The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 20, 1931 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1931
Page 4
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The Upper Des Moines-Republican, May 20, 1931 LuVerne Woman's Club Entertained. LuVerne. May 19. Special: The Women's Progressive club wns entertained Friday afternoon at the home of Miss Consuelo Hanna. It was their annual guest day so each member Invited a friend to attend. It was on tl old fashioned order, EO everyone drear ed In the style of the eighties. Mr Ray Stone received a prize for beln the best cUesscd. Mrs. Clayton Phi lips of Llvermore and Mrs. Georg Hanna served as judges. The program consisted of music by n quartette, Mr Dorothy Philips, Mrs. Annri Godfre; Miss Laura Engle and Mrs. Georg! Chapman, with Mrs. Lulu Llchty t the plantj, readings by Mrs. A. T Spooner, Mrs. Ray Stone and Mr, R. Masterson. The ladies also too part In an old time square dance, mil sic furnished by Mrs. W. P. Godfrey An elaborate two course dinner wa served. Roberta Davidson of Sheffield came Thursday to visit her sisters, Mrs. L. R. Roderick and Mrs. Robert Dransfeldt. Mr. and Mrs. .Tohn Lemke and Mrs. Amelia Brown of Moline. Illinois, came to visit at the Fred Genrich home re- Largo Quartette to Give Concert Here. The Largo Quartette of the Lutheran Concordia Seminary nt St. Louis. wi!l give a sacred concert nt the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran church, at the Corner of Woostcr and Elm street, on Sunday, June 14, at eight p. m. No admission is charged. Everybody Is welcome. LONE ROCK NEWS. E. M. Jensen made a business try to Emmctsburg Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Art Sprank made ri business trip to Fort Dodge Friday. Otis Sanders made a business trip to Swea City and Bancroft last Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rath visited at; the Henry Rath home near Curlew i Monday. j Mrs. G. A. Sharp Is ill with the flu and was not able to be at the store Monday. cently. A. D. TTlmer went back to Eagle Grove Saturday to take back his old job as train disatcher there. Howard Stephens of GoMfleld will be the depot agent here for the summer. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Blanchard and Mrs. Fred Schultz drove to Mason City Saturday to see a ball game. Cedar Falls played there with Mason City. Donald Blanchard plays In the Cedar Falls team. The Lone Rock school will finish 11 present school year Friday, May 22nc Plans nre under way for a communlt picnic dinner. This will be followed b, a base bfill game with Ledyard. Nc fchool work will be on exhibit. Mrs. A. H. Hanna, who underwent an operation for sinus trouble last week Wednesday and was very sick. Is much mproved at this writing. Miss Cook of Fairmont is 'he nurse In charge tfrs. Hanna Is t,t the George Hanna nome. The Lone Rock baccalaureate exer- Ises were given Sunday evening at the hiirch. The program was as follows: recessional, Coila Hollister; song by he audience; scripture lesson and rayer by Rev. Gladstone; song, "My ask," girls' glee club; sermon, "Con- itions for Prosperity,/' Rev. S. M. ladstone; song. "To a Wild Rose," iris' quartette; benediction. Rev. S. M. ladstone; recessional, Colla Hollister. Chip Sharp has organized a baso ball nm here for the summer. The tenm onsists of the following players: P. F ims, C. Brooks, A. A. Krueger, Donald BJancharrt, Oscar Earing;, of Lone ock, George and Albert Manus of urt, Stanley Munch of Fenton, Lawence Newbrough, H. Gross, Lloyd utchlson and Meyers of Ringsted. hey will play Lake Mills Sunday and ic opening game will be played here e.xt Sunday, May 31. LEDYARD NEWS. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jensen and family j M'- a " d , Mr ?: D ' 0A ; Carpenter were Sunday. Mrs. Frank Pompe, who has been very ill at her home is some what Improved. Clyde and William Sanders of Swea City visited their borthcr Otis Sanders last Mondav. and Joe Elvidgc visited at Corwith on Blue Earth callere Saturday. Mrs Blanche Jenks and Clifford were Blue Earth callers Saturday evening. The Mayer billiard parlor was redecorated last week by Anderson & Sons. Wm. Garry spent a few days this past week at Madelia, Minnesota, on business. The operetta, "Miss Caruthers Returns," given by the girls' giec club, was well attended. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lynch and their daughter of Swea City visited at the Otis Sander home Sunday. Watson Snick, George Pettlt and Wm. Brown attended a creamery sale at Horbon one day last week. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lingenfeller of Wadena, Minnesota, spent the week end at the Watson Snick home. Tommy Engessor returned home on Friday from. Detroit, where he had been visiting for about two weeks. Get Your >•• Vegetable Plants Direct from the Grower Tomato Plants, varieties as Pomlevosa, Bonny Best, Oxlieart, Break O' Day, and New Stone-. Cablta^e, Early Charleston and Wakcfield. Cauliflower, Pepper Plants, EKK Plants, Kohl Rabi, Ground Cherry, etc. Celery and Sweet Potato plants ready about May 28th. AlgGna Greenhouses Wm. Weimer went to Minneapolis last Tuesday and returned with a new Chrysler sedan. Miss Marie Looft of Chicago has been visiting this past week at the Pingle and Looft homes. Lou Nitz and son, Paul, drove to Eagle Grove Saturday on business, returning late the same day. Mr. and Mrs. Eli Boudrye of Guckeen and Mrs. Jack Hodgman called at the Carpenter home last Tuesday. Mrs. Walsh of Rochester has been visiting this past week at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wm. Garry. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Worden and Harrey spent Sunday at the Ralph Campbell home near Seneca. Mrs. Henry Dyer and Mrs. Albert Barnes were in Algona several days !ast week visiting their sons who are in the hospital there. Marjorie Maetzener left Saturday morning for Egan, South Dakota, where she will spend the summer a the home of a cousin. Mr. and Mrs. W. Weimer and Wn and Miss Janice Williams spent th week end at Spirit Lake, enjoying th opening of the fishing season. Howard Mayne and his daughter Evelyn, were in Bancroft Saturday af ternoon consulting Dr. Devlne. Evelyi is able to be out again after an illnes The M. E. Ladies' Aid will meet 01 Thursday afternoon at the Georg Thompson home. Ench member com prepared to turn in money earned ant to tell how she earned it. On last Tuesday evening Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson entertained the county rural mail carriers association and the ladie^' auxiliary. A large crowd was present and a good time was enjoyed by all. In the semi-finals of the state base ball tournament at Ames, Ledyard wa defeated by Yale 5 to 3. In this same game Elmer Junkermeier, the firs baseman injured his knee and has since been confined to his home. On Thursday evening, Mr. and Mrs V. A. Barrett entertained the high school base ball team and their coach es at a six-thirty o'clock dinner. The tables were beautifully decorated witr Bargains in Used Cars 1930 Chevrolet coupe 1930 Ford coupe 1929 Chevrolet coach 1927 Ford tudor 1930 Chevrolet coach One Ford pick-up box. 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JAMES THE REXALL STORE Algona, Iowa Puretest Aspirin Tablets Safely and promptly re- 1 i e v v head- uches und body pain*. 69 cent bottle of 100 2 for 70c 28c tin of 24—2 for 28c • • • REXALL ONE CEHT""sTLi Pureteat i Ru..Un Colorlen — Odorle*g — Tunteleu. An excellent internal lubricant — for con- itipated conditions. $1.00 a pint 2 for $1.01 Firstaid Adhesive Plaster Cartridge >pooli of one Inch •urifical planter. Fle«h color and white. 5-yd. «pool, 35 c«nU 2 for 36c I-yd. ipool lOo—2 for lie pink and green and a lovely three course dinner was served. On Thursday afternoon the Woman's Foreign Missionary society met at the R. J. Womack home. Each member brought a guest and a large crowd was present. Mrs. P. O. Johnson led the study lesson and Mrs. George Tompson had charge of the devotionals. A covered dish lunch was served at the close of the afternoon. On next Monday morning the daily vacation Bible school will commence. This is being held in connection with the evangelistic meetings being sponsored by the Methodist church, which will begin Tuesday evening in a tent. All children of school age are welcome. The sessions will be held each morning from nine until eleven-thirty. PLUM CrtEEK NEWS. Helen McMahon spent Saturday and Sunday at the Wm. Altwegg home, Isabell Kain spent Saturday night and Sunday at the home of her brother Ed. Mrs. Ben Knox and sons, Claire and Kenneth were sick several days last week and Kenneth, who Is an Algona high school student, missed two days of school. The Elite girls' club met at the home of Majorle Johnson Saturday afternoon. A good attendance was reported and an Interesting program given. A dainty lunch was served at the close of IB meeting. Joan Lee Bleich, Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Bleich, who has jeen receiving medical treatment at he Kossuth hospital, has improved enough to be brought home and all heir friends are hoping she will get along nicely now. Hubert and Robert Stavely were seen n these parts last week. They are now t the Elmer Jasperson home at Lone tock. The boys are brothers of Mrs. Oren Jasperson who lived In Plum Creek for some time and came here rom Warwick, North Dakota. They report the same conditions there as here and no employment for the many men who need it so badly. gvn&ixe^A^^ IWHITTEMORE NEWS! ^GiX&X&iy8!