The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 20, 1931 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1931
Page 12
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The Upper Bes Moines-Republican, May 20, 1931 PARKING SPACE Curbing Removed and Gra i vel Spread on East State Street Parking. NO LIMIT TO PARKING TIME NOW New Signs to be Erected with No U- Tnrns on State Street Intersections. Mayor Specht and the city council have been trying to work out a plan for more parking space on State street for cars. The curbing has been removed on the two lots east of the Ford garage and the space has been graveled, making room for many cars. The old signs that have been on the elec- troliers noting that sixty minutes Is the time allotted on State street for parking cars, have been removed and at present there is no limit to the time a car can be left in the business section. A new regulation that has on numerous occasions been suggested by the Upper DCS Moines-Rcpubllcan to prohibit U-turns on the State street Intersections will be put into force just ns soon as new signs to that effect arc secured. Street Commissioner Jesse Lashbrook has a crew of men busy repairing the holes in the pavement on Algonn's paved streets, and they appear to be doing a good job. And another thing—G. & J. tires are the last word in modern tire construction. Ask about sub-tread, buttressed side wall—perfect rim fit. 28x- 4.75 $6.48 each in pairs.—Gamble stores. _ 49 Four Holidays Every Month Wash days banished—in their place —holidays! And the reason is— our Rough Dry service. For we do all the washing, iron all the flat work, fluff bath towels and fcnit wear soft and smooth, ready lo use—leaving only the wearing apparel for you to dampen and iron Phenever it is convenient. All this it a charge of only a few cents a jound. flousecleaning time Is here. Send us your Ulankets and other bedding, curtains, bath mats and ar- licles which you wish to have Jaun- tteretj, t*t our telephone be your clothes- ijne. KIRSCH LAUNDRY Phone 267—our representative will call. North Thorington St. Algona, la. Efttmetftburg to Hold Boxing Tournament Emmetsburg will hold an amateu. boxing tournament beginning in June At least forty entrants in the various weight classes are expected to enter Any boy under twenty years of age anc who is not a professional can enter bj sending his name, age and weight to J. 8. Deneen, Emmetsburg. They wll be matched as close as possible as to age, weight and height. It is expectec that the first twenty entrants will hold their elimination the first week in Jtinr nnd the other twenty the following the winners of these to meet in the finals soon after. A trip with all ex penses paid to Des Moines will be glv en the winners. A state tournament is to be held thore this summer. Boys from Kossuth, Palo Alto, Emmet. Clay and Pocahontas county are eligible to enter. The bouts will be held in St. Mary's gymnasium, which will be open every evening for those who wish to train there. DR. ED. WATSON AT BODE Son of Pioneer Algona Merchant and First Treasurer of Kossuth County. BORN IN ALGONA 67 YEARS AGO. Had Practiced Medicine at Bode for 35 Years. Buried Beside Ills Parents In Algona. Dr. E. L. Watson, one of the well known young men of early day Algona, died last Wednesday, May 13, at his home in Bode, where he has practiced medicine for the past thirty-six years. Edward Livingston Watson was born in Algona, September 4, 1863, his parents being Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Watson, prominent folks in the social and business life of early Algona. Mr. Watson was one of Algona's first merchants and the Watson home was one of the social centers of those clays. Ed. attended the Algona public school and old Algona College. He later took a course at Lombard University, at Galesburg, Illinois, and Wooster Medical University at Cleveland, Ohio. He took a post graduate course at the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Chicago, and began the practice of medicine at Mt. Hope, Ohio. He located at Bode for the practice of his profession in 1896 and remained there since. Dr. Watson was married in 1900 to Mary Jane Smith, an Illinois girl, who survives him. They had no children. Dr. Wafaon was a victim of diabetes and had been in failing health for several years. He was confined to his home for five months before his death and was cared for by his wife and sister, Mrs. Lida Cole of Chicago, who came with the funeral party to Algoua on Friday after holding services at Bode. The burial was in Rivervlew cemetery beside the parents of the dead man. Another sister, Mrs. Lura Pugh of Chicago was unable to attend the funeral on Account of Illness, Mrs. Cole left tho same day for Ames to visit with her daughter, Mi'fl, Lewis 1 Nelson . GOEDERS TALKED TO UKOTACOM. CLUB New Game and Fish Laws Will Prevent Needless Expenditure of Money. LICENSE FEES FOR YEAR OVER $300,000. New Sy.