Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 30, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1896
Page 5
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^^•^fflfPiiPppl^i^P^fl^ Dunlap's Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND SILK, Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER iiiiiiiiiiiiiimmiiiiMiiiiMiiiiiMgM^ BMBB '^- a ""^^^^ It Will Soon Be Time to Vote. «,-« »• a Candidate. Of , terns In Fall Woolens. G TUCKER, all the latest styles and pat- The Original Pearl Street Tailor. MILLS VERSUS MINTS. RoUoj. The very latest in SHOES for children, See our show windows Full of the handsomest new st>le shoes ever shown in the city. HcKinley's Election Means Work /• for the Idle. Stevenson 403 Broadway. THE FIRS I wATWAL BANK -OK- LpGANSPORT. . - INDIANA. CAPITAL. $250,000. A. J. Murdock. PM. W. W. Ro». Cart, j. r. Brookmeyer, Ant. Ca»n. DIRECTORS: . a DIM W. H. Btlng&OMt. ll&.i. MpJJSbofl Iff. THffi, ^L^^HarwOOrt, Bar Xing In aK Its Departoientg promptly C H ef t U " y Cu.Tom«r. and Stockholm. for ' Fund DAILY JOURNAI ,TV1EDjNESDAjY, 'SEPT. 30, 180C Wanted,-A good girl at 200 North Sixth street. L. Soltmano has opened his oystei bay for th-eReason. Now is W our opportunity to buy macklQtosBSte. They were a,ppralsed very low. From ?2 up.-A. G. Jenkine<r .assignee. line Chicago Chronicle voting con test will <flose today. Miss Kate Parlsl of thils city stood sixth last Sunday and is certain to come In for a trip. Joton 'Schroder .and Lottie Booker Vane B. Komer and Stella R. Ent Isaac E. Reprogle and Ida S. Evans have -been granted marriage licenses. L W.iuie MJtchdJ, charged with steal Ing lead pipe froira the Johnston hotel BurUng.ton Free Press: But 1C the increasing slgus of Melvinley's election ind of Che triumph of tlie grand principles for which he stands are followed by tine reopening of mills, the fresn lummlng of spindles and the qaicken- ng of shuttles, wlmt degree of prosperity may fhe people of this great country not hope for when his victory at tlho polls and tihc election of a Republican Congress arc accomplished •facts! May we not look at least for a renewal of that prosperity WUlch made n-esMcnt I-larrfeotfs lutolntetratlon unparalleled in the history of the country? Wo believe all classes are ready for work as soon, as business uncertainty end financial perplexity are removed amd tbatt McKlnley's election will be a signal for the general -reopentog of factories and mills for ttie resumption of oil kinds 'of business, and Industrial operations, «nd for a-cnowed 'hope and. prospea-iity throughout tlie Inna. OPENING MI'MTS WILL CLOSE MILLS. Pittsburg Times.: But to open up the mints on Mr. Bryan's plan will close 1 many of ,'the miUs now .open, and when tho mills are generally shut up, there can be no .generad prosperity. If the m-UBs are wide open wages will be good and the wage workers wll create such a demand lor farm tpi'«lucts that the latter wJU bring fair prices and everybody will prosper, and money will circulate freely, which would not be the case If 'we try to begin by opening the mints and closing the mills, as Mr. Brynn foolishly argues. FjLENTiy OF WO.RK, PLENTY OF MONEY. 'Haverhlll Gazette: "Open mills for the full and unrestricted labor of American workingmen," is the McKlnley, policy. There never yet was plenty of work but there was plenty of money; thore never yet was work for every -band but, there was food for every mouth and clothes for ovary back; there never yet was .increase of work and -wages for the wage earner but there was an Increased demand for the products of Me -farm, and f nil- Are the Popocrat Preparations for the Bryan fleeting. ;' The Popoci-uts expect'to play their trump card next Wednesday'.' Tliey •had given up all' hope in this 'count}-;, unless they could get Bryan TO save the day. Every effort has beeu made to get Bryan here. But Bryan has-, already spoken too often anil the public