The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 1, 1962 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 1, 1962
Page 11
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Funeral services were held Apr. 19 at Mason City for Jay Tubbcs- ing, brother of Mrs. W. C. McDougall. He had been in failing health for some time and had suffered several heart attacks. He will be well-remembered by many Algonans through his association with the Bolsford lumber yard vit> the Mason City Mill Works, owned and operated by his father, the late Fred Tubbesing, and an uncle. A number of years ago he was a frequent business visitor here. At the time of his death he was secretary of the Mason City Mill Works, was a past president of the Mason City Junior Chamber of Commerce and Rotary club. For ten years he was actively associated with the Boy Scouts. I didn'l know Mrs. John Sehiin- mel was interested in fishing till she said her son Jerry had phoned from Casper, Wyo., to his wife and parents and said he loves the wonderful country and trout arc biting in a manner to please the most avid nimrod. 'Twas then she said she almost felt like hiking there immediately to get her line in Ihc stream. Jerry's family is awaiting his summons when a house is available and have been here with the' Schimmels since leaving DCS Moinos. Jerry was employed at the S & L store here, was promoted and transferred to De.s Moines and the move to Casper comes as another promotion. • * * Evelyn Schmidt (Mrs. August) told me they are building a new home on East Oak street. It will seem strange to think of them as living in town. They have for so many years lived on the Casler acreage south of town, a pretty location nestled against the woods between them and the Loss farm. Evelyn says she will be glad to have city water and get rid of the everlasting lugging it in by pail- fuls. She sure has a point there. * # V \V'c had a group of singers Wednesday evening from SI. Paul's Lutheran church of Whittcmore, a pre-Easter observance. I will extend thanks for all of us here ai Good Samaritan. # * * I hail callers the : other day whom I had not seen in several years, Mrs. Jack Craig and daughter, Joyce, Humboldt. Jack and Janet lived neighbor to us some time ago. Joyce was just a. little girl then and now she is a young l9dy^,3Ud,^;J3mployed,, in., the-tale- plionc office ,at .Humboldt. Jack has been an invalid many years following a back injury when he fell while working on a bridge. He has to use a wheel chair to go distances and crutches at home. He was in Fort Dodge the day they were here and expected to be hospitalized a few days for a check-up. Four children have been added to the family since they were our neighbors making them a family of eight. Jerry and Nancy are married. Janet had some pictures of them and herself and Jack taken at their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary which was celebrated recently. * * * Beverly /umach was liorc to call on us Wednesday. She is our former head nurse and left here to be manager of a nursing home at Arapaho, Neb. Pictures of the new building and chapel were interesting. It is a new place and has a bO resident capacity, she was back to attend the fiftieth wedding anniversary of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Zumach, Whittemore, Apr. 22. * * * Mary Blescr called me to toll me she knew the Pech family, Bill in particular. I mentioned them last week and wondered if anyone remembered them. * * * Telling tales — "Honesty is no longer the best policy — Many a dumb blonde is a smart brunette." * * * I had a visitor the other day who said he wears a size 13 shoe. He says when he was in college classmates used to ask him if the oars were included. I wear a size 4 and have been trying to find someone who could break in a new pair of slippers for me. Most of the women around here run to 6 plus and sevens. Gosh, imagine Jackie with a size 10! As my visitor said, "You are going to let some one else take the hurt out of them." Yep, that's it. « * * It was fun reading tlie Feb. II high school paper "The Bulldog Tales" and I was particularly interested in the uem about a spelling contest. Way 1 back in our grandparent's day it afforded an evening's amusement, much like the present card parties. Then in my grade school days, we'd have a spell down. I will quote this "Bulldog" item verbatim — "The National Honor Society is sponsoring a high school spelling contest in the school auditorium the third week in April. The four high school English teachers, Mrs. Kalar, Mrs. Kelley, Mr. Diggins and Mr. Schneider, will select the competitiors. A series of elimination contests will precede the main event." Marian Miller devoted quite a ; biU.of space to red heads in his 'column the other,, day, which reminded me of the redheads I have known. Like him, I come undei that category and was called "Red" all through high school. A few friends still call rne that. With Minnie Coale, Myrtle Pelley- mounter and my father, I came under the auburn shade. The lighter red was represented by Vivian Patigburn, Atistle Pelley- mounter, Melvin Henderson and his daughter, Gayle. The flame red belonged to Margaret Bushnell and her brother, Arch, and to this class