Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 30, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1896
Page 3
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Pljjji-Pffio^p;^^ "Every one to her taste ?__ as the old woman said ., ,vhen she kissed the'cow." If 'you'd rather dp your washing and cleaning in a slow, laborious way, spending your t/l Z J \k£x*" V time and strength in useless, » ~=- V tiresome, ruinous rubbing, it's nobody's 1^ *=- /business but yours. You are the one that will suffer by it. But if you want the easiest, quickest, most economical way of washino- and cleaning—then you'll havu to use Pearlme, There's nothing else, among things absolutely safe to wash with, that can be compared to it. Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY Shower Bath RING Hot Water . , . . Proof Hose J3 Express Ad, S5o. ITewnts Wetting Bead Floor or Walls. Hornlws Water Closets, Send for Catalogue frost Proof Wnter Closets, Sell-Acting Water' Closets, Kelly Stop nnd Waste Cock, THOS. KELLY & BROS., No. aoi Madison Street, Chicago. STATE NATIONAL BANK iOGAKSPOKT, IND.J OflFITflL • S200.000 ' ' j. F. Johnson. President. 8. W. Ullery, Vies president H. J. Heltbdnk, CMhler. DIRECTORS. I. T. Johnson. B. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. "ONE COUNTRY." Buy and t><*'\ Government bonds. •oney «n personal security and collaterals. Iseue special certificates of deposit* V«m, of rented at from 16 to 115 r»r T*«r. KROEQER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKFR N*. 417 Market Cmll» attended to promptly, ntral Union and Mutual telephone* Office. No. 1«: Residence. Ko. 1ZL The Logansport Humane Society (INCORPORATED.) For the prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animals II. S. Klc Ceo. •«'. Wnltem-Sec. J J. Hllrtcbrundt— Troiw. W. M, Bluliop— Humane Oulcer. TJI/-P T C HnflW. T- C. Coolbougli " Geo°W Walter" J.J. »W«teMtt rwi invtiro Isaan Auams. Mrn W D. Pratt Mrs. J. N, Neil. Telephone No. 80. . Report canes or cruelty to Secretary. Greatest Discovery of the 19th Hon. Chas. Jewett Makes His Stand for HcKinley. Hon. CUnrlos L. .Toivctit, cx-Sp«ikero!' the House, ox-Cli'M.inn:i-.u of the Demo- crn.'Uc Su.(.i> Getmvil CoiftnvH:reo' inul one ol" tiro most prp-nii-iicsit Dt-nioernr? o-f 'Ihe' Stiito ilolivwod {i:ii-:ll)lc ndilnws LLI fti.vor of isouud money at C<ilmnbus. nil, ,tast S:iUirdn ; v cvoii-iusr. Ill ciOKimS' Mr. .Toivont j.-;iid: "To my nilu-d tho futin-o in-os-iU'i-fty •f rliis ^ri'-nt fflit.ion will l>o most sui-oly e.'ic-lH'd by « systoin of somul money. , tiivlff sulliciiMiit to produoii rcvMinc iiwl-od i.ii tin: Lfttorest of our own citi- ons. and ;i vigorous foroiiru policy, vhifh s,U'!iH iiRi-ko roL-iiH-oenl trade not lily -:iu 'ii(l™i]it:iire -lo ux. »m: «- ivcces- ity .to nil. our-iieLfrlvbovs upon 1 lie Uncric-.tu cwitiniL'-uf, ami .auiong t!io vost.urii se;w. Suc'li a policy will carry lie- Qnp: anul rho com marc* of OUT coua- ry «i-oimd tlio wo-rkl. All honor to tho Kc<l>u,'bl!c!ui -p:vrt.y .in t-hait 1-t now stands or 'all ith'cse tlbi-n?s. It nrado promt ?ac- lllctfs to do so. U .sn.C'1-ineoO'tlio sup- lort o-f States nitlicr 't-lnaiu. retain -tlicm .t a price w-hilch i-r. scorned to pn.y. inR aside okl quarivLs, toi'ffetitln™ old tliffcrcuces -nud comtiifr with un- jtasci.1 minds tio- a ccxnsWoraitiom of pwison-t t'liiefRenoios.- It must bo admitted by e;uidid nieuthat, ei'tlior from choice ov tliroug.lt. .force o£ circum- •itarvcos. .Hio Roputolican ]:anty today ujrsles for the bes.t .Interests of the Vmerlcnn people. Its cjimiilidn.teA mnn- fnlly 'accept .thnit plnitiform -in all Its livtosrltj- fliird .sitiaml tod«y for that lth'ls most taiula'ble in politics, most conduclvo -to the public honor. At lunst I bcliieve these tUnss, and so bel.loviu.