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The Marlborough Express from Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand • 1

Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand
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Stax No 5029 ESTABLISHED MAY 14 1868 4HHCgSK0aSEa53Ua3a3aQSHraHKnBBBBa9MBaKS LITERATURE LADY DELIVERANCE by MBS HUNGBBOBD (St Budget) I tell you you shall do as I desire you Youwill sit down and write that invitation at You make a mistake I shall certainly not invite lord legley to my house I refuse to receive him to allow him to he in the house with my children and my personal And I tell you you shall invite him Your children! Are they not my children as well? I shall take care they are not brought up young prigs As for your friends I presume they all know I think said she with a pale smile She was sitting in the library where coffee had been served after dinner and with one hand was pretending to stir the sugar in her cup the other was supporting her beautiful head and the lace of her sleeve having fallen back her soft rounded arm showed white in the lamplight What do you mean by that? demanded Blackmore furiously they consider them selves too good for him? And for me too no am quite sure there is net one of my particular friends who would consent to remain for a single moment in the room with Lord said she firmly She raised her face now cold and stern and looked him straight in the face must be particular said he coarsely and far too fine for mo make a clean sweep of them after this affair In the meantime I feel anxious to make an experiment to see if your friends are as virtuous as you imagine Ashe spoke he went up to her and laid his hand upon her arm his face always broad and red was now inflamed and he lurched a little as he reached her "Go over there and write that invitation to Legley with out said she She rose shaking off his hand as she did so There was something so strong so grave in her young face that he shrank back a step or two "How dare you ask me to invite to my house a man of Legley reputation A swindler a a in dignantly refuse to describe him! Even if I were to so far forget myself as to receive him my self I should certainly not have the hardihood to present him to my "Your said he A villainous smile woke in his face "How many have you? Paul Wingfield is one but how many more are His covert meaning his whole expression is replete with insult At his allusion to her cousin Lady Blackmore paled slightly but did not for a second lower her eyes before his I was hardly alluding to Paul or to my other men said she steadily "I was thinking of the girls I have invited for this grouse shooting I should not dream of subjecting young creatures to the gross insolence of Lord You seem to know a good deal about him I know him only through you you introduced me to what of that "Nothing!" with dignity She paused and then said quietly If you wish to entertain Lord Legley invite him to ydur shooting lodge in do not abuse the privileges of your home by" asking him think to conquer said he darkly But you make a mistake Come you write that note at once I have already told you that I will said Lady Blackmore coldly "By Heaven! show you that Pm the master said he He took a step towards her but even as he did so the door was thrown open and a girl entered the room She was tall and very dark She was not beautiful but she was very handsome and her eyes were the more fascinating in that it was hard to read them She was Lady gover the governess she had engaged a month ago for her two children Leo a child of seven and Ethel who was just five the little last birthday had occurred a month ago Miss Banitch went up to Lady Blackmore and held out to her a little brass button told me to give you she said Her voice was quite English so was her whole manner yet she had a good deal of Russian blood in her veins said you were to keep it so that you would remember to come and say good night to do I forget? said Lady Blackmore She regarded the governess with some coldness "If you are going upstairs again please tell her I have received her little She had taken the brass button from the governess with seeming coldness but now she held it tightly witbin her hand as though she was clinging to it with all her strength Her little her darling! Why had she thought she could forget Had this She raised her eyes suddenly to look at the governess and intercepted a glance from that dark young woman directed to her husband There was meaning in it It seemed to Lady Blackmore that the governess was reminding her husband of some promise perhaps She drew in her breath a little sharply But after all it did not como to her as a surprise she had noticed various things lately well was accustomed to it! ive years ago before the birth of her little she had learned the worthlessness of the man she had married my message to said she im periously and the governess at once retired Helena Blackmore waited a few moments as if expecting her husband to renew the dispute that had been in full swing up to the arrival of Miss Baniteh but apparently ho had now forgotten it He had seated himself on a lounge and was leaning forward his forehead on his hand as if thinking Lady Blackmore moved to wards the door but