Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 30, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1896
Page 2
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IJ * Jj" Perhaps th« "New AVoman" will be a stronger woman than the old one. Certainly, fresh air and. thn right exercise will do much for her. Fresh air is a great restorative, exercise a great nerve tonic if' a woman foe in condition to take it. A healthy woman can avoid disease. She can avoid the seetninglv almost inevitable '-weak. neai-oflierscxif methods. Ths panic methods will -not cure her if she be already sick. Taken under medical direction, in connection with the right medicine, they will help effect a cure. No women who •uffers at all from so-called " female weakness" should attempt athletics of anj «ort. :She should .lirst put herself into possession of strong and hearty health by taking Dr. Pierce'i Favorite Prescription. After she is thoroughly well, exercise and diversion will help to keep her well. The cure should come first. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is designed and recommended for only the one thing. It acts. direct! v upon one set of organs. No matter what is the matter with them, it •will .(rare it. It will not cure anything else. It is a wholesome tonic, an invigorating nervine, or nerve-food as well as a healing medicine, and thousands of perfective-well women have found that by taking it regularly during the^pcriod of pregnimcy, the danger and pain of parturition were much lessened, and in many cases, almost entirely obviated. In every American household, there should be a copy of Dr. Pier«'s prcftt work, 'Common Sense Medical Adviser." looS pafri-s, illustrated. One copy_/>Y<r to any address on receipt of 21 one- cent stamps to pay for mailing fiih, Wovld'l JOispensary Medical Aiaocintion, Uuffido, N. V. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Reported for the Journal by F. H Wipperman, Abstracter. Andrew P. Flyiui to 'lil.-i 0 uml % lot 21 Forest Mill's add., w ran-py, .f.'OO. Henry BnhnneMter-to Chns aud Ann; Huhniias.lor SS'-.'i ft. lot -10 P. M. Tli ton's norilibido Market above 21st St \\-arran:ty, !Ji],oOO. Lottie A. Ki.tinger to Jturtha. A. lion liead lot (i Sbultz Sd add,, Shu-tatown \varran ; ty, !?C>00. Itaflufl A. AA'asli.bm-n ro Eli/.. I.ourh Min Unil 1-0 of 4 A iii NAV Cor AV >/. SI % SM.-C 35 Clay r t'i>., wari-anil'y. ?."0.- AV.m. H. .-Ullrich and wlfi: to Mary .1 \iash S 2.1 ft. E :i 1't., AV Y, outlot "»5 •adiiilu-isiirator's 1st -add.,- e side Oil N of lii.u'l!, hi flit- rear, quit cralui, $1. Ida C. M-acy to Ca.roMne Kay 13 Vi ^ \V-ashiiwtou. wairaiittty, if.1,000. Henry Bloom to Gt j o AA". and i-anr: Duukln N V< S % SIC % Sec. 2, Nohh Tp., waiwuuity. ,7ohn W. 1o Nancy Backu.-^ THE 1VDSHNES8 CONDITION. Dun'M Uovlew: A very moderate and yet. -distinct I-mproveMienf is seen, no IOUKIM- only iu the buying of niateri.-Us. which continues and stiffens iiriccs. but also -in orders for products of some In- dustrie.-:, in money markets, and In exports of staples. It Is as yet lifcfh 1 more flian a. step toward butter things, bu't has -already started some important works, and prompted a rew considerable contracts. Cou,tiinn,ln? arrivals of Kolcl, .about !p31,001,iwO since the movoim.'iu bejran, have raised the Trciwury roserve ii.bove $125,00,000, strengthened the banks, and relaxed the stringency in couHVterciaJ loans, so th.a.t at. .about 1 per cent., lower raitcs more business was clone than in three previous weeks. Hoarding Is no longer reiKH'ted, but 'soiiielh ; oa.rds are bc'imgunlocked: The movonient of orops continues large and pure-bases for export have advanced prices or proven-tiki depression. While the ;ra;n in working; force is not great, it seems clear that for ; the first ttme Jn many months there U some jiet gain. Increasing confidence la the political future, in the judgment of moat business mcu, has some Influence. ir.O A. hi ;NK Cor. Sec 0 Ha.riso'll Tp Ava.rrauly. !