The News-Review from Roseburg, Oregon on April 25, 1957 · Page 10
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The News-Review from Roseburg, Oregon · Page 10

Roseburg, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 25, 1957
Page 10
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Tkur., April 25, 1957 I nereis Shown In Bank Debits During March e An Increase in bank debit! for March in tha Douglas, Cooa and Curry county ireu of 10 2 per cent over February wai reported by tha Bureau ol Municipal Re-search. However, tha report notes a decrease of 17.2 per cent from March of lut year. Total bank debits for tha area were $43,110,113, with 11 banki reporting. Bank debits for the antira itate, totalling tl.588.612,45 with 165 banks reporting, indicated a riie of 12.1 per cent from February and alio a gain of 51 per cent over March a year ago. Bank debit! represent tha dollar value of checks drawn against the deposit accounts of individuals and business firms. They are considered a good indicator of business activity. Veterans Croups Civ Entertain At Hospital Easter Sunday, members of tha Veterans of Foreign Wars and their auxiliary, and a member of the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary, all of Eugene, visited tha Veteran's Hospital and entertained the wards. The Roseburg Woman's Club, directed by Mrs. Mary Maddox, gave a program in the auditorium the day before Easter. May 2 the Bellevue Club will provide tha refreshments for tha danca to be held on ward four. iuaetie Sim mt.I1, i mm 643 S. E. Jackson St. Phone OR 3-7478 Dryer 95 266 S.E. Stephens Phone OR 2-2689 0 Portland Woman Visits In Valley By ADDIS SCHNEIDER Mrs. John Forsgren, Portland, was at Garden Valley over Easter visiting her son John Carrigg and family and attended tha baptism on Faster of her grandson, Stephen Carrigg, at the Faith Lutheran Church. Mrs. Carrigg, Lis Ann, Stephen and John will take Mrs. Forsgren back to Portland and remain for a week visiting. On Saturday, .Mrs. Carrigg will appear with the Roseburg Sweet Adelines at a barbershop convention to be held in the Neighbors of Woodcraft ball in Portland. Attend Contest Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Walter. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bayliss, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Myers, and Nelda Nor-ria went to Cottage Grove recently to attend a talent contest at Hebron Grange. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sanders, Eugene, made a short visit to her daughter, Mrs. Elton Zuver and family. Here to attend the funeral of their brother-in-law, George Smith, and remain overnight with their sister and family, Mrs. Myron Le line, were, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Woodruff, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Woodruff, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Meikle, James Smith and Mrs. W. I. Kirk-land of Portland. Mrs. George Smith is staying with her sister. Mrs. Myron Lehne for a few days before returning to Santa Rosa, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Young, and Mr. and Mrs. Hilbert Lee journey ed north recently. Leaving their wives in Eugene for shopping, the men went to Independence to investigate lifters to load tha bean harvest this summer. