The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 20, 1931 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1931
Page 8
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The tipper Des Moines-ftepubliean, May 20, 1931 CATTLE RUSTLERS IN HANCOCK CO, Six Head of Young 'Cattle Taken from Pasture Near Goodell. Sheriff Hanson received word yesterday from J. W. McCullotigh, who resides in Twin Lake township, that five head of Angus cows, all springers, are missing from his pasture. These cows ho describes as from three to eight years old. And now, the question to I* solved Is, what has happenen them? The McCulIough farm Is n far distant from the Ruka, place. WERE HAULED AWAY IN TRUCK Traced to Webster City by Sher! Hanson. Other Farmer Missed Fire Head! Oarner Leader: As the Leader & Signal goes to press, it is reported tha Sheriff Peck Hanson has located the parties who took the Ruka cattle. II Is said Uiat the cattle were weighed at Webster City and marketed in Molntes. Sheriff Hbnson left today shortly after the noon hour for Webster City. We are so far removed from pioneer days, when cattle rustling and horse stealing were the chief outdoor sport for many renegades, that we had about concluded that such acts had taken their place among the lost arts, but modern necessity: or perhaps we should say, modern inclination, seems to have revived the pilfering method of securing "easy money." Tuesday or Wednesday night of last week, some culprits without the fear of the Lord in their hearts, but owners, or at least possessors, of an auto truck, stole six head of young cattle from Harry Ruka's pasture, and evidently have made a clean get away with them. The Ruka farmstead is located three miles west and one-half mile north of Goodell. The pasture in which the cattle were kept is one-quarter mile north and one mile west of the Ruka home. Thursday morning Mr. Ruka and his hired man were working near the pasture and took time to count the stock. Twenty-two head of young cattle were placed in the pasture late in April. A count revealed six missing. Thinking that they had strayed to a neighboring pasture, Mr. Ruka spent Thursday and part of Friday trying to locate them. Fnally, upon inspecting the fence along the road he observed that staples had been pulled and further investigation revealed tracks of a truck that had backed up to an embankment which no doubt served as a runway or chute in loading the stock. Evidently the cattle objected to crawling through the fence, so, it is believed, they were driven to a gate, which was located close at hand, driven out through the gate and along the fence to where the truck was parked. The height of the embankment is practically the same as the floor of a truck, so loading was an easy matter. Yellow dent corn was used to coax the cattle along. Mr. Ruka says that whoever got the cattle knows stock, as the six head taken were about the best of the lot. He describes the missing stock as one roan heifer, a light roan steer, red and white steer, roan mottled steer of block build, a pure white steer and a red steer. All of the cattle were marked with a hole Algona Church Organizes Society The young people of the Algon Trinity Lutheran congregation met a the Lutheran school Tuesday of las week for the purpose of organizing Young People's society. The meetln was opened with the singing of th hymn, "Stand Up, Stand Up for Je sus." After the singing of the hymn the pastor, Rev. P. Braner, delivered a short address based on Romans 1:1< stressing the importance and necessity of the work among the young people Then followed the organization of the society accepting the name, Trinity y. P. S. of Algona. The following officers were elcted: president, Miss Elda Lavrenz; vice president, H. Huenhold; secretary, Miss E. Bleckwenn; ireasttrer, Alvln Huenhold; librarian. Emmett Beard. After the business meeting refreshments were served tiy Rev. and Mrs. P. Braner. The evening was well at- ended and enjoyed by all. The next uslness and social meeting will take lace on the first Tuesday in June. W. H. Ornver, trustee mtg 4.