^7r>0. .lohn AY. Backus to Geo. T. H| Back us, 15 A. La NE Vi Sec. 9 Harrison Tp warranty. !?7,"0. John Grelner to Margaret Coehnni •lot 8i! Sliultx 3d add., Shultxtown. ¥7." .Tolui AY. Backus to Samuel A. Back us AV vi ^•A^' Vi Sec. 10 I-Lu-rison Tj>. wtirraiwy. .'f.'i.COO. .Sara-h C. Cleland to Leancar Clelant' •S SO S~)-100 A., NE % Sec f>, Adam; Tp., warranty, ?1,200. John II. Lux to ,Tos. l'\ Defi-riek lot 7, r A't;kiiixsom's add., wcstside, -.vti.fvaiily OT'JO^: •>o«*J. smaU tract ncaa- Itoyal Ceiuitor, warraiv si mil 'tract near Royal Center, warranty. SoOO. OrvUle McCombs to .-Vnu.:! Ctimpbei: sniine n^ a'bove, -w.irrsviirj", .fllO. Lizzie Powlen to John W. Bat-kits 52 1-3 A., in, AV V-- NAY Yi Sec 10, Ilarri son Tp., warranty, .?2,400. John M. Toney to Caroline Toney oj n-1., und Int. In N 02^. A., S %-NE % NE V, Sec. 3 Dew Creek Tp., warranty ?1,000. John I-Iorstraan to James Vnn Buskirk lot 30 Whlteside 2d add., waifi-an ?300. AYm. H. Mowdy to Mary Shuey S A., NAV i/i Sec., Cliu-toii Tp,, quit claim, $2. Saroli Michaels ot al., to AV. H. AV. Bell, 2S 1 /!>x41% ouitlo-t 33 admin'. 2d w side 12th st, s of Mkt, warnmty, ?1,200. Fifteen mortgages filed aggregating $3,570.14. ' THE DISCOVERY SAVED HIS LIFE •Mr-. G. Calloucittc, druggist, Beaver- vJlle, 111., says: "To Dr. King's New Discovery I owe -my Me. Was taken with la grlrppe and tried all the physl-' Clans for miles aibou-t, tittt of m> nyall and was given up and told I could not live. Having Dr. King's 'Now "Discovery In my store I sent for a'bottle and began Its use and from 'the first dose began to got better, and aflter using three Iwttles was up and albout again. It Is worth dts weight in gold. We •won't keep store or liouse without it." Got a free trial at B. P. Kces-Hng's drug store. i "GAS ",Vfl(Lp JAJvE" INJTTKEJD. KokoJio Tribune: The Old "bum" tonowri all ovur tho country as "Gas Wc-li Johnnie", w.holitis boon tiKWolLu.ar ' ever since »is was first struck, claiming to be mble to locate wells whore gas cam bo found by a -litlite device of his own, pn.ssed througJi the city today on a L. E. & AY. Ira 111 with both feet badly mlaiRlied. The accMcnt happaneO him wflnilo attempting to steal a ride on 01 Vandalta tawln at PlynioaHli. He •\va« "being ta.koin to Arcadl-a, wljcj-e he has rein lives. When you find a person who has tried Simmons Liver Regulator you are sure to hear thorn say something In Its favor. Mrs. G. T. Judy, Blue Grass, m., recently wrote: "I cannot do without Simmons Liver Regulator since I know the Talue of it as a family medicine," And Dr. W. P.^O-HAes, of Beaufort, S. C., says: "I prescribe Simmons lAver Regulator and know It to be a flrst-class liver inedlctoe." Tneorles ot cm-e may be dlscuaaed at length by physicians, but the sufferers want quick ro'.'<vf; and One Minute OoDgh Cure will give It to them. .A •afe-.Tiire for children. It Is ."the only Jjfrrintesii remedy that produces Immedl- *t» rwulU"."— .TTIO. M. Johnston. About one thousand operatives returned to work yesterday In the mills of tho Boston Manufacturing Company of Walkhajn, Maiss., and others will be taken. In and given employment from time to time until the entire force will be at 1 work ngal-n. •HfONDERFUL are the cures by WWHood's Sareaparllla, and yet they •are simple and natural. Hood's Saro- pwilla makes PURE BLOOD. MARIjN^RS AND TRAVELERS. Speak In high it.u-ms of the preventive and remedial yropertles of Hostetter's Stomach Blt.ters, a medicine peculiarly adapted U.'the wants of those called on to experience the vicissitudes of. climate, the Inclemency of the weather, the hardships of a sea-faring or out- of-door life, or the dangers of a malarial or otherwise pestilential atmosphere. A small quantity ot this agree- a:ble tonic nullifies Impurities In water, and fortifies the stomach against the consequences of an unhealthy or unaccustomed diet It also enables the constitution to bear up unharmed against unhealthy climatic Influences, and the system to sustain, unimpaired In health and vigor, the fatigues of traveling. Emigrants, tourists, miners and others who have thoroughly tested the efficacy of the article, declare It to be a sovereign preservative of health under conditions most favorable. EXCURSION TO BXOTTTON, I Via Vandalla Dine, October 13th to 15th.