The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 13, 1931 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1931
Page 6
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The Upper Des Moines-Republican, May 13, 1931 SOCIETY Country Club Party— Tuesday afternoon. June 23—Mrs. T. The opening of the Algcma country c; - Sherman, chairman. Mrs. S. E. Mr- club' •will be Tuesday, May 19 nnd the 1 Mahon. Mrs. Al Falkenhainer, Mrs first afternoon party will take place on ' Chas. Taylor, Mrs. Ralph Elbert and May 26. The party lists which wer prepared by Mrs. T. H. Chrischillc and Mrs. S. E. McMnhon will be mnil ed out this week. Herman Haubcrg i the chairman for the opening party. The directors who are in charge o the first party Include the following Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hauberg, chairman, Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Weaver, Mi and Mrs. R. \V. Horigan, Mr. and Mrs E. J. Oilmore, Mr. and Mrs. P. J Chrlstensen, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Og ren, Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Towne, Mr and Mrs. O. S. Buchanan, Mr. am Mrs. F. D. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. A D. Adams. Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Smith of Burt, F. L. McMahon and J. W Haggard. Tuesday afternoon, May 26—Mrs. H E. Rlst, chairman. Mrs. J. O. Pnxson, Mrs. T. H. Holmes, Mrs. Joe Greenberg, Mrs. Torkel Hill and Mrs. K. D. James. Tresday evening, June 2—Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Andrews, chairman. Mr. and Mrs. John Frankl. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Gilmore, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Stillman, Beth Backus, Lucia Wallace and John Haggard. Tuesday afternoon. June 9—Mis. John Kohlhaas, chairman, Mrs. Har;-y Godden, Mrs. Frnnk Seller, Mrs. Gro. Elbert. Mrs. W. T. Dauchan and Mi?. Tony Klrsch. Tuesday evening. June 16—Mrs. Frca Kent, chairman, Mr. and Mr?. R. H. Miller. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Scheme'.; Alvin Huenhold, June Corey. Eliz.ibeth; son. Mr. nnc Nugent and Chas. Nicoulin. Mrs. O. A. Momyer. Tucsiijy evening, June 30—Mr. and Mrs. C. R. LrBarre, chairman, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Hai.cher, Dr. and Mrs. L. C. Nugent, Dr. and Mr?. R. H. Crawford, James McDonald, Mario Wehlei H. M. Olson and Mabel Olson. Tuesday afternoon. July 7—Mrs. L G. Baker, chairman. Mrs. R. P. Norton, Mrs. J. W. Little. Mrs. E. J. Murtagh, Mrs. W. T. Peters of Burt and Mrs. H. O. Buell of Burt. Tuesday, evening, July 14—Mr. anc Mrs. D. H. Goeders, chairman, Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Paxson, Mr. and Mrs. E R. Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Barnard, Vic Parsons, Hazel Potter, L. C. Hanson and Florence Nelson. Tuesday afternoon. July 21—Mrs. Chet H. Williams, chairman, Mrs. H. R. Cowan. Mrs. M. J. Pool, Mrs. J. T. Chrlschilles. Mrs. M. P. Haggard, and Mrs. H. J. Lacy. Tuesday evening, July 28—Mr. and Mrs. Bm Sorensen. chairman, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Pletch. Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Jliff, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hynds, Maur- CP McMnhon, and R, S. Blossom. Tuesday afternoon. August 4—Mrs. V L. Peterson, chairman. Mrs. C. B. Wurta ph. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Kenrfir.S. Irs. W. B, QuiirSon. Mrs. R. E. Vinfont nd Mrs. H. E. Bra!cy. Tuesday evening. AupuM 11—Mr. an<J Irs. D. K. Stcvic. chairman, Mr. nnd Irs, H. L,. Mc-CorSle. Mr. snd Mr*, i _Tuesday afternoon, August 18—Mrs. I D. A. R, Elects Officers— - T . , The D. A. R. society met Tuesday af- Norton. Mrs. ternoon with Mrs. Clair Anderson nnd A. L. Rlst, Mrs. J. W. Sullivan Mrs. G. M. Butts of Wesley and Mrs. Julius Kunz of Wesley. Mrs. Louise Hyde at the Gilbert home in Plum Creek. Ella Thompson gave a 1 very interesting report of the D. A. R. igr. August 25—Mr. and I nn r"ioiinl convention which she attended recently in Washington, D. C. New Mrs. Frank Zenrler, chairman. Mr .and! Mrs. P. J. Kohl'lians. Mr. nnd Mrs. W. . Vliravs, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Bor- chsirdt. F. K. Levvett, T. J. Davern Delia and Edith Welter. Tuesday afternoon. September 1— Mrs. W. P. French, chairman, Mrs. S. H. French, Mrs. L. J. Dickinson, Mrs. F. W. Wehler, Mrs. J. C. Mawdsley, and Mrs. R. O. Bjustrom. Tuesday evening, Septmeber 15—Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Mathes, chairman, Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Rice, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Chrlschilles. Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Smith, H M. Smith and E. C. McMahon. Tuesday, afternoon. September 22.— Mrs. W. C. Dewel, chairman, Mrs. T. P. Harrington, Mrs. R. M, Wallace. Mrs. F. C. Scanlan, Mrs. S. J. Backus and Mrs. Louis Wilson. Tuesday evening, September 29— Mr. and Mrs. Joel Herbst, chairman, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lorenz, Mr. and Mrs. officers for the corning year were elected. Miss Thompson was chosen as regent. Other officers include: Mrs. W. L. Whitney, vice regent; Mrs. A. L. Long, secretary; Mrs. D. P. Smith, treasurer; Mrs. Eugene Murtagh, corresponding secretary; Mrs. George Free, registrar; Mrs. Joseph Cossrove. chaplain and Mrs. J. O. Paxson, historian. Mrs. L. E. Fairbanks, Mrs. C. B. Murtagh and Mrs. Al Falkenhainer are members of the board of management. Missionary Convention— The Woman's Foreign Missionary society held a district convention ai Forest City last week Wednesday Twelve Algona women Including Mrs A. A. Bishop, who was president last vear and re-elected for this, attended rom Algona during the afternon. In LEDYARD WON FIRST TOURNAMENT GAME Defeated Goldfield 8 to 7 in Base Ball Game Friday at Ames. &wy®y&vwax^^ SENIORS PRESENTED CLASS PLAY LATELY. ... A. R-v.vy. A. L. ! and Ycra Kouba- j L - H CALL THEATRE ALGONA, IOWA Lr.rre public lobbies lor your Wrought iron gates making it possible to visit the Gift Shop while waiting betiv-.'cn shows. Thirty hard of hearing head phones installed for convenience of our customers who find it a help. The first theatre in Io\va to pive you this •service. When Algona and Kosstith county pet hot, we coo! off the Call Theatre by Dur masifve Kooler-Aire installation. Only the best, of talking picture products shown at the Call Theatre. We pay for many hundred dollars of product and set it out to keep up this standard. THUKS., & FKI., MAY 11-15. Yade matinee 2:30 Thursday. Most aringly different story of gangland ver screened. It's devastatingly eal. It is startling the entire orld. FOR FIVE YEARS ou have been discussing the Pubic Enemy. Thursday night you will come closer to him than you ever may again. Power that works in darkness. James C^gney Jean Harlow Donald Cook in "THE PUBLIC ENEMY" . ", q'. ". \j. v-d'Mrs. T L, Lsr- i O1.hrr cws:.s were the daughters of the " - - • - '*--""!». Mrs. L. L. Weliendorf. Mrs. Crawford. Mrs. F. E. Bartholo| me w nnd Mrs. G. L. Miller, who assist ed with the serving. The home was de rwfliod with the club colors, pink an white, in streamers and flowers. Eac one present was presented with a littl favor. The opening number on the prograr was a welcome song by a quartette con sisting of iVT-~dames M. L. Dutton Frank Huldt:;ian, Charles Reaper anc W. L. Martin. Roll call was answerer with maxims on Mothers. Other mini bers on the program were given b\ Mrs. Martin, Mrs. F. L. Zeigler and Mrs. Win. Runchey. A duet was 511113 by Mrs. M. L. Dutton and Mrs. W. L Martin, followed by a poem given by Mrs. Oliver Bakken. Mrs. Frank Huldeman gave a musical reading and the hostess read an article. "Mothers of Our