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The Marlborough Express from Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand • 3

Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand
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THE 'MONDAY APRIL12 1897 AUSTRALIA THE CRETAN CRISIS CURRENT TOPICS SOUTH AURIGA LATEST SHIPPING tons TIBES MINING in CITY EDITION ACCIDENTS AND ATALITIES BRITISH AND OREIGN LOCAL AND GENERAL DRAUGHTS CHAMPIONSHIP THE CHARGE MURDER MEETING CREDITORS SPORTING CYCLING that of CRIBBAGE MARKET REPORTS BOSHER AND CHEMIS on INTERPROVINCIAL SUPREME COURT COURT APPEAL EASTER ENCAMPMENTS MAGISTERIAL Bisley sailed by the the cyclist was also a pas INICAL AULT INDING A man having died at Darwen his wife addressed a long speech to the corpse upon her sufferings' during her married life She then belaboured the body smashing a chair over the dead head necessitat ing the intervention of the police arrived from the north this morning to fulfil his engagements at the Canterbury Jockey Autumn Meeting He has taken up his quarters at Yaldhurst meeting was held He was attended by Drs' Baber'Volckman EXPRESS PASSENGER LIST Passengers from the south to day: or Mr Harris Mr and Mrs Mr Mr Thomas Martin Mrs Miss Turner Miss Porter Mr A Anderson WILLIAM SPENCE A meeting of creditors in the estate of William Spence of Springfield saddler was convened for this morning but there was not a quorum The statement showed that the debts due to unsecured creditors amounted to £34 Is 2d There were no assets The principal liabilities were Mason Struthers and Co £10 10s Id Lightband £7 7s 2d and Hosrlund £5 9s AT LOWER SPREYDON About two on Sunday morning a four roomed cottage in Willard Street Lower Spreydon was burned to the ground The origin of the fire is unknown as the house was empty at the time the late tenant'having shifted out of it about five on Saturday evening The house was the end one of a row of five wooden cottages built very close to one another ortunately a neighbour who was up attending to a sick child noticed the flames and gave an alarm which brought a number of willing helpers together and they succeeded in preventing the further spread of the fire The cottage burnt was insured but in which office is not known and was owned by Mr On April 10 a six roomed house the property of rederick Eisele and situated at West Oxford was burned Mr Eisele states that while filling some kerosene in the back kitchen the full tin which was rnrt ly balanced on an empty one slipped from his grasp and falling upon a lighted lamp which was upon the floor broke it and the kerosene ignited The house was insured in the London and Liverpool and Globe Office for £100 Mr personal effects and tools of an esti mated value of £40 were also destroyed TPer Press Association! CAPE TOWN April 9 The Cape Argus states that the Briti squadron will occupy Island at the entrance to Delagoa Bay BERLIN April 10 A Congress held at Heidelberg resolved to petition the Transvaal Government to nationalise the railways and cancel the dynamite monopoly RICCARTON TRAINING NOTES Monday The weather was so dull and foggy this morning that it was impossible to estimate the exact distance covered by the various horses and therefore to time the majority of the gallops Manawanui negotiated one round at good half pace and Choroid and Weary separately spurted about five fur longs down the back of the course Sea shell and Goldleaf covered one round at half pace and Boreas a similar distance at three quarter speed Miniature brushed over four furlongs smartly and Telemeter and Maximus finished together in a gallop over five furlongs Barshot moved freely in three quarter pace work over six fur longs and Wedlock and Vulcan spurted five furlongs in IminGAsec Chaos covered three rounds with sweaters on at a good striding pace and Salvo Shot Sprig of Myrtle Barmby Jewel Jib Mauser Belligerent Admiralty Bloomer Bold Tally ho Miss Charm Clarence Dumlop and Skirmisher all accomplished half pace and steady exercise All the work by the way was done on the plough After breakfast Alcestis galloped a mile and Rustic spurted about half that dis tance Leda and St Elmo finished together in a flutter over five furlongs and Black and Red covered two rounds spurting the last three furlongs of each round Don covered five furlongs at three quarter pace and Bracelet Daunt Rangefinder Vogen gang Speculation Montacute Belle Clair and Lord Zetland accomplished steady exercise twice round Press Association! WELLINGTON April 12 the Supreme Court of Appeal theC 1 xl 1 znzsl rl Per Press Association! ADELAIDE April 12 The fire which broke out on board the 1 steamer Bothwell Castle was not got under till late on Saturday night Nos 3 and 4 holds were pumped full of water and the cargo has been greatly damaged but the full extent is not known CHRISTCHURCH Monday April 12 (Before Mr Lawrence JP) A first offender was fined 10s (Before Mr Beetham SM) Civil Cases Judgment was given for the plaintiffs by default with costs in the following cases Wigram Bros Bur nip claim £23 Os 8d Harris and Son Watts £2 7s 4d Raphael £6 1 Milne Wilson £16 6s A Lindemann Butler claim £8 19s 4d for goods supplied Mr Johnston appeared for the plaintiff and Mr Byrne for the defendant Judg ment was given for the plaintiff for the amount claimed with costs A Smith A Mansfield claim £2 los 9d as the balance due on a partnership transaction Mr Donnelly appeared for the plaintiff for whom judgment was given for 2s 2d A Schlesinger Munro and Blackburne claim £12 