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The Marlborough Express from Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand • 7

Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand
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THE STAR SATURDAY JANUARY 7 1890 GENERAL NEWS BRIE MENTION THE SONG THE SOUTH BAND GOSSIP DISTINGUISHED TESTIMONY for three Sarsaparilla be CURRENT TOPICS ca Band South Canterbury 14 6 South Canterbury North east Valley 15 40 North east Valley in I growth its Govt They 10 9 9 9 9 38 9 36 9 9 10 10 9 9 NEW ZEALAND CRICKETERS IN AUSTRALIA the tho keen EH 10 10 10 9 9 8 Enuiueera tan more 10 9 9 8 9 EH 10 9 9 9 8 8 10 9 9 10 10 9 29 80 30 28 25 8 9 9 9 8 9 9 9 8 4 5 4 4 10 9 9 9 a 4 4 3 8 10 9 8 7 6 7 10 10 10 9 10 10 South Island contests is incorrect will visit Timaru next October 10 9 9 io 8 8 10 10 10 9 9 10 4 4 3 3 3 9 9 10 10 9 7 8 8 7 7 7 7 7 6 8 9 9 8 10 38 7 28 ASIATIC QUEENS Entpneera lx aikorui Stanmore Wellington NE Valley New will The wc au a 10 39 9 36 nhtaff Bsnd Wellington Kaikorai 10 59 10 57 9 57 9 56 9 55 Wellington Kaikorai South Canterbury North east Valley Engineers Stanmore a 4 2 3 4 10 38 10 37 8 35 9 33 Mr Barker secretary of tho St John Ambulance Association states that it misunderstanding on tho part of the person who received the telephone message from the police on Wednesday was the reason that the horse ambulance was not sent at once to Richmond for a case which required it 'Croxford (DE) Davie (K) Smith (WG) Clarke (SC) Harrison (SC) A Baker (WG) DOMESTIC SERVICE IN AUSTRIA (DN) Davie (K) Boyd (DE) Nicolson (WG) Dickinson (DE) GOOD HEALTH WITHOUT DRUGS A woman named ChristinaJohncQck aged fifty three residing in York Street Opawa died yesterday under peculiar circumstances It is stated that during the afternoon Mrs Johncock told a neighbour that she had poison ready to take She subsequently fell ill and the police on being informed of the circumstances called in Dr Hunt The woman however died before his arrival at about 530 pm Dr Hunt has been in structed to make a post mortem examina tion and an inquest will be held to day A boy named Wethers fell from a tree in Road Opawa yesterday afternoon and broke one of liis legs Dr Diamond reduced the fracture and the boy was then taken to the hospital in the ambulance waggon A boy named Simpson fell from a tree in Lancaster Road Opawa yesterday after noon and broke his arm Already signs were not the position of the country with regard both to security and to the development of its resources has steadilv imnroved That the United States should now appoint a 11 40 10 0 10 30 0 11 40 10 45 DR PINK PILLS CURE THESE EVILS To suffer from chronic sleeplessness is to suffer agonies of mind and body that not infrequently end in lunacy if the ailment is not combated In completely curing sleep lessness and the ills which follow it Dr 10 9 10 10 7 7 8 7 Tbe 11 ixi utxi vUl UlHctdLLlt1 crushed 480 tons of general quartz and 1911b of picked stone bullion valued at £1197 The Kapanga Company Coromandel crushed 16 tons of general quartz and 1571b of picked stone for bullion valued at £958 3 A 4 24 4 2 20 MOTHERS AND CHILDREN Mothers who would keep their children irnnd health should give them morning and evening Dr Vi Cocoa made with hot milk Delicate men and women who have weak lungs to be hale robust and liralthy should use Dr Vi Cocoa morning and evening and all men 1 who have to be exposed to the bleak uncer tainty of our trying climate should fortify themselvcr before they face their daily toil with Dr Vi Cocoa and they can then brave the fury of the elements with equanimity The writer speaks from per sonal experience and from observation of Beneficial effects on others Tea opens the pores and temporarily excites coffee stimu lates the action of the heart whilst Dr Tib Vi Cocoa gives strength stamina and builds up and strengthens the lung tissues It is indeed a wonderful food beverage No thing has ever been discovered that can ap proach it in giving lightness of heart joy of life fleetness cf foot and that general fcebng of comfort which only comes from a full capacity to enjoy every pleasure moral intellectual and physical Dr Vi Cccoa in 8d packets and Is Id and 2s 2d tins can be obtained from rll Chemists Grocers and Stores or from Dr Vi Cocoa' Limited 269 Qeorge Street Sydney Merit and merit alone is what we cla'm Dr Vi Cocoa and we are prepared to send to any reader (a postcard do) who names the a dainty sample tin of Dr Vi Cocoa KrsfcW'1 HuDikdn (WG)' Taylor (DE) Gallio (DE) JAblitt (8) A Gunner (S) The annual demonstration of the Zealand ire Association this vear be held at Queenstown members of the Christchurch Brigade will leave here on eb 16 and will stay one night in Dunedin Tho following night they will remain at Gore where they will be entertained by members of the local brigade Tho next day they will proceed to Queenstown by the Waimea line On their return from the demonstration they travel by way of Invercargill English coal mines are now being worked at a depth of oyer 2000ft the coal lying in horizontal veins from 2ft to 3ft thick A Birmingham inspector of sewers is re tiring after fifty service In that period he has walked close upon '100000 miles in the local sewers MEANS BRAIN DISORDER HEADACHES WEAKNESS AND PERHAPS LUNACY The East is full of anoma lies and perhaps the most striking of these at the pre sent moment is the tyranni cal domination by a woman over an empire in which her sex held in the most com plete subjection where women are regarded as scarcely better than the animals them selves Nor is this all for in spite of the fact that the Chinese dynasty some time ago formally accepted the Salic law the Dowager Empress has made herself absolute mistress of the throne As we stated tho other day this of the Orient was only the "secondary of the Emperor Hsienfeng who was defeated by the Anglo rench army in 1860 During minority rhe true wife was Regent but so great was the present Em genius for government that she soon disposed of the Regent and governed with absolute authority She resumed power after her brief rale then she seized Iho power during the minority of her nephew the present Emperor and now for (he fourth time she wields the sceptre of power and does so with a pitilessness that causes her servants to tremble at a look Similar anomalies are however known to the history of "Asia Zenobia the great queen was of Bedouin descent and had no legal rights yet Aurelian found her a foe to he feared The subordinate position