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Myers returned this month from a long vacation. The Myers flew to Chicago, then drove a new car down through Mis souri and Kansas. Visiting rela tives, they continued on the southern route to California and home. Mr. and Mrs. Hyle Hughes. Karen and Steve, and Dick Clay-pool, all of Portland were overnight guests of Mrs. Tressie Clay-pool recently. The men drove a large moving van down to take back the Hughes' house furnishings. Mr. and Mrs. Sill Davis spent Easter with her mother and step father in Lebanon. Accident Victims In Fair Condition By VIRGINIA PROCTOR Tracy Osborne of Myrtle Creek, critically injured in an automobile accident near Canyonville recently, was reported to be in fair condition this week by Forest Glen hosital officials. Also injured in the accident was Joseph Osborne, who haa been released from the hospital and Myrtle Deyman is reported convalescing satisfactorily. Opsl Mae Wie of Myrtle Creek died as a result of the accident. In New House Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Morgan moved into the Hamlin house in Canyonville recently. A family dinner at the Ed Mus- ser residence recently included Mr. and Mrs. Guy Musser of Rogue River. , Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dyke of Dawson Creek, B.C., visited Mrs. Solvey Bratten, recently. The two families spent Easter in Corvallis with another daughter, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Irwin. The Canyonville J. C. Jills added $M to their civic improvement fund redently through a cake sale. Mrs. Richard Prairie was chairman of the ssle. Masks Demonstrated Canyonville firemen were guests of tha Myrtle Creek Fire Dept., recently for a demonstration of gas maks. Mrs. Charles Jones of The Dal-lea was a weekend guest at the home of her son, Lynn Jones, and family. Ralph Webber, who has been a house guest at the Ralph Weaver home, left recently for his home in Indiana. Mr. and Mrs. Glrnn Edward, former Canyonville residents, and now students at Oregon Technical Institute at Klamath Falls, were Easter guests at the Fisher ranch on Gazley Route. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Weaver visited in Eugene for Easter and had breakfast with Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hafdahl and dinner with Mr. and Mrs. George Armstrong. They toured KVAL-TV while there. POLIO CLINIC A polio shot clinia for pre school children of six months and older will be held in Riddle in tha Bap list youth center Friday. April 26, from 11 am. until 12:30 p m. TIKE CO. Radio end television programs listed below ere furnished by the respective stations. This newt-paper it not responsibly for variations from the programs ai listed. KRNR 1490 KC (Remaining Hours Today) 4:00 Jlra'i Juk Bos 8:00 Ed. It furrow. New CM 5:15 SaluW To Dixie 5:30 Texic Sports Final CSS 545 Frank Com, Nsws CBS 5 U Weather Tomorrow 00 Timbar Trail Nwi 15 Lowell Thorns CBS 30 Sporu Newa CBS 35 A most N Andy CBS TOO Robert Trout, New CBS 7:05 Songa For Sale f 30 Robert Q. Lew U CBS S 00 George Herman Newt CB :05 Robert Q. Lewu CBS 30 K at a Koroer 55 Timber Trail New 00 Kat e Korner 10 55 Newi Weather 11:00 Sian Olf FBI DAT, APRIL M, 151 00 Sign On 01 First Ed it ton Of New OS Corn's A Poppla 25 Headline News St Weather 30 Tlmberjack Jamboree TOO Timber Trail Newa 