-0n October 13th to 15th the VandaUa Line will sell excursion tickets from adl stations in Indiana to Bluffton, Ind., at one fare for - the round trip, account Baptist Convention and Young People's Union of Indiana. Tickets good to return until October 10th, inclusive. For fcH particulars call on nearest Vandalla L'lne Ticket Agent, or address E. A, Ford, General Passenger Agent, St. Louis, Mo. BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. Tie Best Salve "in the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, saii rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped, hands, chilblains, corns and all skin eruptions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. PrJre 25 cents per box. For sale by B: F. Kees- If you have ever seen, a little child In the agony of summer complaint, you can realize the danger of the trouble and appreciate the value of instantaneous relief always afforded by DeWltt's OoHc & Cholera Cure. For dysentery and dlarrnoea it IB a reliable remedy; We could not afford to recommend thla ss a cure unless it were a' cure.—Jno. M. Johnston. IT A TRIFLE? THAT. COMMON'TROUBLE, AC.ro DYSPEPSIA OR SOTJH STOMACH. Now Keeogii.is'.ed as a Cause of Sertou Disease. ..Add dyspepsia, . commonly culli heartburn or sour stomach. Is a form o indigestion rosnUliiji from fi-rmcri.l:: t.ion of 'flu: food. The snom-nch beiu loo weak ro promptly digest It 1'hi> I'oo- remains until fermentation begins, lil. Injr tlio stomach wirli JM.S, :UKI n bittci sonf, bui-uinj; nis'tu 1n tlio mouth often present. This condition'soon lv. chronic -awl being an every da; oiice is jrivcn but 111 tic attcatior Ui'causo dyspepsia, is not immedhUe); I'n.ral, many people do naming for th trouble. AA'lt'liin a recent .period a. remedy hfl been discovoreil prepared «6:i.-.Ty to cur dyspepsi-i nml stomach troubles. It 1 known as Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablet and is now bocom.iujr rapidly used am prescribed as ci radicn-l cure for even form of dyspepsia. Smart's Dyspepsia. Tablets Inive lieu] placed before llu: public nud are soli by dnigslsls every where :i;t 50 cent per pa chase. It is prepnred by th' Stuart Chemical Co., Marshall. Mich, and while it. promptly a.od effectually restores a vigorous digestion, at M sn.nie (.line is pwfectily harmless am will not injure tho most delicate stem I'.oh, but on the contrary ny giving per feet digestion anil makes life wo-rtl living. Send I'm- 1'reo book on Stonvac-li D!s eases. THE NATION'S rOLICY. Under existing laws governing tin ma.tlon.aJ finances'and -th« actions of tin Secretary of it ho Treasury, that odicla is vested with full power to exercise hk discrebloiii in rwleeniiiijr "(.-oi ; n" oiblijra tion-s of the government In either goli or slvur. This nppll-cs to the redenip lion, not only of bonds, but of a;U papo; mjoucy .payable in coin. Since specii paiy meats we.ro resumed -the policy am practice, ol' the Republican, admimJstra. ti-ons has been to foiteirpret "obligation; payable jn er>lu" as obligations payable In gold. Xhrough and 'by flint action tin: dollars of this nation, of wliatuvui d«seriiption. have been made the «iua. of sold dollars under all conditions d consequently (hey have been, equa In. stability 'aid purchasing power to the best dollars iu the world. SOMETHING TO It may -be worth something to know ifchdjt the very best medicine for restoring the itlred out nervous system to a healthy vigor is Electric Bitters. This medicine is purely vegetable, acts by giving tone to the nerve centres in toe gtomu'dh, gently stimulates tho Liver and Kidneys, and aids these organs In throwing off Impurities In the blood. Electric Blisters improves the appetite, aids digestion, and Is pronounced by those who 'have tnted it as the very best blood purifier and nerve tonic. Try it. Sold for 50c and $1.00 per Bottle