Presidents": Sadie Potter gave a reading. "Grandmother's Flower Garden." A duet was sung by the Mesdames Huldeman and Reaper, entitled •Mother When You're Growing Old. 1 Dlher numbers included a poem by Mrs. W. H. Bosworth and some songs by a quartette. Sadie Potter was the pianist. Several members were prevented from attending because of illness. The next meeting will be held May 21 at the home of Mrs. A. 12. Clayton. The topic for discussion is "What Shall our Club Do to Help Others"? M. H. Falfcenhainer. Mr. and Mrs. W. the evening fourteen of the Standard A. Foster. L. F. Rice. Ed. Holecek, and, Bearer girls from Algona went to the meeting. Gladys Rising and Alberta Grosenbach sang a duet on the evening program. Luncheon at Hotel- Mrs. L. M. Merritt, Mrs. Bert Deal, and Mrs. A. L. Amunsen entertained sixty-four guests at a one o'clock luncheon at the Algona hotel Tuesday afternoon. Luncheon was served at small tables centered with bouquets of sweet peas, and the afternoon was spent playing bridge. Mrs. Chet H. Williams won the high prize. Mrs. W. E. Laird, second, Mrs. H. E. Rist, third and Mrs. G. D. Stokes, low. Catherine Doran. CYrsco Moihcrs anil Daughters— Mrs. F. L. Miller was recently the lostcss to the Mothers and Daughters flub and three of the club mothers, Mrs. J. F. Cook. Mrs. R. A. Clark nnd ip3<!oon members present including; M'rs, Wm. Greenfield. There were Martha Applepate and Mrs. Laware .new members. Students -Elected Officers for their School Paper. Friday Will Be Annual Play Day for Pupils. SUN. & MOX., MAY 17-18 Sunday matinee 1:00, and 3:00 prices 10c-35c. 5, 7, and 9 o'clock shows nt regular prices. The star of "The Trespasser." He stops at nothing this Public Enemy. You will get the truth about the modern menace. He makes AH Men's Land—No Man's Land. The Public Enemy! Nothing like it before. Also-Well balanced Short Subjects Program. SATL'HDAV SPECIAL 1:30 and 3:20 maliiii'c lOc-aOc. A thrilling western tiinlkrv. A new kind—thoroughly modern. RJOIARJ) ARUEN Theatre Party— Mrs. F. W. Wehler group of little girls Friday granddaughter, Peggy Jane" entertained a for hoi Wehler The children went to see "Skippy" at the Call Theatre and returned to the Wehler home for a luncheon afterward. The guests were Josephine Aimer, Ann Crawford. Joan Jones, Delore3 Baker, Meredith Raney and Mary Elen Halpin. Mother's Day Reunion— A reunion of the Dearchs family was icld Sunday at the Frank Hofius 'home is a Mother's Day courtesy for Mrs. Hofius' mother, Mrs. G. Dearchs. Those vho attended the affair were Mr. and Mrs. Claud Dearchs and family, Mr and Mrs. H. H. Dearchs and family, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. DeGraw and fami- y and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Taylor. I, T. Club Entertains Husbands— The H. T. club entertained their hus- •ands Tuesday evening at the home f Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Sheehan. Fol- owing a six-thirty dinner served at ix tables the guests played bridge. /Irs. James Watt won the women's igli prize and Mrs. Sheehan won the •w prize. Bert Cronan won the men's igh prize and Bert Muckey, the low. Hour Club— Mrs. G. D. Stokes entertained the DiruliJ k<i LEO UDfTED AUTISTi PICTURE Gloria's pictures IU-L- always a fLi'-h- jon f.hovv—ii'-'.y .styles—jivs't .sliowiii" Beauty, drama, with dialogue, .smai't (.ettinys. The producer pave u i; "Sunny.skle Up." A yuarantut- this one will be tuneful. A Real Treat—For Algona Sunday Audiences, It's worth 50-mile drive (1 Gtuamounl CftOuir Could the west lick the east? The story carries the 1931 tough men to the great open spaces. Also the last episode of the Tom Tyler serial, "PHANTOM OF THE WEST" and big comedy program. New—just released. Cash customers in California know what they want—and say it. One hundred per cent audience picture! First c'ass