Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 29, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1896
Page 8
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New Fall Dress Goods FOUR BIG BARGAINS FOR THIS These are beyond question the Greatest values ev.er offered, We want you to note tho width aqdcohwraol- ter of goods-we offer and the lltlle'money It takes to buy them. ' .... . • 38 Inch all wool Serges in black and all new (all shades and a magnificent line of new imported plaid* «hd< f»ncy wool novelties all at i .: :.....'„;.'.. DEATH SUDDENLY COMES To William Whitcomb of Kalamazoo, a Stranger. 100 pieces, bright new Novelty Dress Goods in all the latest checks, stripes and fancy cloths; "wttlph'.hav retailed generally for «5o a yard all at.... .......................................................... ,. .................... ; ...... , ....... ••" Our Immense counter, loaded with -the newest and most choice Noveltv Brass Goods of the s aiiting of rough scotch elleets which are initrong favor at present. The- most extensive line In the olty.at the' 1 . jjrico worth 3 times as much, at only ................................................................. • .................................... '.-'.';'.. 4.8p3&T The correct thing for the season which.are the multo, colored bouci 8 2 toned wool e'scurialp, d,erjb.yiiait/ : which retail generally for $1.00, price only .................................................................. . ....... 1 ........... $58<? ycl THE GOLDEN RULE ARE WE IN IT? WELL I GUESS! /,_.-;. Have You Seen Our . ........ Men's & Boys' Clothing. IF NOT! WHY NOT? Call and see us and we will demonstrate the fact by making.you .acquainted with our Superb style of Men's and Boys' Clothing, that we are the leaders in our line. Our designs are-exclusive workmanship, perfect and prices the cheapest. We shall take pleasure in show- ittgjjrou our line of novelties and stap]es. Bear M?mind that all our goods are Sparkling New. Harked in plain figures and strictly one price. THE GLOBE. • . . CORNER FOURTH AND MARKET STREETS. THE TRUE VERSION.! ,.,,•! O/.'Bismarck's Letter to Gdy.'cul.v berson—Omitted Sentence. jWiilll'iim WWiteoirl), aged r>7 years, died In his room over The postoflice iycsterdiuy mor-u^:. He was a stranger -in tills city-as he uily arriiv-ed Saturday from his IIOIIM.- !:i Knlanuizoo, Michigan, and iu'temli.'tl going to work for itr.'.'Wliitfl-old on a farm yesterday morning. Ills wife lias been here since. Ijjst July iitul JuasJieuii employed ii.s ii cook at Xo. 412 Third street. Mr. "WMtwaiib wus a railroader up to .a few months ago when he became a general 'Jabm-iT, Mrs. Wlilteouib said that lie retired Sunday evening In ap- pu.reut.gooil health but complained of .nervousness during tlio . nigh-t" and arose yesterday morning a.t six o'clock complaining n.nd returned to bed saying 'that lie washed 'lie could filcop. In 'S]b6nt f .-.twen.ty minutes lie' seemed to .li'jive n spasm- ami ten'minutes later died: -Mrs. Hartley was In -tlie room when- lie died. Coroner Downey says thai death resulted from heart disease. Mr. amd Mrs, W-hitcomb were In- poor fljia.Mci'til 'cji-cuunstnaices and relatives "oi! Jit'. AV'lilitconvh will 1 -iiii-rive from •Mi'dilKtin today to itake Mio remai-ns fln'i'o I'd' 'burla.1. The body i,s at present .•i.j^jKroeg-er & Sti'iUii's undertaking establishment. . PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co.. The well-Known Specialists of Now York kave a ppolnte D. A. H.4.UK as agent .for tlialr celebrated Spectacles and Eje tilaates, even palt guurnnteed. D. A. HAUK has complete assortment and Invites all to satisfy themselves of 1 tho groat suparlorlty of these goods over any m^nufactored, at tlw store of D. A. HAUK, Sole agent lor LoganspottInd. No Peddlers Supplied. •Judge .Julius Sclmtze, eflitor of-tin- '."'