of Hindoo women is well known yet the Ranee of Lahore was powerful enough to cause Lord Dalhousie a vast amount of trouble Passing over to Africa it would teem that Queen is the true ruler of Abyssinia Even in countries where women labour under disabilities of the most extreme kind supremacy in intellect nust conii to the fore The husband or king who finds that the counsel of wife or daughter makes for success consults her acta on her advice and presently the woman comes to the head of affairs by a process of selection as natural as that which in olden tinuis evolved the king from the strongest and cleverest man of the tribe hi th same way a strong hand was needed in the present Chinese juncture the Em pr ss has that strong hand Of all the Imperial family she possesses the best nerve and the greatest audacity She has a trained instinct as to how China should be governed and she governs it Whether her position is a Cnn one remains to be seen but it is certain that her iron hand is feared throughout the length and breadth of the Chinese Empire and give the girl a good character unless she lus bten reported for theft when a warrant made out for her arrest The result of this crass system of legislation is that no matter what good or bad qualities a girl may have the certificate must state that she has proved herself treu fleissig und ie industrious and or else her employer must re port her fcr theft According to her each of these maids in a house hold treasure as a matter of fact the nistress who can endure one months is long suffering indeed for rude nci'ls and a proclivity for lying and pilfer ing partly native partly fostered by a too grandmotherly system of legislation are tho ordinary characteristics of the average Czech IQ 9 9 9 9 9 Drill lusic fO 70 69 65 53 employed for the purpose is supported by extra taxe? The formalities imposed by lians commence as soon an a irst of all she must report to the office rnd make known her desire to be ir scribed as a kitehen maiden She must then furnish proof of her identity to the satisfaction of the authorities whereupon a book is made out in Irr name and a record cf the matter is made in the archives This done she may answer a newspaper advertisement or register at an employment agency When she has found an cor ployer she hands over her book to her niistres! who und'r pain of a fine muist register her engagement of the girl befcre the magistrate of her district If a fake date is given the matter is inquired into and if a month or more lias elapsed between the maid leaving her former place she is sunirrored the police station to account for her whereabouts and doings during the interval When she quits a situation even if sinissed her 'mistress lias to appear again before the authorities by an important official in I Turner has now received from the Agent uenerai a icirer irom tne Colonial Office transmitting the correspondence with the oreign Office The Imperial Government has made representations to Constantinople in accordance with this request 1 PUNISHMENT The treatment of convicts sentenced to imprisonment for life in the canton of Ge neva is very severe and Luccheni the as sassin of the Empress of Austria has little to congratulate himself upon for having committed his crime in a district where ca pital punishment has been abolished The convict lies in an absolutely dark subterra rtteaii cell on a sack filled with straw A gaoler who reaches him by descending twenty steps and passing along a corridor flings him his food without speech for dur ing the first six months of his punishment he is condemned not only to solitude but to silence Once a fortnight he is allowed to leave his dungeon in order to take a short turn of exercise in the yard Luc cheni would probably be sorry tliat the hu manitarian party in Geneva succeeded in inducing the Legislature to abolish the death penalty except that hope springs eternal in the human breast and that he may look forward to some day being par doned A BRITISH CHINESE REGIMENT The British Government have decided to raise a new Chinese regiment for general service to cover new garrison duties at Wei hai wei and in other parts of the ar East Tliis new colonial corps will be 1000 strong and will be staffed with British officers and non commissioned officers The formation of hd regiment will be proceeded with at once and a party of drill instructors was to leave England on Dec 1 These will be engaged for two years and especially attrac tive conditions have been offered by the Secretary of State The men are being selected from infantry battalions by Cap tain Bruce of the West Riding Regiment Young unmarried sergeants will be chosen and each will get a step in local rank The sergeant pay will also be increased to £200 and that of colour sergeants to £152 Members of the staff whilst so em ployed will be supernumerary to their regi ments The new regiment will be raised and trained on the system instituted in the Egyptian army by Sir Evelyn Wood and Sir rancis Grenfell Instructors who qualify in the Chinese language will receive a bonus of £20 GBnckley (WG) Kerr (K) 1 Rodger (SC) Barker (DE) Hoskin (Kai) Baker (WG) WKersey (NEV) Hatton (SC) (SC) in 10 65 Tl 107 100 99 93 83 A AMOUS SWORD The Corporation of London has still in its possession a famous sword presented to it by Lord Nelson It is the sword of Blan quet the only rench admiral who survived the disastrous battle of Aboukir Bay Nel letter to the Lord Mayor ran Van guard Mouth of the Nile August 8 1798 My Lord Having the honour of being' a reeman of the City of London I take the liberty of sending to your Lordship the sword of the commanding rench admiral Monsieur Blanquet who survived after the battle of the first off the Nile and request that the City of London will honour mejiy the acceptance off it as a remembrance that Britannia still rules the waves which that she may for ever is the fervent wish of your most obedient servant Horatio been uniformly successful That this is so i The Empress Charlotte a sister of the pre is proved by yet another that sent King of Belgium went to Europe to of Mr WalterCopeland of Elizabeth Street tinentaT yowers for Brisbane Mr Copeland is a well known and liighlv respected citizen and for many her husband but she was unsuccessful and vears he has been employed upon inter her reason gave way under the continued colonial boats This is what he said to a disappointment and grief which she expe reportcr from the Brisbane Age rknced in Mexico The rench had asked Maximilian to leave