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The Marlborough Express from Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand • 2

Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand
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THE MAKLBOKOUGH EXPRESS THURSDAY APRIL 7 SHIPPING NEWS PORT WAIBAU ABBIVALH Apr Opaws B0 60 tons Eokford from Wellington Passengers: Master Mullen Apr Pania ss 40 tons isk from Wellington Passengers: Mrs Winter Messrs Barobam (2) and Young DEPASTURES Apr Pania ss 40 tons isk for Wellington PORT PIOTON ARRIVALS Apr Wainui ss 391 tons Worrall from Wellington Passengers Mesdames Eiohlebaum and boy Blake Paterson Reynolds and boy Misses Low Cotterell Clemen's Messrs Eiohlebaum Blake Low Brown Monro Adams Avery Hunter (2) and Small Apr Rotorua ss 576 tons Wald from Nelson Passengers: Miss Bird Mrs Sohwass Messrs Dunean King and 3 steerage DEPARTURES Apr Wainui sb 391 tons Worrall for Nelson and Coast Passengers: Mrs PoweV Miss McLean and Mr Tindill Apr Rotorua ss 576 tons Wald for Wellington Passengers Mesdames Bsgg Mills McKenzie Baril MoMannaway Reid and oUild Mieses Hildreth Pag Osgood McCallum Nicoll Boyce McKenzie Pirrie Greensill Park Lucas Mitchell Taylor Biroh McIntyre Messrs Mills MHB Andrews Horn Park Kenny Jackson Tapp Lane Ohaytor Washbourne and 10 Bteerage Apr Tutanekei for Nelson MAILS CLOSE Mails will close at the Chief Post Office Blent aim as under (subject to necessary alterations Thursday April 7 Nelson and West Per Botorua dosing at 7 pm Wellington Northern Southern Ports Rotorua closing at 7 pm India China Japan Straits Settlements Continent of Europe and United Kingdom specially marked via Naples due in London May 24th also Australia and Tasmania Rotorua closing at 7 pm Saturday April 9 Nelson and West Overland via Havelock dosing at 680 am Nelson and West Per Haupiri dosing at 7 pm Wellington Northern and Southern Ports Opawa dosing at 7 pm Wbdnbsdat Apbid 13 Samoa Hawaiian Islands West Indies America Continent of Europe and United Kingdom via San rancisco due in London May 18th Per Rotorua dosing at 8 30 pm DAILY TEMPERATURE RBI ORT April 7 1898 9 am Bussell 66 Hokianga Heads 65 Pouto 65 Manukau Heads 66 Auckland 69 Tiritiri 67 Thames 65 Cambridge 61 Tzuranga 65 Taupo (alt 1209ft) 55 Gisborne 67 Napier 63 Castlepoint 62 New Plymouth 62 OapeEgmont Patea Wanganui 64 Wellington 62 Bleaheim 67 Cape Campbell 66 Krikoura 56 Nelson 58 arewell Spit 61 Westport 60 Greymouth 58 Hokitika 55 Bealy (alt 2140ft) Lyttelton 67 Christchurch 58 Timaru 64 Oamaru 60 Port Chalmers 59 Dunedin 60 Clyde (alt 600ft) 58 Queenstown 50 Baldutha 49 Inveioargiir 59 Bluff 57 Wallington Office London Agents: ildeb Mitchell A Turnbull Co Co 7 Grey Street East India Avenue CORRY Co PRODUCE MERCHANTS AND COMMISSION AGENTS MARKET STREET BLENHEIM Bankers National Bank ot New Zealand Ld IASH JgUYEBS BARLEY WHEAT OATS CHA POTATOES ONIONS PEAS and every description of ARM PRODUCE AT STOCK EVERY DESCRIPTION purchased for CASH on delivery LAX INANCIAL INSUR ANCE BROKERS LOANS negotiated on most favorable terms liberalIdvanoes ree of Commission made against any description of Produce sent in for Bale in either London Australian or Colonial markets) ON SALE: CORNSAOKB TWINE OILS and ARM IMPLEMENTS at Cowest Cubbent Ratbs STACKS Tn SORED AGENCIES: Aitbbn Wilson Co Wellington General Merchants Commercial Union Assurance Co (ire and Marine) Boots Macdonald Co arm Implements Chemical Stobbs Co Oils Marking Inks Walsh's Patent Eleotrio Wire Strainers DENTAL NOTICE THE LONDON DENTAL CO (Wellington Branch Lambton Quay COMPLETE set of irst Prize Gold Medal Teeth for £3 3e Teeth stopped with Gold Porcelain or Amalgaim from 5s pure gas 2s 6d Extractions 2s 6d and Is The most complete system of painless dentistry in the world Teeth filled over roots if required no unnecessary extrac tions Crown Bar and Bridge work a specialty We guarantee all work for 10 years OR SALE 20000 CARTRIDGES 12 TO 28 GAUGE EO ELEYS CLUB and RIVAL CHEAP OR CASH JUST LANDED: 1 TON RN PLOUGH SHARES HAL A DOZEN DAVIS SEWING MACHINES A MARKET STREET MR LLOYD SURGEON Maxwell Road opposite Dr MR LLOYD will visit IPioton the first Tuesday and Wednesday in each month Consultation bbk MONEY TO LEND ON GOOD SECURITIES in sums from £50 to £50000 at lowest rates of interest Investments on mortgage under taken for persons with capital ALRED BOGEBSSolicitor High Street ALLAN HAS GIGANTIC SALE HALL COMMERCE REMOVED Alfred Street OPPOSITE stables OPENING SALE NOW ON MM ALLAN