before she reached it he looked up "A said he His tone was quite it was gentle now even deprecatory Helena wondering stood still What did this mean? I am afraid I was rather rude to you a while said he smiling His smile was always a terror to her But we say anything more about Legley After all I daro say he is not quite respectable There I give in Come now You must allow a sign of He came towards' a little unsteady with his hands outheld but Lady Blackmore busied herself with her fan and did not see them "If I do something for do some thingforme said Blackmore with what he fondly believed to be an irresistibly in sinuating air And do you know that poor devil of a noticed her lately and she seems to be down on her luck A girl like you born of good people and must feel it beastly being stuck up in a schoolroom all day long without getting a chance of conver sing with her equals I you think we might give her a show eh Ask her down to dinner you know He was always vulgar but he was patticularly so at this moment Lady lip curled If he had not been considerably the worse for the champagne he had taken at dinner ho would hardly have dared to make this request with ourselves alone you know But to morrow have people here and it would be a real kindness to give the poor girl an hour or irst Lord Legley and now my governess I fail to understand said Lady more engaged Miss Banitch to educate my children not to entertain my You refuse then refuse again His brow darkened I tell you have her and Legley too for all that Sit down there and He caught her and tried to drag her towards a writing table She resisted passion ately and he laid his hand upon her throat in a sudden access of fury and pushed her against the wall She was tall and strong and exquisitely moulded and might therefore still have resisted him but that he had her wrist in his grasp and in some way bent it backwards A sharp cry escaped her! At that moment footsteps outside could be heard: and presently a voice The voice belonged to Paul Wingfield Blackmore who had a wholesome dread of his cousin sped incontinently from the room through a door that led to a passage beyond Helena with the quick desire of a woman to save appearances at all costs forgot the pain her wrist was causing her and hurrying to a chair flung herself into it and pretended to be reading as her cousin entered the room She had one last regret that she had not been able to lower the lamp She was afraid of what her face would surely betray She knew she was as white as death and she could not control her heavy hurried breathing That clasp upon her throat had been suffocating said she looking up and managing a smile with an effort I ran over (he lived about five miles away) to tell you that I be able to come to Her voice her heart died with in her She had so depended upon him to help her with her guests during this ensuing to keep her husband inorder! Blackmore was in a degree afraid of him and was generally civil and drank a good deal less than he usually did when Paul was staying in the house She paused is it something she asked "Well Treadall has just telegraphed to say he must see me to morrow about those leases it will take quite a day to look them over and see the tenants I thought come and tell It was good of you Her eyes were down cast The tears indeed were rising in them and she feared lest they might be seen All the world seemed slipping from her She was tied for life to a very brute the woman she had chosen as companion for her children was a traitor and now Paul was deserting her She did her best to restrain her tears but she was overstrung through her late hideous encounter with her husband and feeling that in another moment they would overflow she rose abruptly and went over to one of the windows Wingfield followed her His heart was too full of her not to know that there was trouble in her air What is it asked he As he came near she pulled one of the blinds aside holding it against her face and bo hid herself under pretence of looking at the night She controlled her voice with difficulty if you could put off this visit of your for a few days She stopped She felt she could not go on it is a matter of consequence to you of course I shall make a point of doing said Wingfield You know there are few things I would not do for you He spoke quite calmly and as he did so he put out his hand and took hers It was a perfectly kind and usual action but as his hand touched her wrist a little sharp agonised cry escaped her Oh It hurts' cried she involun tarily He drew herback with a sort of authority in his air into the full light of the room and there examined her wrist It was already swollen and was turning a little black How did this happen demanded he began she she was not an adept at lying it was a twist I go said he sternly lie to me for him! Do you he let her go and stood back his face set and his dark eyes "I have not seen for a long have not known the life you lead And He stopped as if choking it has come to he pointed to her poor swollen wrist that Oh the damnable coward cried he hush! Oh entreated she wildly In her anxiety lest her husband might be near and might listen (she understood him to quite a terrible extent) she raised the hurt arm and again a faint cry came from her Somehow