the country with their troops but he felt bound to remain with his followers and with 8000 men stood out against the whole people In May 1867 he was betrayed to the rebels and after being tried by court martial was shot The rule of Juarez did ot bring peace In 1876 after a revolution Porfirio Diaz was elected MEXICO AND THE UNITED STATES JO 10 9 9 8 have great faith in the nealing virtues of cause it has helped me The medicine cured me of indigestion which had troubled me seriously for several' years ''Since I began taking Sarsaparilla my appetite has improved I have slept better and in fact my health in general has been greatly We take pleasure in reproducing above the portrait arid testimony of Mayor Courtney whose services in the cause of good municipal govern ment have been recognized in his recent election to the mayoralty of his native city for the third year in succession His experience is the same as that of thousands of other people of all sorts and conditions who have found freedom from sickness and restored health and strength in the use of Sarsaparilla is the sincerest form of There are many worth less imitations seeking to profit by the world wide reputation of Ayers Sarsaparilla See that the is on the wrapper and blown in the glass of each bottle Prepared by Dr Ayer Co Lowell Mass XT A but to the game a very 8 8 35 9 35 9 33 QUAJBTETJ'E CONTEST Daughter of the Regiment 9 I Troublesome as the do mestic service problem is in the colonies and in the United States it is far worse in Austria where the servant system is controlled and supervised by th police in an elaborate way that should make tliat country a paradise for iristi esses As a matter of fact Viennese A DISQUIETING TRADITION In spite of liis vanity and self confidence which sometimes reach the pitch of patron ising the Deity1 the German Emperor is said to be a slave to superstitious fears There is one tradition about the House of Hohonzollern which particularly disturbs the Imperial mind It is that three Emperors oj the House will reign in a single year that the third will have seven sons and will encompass not only the destruction of his Dynasty but the ruin of the Empire What on the face of it is the most auda cious prediction three Emperors in succes sion within the limits of twelve months has already been fulfilled The present Em peror came to the throne in the year hisUther had reigned and his grandfather died At the present time the family includes six sons No one ran say what a vear maw bring forth and if the Imperial family were blessed by a seventh son the co incidence would be stranger than fiction or the! rest apart from prophecy the Ger man Emperor is just the man to firing about the fulfilment of the third prediction If his meddlesomeness abroad does not result in foreign war his tyranny at home is well calculated to arm the socialism against which he wars Anyhow the dark saying is extremely curious especially if it has just claims to remote antiquity A SWIMMER AS A TARGET The Daily says that a 'known commercial traveller whoso speciality is long distance swimming nar rnvly escaped increasing the heavy list of casualties which have always to be reported aftir a holiday season While enjoying a bath on Saturday morning in the neigh bourhood of Broad Bay the temptation to swim the channel probably a mile across at the point in question proved too strong to resist All went well till the centre of tic channel was left behind when pre sently the crack of a pea gun began to ba followed by rn ominous splash in the neigh bourhood cf the head It that a Dunedin lawyer of sporting proclivi ties accompanied by another hud been amusing themselves by shoot ing at a floating bottle wbcn the swim head was noticed in the channel Naturally concluding that the object coming towards them was a fish which rose to the surface with tlia wave the sportsmen trans ferred their attention to it but fortunately the half shots they fired before dis covering that the object was a man proved i wide of the mark as their previous at pts at the bottle had done and hence the necessity for rn inquest was avoided CONSUMPTION DOG LESH IN GERMANY A curious result of a high meat tariff is shown in the fact that German newspapeis every day refer to the high price of meat in the country and complain of the stringent gulations governing the import of cattle his gtato of affairs has greatly stimulated the consumption of horse flesh in towns It now appears that to supply the poor craving for animal food dogs are being slaughtered in various towns cf the German Empire Whether cynophagy is practised in Berlin is not stated blit according the Annual of German slaughter houses wihere dogs are prepared for human food have been establishd at Chemnitz Leipzig Dresden Breslau AN AUTOMATIC IRE WATCHMAN The Dunedin Star says Mr Charles May mechanical electrician of Dunedin has taken out letters patent for a fire alarm annunciator which perfected after experiment and thought to be the very thing that the commercial world has been seeking after for years past The object of the invention is in the first place to detect the presence of a fire in a building This is done in a simple and scientific man ner Seized hold of the principle that metals contract or expand according to the temperature Mr May takes a specially prepared wire and stretches it overhead on the wall of a room The temperature being raised by the outbreak of a fire the wire expands and lowers a connection in the centre thus causing contact with an electrical thermometer thus completing an electrical circuit That finishes the detec tive section of the contract The next thing is to report the fire This is done by means of a Morse clock signalling along the ordinary wires to the fire brigade sta tion At the same moment an indicator such as a tin is dropped to the near est window and the label being seen from the outside directs the firemen to the seat of the fire The contrivance is simple in expensive and apparently reliable We saw it working the other afternoon at Mr residence The inventor simply lit one gas burner in the protected room and in 30sec the alarm had been given and the indicator had done its work To the out sider the affair is a marvel and a certaintj and Captain Mitchell after seeing the ex periment declared and gave our represen tative permission to say so that from all that he had read and seen there was no thing so good in either England or America I he great advantage of the wire over mer cury is obvious Mercuiy has to be con fined in glass