Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 30, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1896
Page 6
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You pill find ono coupe:; Instdo ouch two OUKCJ wocoupons ir.hido four ounce bu.sofl31ncl;v.'vi: 1 'i j Durlnu-_. Buy a biij; of tin-: j celebrated tobnccc ar.Jre..i! tho coupon—wliiuli list of valuable priuuu L: novto cot them- NOTHING BUTTHE GENUINE DEMOCRATIC CLUBS Big National Gathering to Bs Held at St. Louis Saturday. Mr. Bryan in New York City—Receives Many Calls-His West Virginia Itinerary. M HE THAT WORKS EASILY, WORKS SUCCESSFULLY." CLEAN HOUSE WITH SAPOLIO St. Louis, Sept 20. — Preparations for the convention of the JS'ationul Association of Democratic Clubs which meets in the Auditorium here on Saturday October 3, are nearly completed. Assistant Secretary William S. McKean. of New Jersey, has opened headquarters at the Southern hotel, and Is busily en- gnyed in arranging 1 the details of the convention. The Auditorium is being elaborately decorated, three bunds ot \ music have been engaged and a. glee club of £:iO members; of the local Jefferson club are rehearsing songs for the occasion. . Secretary McKean estimates that the attendance. will be the largest in the history of the association. Among those whose presence is assured will be Vice President Adlai Stevenson, who Is to be the presiding 1 oflicer of the con- vcntiou! William Jennings Bryan, of Nebraska; Cluiuncey K, Black, of. Philadelphia, president of the association; Arthur Sc-wall, of Maine; Congressman ]!enton McMillin, of Tennessee, one of convention speakers; Gc'neral Gladness Comes :he MONKEY FOND OF BEER. 3k*lnnK'>d to a t'Jiicugo Uurl>orund Learned CO Rl].-tli ttio Groivlnr. A large number oC residents in ilvi utock yards district, Chicago, have been jBianged into grief by the dcii'Mi of one fl«ho had long contributed to viioirfuu aend enjoyment. This was a monkey «aTled Joir^'o, ^^'lio, On reaching the ven- , /arable age ot ten, had passed awny ^metlY and peacefully. •- Jocko was a South American monkey S* a large breed. While very young he firzis' kidnaped -by a barul of sailors, ptaxnig-h? to New Orleans and ofteired for /•cle. "[•"rank Bradfiuh, a German barber, [Sought'iiirn at a bargain and christened Cfcim. A fow months lat*r they traveled FUN IN RESTAURANT. Siinrtnfro J ' . BUSHING THE CAN. : tag-ether to Chicago. Here Bradflsh ! opened a barbor shop on Forty-fifth Utve«t, near Wallace, and kept Jocko in '•(tack room for the amusement of his icnutomers. ' Across the street from the shop was [« saloon kfpt by a man, .named Lynch. Who thirst inherited .from his German [ancestors caused Bradflsh to make reg- nalar tripes to the saloon, and for safety's sake he always took Jocko along 1 'with- him. It did not take Jocko Ion; jto- learn tlie ropes. Soon he walke jpro,udly by his master's side, carrying jthc pail that held "the foaming liquic land" later he carried both pail am' imoney, and under Brodfish's guManci pfioug'ht the beer himself. [ One day when business was brisl Eradfisli handed the pail and money 1 Jocko and conducted him to the door Efc paused there and Jocko seemed to grasp the situation, for he rushed across Ihe street into the saloon and handet Jits pail irnd money to the bartender The Jatter filled the pail and looker [toward the door, expecting to see Brad ;'3&h follow Jocko in. But no Bradfish jeame, and Jocko grabbed the pail and jTHced back to the barber stoop with It Ajionly.liif; fc'oumls from cliiiic Spoil Apperltt-ft. An nninujur vontrilotMiist spoiled a lot of appetites in a restaurant near Jlndison und Dearborn stroets the other aftcruDon, says I he Chicago Tribune. The cool: iv;is biKy with ;i Mnall sai:«i£fc