7 05 Weather Round-Up 7:10 Sports Round-Up 7:15 Way Of Life 7:30 Frank Goss. News CBS 7:45 Harry Babbitt CBS 8:00 Down Memory Lane 8:40 Northwest HifhlighU 8:45 Woman View 00 Wendy Warren St New CBS 15 Backstage Wife CBS 30 Helen TrentCBS B 45 Our Gal Sunday CBS 10 00 Man About Tow 10:05 World Newa 10 10 Weather Tomorrow 10 15 Ma Perkins CBS 1030 Young Dr. Ma loneCBS 10 45 Road Of Life CBS 11.00 Right To Happiness CBS 11:15 Second Mrs. Burton CBS 11:30 Strike It Rich CBS 11:43 Nora Drake CBS 13 00 World Newa 11 15 -Meet The Artist 12 30 Timber Trail Newa 12 45 Polka Time 1 oo Arthur Godfrey CBS 2 30 House Party CBS 3:00 Fool in Around With Reoorda KRXL 1240 KC Remaining Hours Today 4 00 rulton Lewis MBS 4:15 Frank Hemingway MBS 4:30 Tello Test MBS 4 45 Sam Hayes MBS 4 15 Bob Greene MB 800 Bob & Ray MBS 8:30 Behind The Story MBS 8 45 Heidelberg New 8 50 Traffla Jam 00 Fulton Lewie MBS 15 SporU Spotlito 30 News 45 Sam Haves Newa MBS VVW Kraft News MBS 7 00 Gabriel Heatter MBS T IS Newa With Henry Gladstone MBS 7 30 Musie 7 30 Farm Bureau Exchange I 7 45 Loggers Weather 7:50 Cily Market News 1 7:55 News MBS 00 General Sports MBS g 05 Return To Music 8:30 Musie 35 The Army Hour MBS) 8 00 News MBS 15 Brundige Sports MBS 30 Private Line 10 00 Seorela Of Scotland Yard MM 10 25 Music 10 30 Nllhtwatrh 11:00 Last Edition 11:05 Mostly Muell 11:30 Sign Off FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 1MT 00 Sign On 01 Wake Up at Save . 10 City Market News :M County Agent so Weather Report 8 45 Tire Time 7 00 Frank Hemingway MBS 7 IS Breakfast Gang MBS 7 45 Local News 7 50 Garden Tips and Tuneta 7 55 Tune Time 00 Cliff Bngle MBS 8 13 As You Like It 8 25 Kraft News MBS B 30 Bible Inalitute -- MBS S oo Kraft Newa MBS 8 0S M usie t 15 Horn -! Special 20 Farm Bureau Exchange 8 30 Lady's Choice 45 Are You Listening 10 00 Newspaper Of The Abf MBS 10 15 Tello Test MB.S 10 .in News With Char lee Warren MBS 11 00 Kraft News MBS 1105 Musia 11:10 Stork Club 11. IS Queen For A Day MM 1200 Roving Reporter 12 15 Mid Day News 12 30 Greet Your Neighbor 12 45 Market reports 12 50 Game of the Day MBS I 55 Camel Scoreboard MBS 3 00 Kraft News NBS 3 05 Carousal and Town Crier 3 45 Here's The Answer MBS GIVEN SIX YEARS PORTLAND ie Danny D. Walters. 22. who was arrested by his Portland policeman brother several weeks alto. Tuesday was sentenced to six years in the slate prison after pleading guilty to a charge of rape. HEAR snd SEE DICK DORR HIS ORCHESTRA snd the TROUPE OF TALENT SATURDAY st the ROSEBURG ARMORY NO ADVANC1 H NIC IS MIM SHU AT P.M. (.asm Ian at 11:10 P.M. pill K0IN-TV ChsniMl 4 Portland Remtimnf Hours Today 430 Mr. Moon 4 45 Cartoon Tim 8:00 Red Dunning 8:30 Armchair Theatre GO Mr. Weathermak 05 Sportscene 10 News Parade 15 Doug- Edwards, New 30 Name That Tune 7 00 Highway Patrol 7 301 Search For Adv ture 00 Bob Cumminge Show 5 30 Clunas 8 30 Playhouse 88 11 00 City Desk 11.05 News Wire 11:10" The Great Mr. Nobody". FBIDAT, APUL M 1M 8 00 Panorama Par" fie 8 45 Fun To Reduce 8 00 Valiant Lady IS Love Of Life 8 30 Search for Tomorrow 8 45 Guiding Light 10 00 Cronkite Newt) 10:10 Stand Up 10 30 As World Turns 1100 Our Miss Brooks 1130 House Parry 12.00 Big Payoff 12 3 Bob Crosby Show 1:00 Brighter Day 1:15 Secret Storm 1:30 Edge of Night 100 KOIN Kltcnen 2. (0 Strike It Rich 3:00 Garry Moore