and long before the glass bulb has admitted the heat the sensitive wire being directly exposed has done its work and got ready for the next job I Halle and other centres In Dresden dog 10 37 flesh is said to cost about 3d or 3Ad per 9 34 lb 9 30 9 30 10 30 k9 10 9 io 10 8 9 a 10 9 8 8 BB lat Bass JO 10 10 8 9 7 The annual meeting of the Permanent Investment and Loan Association of Can terbury will be held during the month of ebruary A vacancy has occurred on the Board through the absence of Mr Joseph Gould one of the Directors Mr de Malet who for some years was a director of thb Company and resinned owing to his temporary absence from New Zealand in tends again to offer himself for election for the seat vacated by Mr Gould The Hon Steward MHR has written to the Chairman of the Mackenzie County Council stating that in pursuance of the request made to mm by a deputation at airlie he wrote to the manager of the National Mortgage and Agency Company the owner of the Three Springs Estate near airlie and obtained a reply that the com pany was desirous of selling the estate and would give the Government Land Purchase Commissioners every facility for it Major Steward addslfcllat he has written to Minister of Lands 'dealing fully with the subject Boyd (DE) A Donaldson (WG) A Martin (8) Smith (NEV) THE NEW STAMPS i The machinery for printing 'the present issue of stamps is now on its way to the colcny and the Government Printing Office anticiates being able to start printing by tho end of ebruary The copper plate ex pert who has been engaged in London for printing the stainps is expected to arrive by the next San rancisco steamer All the stamps of the new issue will in future be printed at the Government Printing Officd THE RAILWAY ACCIDENT It appears that the man who was killed by the express at Mnkikihi on Thursday not) properly identified as an Oamaru man named innigan and further inquiries were made yesterday A chie was appar ently found and Mounted Constable Craw ford went down in the afternoon from Timaru to Wainiate to see if the deceased was a swagger known to him as Irvine The deceased joined! the train at Timaru taking a ticket for Oamaru Yesterday the man was finally identified) as Richard Powell of Timaru He was partially crippled and was a recipient of charitable aid The inquest on the man Richard Powell who was killed by being run over by the express at Makikihi on Thursday was held yesterday at Waimate The evidence showed that deceased was sober when hei was on the train though he had had some whisky He was subject to fits of dizziness and fell from the platform just as the train moved from the station A verdict was returned that deceased met his death by accidentaily falling off the train and 'that rio blame was attachable to the railway officials 10 9 9 10 7 Tenor Horn 10 9 9 9 8 Pnritnnp orrest (WG) 10 Bartlett (I G) 9 Euphonium 10 10 9 9 OCCIDENTS AND ATALITIES Per Press Association AUCKLAND Jan 6 A member of the Ponsdnby Navals living in Cross Street Newton was shot dead in Jus house late to night His name was Al fred George Hargraves Burnand He was a bootmaker by trade The occurrence is supposed to have been accidental Burnand is said to have been cleaning his gun Death was instantaneous DUNEDIN Jan 6 iin elderly man named Greig was killed tc day by falling down the hold of a vessel At the inquest the jury returned a verdict that he was accidentally killed by fallinT down the hold of the hulk Cincinatti Evn donee showed that while coaling the Wanaka byi means of baskets the basket looked after by deceased swung round Greig hung on to the basket and the winchman told him to bang on as he had him safe but Greig suddenly let go and fell' down the hold INVERCARGILL Jan 6 The body of William Moir aged forty nine carpenter of the ship Timaru who dis appeared on the night of Dec 23 was found To day on the beach at the Bluff abreast of the ship Moir had been on board a cutter near by and it is believed that he fell be tween her and the wharf1 as he was return ing to his ship Captain Culbert deposed that Moir was a sober man He' was a native of Montrose where his parents still live He had been on the ship for the long period of fifteen years A verdict of found drowned was returned (BY CHAS PURNELL) Dedicated to the New Zealand Association Let us sing the Song of the South That wells and uprises so free When we nrase on the charms that reside In the Land of the Southern Sea The land of tho mountain and lake The land where tho glaciers shine Where the roars of tho avalanche break And roll through the rocky chine The land of the forest and glade Where the and fern tree dwell And often at eve in the shade The song of the tui doth swell Lo! here the mighty earthquake sleeps Yet not in the slumber of death rom out the solfatara creeps The restless breath The manifold lights of the mom rom the Orient rising slow With tender hues this land adorn And all its Varied features show No battlements hoary are seen No monuments ancient and gray No relique of king or of queen No footprints of gnome or fay Yet lovers hero linger and sigh And women and men are here wed Some prosper some suffer all die And the old sun burns overhead Not linked with the memoried past Not hallowed by story and song xiie a voice inly cries To this youthful land doth belong In the days of the far off past rom an isle in the tropic sea A barbarous fleet came sailing fast To the Land of the Southern Sea The sun and the moon and the stars Were the guides of the fearless host Till looming through the cloddy bars Appeared at last the welcome coast The bright bloom in their hair As a sign of dominion they wove Then thanking the gods for their care They took all the land for their own ull of valour and daring and ire The Maori wearied of strife Like the prairie beswept by the nre The land with commotion came nte The noise and the clang and the shout The din of tempestuous war The cannibal feast and the rout Awakened the echoes afar Throned in a realm where ice mists roll or ever the frozen steep While from the grim Antarctic pole The glaciers in long rivers sweep There Erebus shoots its lurid flame And loud the solemn penguins cry A region wild without a name Bereft of mankind utterly The cold Aurora mounting high Gleams sudden from its secret shrine A thousand toons have passed ky Ere first it made the heavens shine Age after age the rocks have nursed The giant glaciers and the snow Age after age the bergs have burst Their trammels rocking to and fro And floating northwards shimmering white