at B. F. Keesllng's drug store. SEQKET (SOCIETIES. A lute article published in the New York Sun, places the membership of tho various fraternal organizations in jlris country at 5,0(iO,000 members. Of these, lie Ood Fello-\vs lend wiitli 1,000,000 followed by Free Mnsom's, 800,000; Knigltts of PytljJns, 500,000. next comes the Ancient Order of United Workmen with 300,000, others follow- ng widr lesser nuinoers. Witliout wishing t'o bo understood as speaking by the record, The .Toiirual ventures to nsscrt that more people belong to secret orders in the United States than Is the :ase iu any other country iu the world. FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been used for over flfty years by mil- Ions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. t soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wild colic, and s the best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the .poor little sufferer Immediately. Sold by druggists in every part of the world. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for "Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup,", and take no other kind. WHY IS IT, t catarrh Is a blood disease, as some lalm, that- physicians frequently ad- Ise change of air and climate to those ufferlng? Catarrh Is a climatic affec- lon, and nothing bnt a local remedy or change of climate will cure It. Bly'i >eam Balm Is BO efficient as to do away with the necessity of leaving ome and friends, causing Instant re- :ef and Is a real cure of catarrh. Subscribe for The Journal, 40 cents a ojontn. Don't trifle away time when you :>ave cholera morhus or diarrhoea. Fight them In the beginning with DcWJtt'a Oollc & Cholera Cure. Yon don't have to wait for reaulte. They are Imstan- taneotw and It leave* the , bowela In healthy condition.—Jno. M. Jobnrton. TREED BY A BIG MOOSE. Maine Boy'n Thrilling Expwloace While Jlrlaifluff Homo the Cuw*. "Jack" Clark is a stout boy of 14 years, living-.at Sherman, Me. He goes out after the cows every nigl.it and drivCH (.hem home- to the lie-up, always in the greatest safety, but the other jiipht he hud ;in udrunture which has Jed to the substitution of his older brother iu the gathering' of the kinu o' nigrhts. Last Saturday night Jack -went down after the ca.t-1.lc, says the Boston.GJoln-. The animus were in the pasture, and it was dark almost-before lie got to them. Hi: started thorn home with some speed, but one lag-g-ed in the shadow* under the trees. Jack threw a stone at the supposed cow, and g-ol a very larg-e surprise in re- SAW THE VIRGIN MARY. Woiilthy J-'aniMrof Now Jersey DmcrlbM the VlHlon That Surprised Him. Moses IX'p'ie -is known throughout \Vnrren couniy, 3s". J-, and the adjoining county in Pennsylvania as the wealthiest ii'nd most staid tilJer of the soil retiding: in I'ahuciiiarry township. He is o deacon in the Lutheran church, superintendent of the local Sunday school, nrid comes from a good, old Quaker family, his father having- been u colonel in- the revolutionary war. Ho has been treasurer of the township, a nnamber of the county board of freeholders, and uriT.il last week a prominent candidate for state .senator. He is now looked upon with suspicion by his neighbors, A BIG MOOSE BOUNDED OUT. turn for it. He heard the stoiao strike the au J ma I with a hollow thump on its ribs, and expected to see the cow come out from uudur the tree on aswiuging- run. Instead, a big- moose bounded out in the opening and made for the young-ster. Jack sized up the animal at first eight. Boys' and g-irls, when they pet big enoug-h to walk tihe streets of Sherman in boots and stockings, know wild animals when they see them. So Jack knew the moose. He made for the nearest tree and scooped up it with small delay. The moose was close at the boy's heels when he climbed into the lower branches, and snorted around the foot of the trunk in a way that made the boy shiver and grab the limbs closer. After about an hour the big brute went off in rod-long jumps. Jack came down. Tan for home «nd told the