will look at the curiosity "but not vote for it. , ' • ' '• There, were fully one hundred ;ana fifty people at Hie'meeting last even-' ing to make -arrangements, .Tmlge Pykwnan was made chairman, and. the motion to appoint ! a reception commit-' nee of one thousand from eflch ward w»5 not ridiculed because'there" iwos- not an average of eight hundred vojters to each wnrd to the city, but onj the- other hand tlie chairman in the wild-. recklessness of •dhe Popowat assertion suggested that.the number be increflsed-' to two -thousand. The cli-fiJtman ;wns K&veu authority to'appoint t-lie'corajmlt-. toes, and In a sudden realization, of tns< extrava.p«nee of his Ideas nsked J the privilege of announcing the committees Inter. Thf mwting-sobered off somewhat, at this time, nni! it v.-ns'ujrged that a finance committee and a tujans- portfttion committee be • .nipiwlnted 'at once. A iTivnsportatlon.com-mittee;was named, but a. majority of tlie mcmlbers got wind of ft after the meeti'ng/nnd telephoned The .fonrnnl re<uiesting that .the n-aiues be not publ!sh«l' as ; they wowld not. serve. A fioance co-imriittec ot two from eaciv precinct in •; the county was mimed, but .-is there; nre almost nfrj- precincts and it is not kaown t.hart the parties mentioned, will serve the names nre not given. Col. Charles L. Woll was named as ctiip'f marshal with last.ructlons to .point one t-hoiwand aids If He'could, flnd tliat many Fopoorats in the county: ' It was agreed that the main exhibl fion should be held Just weirt of the Kreuzlierger building, comer Market and Third streets, and if necessary another stand should be erected at Qourt Park, and Mr. Bryan should speak'a •half hour at each place. ,j "' Commiittees on fireworks, 'speakers' stands, music, etc., were appointed.'.' The talk of committees of thousands -indleaites the uiuveliabinty or Popocrat OTTO A. <s Appraised at $44.499-41 It now being sold at Retail for the benefit of his creditors, ALBERT Q. JENKINES, Assignee. talk, and sound money men will iv w.ith amusement TJie Brjfm crowd am tflie effort to rejuvenate the free silver craze -by this last expiring effort.; UNIFORMS ARE HERE: Big Demand for Campaign Cos tumes of Escort Guards. The McKiriley Escort Guards drilled Hast ii'iglVt at the rink. Col. Crome put the Guards .through, uuer firs .paces. There were more than sixty In line, and many more were interesta spectators. The uniform* for th Guards nre being distributed. A hand . somea-nd servicable mackintosh.a gold., standard fedora.ivat, and a combination torch -and caine mote up. the, out- fiit, which costs each member a nonjf-. nn'a SUM. Fifty-six were taken out-Jast night, and the rest will be called for. today. One hundred were received, amd it is probable that more wllljhav.e to be secured to supply the demand.. - ... The handsome banner ordered alt the last meeting hns been delivered. \ It Is a beauty. It swings from a gWden staff, and bears the picture of ley, and the words, "McKinley Guards, Logansport, Ind.," on f each, side. The members of the marching. club are waiting for a chance to-display their handsome nnd striking uniforms. • i ;".;>; PLACE FOR CHARITY] .:.-, Boy Tells Pitiful Story of Want and Suffering! j .r KOKOMO POLE RAISING. Big,Event Occurs Saturday at 3.30 p; m: raill^yay men wll; be present from .here «it the SlcKlnJey Sound pole raising .at Kokouio. Satur- Iwy liftcrnoott at 2:30 o'clock. All the «fliop men will be free to.ju'b, and the. cro>vd. will.be one of good S'IKO. .Tlifl boys.are cordially inviied';to lielp swell the, crowd at Kokomo and make the bi? wiitonstriitilaii a succe»s. PIC Ricliinaitd crowd will bo at Kokomo imd.wHl iretnru with the I^gans- port.dolega.aon bring-In? -a pood speaker.,who will tialk. Sound Money to the Siitwrdfly uiglit rink meeting. Tlio ci-owd fiwm- .'the. city lias arranged-to leave at 2:30, and though the Kofcamo -papers advertise the rajsi-ng tq occur.