( Wm. Sdnvpltert. trustee mtg. .. 4.1 K. O. Mann, trustee mtg 4.' 0. W. Brown, trustee mtpr 4.f .Irihn Rnctmn, trustee mtp 4.0 E. I', Hanson, trustrn mis 16.0 '.'hrls Brandt, trustee inter Ifi. Wm. A. Pchrnm, trustee mtpr. .. 12.0 Andrew TTflnsen, trustee mtg. .. 10.n A IPX RfldlR. trustee mtg 4.0 Axel Erlrksnn, trustee mtg. . S.O J. II. MrOreRor, trustee mtg. . 8.0 W. F. nplmers, trustee mtg. . 4.0 II. F. SrhtiltJ!. trustee mtp. ... 4.1 R. B. Hrrnlnghnim, trustee mtg. R.I Joe Rrhaller, trustee mtg- S.O H. W. Harms, trustee mtg. .. 8.0 Wm. Meyer, trustee mtg 4.0 Geo. Haffprc, trustee mtg S.Oi II. B. Ilnll. trustee mtg 7.01 W. A. Hnll. trustee mtg 9.01 F. Jacobs, trustee mtg 7.0< Ell Anderson, trustee mlg 6.01 Tohn 1'. Bormnnri, trustee mtg. . 13.01 Henry .T. Kohlhans, trustee mtg 4.0( Anron W. Rteussy, trustee mtg 4.0( Simeon Leigh, trustee mtg. ... 4.0( AUK. Gntknorht, trustee mtg. .. 8.0( O. L. Thoreson, trustee mtg. . S. 1. A. .Tpnsen. trustee mtg. ... 8.00 Mike Wagner, trustee mtg. ... 9.90 \V. C. Nelson, trustee mtsr. ... 12.OS \. M. Dustafson. trustee mtg. . 12.00 ..T. Anderson, trustee mtg. . ohn Arndorfer. trustee mtg. Oeo. Clnk, trustee mtg 13.00 Lnkota Cemetery Ass'n., upkeep 41.0 Kllnor T. Sutton, transp 8.0 LnlrrI & Relmer, funeral exp. .. 60.0 Portable Milling- Co., labor .... 4.0 n. Q. Richardson, supplies .... 27 Oi NTnrtnn Moenfne WnrlcB, supplies 1.7; A."k." Cliff, supplies '.' 7.1 Farmers Elevator, supplies .... 34,2< Nelson Hardware, supplies .... 2.9- Fred Parks, expense SI.Oi Howard Ktrayer, labor 65.0 M. M. Morrow, supplies 10.IF .1. W. Neville, supplies 7.34 HiiR-h Ranoy, pasture 40.50 lender ft Caldwell, supplies .. 15.6T Krerl Parks, eggs 19.62 Botsforrt Lumber Co., brooder house 75.0( Geo. E. Johnson, repairs .... -1.00 COURT FUND. II. J. Klttlemnn, court reporter 104.50 H. .1. Klttleman, court reporter 43.35 II. A. Palmer, court balllft 36.00 C. Behrmann, J. p. foes 4.00 Take Keller, constable fees .... 6.95 E. Hovey, sheriff's fees .... 2?7.43 A. Wlnkel, J. p. fees 15.00 noy C. Bail, witness fees 5.10 Cushman, witness fees .. 2.90 31mer Peterson, witness fees .. 5.40 .nwrence Swift, witness fees .. 3.80 Vm. Rlcklefs, constable fee* .. 21.75 V. C. Ucnson. J. p. fees 11.65 BOARD PROCEEDINGS about the size of a ten-cent piece in the right ear. The cattle were all two- year-olds and weighed about 700 pounds each. The truck In which they were taken away was equipped with dual wheels and Goodyear tires. Sheriff Hanson was notified as soon as Mr. Ruka fully made up his mind that the stock had been stolen. There is little hope that the cattle will be recovered, or that the thieves will be apprehended. Auditor's office, May Clh, 1931.— Board of supervisors of Kossuth coun ty met pursuant to adjournment will nil members present. 1'nnrd proceeded with the .ludltln? ami allowing of bills. Motion by Morris and second b> Funnemark that the following open ditch right of way claims be allowed, nmt county auditor Instructed t< Issue refund warrants or abate said taxes as case may be: P. A.-K. .It. No. 1 — Mike II. Ivlepper—SK'.J HRU Sec. 1",94-30, 3.92 A; NW!4 SUH Sec. 15-94-30 1.S1GA. Reulah TCdglngtnn—SKU R\V' ; J Sec. 15-94-30. 2.2f>.\; SW'Vi S\V'/i Sec. 15-94 :',<>. 2.2 A. Dr. 165— John Frank! nnd K. .T. Gllmore, E .Sec. 22-100-28. 17.5 A. Ayes: all. On motion board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m. board of supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Heiken and second by McDonald that compensation Insurance for 1931 is hereby awarded to Algona Insurance Agency. Ayes: nil. On motion board proceeded with auditing and allowing of bills as per Schedule of Claims hereinafter written: SCHEDULE OP CLAIMS. COUNTY FUND. Railway Express Agency, express $ 2.11 H. Richler, bounty 1.0(1 Robert Etherington, bounty .... 