-cr -give to this party my robe and cheerful support. I do-not over- ook it-he tremendous price which every «n:n pays wlro prefers Ms eountiT to h-fe ixivty, <amd who allows 'his patriotism to come -bctAveeni him 'ami -His former pol'lirichl inssocliatlcnis. It means tha.t he must «lw.mlon. aH hope 'of polltdcnl prefermfcxnt. aixl forever lay 'his ambition upon tlie «lta.r of Ms coiwitoy. Those who are »<*- wautnig to muko sucli a sacrifice moy follow tlie-lr o-wn cmirse; I have 'chosen -mine. Bellevl-ns t so -lonfr as pi-esenit coiMHtlone exist lit 1s -the duty of every patirtotfc man to suppon-t the Eopii-blica'n •pnu'ry p a:nd Its caTOlldnrtes, I will do so cheerfully flud witlvoat the slightest regard'to personal usenuBiicw. May you <lo llkcT\'.lsc. We \\itl-l march -to the music of the Union, and our Irish purpose shall be one country nod .one this; now and forever." Century. Dr. Te»fue'« N£W SKMEDT Medicated Air *or tbe Cure ot Cntarrh, Asthma and all Pulmonary Disease;, It has no equal lor Side and Nervous H**d- ache, 1.000.000 people die annuiUIy from the above named UlseaSM Why tnfler and die hen Medicated Air Is Medicate 41r 4 Drn(f Co. , Ind., TJ, 3. A. IS' REUNION I>" WABASH iJ-iibtme: A reunion of tlie first te-iigade of Indiana volunteers -wJI Va licld in tills city Oct.: 20. Tkis -brigade consists of the eighth, eighteen*! and first Indiana batteries. There are rt n-umiber of survivors of this brigade and 'tho reunion promises to be a large one. A meeting will be held in Ton Bridges' office In the Bridges building : tonight for the purpose of perfecting plans (or the coming reunion. All vet «ratis a re requested, to attend. The ac .tlve officc-rs ore, Tom Bridges, presi dent; William Henley, treasurer anc Owen Sullivan, secretary. Many a day's work In lout by sick headache, caused by Indigestion and • •tomacli troubles. DeWltt'8 Llttl Early RI«*rs are the moat effectual pil for overcoiiitng eneh dlffleultles.-Jno M. Johnston.. Subscribe for Tire Journal, 40 cents a » REPUBLICAN-FUDQE." Says the Editor at Prof. Michael's Old Home. Delaware, O,, Dully Gazette: Prof. Mlclnael -posing as a ffee sllverRopnl>- lican! Well, Well! Who would ever -hav« tihought dt, except'the desperate Popooratie pamt-y whose '«ole object, it scorns to be, is the promulgation of a.b- su-rd .ftifaelioods. Tlie Ga/.e-tfe will irtntc opwiiy aaid without fear of contradiction, and every 'lvone«t Delaware citizen will back us in the assertion, that .never during the many years that Prof. Miicha.t-1 resided -in••Delaware did he pose HB a RepuWi'caii. On taie contrary, lie laws, boon day in and day out one of the bitterest opponents of Republican principles and lias been usually bMiter iai hts demunclnthn of proml- jj'cnt Rcpnbllcaus. He-has moreovoi -been nominated uunwous tiroes oil tlit Pi-ohlbition ticket for county and ci'tj offices, a,nd -has personailHy told tlie writer tlwit "h'e'was an oia ime Demo- cnvt, but possessed of n,n undying h-a- ' trod of t;.'.-o mm -power." Prof. Mlch-ael a free saver Republican? Fudge! NOTICE TO GAS CONStTMEXRS. 'That gas consumers may not be. In convenience^ by reason of delay, in having heating stoves, grates and fur naces connected, October .1st U»* com pany will at once mak.c all such .con neotlons that are ordered,,and furnish gas for game free, 'for the.remainder of Septcmbnr. .