.•x'as Vonu'iert, fum:ishi;s the follow :.--.;•' traiusfaition of Bi-smaveUrs 'IW-tj-ir 1 y C.'DV. CulliMwon, -irKidu from the or-4-J iij.nl on lile hi. the executive'ollic<>:j M'Oiiorotl Sir.-.-Y.O HIT esteemed favc'r'of •Tilly I has been• nk-eivcd.. .1 ; h;rve'i always IKU! a predilection, fur bimetallism., btiil: .wh-ile I was In office wojiild. 1 i»t! consider' myself' infai'jliWe, in opi)cs!;tion to the views' of 'p.v.- perts. I'bolleve.to UUs clay .-.tli-a^ it would bo coiiur.t'iiJabl-e to obtain, by endeavors of hho.se nations c-hiiefly par- Taking in tiie world's commerce au 1 auTCcraeiUt in the dlreciliion of bhnet:il- 'llsni. The United Stales are !u political, oco'iiomy Iffts li.'i.mpcred ;,iy tiieln 1 , go\]- ciinuieiit. •t'hniu.any aiiu of -Uio Enroiwiiri -Stat-OiS. ami if Xori.Li Ameh'ta. shoulij Uiid'it eompa-tible w-ith its r f,ii:terests.t.(i tivk-e a su-btrtanrial step In. the iA'W:taqai of •blmeti.'iill&TO,' I believe t'li-ivt such; would exert a beil'Oli'cfal influence upon' Hie, establishment of an international a-greonfent -njid the uitlo'u ot the Eiiro- pe;m states,' . Assiwiing you. of my highest respect, I remain yoitr obedient serviuit: , , BISMARCK. 'In 'the reports of Mr. Bryan's speech itlie following: sen'tenco • contiilned- -in Gov. Culberson's trnnslfl.tiou was oini't'ted: "I have always li;id a-predilcctlon for biimetjllllsm, but I would -not, while In office, claim-mj' views of t'he matter to be jiufalUblc in. opposition -to. tlie views ,of experts." NO COERCION Impossible Under the Election Law. Indiana .NEXT FRIDAY NIGHT. A. M. Higgins President Indiana Republican Clubs to Speak. $2O.OO Will Buy a Good Winter Suit OF- W. D. CRAIG. 426 Broadway, Second Floor. '•', Great underwear mile tills week,— -••.Trade Palace. : ' Positively the best cup of coffee In !tB* city at Dykemau's cafe. .- OoSy throe more days until tho Col; .HMWa cigar $25 guess comes off. i,' jWiointed—To reitt a good Iram in the of Sixth ,-nid Bixwdway. Eo- i o-ftlee. •:••' AU coupons 1'or tlw; Columbia cigar Xgapes, musi-t be returned to Julius Wag-. ;.' ioer 'by.,-TV«Tn eScla y evening. J' Ji'ac ReiU't—Tlireo- rooms' fuviilalied, v.Hof Jionse-keepiTiR; w'lth. bath; central-' -^located. Inquire at tbSs office. ; TJio old force ot «miplo3 f es of Otto : been cngnged by Mr. Jenk-: >!-|ie ji.'islftneo, to'arrange the stock. ra1* v , ivhicli opens toraon'ow morn.-- New ready . made suits.—Trade Palace. Old papers for sale at the Journal office. 1 20 cents a hundred. Our J. J. -R. brand Mocba and Java col'fee ia fa-ash today.—RoUhcTmcl. -' Call at Flanegln's new stovo store aud see the best stoves to the market. Twenty-five choice bulbs, twelve varifttl-os for. il.tty. coats, at'Newby's. Only three days more- for a guess on tlie .$2"i prize. Buy a Columbia cigar and get a coupon, Xo old stock .to show you, everything uew a.ml fresh, notice the low prices and fit of our Jackets.—Trade Pal-nee. Lowest prices for.lfiigli grade Jackets, No old stock from last season, but everything new -and fresh.—Trade Palace. The ladies of tlie RplscopiU church will give a chlckcjn pie supper at tho reetwy 0111 Wednesday ovenJug, Sept. DO. All invited. Supper 23c. TJnd(,"nrcar for everybody, sines 1C to DO, ptilecs 5c e,i,dli and up. Don't miss tills sale.—Trade • Palace, See our :baiiga1ns in Iiiosiei'y for all. This morning at 8 o'clock I will open tbe (loow of the two stores of Otto Kraus, and otter botli stocks for sale at retail—Albert G. Jeniklnes, > assignee, • .'.•••• Isaiac Wild, of Clay toiwiisliip, returned last Sunday from Keropton, North. Dakota.. '. 5 Ir. WHd 1 say tJimfc while Ketupton 'is in tbe Red Rirver valley .which Is very good,coumtiry,.stH-L Indiana Js good enough for him. He reports Mr. 