1.10 Duane Jensen, bounty 2.50 A. B. Pannkuk, bounty 2.10 V. E. Tripp, cleaning typewriters 34.60 Louis Simpson, bov.nty 1.70 City of Aleona, light serv 17.73 Bernard Miller, bounty 1.10 Joseph Harlg, bounty 1.30 H. M. Smith, co. engineer .... 300.00 Peter Sandt, bounty 1.20 Duane Jensen, bounty 1.90 F. J. Balgeman, comm. & session 201.05 W. E. McDonald, comm. & session 225.20 Olaf Funnemark, comm. & session 255.00 Chas. Morris, comm. & session 252.10 I J . J. Heiken, comm. & session 243.10 Hutton & Jenks, pub. brd. proc. 91.46 Lottie J. Kain, assist treas. .. 6.00 }. R. Ludwlfr. trustee mtg ..... 12.00 sndore Mayer, trustee mtg. .. IS.OO 'hos. Berg, truntee mtg ....... 3.JO I. O. Larson, trustee mtft ..... .1.20 W. Rhrlek, trustee mtgr ..... 3. SO f. C. I.unnlng, trustee mtg. .. 13.20 T. Cherland. trustee mtg. .. 4.00 RwoMt, trustee mtg ....... 4.00 n. Wolf*. IriisU-e mtg ..... 4.00- .... eo. P. Hnweott, trustee mtg. 18.00 1 H ' has. A. rtohlln, trustee intg. .. S.OU I,. Thoreson. quarantine .... S.50 F. Edwards, brd. of rev.mtg 2.00 ert Coder, brd. of rev. mtg ..... 2.00 ptpr Hans, trustee mtg ....... 8.00 n. Holllstor. trustee mtg. .. 4.U V. Carter, brd. of rev. mtK .. 5.(1 Seylnr. brd. of rev. mtg. .. B.O .T. Christensen, brd. of rev. mtg ......................... 4.0 P. .1. Helken. brd. of rev. mtg. . 5.0 A. C. Untie, brd. of rev. mtg. . . 3.0 F. H. Ijithrop. labor ......... 8 A. E. Michel, labor .......... 5.2 W. A. Murray, brd. of equal. mtR. 5.0 A. A. Droessler, brd. of equal. mtg .......................... B.O W. .T. Hood, brd. of equal, mtg. B.O 1 A. H. Fuchs, brd. of equal, mtg. 5.0' Leo M. Saunders, brd. of equal. B.OO equal, equal. 5.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 191. 21 1.87 G.10 9.75 B3.03 3.63 Paper Hanging Painting Decorating Work guaranteed to be satisfactory. Prices reasonable. Address W, R, Scull 120 North Lantry St. Mary K. Sands, work In treas. office 78.00 C. A. Samson, assisting sheriff 78.00 Martha Harris, asolstlng: clerk's office 18.00 Advance Pub. Co., pub. brd. proc. 67.66 Rlnliard Cosgrove. bounty .... 1.1" Arthur Askln, bounty 2.20 John Haxton, bounty 38.00 H. J. Boettcher, bounty 1.40 LeRoy RIcke, bounty 1.50 Martin Becker, bounty .80 William Senne, bounty 1.10 S. P. Eckholm, local registrar . 2.75 I. E. Wortman, local registrar 4.50 L. B. Hollister, local registrar .. 1.25 Floretta VVelp, local registrar.. 6.50 H. A. Thompson, local registrar 3.75 Wm. Boyken, local registrar . 3.25 R. H. Flnnell, local registrar 7.7", Adah Carlson, local registrar.. 16.50 Arthur Hof, local registrar .... 2.75 Fred A. Dlekmann, local reglstr 4.00 Tom Reid, trustee mtg 12.00 P. M. Christensen, trustee mtg. 4.00 Art Crulkshank, trustee mtg... 12.00 Paul Hertzke, trustee mtg. .. 2.00 J. E. Kelley, trustee mtg 8.00 Peter Looft, trustee mtg 8.00 Geo. D. Moulton, trustee mtg. .. 8.00 M. N. Phillips, trustee mtg. .. 4.00 Harry Sabln, trustee mtg 4.00 John Haas, trustee mtg 12.00 (\ N. Robinson, trustee mtg. .. 4.00 Guy B. Risk, trustee mtg 12.00 Louis Anderson, trustee mgt. .. 12.00 J. H. Warburton, trustee mtg. ,. 2.00 Fred E. Dutton, trustee mtg. .. 12.20 G. B. Johnson, trustee mtg 4.00 W. W. Rlngsdorf, trustee mtg. .. 4.00 See Us for Helpful Service BORROW THE MONEY YOU NEED AT ONCE PAY IT BACK IN ONE MONTH OR TWENTY MONTHS Loans made on almost all forms of security. Yon can £>-et what money you nocd up to $300 to cover current obligations. You can repay your loan in small monlhly payments. Loan can be repaid at any time. You pay just for the time you have the loan. Honest people on salaries or fixed incomes are invited to see us at once. We treat you with every courtesy and you may be sure that there is no need for embarrassment. Come in and see us today. THE INLAND FINANCE CORPORATION Algona, . Phone 55 Iowa. iPirst Door North of Iowa State Bank. G W. Carmenn, brd. of mtg R. F. Phillips, brd. of mtg J. L. Llclity, brd. of equal, mtg. J. O. Marty, brd, of rev. mtg. , Frt-rt Schneider, brd. of rev. mtg. L. F .Smith, brd. of equal, mtg. A. M. Lease, brd. of rev. mtg. 