mnchiut' ma'kinf:' ;i. choice lor of bronlc- 1'iist srv.'sv.ijfe in plain view of Mie patrons of the licusei While the woman was grinding: the moat thfc young man conceived the brilliant klcii of using his ventriloquial powers to amuse himself and a- companion who sat beside him at the table. Suddenly the proprietor and the patrons of the restauraiit were surprised to hear an agxmizinfr "m-c-e-w-e-o-iv." which apparently emanated from the mouth of the sausage machine. The woman who was turning 1 the crank turned pale and leaned against the ice- Master Workman Sovereig'ii, oC the .K'nig'hts of Labor, and mnny olh'jrs. On Triday night iK'.vit the executive com- :;.iittee of the National Associiitinn of remocratic Clubs with II:-. Mclliliin a« "[.•ting chuirmr.n, will meqi, and all the ^'.•eliminary arrangements 'for the coi:- \ention will be fmnlly disposed of. Will Not I'nrtk'lp ito. St. Louis, Sept. 20.— According- to M. I". Doud, ot' thi.s city, who claims tc be t liairman of the national silver p-'.vty of Missouri, the silver clubs ajirl in- t.'i'pe.udent .silver .clubs which will g-.iih- <?r here next S;*.furday will i,ot take part in the convi'!it;oii -of tile, iialiynal d'jmocratic club? as at first :r.U-nd- ccl. Mr. Doud snys 'that an iucle- per.rlcnt •convention of the flubs not in the- democratic organization will be held in another hall. Thi.s aulion will be clue, he i'tiys, 10 the demand nuicle • in circulars sent, out by Seei'-jlary llo Kean, of the democratic organization, ri-quli-in-g delcg.'itos to subscriiie to the democratic faith and party before re- ing entitled to cords of admission to the. proposed big club convention. better understanding of the ' transient, nature of the many phys- t«uills, whvch vanish before proper of'••i- >ts—gentle efforts—pleasant efforts— ^•htly directed. Tliere i.s comfort in -|,e knowledge, that so many forms of wikncss lire not due to any actual dis- «..«e, but .simply, to a constipated con<7 ! - n»ia of tho system, which the plcnsaiio •':.«nily laxative, Syrup of Kigs, prcmpt-' j removes. That is why it is the only' -naedy with millionsof families, and is w^rywhere esteemed so highly by all •'.tvo value good health, fts ''esieiiciul iitfects are due to the fact, tlwit it is the VMS remedy which promotes internal •ftaitilines's without debililiit'ng the • ''runs on which it acts. it K 'Jicveforc £' important, in order to got its benp- ''•. il effects, to note wlion you pnr- & Me, that you have the genuine arti- ....:i v which is manufactured by the Culi- i:*.2ia Fig Syrup Co. oniy aixl so'.Jl by •'" yjputaWe druggists. i!i in the enjoyment of good he.':!C, .:;j-3 the system is regular, laxatives or ff -&\er remedies arc then not needed. If .-jlicted \vith any actual disease, ono Rr.y be commended to the most skillful vitysicians, but if in need oi"a laxative, ja« should have the best, and with the ,v.i!-informed everywhere, Syrup of * J #sstands highest ;m<l is most largely .^ £i and g!vc;s;n.".>r';;'0])r:ral satisfaction URVAN IJf NEW TURK. to the liugedelightof all present. This was the first of many trips 'Jocko soon had a steady job rushing tho ! can every evening for the crowd thai was sure to assemble, and never wenriecl of the fun. Of course, Jonkonlwnysgoi Us share, and this was probably the reason for his never-ceasing will- iw *" necorornodnte the s RHEUMATISM —fts • McLEAN'S LIVER AND KIDNEY BALM A Certain Remedy for Diseases of the Liver, Kidneys and Urinary; Organs At Dr»Kl«««. Price, $1,00 Per Botllf !