«t<>m Will Save S100.000. Stat' Furnishing Evergreen Seedlings For Windbreaks. North Kossuth Record: Mr. Goeders of Algona. a member of the state fish and game corrtmission gave a talk on conservation before the commercial club Tuesday evening. He reviewed the first meeting of the commission snd told us that the license fees for ihe past years amounted to over $300,000 and how It was spent. New laws passed by the last general assemblv }laced obligations on the department :o take effect in the near future whicn will force the commission to cut down the needless expenditures and make a .•islble showing for the money expended. It is the theory of the new com- nission that in the neighborhood of 5100,000 can be saved from needless xpendltures of the present system and this will be used to reclaim drain- el areas which have not proven successful to agricultural projects and create new reserves. Several small areas could be purchased each year. It would take a whole year's savings or nearly $100.000 to ac- oulre Union Slough so*this project will lave to wait a few years but it is one of the lending projects on the program. This conservation program is not n selfish program from which only the sportsmen will derive a benefit. Our akcs and sloughs were reservoirs to :eep the subsoil of the country saturated and also the surface water had a cooling effect on the atmosphere which caused more rainfall. Thus the whole area is benefittecl. The state is working on a re-forestation project through the farm bureau by furnishing evergi'een seed- ines for a windbreak in every township each year. This in time will sti- nulate tree planting and furnish places of refuge for both game and song birds ind also an abundance of trees which lave a cooling effect on the atmosphere and cause more rainfall. Mr. Betcndorf of Algona accompanied the speaker here and gave a short talk. He explained a new system pf Tapping and seining carp which will :Io away will: the great deal of com- r.ercial seining which is destroying the .•cgctation and a great amount of spawn in our lakes. A resolution was passed by the club o notify our neighboring farm bureaus hut they should feel at liberty to call Gust Riedel Died Suddenly a Week Ago. Oust Riedel, Who has ben ailing for some time suffering from diabetes, passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly Wednesday of last week on his farm seven miles north of Algonn While In the garden doing some light work, he was stricken with anoolexv and death followed instantlv. Gust W. P. Riedel was born March 6, 1864, at Hertz Creek, Missouri. He was the son of the Lutheran pastor, Rev. C. R. Riedel and his wife, Johanna born Steindel. In the year 1870 he moved with his parents to Charlotto, Iowa, where he received his Christian instruction and was confirmed in the year 1880 by his father, who was then pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran congregation at Charlotte. In 1885 he moved to Kossuth county and resided 011 his farm seven miles north of Algona. For the last twelve years he has made his home with his nephew, Walter Riedel. Mr. Riedel leaves to mourn his departure one brother, Ed, A. Riedel of Chicago, one sister, Mrs. Mathilda Trov of fflevp- land, Ohio, also nine nenhews. four nieces anS many other relatives and friends. The deceased reached the age of sixty-seven years, two months and seven days. Funeral services were held last Sat- irday afternoon. The short service In the home was folowed by the regular funeral service In the Trinity Lutheran cihurch of Algona. Interment 'took placo in the Lutheran ctemetery of Plum Creek, where also the parents of the deceased are resting. Pallbearers were H. Boettcher, J. Zimmerman, Chas. Gellenfeld, Robert Liesner, Arthur Gustafson and G. Reser. Rev. P. Braner officated at all the services. Famous Algona Girl Returns to Iowa. Ruth Suckow, former little Algona jlrl, now famous author, is coming jack to Iowa to spend the summer at ,he home of her parents, Rev. and Mrs. W. J. Suckow at Alden, Iowa. Ruth and her husband, Ferner Nuhn, are driving to Iowa from Vermont, where they spent the past winter In seclusion, the time being spent in writing, both being authors of note. Rev. Suckow, who for a number of years, was the Congregational church pastor In Algona. is now pastor of the Alden church of the same denomination. It is said that Ruth likes cats and her pet hobby is bee culture. Several of her books have acquired nation-wide fame. Wesley School Bond Fell Short in Votes. Wesley, May 19. Special: The Wesley school board of directors have received word from their architect to the effect that a majority of sixty per cent of all votes cast is necessary to carry an election of any school nature. Therefore, the $20,000.00 bond Issue voted for on May 12 and which was thought approved and passed by a majority of thirty-four votes is four- m the club for any assistance it may i teen votes under the required sixty ci, especially with their road pro- ! per cent majority. A total of 314 votes Tram and other community projects, i were cast, 174 registering for and 140 Tt i? the aim of the members to be of against the project. This new law