I might add David Hutchins and the late "Red" Hamilton. Alas my hair has darkened, and some of these I've written about have grayed and worse, LOST. A * * Easter gifts have becii received from the seventh graders under a project of Alice Condon. Cornucopias of candy and pop corn, nicely decorated receptacles which can be hung on our curtains. And cookies from the Titonka Feder : ated Women's club, served wilh limeade. Very good, and thank all of you. » » * Roy! Docs this mnUe me frol my years! Rex Post asked his grandmother Lizzie if I was Scott Buchanan's grandma. Now how he got this impression I have no idea. To my knowledge I've never seen Scott nor do I know his parents, though I have a telephone acquaintance with Mrs. Buchanan No, sorry — 1 am no one's grandma and I confess I feel cheated at never having had a family. However don't picture me as one of those family-yearning women - I'm NOT. * * * The Frank Ruobs celebrated iheir seventeenth wedding anniversary Apr. 23. I asked Mrs. R what they were going to do bv way of celebration. She replied "Make him take me out to dinner." I am sure he was delightcc to do so. * * * When Mrs. Henry Klhort mentioned going to Lone Rock to spend Easter with her cousin and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Brace, I asked her if by any chance they were related to Lettie Brace, resident here years ago, and who will be remembered by the older Algonans. Her father was a rural mail carrier I believe, and I think his initials were S. N. Mrs. Brace was my Sunday school teacher a few years. The family lived on South Dodge street, up on the hill on the cast side of the street. There was a Ninr. Brace, too. Lottie used to work for John Mesing in his music store. * * * A note from Mrs. Max Block. LuVerne, clears up this Pesh-Pech business I wrote about recently. Mrs. Block writes in part — "I was reading in the Upper Dos Moines, a paper we have taken for over a period of 30-some odd years. Today, I came across a clipping where you spoke about some Pesh—should be spelled Pech family that lived about"10 unites from Algona.'If I'am correct, my oldest brother, Fred W. Pech, lived there and Herman Bode was his first wife's cousin. Herman Bode bought the place where mv brother lived. That was back around ItUO when my father pas sed away and I came to live with my brother Fred after the funeral. This Odom sounds like I should know thorn. There was a Kelley Odom. I think he worked for Fred." WORDS OF APPRECIATION Editor Upper Des Moines Algona, Iowa Dear Sir: On behalf of everyone with the Hnrlem Globetrotters please <ic- cepi our sincere thanks for your "underfill help in publicixingi our f rut game and show in Algona. F.-iiher Conway and his group did ;i hue job for so late in the basket- li ill season and we hope to return ,'>::;iin to Algona some time in the ni'.ii- future. Thanks again for your help and kindest regards. ( nnlially, I'nb Reid McWhorter To Aid I.S.U. Drive Ames — R. S. McWhorter, Burl, has been named chairman for Kossuth county in a campaign for support of a proposed cultural and educational Center at Iowa Stale University. McWhorter was graduated in Ifllii from Iowa State with a deprce in animal science. The Center auditorium fo will include an concerts, plays, Tuesday, May 1, 1962 Algona (la.) Upper De» Moines—3 SENECA NEWS Mr. and Mrs deorge Jensen of Ringsted and Mr. and Mrs. August Nelson spnnl i'.'ilm Sunday at operas and lectures which are part of the I'niversity program. It will provide n large meeting place for student convocations, Commencement activities and undergraduate activities. Basketball may be played in this area. A gifl .n »i million wa.i announced in .January as the campaign began. Lots of people play dumb. Unfortunately too many aren't playing. I he F.d. Moll home at. St. Marys, la. They attended confirmation services there, a prandsnn of the August Nelsons. Larry Moll, being a member of Ihe class. Faster weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Baldwin were Dr. and Mrs. Don Baldwin and Mr. and Mrs. A \ Slorm. wonderful in any weather your electric washer and dryer Because you can wash and dry load after load of clothes ,,, without worry about rain, snow, cold . , , and without work, too. See your electric appliance dealer about an automatic electric washer and electric clothes dryer (or a combination washer-dryer) ,, , for comfortable, carefree wash* days any time of the yearl P.S. If you are Building or Modernizing get the Facts on Economical Electric Heat. fy .^ ALGONA Municipal Utilities "Live Better ileetrkally" fyxall cd In Advert! « THIS WEEK \ Magazine • FARADE ' • FAMItV WEEKLY • SUNDAY NEWSPAPERS ' Ptut >,otllo i TV Thiamii Roxa/l nlo'ide 100. Si is 'for 'for NDS THIS SATURDAY April 26 through May 5 "oxoll *«o. Has C tablets. ' «3. SI. If Rexall AEROSOL SHAVE CREAMS Reg. ?8e 2 i far 2 Lavender or Ready Shave. Regular or mentholated. Giant 11 oz. aerosols. Rexair Rixatl Mi-31 ANTISEPTIC SOLUTION Keg. 89c 2 for 90C\ Moulhwasli and gargle. Kills c o n t a c I germs. RUBBING ALCOHOL Rtg. 7tt Cooling, sooth- Ing body rub. Pint. BRITE SET HAIR SPRAY Keg. 51.25 Sets hair right, keeps It bright. 7, oz. aerosol. 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