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The New Zealand Mail from Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand • 14

Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand
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NEW ZEALAND MAIL of its earliest scientific visitors by the botanists who the survey expeditions by learned men who have more recently paid flying visits to these parts and by many earnest amateurs it cannot be said that more than the edges of the country have been explored while it can be said that there are wide districts especially in the more elevated positions which have yet to be seen and searched by the student of botany It is satisfactory therefore to note the ar rival in the colony of such a gentleman as Dr Berggren Professor of the University of Lund Sweden whose visit can scarcely fail to add to the information of the world regarding the characteristics of New Zealand in his particular field of exploration and ultimately become highly valuable to future generations of New Zealanders As we learn from our Canterbury contemporaries Berg gren arrived on Tuesday last and intends to make a stay of twelve months in the colony with the object of investigating its botany chiefly confining his researches however to the lower forms such as mosses lichens Dr Berggren who has been sent out by the Swedish Go vernment and the Academy of Science Stockholm was a member of the two last Swedish expeditions to Greenland and Spitzbergen and has established a high reputation by his various botanical trea tises He has decided to make Canter bury his head quarters and his first journey will be from Christchurch to Hokitika via the West Coast road prin cipally investigating en route the flora of the alpine It is worthy of notice as a contemporary event that an artist whose sketches and paintings are of a high order Mr is at the same time on a visit to the same localities with the intention of going still further afield in search of the picturesque His labors different though they are from those of the Swedish Professor are likely to con tribute much to our knowledge of a dis trict of the country which may be said to be still in many respects a terra incog nita On Thursday the Provincial Council got through the business rapidly and with unanimity Of course the Roads Bridges and Other Works Bill was the measure which was of greatest interest but it was read a second time after a discussion which lasted only a few minutes It was well known that the bill would be ac cepted by the Council in the form in which it was presented Mr Ludlam wished it to be clearly understood that the bill was only an appropriation of £50550 and not of the sum of £175000 the amount of the first schedule Mr Pharazyn who seems no longer to be leader of the Opposition a place he filled with so much self importance disclaimed any knowledge as to where the money was to come from It is not likely that the hon member will ever again find himself thrust into the front rank as a leader He did the work he was wanted for and in future he will be a private member far from the head of a party This change does not seem to have dawned on hismindyet for he on Thursday gave notice of a motion which appears elsewhere of grave constitutional importance and one which should have been brought forward by a member of acknowledged weight in the Council The notice of motion was received with many smiles and some laughter It is a matter oi much congratulation that the Public Works Bill has been passed for it provides for the execution of works of large impor tance all of which must be described as being highly desirable if not abso lutely necessary Motions recommending grants of the Te Aro foreshore to the Wellington City Council and of certain portions of the foreshore of the river Wan ganui to the borough of that name were agreed to and messages from the Superintendent concurring in the motions were received There was an irregular discussion on the education question which many hon members seemed to admit was out of place but it will pro bably do good as it enabled hints and suggestions to be thrown out which may be useful to the Government After sitting but little more than three hours the Council adjourned till noon on riday and it is probable that the prorogation will take place at one If so the session will have been the shortest and one of the most important that has ever been held in the colony A name which is more associated with the Australasian colonies than many of the more recent settlers can adequately appreciate is that of Count de Strzelecki of whose death at the advanced age of 77 we heard by the last English mail Though his name is not one with which many are familiar the Count had how ever influenced not a little the whole history of these colonies through the one great circumstance which has brought such a population to their shores the discovery of gold It is in fact accepted by authorities on colonial history that he was the first to predict the existence of gold on the Australian continent Polish by extraction but English by settlement during troubled times the Count at an early age devoted himself to scien tific research and extensive travel in the course of which he visited Tasmania and New South Wales The main object of his visit to Australia as we are told in an obituary notice by the correspondent of a con em ovary was to examine its miner alogy The investigation led him to the conclusion that portions of the country abounded in gold and having informed Sir George Gipps the then Governor his report was transmitted to Lord John Russell then Secretary of State for the Colonies but as at that day the free whites in Australia were a mere handful compared with the convict population Count de Strzelecki was requested not to make his discovery public The fact of his having been the to foretell the existence of gold was however acknow ledged some few years ago at the Inter national Congress when on the sugges tion of Sir Roderick Murchison a gold medal was awarded to the Count for the investigations and reports made by him on the subject