OPPOSITE McKENZIES STABLES IT is hereby notified to the customers of the late Mr GIRLING and the General Public that the business will be carried on by MBS GIRLING under the same style and signature as heretofore In order to facilitate the settlement of affairs it is absolutely necessary to reduce the stock by several thousand pounds previous to stocktaking £15000 WORTH GENERAL DRAPERY CLOTHING MANTLES MILLINERY CARPETS LINOLEUMS Ac TO BE SLAUGHTERED Every Article in stock will be subjected to DISCOUNTS up to ITY PER CENT REDUCTION inclusive of all the NEW GOODS for the season recently opened and to arrive We intend this Sale to be the BIGGEST ON RECORD as it will be the most genuine ever held in Blenheim The Bale commences on TUESDAY APRIL 12 when the WONDERUL BARGAINS AND UNIVERSAL REDUCTIONS will equally surprise and please purchasers Letter Orders from our customers at a distance will participate in the advantages of the sale the same as if personally selected AN EARLY SETTLEMENT ALL OUTSTANDING ACCOUNTS WILL OBLIGE Doors open at 10 o'clock on TUESDAY MORNING AUTUMN ASHIONS ALL GOODS AT OR BELOW CITY PRICES NEW ZEALAND CLOTHING ACTORY 'MARKET PLACE LONDON HOUSE OPBNING UP OUR IRST SHIPMENTS Thursday April 7 1898 NEW SEASONS RHODES BEDIVIVU8 GOODS SMALE AND HAY DIRECT IMPORTERS BLENHEIM EX BUAHINE ROM LONDON RED BOOT MABT Opposite the Criterion Hotel COMORT DURING THE WINTER MONTHS GIRLING A CO HALL COMMERCE BLENHEIM PIOTON HAVELOCK MR WILSON DENTIST Maxwell Road Blenheim WEN BLEY PROPBIETOB REMOVED two doors south of Dr CleghobnjS Surgery PUBLISHED EVEBY EVENING MISS AMY JOHNSTON Dentist during Mb Wilson's absence from Blen heim will attend to any of his patients THE undersigned wishes to remind the public that he has JUST LANDED a large stock of and Warm ur bound and Wool lined SLIPPERS for the COLD WEATHER Alsoa large stock of end Pumps for EVENING WEAR in white tan and bronzp Also a lot of Ladies' and Gents' WALKING BOOTS and SHOES in English and Colonial Manu facture TTTE have opened a Very Choice Assortment of NEW GOODS comprising all the latest Novelties in Hats Caps Shirts Ties Tying Bows Braces Hosiery Collars Mufflers Gloves Belts Studs Blankets Bugs Portmanteaux Trunks Um brellas We have also a splendid range of NEW TWEEDS and Waterproof patterns for our Special Measure Department New Goods in and Clothing of OUR OWN MANU ACTURE from the best of Colonial made Tweeds Whatever loss of prestige may have been experienced by Mr Oecil Rhodes as the result of the Jamieson raid and the disclosures made before the now famous Committee of Enquiry it is evident that his star so far from being permanently eclipsed is about to shine more brightly than ever and that this bold able though as some will have at unscrupulous politician is destined once more to control the destinies of South Africa It was announced in a recent cable gram that Mr Rhodes has secured the support of the Dutch party at the Cape and that his avowed policy is one of equality of both races which he is convinced will soon induce the federation of the British colonies in South At first sight it might appear strange that the Dutch party should now be according sup port to the man who above all others has opposed the policy of that stern old Dutchman Oom Paul It must be remembered however that the Dutch settlers in the Cape Colony Natal and others of the South African colonies over which waves the British flag have little in common save their Dutch origin with the Boers of the Transvaal or South African Republic The former are altogether a superior race superior by reason of their longer and fuller enjoyment of the advantages and blessings of advanced civilisation which British rule has brought to South Africa whereas the Boers for years shut in the Trans vaal away from railways and hating anything in the shape of material progress save that evinced in the increase of their flocks and herds have remained hopelessly behind the times Even in the Transvaal itself the Boers are not all devotees of the Kruger cult and it is notorious that the shrewd and unscrupulous old President only secured his retention of office at the recent election by the most unblushing bribery corruption and abuse of the Government influ ence as potent in the Transvaal as it is nearer home The better class and better educated of the Dutch at the Cape and elsewhere in South Africa must recognise that Rhodes and certain of his friends who have brought into profitable exploitation the gold mines of Johannesburg and