These phantoms of a region drear Have vanished in the warmer light Which floods the tropic Here lonely reigns a Spirit mild Last relic of an ancient line Which ruled supreme the whole domain Of Earth in that primeval time Ere man was begot and tbe sun Warmed creatures most strange on the land The sea bred huge monsters and some Wallowed deep in the surf by the strand then the kauri had its birth then the moa roaming free Majestic stalked the trembling earth In the Land of the Southern Sea With pity deep the Spirit saw A country fair with strife imbrued With riot wild unchecked by taw And watered with human blood Then summoned from the hardy North A vigorous race and a bold Well skilled in war yet loving peace And the arts which produce much gold He bade them take a splendid prize A kingdom yet to be He gave this people born to rule All the Land of the Southern Sea And lo! swift flashing through the deep With bounteous sails outspread The mighty ships the billows leap Where the dolphin rears its head With eager minds and active feet The fresh invaders roamed and ranged And made their sovereignty Again the land its masters changed Nations like men have but their day They rise and flourish ull I of pnde Then comes a check an evil tide And like a dream they pass away ull soon in neace the land was hushed The ploughshare the tussoeked plain The forest fell the engine rushed And throbbing drew the roaring train Great cities rose and men like bees Industrious laboured soon and late Not daring they to take their ease Each working out his mundane fate Sweet chimed the church bell the land Sweet rang the anthem through the fane The school received a happy band The college stirred tlie youthful brain Behold the cross of England gleams! The ensign of a people free Long may it wave that banner so brave O'er the Land of the Southern Sea! JO 10 9 io io 9 SELECTION 10 1 9 8 1 10 9 8 1 North east Valley Kaikorai Wellington Stanmore South Canterbury Engineers The following is the time taken by each Dana Band Wellington J5 15 Kaikorai': 14 30 The cablegram which publish this morning iiouncing the appointment of an Ambassador for the United States in Mexicohr rlic Tarn'I inn ditlon of Central America during the middle CHRONIC SLEEPLESSNESS of the eentury and the short cal'e8r and tragic aeatn oi tne rmiperor iuuxuuuiuii It was in the year 1810 that the Mexican people finally broke out in open rebellion against intolerable oppression of their Spanish rulers1 but it was not until 1824 1 after fourteen years of incessant strife that i the ederal Republic was established or more than half a century after this the his tory of Mexico is a record of chronic dis order and civil war and in that time the country had fifty two Presidents or Dic tators an Emperor and a Regency Maxi milian Arch Duke of Austria was the Emperor Acts of wanton aggression and flagrant injustice perpetrated on foreigners in Mexico brought the allied fleets of Britain rance and Spain into the Mexi can Gulf In 1862 rance actually de claimed war against the Republic and in 1865 called together an Assembly of Notables which offered the Crown of Mexico to Maximilian He accepted it and in the following year entered Mexico where the rench troops remained to support him or a time there was comparative quiet but it was impossible to reconcile the various factions in the State In 1866 Juarez an ex President raised tlie stand 1 ard of independence and very soon com Pink Pills for Pale People have pelled rance to withdraw her troops 1 is proved by yet another testimonial that Brisbane Mr Copeland is a well known years he has been employed upon inter her reason gave way under the continued rnnrrfnv frnm the Brisbane Aee Some few years ago I suffered from in somnia I consulted medical men aiid che mists here in this town but all to no pur pose Some nights after taking a strong opiate I would have a few sleep but this artificial production for sleep did not avail me much comfort and I awoke tired and restless as ever feeling just as bad as if I had rewamed sleepless This fliinas mold not continue much longer Under the terrible strain my President of the Republic and under him must give wav wanting that such a misfortune was com ing over me my appetite was leaving me nllivnrr i rtv I i CHrtTH nut OTlrl Ho ISeiniT IcUl toCHlxlbl Ul wic IXIOV xauxi luvAiuui possessed qf financial means procured is at least an indication of the steady 1 of the country and the stability oi Government At the same time President probably recognises that the in terests his nation in Central America have enormously increased during the past year and that when the projected Nicara guan Canal is completed it will be still more necessary for the United States to be represented Mexico UNITED STATES PENSIONS The estimates for the United "States pen sion list including pensions arising from the war with Spain are to be presented to Con gress The World asserts that the pen sion roll as increased by the late war amounts to 160 million dollars and points out that the: country will be paying much more to its soldiers in time of peace than the cost of the' heaviest: military burdens of any armed camp in Europe adds the "we are preparing to enter upon a policy of territorial expansion com pared with the cost of which the figures of the little Spanish war will be a AN ACT O) HEROISM The Albert medal has (says the London correspondent of the Age been conferred upon Toman engineer of HM oam On August 5 when the ship was carrying out her full speed trial at Malta the mean pressure cylinder burst the' re volutions of the engines at the time being 350 per minute There was no indication whatever of the impending explosion which of course happened with great suddejincsi Mr Toman at once ordered 'everyone to leave the engine room and ran to the main throttle valve which is at the fore end of the engine room and endeavoured to shut it off getting both hands and arms badly scalded in consequence He then pro ceeded to sliut off the main stop valves cf boilers in the stokeholds Having done Lis with grea promptitude and so confined the steam' to the boilers alone he increased the chance of saving the life of anyonej who might have been loft below Mr Toman InmKing all tne men were not up irom tne engine room went down and searched in that volume of steam which was atl a pres sure of 2001b to the square inch wnen the cylinder burst but was unable to find any one He then tried to get on deck but owing to the excessive volume of steam he twice? fell lialf way down