The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 13, 1931 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1931
Page 11
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VHHHMHMUM| ^ Opening Ball Game Postponed by Rain, / bal1 -, game ^ween the Al- prays and Charles city, which was Scheduled for last Sunday was postponed until & later date on account of Wto. This was to be Algona's open- , the b , oys were a11 Primed to take Charles City's scalp. The Algona Military band was to be there for an opening concert in big league style but old man weather decided to the contrary. The next game will be played at the local park next Sunday with the strong Oilmore City team. Base ball fans will see some high class play- Ing if they attend this contest. See What You Are Made Of. K . btKj y u Some <»« that the average hu- made up of the following- Twenty Years Ago. ..— and Mrs. W. H. Ingham had home from a winter's sojourn In the south. Miss Alice Hepburn returned to her Home to Des Molnes after a visit with Mrs. H. E. Rist. Senator W. S. Kenyon had been secured as one of the speakers for the coming chautauqua. Mrs. Patrick Kain was critically Ul and her friends were quite concerned over her condition. Mrs. William Gould of Irvington died on Monday of that week after an illness of a year or more. PAVING STARTED ATSWEACITY Use New Method in Mixing Concrete on Different Machines. M'LAUGHLINS FIRST TO TRY NEW PLA! ... Common things that represent bu .. . | mtle va 'ue. but when combined as About One Hundred Fifty Men Applied man and controlled by the dynamic for Work. Many Were Turned | rade? o ?Vccomp^hment. ^ fOT ml " Your value does not depend upon your weight nor girth nor height, it °" rests upon what goes on between p^sJMoines-Republican, May 13, 1931 Sugar enough to fill a small shaker. 5u J; nou Sh t° wash a hen coop. matches S enough to make 2 . 2 ° skyrocket"" 1 en ° Ueh f ° r a ten - cent Potassium enough to explode a toy csntiori, to rid a small dog McCORMICK-DEERING Always Ready Away. Hernld: For the a»t time history of Iowa road building all Has Some Naughty Boys. iwo macnlneTbotn Rename S3? LfTJf ! "TT 1 * Swea Oi * ans ™* set one ahead of the other i fs claim ™n vlct<m \°f deflation Thursday night ed an increase of tcX "Jt 1 "^^ Si? "^ b °y » town, was under sus- f n ,,.""i"r V*" Na 9 - began paving f °" m _^? *<*.* ?. f Swea City. PW ith Evelyn Cady and Mrs. Frank Hen- lT n , "PS** 1 *?' attend the Mav ° ne ****** festival at Mount Vernon that week. A. T. Wherry of Bwea City and M. P. Weaver of Algona were Kossuth ' county delegates to the M. W. A. meeting at Des Molnes. Tto Centra, drug store was getting J^L, to K 8 ^ e Ca u e , of a largc soda carrying *J A . USlneSS h , avln £ atl expert »- glven da fountain man In charge. — — -*- wv»«wj. AO jo VJtt ™,t« 7 Inc rease of forty per cent output can be obtained, with a of thirty per cent in labor • ncrease in output is claimed H conditions are ideal. The mixture is churned for flrstnachlne af- ™ ter which It passes to the s ond c- *, here i l , Is churned twenty-nine , T kto ? l h ? elapsetj time ° ne minute. A batch of concrete is poured onto the road every forty sec- the dry materials passes haunmTroute every forty seconds, and the same in. ory secons, and the same in- Tom Early, a former Algona business A™ a i, ela f ses ^ lth the empty truck man had Just retired as mayor of Pasa- Acc ° rdin B 1 y. a truck either loaded or dena, California, leaving behind a fine ? mp V te Da! >? in e a given point every record after his four years of service. tw j n £ W* , t The revival meetings which were be- w^gfe when' - wen a t tag held in the Methodist church were arose. Monday night's rate i caused™ attracting large crowds. The meetings further cessation of the work and not were held every afternoon at two-thlr- a wheel was turned Tuesday If there ty> was no more rain it was planned to Clyde Coyle and Hazel Shonkweiler P" 6 ™" 16 work Wednesday afternoon. of Hartley were married at the Algona * n U mber> of machinery supply men hotel in the presence of many friends * I, 6 Mon day watching the two and relatives. The groom was the Seines work. It is claimed that eon of Judge D. P. Coyle of Humboldt ^,, out , serl ° us interruptions a mile and was practicing law at Hartley. ""£ and , a fe lf ^ f pavin » ca n be laid They have since been divorced. each week with the machinery the