the diamond mines of Kimberley are men whose enterprise and ability have created new home markets for the produce of the settler and been the means of flooding the country with capital from onside To them however much some of them may have disliked his method Cecil Rhodes is the personified embodi ment of Progress whereas avowed policy is to crush out 'the foreign capitalist and have the coun try remain as it was at one time a land of flocks and herds and their owners and tenders Kruger stands for Stagnation and Rhodes as we have said for Progress and between the two they have little difficuly in deciding under which they shall serve rom an Imperial point of view the return to power of Cecil Rhodes must be regarded very favor ably Had it not been for him and his vigor and energy his contemptu ous disregard for the do nothing policy of the red taped Little Eng who so' long reigned supreme at Downing Street Bechu analand and Rhodesia would to day be an appanage of the Transvaal Again his restless energy and pre scient forethought have rendered the dream of an line from Capetown to Cairo a possibility and although he may have erred indeed did err in the matter of the Jamieson raid the provocation given by Kruger ip his vile treatment of the griev ances of the Uitlanders at Johan nesburg must have been well nigh irresistible to Rhodes who knew full well how well the Uitlanders mainly colonists of British birth had worked to make Johannesburg a great city and to open up the wealth of the Rand by their energy and capital The temptation to force hand and break down the Boer tyranny was too great for Rhodes and so the raid with all its evil effects took place and was un successful Rhodes was blamed and no doubt rightly so for his share in the business but had Jamieson suc ceeded and the Uitlanders backed by troops succeeded in forc ing reform from the Transvaal Go vernment what a shout of appro bation of action would have gone up in England We may now assume that whatever faults and rashness he has amply atoned for them by the disgrace into which his name fell and the very fact that he is now receiving the support of the Dutch party at the Cape proves that with them at least all is for given The advent to power of Rhodes will necessarily be a sore blow to Kruger but unless Great Britain gets involved in a war which will cripple her military resources and prevent her from maintaining by force of arms her supremacy in the Transvaal Oom reign of power is within measurable distance of a termination He blocks pro gress he is unjust nay absolutely tyrannical to the men of British birth within his country sooner or very soon if Rhodes comes into power again he will have to submit to the inevitable With the Dutch party at the Cape at his back Rhodes can easily force Oom Paul to come to terms and in the interests of the whole commercial population of South Africa the sooner the bigoted old reactionary and blocker of progress is brought to book the better LOCAL AND GENERAL NEWS 4 Tenders for cross ploughing 150 sores at Timara close on Saturday Good To morrow being Good riday there will be no publication of the Express The Government offices will bs closed from this evening until Tuesday morning for the Easter holidays Photo A photograph of the volunteers and Garrison Band was taken before their departure for camp this morning Messrs Green and Co will sub mit to auction on Saturday at 2 pm horses cow sheep dogs and the trotting horse Paddy Bankrupt Isaac isk of Blenheim fireman has been declared bankrupt The first meeting of creditors will be held on the 18th inst at 3 pm Black Laos Skirting 54 inches wide a beautiful black la 6d yard never sold under 4s Aldan at the New Shop The running of the trains dur ing the Easter holidays is duly notified in another column A train will also be run to morrow (Good riday) afternoon to con nect with the Wellington steamer Wesleyan Anniversary The anni versary of the Wesleyan church will be celebrated to morrow by the annual tea which will be held in Wesley Hall tea on tables from 5 pm After tea a public meet ing will be held at which various speakers will deliver addresses and the choir wifi render musical assistance The There are no special local attractions this Easter In former years we have had the Championship Re gatta held at Pioton on Eaeter Monday but doubtless if favored with good weather a large number of people will make an excur sion to that favorite spot especially as the train arrangements are suitable The weather