'MeKiinley's prospects of. M 'the iregntair m.eetiiug'of thc'-Mc- K'iuley club, Friday nigbit, Oc.tobei- 2d'.,- .int -tho Broadway rhik, Mr. A. M. : HIs-' gins, of Tcrre Xa.ufe, Pres-ldemt of the, Indiana Republican League, will make tflio'.address. 'MivHJggins Is a. speaker 'of rccogulKod ability, and. liis rn'iany friends iai • Logansporf, lii* fornicr home, will be .glad jto lienr hliu. Tlie ladies .are especially welcome to the meetings of the ohib, a.nd will bo made: comfortable*. B Good musilic will be fur- nislied, a.nd a"good,.straiglit-ou-t souud 1 liioucy, Republican address will be given. TLe date is Friday evening,' Oc-, tober 2nd, -ait the rink. •' An exelwinge snys: "All talk oi! coor- cioa j-ii tiiis state undw .(he present •eloetiiion ln,w :i.s aibsiml. No matter bow •inuoh SMI .emplloycj- might desi.ro to force-his workiindu to vote as lie thinks desirable, there is 010 way by which he ftui eairry out -his-desire. He may express Ms wishes to the w'orkmnn, may pive'-tliem advice, m.i.y provide then) with ctiiupnjgu liter.'iitnnj of the sort lie" profeii'S, .mny plve tli-em object lessons-by paying tliem in .Mexican dol- •lu.rte, '-n'n'd all tlia.t, but all this will not 'compel a workman- to vote contrary to •his 'own preferences. The voting Is ienti.re.ly soci'ct, and by the use of aii oflicin-1 ballot. The workmen-, like aiiy • otluir'voter, on eleeliloa dny goes Into tile-voting- booth nml stamps lias ballot as lie plea-aes. Neither liis employer .nor<iny otlier mau can known how ho .votes. Under the old system, when employers could know what bailols the workmen! used, there was possibility of coercion. Under the present system there con bo no coercion. Wha.t- -,ever an employe.!.' may say or do, the !eni'pi6ye can fast any ballot he pleases, mid aw one cam Icnwv what his vote is." . WE'RE HERE AND -:-:- HERE TO STAY. Yon aro cordially invited. We look for your acceptance with eager anticipation, for we are confident of your enthusiastic commendation of our efforts. We assure you that no~finer stock can be found in this country, and yon -vpHl agree with us that It surpasses anything ever before seen in Logansport. We have entered thle Held as leaders should, avoiding the time-trodden path, shunning the policies that h ave hitherto prevailed, but with unequaled facilities 'and characteristic enerywe have sought the best, that you may enjoy tho convenience of finding here'ajrhome those exclusive styles you hare -hitherto been compelled to seek In other markets. The management of all our departments is in. our hands. We've had a life long experience to guide our judgment,'we'.tnow every "Fashion Inlet" and "Quality Harbor" in this and foreign countries. Behind it sre our capl- tal, our enterprise, our broadguage mettods.. Such a union of tact and talent must succeed. We've gathered a stock that is artistically perfect and marked at prices that will be an agreeable revelation to you. Bearing out the reputation that we will win for this store and your confidence. Yours Very Truly, THE HUB. Berwanger Bros & Co, Successors to HARRY FRANK THIS IS YOUR5. We wainit you to understand that we are running this laundry for you and thait your wishes -are to be regarded in ever}' particular. We will give you Just exactly wliait you want if we can find ouit.wliat that is. Perhaps you believe Ifliait it is impossible to have your • laundry work liandiled without irritation and annoyance. We are sure that you are mistaken. May we have an opportunity of demonstrating it? HADLEY BROS., Successors to Campbell Bros. COL. JOSEPH HILL DEAD. ^Veil-Known Railroad Man Form- ! . erly of Logansport. rCol. Joseph Hill, • formerly.assistant -g^iuonil.jiKiiniiger of the V-imdalia line; «ii<l' one of tlie best known, railroad In tlie country, died Sunday after- aftx>r a. proloiigecl illues-s, resulting from, old age sinitl tlie. in tense he.it of tlve pa t st summer. .TauiKUce'TOis the that CtmgivSs