Mc„,.. , Laughllns are now using. The largest track and field meet ever «„ «, , held In Algona was to take place that 15 ° Seek Jobs week. A special train from Hampton A scene similar to that of a week was to bring a large crowd of rooters to ago was presented in front of the the meet. It was expected that there superintendent's office when fully 150 would be over eight hundred visitors at me n gathered Monday morning to an- ply for work. A greater portion of the meet. The Algona Steam Laundry was seri- the next morning. As an act of Juvenile enterprise and energy tires on the cars of prominent citizens parked along main street were deflated, and the free air stations did a rushing business for several hours^ There was i much sincere indignation, and if the practice is repeated steps will unquestionably be taken to discourage it. Good Political Timber. Titonka Topic: Attorney Miller of Algona was here Saturday and Monday looking after the tiling and improving of the Copp lands in German township. Mr. Miller is one of the rising young attorneys of Algona who <s very popular among the farmers of the county. If politically inclined he would make execllent county attorney timber for the party to which he be- tongs. County Attorney Shumway, the Topic understands, will not be a candi. date to succeed himself, believing that •*• as is practically every farming cnimmm ity in the land. His stocks and service are ""OUR community is served by n wcll- McCormick-Deering dealer, season and Nature waits on no man. Your men cost you money when they are idle, the same as when they are working. When you need service on a farm tractor or any other » i j * . t _ — ~~-~ *•• ^- • T M «-•*_• •*.*«.» «.« jicti. J.EA it <iviuK ^j.i tin Y tn iiiir li«Wl IT y !• iTf' P erm » nenU y , C8tab - machine you need it quick. International luhed International Harvester branch ho,. 8e Harvester knows this out of 100 years of ex- right here m your own section. In McCor- perienee with farm operating equipment and ±"±^-£r^;^^,?.W 1 !.^ Maintaia8 ™' a ". lctc 8 ™ '" "^ «P ev«7 noTh / l , parts. Thousands of these dealers maintain completely equipped service stations, offerina factory-stondard 8 ervice on all International Harvester equipment. Additional service sta- lions are bemg established as rapidly as they are justified by business in the immunity ^ 7 two terms policy. , and out is good political LAKOTA NEWS. mndlhlc Dcering or International name. K OMI .1,- . . . . , , *?? ""* 8UpCri ° r 8CrV1CG ™ mmd whcn ^1,", J™ ^^ ° P C ^ m . cnt wilh r *° *J?" CC y T, r C "° P r r ° <lucliou C08t8 ' ^fT* McCormlck-Dccriny tractors and ,. , _, „ machines with any or all others— weighing « " I 1 ",?* fre8ult ' Mc Cormick.Deering one feature against another and one quality service is belter today than it was last year or against another-then you will be doubly glad 10 years ago; our resources and reputation to buy your equipment where you can eet the wl^T g r a t Ulee ^ U ^ ^ 8l , U1 bC " er aN8olutC a88Ur! "- e of 6° od ' n« ick ' convenient when Ibe tractor or any other machine you service which is offered you by this Interna- buy today is 10 years old. tional Harvester branch .nd the McCorniick- It is our business to protect you in this Deering dealer serving your community. way, and we take our obligation seriously. It • is your business to buy where you get the — — — ^ greatest value; not just the day you sign the Faritiall Savings Investment Plan: order but through every day and every year Ask tho McCormick-Dccring dealer for details of you rely on your purchase for cost-reducing this new plan under which you oT nuVothcr respon work in our ..... it was only through work of the fire department that the flames were kept from the ad joining buildings. The coroner's jury had met and was going over its findings in regard to the terrible accident at Whittemore which occurred the week before when three young people were killed when the Milwaukee train hit a wabon in which they were riding, it was the concen- sus of opinion that if the railroad company did not settle in a liberal manner the bereaved family would sue as there was some doubt as to whether the engineer had takeb precautions when approaching the crossing. — . * t' »** VUG AVUl*fk AO- land yards here waiting to be turned into Iowa hard surfaced roads. Bancroft Men Gets Road Contract. John Schumacher, the Bancroft road man, has been awarded