'arl Johnson, brd. of rev. mtg. Emll Wester, brd. of rev. mtg. .. A. L. Kleinpeter. hrd. of rev. mtg. H. .1. Braley. hrd. of rev. mtg. . Alfred .Tergenson, wepi! commissioner 2.60 '-,. K. Hovey. sheriff 231.20 A'm. Shirley, superintendent ... 98.3"! I. A. McDomild, del. tax collector eo. r>. Barnard Stationery Co., supplies .alrd & Hclmer. use of chairs .. :. K. Orlnnell Elec. Shop, supplies Coch Brothers, supplies Typewriter Kxchange Ins., supplies Matt Parrott & Sons Co., supplies 45.S5 American Lltho. & Print. Co., supplies 242.70 . A. Andrew,. Rec., adding machine 60.00 idlar & Chambers, supplies ... 5.CO . Flanagan Co., supplies 11.44 >fe\vs Printing Co., warrant books 82.80 Crescent Print. Co., supplies .. 28.08 Klipto Loose Leaf Co., supplies 235.27 Johnson-Randolph Co.. supplies 20.25 L. C. Smith & Corona Typewriters Inc., typewriter 35.00 Advance Pub. Co., supplies .... 9.05 Higley Chemical Co., supplies.. 32.82 Nelson Hardware, supplies .... 2.30 Norton Machine Works, supplies 5.30 D. C. Ellis, assessor 79.00 Eleanor Potter, assessor 225.60 W. J. Bourne, assessor 228.00 Wash Harris, assessor 65.00 John N. Ludwig, assessor 289.15 W. P. Vaske, assessor 60.00 R. E. Goddard, assessor 46.00 W. H. Patterson, assessor 64.00 J. E. Kell, assessor 110.00 R. F. Hawcott, assessor 146.00 J. P. Cunningham, assessor .. 134.00 Chris Dahl, assessor 65.00 Henry Klepper, assessor 67.00 Ray R. Hanson, ans?s»or 250 60 H. F. Gutknecht, assessor 142.00 Clare M. Erickson, assessor .... 220.00 Frank W. Elbert, assessor 128.00 Andrew Elbert, assessor 62.00 O. W. Berggren, assessor 142.00 S. A. Butcher, assessor 161.75 A. L. Bosworth, assessor 152.75 Henry Fox, assessor 52.00 John Dempsey, assessor 104.00 Runchey, assessor 52.00 Leon J. Worden, assessor 74.00 Peter Selvig, assessor 64.00 John E. Smith, assessor 51.00 D. F. Schwietert. assessor .... 132.00 IX F. Schwietert, assessor .... 69.00 Frankel Carbon & Ribbon Mfg. Co., supplies 11.75 L. A. Barslou. assessor 193.50 Paul Selberg assessor 149.75 POOR FUND. Elinor T. Sutton, transp 28.00 Elinor T. Sutton, transp 64.60 C. H. Cretzmeyer, med. aid, amt. claimed (73.00 Not allowed Mrs. T. C. Schaper, care of sick, amt. claimed $133.00 .. .Not allowed Sanborn's Cash Store, provisions 18.05 Kennedy Bros. Co., provisions 30.49 E. L. Hansen, provisions 16.92 E. Boyd, provisions 27.41 R. A. Clark, provisions 61.69 Ellis Runchey, provisions 66.46 Zumach's Sanitary Market, provisions 20.00 A. A. Droessler, provisions.... 13.40 H. M. Dyer, provisions 20.00 Rite Way Grocery, provisions .. 7.00 Merrill Bros., supplies 38.20 Trevette & Kent, supplies 79.02 C. L. Gardner, provisions 7.80 Moo & Sjogren, provisions 29.03 Thaves Sisters, provisions 16.00 Handy Grocery, provisions Hoods Cash Store, provisions .. Smith Dept. Store, provisions .. Art Johnson, provisions W. T. Trainer, provisions "j. E. Frederickson. provisions.. 10.6 25.00 20.00 2.50 8.90 10.00 Long Uros.. provisions 64.96 Benedict's Store, provisions .... 24.04 A. W. Jurgens, provisions .... 8.05 (jlbbong Bros. Co., provisions .. 4.00 Hcrmun Wise, provisions 44.82 Bloom's Store, provisions 4.43 Algona Coop. Cry. Co., provisions 7.BO JOH. F. Menko, provisions C'.OO Central States Elec. Co., light aurv 4.05 Geo. Nowrtl, rent 7.00 10. K. Burlis, rent 15.00 «'. K. Rohlln, runt 20.00 A. I-;. I'usl.'y. rent 15.00 <-'. (I. Uuurk, rent 10.00 1C. Hoss. rent 12.00 IChuha (luylor, runt 6.00 i'. F. llurggren, rent 30.00 Helmer Helmers, runt ii.iju Farmers lOlcvator Co., coal .... 