mrs. Bill Schroe ler and Mrs. H. H. Murray. Lu- •ille Ley gave a book review, anil levotions were by Leona Heetland. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Lewis and •'irgil went to Albert Lea, Minn, unday where they attended a oncert and reunion honoring L. "Cap" Emmons. He was hon- red for completing his 40th year s bandmaster in the Albert'Lea chool system. Rev. and Mrs. Harlan Kruse returned from Chicago last week. They attended lectures which were delivered at the University of Chicago Divinity School. In addition they took in many sights and events in the Chicago area. Rev. Kruse's mother, Mrs. Henry Kruse, stayed with the children. Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Christ visited at the Will Mabus home Sunday. Donald Bulfer and 25 members of the sophomore class and Mr Pen-in went in a bus Apr. 27 on a tour of the Swine Ranuhat Garden City, Minn. Mr. Bulfer's mother, Mrs. Hayes Bulfer, prepared a buffet supper for the group then the group went to Mankato to see the show, "State Fair". They returned home to Lakota following the show. Members of the Farmers Trust and Savings Bank ladies bowlinp team and their substitutes enjoyed a steak dinner at Fairmont Wednesday evening. Those present were Pearl Hertzke, Sylvia Kienitz, Evelyn Krominga, Harriet Kruse, Edna Paulsen, Lois Miller, Genevieve Hoeppner and Glen Hanken. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Meyer and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Aukes attended the funeral Tuesday for Mrs. Meyer's father, Henry Meyer, at Belmond. Mr. Meyer died Saturday morning following several week's illness. Recent visitors at the W. C. Vodraska home were Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Klinkenborg and Mrs. Anita Schrick all of Rock Rapids on Friday and Monday visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Howard Whaley of Spirit Cakes for Every Event on the Calendar Mother's Day Cakes Please mother with a cake from Finn's . . . attractively decorated, with her name in scribed if you wish . . . and so delicious for the entire family. Place Your Orders THIS WEEKEND! Everything for Your •-... • •' •-<* i Wedding ©CAKES 9 MINTS < • IQE CREAM Delicious Home-made Ice Cream in a variety of molds and flavors. "LET US HANDLE YOUR WEDDING CONFECTIONERIES" FINN'S Bakery CY 4-4213 ALGONA burg has a pair (if twin rolls. Multiple births arc very rarr amonc horses and these two little colts wore born Easter Sunday morning They have hern named Kastrr and Esther. Mr Routh said tin- pan- were smaller than usual at birth and very weak. HP spent much of the first two days hand feeding tlipm. Notes Of Servicemen San Diego. Calif. — Hnp,rr S Doyglas, son man, I'SN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hninnlt nf Algonn, is serving aboard I ho ice breaker USS Stalcn Island, rur- rcr'ly participating in underway training operations mil of San Diego, Calif. The icebreaker loft her horn" port at Seattle, Wash.. April 2-1. and is scheduled to return in lair May. How to liven up potato salad Just, mil it with Miracle ftunilirich KjirnuHKran mnkni Iliia tnsty aprnad by milling sppri:il relishes toncrrnmy zi-sty dri-witniz. Groat on head lettuce, too. Try itl Miracle Sandwich Spread Eliminate weeds and increase soybean profits with Alanap I A.LANAP I ^ eec '" c ' can soybean fields mean bigger yields, and I 1 ALANAP® is the most effective pre-cmergence weed killer of them all. Extensive field usage has proved AI.ANAI- is supe- nor for stopping profit-choking broadleaf weeds and grasses, includ-' ing giant foxtail, before they emerge. 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