10s lOd Mr Donnelly appeared for the plaintiff and Mr Thomas for the defendants The claim was for stamps stated to have been sold to the late Mr Haultain but the de fendants the executors required proof of the transactions Left sitting! We have heard a good west deal lately of the ill fated Australian Calvert expedition and its exploration attempts to add to our knowledge of Central Aus tralia but it seems that we have neglected the successful efforts of a young English surveyor The Hon David Carnegie started from Coolgardie about the middle of last year and steered a course north with the intention of exploring the great belt of country between Coolgardie and Kim berley He arrived at his destination just after tho Calvert expedition reached the itzroy River minus two men He found no auriferous country and very little hilly ground The desert for the most part consists of sand ridges varied with loose gravel and covered with desert gum and spinifex In one or two places there were small creeks but as a rule the expedition had to depend on rock holes for its water There were occasional native usually dug out rock holes the natives generally guided the members of the expedition to water The blacks werevery friendly if a little impudent and in nearly every instance trustworthy When digging out rock holes the ex plorers kept back the sand by means of a box made of the lids of two concertinas On one occasion they dug for three and a half days and got 140 gallons of water The frequent rests at water holes were beneficial to the camels and the party and the only loss was the death of three camels from poison Tho chief inconvenience was caused by the want of fodder but Mr Carnegie is of opinion that it would be fairly plentiful in a good season The chief result of the expedition was to show that the Coolgardie auriferous belt does not extend up towards Kimberley and that these two goldfields therefore do not belong to the same system But it has also added considerably to our general knowledge of the country and has shown that the fertile patch supposed to exist in Central Australia is not to be found along the track of the expedition CASES PARTLY CONSIDERED kom Our Correspondent WELLINGTON April 12 At a meeting of the executive this morn ing case was partly discussed urther consideration of both the Bosher and Chemis cases were postponed till a meeting to De neia to morrow or Wednesday NO CAMP THIS YEAR A telegram was received this morning by Colonel Gordon from the Wellington authorities definitely stating that no Government camp would be held in Canter bury this year The College Rifles intend to hold their company camp at Akaroa and it is under stood that the Mounted Rifles will journey thither also Per Press Association AUCKLAND April 12 Two seamen of the Mamari quarrelled on Saturday night and one of them named John Morton was stabbed in the face sustaining serious injuries Robert Weddell is the name of the other man wound two inches long extends form the corner of the mouth to the wind pipe but there is no immediate danger When Weddell was arrested he stated that he acted in self defence WELLINGTON April 12 An extraordinary Gazette prorogues Par liament to June 10 In the Supreme Court of Appeal the case of the Casheil Gold Extracting Com pany against the decision of the Registrar for refusing to amend the cyanide patents is being argued The appellant seeks per mission to alter the specifications by con fining them to solutions of 2 per cent of cyanide of potassium and under Monday April 12 (Before his Honor Mr Justice Denniston) NISI PRIUS BANK AUSTRALASIA THE BARQUE DILPUSSUND Mr Wilding obtained judgment in rem the Admiralty law against the barque Dilpussund for £151 being amount of two promissory notes given in New York by the Captain for disbursements necessary for the vessel Mr Barnes holding a power of attorney from the owners consenting Interest was ordered to be paid at the rate of 6 per cent from the time of the dishonour of the bills and costs as per scale ERGUSON LONARGAN Ou the application of Mr Kippenberger for the plaintiff Mr Stringer for the other side consenting the of erguson Lonargan an action for £535 17s was allowed to stand over sine die HOPKINS CLARK Mr Beswick for Mr Papprill asked his Honor to fix a day for the case to be heard The matter was ultimately allowed to stand over until after the Court of Appeal "ANTED by steady man constant Employ ment driver or otherwise wages mode JM Star Office 5633 DEATH April 11 at Castle Hill Alice Emily Broadbelt aged twenty two years Deeply re gretted A RIGHTUL OCCURRENCE AUCKLAND April 12 A shocking accident occurred at the Woodstock mine Paeroa on Saturday with the result that Patrick Wall twenty years of age was killed The deceased with others was employed in blasting and having fired the fuses they retired till after the explosion fuse did not explode with the rest so the deceased thinking that he had not spitted the charge effectively went over to it but on his reaching the place the explosion occurred and he received the full force on his face and chest One eye was blown out both arms were reduced to pulp and a stone entered the chest and passed into the left lung Medical aid was summoned but the deceased died two hours later At the inquest tn day a verdict of Accidental was i eturned no blame being attached to anvone WELLINGTON April 11 William Sharpe a well known jockey who recently rode in Nelson died rather suddenly it is supposed from heart disease The second annual general of the Waltham Cribbage