In the course of his ex plorations Count de Strzelecki also dis covered and mapped the territory now known as Land and on his return to England he published what became a standard work on the physical features of Australia a description comprehending the fruits of five years of continual labor during a tour of 7000 miles on foot through those As the heroes of science depart from our midst it is well to remember what they have done for the world and in this part of the world Count de name is one especi ally worthy of remembrance It is gratifying to learn that the bonus offered by the General Government to individuals or companies disposed to enter upon the enterprises of mining for and manufacturing iron within the colony has not been offered in vain According to an announcement made in the last issue of the Gazette there have already been received by the Government five intima tions of an intention to claim the bonus in question the claimants being Manager Collingwood Coal Company Nelson Magnus Manson Motupipi Nelson Stovin Awitu Auckland Para Para Coal and Iron Company Collingwood Nelson Richard Chilman agent for Walduck and Company New Ply mouth The precise conditions on which these claims are made are not stated nor do we remember for the moment what form the proffered bonuses assumed when finally passed by the House but the fol lowing were the recommendations of the Committee which sat last session to con sider the subject of Colonial Industries Your Committee taking into con sideration the value and importance of iron manufactures recommend that sub ject to existing engagements entered into by the Government on the recommenda tion of the Committee of last year a bonus be offered for the erection of a suitable blast furnace for the manufacture of pig iron in an approved locality such bonus not to exceed 25 per cent on the cost of erection and not to be paid till the works are in full operation bonus not to exceed £5000 sterling And your Committee also recommend that a bonus be offered for the erection of suitable machinery for the manufacture of bar and rod iron and rails in an approved locality such bonus not to exceed 25 per cent on the cost of erection and not to be paid until the works are in full opera tion total amount of bonus not to ex ceed £5000 sterling and to be available for three The same Gazette con tains a notification of the fact that the following persons have claimed the bonus offered for the growth and manufacture of sugar Edward Woolfield Onehunga Cawkwell Auckland John Davis Dunedin Samuel Begg Napier Hunt Newcastle Waikato At a time like the present when opportunities for investment are abundantly offered in con nection with already established indus tries it is satisfactory to find that there are still some who seek fresh fields of enterprise and it is sincerely to be hoped that none of these applications for the bonus will prove of the class butthat one or more of them may lead not only to the payment of the promised award but prove to be the beginning of a profitable industrial occupation which will grow in proportion to the present rapid growth of the colony in relation to its mineral resources and the simpler pro ducts of its soil In Spain and iji respectively the sublime and the ridiculous have been reached in the attempts made to adjust the forms of Government to the condi tions and dispositions of the people In another item of the items of the surface Samoa tliere seems to have been a disturbance of human feelings somewhat similar to those thus existing at the opposite ends of the earth but in Samoa the temporary disturbance seems to have been succeeded by a happy agree ment to the existence of a General Go vernment constituted of seven an example worthy of imitation by Spain by iji and under present circumstances by New Zealand The conditions under which this happy medium in the arrange ment of differences has been arrived at are thus formally and plainly intimated in the following letter from Commodore Goodenough RN commanding the Australian station' as to the visit of HMS Pearl to a letter pub lished for general information in the name of William Reynolds in the absence of the Colonial Secretary ship Pearl At sea lat 59' long 30' 14th Nov 1873 Sir I have the honor to inform your Excellency that on a recent visit to Samoa on the 8th instant I found that the wars which have long been reducing the islands to poverty were at an end and that the Natives had been able to agree to a General Government under the leadership of a body of seven chiefs called the Taimua and to a constitution and laws which came into force on the 1st instant This appeared to me to be a thoroughly genuine attempt at self govern ment and carried with it a good prospect of future peace and I therefore re ceived the Taimua (literally leaders) on board the Pearl and saluted their flag in recognition of an authority which has been properly constituted and has a clear right to exercise jurisdiction in Samoa The flag is a red one with a blue ack in the left upper canton bearing a white TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Auckland riday Mr Buckland reports Dairy cows £6 12s to £9 15s calves 28s to 33s fat cattle 25s to 27s 6d per lOOlbs sheep 3d to 3jd Mr Binney reports Breadstuff market very full Oamaru flour £14 Canter bury £12 It is impossible to place rhe line wheat is quoted at 5s 6d oats 4s lOd to 5s maize mostly inferior 4s lOd Barley none The shipwrights have resolved to de mand 12s per day Auckland Saturday The American whaler Abraham Barker has arrived at Mongonui with 1000 bar rels of oil the result of a ten cruise The special correspondent at Ngaruawahia telegraphs that the cere mony of turning the first sod of the Waikato railway extension to day did not create much excitement Very few set tlers and hardly any Natives were pre sent The general expression is one of regret that so little notification was given of the event All the expenses of the display came out of Dr own pocket The people do not understand the parsimony of the Government or the suddenness of the start and enrolment of the armed navigators