Show 4:30 Mr. Moon 4:45 Cartoon Time 8 00 Red Dunning Show 5 30 Armchair Theatre oo Mr. Weathermaa OS Sportscene 10 News Parade 8.15 Doug Edwards. Newa 8-30 Beat The Clock 7 OO Chuck Foster Newscan 7 30 Person To Persoa 00 West Point 30 Zano Grey Theatre 00 Mr. Adams St Eve 8 30 Playhouse of Stars 10.00 The Lineup 10 30 Portland Wrestling 11 30 "Linda Be Good". K P I C Chanrwl 4 Roitburs Remaining Hours Today 4:30 Four-Thirty Date) 5 00 Big Roundup 5:45 The Newa S; SO Sports Headlines 5 55 Weather Report 00 To Be Announced TO In the Public In terse 7:00 Hawkeyo and tha Last Uva Mohicans T 30 To Be Announced 00 You Bet Your Life NB07 8.30 Dragnet NBC 8 00 Dr. Hudson 9 30 Ford Show NBC 10 00 Lux Video Theatre NBC 11.00 The News 11 05 Yesterdays Newsreel 1130 Tonight uNBCi FRIDAY. APRIL 88, IliT 13 00 NBC Matinee 1 00 4uen lor A Day NBC 1 45 Modem Romances NBC 2.00 Comedy Time 3 in Truth Or Consequences 3 00 The Movies 4:30 Off To The Market 445 Film Shorts 5:00 Big Roundup 5 40 KPIC Calendar 8:45 The News 8 50 Sports Headline 8 IS Weather Report Op Range Rider 30 In The Public Interest 45 Famous Fights 7 00 Cavalcade Of Sports NBC 7:45 Sports Album g oo Jack London Storiee 830 Highway Patrol BOO Front Row Center 10 (0 Heidelberg News Desk 10 ;(5 Confidential File 11.05 To Be Announced 11:30 Tonight NBC Evergreen Cringe Sett Robin Dale Benefit A card party for tha benefit tha Robin i Data School will be givan Knday at 1 p.m. at tha Evergreen dranae hall The affair is sponsored ny the Rainbow Garden club of Winston and Dillard, and tha publia is in vited. CHILDREN'S SHOE; ; PRESCRIPTIONS ; We carry furl Rim W (sessrfa Pedic shoot, faihionobly styled for children whoso fee need speciol attention. Your proicriptiont filled accurately by our oiperienced shoo Alter with (doantt Pedic shoos. SHOES - Mam Floor ! ! fduiardy KYES f 950 KC THIJ BID AT, APRIL 88, lt 00 The Happy O'Dar Show 35 News 30 The Happy OTay Show 7:00 News Headlines 7:03 The Happy O Day Show 7:25 News 7 .10 The Hsopy O'Dajf Show S 00 News Headlines 03 The Happy O Day Show 25 News 30 The Jim O Nell Show 00 News Headlines 03 The Jim O'Neil Show 25 Community Calendar g io The Jim O'Neil Show 1 OO News Headline 10:00 News Headlines 10 03 The Lucky Logan Show 10 25 News 10 The Lucky Logaa Show 11:00 Newa Headlines 11:00 The Lucky Logaa Show 11 25 News 1 1 30 The Lucky Logaa Show 12 DO News Headline 1203 The Lucky Logaa Show 12:25 News 12:30 The Lucky Logan Show 1:03 The Happy O Day Show 1:25 News 1:30 The Happy O'Day Show 3:00 News Headlines 3 03 The Happy O Dsy Show 3:35 Community News 3:30 The Happy O Day Show 3:00 News Headlines 3:03 The Jim O'Neil Show 3:25 News 3:30 The Jim O'Neil Show 4:00 News Hsadhnes 4:03 The Jim O'Neil Show 425 News 4:30 The Lucky Logs a Show 8 00 News Headlines 5 03 The Lucky Logaa Show 8:25 Sports Hitltes 8:30 The Lucky Logaa Show 00 Newt Hesdlines 8:03 The Lucky Logaa Show 25 News 4:30 The Lucky Logaa Show T OO Sign Off KBES-TV Channel 5 Medfor. Remaining Hours Today 4:00 Second Sight 4:30 Uncle Bill 4:45 Search for Tomorrow 5:00 Rin Tin Tin 5:30 Ore.