a contract to gravel and surface 19% miles of road'in Franklin county and is now at work, expecting to complete the job this month. Work on the new school building is expected to begin in the next week or two. Ray Estle has taken the contract to dig the basement for the new school building. Postmaster Jay A. Barger and family spent Sunday with relatives at Fort Dodge. Wm. Ley, Jr., better known as "Billy", is recovering nicely from a severe case of tonsilitis. Mrs. Kilmer Hansen was at Frost last Tuesday where she went to help celebrate her mother's birthday. E. R. Worley, cashier of the Citizen's Savings Bank, was a business visito at Algona Wednesday morning, John Llesveld and grandson, LaVern Llesveld visited relatives and friend at Mason City Friday and Saturday. A good sized) crowd attended th carnival that was held at the high - sible farmer can purchase a Formall and Farniall e< I ul P. ment now nnd meet the first payment this fall j " 8t a parl ° thc ""^B" mad « possible by the work in your fields. The lack of a small $1 repair part can easily cost you $10 or $100 in lost labor or delated woi, for time Ls in th^Vol^g INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER COMPANY 1911 First Ave. North 8!. J™Sft Fort Dodge, Iowa. Sold By R. C. Bauer, Wesley, la. W. T. Fish & Son, Whittemore, la. Corwith Implement Co., Corwith, la. Flaig & Sprank, Lone Rock, la. Matt Murtha, Algona, Iowa. school building last Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. George Breen of Woden Chevrolet has struck a popular new note in motor-car styling [LOWER COSTS MEAN HIGHER PROFITS ••^ > *^™^__^.•__^„ were entertained Sunday at the horn of Mrs. Breen's parents, Mr. and Mr Peter Koppen. Mrs. J. E. Smith and family, north of town, enjoyed a visit Sunday from Mrs. Smith's sister, Mrs. M. J. Lenle of Gary, Indiana. Mrs. L. J. Needhom accompanied by ler daughters, the Misses LaVonne and Gretchen Johnston of Estherville, were 3es Moines visitors the latter part of ast week. JMrs. Bertha Nltz entertained! the jutheran Aid at her home last Wednesday and on the same date Mrs. Otto Koppen entertained the M. E. Aid t the church basement. Chamltft front-end m. tin latest trend in modern taiga Many, factors have contributed to the remarkably widespread popularity of the new Chevrolet Six. Among these are smooth performance, low price, matchless economy, exceptional riding ease and driving comfort. But no feature has been more strikingly evident in tbe enthusiastic public reception of the car than its smart new style. Fisher Body craftsmen, with their background of fine-car designing, have made this new Chevrolet an exceptionally attractive automobile. Study it from any angle and you find it extremely pleasing. Look at it from the front and you are impressed by the modish ensemble of deep radiator, large headlamps and ai-ched tie bar—all gleaming in rich chromium plate. Viewed from the side, the long hood, low-swung body lines, sweeping fenders and massive wire wheels strikingly suggest the car's fleetness and power. And the appeal of Chevrolet's beauty is made more pronounced by the fact that all models are available in a variety of colors. An important factor in Chevrolet'* tmart appearance u the de lui, win uhedt wilh forty Ued tpoket and moiuffchrom*- plated hub copi ThU mttetn—Body by Fisher—i, a tyatol ojf tuperior tody crajlimaiuhlp —admit* with Chevrolet in tht low pria field Interiors, too, ar unusual in every way. The upholstery la carefully tailored. Seats are roomy, deeply cushioned and invitingly soft. And the interiors are tastefully appointed. In fact, the new Chevrolet Six is such a thoroughly fine-looking automobile that it has become a very popular choice, with every type of buyer. You find it not only the smart family car, but the smart personal car as well—a worthy com- pfi«iosi to the expensive automobiles of the two- and three-car household. Mr. and Mrs. Angle Dunas living lorth of town, are the parents of a baby girl, born one day last week. These people are Mexicans, and weed beets at the Gangstee farm . Mrs. Harry Moe and children, Hnora and John, returned home last Wednesday from Spokane, Washington, where they had attended the funeral of Mrs. Moe's sister who had been ill for several months. Mrs. I. E. Wortman, Mrs. John Furst, Mrs. Coonie Roelfsema and Mrs. C. C. — .. „__ ,, uu „, wiiOAAiCO'J VIOil/U in Fort Dodge Wednesday and Thurs day of last week. Mr .and Mrs. J. L. Lichty and theli daughter, Phyllis, had business in Fort Dodge Thursday. Mrs. Lulu Richards from Bancroft was at the parental Charles Miller home last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson and family of Ledyard were Sunday guests at the W. B. Mason home. Mrs. Charles Genrlch will be hostess to the Senior Ladies' Bible class at her home Friday, May 22. .!