- at tlnat 'ttmo, Wic Ix>gan«port delegation ..will winbowt dou.bt reach the. ground 'to very good time for tho demonstration. - The spocHvl train -wJll" ret nun, to tho cven.ta.g-. in t*m.e for supper before the evening-mcctiiiff. Those members wishing;, to .be counted in on tlie Kokomo triip sluould leave tilieir names with one .of the following men: .Tohn ..T.enks, Ix>gainsrK>rt- shops. •' ,0tls Evans, .Lognmsport'yard office. A'. -F. Hocken.bea.mer, seeretaiT, M«€ W., office. . -It, is expected.' that tlie crowd from Richmond will number more than, one *undred..a,iul>their speaker, Mr. George P.- En.rjy t who spesiks at Anderson and Kokomo before he fills lilic appointment hero, will escorted to tlie rink, where tlie. meeting will be held by the mein- 'bers'of the Logansport Boilway Men's Sound Money club, and thieir Richmond vMtors wlio will forai on Fourth street soutlh of Market street and march to ,the rink. There will be no fire works .demonstration or display of any kind J)\it the.men, will march up Broadway .{js-ain escort to ilr. Early, wOiose address* will -beg-in ait 8 o'clock. The pub- ,.Jlc fe invited .to 'hear the distinguished .•3iml eloquent speaker present the • Issues. C. W. GRAVES Book Seller and Stationer. Successor to W. T. QIFFE, 413 Broadway. JUST RECEIVED Lady of Quality STREET TYPES OF AMERICAN CITIES, HONE OCCUPATIONS FOR LITTLE CHILDREN, RED BADGE OF COURAGE. LITTLE FOLKS LIBRARY Consisting of six books for 50 cents, just the thin* for little folks, entitled Circus Day, Rhyme UpoK Rhyme, Little Farmers, Fairy tales from Shakespeare (2 vols) and Stories from History. THAT FLORA SCRAP. . .arraigned 'before. Judge M. B. Jjatry yesterday and was released on •his own-recognisance. The evidence in the Dr. Charles Men- dcnhaJHl divorce ease was heard yesterday by Judge M. B. Lalry In the Casa circuit court and his decision will bo rendered this morntag. The cases of E. W. Shirk against tho city of Logansport «nd Weldon Webster were yesterday 'taken from the Cnss circuit -to the Howard circuit court on a cflio-ngo of venue. Yesterday in, the circuit court, John Fehreabmigta pleaded .guilty to the charge of assault and battery pre-. ferrcd by J. Q. Herbert and -was fined one ceiit and costs, -which he paid. • Mr. • *nd Mrs. L. SoMmano • entertained a number, of ..-their friends in their-ice cream parlor Mtfncny evening. Refreshments were served- and an en... joy able ^evening was spent, flit dancing. . .;Thero wll! be a special meeting of •Logan-..Canton this evening at 7:30 o'clock at their Wall. All members are requested to be present In fatigue uniform..: By..order of J..JD.;Alllson, Oapt. A Bryam Ftrst Voter's club was organized Monday night.: jAll the names that "pfanld be, secured.l'th.rough hard effort made a tot of seventy-five mem- '"berav according to Popdcratlc autfoor- Jty. The so-called ftrst voters will be ' 'provided irttb marching costumes. •continued prosperity throughout th.i country. McKlnley and protection, mean plenty of work, penty of .money. •V FORERUNNER OF VICTORY. Chicago Tdines-Herald: The really good news of the last -MM of the week was the marked cessation of falilures nnd itho reopening of factories. Confidence is returning; peop™ feel the victory of sound principles in the fllr. RESULT OF THE MAINE ELECTION. LewJstom Journal: Pennsylvania's mills «iro starting. Six mills, employing 15,000 men, 'began actdve operations an the strength of the Maine election. PROTECTION' AND OPENING OF . MILLS. . Chicago Inter Ocean: In good times •when the workshops are open nnd men busy, the people of toe United States use 92 per cent, of everything'raised. It is the 'home market that te the best murker. It "is the railfe, and not the mints, that millions of workers '.want opened. : Stop the wheels In the;: head and let the wheels of the machine shops go around. The remains of WdlBam Whltcomb, •the attwnger. wfbo. died so suddenly •Monday morning