-. • '-. ' • .LOGAN-SnOnT &.WABA.SH QAIS CjOMPANY. ..' THE RAILROADS Rumor That President Roberts Will Resign. M'CREA TO SUCCEED General News of Railroads and Rail, road Employes. Tlia Pittsburg Dispatch started a. rumor -ttimt President Geo. B. ttobL-vt.s o-f tlw Pemisylvnwia would retire on iiwcount of poor/heal-all, 'JUMl Jflimes.Me- Gren, first vice president ot the Penn- sylva.u-ia.liuw west of Pittsburg, Is mentioned us his mwccossor. Mr. Mc- Cren, it is said, though oiot directly In line for lire promotion, is In excellent health, atnd -It ils thought on recount of h-l-s well known abffll-ry ami merit, -he will be phieed in the important position. President Kobe-rrs Is one of the few men who bins ucli-ieml Ui-e dream and juitbll-iou of his lillV. 'flliey say that when a. poor- young man, carrying a rod Tor «.u oiwliiei'i'iiig corps. lie Wfls sisluil -if he would like to -be president. ol' llio United States. "No." hti.reajl'ied "I would Kit.her be •piv.siihmt of -iihe Pennsylvania railroad," T«s was tlie goal ho kt-pt before him .,-i.inl llna.il.v .ochiwd. His ,snc«ssor-to-l.)-e. James SieCrea, like- Eobea'ls himself, Jins graduated from tibe ranks. He h-as worked hi* way to the top from the bottom of the .ladder ami in consequence is trained nnid experienced in all branches of Tli- •mllToad 'bus in «s. He has apin.reiiily benu <ifi successful in. the financial department us in .tilrc physical division of r-aJJ-roaahng. It ils not often that cou- smictjvemid'finau'elal genius are coui- b'iiwid in tflie sa.nio iwrson. Mi-Crea's rise has been, steady a«d rapid. The dea.tfli of William Thaw, than whom .here wea-c-f-cw better ilimnciLTS in the country. ;i.s his large esaite .lemon- strates 'and liiter the decease of J. N. MoCuilloiig-li, ereatwl vacamoles in -the Penidsylva.n3a comiKinj', which McCrca inccessivcly and ' successfully filled, •\IcOrea.'s place wall be taken, by Joseph Wood, fourth, vice president. This wJia icccss'itaite .some cutimges in the orgaui- /'atton of the Pciwisylvflinta comivmy btft they liia-v-o not. y-e«t been determined, RAILROAD NOTES. C. E. Bauglm, <i Piimlhiandle llreman hns resumed work after a week's va- caitlon. Herm-am Bei-ndt 'lias resumed work nXter a lay off cm account of -a badly maragled toe. W. E. Schwer.ijig, the Panhandle caiglneei-, cdebra.ted his -thirty-eighth blrtlidny yesl»rd«-y. Engine No. 411 was run out of the round bouse yesterday after undergoing class- "4" repairs. A. H. Thomios of the M. of W, office was -at Richmond yesterday attending the wedding of a -friend.' Hairy Chiyw'eJl- of tlve- pump -house was called yesterday to -South, Bond by tho serious' illness of his ffvrher-in- Oirls 1-Ia.rtwick of the -ronml house severely Injured himself Mondoy afternoon aiiMl will be hiW oft for several fl-nys. • Mr. Chairtes Breckcnridge lias nc oepted 'tho position of stenographer lu t'ho office of (iie cliief clerk of the M. of W. office. .Toflin Mtainos .headed a party of- seven wih'o hunted 3i:t English: lake-last week. They killed 008 rice hens nnd «re well pleased with their'trip. -• .Tiralu-s No, 4 : fund 5 wlilch iiave been lying the line between Richmond and Olnciinnaif,t - were taken off yesterday .after about six months' duty. '.T. E. McG'Ihnte- nnd 'fainJ-ly 'of No, 200 Holm Street iwiive returned from a.u extended visit with, relutilvcs at W»kes ba,n-e, Pa., and other Eastern The dry Imiise in- the Iwmbw ilias been, torn "down and n. new nn more corrmjodtous structure- will be erected at once t ln..n ; more convenient place. ...,.•• Johlu Ploto-eir, a. coui-cli oloancr, while •cle.'iuil;nig « la:mp ohiimiey Injured hi lian'd severely." 