6.25 l''ai'iiu:rs Cuop. Elevator Co., coal SG.iiO Wliittcmore Elevator Co., coal.. G7.48 W. A. Murray, coal 203.05 J. W. McCrec;ry, ined. aid .... l'J.50 Kos.suth Hospital, hosp. care ... 104.UO Kunrflrk & Crawford, med. aid 131.23 C. W. Lundqulet, med. aid 9.37 <!. II. Crelzmeyer, med. aid .... 381.00 .1. A. Jjuvlne, med. aid 14.50 H. L. WIlllumM, med. aid 44.50 Bert Godden, labor O.uu M. K. Durunt. labor 10.80 S. H. Ijurant, labor 11.10 Family Welfare Ass'n., supplies 2.34 Kllnor T. Hutton, office exp 9.71 M. J. Nemmers, board 30.00 Kohlhaas Bros., storage 6.50 Frank Green, board and room.. 2.45 G. U Curtis, funeral exp 125.00 I'aul Clark, barber bill 1.25 Fidelia Stuff lick, care 9.00 3eorge Meyers, witness fees .... 2.86 George Peterson, witness fees .. 2.70 Timer Cushman, witness fees .. 2.90 '. A. Newvllle, witness fees .. .60> eorge Lester, witness fees .... 3.30 . A. Devlne, witness fees .... 2.30 arl Dahlhauser, witness fees .. 2.30 hrls Behrman, witness fees .. 2.3* acob Keller, witness fees .... 2.30 elma Helmers, witness fees .. .80 L. T. Griffin, constables fees.. 6.70 lark Orton, clerk's fees 13.50 W. Miller, atty. fees 10.00 DOMESTIC ANIMAL FUND. D. C. Ellis, listing dogs 30 FAIRGROUND FUND. P. P. Zerfass, appropriation ..1250.00 INSANE FUND. L. E. Hovey, exp. of conveyance 35.00 L. B. Hovey, exp. of conveyance 35.00 L. E. Hovey, exp. of conveyance 35.00 L. E. Hovey, exp. of conveyance 33.00 L. E: Hovey, exp. of conveyance 35.00 Clark Orton, clerk's fees 33.00 E. Hovey, sheriff's fees .... 9.20 A. Wlnkel, commissioner .... 3.0i C. H. Cretzmeyer, physician .... 18.01 E. C. McMahon, commissioner .. 9.0< Sam Llchllter, witness 4.K Mrs. Anderson, witness 4.11 Mrs. Dixon, witness 4.1C L I. W. Miller, commissioner .... 3.00 Dr. Janse, witness 2.10 \. Hutchison, commissioner .... 3 00 IValter Steward, witness and serv. notice 14.00 ROAD CONSRUCTION FUND. J. T. McGulre, grading project No. 18 612.00 I. T. McGulre, grading project No. 32 658.00 I. T. McGulre, grading project No.27 558.00 I. T. McGuire, grading project No. 23 1043.10 I. T. McGuire, grading project No. 2 497.25 I. T. McGuire, grading project No. 25 1035.00 I. T. McGulre, grading project No. 20 972.00 I. T. McGulre, grading project No. 8 63.77 LOWER PRICE $ Q A J* CwuMw tto MhwrWI prte* •« f\ I\_ *% **D •• th« lltt prie« wttm com* V**W p^rfB, ultM. OU.moblt» 4«- Tw 2*'*7P R Rvtrwl (wkn InttwU only iwttOA- SEDAN .11. Slur* Ur* A- b» 0. M. A. C ftiMiKlng ... whkli w« wtH b« jM to <M«i! for you. THE NEW OLDSMOBILE is the GREATEST VALUE /* OLDSMOBILE HISTORY TV H, W, POST Dray and Transfer Phone 298, Algona, low* Long Distance Hauling. Every load insured againat low or damage. Equipped to do all kind* of draylng and hauling. U-tf I. T. McGuire, grading project No. 10 128.43 I. T. McGulre, grading project No. 19 193.68 I. T. McGuire, grading project No. 30 506.60 I. T. McGulre, grading project No. 6 153.60 I. T. McGulre, grading project No. 6 1039.44 I. T. McGulre, grading project No. 4 486.36 R. I. & P. Ry., freight 669.80 like Hlnz, gravel land 2167.50 orthwestern Mut. Life Ins. Co., release on G. P. 1500.00 lilton McFadden, rodman .... 64.25 •on T. Nugent, ass't engineer . 175.00 . R. I. & P. Ry. Co., freight 65.01 iutton & Jenks, pub. notice .. 