story. Jtfalno'i Bnantlful Lake. St. George's lake, in Liberty, is said to be one of the handsomest sheets of water in Maine. It is fed almost entirely by springs, and its waters are so clear that objects on its bottom can be seen plainly when the water is many feet deep. The water nt the outlet of the lake passes dowi a descent, and the fall in three-quarters of a'mile is cut!mated to be 175 fent. Fltblnp with a Hammer, The mountaineers of Georgia catch' troutwithasledgebammer. Theirprnc- tlce is to thump a rock, under which th« trout seeks refuge, with a hammer, and the concussion renders the fish sense- tees, , Fire Armi and Watches. One to every sixty inhabitants was ihe proportion of firearms found by assessors in San Benito county, Cal., and of watches there were ia the county 22 !«wer than the whole number of weapons. EXCURSIONS TO PITTSBURGH. Brotherhood ot St. Andrew Annual Convention, yi«. rensylvania Limes. October 32th, 13th and 14th. special ow rate excursiou tickets will be sold to Pittsburgh via Pennsylvania Lines, lor amnnal convention' of Brotherhood of St. Andrew; return coupons wiH be valid through to original starting point on or before October 20th, THE FORM OF A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN. and there are a few who question, his •veracity. He was sitting on the front porch • his fine old farmhouse this afternoon when he told the following 'strang story: "Last Thursday afternoon about fiv o'clock, while fishing for bass from ; boat at t,he head of Sambo Rift, iu th Delaware river, I was suddenly startlcc by seeing ahug-e, white cloud arise from t'he stream near the Jersey shore, from which there emerged the strains c' sweet music. Its strange shape an the way in. which it arose, in the form of a cross, riveted me to my seat. A" the cloud reached a height of about 5 feet.it parted in the middle, and there in the center, was the form of a beau tiful woman. "Her eweet face was radiant with a strange light, her beautiful golden hail fell In heavy rolls over her shoulders and a shining- crown of silver adornet her brow. The figure, which was of nat ural size, was robed in a garment o: white, which reached to her feet. As the apparition arose and floated over the Delaware, I heard sweet songs and music from overhead. "The figure bore a striking- resem blance to portraits of the Virgin Mary and was so dazzling in its brightaesi that I placed my hands before myeyes When I recovered, from my astonishment the vision had vanished." There is no question that Mr. Bepue Is firm in his belief that he saw the op parition described. CYCLED IN HER SLEEP. Feat of B Fmlr Somnnmbullst in Her Rob* of Wblto. .M Cropscy avenue, Bath Beach, near New York, was dotted with the lights .of bicycle lamps at two o'clock the pther morning, when from toward Bensonhurst appeared! a form in white, gliding gracefully albng- on a wheel. Directly behind the specter followed half a hundred riders. The' rider was a handsome young woman not more than 19 years old, .with a face that was a. picture. For a background, luxuriant brown, wavy hair reached down her back to her waist. The mysterious pedaler was at•tired in a single garment of white. She "Boys will be boys," but you enn't afford to lose any of them. Be ready for tbe green apple season by' having DeWltt's Colic & Cholera Cure 1n the ise.—.Ino. M. Johnston.. Joseph. F. Ximmick, the St. Paul forger, wilio was tried and found guilty nt E.TU Claire, Wls.,, and who was [.waking sentence ia the jail there, ts- raped yesterday by sawfng.tuc lock off ite cell. The whole system Is drained and undermined by Indolent ulcers and open sores. DeWltfs Witch ITn7.pl Solve speedily heals them. It Ja the best pile cure known.