nvust make for pensions next session .must aggregate .not less tha-u ,$180,000,000. "Tlhis ti-eaneudous sum would in. itself be enough to rim a reasonable govcrnniont. One would not complain were it aoi 'lioucst debt, but a large portion is -not a. debt, bcwaiise it was ucvcr earned by any act of pafa'iotism or Ito-oic service, lite government is h-eld up a.nd despoiled'of no-mean por- tton of tli'ls, and it seems ''heljyless to' defend itself. Due caininot help being curious to-know how many li'ioax* years It will take to exhaust the generation wiM'cli 'feels itself .injured by the_,wiar. It is safe to say that, never idkl;.-'a generatiio.m display sueli'"remarkable ^longevity. • years of. more Colonel Hill -had no be'eii couuected witli'the Van'dnlia lino .liaVvjinj^ resignfid from that 'position- ti become chairman of 'tiiic ex-ecu tlve com of the baird of directors of til National bank of St. Louis Previous to ,'lrte couaiection with tin Vaind-alla 'he -\\-as superintendent of tho P.-in Handle in tli'i's city, 'and unide au en viable' record .as a railroad man. THE SILVER CONSPIRACY. carrying N. D. very briglit.. A BENEFACTOR TO HUMANITY. W'a.l>ashi Ti-lbnne: Jfrs. E. B. Duncan; the originator of'the famlous Brlce hat, wiilicli enjoyed such a run" In Wabash this. seaso<n, has anofclier noyelby in .s't'bok wWch -is destined ito ix;coiiie pop- utaa-. it is what is known as .ili.e. coui- Muatldn bn.t. yplion.' tri'mme'd and ready for use it' presents a towering appeawauee, wMch would fill 4ih-e heart of a mam seated 'beliiad it -at the theatre with nage aud despair. But by re : mov.I)ng a pin or some other fastening- •the-ontlro top of .the lia-e, consis-ting of birds, fonithers, • ^flowers, ' animals,' leaves, vines, ribbons "and weeds, is removed and by a .iraneformaition almost' mngiicoil it becomes .a-hait of the .pancake description. Such an invention is •bouiiKl -to 'be a. winner. To tho men they wiiil be a welcome release from tlie annoyance of the theatre Hat built on the wash' tub plan. The; city council should now.-pass' na. OL-dinn.u.ce requiring the exclusive,, use "of it a;?- a theatre 'lint, .and receive the heartfelt' thanks of a loug'aiid-'SUfferlBg public, . A REPENTANT EDITOR. The Fairmont Monitor, the only free silver paper in Yerni-UUon county; Ills., dfnoct cause, of lilis doa.tn. For tliree J outsWe of 0 a nvllle, has eome'out for McKiinley and gold standard. The editor sa,j"s 'he made a grove mistake in beliig carried n.way with the silver cx- citcunont a.nd ssiys: "Since theti in calm- •er 'm'omciits, 'we iia.ve read tho ma.ny ,«peeohes of Mr. -Bryan, a.wt are more inystWietl .tliaw ever to .comprehend liow any sane ma,n could be misled by such Inconsts-teiici'ns -and 'absurdities. Wo are nsking: how can moucy be- ocm-e clveapei' land, at tiie same time, double in- value? How cam good times bo .restored through a pa.u)!c ? How can the laboring run.ii get better wages' Howioon 'the fjarmer get belter prices for igi'a.'lm 1 awl moat, wlii'o 'tlje laborer is to buy his living cheaper?! 'How can confidence 'be restored by wlptag out credit and casting honor to the winds? Hwv am we increase our voliimc of money by driving, otic-half oC it into fi-ecret and secure h'ldjing places? Tliese and a 'thousand other questions appealing to our reason, liaTC. Hammered Incessantly on our bralnf or tUte pnst'tlirec Ls until we can withstand them no longer and must declare to our readers, amd the public, that we luavc been carried away by the 'moonshine of free sliver and mfetxxik it for thte sunlight ot a sound flnanclal system like we The' iReal Millionaire Exposed. Schemes ,1-Iarwy M. LaiFollett of Indiana,who ,,-is--lUioiicially.involved -In- New..York, .tells, of; h/is losses in an attempt to purchase-Abe-New York Daily JIarcury for th-o.freii silver'Senators-. He says: i:" r