the pain seemed worse this time and suddenly she burst into wild tears passionate and full of despair Her life 1 What was her life how What could it ever be? "ailure was writ large all over it And itmight have been so different! Oh if there had been only some one to guide her in her early some one to stand between her and her marriage She felt she krikw that Paul loved her And she alas alas she loved him too Why had she not waited Why had she allowed her self whilst still almost a child to be hurried into a marriage with the brute whose name she bore voice broke upon her ear She rose and turned to him wildly I can hear it no longer cried she fiercely I have borne too much already I must speak to some one or go mad All day long I live in a state of misery all day long I endure insults beneath which every woman I know would ebel but it has come to a climax now To night he desired me to ask Lord Legley to meet iny guests and from Wingfield but she waved his interruption aside after that almost openly avowed his admiration for my or stammered Wingfield Miss Ranitch She drew herself up with a superb air doubt me perhaps yet when I refused to receive her to morrow night at a dinner to which my friends have been invited he she paused and shrank a little Wingfield went to her What Helena? caught me by the said she in a low fierce tone pushed me back pointing to the wall behind him and held me until breath was hardly left me Then you She sank into a chair and bowed her lovely head upon the table Again violent weeping overcame her and a moment afterwards she found herself within his arms She yielded for a second It was so sweet to know him hers and then made an effort to release herself me entreated he passionately know you must know that I love you If you had been happy in your marriage I would never have spoken but living the life you do with that scoundrel Helena my be said she with pale You had better "What! And leave you to be killed by that brute No my darling He caught her hands and drew her to him All my life I have loved and you only Why did you not wait eagerly we have waited long enough Helena Come away with me Leave this devil who has possessed you for a time and seek life with me All in a moment she woke She had been in a trance within his arms but a vision had come to her a vision of two little tiny ones who called her mother Their eyes sought her voices cried to her Better live the life of the most wretched being than desert them She drew back a horrified expression on her face are you cried she CHRISTCHURCH WEDNESDAY AUGUST 15 1894 (aj ONE PENNY: "What would you make of me? Would you insult me too (To be continued) TELEGRAPHIC Special to Pbess Association EVICTED TENANTS BILL LONDON August 14 In the House of Lords Earl Spen cer hinted that the Chamber could remodel the Evicted Tenants Bill Baron Balfour moved its rejection and was supported by the Marquises of Londonderry and Lansdowne and the Duke of Argyle Lord Tweedmouth ou behalf of the Government declared that if the Lords rejected the measure they would rue the day The debate was adjourned LONDON RATES In the House of Commons this evening a Bill providing for the equalisation of the municipal rates of London was read a third time A NEW ATMOSPHERE Lord Rayleigh the well known professor of natural philosophy has informed the British Association for the Advancement of Science that he has discovered a new gas atmosphere SUICIDE THROUGH GRIE PARIS August 14 Santo brother of the assassin of the President has committed suicide The cause is said to be grief at his position A KAIR REVOLT PRETORIA August 14 The Kaffirs in Zoutspanberg are again in revolt and are attacking Agatha Troops have been sent to repel them RE ELECTED SYDNEY August 14 Despite the opposition offered by the Labour Electoral League Mr Cook PostmasterGeneral was re elected by a majority of about 700 Mr A Gould Minister of Justice was also returned by a large majority CURRENT TOPICS WHAT THE NEWSPAPERS SAY footbaliTunion The Canterbury Bagby Union has acted in a manner becoming the character of sportsmen and gentlemen by remaining loyal to the New Zealand' Union' ndtwith standing the ref usal cf the latter to permit Canterbury to meet Otago this Wellington Post RAILWAY BRIDGES We are not surprised to learn that in the South Island rotten railway bridges abound but it is somewhat alarming to hear that the true state of these structures has been concealed by the Wairarapa Times OPPOSITION CRITICISM The criticism of Captain Bussell and his followers can be placed at its true worth criticism from a purely party point of view for the purpose of making political capital and not in the interests of the country and with the object of enhancing our progress Manawatu Standard THE LIBEL BILL We repeat again that the liberty of the Press and as a necessary consequence the liberty of the subject are threatened in this Bill which embodies entirely retrogressive and illiberal principles Dunedin Star LEASE There is noz principle at all in the Timaru Herald Land that is only worth a few pounds an acre now will no doubt in another fifty years be very valuable If a lot of this land is let on the least! in perpetuity basis at a shilling or two an acre it means that the unearned increment will be lost