at present promises well and belies Captain prediction of yester day for northerly gales with rain Weatheb Capt Edwin wires as follows Wind between north be west and southwest at all places northward of Napier and New Plymouth and southward of Oamaru and Queenstown and between northeast and north and west at all other places Barometer further rise everywhere but fall again soon at all places southward of Napier and Wanganui Sea moderate on both coasts Tides decreasing on all east ern coast good on all western coast Strong northerly winds are to be expected southward of Napier and New Evening Dbebses in pure wool double width materials in pink cream salmon white cardinal light blue pale green at la 3d le 6d yard less than wholesale Allan opposite Stables Agricultural Medals Messrs Reid and Gray of Dunedin who have been established in the imple ment manufacturing business in New Zealand for the past thirty years are circulating amor git th ir numercue Northern clients a silver medal in com memoration of the jubilee of the Pro vince of Otago Business Announcement Vj have to call attention to a repluce advertisement in our present issue As announced therein the old and favorably known business of Girling Co will he carried on by Mrs Girling who has been fortunate in securing the ser vices of Mr 8 Alcorn as business manager Mr Alcorn has Lad a very large and practical experience in the trade and patrons may tely upon their varied requiremeuts being as carefully and courteously provided for as in the past The Westport Camp A Press Association wire from Westport was received last evening as follows The weather is floe to day for the volunteer camp and Quarter master Coleman baa completed erecting the canvas and out buildings The camp situated on the south bank of the Buller river in some dear paddocks presents a neat and com fortable appearance The catering ar rangements are first class and the visit ing corps should be pleased with the accommodation On Boring in Taranaki Ac cording to the Taranaki Herald Mr Brett a petroleum expert and the re presentative of an English syndicate has been in the district during the last fortnight spying out the land from an oil point of view He informed a meet ing of settlers that bis company pro posed to bore about eight miles out of town and he considered that the land showed good signs of oil The com pany were prepared to spend £12000 that amount being sufficient to sick six wells The company had already secured the right over 918 acres in the district and propose starting to bore in August next A Prohibition Lecturer The Secretary of the Victorian Alliance Mr John Vale has left Melbourne for a lecturing tour in New Zea land under the New Zealand Alliance A resolution wishing Mr Vale every success and a happy return to Viet and expressing the deep sense which the temperance organisations of Vic toria bad of his devotedness self sacri ficing zeal and energy and his great ability was proposed at a recent fare well gathering and enthusiastically carried Mr Vale in the course of a long reply said the prohibition vote in New Zealand had increased from 48000 to 98000 in three years and that was the celebrated prohibition set back" Another such would put them so far forward that they would reach the longed for goal 20 dozen boxes in Wreaths Sprays at 3d and 6d each lovely goods and worth three times the money Allan at the New Shop Wesleyan The quarterly meet ing of office bearers was held last evening at the residence of Mr Bose Kegwortb Rev Keall in the chair The balance sheet presented by the circuit stewards was considered very satisfactory and encourag ing the general income from the different churches in the district showing an increase as did also the proceeds of the gift auction and harvest festival collections A unani mous and hearty vote of thanks was passed to Messrs Green and Co for their voluntary and able services The report of the Blen heim Sunday school presented by the superintendent was very encouraging Arrangements were made for the foreign missionary services and Home missionary deputations which will appear during the coming quarter Mrs and Mr Rose received the hearty thanks of the meeting for their kind and bounteous hospitality The The New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company Limited is in receipt of the following cable from its London office dated 6th April there is a fair demand for common qualities other descriptions are slow of sale Two rinks from the Blenheim Bowling Club