> fit. J. N. MCLCAPI MCDICINC Co. >T. LOUIS, MO.,. • JUMPED HASTILY AWAY. box for support. Then, the sound of r dog apparently in mortal agony greeted her cars. By this time the proprietor, and pat- r/Dns of the restaurant were becoming decidedly nervous, nncl several of the customer:; hastily cashed their cheeks and left the restaurant without having finished,-their meal*. . The two young men rnbst concered in the farce, however, kept th-eir sents. The squeal of a pig and the squawk of a chicken rapidly followed the other noises protruding from the machine, until 'the woman who was doing the work turned and fled from the room in terror. The two young men who were responsible for the trouble paid their checks, and as they were about to de,part the amateur ventriloquist repeated the sound of the squealing pig apparently frora between the proprietor's feet, who. jumped hastily away from, the place where he was standing, and then realizing for the first ti'mc who the .guilty party was made a dash for the door to capture him, but the young man .was too ngile, and escaped Into the crowds on "Dearborn street. THE BOOTHS' TIN WEDDING. Lftrgo Purcoli* of Tlmvnro Sent to Voluu*- teerft* Iloadqnartors in Honor of Event. The tenth anniversary of dho wedding of Commander and Mrs. Ballington Boo<th, of the American. Volunteers, cor- cu-rred the other day. In the absence of UT. Booth from New York city it was'celebrated in an extremely quiet manner, ^^rs. Booth ha'd made an ruppeul to her friends that Bhonld they wls-h to honor her "tin" wedding they would send as presents such tinware as might be suitable lor the stocking of Hope hull, tbu home of ex-convicts, .which she had established. All day large parcels of tinware continued to arrive at the headquarters of the Volunteers, Sixteenth street and Union square, until by evening- Mrs, Booth's private office was completely filled with them. The donations came trc-m all pnrts- of the country. Amoup the packages received was a mouxe- colored donkey. Very £jaT£o Screw FropeJUer, The new ste«mer John EngHs, which is now being built at the Delaware Kiver works, Chester, Pa,, will have tho argcst solid screw propeller ever mn.do n this country. It is of open-hearth cast steel, and measures 10 feet from; tip of blade to tip of blade. The' iropeller is intended to make' 00. •evolutions per minute, driven by . triple expansion engine of 4,0001 torse-power. 'The steamer will ply; 'clivecn New York and Portland., fc. It is expected to make the.trip In: lie new boat in £0 hours. Boalegud at Hotel uy Callerx- Given Audience to JfewujjHpor Men. Xcw York, Sept. 20.—The 'headquarters of the democratic state central cornmittoe in the Bartholcli.hotel was the scene of the greatest activity early Tuesday morning. Hundreds of people were there and all 'had coine'with the express purpose of seeing Mr. Bryan, but very few, unless they proved that they had business, with him, met with success. -Jlr. Bryan, who retired very late Monday night, did not arise until fi:3t). While at breakfast he read.'his mail. ' ' i At 10:15 o'clock'he gave an audience to the newspaper men in his rooms on the second floor of the hotel. Mr. Bryan stood in.the center of the room and shook hands with each man as he entered. When asked if he had abandoned the staty of Ohio, as one of the papers had stated, he answered that il he had.he did not intend teliing any reporter about it. Mr. Brj'an would not discuss the dem-' ocrat.ie. nominations, made Monday night. He expressed himself as very well, a.nd declared thnt, with the exception of a little hoarseness, he had felt no evil effects ;iftcr the meetings' of Monday night. While he was talking a huge bunch of red roses, tied with red, white and blue ribbons, was sent to .him by nn admirer. Bryan'n West Virginia Trip. Washington, Sept. 29. — Candidate William J. Brya.n will return to Washington Wednesday, The following schedule of. Mr.'Bryan's speeches for hi.s West Virginia trip has been ' arranged: Martinsburg, September 30, at 10:30 a. m; Keyscr, September 30, at 3. p. m.; Grnfton, September 30, nt night; Clarksburg, October 1, at 10 a. in; 1'ar- kersburg, October 1, at 3 p.m.; Wheeling, October 1, nt night; Charleston,'October 2, at 10:30 a. m.; Huntington, Oc- lober 2, at 1 p. m. He will not speak at Washington unless the crowd at the EWtton should be larg-eandenthusiastic f.'nong-h to demand an orntion. Another party of democratic speakers will go •through Virginia and West Virginia concurrently with the 'Bryan- party, traveling over the Chesapeake & Ohio railroad. DemocruU Adopt tho Fusion Ticket. Chicago, 'Sept. 29, — The reconvened .democratic county convention Tuesday adopted the fusion county ticketagreed upon Monday by the democratic and populist leaders. The democrats are given state's attorney, recorder, coroner, appellate court clerk, circuit court clerk and president of the county board, while the populists secure the superior court clerk, the county surveyor and four of the 15 county commissioners. The populists will, it is believed, adopt the fusion ticket' at their convention. 3To Fusion In .Arkansas. Little Koek, Arki, Sept. Ep,—The democrats and populists of Arkansas will riot fuse in the present campaign. The democrats offer the populists four presidential electors,'but the populists'won't, in addition two of the six congressmen, to be elected. This the democrats will not. give, and so the populists say they will not fuse on the terms proposed, by democrats. • PASSENGE.R STEAMER WRECKED Ituns en n. Slmrp Jtocli In « Foj; nntl RIIJV l«lly Sinks. Port Townsend, Sept. 29.—Steamship L"n:ati!;.i,- from Sair Francisco, .it three o'clock Tuesday morning in a dense fog struck a sharp-pointed bowlder 'abreast a rocky point noiir the entrance to Port Discovery bi'.y. She was quickly gotten ott and headed for Port Townsend. The water rushed in with tremendous force, quenching the fires. The .passengers thought the vessel was sinking,-and a panic reigned for a few minutes, and hnd it not been for the coolness of the officers several futilities would have occurred. Women, men and children rushed on deck clad in their night clot-lies, and were almost frozen to death in the cold, damp fog. Itealizing the danger the'steamship wiis in, she was run ashore on Point Wilson, and-her hold soon filled. The passengers were quieted and sent ashore and brought to Port Townsend. The vessel lies exposed to the elements, and will be in great danger if n westerly gale should prevail. ' PREPARED FOR A MOB. In Strung Guard Fluced About Jail Loulniuna to Prevent Lynching. Amite City, La., Sept, 29.—The jail and courthouse here where Arch Joiner, one of the two colored men accused of murdering four members of the Cotton (white) family, in this parish, is confined, was guarded Tuesday-morning by a posse of 100 armed men, sworn in by the sheriff, and a company of the Hammond light guards, of the state militia, sent by the state authorities. It is hoped these precautions will be sufficient to prevent violence, though a large crowd of Jynchers is reported to be gathering at Independence, a few miles distaoit, near which point the crime was committed. The other negro .arrested for.the crime is in the parish prison of Ifew Orleans. Ail business is suspended here awaiting developments. BOOK DEALERS TO MEET. Subject. That Will Be Considered at Tholr Annual Convention, New York, Sept. 20.— Thomas J. Quinn, chairman, of the executive committee, announces that the thirteenth aunua.l convention of the National Association of Booksellers, Newsdealers and Stationers will be held in Boston, Muss., on Tuesday and Wednesday, October C and 7. The .questions to be considered by this convention are: 1. An alliance of publishers to:- mutual advantage. 