22.80 . T. McGulre, grading project No. 18 71.DO I. T. McGulre, grading project No. 17 1047.75 M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 24 882.S7 M- 1. McGuire, grading project No. 21 817.50 M. T. McGulre, grading project No. 16 699.27 . T. McGulre, grading project. No. 26 919.89 I. T. McGuire. grading project No. 20 112.68 H. T. McGuire, grading project No. 27 63.60 . T. McGuire, grading project No. 16 1017.45 . T. McGuire, grading project No. 28 3552.60 I. T. McGulre, grading project No. 25 116.20 . T. McGuire, grading project No. 23 124.92 I. T. McGulre, grading project No. 32 63.50 . T. McGuire, grading project No. 15 902.57 I. T. McGuire, grading project No. 14 299.10 I. T. McGuire, grading project No. 13 2461.66 I. T. McGulre, grading project No. 12 1624.07 I. T. McGulre, grading project No. 9 1975.76 I. T. McGuire, gradlncr project No. 11 809.80 I. T. McGuire, grading project No. 7 3122.40 A. T. McGuire, grading project No. 3 480.69 I. T. McGulre, grading project No. 31 278.90 I. T. McGulre, grading project No. 2 68.22 A. T. McGulre, grading project No. 1 696.63 I. T. MeGulre, grading project No. 29 707.66 Vheeler Lumber Bridge & Supply Co., supplies 501.75 Vheeler Lumber Bridge & Supply Co., supplies 393.06 latt Parrott & Sons Co., supplies 3.58 Mgona Ins. Agency, Insurance .. 29.00 .eo Delperdang, snow fencing 41.16 <ennedy Bros., assignment .... 60.00 .eroy Elbert, labor 155.55 "larence Elbert, labor 62.20 . A. Roberta, labor 636.40 Vllson Concrete Co., supplies .. 343.S3 Vllson Concrete Co., supplies .. 343.83 iarton-Wurner Co., supplies..,. 725.80 Tilers Coop. AHH'H., supplies . 269.50 Jes Moines Steel Co., supplies . . 98.71 'oncrete Materials Corp, supplies 77.39 'enton Reporter, pub. notice .. 62.30 .uVerne News, pub. notices .... 47.25 iurt Monitor, pub. notices 42.60 \dvancu Pub. Co., pub. notices . . 62.25 turdlvant Pub. Co.. pub. notices 43.00 forth Kossuth Record, pub. notices 15.70 ,ee O. Wolfe, pub. notices 18.80 perbeo. Print. Co., pub. notices 11.25 jMM'bcc'k Print. Co., pub. notices ] perl)cck Print Co., pub. notices L'.~>.fJ5 l»erlterk Print. Co., jiub. noticeH 14.ST porbuck Print. Co., pub. notices 5u,]0 S'heeler Lumber Bridge & Hup- ply Co., supplies 629.53 liamplin Service .Station, «up- plli-s 9.SO ROAD MAINTENANCE FUND. . & N. W. Ry. Co., freight . . U06.0C, It. 1: & P. Ry. Co., freight .. 2.57 . R. I. & P. Ry. Co., freight . . 60.03 . R. I. & 1'. Ry. Co.. freight .. 567.6G I. & St. L. Ry. Co., freight 251.49 I. & St. L. Ry. Co., freight 496.99 !. R. I. & P. Ry. Co., freight .. 396.25 !. & N. W. Ry. Co., freight .. 3.29 atherine Marty, gravel land .. 145.00 '. R. I. & P. Ry. Co., freight . 116.85 iallway Express Ag., express .. 2.46 om Weir, patrol 99.60 lem Goodman, patrol 100.20 ohn Hanselman, patrol 133.00 Idward Fuchuen, patrol 97.40 Vm. O. Ludwig, patrol 100.90 ames M. Moore, patrol v 83.30 eter Movick, patrol 101.00 leldreth Pettit, patrol 67.90 Olo Gordon, labor 98.00 Chester Alme, patrol 75.60 Oscar Earing, patrol U'6.00 Alton Pettit, patrol 104.00 Joe M. Essor, labor 28.00 W. A. Elbert, labor 28.00 Joe Heiderscheidt, labor 17.60 J. H. Montgomery, patrol .... 104.80 S. D. McDonald, patrol 100.yO Jos. Bestenlehner, labor 77.00 Hans W. Nielsen, labor 102.00 J. F. Qulnn, patrol 62.SO Clyde Sanders, patrol 68.60 John S. Nelson, labor 105.90 Elmer Bu'ing, labor 117.00 John Phillips, labor 96.60 C. A. Lamoreux, patrol 126.20 Wilbur Fisher, labor 104.00 Albert Looft, Icbor 27.89 Ward & Qoetz, dragging 49.50 Donald Jacobs, draifglny 11.25 \\ ALGONA MOTOR SALES South of Algona Hotel Phone 714 O L D £ ( M O B I L E DUCT O P H • H A U MOT Carl Harms, dragging 9.3 Tohn Simmons, dragging 18.00 D. Potter, dragging 11.62 lay D. Graham, dragging 12.6( Paul Zlelske, dragging 11.26 tnyinon Barslou, dragging .... 6.0C Sam Harr & Son, dragging .... 14.26 lerman Runksmeler, dragging . 33.00 Peter N. Thllges, dragging .... 13.71 Albert Kressln, dragging 3.75 •"rank R. Shipley, dragging- .. 10.86 Clarence Green, dragging 10.95 Carl Zumach, dragging: 27.00 Wyot Stott, dragging 21.75 Cecil Thoreson. dragging 6.37 A. L. Jordan, dragging 26.60 Wilbert W. Richmond, dragging 13.88 Earl Ackerman, dragging 6.75 A. M. Gustafson, dragging .... 7.87 frank Rlebhoflt, dragging 9.00 jouls Scott .dragging 9.39 Vllbur Zeigler, dragging 1.50 Henry Hofbauer, dragging .... 11.25 Albert Wittkopf, dragging 20.65 Randolph Johnson, dragging .. 