The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 8, 1970 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1970
Page 13
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SAL* Modeled tttttlt, to? Under 110,000) $»btdttom and den or : ^bedtoortf MW com* binatlOB irtMo**' and kitchen carpet) 8U 8. Dwiij 8(4, At- Wone »S*3in; (Mtfn) FOR BALI* TtO good, Victor ICWtoy hand operated ftddlh* machines, Each, Utded toon Victor electrics, four oh&Ue •t $40 each, doth are recent model machines. ALGONA PUBLISHING CO, (llf*) Coach Dou Presents His ALL-STAR ROSTER OF USED CARS! Jutt recetvedi 1969 Oldi 98 luxury tedan hardtop An Oldi company executive car with only 7,500 mllei on It. Beoullfol Willow green with green vinyl roof. Complete with ttereo radio, tpllt teott, power everything. New cor war. ronty. $6,40 1. 00 nicker price. Buy II for tho bargain of. a lifetime. 1949 Ambattador DPI sedan — Full power, air con* dlltonlng loU of extrat, 8,500 mllet, blue with cvttom Interior, Sllckered at $4,050.00 Buy It for $2,795.00. 1969 Javelin SST hardtop 'coupe — Aqua with black vinyl roof, full power equipped, 343 "CO" , package equipped, A great performance car, Lltttd for $3,872,00, 8,000 mllei now only M.895,00. 1969 Rebel SST tedan — Full power, factory air •, conditioned. Dark blue and blue cuttom Inter, Jor. $2,595.00. < W 290" V.8, 7.800 mllei. " TUB SURE WAY TO GET PASTES! RESULTS I • PHONE 2954535 • iOe Per Word, Cash In Advance IBe Per Word, Charged All Cloiilfled Adi Run In Either Kotiuth County Advance or Upper Dei Molnei Newipopen Automatically Included In North Iowa Shopper, X FOR RENT FOR RENT » Modern 3 BedrOolH ; Apartment. Living room e*f- r peted, utllltlAs furnished. UO vallable February 1st. Phone 889.2376 In Fetiton.(l,»,5,7)U, WANTED 1968 Thunderblrd - light green with full power, 429 " V/8 engine. Only 28,000 mllei - like new „ ____ .- ___________________ ONIY $2,895.00 1968 AmboModor 2 Dr. Hardtop — factory air and power on thlt cleanett of 68V Dark rod a whH«,,roof' ---- . --------- $2,295.00 ( t j. ( 1967 Cadillac DeVllle hardtop »edan. Power everything on thtt on« owner trad*. Bycktkln color, , ,i only 25,000 ociuol mlltl with lbt« of • factory V"' , wowonl^ lift -i-t, ---- ;^.i. 7 ' DEAL RIGHT t ' ' ' [FORSALE, g»n'l| FOR SALE - One bedroom house, in Whlttemore, Iowa, Located one block south, and half block weit of D X Station. If in- tereited, contact Mr. E. C. McMabon, Algona, or Alvlne PotraU, Ftnton, Iowa. Phone Lone Rock, 98B-SJ77. (!•) FOR SALE - Stereo needles for all makes and model*. Your, Orundlf dealer -NORTH IOWA ttWINO MACHINE CO., Ale gona. , (99 tfn) FOR SALE - NEW ULM RIB- STONE SILOS, In production alnc* 1914. SPECIAL WINTER DISCOUNT Call collect 2957002 BILL MANSXE, Algona. (1-3-5-7U*) FOR SALE - Used RCA Tape Recorder, excellent, runs perfectly. Microphone included. • One year old, cost 939,95 new. Asking $18. Call £96-8148 after 6 p.m. (Itfn U) FOR SALE - Used Royal Arrow portable typewriter, fine condition. Priced to Mil. See Upper Dei Molnas Pub. Co., Ill East Call St., Algona, la. _ _ 98-8* SAVE $100 to |200. NEW Color TV reduction sale. Zenith and RCA. 30TV*Stereosonhand. : HAMILTON'S of Wesley,, la., (1-3-8) HOUSEHOLD GOODS SALE DRIVERS NEEDED ,* , Semi-Drivers, local and over the road. Experience helpful but' not necessary, we will train •you. You can earn over $4.00 per hour, after short training period. For application wrltet • Nationwide Safety Director! % Interstate Terminal ,Bldg., 2616. North, lltb. St., Omaha, Nebraska, or call! 402-8468880 NOW. (1.2) WANTSD,- Baby sitter in my home. Call 295-8963, Algona, r WANTED - Walnut Trees. While . cutting in this area we will give you bomu pricei tor your trees. Now is the time to sell. Call or write CHARLES STERLING, Rose Hill, la, 826U., Ph. 818-638-8481, (80-8*) WANTED - Due to our expanding business, we are now taking applications for full time • checkers and full time male employees. "Apply In person at FARE WAY STORE, Algona., ; (lUstA-tfn) ; , WANTED -Tractor and/or Truck" Mechanic with UH, experience. Wages open. ALGONA IMPLEMENT, Algona, la., Ph. 296- . 