at bis roomTover the post office, will be token to his home at Ealamazoo, this morning at 9 o'clock for .itrterment The remains are in NEXT FRIDAY NIGHT. A. JW. Higgins President Indiana Republican Clubs to Speak. At the regular meeting of -the Mc- Kmley club, Friday nlghit, October 2d., at the Broadway rink, Mr. A. M. Hlg- 'iln.s, of Terre Taute^ President of the Indiana. Republican League, w.Ul make tiie address. Mr. Higgins Is a. speaker •of .recognized ability, and his many friends-'in Logans'port, his former tonic, 'wi'll be glad$£jhear him. The .ladies are especially" welcome to the meetings, of the club, and will be made .comfortable. 'Good.music will be fur- n&hed, and a good, straight-out sound .money, Republican address will be given.,"The date is Friday .evening, October 2nd, • at the rink. .'.'••".'••' charge of Kroeger & Strata. A seven-year-old buy who gavjp-Ms name as John Stanley made tlie rounds, of the city yesterday begging for f*om^ .thing to eat. He salid lie lived (with his father, .two sisters and.a brliithej. on the sowth bank of. the W'abaahjrlver above the paper mill. He said! they came from Kokomo a week ago, Mui t his mother came home' drunk and JvJi_eq his father, scolded her sihe/ran, away. HIS father's name is RoTxjrt Stanley and he I« sick. The family h-as nothing to eatnnd no fife. The case will pe.ln- vestiifMitod -by the township trustee... A SERIOUS CHARGE. \ '' \ .Bert'Ammon and P.-uil Poglnslck were' arrested yesterday ' afternoon-' charged with stealing a set of -harness' from'. Krels"»ros. The harness : .was 1 taken about, two weeks ago, anf-the theft .it'Is claimed was traced t.6-thV boys who offered the poods fbri;snle. r ; Ammon has been Jn the ;empiljpy l of Krels Bros, for several moriithsl 'anef •lias always been' regarded a'sjtnbr- oughly -honest. He says'thait-he bwed Poglnslck $5 and as the -latter,' was pressing him for the money he' him to take the -harness'in It .is ihoped matters can be ^ that the boys may settle The' : case cju't; court. ", : ' " .'"''-. i •' • -_ , ; • -:~-^: ;<•••:< j -•/-' Mrs./ Mary Train W.B* nt'Idavnife-vls 1 -' Ititig last Sunday. . -;,i,.-r i-.-run THE FIRST QAHE. Bfall Season Opens Week. Next '•..4 foot ball gaime Ms been arranged • between 'the- L. A. C. and -the L. H. '«. A -'A. to : 'be' played some time next: week at ithe drivtog park. There is a Bi-enit deal of rivalry exisiting between .thc"tT\-o team's' and lit snfe to/say tlvat thte'ganie will' be full of enthusiasm -'As-'tlie admirers- of both, the teams '^ni'be'itliefe cheoriin-g for'tlieir favor- ; ite*.'-'TJie L. Ai C. Is a heavier team r,tiwi.iritne High school^ .boys, but. the stliool.mciv'h'a.ve had "niach more prac- •tl'ce and tlie game will be a -close one. Particulars of the Affair Told by an Eye Witness. Delphi Times: The general fight on the Flora -fair grounds last Friday seems to be of a more serious nature than was reported Saturday. Four Kokorao boys took a hand and got badly worsted. James Lane of Kokomo was an eye wltnass to tihe fight and says that the two Doll brothers, of Kokomo were sel-l'teg peacoes out of a wagon, WWh them were Lee Bard and Gus Freeman, also of Kokomo. It seems that Col. DoH Hind an admission ticket, such as are issued to persons owning stand privileged This ticket he slipped through a crack in. tUie fence to Gus Freeman, who afterwards came 1n on the ticket. This the officers had. In some way, detected and Special Police Officer Anderson, in company wifh another officer, came to the Don wagon ami endeaivored to'araest Freeman, who is said to be a fugitive from justice, when a general fight ensued. As the fight progressed, Col. Doll went to Freeman's aid ami struck one of the officers with a club, whereupon some one in 'the crowd struck Doll a terrible blow on tlie 'head wdt'h a club knocking him down uoder the edge of Mr. Lane's tent In. the meantime the parties engaged in tlie row had got around