play the Palmerston North Club at Palmerston on Saturday next the Thorndon Club Wellington on Monday morning and the Wellington Club on Mon day afternoon The rinks will consist of McCallum and Hutcheson skips and Messrs Bull Houlihan Macey Green red Adams Patohett and Morris We wish them success and hope they may come home again unbeaten Game This Gazette con tains a notification that the season for shooting imported and native game with the exception of native pigeons will open in Marlborough on the 2nd May the season for native pigeons opening on 24th May The Wairau lagoons and Lake Grassmere are declared closed against all shooting Ostrich eathbbs and Plumss Mounts in black cream and all the leading colors 6d 81 Is never seen at 2s 6d Allan Alfred Street Cobbeotion Mr letter on the National Park question which ap peared in our issue of the 4th inst the number of women and children dependent on the 60 men employed in the sawmilling industry should have been stated as 250 not 25 and the acreage of each holding under the village settlement system should have been from 5 io 10 acres and not 50 to 100 as stated Two first offenders one of them the individual who was conducting himself in so noisy a manner yeitrday morning in Market Place pleaded guil the Police Court this morning to being drunk yesterday As they had looked up since yesterday morning Mr Purser the presiding justice convicted and dis charged the two accused Salvation When the Salvationists take anything in hand the amount of energy and enthusiasm they put into it is surpris ing At present they are actively engaged in making extensive preparations for a harvest festival which judging from the programme shout 1 be one of the most in vesting and successful that the local corps has ever held The good work done in past years by the local corps has been re cognised over and over again and what ever may be the opinion as to the methods sometimes employed it is undeniable that much good has been and is still being done This year the effort will have the advant age of all the organising skill which Com mandant Booth and the headquarters staff can afford though the amount realised will be devoted purely to local needs An organisation like the Army which stretches forth a forth a helping hand to everyone in distress irrespective of age sex or creed deserves all the support the community can afford Myriobama Mr Ben uller advance manegar fur John Myriorama Company arrived in town this morning to complete the arrangements for his company's visit here commencing on Thursday next in a Scotch programme' Glasgow and Doon the Walter The company since their last visit have been on the West Coast their contemplated stay of three weeks being extended to nine weeks so great was their success They leave Westport for Nelson to day and play there for Easier after which will follow the Blenheim season which will necessarily be a short one as they are to open in Welling ton al an early dale Rugby The annual meeting of the Marlborough Rugby ootball Union was bold last night at the Grosvenor Hotel The minutes of last meeting were read and confirmed and the annual report and balance sheet as read was adopted Avoteof thanks was accorded to Mrs Priddle for her generous gift to the Union and to the outgoing Management Committee for their services in arranging the sale of the iron fence and the lease of the football ground to the Cycling Club Officers for the ensuing year were elected as follows President Dr Cleghorn Vice Presidents Messrs Rutherford Jackson and Priddle Vice President to New aland Rugby Union Mr Dodd Treasurer Mr Priddle Secretary Mr A isher senior selection committee Messrs A Burnes A McCallum and junior selection committee Messrs Witbey Canavan and Howard delegate to New Zealand Rugby Union Mr Carey The election of a management committee was held over until after the appointment of the affiliated delegates The Albion Club was given permission to change their colors to black and red Mr Allen SM delivered judgment st the civil sittings of the Magis Court this morning in the case heard last riday A Rogers A Ray mond claim for £24 Is 8d on a dishonored promissory note given by defendant to Mr A uller for drink supplied and by him handed to Mr Rogers for a valuable con sideration His Worship said he had looked up the authorities quoted and found some very contradictory cases His judg ment in this case must not be taken as a pre cedent as he would in any other case brought before him probably require stronger