farce comedy. Swansea splendid; Hilarious! Dtoy! Ben Lyon one hundred per cent In support. TUBS. & WED., MAY 19-30. Marvelous Marlene Dietrich and dashing Victor McLaglen in "DISHONORED" tn her he meets fate. Dangerous o love! She wanted power over men! Don't miss this flaming drama. Khvanians Entertain Kweens— The members of the Kiwanis club entertained their wives and friends at a seven o'clock three course dinner at the Algona hotel last Thursday evening instead of holding their regular. ~— noon luncheon. There were about a Idle Hour bridge club at a one o'clock hundred present. Mrs. John Kohlhaas luncheon Saturday at the Tibbett's and Mrs. H. E. Sorstedt were in chargs of the affair which was considered one of the most attractive parties held in the hotel in some time. Paper chair- backs in pink, blue and yellow and beautiful spring flowers made the decorations outstanding. There were fa- ors for each one. The Kiwanis em- i\cm was used for the first' time on the ice cream. Attorney H. W. Miller, who is president of the club, presided and introduced the speaker of thy evening who was Mr. Dunlop, a Mason "ity Ki'.vanian, who told about a rather extensive European trip which In made ] as t yearr The latter part of the evening was spent at liridge. Mrs. Joe Grc-cnbmr and Miss Eva Streit won the ' ' ;h prizes and Mrs. W. D. Andrews, .' prize. The men's prizes were won >y Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer and W. A. Vicars. H. M. Smith won the men's •onsolntion prize. Jeannette Goeders iccompanied at the piano for the Ki- .vanis .songs which were sung during he dinner. Union Club Tea— The annual Mother's Day tea observed by the Union Mothers and Daughters club at the home of Mrs. Ada Hofius in Union township was a most delightful and successful affair. With each member inviting a mother as a guest a company of eighty gathered for the occasion. A program was presented consisting of instrumental music, by Mrs. Clara Thompson; three vocal numbers, "True Story, "Dairy Maids" and "Nightingale" by Mary Lee and Ruth Dearchs; two vocal number by Allen Wood; a group of songs and readings by three boys, Howard Sarchett, Jimmie Don and Merrill Moore; reading, "Goodbye Sister" by Christine Gould. Delicious refreshments were served at the close of the program at which time each guest was also provid- witn a gift of spring flowers. Amont; the items of business transacted was the taking of an offering of seven dollars for the Iowa Children's Home at Des Moines. Assisting the hostess was Mrs. Nornia Bailey and a committee on arrangements contposr-fl of Me.sdames Cora Reid. Julia Taylor, Mary Craw and Laura Hohcnstein. De- Hiithtlay Party— Mrs. T. L. Lar.ion entertained a i'roup of younpsters Saturday afternoon at a birthday party for her daughter, .Meredith, who was six years old. The guests were Peggy "jane Weliler, Maxine Dailey, Andrew and Teddy Larson, Dick Simpson, Dona •lean Waldron, Audrey Slagle, Betty Marshall, Jane Nielsen, Prances Sor- sonsen, Jean Ouderian, Joan Lowe Maxine and Theodora Larson, Phyllis and Shirley Larson of Ayrshire and Sterling Lease of Wesley. Miss Nell Benedict, Meredith's teacher was also a guest. Birthday Picnic- In honor of the fifteenth birthday of their son, Richard, Mr. and Mrs Raymond Norton and a number of their friends enjoyed a picnic at the Call State Park last week Tuesday The others present were Mrs. Emily Spencer and four boys, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Bohannon, Mr. and Mrs p p Barker and Bill Dailey. Halcyon Club— The Halcyon club will be entertained Thursday evening by Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Frederick. Dinner will be served at the home of Mrs. Ferguson after which the guests will go to the Frederick home for the evening. Tea Room. After the luncheon the guests went to the Stokes home where they