2. Measures to meet the competition of tho department store. 3. The. organization of the trade in tho United States and Canada.. 4. Define methods'to change the present unjust postal laws. ' 5. A plan. 18 to be pushed forward which will help the trade to deal direct with.pub. Ushers and protect both. NEW DISEASE TRACER Til* PhoDendofeopc Marlti the FnlnMut Vibmtlonl of the Vital OrffHul. The X rays of Prof. Roentgen, which have been used successful^' in penetrating the secrets of the human body, are scarcely more wonderful than the phonendoscopc, the device of Prof. Bianchi, on Italian, who is distinguished forhisachi:-vi mentsin medical pathology, says the Baltimore Sun. The phonendoscope is described as an outgrowth of the stethoscope, but differs from that instrument in its structure and the delicacy of its action. It depends upon the fact that all of the organs of the body arc subject to vibratory motion, and that these motions may be conveyed to the ear of the physician in the form of sound. Mr. Carrctt P.. Serviss writes from Paris thnt he saw the invention tested with remarkable results. A number of members of the Clinical Society of Practitioners of France, after a series of experiments, admitted that it would do all that Prof. Bianchi claimed for it. It is declared to bo easy, by this process, not only to discover general disease, but to locate any foreign body lodged in any of the organs or tissues, as well as to determine the existence and extent of cancerous or similar internal growth. "Combined with, the revelations made by the X rny," concludes Mr. Serviss, "this method of disclosing the secrets of the internal man seem to open up a wonderful'ncw field of usefulness for doctors. If they can thus chose disease into its deepest hiding- places, \vh}- should theynotcradicate.it entirely?" Prof. Bianchi, the inventor, is o. chevalier of the crown of Italy, a distinction conferred upon him for his great learning and his contributions to mcdlcr.J science. To Iiulld a Flue MnuNolcuin. ^ Louisville, Ky., Sept. 2'J.—Col. M.Mul- doou, of this city, has entered into a coulra'ct with John W. .Mackey, the California millionaire, for the building of a nii.gnificent n;nusol.?nin in Greenwood cemetery. New York, ovei ti-.c grave of .Mr. .Maekey's son. It ia to be the inost elefjnnt structure of the kind in the United States and cost about $400,000. The mausoleum will be huilt of granite. The interior will be of the finest marble and ony.x. It will have numerous pieces of statuary and elegant altars.for the celebration of mass. Sercn-Rouud 1'rlEO right. Ureensburg, Pa., Sept. 20. — A seven- round prix.e fight took place near Creensburg Monday night betwean Pat llea'rdon, of this place, and L. Campbell, of Pittsburgh. After the first round Campbell had things his own way and punished Kcardon severely,, knocking him out in the seventh round. Several hundred people witnessed the battle, which took p!a<;e in a grain barn. Considerable money changed hands. jNeif Development!! In Maybrlnlc Case, LonduivSepf. 20. — The Star says that Detective Bryning, who wns a prominent figure in the prosecution of Jlrs. Florence Jfaybrick, made a startling statement to friends of Mrs. Maybrick just before his death, which occurred recently, and that in consequence of his revelations the case of the condemned woman is likely to assume a new phase, with hitherto unlooked-for developments. Ministers Should Use Dr. Miles'Heart Cure. \\ T HERE 19 NO PROFESSION, whose labors so severely tax the nervous sy«- tem, as that of the ministry. Tbcdo- ranfrcment of tho nerve centers of the brain by over work, frequently briars on attacks of heart trouble, and nervous prostration. Kov. J. P. Kester, M. D., Pastor U. B. church, London