Club on riday evening There was a large attendance The vice president (Mr Joll) occupied the chair The report stated that during the past season the club had played seven matches winning three and losing four The total number of games played was 326 Waltham wiiining 171 and losing 155 In the aggregate Waltham thus won by 16 games During the year prizes had been donated to the club to be competed for amongst the mem bers The successful competitors were Messrs isher Weir Bryden and Deighton The balance sheet showed a small surplus over expenditure The re port and balance sheet were adopted The election of officers for the ensuing year re sulted as follows President Mr isher vice presidents Messrs Joll and A Weir honorary secretary and treasurer Mr Duncan (re elected) general com mittee Messrs Joll Sim Deighton Tregear and Lester The secretary was instructed to write to kindred clus soliciting their co operation in arranging a tourna ment Votes of thanks to the Chairman and to the outgoing officers closed the meeting The Rangiora and Kaiapoi ire Brigade teams played a match on Saturday evening Rangiora won by twenty five game to seventeen In the Rangiora cribbage tournament the Oddfellows and the Southbrook ire Brigade tried conclusions on riday night and the former won by twenty four games to twenty games Per Press Association ATHENS April 11 The Greek irregulars have burned four Turkish outposts The Greek Government denies that it had any previous knowledge of the incursion of irregulars into Tur kish territory LONDON April 11 The Vienna correspondent of the Times states that rench financiers are submitting plans to Kussia for supplying the orte with funds to carry out reforms The Channel squadron will proceed to Malta where it will remain during the continuance of the Eastern crisis IN DIVORCE WASHINGTON WASHINGTON Mr Deacon obtained a decree absolute in the case of Washington Washington TOSSWILL TOSSWILL AND ANOTHER This was a petition for divorce on account of the adultery of his wife with the co respondent Mr Beswick appeared for the plaintiff and after evidence had been heard a decree nisi was granted with costs and leave was given to move for a decree absolute after the lapse of three months TOSSWILL TOSWILL In this case Mr Stringer obtained a decree nisi on the petition after evidence had been given with leave to apply for a decree absolute after three months with costs against the co respon dent the plaintiff to have the custody of the boy PAUL PAUL This was a petition against her husband for a dissolution of marriage on th6 ground of adultery cruelty and de sertion Mr Deacon called the petitioner who gave evidence of the cruelty and miscon duct of the respondent and also as to his desertion Corroborative evidence was given by Langford and east and a decree nisi was granted with leave to apply for it to be made absolute after three months AUCKLAND April 12 A fire at Paeroa destroyed the shops occupied by Mrs Morton dressmaker and Mr Cullen draper owned by Mr Ellis They were insured for £100 Mrs stock and furniture were destroyed but were insured for £200 stock was saved A fire at Karangahake destroyed Messrs Adams store and bakery including £1500 worth of stock The origin is a mystery Mr premises adjoining ere gutted Mr Barrett the owner is ifisuteff for £200 and Mr Adams' stock is insured in the Phoenix and North: German Per Press Association! NAPIER April 12 Jqhu itzgerald and William Wilson who stand the charge of murdering James were this morning arraigned on the charge of rob bery with violence As the evidence is exactly similar to that in the murder case the charge was temporarily withdrawn the Crown Prosecutor intimating that would prefer an indictment against the accused in the Supreme Court for robbery with violence in addition to that of murder Per Press Association! OAMARU April 12 The entries for the championship draughts tournament are Sounness Hannah Mulvey and Scott Invercargill Gibson Manaia Blair Murray Burnett and Anderson Wanganui James Bore ham Jacob Boreham Halpin and Crook Oamaru Jjee Sim fincl Temuka Hales Wellington Beck Timaru Post entries will probably bring the total to twenty five Papers our thousand seven hundred and twenty five copies of the Sta were printed and published on Saturday and 9317 of the Lyttelton Times making a total issue for the day of 14042 The Bowen The subject for the Bowen Prize Essay of 1897 is Imperial policy of Great Britain with regard to her colonies during the reign of Essays may be sent in up to eb 14 1898 Acknowledgments The Hospital authorities desire to acknowledge with thanks the receipt of £2 2s from Mr Geach agent Carl Hertz Company also the Review of Reviews from the Progressive Liberal Association Telephone A petition signed by some 350 telephone subscribers praying that if possible the old rates may be adhered to was forwarded by his Worship the Mayor of Christchurch to the Post master General on Saturday evening got a chill How is outside of the question but he was as hoarse as a crow and could not clear his mucus passages When he met Smith Smith said to him very hoarse to He said am hoarse to day but an ass every day of the Smith laughed and said try Great Pepper mint Cure GOLD IN ABYSSINIA Per Press Association! ROME April 11 The Tribuna an Italian newspaper states that rich auriferous quartz has aiscoverea at Asmara Erythrea Abyssinia HORSE SALESI There were better entries than for some time past at the horse sales on Saturday both as to quantity and quality Included in the entry were a number