the ladder He eventually reached the deck and ab once proceeded to turn on the fire extinguisher boilers his hands at the time beins The valve was neaten 5 4 4 4 4 SOLO COMPETITIONS lat Cornet JO 10 8 9 9 7 6 7 7 Soprano Cornet (K) Scott (SC) Hofland (DE) (NEV) (LG) Engineers 16 0 Stauinoro 14 40 (By TOM TOM Christchurch) rom harmony to harmony The diapason olo8ingfull in Some four thousand people gathered at the Christehurch railway sta tion on Dec 30 when the members of the Christchurch Stanmore Band and Wellington Garrison Band (winners of the principal competition at the recent con test in Dunedin) arrived in Christchurch by the express The Christchurch Garrison Band turned out to meet the returning bands men and as the train drew up played See the Conquering Hero Members of the Christchurch ire Brigade were present in uniform and the victors were escorted to their hotel with musical honours The re ception as a whole was the most enthusi astic ever accorded to a visiting band in Christchurch and the Wellington men ex pressed their hearty appreciation of the kindness shown to them On' Saturday night at the usual per formance of the Invercargill Garrison Band on the rotunda Lieutenant Siddcll the conductor was decorated with a volun teer long service medal This was the twenty second occasion on which he had played the new year in as a member of the band UNITED BRASS BANDS' ASSOCIATION THE ANNUALCONTEST The Dunedin fixture of 1898 like the preceding ones of 1891 and 1896 proved highly successful in every degree Though the entries were small and tho actual num ber of competing bands but six still 'thecloseness of points awarded makes the last contest remarkable The bjg march which usually opens the work turned out any thing but the attraction it ought to have been as played by the massed bands was disappointing but the marching competition somewhat made amends The result was QUICKSTEP COMPETITION Tost inarch (H' Bound) or cash prizes and points in the Besson Shield coinpetition Bands to he judged on music rnnrflhinty and rflvnll South Canterbury Battalion Wellington Garrison Kaikorai North East Valley Stanmore Winners of Quickstep Contest? 1894 at Invercargill Invercargill Garrison 1895 at Timaru Timaru Garrison 1896 'at Dunedin Dunedin Navals 1897 at Oamaru Oamaru Garrison 1898 at Dunedin South Canterbury Battalion win is creditable to Lieutenant Mohr and their marching and playing shows that the SCBB still maintain their good name The following tables show how the points in the various competitions were made up In the Engineers' marks it may be men tioned that the marks allotted in the selection do not agree with the total set down in the table SELECTION tils Honour William Courtney Mayor of Lowell writes under date October 31st 18 of the benefit he derived from Sarsaparilla 9 38 10 37 9 36 The Sydenham schoolboys who axe in eamp at Bay are spending a most enjoyable and profitable holiday Company and physical drill' take up good deal of the time and the boys are now smartening up considerably in their work They turn out at 5 um and after a dip in the sea water are in a fit condition to enjoy a hearty meal Time is found for recreation spent with outdoor and indoor games airly Government in 1 IT 1 VIV Q1T1 strict uisciuiine is observed anu tne camp out the personnel of the Wellington Garri 1 son has not undergone great changes as the 1 following if compared with the victorious band at Oamaru last year will prove: Conductor Mr Thomas Herd solo comet flat Buckley first cornets Messrs Baker and Bringins repiano cornets Messrs Pelham and Wilson second comet Davis (honorarv secretary) 1 i i TO AS I XU I 10 tne boners ua nanus do vue imie uvniy' second flugel Awher third comet bare skin The valve was heated Home third flugel Eades solo horn extent as to be almost unbearable to huiids in an ordinary condition As tlie Nicholson second horns Messrs enojnes were flying round immediately after ni and i first baltone' the accident there was every danger of the Charles oreut second 'baritone Grant connecjins rod being driven through the euphonium A Donaldson solo trombone tt6il it was gl6utiy lessened by the oones prompt tude Rnd pluck shown by Mr Toman (slide) Messrs Wkms and Herd shitting off the main stop vhlve and so I bass trombom? (slide) mne flat lwlucinr risk of the ship being sunk or Jass A' acricusly damaged and the lives of all on Baker flat bass Smith flat bassss bng probablv lost It is a thousand Moqqvo tT Thynn nnd Braninn rtHa A i Lrz4 kn ronno piticrt tliau sucn ueruisui wwu uuy ut nised by the award of tho Victoria Cross UNDESIRABLE IMMIGRANTS Several months ago when the influx of indigent and otherwise undesirable aliens particularly Syrians was attracting special notice in Victoria the Government in structed the Agent General to approach the Imperial authorities and ask whether Lord Salisbury could bring the matter before the Turkish Government It was to be sug gested to the authorities at Constantinople that an intimation should be given to in tending emigrants to Australia warning them of the disadvantages to which they would be exposed by reason of their igno rance of the laws and language and the difficulty of obtaining employment and also that tlie consular officers of the Brit in ovria loum do in structed to mve similar warnings ur work is carried out in a methodical mariner 8 Ryan the Turkish Consul in Melbourne is sounded each'night at 8 also commuiucatea wiwi tne uovenuueiii to tho same effect The Premier Sir George Britain makes £4000000 a year profit out of its post offices The finest shops in a Chinese city areXhose devoted to the'Sale of coffins Welshmen are 25 per cent more thrifty than either Englishmen or Scotchmen The oldest American vessel still in ser vice the schooner Polly was built in 1795 It is said that flies confined in a case with cigarettes will die in less than five minutes There are some 15000 people in London whose professional occupation is writing for publication Only one man in 700 pays income tax in India although the tax is levied on all incomes of £33 and upward New Jersey was the first State of America permitting the right of suffrage to women this was done nearly 100 years ago In Berlin the pawnshop is a Royal insti turion and is not allowed to make a1 profits Ite surplus goes to charitable purposes The Crystal Palace London accommo dates more people than any other building in the world It will hold 100000 pereons i It is said that the Pope not long ago pren phesied tliat he Gladstone and Bisniadfe would