isslstance in any project for the bot- erment of this community and any organization or individual may feel welcome to bring their projects before ;he club. Temperature Drops to Near Freezing. The weather turned cold last night and today with cloudy skies. The temperature was down to about thirty-five degrees. The temperature for the rest of the week was: High Low Wednesday 73 45 Thursday 81 48 Friday 87 53 Saturday 80 58 Sunday, rain .05 79 49 Monday, rain .15 72 52 Tuesday 62 46 Invite Public to Hear Indianapolis Races. The Tire Service extends a cordial invitation to all to visit their shop on Memorial Day and hear the last hour of the Indianapolis Speedway Racing Classic which will be held at Indianapolis that day. The last hour of the race will be broadcast over the National Broadcasting network, and will include the last one hundred miles of the race. For the past twelve years this race has been won on Firestons tires which are sold by the Tire Service Station, The exact time of the broadcast can be learned by watching the daily papers the next few days. Each of the cars will have a driver and mechanic, and because certain limitations have been done away with, this year's race is expected to be one of the fastest ever held. came year. into effect on May 8 of this Sister of Rev. F. H. Webster Died Today. Rev. F. H. Webster was called to Ayrshire Tuesday by the critical illness of his sister, Mrs. L. A. Hutchinson, v/ho had been in failing health for some time. Mrs. Hutchinson passed away this .morning at the age of seventy years. The cause of her death was cancer. She was a woman of considerable talent as an artist and had painted extensively. Just a short tune ago she completed her last picture which she gave to Mr. Webster. Her husband survives her, but he is critically ill. Furniture £ New and Used Remember when you are buying furniture that our stock is all new and was purchased after the drop in price, so we are able to make a saving to you. "\Yc have several good used ice boxes. We do repairing and uplmistering- and repair sewing machines. .: Three Barber Shops Lower Their Prices. Three barber shops in Algona made a radical change in the price of haircuts and shampoos last week dropping from fifty cents to twenty-five. The shops were Shilts Brothers, Helmcr Bjelland and Frank Esser. German Lutheran Church. The festival of Pentecost will be celebrated coming Sunday. Sunday School at nine-thirty a. in. English divine service at ten a. m. The Trinity Y. P. S. will meet on Tuesday, June 2nd. The Largo Quartette of the Con- corclia Seminary at St. Louis will render a sacred concert in our church on June 14th in the evening at eight o'clock. A cordial invitation to attend our services is herewith extended to all.-Rev. P. Braner, pastor. The Furniture Shop Phone 399 a, Iowa. Guaranteed USED CARS 1930 Chevrolet sedan 1930 Chevrolet coach 1929 Chevrolet coach 1929 Chevrolet coupe 1930 Durunt sedan 19:10 Ford tudor 192!) Ford tudor 1930 Ford roadster 1929 Ford coupe 1925 Dodge sedan. We Trade and Give Terms. ALGONA AUTO MARKET vwwv West of Court House Algona, Iowa- CETRID OF DISEASE GERMS in nose mouth and throat "raining School to be Held Here. The Methodists of Algona district re specializing this year in Religious ducation. During the winter stan- ard training schools were held in the x groups of the district with an en- ollment of over three hundred Sun- ay School workers. Plans are made or a bi?ger success next year. Next Saturday a coaching school will e held in the local Methodist church > train workers for daily vacation ible schools to be hel.l in June over he district. There were eighteen such chools held last year and there are ulications that twice that number will e held this year. About a hundred orkers will attend the school Sat- rday. Whittemore People in Automobile Wreck. Whittemore, May 19. Special: The Thomas Weir car was badly wreck- d Friday night when returning home rom a dance at Lizard Lake. With AT. and Mrs. Weir were Mr. and Mrs Harold Kuecker, Irvin Kuecker and Ats. Griffin. Being on a strange road he driver came to a corner before he ealized it and applied his brakes. Th ar turned over twice. A car soon ame along and took them into Wes Bend to a doctor. All received bad bruises and cuts, but Irvin Kueckei vas injured the worst, having a core nt in his hand. Mrs. Weir and Mrs >riffin were confined to their beds for i couple of days from the shake up and shock. A BIG SCOOP! The Greatest Dress Values in Ten Years 3 Days OnJy^Thurs,, Fri,, Sat May 21, 22, 23 We off er for this special three days' selling, the greatest dress values ever presented in Algona. These are not cheap, poorly made garments, which we bought on a "clean-up", but first class "stock" garments from our own high grade line, augmented by 'special' buys from reliable manufacturers. Both spring and sumjmcr styles are represented —about 75 garments in all sizes from 14 to 44 and this is a complete, well balanced showing of the greatest dress values in our history. $5.95 each Extra Special We offer for these