to the people and the very essence of the reform extracted Wanganui Herald THE PREMIERSHIP The discussion about Mr wishes is idle and West Coast Times If Sir Robert Stout can produce no more evidence than his bare assertion he is guilty of folly and indecency in repeating the Napier News It was Mr genuine common sense and his greatness of heart that won for him the affection andrespect of the public and these very qualities would prevent him from acting ungenerously towards a faithful co worker or operating secretly against him with his dying breath Oamaru Mail If Sir Robert Stout was the heir desig nate Mr Seddon was the heir we mean that he was evidently the only man fit to take the and the party did the right thing in throwing the undemocratic compact between Mr Bal lance and Sir Robert to the Napier Telegraph SWEATING Where sweating has gained a strong hold in European and American cities it seems almost impossible to stamp' it out We should do well in New Zealand to take precautions in time and to be on our guard against the ten dency to establish that baleful system which has proved so disastrous to other Auckland Star THE COMMERCIAL OUTLOOK Considering the heavy falling off shown in csitain lines it is consoling to find the decrease to so considerable an extent made up by improvement in other items Wheat will probably to a great extent be made to give way to grazing dairying and mixed farming In kauri gum and hemp some improvement may be looked for when a sounder and healthier state of things shall be brought about in the United States Shrewd obnerverc of the state of the world are looking forward to a general rise in the prices of commodities and whenever this may take place New Zea land with its increasing production and capabilities will secure a full share of the benefits to accrue from the change Trade Review resh actory Buttsr (branded) of ex cellent quality 9d per lb atT Cashel Street 2396 Lyceum Bbasb List evening a in aid of the funds of the Lyceum Brass Band was held in the Lyceum There was a very good atten dance Songc were sung by Mrs Hall and Miss Button a recitation was given by Miss Spring Mr Btinz played a violin solo Mr Davidson danced a hornpipe and musical selections were p'ayed by the band The music for the dancing was supplied by Messrs ox and Derry Mr Nancarrow acted as MC The Correct Time can be secured by having your watches and clocks repaired by 8 Clarke and Co watchmakers and jewellers Colombo Street opooeite XS01 ANGL' COLONIAL NOTES ROM OUR LONDON CORRESPONDENT London June 80 THE AGBNT GEHERAD The Agent General and Lady Perceval have issued several hundred invitations for their At Home at the Imperial Institute on the evening of riday July 6 to meet the Right Honorable Sir George Grey 7 Park Place where Sir George is stay ing is as some New Zealand papers seem to a private house but a series of suites of chambers managed on the hotel principle Each resident has hie own flat shut off from the rest but all are served from the same kitchen and by the same servants Other notables having chambers in the building are Sir John Astley and Mr Coningsby Disraeli I forget if I told you that a few years back 7 Park Place was the Park Club the famous gambling hell where the Jubilee Plunger lost and won so much The Agent General and Lady Perceval were amongst the very first callers to inscribe their names in the book at the White Lodge last Sunday and to offer colonial felicitations to the Duchess of York on the advent of the tiny com moner who until her Majesty ordains otherwise is mere Master Guelph ESTATE DUTIES The memorial addressed by the Agents General to the Treasury as to the Budget proposals has been issued as a Parlia mentary paper and excited some comment It does naturally strike the Government organs as a very convincing document To remarks the Chronicle" that when a man is liable to pay estate duty in England he should pay if amongst other things on his invest ment in New Zealand mortgages seems to be sufficiently obvious The Agents General say they rather think it is uncon stitutional but they say it without con viction The kernel of their complaint lies in the paragraph in which they say their Governments are afraid that the duty may impede that free interchange of capi tal with the colonies which is so necessary to their development and that they wish their own securities to have differential treatment as compared with those of foreign Governments In other words they seek to obtain from Sir William Harcourt such a' concession as will raise the price' of colonial stocks This is an astute form of patriotism and it does the Agents General much credit but it is too BISHOPRIC WELLINGTON The Vicar of Eastbourne has declined the bishopric of Wellington on the ground that hia health would suffer from the sea voyage I fancy pretty that had the income of the See been JB1000 instead of £700 a yer Mr Eeckersteth Oakley would have foupd the call of duty override even health conditions PERSONAL Mr Arthur of Dunedin sailed yesterday for the colony per 'Riia pehu He called at the New Zealand Press Agency last Saturday morning and talked bi metallism with fearful enthu siasm for the best part of an hour What Mr know concerning this abstruse question is not I take it worth considering