played bridge -during the afternoon. Junior-Senior Banquet Dance— The junior-senior banquet will be held at the Methodist church Friday evening. The affair is one of the high lights of the year as a farewell courtesy for the seniors. There will be a dance at the K. C. hall following the banquet. Presbyterian Mission— The Missionary society of the Presbyterian church will meet with Mrs. Albert Ogren on Thursday afternoon, May 21st, at two-thirty o'clock. The report of the Presbyterial will be given. Entertained Hi-Lo Club- Mrs. Ralph Elbert entertained the Hi-Lo bridge club at her home Friday evening-. Mrs. Harry McCorkie won the high prize and Mrs. W. D. Howie, low. Mrs. Howie and Mrs. J. W. Mangan were guests. •» Get-Together Club- Mrs. A. L. Peterson was hostess to the Get-Together club Monday at a one o'clock luncheon followed by an afternoon of bridge. Mrs. M. P. Haggard had high score. Dorcas Society— The Dorcas society of the First Lutheran church will be entertained Friday afternoon at two-thirty at the Luther hall by Mrs. Anders Anderson and Mrs. H. A. Norman. Missionary Society— The Woman's Foreign Missionary society of the Methodist church will meet with Mrs. F. F. Barker Thursday afternoon at two-thirty Ledyard, May 12. Special: Ledyatd high school base ball team, after winning the county and district tournaments went to Ames last Friday morning to enter the state base ball tournament. They drew Goldfleld for their ! first opponent and the game was play ed Friday morning. For the first fou innings, Ledyard couldn't seem to fim themselves and the score at that time was 6 to 0 in favor of Goldfield. Thei Ijedyard came to and the scoring commenced. Junkermeier made a home run and Warner hit a three bagger anc the game ended 7 to 8 in favor of Ledyard. This entitled them to enter the semi-finals and they were to have played Yale Saturday morning but rain caused all of the Saturday's games to be postponed until Tuesday. D. A. Carpenter, Tlce Brack and Clifford Jenks went down with the coaches on Friday and a large number went early Saturday morning only to be disapoolnted by the rain when they arrived. Those who drove down for the games Saturday were: Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Barrett, "Alice Moulton, Bertha Nitz, Alethea Brack, Winifred Friday, Mrs. L. W. Wiener, and Wm., Miss Janice Williams. Mrs. George Moulton, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Flynn and Lawrence, Mrs. Asa Warner, 'Edward Knoner, Miss Barbara Wylam, Miss Naomi Hewitt, Miss Floy Jones, Paul Nitz, Tilmer Halverson and Edgar La Cour. It is hope:! that Ledyard -can send a good delegation down Tuesday to help the boys. Senior Class Play. CRADUATES CHOOSE THESE SHOES $6 to $7.50 Because they're youthfully flattering, and fashionably smart, the shoes we've selected for "sweet girl graduate" are perfect complements to dainty frocks, and worthy of being worn on so important an occasion — Strap slippers, pumps and ties with Baby Louis, Cuban, IIllo, Spanish and Spike Heels. On Wednesday and Thursday nights the seniors presented their play, "Bridge Burner," with an entirely different cast evening. A good crowd was present both nights and greatly enjoyed the play. All of the parts were well taken. On Wednesday night music was furnished by the Frer.. king Trio of Lakota and by the first and second grade choruses. On Thursday night music was furnished by the Isenberg-Link quartette. Cast of Characters. Professor Miliken, a preoccupied man of science, Harold Herzog and Willis Dyer. Phoebe, a servant at the board house, Francis Norris and Arlene Pringle. Bradley Cartwright, Steve's frienb, Hubert Osterman and Claude Reece. Mary Lou Davis, who might have married Steve, Mary Jane Lewis and Francis Norris. Jimmy Braly, who loves to tell of his travels, Wilson Brack and Elmer Zielske. / Ann