three clays . in all sizes from 14 to 44 the famous Rothmoor Coats— about 20 of them—worth up to $45.00 in one grand clean-up price. All materials are imported and all coats are strict, ly hand finished. $ 19 50 FOUR CORNER NEWS. Mildred Robinson, Irene Walker and VIrs. Edith Rich tried their luck at fishing last week Friday, but it was not ,ny too good. Miss Irene Walker went to the home if her grandmother the early part of veek to remain for some time to help with the house house work. Mrs. Noble Mitchell is again able x> be up a little each day after a serious illness for four weeks. The nurse, Miss Josephine Dittmer, return- d to her home In Algona. Mrs. Ameia Berneau is now doing the house vork. County plat books for sale at the Upper Des Molnes-Republican oSlce, only a few left. 32-tf Old floors made new with electric floor sander.—William Aman, Phone 456. 43-tl CLASSIFIED ADS. The rate per word for advertisements in this column is 2c paid In advance. 3c if charged. Cash must accompany all mail orders. Initials count as one word. Mini* mum charge, 25c. WANTED—Four wheel trailer, quire at this office. In- 49* FOR RENT—Modern furnished apartment. Phone 51-J. 49 WANTED—General house work by middle aged lady.—Mrs. Sadie Cavanaugh, Algona, Iowa. 49-tf FOR RENT—-The west part of the modern Young duplex house. Call 316- J. 43 FOR SALE—Skelgas stove and tanks. Low price.—Dr. R. H. Crawford, 420 South Jones St. 49 FOR hape. SALE—Boys' Phone 499. bicycle in good 49 WANTED TO BORROW—$200 for six months. Can give good security. Inquire this office. 49 FOR SALE—Thor electric washing machine. Good condition. Call 300. MOTORS REPAIRED—When your motor needs repairing call 446. If we can't repair it, there will be no charge, Will appreciate your electric work.— W. H. Koran. 4$' Reliable party wanted to hand)? Watkins products in Algona. Custom^ ers established. Excellent opportunity for right man. Write at once, T J. R. Watkins Company, D71, Winona, Minn. ' 49* Reliable man wanted to call on f arm* ers in N. E. Kossuth county. Wonderful opportunity. Make $8 to $20 daily. No experience or capital needed. Write today. McNess Co., Dept L, Freeport, Illinois. 49* FOR RENT—Garden, plowed and dragged. Will rent on share basis.—Dr L. G. Baker. 48-49 Goeders Talked to Local Rotary Club The Rotary club enjoyed a talk b D. E. Goeders, one of the five member of the newly created fish and gam coiwmission, last Monday. Mr. Goedei talked on conservation and of the trouble* the commission is having in getting a bill through the senate. Tho commission is endeavoring to cut down the expenses of the fish and game department and save the taxpayers mudl money. Mr. Goeders read the sportsman's creed and asked the Rotarlans to live up to it. His talk was very much enjoyed by all those present. FOR RENT—Two unfurnished rooms for light housekeeping and one sleep Ing room. 615 East Lucas St. 4: FOR SALE—One used Frigidaire.- Bert Brown, Llvermore, Iowa. 48-5 FARM LOANS AT Sy 4 % INTEREST City residences and farms for sale, list your property with us. MUBTAGH BROTHERS.' Licensed Real Estate Brokers. Ex-service men and dependents of World War. Do you know your rights? Pensions, compensayonsj , insurance, hospitalization, soldiers' homes, bonus, funeral expense, etc. Methods of obtaining these and other benefits coveted In our manual. One dollar.— Service Men's Service, Jackson, Miss. 46-49 FOR RENT—Small lighted and heated office room in Iowa State Bank bldg. See A. L. Peterson. 44-tf wwwwwwwwwwwu SALE OF HATS Three Days This week, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, May 21-22-23 We offer this week, for three days, a grand cleanup sale of every Spring and Summer straw and hair hat in our stock which formerly sold at $5.00 and $5.95. $2,95 $3,95 This is a great opportunity to get a new hat at a sm(all price. And remember these are all exclusive one-of-a-kind hats, in all popular colors, including tan, navy, black, white, and the pastels. This clean up comes earlier than usual and we cannot emphasize too strongly the exceptional bargains you will find. here. Millinery Department. BEE SUPPLIES A full line of Bee Supplies. Get them of G. E. van Dorston, having moved to north end of N. Minnesota street, which is first street east of paved street leading to Burt. FOR SALE—1929 6 cylinder Chevrolet truck with steel dump body of 3 yards. Worth $300. $175.00 cash price if taken at once.—F. Kluss, Phone 34-15 Fenton. 48-49* Used cars, tires and parts at the Sales Barn.—Corey Auto Co., Phone 563. 49 Painting and Decorating. Estimates gladly given, er. Phone 778—Harry Bak- 43-tf FOB RENT—6 room house, practically modern.—Guy Mantor. 41-tt "Algona's Wife Saving Station."^ Kirch's Laundry. Phone 807. 60-tl Pour burner gasoline range with ov en.—Mrs. Bert Peal. 48-w Used Cars at Bargain Prices 1930 Ford tudor II 1929 Ford sedan 1929 Ford tudor || 1929 Essex coach 1929 Ford roadster A few cheap Model T Sedans and Trucks EASY TERMS. Kent Motor Co. Phone 434 AlgoBft, Iowa*

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