*!$_°««i' *-. ° f Algona, spent »«*? ?««Y«. He was enroute to his horn H .„»,„, WAl| UA .mg ulltt) spent he week end at the home of his grandmother, Mrs. Barbara Blumer. Mrs. Lillie Hesse has returned to Juscatine after several weeks visit at he parental F. w. Hintz home. Mrs. A. J. Eason and Mrs. Wm. Big- ngs visited the George Stoddard home in Renwick one day last week. The farm bureau held its regular meeting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Davidson on Friday evening. The _ senior class play, "A Lucky T " j7"","A."^",""r L ^,M"'"' """ • Lico "j"^ i "t" Break", will be given Thursday even- Ladies' Aid last Thursday at the church | ing of this week at the gymn^ium basement and served another one of gymnasium. in North Platte, after accompanyin his mother-in-law, Mrs. Wieland t Rochester, Minnesota. Mrs. Harry Von Draska returned to ner home here Saturday afternoon from Mason City, where she had been a patient In the Park hospital for three weeks. week she was at the horns of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Herbener. A ^ V- *i? d Mrs< A - J - Koonce, Mrs. Arthur Eason, Mr. and Mrs. Barnev fni^ *?£ Gwenetta and Byron Jones loined the membership of the local Presbyterian church Sunday afternoon at a service conducted by Rev Wiss of Livermore. g ,' Dfwi ^ ht Spooner came down from Mrs. A. L. Spooner and Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Spooner drove to Clear Lake Sunday and spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. George Marty at their cottage. The music festival was given at the gymnasium Monday evening and was attended, by a large crowd./ Every student was included in the program, which consisted of solos, instrumental Maypole dance and folk dances. The program was under the direction or Miss Geraldine Borman. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Allen, Mr. and' tfrs. H. E. Peitzke of LuVerne and Mrs. *' ^V, en ° r Eagle Grove drove to> Iowa Falls Tuesday of last week and were present at the recital given by ^?^ len at «» Congregational. with and in hurch there. Miss Allen will be „ College music. NEW CHEVROLET SIX The Great American Value ^ssJ^s^ C';, ffiu p ?Tr- ' 5 , I ? ( •fljst). C575| !• IvftvPniMinirnr fViuiMt. tf^nnu«..tll.l_ ^...1._,»!_. «£te. a. > m n ^\ - - ' IWICII runilllt) »*WMU».U %^fu|>B, vtM»Mi «jw»Mi f VOTOI ETiHnnoro rive-wtnuow •eat), »S75| Kive-PaHonger Coup*. »595| Convertible Culuiolet, fois, HluuiUrd Sedan |650| CauTertiblo Litudnu Phaeton, $650. Special equipment nitra. Cltemilet truck , Low delivered price* cud e««y term*. All price* t. o. l>. Flint, Micii. I, 1355 la (590. those popular twenty-five cent suppers to the members and the public. The residence of the late Catherine Winter, occupied by the C. R. Lewis family, was sold by the school board last week to Mrs. C. R. Lewis, who was the highest bidder. The Lewises have purchased the F. Wm. 3aum lots in the south part of town and will begin moving the house as coon as possible. The baccalaureate service will be preached next Sunday evening at the Presbyterian church by Rev. A. F. Boese of the Lutheran church. The commencement exercises will be held May 20, at the Presbyterian church. Mr. McCormick of Waterloo will give the address. Members of the class are as follows: Loraine Smith, Dallas Trenary, Tabe Loats, Clarence Baum Arnold Christ, and William Clemans The Women's Missionary society of the Evangelical church met Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Walter Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Herbener and son of Mason City were Sunday guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur ' Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Lenz drove to Tru- CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. ' • — PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS ATTORNEYS AT LAW T. P. Harrington L. J. Dickinson HARRINGTON & DICKINSON ATTORNEYS AT LAW Rooms 212-14 First Nat'l Bank BIk ALGONA, IOWA J. L. BONAR ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention. ALGONA, IOWA W. B. QUARTON H. w. MILLER ATTORNEYS AT LAW KENEFICK & CRAWFORD OfH.ce Phone 300 C. H. CRETZMEYER PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Glasses Fitted MI. ,...