16.12 W. P. Vaske, dragging 6.63 Tony Kollasch, dragging 4.50 Loren Byers, dragging 26.99 J. L. Vaux, labor 61.70 Maynard Sohn, dragging 17.25 Joe J. Clnk, dragging 3.75 E. R. Intermlll, dragging 13.50 Jacob Hofbauer, dragging 13.90 Melvln Cody, dragging 18.38 Fred Butterfleld, dragging .... 9.75 Simon Blome, dragging 8.25 Leonard Mlno, dragging 9.00 Joe Mayne, dragging 16.75 Relndert Kromminga, labor .... 19.20 Andrew Nelson, labor 18.00 Gus Rlchter, labor 24.50 A* J. Lawler. labor 5.60 Ben Leeck, labor 21.00 Arthur Peterson, labor 28.00 Dwlght Graham, labor 21.00 Albert Ekeberg, labor 39.02 Oliver Ewlng, labor 44.10 Pearly C. Haynes, labor 98.00 Pete Hopkins, labor, amt. claimed $44.00 38.50 Derward Neltzel, labor 28.00 Glen Leeper, labor 28.70 Wm. Krause, labor 28.00 Erwln Kucker, labor 17.60 Wm. F. Gronbach, labor 10.60 Will Leeper, labor 67.63 E. L. Huber, labor 28.00 Robert W. Volght, labor, amt. claimed $16.00 14.00 Elmer Elllngson, labor 14.00 Carl Glesklng, labor 2.60 Guy Ash, labor 6.30 Geo. G. Eden, labor 12.00 Bert Whltmarsh, labor 3.60 Spear & McVey, labor 108.00 Clapp's Master Service, labor .. 1.75 Tire Service Co., supplies 4.76 Penn. Petro. Co., supplies 60.95 Vacuum OH Co., supplies 69.61 Simmer Oil Corp, supplies .... 202.67 J. M. Blanchard, supplies 46.49 C. S. Johnson, supplies 1,50 Newel Hardware, supplies ..., .76 Nelson Hardware, supplies .... 12.16 Frank Flaig, supplies 20.00 Aug. Schattschneider, supplies . 22.10 Matt Murtha, supplies 76.15 Norton Machine Works, supplies 88.16 LuVerne Auto & Machine Co., supplies 18.50 M. M. Morrow, supplies 21.68 Interstate Power Co., supplies .. 6.40 Frank Hofius, right of way .. 25.00 A. H. Hanson, supplies 10.38 Botsford Lumber Co., supplies . 179.75 Northsrn Lumber Co., supples .. 7.95 Sargent Tile Ditcher Co., sup„ Piles 11.50 Gross Tractor & Equip. Co., supplies 3.66 Economy Welding Works, supplies 82.64 B. W. Steel Co., supplies 28.88 Barton-Warner Co., supplies .. 189.87 J. D. Adams Co., supplies .... 376.01 Gibbs-Cook Tractor & Equipment Co., supplies 37.46 Sieg-Fort Dodge Co., supplies . 43.83 Des Moines Steel Co., supplies.. 498.41 Wheeler Lmbr. Bridge & Supply Co., supplies 572.38 Wheeler Lmb. Bridge & Supply Co., supplies 356.49 Wheeler Lmb. Bridge & Sup- RUPTURE EXPERT HERE C. F. Redllch, Minneapolis, Minn., will demonstrate without charge his unequalled method In Algona, Tuesday, May an at the Algona Hotel from ten a. m., to 4 p. m. Mr. O. P. Redllch says: The "Perfect Retention Shields" hold the rupture perfectly, no matter what position the body assumes or how heavy a weight you lift. They give Instant relief and contract the opening in a remarkably short time. The secret of their success is in their simplicity. An expertly adusted device seals the opening without discomfort or detention from work. It Is practically everlasting, sanitary, comfortable and actually holds ruptures which heretofore were considered uncontrollable. Stomach troubles, backache and constipation, nearly always a consequence of ruptujre, promptly disappear. Bring your children. According to statistics, 05 per cent recover by our method. NOTICE: AH whom we have treated during the past ten years are invited to come In for a free inspection. HOME OPFIOE: 638 Boston Block, Minneapolis, Minn. 48-48 ly Co., supplies 359.76 Farmers Coop. Elevator Co., supplies 7.60 City Oil Co., supplies 303.24 Champlln Refining Co., supplies 316.68 Adolph Ulan, supplies 81.61 Peerless OH Co., supplies 824.13 Phillips Petro Co., supplies, amt. claimed $114.57 111.67 Mid Cont. Petro Corp, supplies . 126.70 Standard Oil Co., supplies 222.52 DRAINAGE FUND. <S Dr. 9— A. E. Michel, engineer 10.00 F. H. Lathrop, rodman 1.75 Jos. Helderscheldt, labor .... 