-Cal. Panorama :15 Your TV Weathermaa :20 News 30 Sacred Heart 45 Pappy Coleman 7:00 Home Improvement Theatre 7:30 Tha Play Houe 8:00 Croucho Marx 8 30 Shower of Stars 8:30 Sheriff of Chochlse Count 10:00 This Week; In SporU 10:15 River Creates an Industry in .to News 10:35 This Is Your Ufa 11:0ft Sign Off FRIDAY, APRIL M. lsY It 4S Devotions 11:55 News 12:00 Matinee NBC 100 Brighter Day 1:15 Secret Storm 1 .TO Edge of Night S OO Comedy Time NBC 3:30 Truth or Consequences NBC 3:00 Feminine Fancies 3 30 Strike It Rich 4:00 Bob Crosbv 4:15 Med ford City Po'llca 4:30 Uncle Bill 4:45 Search For Tomorrow 8:00 Wild Bill Kicxok 8:30 Man To Man 5:45 Industry on Parade :00 Value Swing Time 15 TV Weatherman 20 News ::i0 I Errrch Foe Adventure 7:00 Cavalcade of S porta 7 50 Do It Yourself 810 Cats way 830 Captain David Cried 00 Highway Patrol :30 I Spy lo oo The Una Up io .10 news 10 1.1 Crater Lake Theatre) 13.00 Sign Off THE MOST OF THE BEST! A Combination Leaded with Academy Awards . . Star-ttuddod entertainment ranging from high drama to glowingly spectacular musical delight! SHfl- 1 TONIGHT! I fjL, THRU SAT. ONLYI f&Tl tHD i in trt Com " At . assa 1 7 is 1 Movif Showtim. TBLR1DAT, APRIL . " D4DIAN THEATRE Complete shows start SO, a OR. Dean Martia in his first solo starring rote "Tea Thousand Bedrooms'' 7:12. 8.3X STAR LITE DRIVE1N Academy award show. "Anastaaia". T.33. 1X01 "The King And I ' S.4J. PINE DRIVE IN Reopen Friday for the season with temfie all color program 4 Caroona plus S big laff filled features. FRIDAT, APRIL M. 111! INDIAN THEATRE Complete shows start 4 SO, 9 08. "Tea Thousand Bedrooms". HUarlouftly presented at 1:18, and 8:33. STAR LITE DRIVEIN 8 Academy Award hits. Ingrid Bergman in "An-aatasia". 733 and 12:01. Yul Bryn-ner. "The Klna and I" at 8:43 only. PINE DRI VEIN Reopens tonight for the eeason with ten-lfic all-oolor Laff Show! "Toy Tiger" and "Tha Birds And Boos" plus 4 caroona!) Crtt n Camp Fir Cirlt St. Movies Of Mexico Movies of Mexico were featured at s recent meeting: of ths Eluta Wo Yan Ah Camp Firs group of Green Elementary .school. Twelve girls attended ths meeting which was held at ths home of Mrs. Kenton Gum. The movies were taken by Mrs. Earl Cone on a trip she took through Mexico in 1950. Mrs. Cone also talked on her trip and presented a display of Mexican souveniers. Alpha Iota Sorority, the group's sponsors, planned the meeting. After the meeting the girls worked on their Trail keekers rank requirements. Tonight thru Saturday "TEENAGE REBEL" wrHi Ginr Rotjart plus Tob Hunter in "THE URNING HILLS" THIS SATURDAY AT 1 PM Doors 12:30 Over at 4 pm Another Big 3 hr. Show .r Rogers - D.i. Evans a..., Hayes -Trigger Under Nevada Skies PLUS Johnny Weissmuller JUNGLE JIM in "FORBIDDEN LAND" 3 COLOR CARTOONS The 10th Exciting Chop, of 'Ghost Rider of tha West" PATRONIZE NEWS-REVIEW ADVERTISERS scopE 4W "J INDIAN Thru SAT NIGHT Only Compltts Shows 6:45-:05 Doors 6:30 1 'ITT THOUSVTD1 1 Ti7nirsnMfi . ,pssw r i'W . cwmsco m ismat IkishnlWacni-EaNrM e WARNING!! We've Got Designs On Your Funny Bone! ; GRtGORr PECK LAUREN BACALL You'll Find Out Storting IUN. Vhtn You Sta Tha Ysor's All-Out Rib-TitVl.r! EVERYBODY'S JUMPIN' WITH JOY CAUSE ... ' YOUR FAVORITE FAMILY DRIVE-IN THEATRE RE-OPENS TOMORROW For The Season With A Bia All Color Laff Program! Watch Tomorrow's Arl for Tht OgpninjjKmoclions! Comt larly Gates 7 P.M. PANE DRIVE-IN THEATRE Note .... The Starlite Driva-ln it now open full time 7 days a week . , . OUR NEXT HQ HIT STARTING SUNDAYt M.C

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