rhei;c. has been, a paper prepared for i private eircoilation, among those haMn'g 'silver interests, setting forth tilie adviantageslof the party purcliasln; 4'he paper,'and 'it was signed t>y Sena- •tivrs • Teller, Sihoup, Mhnitle, Cameron, .CanJiio'u,:,Tolm P. Jones, EUinsbrough, Ciirter, Pattlgrew a.nd Du-bois." Tliiis su'ows the pati-ioitisin 1 of the silver Senators. Every one of them is attempHug to speculate on a rise in sHv.er.' -,' U'. ' MicKINLEY ESCORT. GrABD.S-AT-. ' ' ' . . Meet,toni'ga-tat,7:30 for-drill at- rink," •^Every; niemT>er -i^, requested to -be prcs, : ent. NK SOHLErtfiER, ,. .:•••:•. BRYAN ON PENSIONS. An Utteitance of His Paper Four .' ' v. •.''•; Vears Ago- '- ' • World-HcraW. (Mr. ,BiTfiti'«'''iwiperj, Nov.. IS, 1S92: "The next- session of Congress will liave to • wrestle"- with., .one' deficiency of' $3C,- OOOjOOO; .Thills is on. account'of pensions. Tli« ; ai>propiilation for-pensions for the next year -nipst not'be less than $150,000,000!''i'.'It ; l«, .therefoie, easy, ari'tbmc- tic.yto p«rcei|Ve -that thea.pproprlation, a<*ouut of i'jo f.-.c-t ;.!:-at the eloping couple was caught in Logansport Xlie guilty man was adjudged insane by a Board of luKi.uity Commissioners', •but tho people were not satisfied with the finding. Scott has been aii inniate of an insane asylum since -his preliminary tr.ial. His fail-Infill wife refused to appear against -him, and it was with difficulty that tho victim of his passion for evil could be induced to testify against licr elderly and portly lover. She was summoned before t-lie grand jury, and finding slic could not escape, gave her story as guardedly as possible, - shielding the wretched 1 Scott wherever she could. It is.not known what the outcome of the damage suit of the father of Daisy Dorian against Iris daughter's betrayer wJU be. THE LADIES, ' The pleasant effect and perfect safety with which ladies may use Syrup of Figs, under all conditions, make It their favorite remedy. To get the true ond-'gcnuine article, look for the name of th° California Fig Syrnp- Company, printed near the. bottom of the package. For sole by all responsible druggists. ' M.VRQHERS A Tho members of tlie HJcKinley Escort Guards will meet ton'ight'at the Broadway rink for drill. t have. There .is no answer to such questions' excopt the great truths, which- arc that no government can be greater than.Its citizens and cannot perform' miracles -nor ylolnte the moral •aw without INDICTED FOR ABDUCTION Rev. Scoft, Though Adjudged Insane, is Held Liable. A. special from VTlaifcrJoo, Iowa, to the Chicago Tribune, states that tlie grand jury .lins retunicd an tadtotment against .the Rev. G-. E^ Scott, for the aibduction of Daisy Dorian tu. July. TIio case is .of inter-est to local readers, on. A complete line of heaters and cook stoves at the new stove store.—Flanegin's, 310 Market street. PRICES THAT TALK. Women's Good Rubbers 23c iWomen's Storm Sandals ..« .2Sc Men's Good Rubbers 30c Men's Arctics '. 5Sc Women's Arctics 4Sc Mi&ses' Arctics 38c Men's Overs for Felts ..". 9Sc 'We also have the celebrated Goodyear Glove Rubber goods. No better brand of goods in the world. Women's Kid Patent Tip Dress Shoes, Button C8c Women's Vicl Kid Patent Tip, Button 93c Men's Velvet Slippers .- 45c Men's Buff Bals, Plain Toe 9Sc Men's Buff Congress, Plain Dress Too ••.•••• 9Sc Youth's Good School Shoes 75e Boys' .Good School Shoes 9Sc Boys' House Slippers 45c Women's Very Fine Needle Toe and New Coin Toe, Lace and Button, Kid Dress Shoes, Good Value at S2.50; Our Price on this shall be.$1.48 The above goods' are all fresh new goods,, whlcb are arriving dally, bought direct from the manufacturer fop cash, and'ouiyjustomers. shall have the .benefit/ y '..'.'.' Line W. Pilling, Sho«, 412 Broadway, ' LOa'onsport, Ind.

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