« iviio. au. ijenz arove to Tru- «*.i»-«uN.e.xB AT LAW man, Minnesota. Sunday and attended offlce over Kossuth County state Bank the weedintr nf hf« niono »«„«. T I r>mn» m,/™., Ann See your dealer below KOHLHAAS BROS. Distributors, Algona Prank Fisher, TJtonka Roderick Auto Co., Lone Rook Wesley Auto Co., Wesley Service Motor Co.. Hurt a&: LUVERNE NEWS. ^KKixixyKsy^^ Phil Henderson was an Algona vis tor Saturday. L. Lichty had business in De. Moines Monday. Mi-, and Mrs. Max Block were Algona allers Thursday. David Gardner has gone to Sioux City where he will be employed. Dr. and Mrs. P. v. Janse from Algona were LuVerne callers last Tuesday. Ray Feltis from near Hardy was a business caller in LuVerne Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shipley and family were Algona visitors Wednesday. Mrs. Carl Pergande visited Sunday at the home of her parents in Mason City. Mr. and Mrs. George Lau were visitors Sunday of last week in Mason City. The cemetery association meets this Thursday afternoon with Mrs. E. O. Woito. *i ,, •*"-• «M»4** M jr ».iu tttutniueu the weeding of his niece, Miss Laura Gleason . Mr. and Mrs. Gottlieb Gronbach of I Algona spent Sunday last wteek at the home of their son, Frank Gronbach and family. About thirty-five people from Lucerne attended the class play "Climbing Roses," at the Vernon Consolidated school Friday evening. Phone, 427 ALGONA, IOWA — - — - — -—..wwj *T*^M* ij v ay u, ^tt.£H*tV and Mrs. Lee Lichty were hostesses to the Presbyterian Ladies' Aid at the Jones home Wednesday. J. W. Sullivan s. E. McMahon L. E. Linnan SULLIVAN, McMAHON & LINNAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over County Savings Bank ALGONA. IOWA. E. J. VAN NESS & G. W. STILLMAN LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank. Phone 213-W Algona, Iowa. L. A. WINKEL acSt WeekS f ° 110Wing an automobile GaylordE|.Shumway EdwardD. Kelly DR. W. D. ANDREWS. patnic Physician & Surgeon « o^ S r e H n uo SKtuSlffir •^ssossar- 81 ^' P. V. JANSE, M D PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Phone No.—Res. 366; Office^ee 31 ' accident. The baccalureate sermon will be given by Rev. A. H. Reyman Sunday evening in the Methodist church. Com-, mencement will be held in the gymna- Cllltvt *T*lie\fr1n*, •»*• « rt °* I • ~—«••• ii «*j *-J«VYClll4 j SHUMWAY & KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Quinby & Krause Building Phone 68. CITY PROPERTY LOANS -""sir—* CUNNINGHAM & LACY Phone 598 107 w . state slum Tuesday, May 19. Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Blumer and two I E. C. McMAHON Attorney at Law . . .-— .. ~.^..« a.iu b wui „? lce over Q ulnb y & Krause Bldg. daughters were at the home of her par- Algona, Iowa p no ne 129 ents, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Kraft, Sr. in Renwick Sunday. A family reunion was held at the Kraft home DENTISTS Mrs. Carl Swanson has been been in DR " Hl M - O^SON a hospital in Fort Dodge the past two Lo. « DE NTIST weeks. She is suffering from sinus yJ^f tN ° vocame " se<1 *°r extraction, rouble. Her mother Mrs. Ju us n >, Locat ? d over chr lstensen Store, (tripling, is caring for her three child- Phone: Business 166, Residence, 479 en. ALGONA, IOWA Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ramus visited for •evera days of last week at the home i then- daughter, Mrs. Lewis Peterson, t Mason City. Mrs. Ramus returned om e Sunday but Mr. Ramus remained o work there. Ed. Robinson of North Platte, Neb- aska, visited here Thursday with re- DR. C. D. SCHAAP. DENTIST Quinby Bldg. phone 133. Algona, Iowa. GEORGE L. MILLER. GENERAL CONTRACTOR 610 South Dodge St. Algona, Iowa. Phone 753 . ALGONA. IOWA. ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY R ^l^l! Insur ance Service . R. LABARRE AL FALKENHAINER Phone 55 FU'st door north Iowa State Bank DR. L. VV. FOX Office 220 West State Street Office Phone 475-W; Res. 475-R. ALGONA, IOWA. NORTON MACHINE WORKS Machinists and Welders Service Stock on Piston Rings, Pins and Bearings. West of Court House Phone 652. M. MERRITX Mortician & Funeral Director Phone No. 11 Algona, Iowa

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