3601* (90tfn) 1967 OWimobki 98 Towr)' S«dan.-' Immaculate on»? lrad«.In, E*0»Hent cor* by wn«r, Clawlc- '. Factory air ,$2,495.00 , ~ Til? wheel, full pow7r7'I »*rsv«Umprigbt willl conduct .?. i-ax-.iiiisf«oiao*rtXii '»? a*ttjtoM*>«d¥i<>odSSsale v 'Of"«ii Miscellaneous nXBBXHBXEHXEH:? COMMENT - GIVE YOUR FEET a treat and your pocketbcok, too, by buying your dress shoes, work shoes' and boots* seeming treat for •print replacement o! dead or dying elms may be or&red at KOituth Soil Conservttlon District, (98 . 1C LEGAL NOflCES NOTICE OF REGULAR ANNUAL ELECTION IN DRAINAGE DISTRICT NUMBER NINE (9) KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA Public notice Is hereby given that the seventeenth Regular Annual Election of Trustees for Drainage District Number Nine (9) of Kossuth County, Iowa, has been called to be held and conducted at the Francis Kollasch home located In the Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (NW 1/4 NW 1/4) of Section Twenty-three (23), Township Ninety-five (9EN) North, Range Thirty (SOW) West, of the 8th P.M., being Whlttemore Township within said District, on the 17th day of January, A.D., 1970, between the hours of 1:00 o'clock and 6:00 o'clock p.m., at which election all of the owners of land assessed for benefits in ' said Drainage District may vote ' for the election of one Trustee, who Is a resident landowner within Election District Number One (1), (the North District), to serve for a term, of three years, to succeed Francis Kollasch, whose term of office as a present Trustee of said Election District will expire on January 24, 1970. William Runchey Chairman of Board of Trustees By order of said Board. (Published Dec. 30, 1969 and Jan. 5, 1970 in The Algona(Iowa) Upper Des Molnes) A meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Algona Municipal Utilities was held at Sid's Cafe, 114 N. Thor. St., Algona, Iowa, at 12:01 o'clock P.M. ' Present were: Buchanan, • Harmes, T.James Palmer, Supt, Ray Martinson Eng. for Pfelfer & Shulte and Ira Kohl., Sec. , Absent was: Greenberg. * The, minutes of the meeting :< of Dec. 3, 1969, were read and M.OO James While, Exp. • Leon Martin, EJ*. . L« W, OUl*ipl«, E«p, • * * Dick SelseU, E xp, * » i » • 31.00 Anthony Cudnlk, Exp. . * . .81.88 WATER FUND Pay Roll, Pay Roll.,... I 441.18 W. Peterson, Labor. . , » . . M«.*0 M. Knfasbacb, Labor. . . . . 212.01 M. Meehlhause, Labor. . ,.49.35 City of Algona, Transfer. ........ .10,430.70 North Cent. Pub. Ser., Gas ......... . . , , . 35.17 Helmers Bros., Service. .,.,.,.... 19.00 WATER REVENUE BOND SINKING FUND Security State Bank, Bonds Redeemed. . .110,000.00 Security State Bank, Int. ......... , . . . , y>«'$0 Iowa Des Molnes National Bank, Int. ............. 562,50 Iowa State Bank, Int. . . . 1,800.00 Iowa State Bank, Int. . . ..675.00 Security State Bank, Int .............. 112.50 Security State Bank, Int. ............. 