evidence It seemed tohim that under the provisions of the Bills of Exchange Act plaintiff was entitled to recover He accordingly gave judgment for plaintiff for the amount claimed £24 Is 8J court costs £1 14s and fee £2 Mr Oonolly appeared for Mr Bogers and Mr McCallum for the defendant A Raymond Departure for The volunteers under Major Bogers paraded at the Drill Shed at 930 am this morning to march to the Railway Station to leave by the 10 train for Pioton where they embarked in the Tutanekai for Westport to attend the camp The parade etate was as follows Mounted Rifles Captain Ohaytor and Lieutenants Ohaytor and Canavan 30 Blenheim Rifles Lieutenants Powell and Polson 45 Blenheim City Rifles Lieuten ants Simeon (of the School Cadets) and Griffiths 30 and Garrison Band Band master Curry 18 A large number of people assembled to see the men off as they marched through town headed by the Garrison Band on their way to the Railway Station Civil Case The only civil business at the Court this morning was the case A Wood of Iowa United States Munson of Westport Mr McCallum appeared for plaintiff and called Jenkins who said he received on 18th March 1880 power of attorney from John Watson Munson brother of the parties to this action Munson went abroad and died at Honolulu in 1891 After receiving power of attorney witness realised the estate and at the time of death had £70 the balance of the estate in hand The defendant intended take out letters of administration for himself and bis sister (the plaintiff) only heirs It was eventually arranged that witness should hand over the £70 to defendant and he re ceived an indemnity and release from the defendant and his sister the plaintiff De fendant was at some expense in coming to Blenheim to see witness He paid Munson the £70 half of which was for his sister the plaintiff this money she had never re ceived He bad bad a good deal of corres pondence on the matter Defendant should have paid his sister the £35 for her halt share evidence as taken at Westport was then read and he stated he had since the commencement of the action paid £25 to plaintiff The case was there fore adjourned for three weeks to give Mr McCallum an opportunity of ascertaining the truth or otherwise of the statement Come and see our display of Evening Gloves 24 inches long in pure silk in white cream black Ac Is lid and 2e lid pair honestly worth 4s Allan at the New Shop A iew weeks ago the editor was taken with a very severe cold that caused him to be in a most miserable condition It was undoubtedly a bad case of la grippe and recognising it as dangerous be took immedi ate steps to bring about a speedy cure rom the advertisement of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and the many good recom mendations included therein he concluded to make a first trial of the medicine To say that it was satisfactory in its results is putting it very mildly indeed It acted like magic and the result was a speedy and permanent cure We have no hesitancy in recommending this excellent Cough Remedy to anyone afflicted with a cough or cold in any The Banner of Liberty Liberty town Maryland or sale by bank Shaw Medical Hall COLLISION ENQUIRY 4 united press ASSOCIATION I Dunedin April 6 The enquiry into the collision be tween the Wakatipu and Laira was continued to day Thos Roberts chief officer re called said that so far as he knew all hands were at their posts rom his experience he could find no fault with what Capt Smith had done Had he been master he would have done the same Capt leming present master of the Wakatipu said he had had a difficulty in passing the spot where the mishap occurred He detailed the circumstances of the Tarawera a splendid steering boat nearly running into the Canterbury He gave her full speed as the last re source and she cleared the vessel He had an almost similar experience with the Hauroto Capt Spinks master of the Talune also gave evidence As to the diffi culty in getting into the steamers basin his experience was that at half tide the keel touched the western bank In reply to Capt Boyd witness said the dropping of the anchor would not have the effect of bringing the ship nearer the Laira but the opposite effect The enquiry was adjourned till to morrow The Press Association neglected to send us the news of the collision TELEGRAPHIC BRITISH AND OREIGN bYELEOTRIO TELEGRAPH COPYRIGHT AN UNORTUNATE EXPEDI TION UNITED PBE88 ASSOCIATION London April 5 The eteamer Belgica which left Antwerp in August last ou a scienti fic