of good useful draughts and a line of unbroken light horses The demand was not brisk and only a small proportion of the yarding changed hands although the attendance was large Good draughts brought from £20 to £28 medium do £13 to £18 10s good light harness horses £10 to £14 10s and medium do £7 to £9 10s good hacks £10 to £14 and medium do £6 to £9 in ferior and aged from £2 to £5 PIGS AND POULTRY There were larger entries of pigs at the sales on Saturday and a keen demand was manifested for all classes This being the last sale before Easter everybody ap peared to have rushed in poultry irre spective of whether it was fit for market or not and the consequence was that there were a number of pens of half grown birds which militated against a good average in prices There was a keen de mand however and anything at all fit for the table sold well Prices obtained were as follow Pigs Small baconers 22s to 29s porkers 15s to 23s good stores 10s to 15s 6d weaners 4s to 8s Poultry Roosters 2s 3d to 3s 9d hens Is 3d to 3s ducks 2s 3d to 3s 3d geese 3s 3d to 4s 9d turkey cocks 12s to 16s and hens 7s to 9s all at per pair LEESTON At the usual fortnightly sale at Leeston on riday about 1500 sheep 200 head of cattle and nearly 400 pigs were yarded Most of the sheep were ewes of uncertain ages and for these there was little demand lambs alone selling fairly well Very few of the cattle changed hands at prices that are scarcely quotable but pigs sold at well up to prices ruling at the Addington market at lambs brought 9s 6d to Ils stores 7s to 8s turnip wethers 8s to 9s two four six and eight tooth cross bred ewes 6s 6d to Ss 4d failing mouthed do 3s 6d to 4s 6d and south mouthed merino ewes up to 4s DARIELD Close upon 10000 sheep were yarded at the Darfield market on riday and all classes were well represented a larger pro portion than usual being turnip sheep A keen demand was manifested for all sorts and a very good sale resulted at lambs fit for export brought 10s to Ils 8d store do 7s to 9s 6d Breeding ewes were in better demand and almost recovered the prices ruling some few weeks ago and turnipers sold at prices which should be more than satisfactory to vendors Best two tooth mixed sexes brought 8s 6dto 10s 9d inferior to medium do 7s 6d to 8s 3d good young breeding ewes 7s to 9s and inferior to medium and older ewes 5s to 6s lOd Several draught horses sold at prices ranging from £17 to £27 Sir Robert Stout appears to derive from finical fault finding a pleasure which is not creditable to a gentleman in his position Petty quibbling which may be tolerated in the law courts is altogether out of place in Parliament Sir latest exhibition in this line was made on Saturday in connection with the address to the Queen He actually asked that the address should be revised for the purpose of correcting some gram matical blunders and other errors and Messrs Rolleston and George Hutchison joined in the fatuous request This kind of thing reduces parliamentary criticism to the level of the feeblest farce Even if there were serious solecisms in the address as drawn up under the direction it would be an extremely smallthing to invite Parliament to discuss themwhen a civil hint directly or indirectly given in private would be sufficient to the case With only trivialities to justify him Sir Robert Stout on Saturday was guilty of inexcusably bad taste and of unpardonably wasting the time of Par liament No one expects no one looks for crisp classical English in addresses of the kind in fact we are not sure that it would not be highly unconstitutional to have them written in any but a stilted style or to be particular about their grammatical construction It is at any rate highly diverting to see Sir Robert Stout posing as a critic of literary style just as much as it would be to hear the pot calling the kettle black Of all the fairly educated public men who occasionally drop into literary composition not one has Sir lofty disregard for the refinements of his mother tongue and for that reason alone not to mention others of far more im Sir Robert should be the last man to waste the time of Parliament as he did on Saturday BY ELKCTBIC 'Press Association THE' NEW gWKRNOE LONDON April 9 Lord "Ranfurly sails for New Zea land in June A LIBEL ACTION April 10 Mr A Ridsdale a 'well known stockbroker recovered £8000 damages from Mr Houston MP for Liver pool and head of the firm of Houston and Co ship owners and merchants for libel arising out of alleged rigging the market connected with the Lady Hampton consolidated mine West Australia THE GRANT LONDON April 11 Great Britain and rance are send ing warships to New York to take part in the ceremonies in connection with the unveiling of the monument to General Grant HARRY ORNISS Mr Harry urniss the famous caricature artist has sailed for Mel bourne where he opens his A qstra lian lecturing tour ARCTIC EXPLORATION CHRISTIANIA Aril 10 Sverdrup who acted as commander of the Train and brought her safely back to Norway after Dr Nansen left her will undertake a second expe dition to the Pole in the Er am AN EXCITED PRESS PARIS April 9 The visit of British Channel squadron to Minorca in the Mediter ranean is causing excited comment in the rench newspapers Shortly before six on Saturday evening a young man named Samuel itzzell employed at Messrs Moir and mill Southbrook had one of his hips dis located by being crushed between a railing truck and a loading platform at the mill and HENLEY REGATTA A movement is on foot to send an Aus tralian eight to compete at the Henley