^^ Mrs. Ves Hayes of Eagle Grove was visiting friends here Sunday. Edwin Mallory who has been very 111 with pneumonia is slowly improving. The grades held their closing picnic at the public school Tuesday afternoon. Wm. and Oscar Weber and Mrs. Peter Weydert were Fort Dodge visitors Monday. Mrs. Peter Haag, Sr., and son, Henry drove to Madelia, Minnesota, Saturday for a visit at the home of Mrs. Anna Haag-Gappa. William Rousch and Thomas Kelly attended the barbers' convention at Fort Dodge Monday afternoon. Mrs. John Kenne visited for several days at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Von Bank near Irvington. A baby girl was born last week to Mr. and Mrs. Von Bank. Chan and Allen Dailey who have returned from Bristow, Oklahoma, have gone to Wisconsin to visit with another brother. The boys are going to locate in the north. the Catholic church of the engagemen and approaching marriage of Kathleen Cullen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John S. Cullen to Stephen Cole of Cedar Palls. The marriage will take place early in June. Merrill Rawson, Jr., of Eagle Grove and Michael Elbert of Algona were guests at the junior-senior banque at Presentation academy Wednesday evening. Both of these boys were members of the senior class until thoy moved away. Mrs. Herman Bierstedt who was so seriously Injured by falling in front of a disc two weeks ago was improvec so much that she was removed from the McCreery hospital to her home north of town Monday. She received a compound fracture of the leg and a bad cut in the ankle. Mary Joice O'Brien celebrated her birthday anniversary Sunday by entertaining several little girls at the country home of her grandmother, Mrs. Jas. O'Brien. The afternoon was spent at games on the lawn after which the little ladies were seated at the dining room table to a two course lunch. Mary Joice Is the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Timothy O'Brien. The graduating class of Presentation academy attended mass Sunday morning in their caps and gowns and received holy communion in a body. Afterwards they were guests of Mrs. John J. Elbert at a three course breakfast. Hef daughter> Mftry Prof, and Mrs. Jessen were called to ia a member of the class. Elmhurst, Illinois, Friday, by the serious illness of Mrs. Jessen's mother. The Jessen's drove to Illinois. Prof. Jessen teaches in the Lutheran parochial school. The William Higgins home was released from quarantine Wednesday. Rosella was the only one having the scarlet fever. The Dr. Woodward home was released Monday. Marilyn was the only one sick in that home. Mrs. Peter W. P. Kollasch entertained at a largo party last Friday even* Ing in her home north west of town in honor of her son, Francis and her sister, Ursula Walsh, who were both celebrating their birthdays on that day. Announcement was made Sunday at Mrs. James O'Brien entertained the class Tuesday evening at a banquet in honor of her daughter, Mary Alvina, who is also a member of the class. Rev. William Veit was a guest it the banquet. BANCROFT NEWS. Dr. Peters of Burt wag a business visitor here Friday. A. J. Rahe of Rockwell was a business visitor here last Wednesday. W. A. Murray and A. A. Droessler were business visitors at Eagle Grove Saturday. Miss Doris Pearson began work as I and family at Eagle Grove. x - ' " local telephone Miss Agnes Carrlgan returned last Tuesday from Ayrshire and Duncombe exchange Saturday. Mas. Pierre Sartor and daughter, Alice of Titonka were visiting with friends her Thursday. The Women's missionary society will meet at the home of Miss Emjna Adolphson Thursday afternoon. The interior of the Conlon bakery was repainted the first of the week Nick Nemmers did the work. The St. John's base ball team played with the public school Friday and were defeated by a score of 4 to 6. E. P. Prederlckson, local depot agent returned Thursday from Des Molnes! where he attended to business mat- tors. Mrs. Angeline Haupert of Algona visited Thursday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. otto Vaske and other local relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Welp and children of Humboldt visited on Sunday at the M. A. Saunders and Mrs. Joseph Welp homes. Carmel Elbert returned to her home at Algona Sunday after having spent the week end at the home of her sister, Mrs. LeRoy Schiltz. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Fox and son spent the week end at the home of the lady's brother, Wm. Rustemeier where she spent the past two weeks visiting relatives and friends. Word was received here by relatives of the birth of a baby girl at the Lee Brown home at Omaha. Mrs. Brown will be remembered as Susan Berens. Mrs. Verne Powers of Terril arrived last week Tuesday and is assisting Mrs. A. H. Puchs with the house cleaning, Mr. Powers came up Friday for a visit with his wife and other local friends. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Vaske are the proud parents of a baby boy born last Wednesday. He has been named Allan Anthony. This is the second child in the family. The banns of matrimony were published for the first time Sunday at the St. John's church for the approaching marriage of Fred Becker of Mason City and Miss Rosalinda Lappe. Maureen Deitering entertained a number of her friends at a party Wednesday afternoon. The event was her seventh birthday. Games were played after whicsh a lunch was served. The regular meeting of the W. O. O. F. was held at the Forester hiall on Thursday evening. After the business meeting five hundred was played. Mrs. Charles Stauder won high prize and Julia Sclultz cut prize. PLATE GLASS Do not send away for Glass. We undersell mail order houses on auto glass and we serve while you wait. Joe Greeriberg

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