Mills, Ills., himself a physician, writes Feb. 30.1805: "Heart affection and nervous prostration had become 10 serious last fall that a little over work In the pulpit would so completely prostrate mo Fir Milf^' '•ka* " "ceraed certain I Ui» iUUW must-relinquish the work of lhe ministry entirely. Heart palpitation became so bad that my auditors would asl; me If I did not have heart disease. Last Kovcm'oor I commenced taking Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure alternately with Dr. Miles' Nervine and derived tho greatest possible bencOt. I have Just closed revival work of 10 weeks, preaching nearly every night and twice on the Sabbath. I can speak for hours •without suffering as I formerly did. Hard Trorklng ministers should keep Dr. Miles' grand remedies on hand." Dr. MJJes' Henrt Cure Is sold on guarantee, first bottle will benefit or money refunded. "I^Sl ONE-HALF 6IZE OF BOX POZZONl'S ! COMPLEXION POWDER! I hus been tho standard for fortr years and ' ! la more popular to-dny than ovor before. POZZOM'S | Is tbo laoftl comploiion powder—beimHfyH _, rofrosUin^, r1t-r'7. '.™tthfu! a»d harmlesa. t | Adglicata, j . . .. .r>nlon KJ the face. . With every >>ux olJP>uzZOVrS amnfi nlHeent StovllTii GOLD PCFF I BOX 1* Kiven tree of ctonrec, 1 AT DRUGGISTS tfD PA1\*CT STORKS. ' THE Severe Jflrlitlnt In lor.don, Sept. 29. "— The government has received a dispatch from Fort Salisbury stating that serious fighting lasting three days has taken place in Jlas- sonalo.nd, near Jfazoe. The British, the telegram says, were hemmed in by the natives for ten hours. No details of the fighting are given, except the statement that two British officers were wounded. uonaon, Sept. 29. — The St. James Galette announces thatOeorgeDuMaurier, the novelist, is confined to his bed with a nervous affection of the heart and lungs. : TravelluK Vatneager Agent* Moot. St. Louis, Sept. 29,—About 150 delegates are in attendance at the 24th annual convention of the American Association of Traveling Passenger Agents, which began in the Southern hotel at 11 o'clock Tuesday morning. The reports of President 1?, M. Suavely, of Cleveland, imd Treasurer L. W. Landman, of Columbus, 0., showed the association to bo in prosperous circumstances. F. H. Tristam, representing the Wabash railway at Pittsburgh, Pa., was elected president; George H. Gunnip, representing the Santa Feat Cincinnati, vice president, and 1\. W. Landman, of Columbus,.0., secretary and treasurer. The next meeting will be held in Chi- ; cago. . "• . All yulct ut Lonilvlllc. Lendville, Col., Sept. 29.—All is quiet here Tuesday, but. the militia fear that trouble is imminent. By order of Gen. Brooks Capt. 'Sewall Tuesday mo'rn-.. ing ,.w;irccl Cripple'.Creek, aiilhori/mg the mustering i:i'Of. :i comiiaiiy-y; u.'>; listed men end rlispatchiii^ lUem t'v Leadville at once.. , ' Sho Drwmccl or Ilcr ucath. Mrs, Margaret E. O'Connor, of St> Louis,,was recently 'drowned in Eagla ilak'o, near Uacine, Wis. After her death' her family discovered among her effects a diary in which she had made an entry two' weeks previous in which she told'of a dream wherein she»saw herself, 'drowned in a lake which she described,' Her description fitted exactly the real circumstances 'of her' death. : THE MARKETS. Grnln, Frovlalonn, £tc. Chicago, Sept. 29. WHEAT— Active, Irregular and higher. September, CCffCGHc; December, tt%® C7%c; May, GS%©71c. CORN— Easy early and nrmer Inter. No, 2, SlW'S'Zlvic: No. 2 Yellow, 21}4©21'>.ic: Oc- tobcr, 31%<j)219ic; December, 22>4@22%c; May, S5%S)2!i%c. OATS— Stronger, wjrh, fair trading. No. 2 cash, lC&<5>lG9ic: October, 3CViif17c; May, 19Vi©ia%c. Samples steadier. No Grade, j2@W'Ac; No. 3, 12iS>Uc; No. 3 White, 21c; No, 2, lC@17ftc; No. 2 White, 