regatta in Julv ALCOHOLIC LIQUORS A total of 444000 gallons of spirits was manufactured in the colony last year an increase of 42000 gallons as compared with the previous year The export of wine increased by 36000 gallons The quantity of beer brewed amounted to 14492000 gallons a decrease of 5000 gallons If the Minister of Defence the police is as ignorant as he pro force fessed to be when answer ing a question put by Mr Taylor in the House of Representatives on Saturday afternoon he must have shamefully neglected the most important department of the public service com mitted to his charge It is notorious that there have been Complaints from almost every part of the colony of the administration of the police force and that nearly every leading newspaper has urged at one time or another that they should be investigated by an inde pendent commission We are not prepared to say that the complaints are well grounded but when Mr Thompson de clares that there is no necessity for an in quiry we are inclined to suspect that he is scarcely qualified to give an opinion upon this point The Prohibitionists are not as he Minister seems to suppose the only people who have taken exception to the condition of the police force They have of course a grievance which they have made specially their own in the adminis tration of the licensing laws but this by no means completes the indictment against the force It is pretty well known for instance that there is very widespread dissatisfaction with the manner in which policemen are selected and promoted and sometimes controlled In at least one of the large centres this feeling is shared by many ihembers of the force and it would nptitake much persuasion fiom ah inde pendent commission to elicit some rather astounding facts If the Minister is really unaware of all these things we can only suppose that he has never looked beyond the reports of the officials who are largely responsible for their existence His allu sion to the man Wake on Saturday was altogether irrelevant and in the worst of bad taste and we trust that Mr Taylor will be as good as his word and display his usual persistence in bringing this matter under the notice of the House TUB above Troop will operate ns a lyin? Column during tho Easter Holidays and march to Akaroa The Christchurch Members will fall in punctu ally at the Drillshed on THURSDAY 15' li Instant at 630 pm and the Templeton and Tai Tapu parade at Hotel Tai Tapu at 8 im SNOW Captain Commanding CMR Per Press Association MELBOURNE April 12 At the St Kilda cycling meeting the International Scratch Mile resulted Porta 1 Megson Walne 3 The Italian beat Megson after a desperate finish by half a wheel 2min 17sec ive inile Walne 1 Megson 2 Martin 3 Won by half a length Time llmin LYTTELTON ARRIVED Anvil 19 Tn A nan SS 1020 Newton from Wellington Union Steam ship Company agents Misses Pickering and ield Mesdames Patrick rost Dunnage Tulley Compton Lissa man and child Hons Montgomery Bolt Shrimski eldwick Taiaron Stevens Oliver and Peacock Messrs lat man Montgomery Wright Joyce Lewis Tanner Wason Smith Taylor Gilfedder Pareta White Hendry armer Bonner Holmes Allen Kelly Adams Wright Scott Duval Cook Ashcroft ield White Nichols and Martin Rev Newbold and twenty steerage April 12 Corinna ss 838 tons Lean from Wellington Union Steamship Com pany agents Passengers Miss Horsley Messrs Inder Marchesa and aliaearne and three steerage April Janet Nicoll ss 496 tons Ryan from Westport Union Steamship Company agents April Orowaiti s's 283 tons Kerr from Westport Union Steamship Com pany agents SHIPPING TELEGRAMS Auckland April 12 Arrived Rotomahana from Sydney Passengers Mesdames Orchard and Simp son and infant Messrs Simpson Orchard and ellew Wellington April 12 Norwegian barquentine Kor soei with a cargo of salt from Edith burg Tongariro and Omapere from Lyttelton Bluff April 12 Arrived Talune from Melbourne and Hobart at 215 pm assengersr Miss Da Quri Messra Allan Aekland Watt aiicl AUSTRALIAN SHIPPING Sydney April 12 Mararoa Newcastle April 12 Rofokino for Auckland Albany i April 12 Arrived Orizaba from London Pas sengers for New Zealand Mesdames Clarke and Scott Messrs Sorensen Grimshaw and Scott Per Press Associatiow THE LIBEL LAWS SYDNEY 11 At a meeting of representatives of metropolitan and country newspapers with the object of making a combined effort to secure an amendment of the libel laws especially as they apply to news papers it was resolved that the law of libel was altogether out of date and against the best interests of the com munity and required amendment The meeting appointed a deputation to wait on the Acting Premier to urge the intro duction of an amending Bill A STATUE A statue of James letcher for many years prominently connected with the develop ment of the coal trade and parliamentary life being at one time Minister of Mines has been unveiled at Newcastle The cost was defrayed by subscription NEW STAMPS SYDNEY April 12 The Postmaster General limits the new issue of stamps to penny twopenny and twopence halfpenny THE DROUGHT BRISBANE April 12 The stock owners in the Central and Northern Districts are strongly urging the Government to allow cattle to cross the tick quarantine line They state that unless this is done large numbers will perish from the drought BOYAL BANK AUSTRALIA MEtOUR Tfie Royal Bank of Australia deciares a dividend of 3 per cent and carries forward £1148 TEAM OR BISLEY The members of the rifle team to com pete at Parsons senger ACCIDENT TO A JOCKEY Per Press Association! SYDNEY April 12 The