Pollen and Mac kay were here The ceremony com menced at 1230 The platform under the marquee was filled with ladies arid others Dr Pollen delivered an address in explanation of the event and of the method in which the works were carried out The Superintendent addressed the Europeans andMaoris There were cheers for every one from the Queen downwards The sod was then dug by his Honor in approved style Success to the railway was drunk in bumpers Auckland Tuesday The General Government sale of Wai kato lands to day excited unusual interest from the high prices realised At the Supreme Court WilHam Martin was sentenced to three years for cattle stealing Auckland Wednesday Mr Alexander Saunders mining agent reports Buyers National Bank £3 4s National Insurance 20s South British 45s Tookey £8 10s Sellers National Insurance 21s Tookey £9 The prospects of Tookey are much improved The journeymen sailmakers have re solved to demand 10s per day The master shipwrights have met and agreed that 12s per day would injure the trade of the port and it was determined to give Ils The Hero has arrived but she brings no later news Auckland Thursday The Governor Blackall has sailed with the Californian mails and eight pas sengers Mr Moriarty the Sydney Government engineer has reported in favor of the construction of a large graving dock capable of accommodating the San ran cisco steamers on the site of the West Queen street wharf The eligibility of the site evokes much discussion Gr a tt a mstown Monday The Bright Smile and Queen of Beauty drainage case is likely to be settled The claims interested have agreed to hold a conference Alexandra Wednesday There is no news from Kuiti The natives" are busy harvesting The crops are turning out well They will have large quantities of wheat for sale Alexandra Thursday The Native meeting at Kuiti is con cluded A monster meeting of all the tribes will be held in March next Europeans will be invited to attend January 17 1874 Tapihana was here again to day Tauranga Wednesday A large meeting of Ringites will shortly be held at Te Kuiti A Good Templar lodge is being formed Native matters are quiet Napier Monday The cricketers to play Wellington are Siddle Braithwaite Mayor Caulton Caulton Sladen Speedy Hallett Wiltshire Green They will leave by the Rangatira New Plymouth Wednesday Harvesting has commenced There is not so much wheat in as in the previous year Nelson Saturday In the case of the Hokitika Tramway Company the Westland County Council the Attorney General yesterday moved for a rule nisi in arrest of judgment on several grounds The Judge granted the rule and considering the interests in volved recommended its being argued in the Court of Appeal Nelson Thursday The ceased publication this morning It was the oldest paper in the colony having appeared on the 1st of March 1842 The Tararua brings a supplementary English mail It was conveyed to Mel bourne by the and Otf steamer Ellora The dates are to Nov ember 14th Hokitika riday The following is the official declaration of the poll for the Superintendency elec tion made to day Bonar 534 Kennedy 383 White 223 Hoos 50 Lyttelton riday Pleiades 97 days from Lon don She brings 11 passengers Lyttelton Monday The St Leonards has sailed for Landon She takes four cabin passengers and 4338 bales of wool 23 skins 87 phormium 2266 sacks wheat 717 flour and 20 casks tallow Christchurch riday At a meeting of the Central Boating 'Club last night it was resolved that all the Champion races may be rowed with or without coxswain The' prizes are not yet fixed for all the events but they will be liberal Three Canterbury boats will probably be entered for the big event Messrs Royse Stead Co report: Grain market unsettled Buyers here offer 4s for new wheat and 2s 3d to 2s 6d for oats very little yet offering Cheese 5d to 6d butter 64d to 7d hams and bacon 8d fob Christchurch Saturday At the competition to day three men were qualified as cavalry representatives namely Hunsley who scored 71 Judge 65 and Seager 30 Christchurch Monday report of the share market There has been a good demand for National Bank and National Insur ance shares National Bank 65s National Insurance 23s South British 45s Shipping Company 13s Gas Company third issue 60s Spinning and Weaving Company 30s Buyers National Bank 64s National Insurance 22s South British 42s 6d Shipping Company 12s Gas Company third issue 50s It is intended to get up a monster tea picnic during the session of the New Zealand Wesleyan Conference which meets at Christchurch this month Sixty five pure bred Lincoln sheep of high pedigree were landed from the Pleiades on Saturday for John Grigg and Mr Robinson Christchurch Wednesday At the Provincial Council last night Beswick the late Provincial Treasurer who has been severely criticised by local journals during the session moved that the reports of the proceedings of the Council in the and have been partial and incorrect He said the reports were garbled to suit the views of certain members in the House under whose influence the papers were Kennaway the late Pro vincial Secretary seconded the motion speaking in a similar strain but no other members supported it Mont gomery the President of the Executive and Joynt the' Provincial Solicitor strongly opposed the motion denying the statements made by the mover and seconder and pointing out that though assertions were made that the reports were garbled not a single instance had been advanced to prove it Beswick asked leave to withdraw the motion but was refused on the voices The motion was put and negatived on the voices only about two supporting it Christchurch Thursday Advices per cablegram yesterday reached the New Zealand Shipping Com pany that the demand for emigrant passages having largely increased in con sequence of the free immigration system the agent of the company in London owing to the scarcity of ships has arranged with the Albion Shipping Com pany and Shaw Savill and Co to convey some of the immigrants The New Zealand Shipping Company will have' despatched during December eight ships.

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