expedition to Antartic regions under the leadership of Da Ger lache was wrecked off Cape Horne Gerlache and his companions were saved Tokio April 5 Alexieff the recently appointed Russian inancial Adviser to the Oorean Government has now been appointed Russian Commercial Agent at Japan EASTERN WAR CLOUD RENCH DEMANDS ACCEDED TO weihaiwei Deprives Rus sia of free exit UNITED PBE8S ASSOCIATION Received April 7 11 am Pekin April 6 China has agreed to the rench demands but has reserved to the British rights with regard to exten sion at Kowloon Russia is fortifying Talienwan St Petersburg April 6 The Novoe Vremya states that the concession of Weihaiwei to Britain deprives the Russian fleet of a free exit from the Gulf of Pechili DISCUSSION IN THE IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT BRITAIN TO TRAIN CHINESE NAVAL OICERS NOTABLE DECLARATION BY MR BALOUR GREAT POLICY SHE GREAT COM MERCIAL CONCESSIONS RUSSIA CHECKMATED OTHER "OPINIONS DEBATE ADJOURNED London April 6 In the House of Lords the Duke of Devonshire said that Kiochau would be a free port but Port Arthur gave Russia strategic and sea advan tages and was a menace to Pekin The concession of Weihaiwei cer tainly lessened apprehensions in re gard to the Chinese question and at reffEst her warships would be allowed facilities at Weihaiwei Britain also consenting to train her naval officers Earl Kimberley said the dismem berment of China was inevitable In the House of Commons Mr Balfour said there was difficulty in the way of submitting papers on the Chinese question as negotiations were still proceeding thus limiting explanations by Government on the subject The state of extraordinary and unaccountable paralysis which existed in China provoked attacks Government had adhered to the policy enunciated on January 10th and had already obtained great commercial concessions interests were absolutely identical with British and he did not believe either Russia or Germany would intere with treaty rights policy of railway extension and open ports would prove highly beneficial to commerce He said if Russia is satisfied with an ice free port the balance of power would remain undisturbed Believing that the occupation of Port Arthur will be a constant menace to Pekin Lord Salisbury offered if Russia abstained from its occupation that Britain would not have occupied a port on the Gulf of Pechili but Russia refused and Weihaiwei was leased on the same conditions as Port Arthur and though of less natural strengh Weihaiwei would accommodate larger ships and a large force The Gulf of Pechili was thus prevented from falling into undisputed control He hoped China would be opened to universal trade while still maintain ing her suzerainty If not the Powers commercially interested would constitute an alliance to prevent her falling a prey to any exclusive interest The speech was received with loud cheers Sir Harcourt said the Govern ment had abandoned the equality of advantage He was in favor of a policy of rival occupation Mr Curzon said that Weihaiwei as a port of observation would facilitate the policy of an open door Russia had explicitly admitted the right of warships to enter Port Arthur The occupation of Weihaiwei would not disturb Japan or Germany Lord Grey said Weihaiwei would prove extremely expensive and he doubted whether it restored the old balance of power Lord Charles Beresford regarded it as an excellent counterpoise to Port Arthur The debate was adjourned till the 18th inst MR GLADSTONE'S HEATH 4 UNITED PRESS ASSOCIATION Received April 7 11 am London April 6 Mr Gladstone is feeling less well to day THE SOUDAN ENCOUNTER WITH THE DER VISHES DERVISHES LOSE HEAVILY UNITED PBE88 ASSOCIATION Received April 7 11 am Cairo April 6 British reconnaissance approached within two hundred yards and shelled camp Two thousand cavalry and two thousand infantry sallied out and a smart action resulted during which the Egyptians lost 16 and the Der vishes 200 The expedition cavalry had fre quent hand to hand encounters with the enemy displaying great gallantry resh We have juat opened up ex es Ionic from London a splendid assortment of Millinery eathers Ac All the latest shapes in Trimmed elt and Sailor Straws Children's Millinery in great Smale Hay THE INDIAN REVOLT AN OVATION TO GENERAL LOCKHART UNITED PBE8S ASSOCIATION Calcutta April 5 General departure from Peshawar for Calcutta was the scene of great enthusiasm Afridi tribes men surrounded the General desir ing to carry him to the railway station The Zakkakhels