jockey Cleal had a most uncom fortable ride on Adoration in the: awks bury Handicap on Saturday The marq bumped: against a fence and a entered leg He pluckily stuck to his mount and landed her a winner after a brilliant finish Cleal had to be assisted to dismount (yticura OR THE Late Advertisement: CANTERBURY MOUNTED RILES Acknowledgement The matron of the School for the Deaf at Sumner desires to acknowledge with thanks the receipt of a parcel of London News from Mrs Aldred of Christchurch Political Association This meeting of the Political Association will be held at 730 to morrow night in the Christian Temper ance Union coffee room Gloucester Street At eight a lecture will be delivered by Mr Collins The has been sub jected for the last few days to ii sftcdessioh of strong north and north westerly winds sometimes amounting to a gale but casualties have occurred except a few broken windows and the fall of a few hay stacks Musical Union There will be a full rehearsal of Cavalleria Rusticana to morrow evening for orchestra soloists and chorus in preparation for the first subscription concert of the season to be given on Tuesday April 26 in the Opera House Performing members are requested to attend at a quarter to eight to receive concert tickets and pay subscrip tions Only subscribers can be admitted as visitors to the rehearsal i Richmond Lawn Tennis Club A meeting of the committee of this club was held in Mr pavilion Richmond on Thursday last present Messrs Lewis (in the chair) abling Bassett and Milne Six new members were elected It was decided to play a match against the Melrose Club on Mr courts on Good riday commencing at 9 arn It was decided to hold an Easter tournament including a and gentle handicap singles competition on Easter Monday morning Messrs Lewis and Bassett were appointed handi cappers West Melton A concert was held at West Melton on riday evening in aid of the prize fund of the school The items consisted of tableaux songs character sketch duets recitations and the operetta airy Voices and the following ladies and gentlemen assisted Misses Rowland Lowe Melbourne and Walker Messrs Rowland Shortland Sinclair Master Scott and the young ladies of West Melton After the concert dancing was indulged in by the young people The stage was illuminated with coloured lights and a most enjoyable and successful even ing was spent St Church Cruci fxion will be sung at St Michael and All Church to morrow evening ateight when the offertory will be for the choir fund Sunday Lecture Mr Collins had a good audience in the Lyceum last night when he delivered a lecture on The Early athers an interesting chap ter in Ecclesiastical Cycling The entries for the Christ church Cycling Bicycling Meeting number ninety seven More entries are expected from the country districts and the declaring of the handicaps has been held over till to morrow Theosophy Yesterday afternoon the weekly public meeting of the Theosophical Society was held in the Lodge room Opera House A paper entitled Death and Re was read by a member This waS followed by the usual discussion Music at the Rotunda A very large gathering assembled around the Rotunda in Victoria Square on Saturday evening when the Woolston Band under Band master Derry played a number of selections which were much appreciated and frequently applauded 1 Hospital Lady Association Hospital Lady Association working partv will meet in the Home at 239 pm on the second and fourth riday in each month Helpers in the work of making warm garments for the destitute patients will be gladly wel comed Christchurch Amateur Swimming Club The presentation of prizes will take place to night at the Clarendon Hotel After the presentation a smoke concert will be held and an excellent programme of music has been arranged All prize win ners are requested to attend and receive their trophies Mr Harris president of the club will preside Woodend A concert in aid of the Tennis Club was given in the Hall on riday evening when there was a large audience The first part of the pro gramme consisted of a pianoforte duet by Misses Hansman and Northey songs by Miss Hansman Messrs Stevenson Hunt Norman and Bennetts duet by Misses Hansman and Northey bone solo by Mr Northey and hornpipe by Mr Lewis The accompaniments were played by Miss Hansman and Mr Bennetts The second part consisted of songs dances and jokes given by a Christy minstrel troupe the following taking part: Messrs Stevenson Hunt Northey Norman Lewis Mnri'iss and Judson At the conclusion of the concert a dance was held ree Novelties for Boys andGirls The agents for Suratura Tea Hubbard Hall and Co are giving free to boys and gifts puzzles and rulers for drawingAdvt EILDING JOCKEY CLUB Per Press Association IELDING April 12 The following acceptances have been re ceived for the eilding Jockey Autumn Meeting EILDING HANDICAP of 200 sova ore mile and a Lorelei 8st 101b Lotion 8st 81b The Artist 7st 131b Light 7st 61b LYING HAN I 'ICAP of 60 sovs six Titoki 8st 101b Sylvia Park 8st 31b Undine 8st 31b Kulmea 7st 71 Zuma 7st 711 WINTER OATS HANDICAP of 60 sovs one Titoki 7st 131b Pompom 7st 91b Sylvia Park 7st 71b Ascot vale 7st 71b IRST HANDICAP HURDLE RACE of 60 sovs two miles and a Rangipai lOst 51b Glenelg lOst Britannia 9st 41b Dromedary 9st 31b Troubadour 9st Mangatangaroa 9st SOUTH CANTERBURY JOCKEY CLUB TIMARU April 11 The following nominations have been received for the South Canterbury Jockey Autumn Meeting HIGH WEIGHT HANDICAP of 40 sovs seven furlonss Pitch and Toss Lady Lear Vic tim Miss Orwell Esau