bc- Wn'd Lame's tent, when Anderson had to use '-Ms gun to order to make Freeman's arrest, the ball tak'ing effect in the fleshy part of Freeman's leg above sire knee. Ho also received a- terrible blow on the forehead from ft club or mace In tlie hands of one of the officers. .Vfter the fight Freeman was taken to Flora, where Ms wounds were dressed by Dr. Cook of tliat place. It was learned Saturday that Freeman was at the 'home of Charles Tyler oast of FJora and the Kokorao officers were notified. It w«s also learned that the wound in Ms leg was of a more ser- IOULS nature tihan was at first supposed and lit was thought amputation would be .necessary 'iu order to save his, life. '• -•• -- ' * The of the four-monUis-old 'child,' ChaiUes Loyd,'of Mr. ami Mrs.'C. Wallace', of Park avenue, was held yesterday afternoon atthe residence at =3 o'clock-. The funeral services wert to charge of the Rev. M. A; HarJan, and-Hie-rema:tns were hiterred at Mt. e Hope L cemete.ry. '" ..j-.;. ;.. • .^— " '<•••> How-are .your kidneys? I have token .VtSr'ee-'tloses'of Dr." Hobbs Sparogus 'OvTdiiey-Pills, The pills gave me Im- •medlate relief/and I 'Cm feeling about 'S^peFc'ent Sf.tte'r than 1'dld before. Tt"*^.' Di-ewsWorwobd, Minn. _ .TOY.S VJDCTOBIA HAP MISSED. Chicago Record: .Queen ' Victor]* ;has .reigned for a great many years, and .is •being talked about a good deal Just now. All sorts ^plefl^ant ttiine9 ; *re of current mention concerniinK the healthy, widow of >W!ndsor-and yet. and yet, somehow the -thought, will come -that the Queen has not had all the best of It, even- tfliougih she hold; the long-distance standing srart record for reigning against time, Aitthonph she ha» been prominent in .Britteli society for nearly sixty years, and has seen her name to the papers for four generations, she' taw. never had the !n- estlmatole pleasure of -bosstog amd mak- iOI-AS'S OPERA HOL-SE. JUST ONE NIOHT WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 3«- The Farctal Triumph Jolly Old Chums The Original Company Greatest Laughing Succtes in America. Prices 25 » SO and 75 ce^ts. Seats on tale »t Joliotton's tfrw Horn. ing miserable a quartet of expressmca cm May I, while the said quartet W«B ;- engageld in taking up the foldiDg-befl nnd walking. She tans not tasted tte' delight of being right tackle or teK , quarter-back at a bargain day sale, w that -the 40-eente' saved by muscular. strife might be fittingly Invested ia-m. matinee ticket and 15 cents' wortli-«C chocolates. The keen ecstasy born of finding a. half-dollar in n, worthy aw- bamd's old trousers, fited awjiy and f«»- gotten, has never beeix iiers. She ha« .never looked on in a blandly super- . visorj' way while the man of her hou« • tugged a tubbetl oleander weig-hing 7,241 tons down the cella,rway to hibor- n'ating quarters. Nor does she know any of the sweet sublimity of arguing ; with the landlord when, ne comes f» soy he cannot possibly put on new wi»-. dow Asides, until he not only nbandfl«E ... the negative window sbai'.e tiheory, < -bnt promises, besides to varnish tlie parlor floor. She never put up a. single gins* jar of peaches, and if slio has erw:, made ov<a- :« last year's accordion; pleated cape into a M;* year's bicycle suit the royal chronickT lias neglected to give the dale. Queen Victoria wears no cenrury, bare; <sJie hasn't.shot Hie chutes; sbe. hasn't—but i>shn.w! Slio lins done noti- ing bnt.re.fen c-ontiuuously for 59 yean* 111 days. We rather piry her. THE LADIES. The pleasant effect and perfe* ; safety with which Indie's "may we Syrup of Figs, under-all' condition.: make it their favorite remedy. To 8* the true and genuine nniele, look tot the name of th? California Fig Syrup Company, printed noar the bottom ot the package. For sale by all responsible druggists. : If you want pure spict* for your p«- .erre« yon can get them at Ben ™— er*» drug store.

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