'JPhe .chinvney 1 broke and the'-glass 'manig]e<l Ws ha.ud lu a fonrful-mainncr. Juroes Jones, a resident of Kouts seventy y-oais .of age, while standing In itho depot n,t that place Monday war •struck by a mallsa,ck thrown from -r Pan'h-aaMffle traiin aud rocetvca injuries rfom wlii-ch- ''lie died half a.n.houi Later. AusWarica to the Brotherhood of ipalnmen mire 'being organized' by the wlvi« -and friends of t,rail:nme.n. This order w-JiiC'h has prov«d to be one of (lino most progressive.lii ttoe countrj was orgfiiuJ/etl by J. H. Douglas, a conductor to the employment-of th. Ftjunsylva-Jiia company. . • ... CLOTHING CLOTHING. We have no old shelf worn goods, but everything new and up to date. Read the following prices: Our $15 00 Suits go for $12,00 Our $10.00 Suits go for $ 7.50 Our $12.00 Suits go for $9.00 Our $8,OO Suits go for $5.50 Our $5.00 Suits go for $3.5O OOG FOR CHOICE OF m STRAW HA! IN THE STORE. 25c choice of any of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys' Duck Suits one third off, they are bargains. ,\-ow is the time 10 buy a Suit of Ciothes, a Hat cr Gents Furnishing Goods, and 526 Broadway is the place to save money. These Prices are For Casii Only. JOSEPH G. GRACE & CO., 264 BROADWAY. ' - couNanr, ... ,. LINES. ..- . . ' Oct. 5tU fo;0th, low round-' trip ticket •to Hamilton will be sold, via Pcnnsyl •\tiraBa Lians f or. Buto. cpunrj- fair; re turn coupons. valid Oct.. 10th, Inclusive HISSED CLEVELAND. •opocrats Offer Insult to the Dem ocratic Chief.. A somewh-.it sensational "incident occurred Momlay evening at the Popo- irartilc rally a.t l>mll,nsou Hull, ludi- Hiiapolis. The Cleveland Club was one. df t.he organfzaitions pa.-rtici.patins: '« tlie deiiiousitration nntl :i cam-led Hw- same .banner that d-kl service four veairs-ago.'boariU'gian oil iwrtiul-t of the President. Tbie club was greetea wlt-h cheers- as It entered the -hall, •fe'iit as soon 1 -as 'tlie 'croAvd no-ttoed the -portrait the cheers'were clraJiged to hisses and cat-calls, which grew loud and furious, us the club marchied -around the hall. The -bainner was set upon, the st,a'ge and the confusion grew In volume nnd there- were toud cries of "Take ft out!" "Tear it up!" and lake evidences of displeasure. Filially somebody on the stage seined the banner and turaed the portrait to the wall. Tim action was Tceted with,'cheers -and the con-fusion subsided. About a. dozen, member* of the club were offended fl.ud loft the ball, giivtng a lusty cheer for Clc-veland as .they departed. -TUBE IMAGINATION. • Keeps-'Some People Til. ' Many people imagine they can do thing* wlildh they cannot: this ds par- tlcutarly -true of habits like the tobacco or coffee haMt. A person- addicted to either of fihese to.blts may-be. one of such construction, that tbe -nrti'ele used is polisoraous to hi in, but th-ey ima.g.iue Ubiety can use coffee (for instance) without -ainy bad effect, for. "thousands of people do," thley reason. So tho weak fooFm'K or stoma'di trouble, or head- wcluvJs charged, .one day to tlie hot. -sn'n; the next day taking P'^us 'to avoid the'sun, tlie old trouble shows up apiiin, so-as long-ass-ft-is" not-the sun "lit. immt be sonietliLng I have.eaten, it cam't be coffee." Then follows some test on diicrt, and still.-tlie liroaiWe con- tin nies; overs fcnowjj renson. will be flhough',t of nmd experimented with, but tlney will -not leave off the coffee,' for they like-It too -well. To -such it may be suggested tlMit maitters be looked squarely -In- the face-. . If you keep oil with nttle alls' caused -by some .unnatural cause you will suwly come down sick unllcss the active cause Is removed.