Speculator Vanquisher Double Event and Stockfish WA SHD YK WELTER A NDIC AP of 30 sovs one mile II Gletiore Criterion Mon tigny Ammunition Pony Moore Strongbow Padlock Gloaming Liberty Izn) Roslyn Tale of the War Admiralty and br ui by usilier Mispah AUTUMN HANDICAP of GO sovs one mile un'1 a The Winchman Jewel Telemeter Remorse Salvo Shot Lady Somnus Vandyke Annoyance Chaos and Belligerent TIMARU TROT of 30 sovs two Spider The iddler Jay Gould Blox Black Oak Cosmo Statesman Pareora airchild Royal Hose Win chester Doubtful actory Girl Patience Hum ley Kilrush Mist Craigmore Makikibi and Mar guerite LYING HANDICAP of 40 sovs six fur Pitch and Toss Jewel Molly Darling Vanilla Padlock Maximus Speculator Argon Libert) Salvo Shot Tale of the Wur Goldspur and Miss Orwell STEWARDS' STAKES of 40 sovs six furlongs Molly Darling Victim Esau Maximus Salvo Shot Vanquisher Double Event Stockfish T'tdy Lear Miss Orwell mare by Mizpah COUNTY PLATE HANDICAP of 25 sovs six Victor II Glenore Criterion Montigoy Ammunition Pony Moore Outshot Traitor Strongbow Nigger Padlock Gloaming Izal Miss Hillary Gladjs II Roslyn Tale of the War Admiraltyand Lucy Glitters SOUTH CANTERBURY JOCKEY CLUB HAN DICA 9 of 60 sovs one Pitch and Toss Jewel Telemeter Speculator Remorse Liberty Salvo Snot Lady Somnus Vandyke Annoyance Chaos and Belligerent SHORTS HANDICAP of 35 sovs five furlongs Pitch and Toss Molly Darling Vanilla Padlock Speculator Argon Vandyke Double Event Gold spur and Lucy Glitters ELECTRIC TROT HANDICAP of 25 sovs one mile and a The iddler Jay Gould Chancel dor Te Whiti Black Oak Statesman Pareora Ishu let Devil King Winchester Doubtful actory Girl Patience Huntly Kilrush Mist Wear well Sea King Craigmore and Makikibi 5631 VM ANTED Girl about 16 during day Apj ly 31 Gloucester Street Linwood 5ti34 A small piece of candle may be made to burn all night by putting finely powdered salt on it until it reaches the black part of the wick A small even light may Kept Let 4roomed House scullery gas quart in this way 11 acre rent 8s Apply 33 Chester Street 563 HAIR ih and 8 SKIN A warm shampoo with Cuticura Soap and a single application of Cuticura (ointment) the great Skin Cure clear the scalp and hair of crusts scales and dand ruff allay itching soothe irritation stim ulate the hair follicles and nourish the roots thus producing Luxuriant Hair with a clean wholesome scalp Sold throughout the world Potteb DavQkCHSlfc! CWuSole Proprietors Boston A Il I niwaM wv BARGAINS TODAY AT GREAT SALE AMBERLEY STOCK 42IN B1Ack' heavy CROTER SERGE la 6M now 24in Silk inish VELVETEENS all shades 2s 3d now 4gIN Extra Heavy AMAZON CLOTH all colours Is lid now 5Q PAIR Brown Grey BLANKETS reduced to 1 50 PCS Striped LANNELETTES from 200 PCS Pink Blue Cream and Whitp LANNELETTES from per yard in DOZ LADTES KTD CTnVWS 9a Rd 4 DOZJWhite Lawn APRONS full size Is 3d how 20 DOZ Black Cashmere HOSE Ribbed la 3d now 5 COMBINATIONS (Natural Grey) 12s 6d now J0 DOZ LANNELETTE KN ICKERS reduced to 11D 1S7D Is 7d 4s 6 per dozen ls 1 3d Is 9d 9d 10D 4s 9d Is 3i KENNETH MATHESON CO THE HALL HIGH STREET CHRISTCHURCH late Advertisements Glimpses or the AV obld late Advertisements THE VV ORLD BEAUTIUL BRITAIN BEAUTIUL BRITAIN IN BONUSES ALL GIVEN AWAY See Particulars A I A (J NEW MODELS JUST RECEIVED ORGANS OR CHURCH ORGANS OR SCHOOL ORGANS OR PARLOUR ALL SPECIAL VALUE AT THE I Cycle iding School CYCLING DRILLSHED CASHEL STREET CHRIST CHURCH Promoter PAINTER Open 8 a tn till 6 pm DAILY SESSIONSrom 2 to 5 pm Tickets Is 6d each or Twelve for 10s 6d PRIVATE Ladies or Gentlemen requiring Private Leisona with Special Attention to Deportment can arrange hours to suit conveni ence Terms 2s 6d per lesson er 21s per course 4257 INDIGESTION or WAHOO WHICH IS IT TO BE? CAN HAVE EITHER BUT YOU HAVE BOTH 2s 6d Everywhere Wholesale Asents Kempthorne Prosser and Co New Zealand Drug Company TXT ANTED active man as good Cook also VV active man for Breadmaking Registry 5630 WMT ANTED two respectable girls as Boarders VV moderate prices Apply Office 5624 WANTED Tenders for Building our roomed House Plans to be seen 299 Colombo Street 5621 WANTED irst class Cook also Baker goodwages Apply with references McDonald Manchester Strejt 5623 WANTED for boot factory smart young Salesman and Warehouseman with ex perience Apply ox 304 5626 ANTED to Iet Three urnished Booms with or without board Apply 244 Man chester Street nortlu 5622 WANTED ences Cut and Orchard Cleared Meredith Street off Spencer Street Ad dington Tenders to night 5625 WANTED at once some kind person to take charge of a Baby Girl a few weeks old Apply MC Lyttelton Timhs Office 5628 ANTED the great Herbal Remedy will cure the worst case without operation It dissolves the growth X1681 £20 Iff BONUSES ALL GIVEN AW AT See Particulars "NZ WANTED Gentlemen Boarders share room? superior accommodation terms mode rate 110 Barbadoes Street near Hereford Street east Poiitieal Association Mr wW' Collins willaddress members and visitors in WC'iU Rooms Toueycliffe and Prenis js on Tuesday 13th inst 8 pni Members 730 StM WANTED? Buyers tor our tslia per dozen Apron Checks 4d Cotton Shirtings 4Jd worth 6Jd Shaw Robinson and Co Cashel Street opposite Press Office WANTED Buyers for our White Sheetings 9Jd Table Damask 9d Lace Curtains Is lid to 10a 6d Shaw Robinson and Co Cahsel Street opposite Press Office ANTED Buyers for our White Counter panes 2s lid extra large Sh lid Galateae 3H riuts 6d 7d 8jd all ut 4d Shaw Robin son and Co Caeliol Street opposite Office ANTED Buyers for our 2s 6d Kid Glovesae Is lid Cashmere