Elizabeth Butler, who mothers -men, Arlene Pringle and Mary J. Lew- IS. Olivia Somers, an old fashioned modern, Amelia Berhow and Gladys Berglund. Pauline, Wells, a go-between from La, Gladys Berglund and Amelia Berhow. Dr. Fayne. a physician, Elmer Zielskt and Harld Herzog. Steve Moody, the Bridge Burner Walter Miller and Gerald Warner. Oliver Dubase, who tries to bluff Claude Recce and Walter Miller. New Officers. The Ledyard high school student- elected their new officers for the staff of the 1931-32 "Putuwitz." They are a< follows: editor in chief, Elmer Zielske; assistant editor in chief, Walter Miller; business manager, Willis Dyer; assistant business manager, Tilmer Halverson; circulation manager, Rolanc Gable; assistant circulation manager Marvin Junkermeier; literary editor Fern Lewis; sports editor Ervin Klin- siek; assistant sports editor, James Logan; town news, Anita Gelhaus. This paper goes free of charge to al_ patrons of the school and is a great credit to the school and editors. It keeps the parents closely in touch with all school news and is greatly appreciated. On Friday will be held the annua play day of the school. There will be a program in the morning consisting of singing, orchestra numbers, folk j Christensen Bros. Co. « so^o^o&TaaaoB^^ dances, May Pole dance and also many exhibits. At noon a picnic dinner will be served and all are invited to bring full baskets. In the afternoon the high school boys' base ball team will play Fenton on the local diamond. This day will bring the school year to a close. Note the advancement of your child" ren's development by having their pictures taken regularly at the Algona Art Studio. ' 48 St. Thomas' Church. Thursday, May 14th, holy communion at nine-thirty a. m. Sunday, May 17th, morning prayer and sermon at seven-thirty p. • m: Warning! New Twin Mocro Horns sound like two rars trying to pass. They'll clear the road $2.98 pair. Seat- covern $1.33 to $10.98.—Gamble stores. •J8 Entertained Club— Mrs. F. E. Sawyer entertained her bridge club last Tuesday afternoon Mrs. Frank Thorpe won the first prize and Mrs. H. W. Edwards won consolation. #0:0W:o:cTO0-;C^^^^ If Tlio coal you burned winter— Failed to hold a good fire. Coked, and x .vent out without completely burning. Slacked in your bin. .Was excessively sooty and dirty. Was slow to start or hard to control . Left too many ashes. Made clinkers. Required too much attention. Just sXvitch to Grenadier. It's quality and your satisfaction are absolutely guaranteed. Ask uw now about your summer storage. Fred Anderson Grain & Coal phone 208. Your Banker as a Professional Man yon wish advice about your health, you go to your physician. When you wish advice about legal points, you go to your attorney. In exactly the same way, thoughtful men and women of affairs arc coming to rely on their banker for advice about financial problems. Feel free to talk over your plans with us, fully and confidentially. There is satisfaction in knowing that when you do take an important action it is backed up l>y other judgments based on years of specialized financial experience. s KOSSUTH COUNTY STATE BANK Algona, Iowa Permanent Waves SPECIAL PRICES Our regular $12.50 gen-' nine Eugene Wave 9.50 Our regular $10.00 gen- • -w-v i . . . ^ 9.25 nine Realistic Wave waves are given by Mrs Dailey using all the curls necessary for a good wave. MARIGOLD BEAUTY SHOPPE I Over Bloom's Store Phone 803 ii 8.75 Our regular $10.00 genuine Frederic Spiral Wave Our regular $10.00 genuine Frederic Com. Wave Our regular $8.50 genuine Frederick Cro- quignole Wave __ % Our regular $5.00 A CA Naivette Croquigr***'" These waves are given by Miss Campbell, an experienced permanent waver, giving you plenty of curls for a good wave. MARIGOLD BEAUTY SHOPPE II Over Iowa State Bank Phone 93.

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