21fi:22c. RYE— Firm and in good demand. No. 2, S3c; No. 3, S3@33!4c, and No Grade, 30Sfl2c; December delivery, 30c. EAELET— OfferlnRS larprer and feeling weaker. Common thin, 22©23c; malting common to good, 25®JOc; choice, SUJflSc; fancy, SDffiSGc. MESS PORK— Market moderately active and feeling steady. Quotations ranged at $O.OEQ:C.10 for cash; JU.M@6.0j for October, and J7.M@7.07l; for January. LARD— Trading fairly active and feeling steady. Quotations ranged at J3.75Q) 3.77^ for cash; J3.70<3>3.75 for October; $3.S5 fi;3.S7 l /i for December, and $-i.07%3>4.12}4 for January. . BUTTER — Market firm at 9©15c for creameries, and 10@13o for dairies. v LIVE POULTRY — Quiet. Turkeys, GS> lOe; Chickens, C&fuTc; Ducks, S-39o per pound; Geese, per dozen, $3.0000. (XI. WHISKY— Steady on the basis ot. fl.18 for hlghwines. New York, Sept. 29. FLOUR— Flrin, moderate demand. WHEAT— No. 2 red dull, unsettled. September, 70&@71Vic; October, 70%©71 3-16c; December, 72«,©73VBC; May, 75S@7£%c. COKN— No. 2 dulli steady. No.. 2, 27&S> October, 27Hc; December, 2S%c; May, MiiDson Typewriter Is a Good Machine. A high standard of excellence. Manj ustrs of the "ilunson" consider It THE BEST. You will find It a valuable assletaut In jonr of- flee. Addre.ss for particulars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MAJfCFACTtTRERS. . 8*0-24* 'Went Lake St., Chicago, 111. LGDDPOISOII XOUO POISON permanenUt IStoSSdnyu-Youcnnbotrontcdii hOTnof oreKtne prlco tinder snmo Rruarjui* ty. Kyou pref»r cocomebcro we«llloon> trncltopnyrallrottafarcondhotel.'illls.snd r J,lf wof nil tocuro. If you hdvetakc.l mercury, lodldo potanh, and BtHI faavo Bcbcaand puins, Muoon«ratchen In mouth, Sore Throat, ?imp)o«. Copper Colored Spots, Ulcers on ?o ctinrantee to cure. \Vo solicit. tbomo*t ob into car os and cliaUnntre tlto world for n . • ' lannotouro. This di'Ciuie h.i9 alirayA . _ 'Ij.-ins, SSJ50O,OOO ciplHil behind our uucoiKHi •.x.nnifnjnrunty.' A!>S(»lut«>»roof88entF(;ale(l oa 7-isilion. Address COOK IIKMKDY COL ' rittronlo Icmplo. C1UCACO, •" OATS— No. 2 dull, nominal. Western, 20 02Sc; October, 21c; December, 22c. 1 BEEF— Steady. Extra mess, Ju.BOSJC.JO; family, $7.00@8.00. f PORK— Firm. New mess, S7.75@S.50. LARD-^Dull, weak; steam-rendered, J4.13 nominal. BUTTER— Fairly active, fancy firm. Western dairy, 7%@llc; do. creamery. 11® •ICo; do. factory, 7@l(H4c; Elelns, iCc; Imitation creamery, 9@llc. CHEESE— Steady; part skims, 3ii?6c. EGGS— Firm. Western, ;indapo v Made a well Man.of •-. .11 is i-r:i(l lli;i{. KCIRC 3!?st H..;-.ftrr . •horiK.'ts,never use the.' i'd season'. Live Stock. .. • Chlcneo, Sept. 29. CATTLE— Market stronff. Fair to best beeves, $3.-!0@i5.00; Btockers and feeders, ?2.50 @3.S5; mixed cows' arid 1 bulls. $1.40ii/>3.50; Texas, J2.0CS3.25. • .' HOGS— Tlnavy hogs weak, others steady. Light, $3.00@3.00; rough packing, $2.6i)®2.80; | mixed and butchers', ,$2.0S@3.Ei); htavy j shipping. $S.S5ff3.0:: plRP, $1.50 j ' THEGRMT HINDOO MIMIDV ItERULT* In 00 JQATS. Nervous Dlpoue*. iT&lllajr Memory Faretits.S]ecpl«B*nGVc, Nightly Kmu __ •ions, titc., oauaod by pa#t »bupoi, glreri riper a to shrunken organ**, nnd quicklT.DatBun.-lT restore! few*! Hopfaoodln old or young. KMily carried fn vert rnckJt. t'rlc**l.OOn. package. Six far *&.<H> wUH • i " buyan*mttalfmi t butlnMt<t on our drug-piFthnfl not pot It, w» will . I.NPAIM), It . rcnuc«i^,'ropt.,»ff«. »«r»nr =OLD by a R Keesling, LOGANSPORT, 'nd Icidinfi! Hru=:;ifita el&* After Thirty Years' Experience I Hare ibo>bcst >u c;i*Hi for 'ill vrenlrcncrl conditions rcfjanUefcSof •.RUM;.' Afetiiciiies-soni lor.fiill month's trenimont "oroafdoUijT no^.pald, or n*t*lross for nnrtlculur* .. S. JOUKdOk M, IX, UAl'TLK CUK6K. MICH.

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