die within a short of each other i The 'oldest steam engine in the world has just gone off duty aftcir nnphnn dred and twenty one years It was built in 1777 A canal connecting the Mediterranean with the Red Sea existed as early as 600 years before the Christian era Its length' was 92 miles A bronze column inscribed with a treaty between two cities made in the third ceri tury before Christ has been found in a Dorio temple in Greece The Bank cheques passing through the clearing houses in London and New York in one month exceed the value of all thb gold and silver coin in the world An American has invented an electric bi cycle which carries storage batteries of suffi cient capacity to run the motor which is geared to the rear wheel to propel the bicycle There are supposed to bo nearly 50000 dentists practising upon teeth in the world A case of internments nowaday contains between 300 and 400 in struments There were 700 exhibits a record number at the Crystal Palace Cat Show ashion ran in favour of blues and chinchillas but the homely companion of the fireside well maintained its own A cable tramway valued at £20000 which Sir Georget Newnes presented to the town of Matlock his native place has been opened by himself It is said to be the steepest of the land in the world As a lady was out walking in America a large eagle swooped down upon the plumage of a white bird which decorated her hat The eagle made off with the bird and also the hat to which it was attached The mines in Manchuria according to a report of a Chinese official are si mated in a country covered twelve feet deep with snow in winter and infested in summer and autumn with an insect which makes life unbearable The small town of Werda in the King dom of Dahomey is celebrated for its temple of serpents a long building in which the priests keep upwards of one thousand ser pents of all sizes which they feed with birds and frogs brought to them as offerings by the natives A new device for adding the finishing touches to a russet shoe polish consists of a bone taken from the lower leg of a deer which is rubbed polished until it is as smooth as glass When rubbed over polished shoes it gives a brilliant and en during lustre It used to be the custom when the chief priest of one of the Congo tribes showed symptoms of illness to kill him forthwith either by strangling or by aid of a the natives believing that if he were al lowed to die by disease all the rest of the world would perish A new method of preserving meats from which much is expected consists in im mersion in a 30 per cent solution of salt through which a continuous current of elec tricity is being passed The curing is com pleted in from ten to twenty hours when the meat is taken out and dried War correspondents were at it as far back as tlie time of Edward II Scribes speci ally commissioned were sent up with the English Army which invaded Scotland at that time Incredible as it may seem not one of the London newspapers was specially represented at the Battle of Waterloo Military experts are at present interested in a new self moving car which is to be a veritable carriage of death It is to driven by a 16 horsepower engine at the rate of over forty miles an hour The car carries two quick firing guns and only one man is needed to drive the car and load and fire the guns A Mr Butters who was killed in the Wrawby railway accident was the holder of a sixpenny insurance ticket for £1000 The deceased was a second husband and it is a curious fact that his first husband died under similar circumstances after hav ing taken a railway insurance ticket for £2000 A man named Onions was sentenced to fourteen hard labour for being drunk and disorderly in Peterborough He was reported to hiave been convicted 500 times in London and perhaps as many times in the provinces He was reported to be in the habit of writing temperance verses and get ting drunk with the proceeds from the sale of the same A scientist once put an automatic musi cal box on the lawn and spent many hours watching the robins and other birds gather ing about it A looking glass put up where the birds can see themselves in it is alsovery attractive while a combination of a musical box and a looking glass pleases the birds more than anything else one could put out for their amusement A gx avestohe dispute has arisen at Lye A jnember of the Society of riends named Webster who lost nis wife placed a slid) over her gi ave in txxe cemetery recording the fact that she was the wife of Webster of "Ye Olde Antique This stone was objected to on the ground that it was in the nature of an advertisement and it has been removed The matter is likely to bo heard of in tlie Law Courts In the Botanical Gazette for last Sep tember Mr Harrison describes sundry fox ms of bacteria found in hailstones As many os 955 were found on the average in each hailstone' One of the bacteria was found to be poisonous tp rats The interior of a hailstone is one of the last places one would have expected to find these organisms The bacteria introduced by a hailstorm may be more destructive than the stones theta selves Though the German Emperor has an an nual income of about three quarters of a mil lion sterling the Empress who dresses like a good class woman" is most economical The clothes are re paired in tho workroom where her own wardrobe is mended When their dethes have been outgrown they are cwt up for the smaller members of the family which can very well be done seeing that six out 1 of the seven children are boys Mrs William Astor has a collection df diamonds worth a fortune But the finest diamond in the world belongs it is said to Mrs Cornelius Vanderbilt It is a tiny af fair weighing one carat yet it cost her hus band £1000 As the value of the diamond increases in an increasing ratio with its weight up to a moderate size this Vander bilt brilliant if as large as the Koh i Noor (102 carats) would be worth about £760000 Mrs Vanderbilt's marvellous gem came from Sumbulnoor or Golconda The parrot is generally supposed to have the monopoly of the power of talking among birds but as a matter of fact the parrot's voice is decidedly inferior to that of the mj nah There art always examples of these birds in the insect house at the London Zoo and they repeat various phrases with great clearness of utterance Curiously enough tho hen has a gruff voice while the cock sjeaks in a clear high tone like that of a child The mynahs can be easily provoked into showing off their power of speech and will greet the visitor with in to his