declared they would fight with the British against her enemies THE CUBAN QUESTION UNITED PRESS ASSOCIATION Washington April 6 The American Government have sent several vessels to Havanna to embark the American Consul General and other officers and all American residents desiring to leave WAR EELING DEEPENING A SIGNIICANT ACT Received April 7 11 am Washington April 6 The war feeling is deepening in America Madrid April 6 The family of Woodford AmericanMinister at Madrid have started fol Paris BRITAIN AND HER COLONIES A SPLENDID OER UNITED PBE88 ASSOCIATION Received April 7 11 am Capetown April 6 The Government of Natal has offered to provide annually free of cost 12000 tons of coal for warships calling at Durban Mr Chamberlain expressed grati fication at the offer which he said tile Admiralty would gladly accept INTERCOLONIAL AUSTRALIAN POLITICS UNITED PRESS ASSOCIATION Adelaide April 7 Dr Cockburn Minister for Educa tion and Agriculture has been ap pointed Agent General Mr Butter Government Whip succeeds him in the Ministry Brisbane April 7 In consequence of his early accept ance of the presidency of the Legis lative Council Nelson intends to resign the Premiership Byrnes is mentioned as his successor NEW ZEALAND UMTED PRESS ASSOCIATION New Plymouth April 6 The petroleum bore at Moturoa reached 2050 feet to day When boring was suspended the bore was found nearly full of water and after pumping ineffectually for 1 1 hours the water was suddenly projected to a height of 60 feet and flowed for some minutes The same thing occurred an hour later Gas is heard roaring below and it is hoped that when tubing is lowered a good supply of oil will be found Auckland April 6 Replying to an influential deputa tion the Premier said the Govern ment had the advice of competent military authorities and the defences of the colony especially Auckland would be attended to carefully The Government was now considering a scheme of defence to be submitted to the Imperial authorities THE ALLEGED CHILD MURDER UNITED PRESS ASSOCIATION Napier April 6 The adjourned inquest on the bodies of the twins on the charge of murdering whom Mr and Mrs Tyson are remanded led to startling de velopments At the opening of the inquest two doctors gave evidence that one child died from irritant poison this being diagnosed from the appearance of the stomach and other organs In the second case these symptom were not present The stomach of both were sent to Wellington to be analysed A tele gram from the analysiat was read at the adjourned inquest stating that no poison was found in the exhibits sent The jury found a unanimous ver diet that there was no evidence to show how the children came to their death Afterwards the Magistrates were applied to to release Mr and Mrs Tyson on bail which was granted the justices remarking that the re suit of the inquest practically proved their innocence NATIONAL PARK RESOLUTIONS BY PELORUS ROAD BOARD SPECIAL Havelock April 6 The Pelorus Road Board on the motion of Mr Reader passed the following resolution nem con That the action of the Nelson Scenery Preservation Society in ad vocating that all timber lands in the Ronga and Opouri Valleys should be set apart as a reserve for a public park is most detrimental to the in terests of this district and this Board cordially approves of the decision arrived at by the Marlborough Laud Board in refusing to recommend such a proposition It would mean ruin to a large number of families who depend on the saw milling in dustry for employment urther this Board is of opinion that a more suitable and picturesque block of land could be obtained if the land bounded on the north by the Pelorus river on the south by the dividing range between the Wakamarina and Pelorus rivers be set apart for such a purpose That a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the Marl borough Land Board and the mem bers for Wairau and A pain in the chest is nature's warnin that pneumonia is threatened Dampen a piece of flannel with Pain Balm and bind over the eeat of pain and another on the back between the shoulders and prompt relief will follow Sold by bank Shaw Medical Hall Going to Volunteers are requested to procure a good warm Bug four yards long and as big as a paddock warmth without weight from 3s lid each lees than wholesale price Waterproof Sheeting for laying on tested by the ire Queen at la yard never seen under 3b fid At the new shop Alfred Street Ijoppoeite McKenzie's Allan.

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