Hose Is 3d for 10)d BQ Pieces of all Nets from 6id Liale Gloves 9id now 6d Shaw Robinson and Co Cashel Street oppo site Press Office Mr ANTED Buyers for our 4s 6d 5s VV 6s 6d Blouses at 2s lid and Sstid Ladin Sailor Hats Is lid to 2s 6d all at is lowers 3d and 6d per sprav Shaw Robinson and Co Cashel Street opposite Press Office ANTED Buyers for our 2s lid Black igured Lustres at Is lid 9s fid Dresses for 5s lid and 17s 6d Dresses for 10s fid Blousing Silks 4s 6d to 6s 6d all at Is lid and 2s Ud Shaw Ribinson and Co Cashel Street opposite Office WANTED That Mogul Tea is the best nerve invigorator in th market158d WU Chemist has large kJ stock best remedy made disordered Stomach Liver Complain 2263 WT McERRAN (late Biggs) Chemist High Street sells the great Remedy for Indigestion WANTED The Electric Boot Sale A Mills 21C High Street CC IND Spasms Colic Whit VV worth Bed Bottle In 6d Ask any Lancashire lad what it will a Allxraes 239 Cashel Street west 971V 6i best household ointment in 111 the world Instant Cure for all Sores Allpress 239 Cashel Street west 9710 THE best Liver Pill he World Dr recommended by three Canter bury Doctors Is 6d per box Allpress 239 Cashel Street West 97K CUME BACK but arrived too Our grand ideas were wise in their own genera tion but nowadays we go to the COMMERCIAL REST A URANT High Street Our dinner consists of besides other Soups Oyster Soun Boiled and ried ish Oysters on Shell Joints Enttoes Poultry Game and Sweets Tea Coffee or Lemon ade Included Open till midnight Sundays 5 pm to 1030 1923 DINNER Sets 21s to £2 2s unequalled values Cheap Depot X1691' TTMMENSE Reduction in Gold and Silver JL Watches Engagement Bings Chains Brooches Clocks Spectacles at Clarke ana Sale now on Open To night until 830 Come and see for yourself Clarke and Co 148 Colombo Streot X187 'W1T7' ANTED Why do we laugh? Be cause we have found outthat by investing One Pound with A Mills we get the Best Value in the City 216 High Street WANTED Gentlemen to Inspect or Send for Samples of our Celebrated (first award) Serges and Tweeds Suit and Extra Pair of Trousers to Measure 65s Cash Tailoring Coy High Street Triangle 193a WANTED Pure Wool Combinations 16s6dfor8slld lannelette Chemises Is 63 lannelette Nightdresses 2s 3d at Stock Sale Kenneth Matheson and Co The Hall Buyers Colonial Tweed Trousers VV 6s lid Mackintoshes 26s 6d Suits 8s lid Rugs 3s lid and 5s 6d Am berley Stock Sale Kenneth Matheson nnd Co The Hall WANTED Ladies in want of emale Ser vants to apply Miss Glover at the New Zealand Labour Exchange Manchester Street south Every care taken in selecting servants with bomi fide references Reliable servants will find it to their advantage to apply at this office Now Housekeepers Cooks Generals Lady Helps Young Girls or the conveni ence of employers and servants this office will be open on Tuesday Wednesday and riday evenings from 8 to 9 commencing April 6th 1897 Tele phone 3475 TAM Pots holding a pound 9d a dozen at A 50 Victoria Street 5607 POTATOES Prime Quality full sack 5s 6d delivered Christchurch William Pattinsou Johnston Street Spreydon 5620 TAKE Great Peppermint Cure for Coughs and Colds Is fid and 2s 6d all Grocert and Chemists 5432 BOAD A Bargain otOUV owner having to remove Quarter acre choice section house 6 rooms plastered gas fittings Venetian blinds washhouse asphalt paths Bowker Market Place 5627 WELLINGTON HOTEL TUAM STREET Sin EUi Colombo tetreut south Uhrisr church 'Waste Product and Bottle Mer chant Cash Purchaser of Rags Tailors Cuttings Rope Bones Lead Zinc Brass Copper Iron lm Glass Paper Iron (scrap) Oil Drums Ac Every desenption of bottles bought sold or exchanged 255 SMOKE Cameron's Latest Production the New Venus Dark Aromatic Tobacco 2263 SEWING Machines renaired and adjusted at Dnvia Vertical eed Sewing Machine Depot 220 Colombo Street XI699 ONAIL Ointment heals wounds allays irritation cures sunburn delight fnllir cooling to skin ls Sd Chemists Grocers nPABLE Cutlery and Plato See our knives from 5d our forks from 4Jd and our spoon from 24d Minson's 22v Colo nbo Street 7047 TEA Sets 40 pieces 12s 6d 14s 6d the cheapest in NZ Cheap Depfit nnAYLOB Storekeeper always stocks JL 2s 6d cures Indigestion latulence Palpitation Nervousness Sick Headaches Sluggish Liters 2263 HP INCAID Storekeeper for Wahoo" I JLVk 2s 6d best remedy made General debility Cjstiveuess Piles Siok Headaches Neu ralgii Heartburn 2263 SMOKE A AND AVY CIGARETTES In Packets 15 for 6d In Tins 50 for Is 6d Manufactured by the latest patent machines on tho stem Deployer" with at ESLICK Duty Paid Cigarette actory Colombo Street SMOKE Gold JU edallist CIGARETTES In Boxes 12 for 6d In Tins 50 for 2s Manufactured on the with No by the latest patent machines AT ESLIOK Duty Paid Cigarette actory Colombo Street OPPOSITE OPERA HOUSE VISITORS Tourists Travellers and the public generally will find at this modern hotel most excellent accommodation AT REASONABLE RATES The Largest Stock of CELEBRATED PRIZE ALES In Bulk and Bottle iu Christchurch Visitors who rebognise the necessity of drinking only the Best aua Purest Beverages will patrduise the Wellington Hotel All Draught Ale is in Thorough Condition and drawn direct from the wood The Wines and Spirits are of the finest brands UCHS Proprietor Wellington Hotel 4734 Tuarn Street JAM EASO Nests of 5 JAM JARS Is 6d Nests of 6 JAM JARS Nests of 7 JAM JARS 2s fid PINT JARS 5s 6d dozen QUART JARS 6s 6d dozen 2 QUART JARS 9s 6d dozen DUNORD CO 156 COLOMBO STREET CHRISTCHURCH.

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