salutations The mynah is a kind of starling and this latter bird is well known for its imitative powers to hands in an ordinaxy condition As the eno ines were flying round immediately after inn Df'l'Hieil LILCLU Hite vwxy uiuiivi vx vn connecting rod being driven through the bottom bnt it was arb'atlv lessened by the 'I Li "N'T" 'rntwn The preparations for a second visit of New Zealand cricketex to Australia natur ally recall the first trip made to that part of the world by a team from this colony To the younger generation the journey of Canter bury Eleven to Victoria in 1879 is a matter of ancient history older admirers of tour still possesses interest Inspired by its success against the first Australian eleven and perhaps satiated by a monotonous succession of victories over the sister provinces Canterbury determined to try its strength against the principal clubs in Victoria and as it possessed a number of accomplished players belonging to the leisured class little difficulty was ex perienced in securing a representative team Unfortunately Messrs Corfe Leach and Moore were unable to go and no doubt their absence affected the results of more than one match But the team com posed Ias it was of Messrs A Ollivier Ashby Neilson Watson Hartland Baker Lee owler rith rith and A uller was considered very nearly the strongest which could have been chosen It left Christchurch during the middle of December 1878 and after a rough passage reached Melbourne on Dec 27 On the very next morning a match was commenced against an eleven representing Ballarat In spite of the disadvantages arising from the effects of a voyage by sea followed by a night journey in the train the New Zea landers managed to beat their opponents by eight wickets Crushing reverses from the Melbourne and South Melbourne Clubs fol lowed but just when the remainder of the tour promised disaster a brilliant victory was achieved over East Melbourne which at that time enjoyed the reputation of being the most powerful club in Victoria In ad dition to three international players Horan Boyle and Alexander the East Melbourne team included Groube and Musgrove both of whom had represented Victoria in inter colonial contests The pex fox mances of the Canterbury eleven appear to have been prin cipally remarkable for a lack of uniformity A few days after their meritorious display against the East Melbourne Club they were beaten by the Bohemians a comparatively inferior combination Again less than a week passed before they defeated the Rich mond Club by eight wickets No doubt the extreme heat which they encountered had much to do with their inconsistency Indeed one authority maintained that they were not beaten on their merits by the Melbourne and South Melbourne Clubs He criticised their batting in most complimentary terms and although lie considered theix bowling lacked quality he admitted that it was strong in variety The toux was undertaken exactly twenty years ago During the in terval New Zealand cricketers have pro gx essed but it would be idle to pretend that their improvement has corresponded with that made by Australians The best we can hope for our present players is that they will hoit theix own against the club elevens and make a espectable show when opposed to representative teams 1 fc P) 10 10 9 10 8 9 severe pains in the eyes and forehead were lieved an early grave was my fate 1 many remedies Some of) them relieved my tortures for a while but had no lasting effects At last my medical adviser said lie could do no more for me Science and medicine had reached their said he and so far as his knowledge was concerned my case was incurable So I lived on ex periencing all the miseries and vicissitudes that such a complaint necessarily entails Where would it end? I looked for the only termination which I thought could perma nently benefit me death But as Shaks pere says there is a tide in the affairs of men which taken at the flood leads on to Hearing of a person who had enfforod mnwhnt similarly to mvself and who had been cured by a course of Dr Pink Pills for Pale People I re solved to test once more the invention of medical science and give the pills a trial So I began to take the pills After one box had been swallowed I must confess my hopes were not too confident but I con 1 the pills had been taken I felt considerably servants subject to a system of munx relieved I kept on taking them and soon cipal government superior to any other in my appetite returned and iny general state all Europe and the small army of officials OI nealtn pecainc siiusiuuLury uuv mvro fortunate thap all I began to have sweet and reireSftxng nigxxts 01 sleep tirwr A'Tv Onnalnnd cnirl La nniilrl I VllS City SUira! Eave given this testimonial twelve months women wishes to enter service ago but lie wub guiu uie opporvuimy ihdv availed itself of publicly testifying to the merits of the pills as some other unfortu nate sufferers might probably be clieved by undergoing a course of Dr Pink Pills This is strong straight true indisput able testimony Are you a sufferer? If so your cure is at hand The action of Dr Pink Pills for Pale People is directly on the blood and thus it is that they are so famous for tbe cure of anaemia weak heart sleeplessness sciofula consumption chronic erysipelas debility indigestion liver and kidney dis eases and chest and lung troubles they re store pale and yellow complexions to the glow of health They are also a splendM nerve and spinal tonic and have cured many cases of paralysis locomotor ataxia neuralgia St dance and nervous headache Sold by chemists and store keepers and by tho Dr Medicine Ccmpany Wellington NZ at 3s a box or six boxes for 16s 6d but are genuine only with the full name on each box 9 IQ 33 9 8 8 MINING Per Press Association AUCKLAND Jan 6 Hauraki Company Coromandel 1 quartz and 1911b valued at £1197 jsuuej auu XL iku shutting off the main stop valve ana so bass trornbom? (slide) tonic flat lwlucinr the) risk of the ship being sunk or Ciminn dniihln flnE hnee A i i i 1 TT 7' Messrs iixon ana Brenton side di'tun Blair bass drum Atkin son accompanist Mr A Traversi Wellington win this year makes it owner's of Boosey and handsome cup The Shield cannot be won right out owing to the conditions The report that the band will not compete in future WliJZ XT rWf iry 1 A (DN) 9 9 7 7 3 A Wright (Koi) 7 7 8' 8 30 Trombone Pettit (K) 10 10 10 10 40 Boyd (DE) 10 10 9 10 39 (SC) 10 10 8 Cummings (WG) 10 10 8 JO 33 Moore (8) 9 9 9 9 30 BoSb.

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