-. -Coffee, contatas poisonous alkaloids to sm-n.ll quantities wliicli can be-withstood by perfectly healthy adul-t -buit 'whii'cli senlously effect those, who '.are w Uttte below, par physic-ally, or children. • ' ' ' ' . •"To «uch, 'Posituro.Cereal co-mes as ,1 boon: it J MS the colft1 ' of J: ' lTn ' oofl:o ' 'creams up.like thick Modha and 1ms a dsaicio-us .fnngramice. n.nd tiete-,- it is made-by the Postum Cereal Co.; Litn 1 ., Battle 'Ca-oek, "Mticih. TWnen tasted cr.it.lenlij- it-will-be' f omul to 1m,ve-,i pralu ilnivor tiuiit Jft crisp and pleasant. It fc sti-lcHy^a food.drink; bolng: mode entTre-iy of ccreaJs-C"'hc.'nt Ac.> : ' •••Postu.m.-ilic ,£rrntn:.co!Tee.-will nourish .wd rn-ttcu.Mdiil.ls siu.i chlldvav-and All Kinds of Drawings Made by BYRON B. GORDON^ Spry Block Logansport can be used at'every meal' with decided advantage. •just as good" as Postum Cereal are words used 'to defraud the public. COULDN'T FLIM THE BUTCHER An Old and Well-worked dame Attempted on James Han. •\Yataish. riaindcalcr: Saturday even- tog, a, striwiger, neatly 'dressed and wearing the ouitward apcar.once of a "cntlema-n, called an the mea.t market of HflJi & BatcMor, on the Wabosh stiwet toillsid'e, land, attenjpteil -to work an old worked .skin game on Jim Han. •Tlnere were several persons In tlie shop -a.t the time, nnd when tti'e stranger's turn came lie called for a pound of pork chops. .While Mr. Han. was wrapping up the order the stangcr conclud- «l to cluange ..his order and 'take a pound of pork a.lready chewed. In payment .for-live sausage the man tendered a, two dollar bill, and he was returned a silver 'dollar ami ninety cents in change. The stranger put the dolln-r in his pocket 'and asked "What is that sn usage worth ?" "Ton-cents," was.the reply. "0 well," snid the man, "I nave the even change" and -pWlng a ten cent piece with the ninety cents pushed the money toward Sir. Il-aii' and said, "Give m'e -Uock my two O.ocar bill." .' Mr. Ha-n looked -nt the would-be sharper an insUmt n.nd tli'eji ro-aiarked: "You are a stranger, to inc. and 1 you mnyhave sllppetl the dolfflr I gave you In your -pocket by mistake, but I give you "vvarnihg If 'you : are ti-yJn-g to work "a. skin' praine on' me not" to. attempt It •fl-gain.. If you- want your'two dollars •briok; place the.dollar I save you alongside tlins dollar In, change, iLntf-yOn can •have it. The fellow Blanked the sil- ver dollar down, got back Ms bill and Mt the shop. There isn't tlie leasi doubt as to nis being «. rogue, (is .Tack Fell, the tobacconist, who cutercd the shop as the stranger was leaving, said that ho hod tried the same game on him during the afternoon. K is' sincerely hoped that the officers may get on tie 'track of the fellow and run hum in •oerore He victimizes some person- oiv the change racket $100 REWARD, $100. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there Is at least one oreaded disease that science has been able to "cure in all Its stages and that Is Catarrh. Hall'a Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure DOW known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires « constitutional treatment Hall's .Catarrh, Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying the foundation, c* the disease and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature In doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith in its curative powers, that tliey offer One Hundred Dollars for any case that It falli to cure. ,<end for list of Testimonials. Address F. J. OEENBY & CO Toledo, Ohio. Sold by Druggiste, 75c. The best baking powder and flavoring extracts In the world at Ben Fisher's drug store. When A« WM»CUM, "hecried 'o Dfhon Ebobecame?!^. slm'yiijUT V ( - ; ' 1 ' •"""?••,•

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