He has spent days at the League Office interviewing this authority and that wallowed in the recent Bi metallic Conference sat on the platform at Hall listening to Sir David Barber hold forth on bi metallism and hobnobbed with Grenfell who threw up a seat in Parliament and a lifelong attachment to Mr Gladstone because the latter declined to support this Mr is now full even to of bi metallism and if he convert every New Zealand legislator whom he can nobble it cer tainly be for want of an effort Mr James Ireland of your colony who is stopping at Westgate (near Margate) narrowly escaped drowning on riday last whilst bathing from the beach He had been swimming for some time and was in deep water a considerable distance from the shore when cramp seized him and he sank ortunately his companion Mr Galashiels happened to be by and going to the rescue managed with great difficulty to get the unfortunate man to land Both were much exhausted Mr Ireland being indeed well nigh insensible from pain and fright Mr Jellicoe represented New Zealand ut Lord funeral but I cannot find out where he is staying in London Up to yesterday he had not called upon Sir Westby Perceval Mr Brett of the New Zealand Press Agency has received instructions to bring out an English edition of the sensational romance which recently ran serially through the New Zealand Graphic Mrs Shephard of rights celebrity is still very busy attending meetings In this connection I may mention that the opponents of women encroaching on province are think ing of testimonialising the lady Mayor of Onehunga It is reckoned that this good lady has by her delightful vagaries done the cause more downright mischief in a few months than years of masculine diatribes were able to achieve She will go down to posterity as the dear creature who proved conclusively to the world the incapacity of lovely woman to meddle (save disastrously) with affairs municipal Mr Harry Vogel the second son of Sir Julius has a sporting story called Jim in the Pall 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circumfer ence round the body two inches below the top of the hips in a line with the protrusion State if the rupture is on the right left or both sides or at the navel and about the size of protrusion and any special characteristics of the displacement THEODORE SKULL SURGICAL INSTRUMENT AND APPLIANCE MANUACTURER 91 SHATESBURY AVENUE LONDON ENGLAND (Two walk from Piccadilly Oxford and Cambridge Circuses) (Established 1863) Manufacturer of all kinds of Surgical Instruments Trusses Belts Obsteric Binders Elastic Stackings Knee Caps Anklets Suspensory Bandages Enemas Syringes 1 Pessaries Rubber Goods ull particulars mailed free X1220 GENERAL IRON MONGERS Borner Cashel Colombo Streets TO DAY are Opening ex from A LARGE AND WELL ASSORTED STOCK BBEECH LOADIN GU Single and Double Barrel all of excellent vain Celebrated REPEATING RILES3 and '44 Best Sporting Rifle in the market ARTBIDGES Loaded Black and Smokeless Powder CARTRIDGE CASES WADS CAPS LOADING IMPLEMENTS GUNPOWDER EC and Black SHOT Har dened and Chilled WBY Ch 5 1 a i Bl Bl 9 1 rir rwr nckY nvar'i IkfIASH IP AT Wr oil EMPLOVED TO 9AUW1 I Tffy POORS HORSEJDOVERS NYONE WANTING A THOROUGH GOOD HORSE COVER SHOULD GO TO JOHNSON SAILMAKEBS CASHEL STREET CHRISTCHURCH WHO KEEP A GREAT VARIETY PRICES ROM 12s 6d to 30s TARPAULINS Attention is also drawn to the Great Value of TARPAULINS farmers often saving in one season the value ten times over by using them to cover their grain or wool CUTLERY of Best Makers Splendid assortment ELECTRO PLATED WARE and ANCY GOODS CACKLING MAY be excused for making on awfully big racket over a mighty little egg but when she cackles for an hour over a china door knob time to throw a brick at her There is also some excuse for a merchant cackling a good deal over a GENUINE BARGAIN But when the so called bargain turns out to be a DOOR KNOB BARGAIN it is time somebody threw a brick or a at the noisy thing an awful lot of cackling about bargains going on now but we guess all door knob bargains so here goes our brick meet any price show bettor quality for the same money and do better by yon than any other firm or Buck eye concern in Christchurch NO DOOR KNOB BARGAIN ABOUT THIS A MILLS CORNER HIGH AND LICHIELD STREETS CHEAPEST BOOT SHOP IN THE CITY THE OLLOWING GOODS ALWAYS IN STOCK AT THE SAME ESTABLISHMENT TENTS HORSE COVEHS LOIN COVERS CART COVERS LAGS PULLEY BLOCKS HAMMOCKS ISHING LINES CRICKET NETS LAWN TEciNIS NETS SHEEP NETS MANILLA ROPE LAX ROPE ISHING NETS MARQUEES TENTS LAGS AND TARPAULINS ON HmE PARCEL TWINES THATCHING CORD SACK TWINE OILSKINS REAPER BINDER APRONS PLOUGH LINES GARDEN LINES PLEASE NOTE THE JOHNSON COUZINS CASHEL STREET CHRISTCHURCH OPPOSITE MESSRS BALLANTYNE DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENT ALWAYS A LITTLE UNDER X998 3 BROTO ASH SON TIMBER and COAL MERCHANTS BUILDING MATERIAL IN GREAT VARIETY PARTIES intending to Buill are invited to inspect our Stocks of SEASONED TIMBER And also to ask for our Prices BEST NEWCASTLE WESTPORT BLACK BALL MALVERN COALS AND IREWOOD Best attention given to Deliveries OICES and YARDS corner Colombo ani Tuam Streets WHOLESALE YARDS St Asaph Street PO Box 306 Telephone No 72 X54.

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