1,012.60 A resolution amending a resolution dated Deo. 17, 1968, In regard to remote Water Meter reading, was amended to read as follows; Consumers In homes with water meters may have a remote reading meter Installed by either paying the Installation charge of Fifteen doUars(815.00) or electing to have the charge made payable in twelve monthly Installment payments of $1.26 per month. Then there was discussion on improvements and extensions to the Municipal Electric Utility with Ray Martinson; Eng. A resolution ordering construction of improvements and extensions to the existing Municipal Electric Utility of the City of Algona, Iowa, and fixing a date for hearing on plans, specifications and form of contract therefor and, for the taking of bids theron7 was passed, approved and adopted. , Next meeting date was set for Jan. 6, 1970, at 7:30 p.m. On motion duly made, seconded and carried, the meeting was adjourned. /s/ Ira Kohl Tt.ur.doy, Jm, I, 1*78 Attf«*a (lex) Up^f Dee of said wuflty widdft one yttr front tbTdd* of ,«« _s«ond publication of this notlee, of Itettitet of »*id . n A CaJsel Mtentyt tot mti Kotk* is further dren thti Altx«^towaW«ll aUpersOMlodebtedtosaidtstsili arereqaestedtomakelmmediste payment to the tmderilfned, ind creditor* having claims against. said •state shall file them witli the clerk of UN above named district court, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance; and unless so filed within six months from the second publication of this notice (unless otherwise allowed or paid) nth claim shell thereafter be forever; M * ' ' * 1 V barred. Dated this 23rd day of December, 1969. MaryMargaretWelsbrod 'entofl, Date of second . •la day of January, 1970. (98*1) Can SELL Your Home (2) 1210 M.M. P.T.O. Cornih«ll«rt , I.H.C. 706 Tracror M.M. 670D Tractor r : f' s f « 1 *' M.M. G1000D Viito Tractor M.M.M5.L.P.Tractor ., > V ' ' * M.M. 670 Tractor " 6x10 Mieder Box with Hoist & J.D. Gear ^ v , Brady Tank Type Spreader J New Idea 208 P.T.GV; Spreader , \ (2) J.D. P.T.O. Spreaderi,, \ New and Used KNIPCO HEATHS \' )9oo RoMler Ajm«fleorjir440, hordtop <o«pe ,- Jow *< mllei on thli'top model tn*o eompoctcor. New ¥*S '< lire*, otr conditioning. 290 V-8, otitomotlc fron»., '•$£» white with' red Interior. From o »moll cor owner ,4^1'^v*ho,ho» gone on to the big time. SAVE.$ $ $ $ t 19*«.,ptd»moblle;0«lto,88 4 door - blue with motch- followli» housenWgoods flat Mrs. 'Ida Reid ' residence/ 128 S. ? Colby, Algona, Saturday, January, 10th starting at 10a.m. -' G, E, refrigerator) Monarch gas ranee; laundry stove; antique dresser; davenport; platform rocker; upbolsteredchalrs; oak desk; wool rug? oak commode; dressers; 'double beds complete; wooden wardrobe; dining room. table and 4 chairs; hall tree; •floor lamp; electric sweeper; Maytag washer; rinse tubs; 1-20 ^ crock; clodhes; Bracks; cup' President of the Board if-if NEED PRINTING ... SEE ,-v THE ALGONA PUBLISHING CO. ELECTROLUX ® SALIS A SIKVICE • » ^^ * *'. A 3U fc Bui Pnitiei b>^»Buchanan, ! ?thttt i the vouchers payable, be approved and author- 1 1ced paid as audited. Roll call, voting, "Aye", Buchanan and Hams. - Voting, 'Way", none. Motion carried. ,4 « LIGHT FUND _ Sun Oil, Oil H...... 4 6,298.31 1 pay Roll, Pay Roll..'... 3,650.97 iMi'BUyeu, Labor ...;... 340.48 W. Bruner, Labor 276.22 B. Hike, Lftbor 1 ., .... . . 226.70 *Ji Parsons, Labor ....-. 216.10 D^Tlddler, Labor,..'.. 143.41 M>Weehlh»use, Labor,, .122.25 AIGONA,10WA PHONE 295-3588| IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF IOWA IK AND FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY 11 Probate No. 9685 NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR, AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF Lester F.Weisbrod, Deceased. TO ALL PERSONSINTERESTED 'IN THE ESTATE" OF Lester F, Weisbrod, Deceased:, • ', ,* < You are hereby notified that ; on the 23rd day of December, 1969, the last will and testament of Lester F.Weisbrod, deceased, bearing date of the. 24th day of; March, ,il9«0, .was .admired' to" probate in the ab^ve named pourt s ....... *., .,7,333.06 Oil, OU ..-,».. T ,i.. 916.90 Bessemer Co., Contract,',..,,.,,27,473.40 chairs;' dishes; beAUnr, lin- WATCHER

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