—Jno. M. Johnston The I-iamiil'ton woolon-mills, of Ames- jury, Mass., omipiloyinir'eight hundred peratlves, started up permanently yes- ei-day, after a, shut-down'aggregating live weeks. It doeflD ; matter much whether sick leadache, biliousness, Indigestion and constipation are caused by neglect or unavoidable circumstances; DeWitt's Little Early Risers will speedilj nre them alL—Jno. M. JohnstoL. The Amoskeag corporation, of Mnn- hcster, N. H., started op yesterday tter ain. enforced Idleness;. of several monKfbs' duration. AM departments •ere set In motion, employing about iven thousamd people. Subscribe for The Journal Poison Ivy, Insect bites, bruteee, aldB, bums, are quickly cured by De- WitTfl Witch Hazel Salve, the great pile enre.—Jno. M. Johnston. THE FAIR CREATURE WAS ASLEEP. evidently knew the road by heart, for —and the truth was quickly whispered —the fair creature was asleep. At Twenty-first, avenue the sleeping rider turned around and started bock. At Twenty-seventh avenue her wheel struck a stone and she was thrown to the ground. The shock awoke her. For a moment, she gazed about her in a dazedmanner. In a moment she realized her position and began, to sob. Two of the women riders shared their petticoats with her and the men were told to g-o back to Bath Beach. The sleep-rider and her two newfound friends rode on to Qensonhurst, where she became hysterical, and Dr. DC Muno, of . Twentyrsecond avenue, Bensonburst, was colled. lie admitted that he-was attending the somnambulist, but declined to give her name. A Flo»tln« Station tor "Lit e-8»»er». The only floating home for life savers on the Atlantic coast has recently been placed in position in Dorchester bay, near Boston. More than 50 lives have been; lost, there /during the ; pa»t 15. years. The boat has no apparatus for propelling, and has simply been anchored at what is regarded the roost favorable spots. From a peculiar open- Ing in one side the lifeboats -wlU be launched. r Insist Upon having Just what you call lor when you go to buy Hood's Snrsaparilla. There Is no substitute for Hood's. It is an in- Bult to your intelligence to try to sell you Bomething else. Remember that all (efforts to induce you to buy nn article J you do not want, arc based simply Upon the desire to secure more profit. The dealer or clerk who docs this cares nothing for your welfare. He eiroply -wants your money. Do not permit yourself to oe deceived. Insist upon having Hood's Sarsaparilla And only Hood's. It is Die One True Blood Purifier* 'c- Dills, easy to buy, easy to tak* S Kills easy to operate, »c. Evangelist D. T. Blark, Peoria. Ulinois. Saybrook, 111- Feb. 19,1894. Pepsin Syrup Co.: Dear Sirs: While nt Cerro Gordo, 111., In my revival work, 1 purchased a bottle cf your Syrup Pepsin. I regard It as most excellent I cannot get it here In Saybrook. Is It on sale in Peoria, 111. If so, at what store? If not on sale there, if you will send me * dollar bottle there this week I win promptly remit. I will be home this week. Address Rev. D. 1 T. Black. 1005 Stare St., Peoria, III. Yours truly D. T. BLACK. For sale by B. F. Reeling. B Trade FOR THE BLOOD, NERVES, LIVER —AND— KIDNEYS. 4 BBBB Cured me of Rheumatism. Yours, W. E Roberts, Lelanon, Ind. 4 B 3 B B are purely vegetable. Put up in capsules, sixty in a box. Thirty days' treatment in a box. Price $1 per box, or six for $5i Manufactured by H. C. BRAQQ, Connersville, Ind. For sale by all druggists. -FOB SAX.B BY- B. F. KVBSLING, Dragffitt. SUHMER TOURS - VIA "BIO FOUR" TO THE nOUNTAINS, LAKES and! SEASHORES Solid Vostibuled Trolas WHth Wagner Sleeping Cars to New York and Boston from St, Louis, Peoria, Indianapolis, Clndn- i natl, Dayton, Columbus, vtti . CLEVELAND AKD BUFFAIXJl "The Knickerbocker SpocI»L" "The Southwestern Limited." Six Terminals at. the Great Lak«§. , Chicago, Beaton Harbor, Tol«*> Detroit, Sandneky, Cleveten* Tourist Rates In all Direction!. E. O. McCormlck, » Paw. Traffic Manager. D. B. Martin, GenL Paw and Ticket Agent Pot-people.:with »orc\eye», i VatcrY eyei, and red »nd inflamed . tatuied by «ge, catarrh cr.otherwite, , grgiDlanBalin is • priceless boon. P»ti J5 or 20 dropt of Balm isto a spool * '"' ttfwarm wtteri end bathu ths ey«i., tofctlon into tbe ey^, '":<>. relief!) ifit i" —nzia .-4;i«-.i.ft:.-td wweilj:. ^5-^H'::^-;^

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