4.20 Dr. 20— A. J. Lawler, labor 15.70 Dr. 27— Earl Simms, labor 14.00 Ray A. Marquis, labor 24.50 Dr. 40— Geo. Gronbach. labor 21.55 John Wilson. labor 21.55 A. E. Michel, engineer 30.00 F. H. Lathrop, rodman 9.63> Dr. 60— Ray A. Marquis, labor 14.00 Frank Welch, labor 8.00 Dr. 65— Charlie Olson, labor 3.45 Dr. 69— A. K. Michel, engineer 50.00 F. H. Lathrop, rodman 42.00 Dr. 72— Henry Fischer, repair work . 8.00 Dr. 73— Henry Fischer, labor ........ S.OO Dr. 78— A, J. Lawler, labor 2.80 Dr. 80— Ray A. Uarquli, labor ...... 60.T5 Earl Simms, labor 22.00 Frank Welch, labor 13.00 Dr. 81— A. E. Michel, engineer 9.00 E. J. Palmer, labor 6.60 Dr. 84— A. B. Michel, engineer 10.00 F. H. Lathrop, rodman 1.76 Dr. 88— Ray A. Marquis, labor 14.00 Frank Welch, labor 8 00 Dr. 90— C. H. Cooper, labor 43.60 Dr. 99— F. H. Lathrop, rodman 1.75 A. B. Michel, engineer 19.00 Dr. 102— Karl Simms, labor e 00 Ray A. Marquis, labor Dr. 167— T. P. Harrington, legal serv.. 313.S1 Dr. 165— T. P. Harrington, legal serv.. 304.60 Dr. 166— Ray A. Marquis, repair work 4.25 Frank Welch, labor 2.00 Dr. 176— Hllbert Severlens, final 27.15 Dr. 178— M. J. Moore, ass'mt comm... 12.60 A. B. Michel, engineer 6S.OO F. H. Lathrop, rodman 8.75 B.-K. Jt No.2— A. B. Michel, engineer 23.00 F. H. Lathrop, rodman .... 2.6J H.-K. JL 4-56— C. H. Cooper, labor 2.57 H.-K. Jt 6-87— A. J. Lawler, labor 3.60 H.-K. Jt. 7-120— Matt Laux, repairs 98 P. A.-K. Jt No. 1— Henry Fischer, labor 13.50 Trl. 84— Henry Fischer, labor 12.71 Resolved: That the county auditor la hereby ordered and directed to issue warrants for all bills allowed at thl« meeting as shown by the "Schedule of Claims" hereinbefore written as per vote on each Individual bill. Aye«: all. On motion board adjourned to nln» o'clock a. m., May 13, 1931. BERTHA a JOHNSON, County Auditor. PROBAK- shoyfi comfort at home (PROBAK BLADE I (^ nicago's first chat with ^ew^ork opened the waif for thousands of conversations daily... ESS than 40 yean ago, in 1892, the first telephone line between Chicago and New York was opened for service. At that time there were about 300,000 telephones in the United States, one telephone for every 220 persons. Today cities, towns and rural communities all over the United States are linked together by telephone wires. There are more than 20,000,000 telephones—one for every six persons, In a year this Company* handles more than 30,000,000 long distance calls . . . many of them to New York and San Francisco .. . some of them to foreign country telephones, nearly 10,000,000 of which can Le reached through the Dell System. Invention and use of the loading coil, (he telephone repeater, currier current systems, telephone cables and other instrumentalities have greatly increased the scope, quality and dependability of long distance telephone service and at the same time have made it possible to reduce rates over most distances. Increasing demand for telephone contact between communities is recognized by this Company in building long distance lines and otherwise extending and improving telephone service. In an average year this Company spends about $4,500,000 in long distance construction, buildinu to keep pace wjth service requirements and with the growth and development of telephone service in the state* where it operates. l oftas Mtfhont ftiYKt ttlwitn Niwmrlt and Chicago 1893 Our Policy i The moil telephone tervice and the beit at the lean coil to the public. NORTHWESTERN BEU TELEPHONE COMPANY JL The NerttnrwUra Boll Telephone Compujr, whUh operate* la the tutu of " lowi, Mlsnciou, Nobnjkt, Noith ind South DtkoU, ll aa Awultted Compwjr «l the Bell S»IMU. It ova* »4 vpeniM moie tbui ftOOM telephone. II* line* connect wlih ffl«o thta 900,000 telephone* ol other eoinptnlee la the«o 6vo IUIH end with Bowl? M.WO.OOO otheq throughout the Halted (Utet mil la letelfa cauatilei, it umjloii more Una 13,000 Ben mil voaw.

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