The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 13, 1931 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1931
Page 5
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lEGISLATORSDRAW ! N ™ EXPENSE MONEY Bills Vary Greatly Among The Upper Des Moinea-Republican, May 13, 1931 Have Kepresentatives for Board, SENATORS LIVE MORE DIGNIFIED, Kossnth Beprcsentatlvc Has Not and May not file BUI. Many Mbcellan- emu Items. Editor calry of the whittemore Champion Is checking up on the members of the legislature and their ex- penae accounts which are being allow° rab Act Spencer New: There Is a machine now in operation over at Algona that has to be seen to be believed. It 5s a machine to r.Mse dips In paving without taking the paring out. A. A. Bas* «? f ,. storm Lake - district engineer i 1 , 6 r ? wa hl «hway commission, told it 0 * 0 ? 1 f the 8 P en cer Commer- club about It Tuesday noon Mr fiflustlan and Senator L. T. Quirk o Wall Lake, recently appointed a mem of the highway commission, saw machine in operation last week on » a . tou1 ' of the district which «» f*?^ k ^resents- Both were guests of the Commercial club directors Tuesday. i. ?Jf M 810 iJrtnrtP'e of the machine is a double cylinder pump which pumps mud and cement through holes in the paving, forcing the paving up to normal level. Operations are started by drilling several small holes in the pav- lfl» nnnl* 1**.!.* —1- ___ t j . . r** * ing, each hole the about two Inches of cement in claimed J comparison. The bills I range from $72.75 for a repre- up to $230 for a member of ti P mnn me body ' Apparently one gentleman consumed three time - K that the <Sfe Hote ranged . times the food ,--:. one and one-half yards of good black dirt, with water added. The cement is used to prevent shrinkage. This mixture, forced through the holes " nder Pressure, raises the paving up. If the mixture oozes out the sides, operations are stopped for a half hour or so until the mixture has time to set a little, and then continued. Otherwise, the sides are boarded up to pre™ leaka & e of the mixture. The machine, a development of the Iowa highway commission, was Invented by a commission engineer, who sold MUCH TOR YOUTH Younger Generation is the One Great Hope of the Future of Agriculture. CLUBS DEVELOP i BETTER QUALITIES. , so three machines to the commission before disposing of his patent rights, now wnfcdj toy a company, which rents Mary Giscfa Chosen as Outstanding Four-H Club Girl of County and Club Book in Contest. Alexander Legge, former chairman of the Federal Farm Board, In an address to delegates of the ninth Na- •ional Four-H club congress at Chicago December, 1930, said in part: "There are too many cases where the agricultural class becomes the submar- rtnal group hi the respective set-ups of ;he nation. This must not happen in ;his country. The younger generation lere is the one great hope of the future of agriculture. Right here In the very best agricultural acitlvty of all, governmental, state or any other kind, and the things that are going to be accomplished toward success are going to Don't Rasp Your Throat H^H torn Mite nalln... """* 96 UP «J $77.60. Mis- S^J^^Sft&fjg f™S5-S^»i ktadf^1ts° nm from to $315 15 tun m ^ ellane °"s ranged from $5 to £m ' .^ man ^th the $86.70 boarc and the $32.50 hotel one time-aspired to berate"se^a- &J^^*f** but who'was f Senator W. J. Breake an expense account of i™ f T, """tetter of Kossuth, Donion of Palo Alto and Heleason of SSH t .»S*S* ** exS ac- time this Information was -.-- -a do not know that they J^?_?°!_ but t^y have some which to make ap- mto thet into tne first be done by the Four- clubs." Quotations. — .. .*„,,- - No one can tell the story of Four- I . commission H club activity better than the Four- machines of/ this H club members themselves. Following are some quotations copied from „.„ „„„„„ another banners carried by 1400 boys and slrls or combination of machines, as they paraded In the arena of the lanaem mixers, in which ce- International amphitheatre during the "•"rfng Is mixed In 45 to 50 International Livestock exposition held time than when single at Chicago In December: . — *-- •- -The club girls know how to make the farm home attractive." "We canned 3,670,000 quarts of food me ~ rpn fAISO - on e <>f two less men are required to operate them. Cemeltre poured and then passed last year." $395 Talented Titonka Girl Goes to Hampton. *- .«•" -—— - U*«BVI* | <*11VI WilCIi UUOOUtl whiJh ™pn SeCWld ?, nd thlrd mlxer ' I "wVown 175,000 head of livestock. «eativ£rn^Hn c °? tlnuous operation, "The market value of our products greatly facillatlng the work. Such ma- is ^16,600,000." Vt?, Use £f tween , Armstrong "We own property valued at City on the paving contract each." employed "The ideal American farm homo is soirt i,~T TC« ""T" r,—"• ""' Baustlan the goal of the Four-H club." said, but this is the first time In | Eighty per cent of us expect to stay on the farm." Better Qualities. We know of no comparable movement of the city that looks forward to the development of the qualities of _,. - — I Hand, Heart, Head, and Health as does Titonka Topic: Miss Edith Budlong the Four-H clubs. Another fine thing has accepted a Job as head bookkeeper about the club w °rk is that there are t Robinson Brothers Bank at Hamp- fortv vears "a which to put Into prac- ion to begin work June 1st. Miss Bud tice thls splendid training, ong has had twenty-five years expert- In order *° ha ve really worthwhile nee In banks and will give good ser- club work there m ust be leaders who ice. I have the vision and are willing to give time and energy in community service. Kossuth county women serving on the county Four-H club committee this year are: Mrs. Paul Kriethe, Burfc, the county chairman; Mrs. E. B. Dlttmer, Burt; Mrs. Emil Larson, Swea City; Mrs. J. M. Patterson, Algcna; Miss Emma Gutknecht, Lakota, and Mrs. J. H. Warburton, county chairman of women's project work, Lakota. Club Work. Kossuth county now has sixteen clubs actively Interested In the second year sewing project being 1 studied this year 250 girls have their enrollment cards on file. Enrollments are still coming in The Buffalo Busy Bees, Four-H club of 'Buffalo township, have the largest number of enrollment cards turned In at the Farm bureau office. This club now has a membership of thirty girls. Their efficient leader is Mrs. Raymond Krantz of Titonka. Phydelis Peterson is president of this fine group. Irvington Wide Awakes are second in membership with 23 enrollment Mrs. Fred Geig.M, Irvington. is their lender and Elsla Egel, Irvington the club president. Mary Gisch, county president was chceen the outstanding Four-H club piri of the county and her club book "Reach for a LUCKY instead" Now! Please I—Actually put your finger on your Adam's Apple. Touch It—your Adam's Apple—Do you know you are actually touch- Ing your larynx?—This Is your voice box—it contains your vocal chords. When you consider your Adam's Apple, you are considering your throat—your vocal chords. Don't rasp your throat with harsh irritants—Reach for a LUCKY instead—Remember, LUCKY STRIKE Is the only cigarette in America that through Its exclusive "TOASTING" process expels certain harsh irritants present in all raw tobaccos. These expelled irritants areToicfto manufacturers of chemical compounds. They are not present in your LUCKY STRIKE, and so we say "Consider your Adam's Apple/' Including the use of Ultra Violet Rays Sunshine Meilows—Heat Purifies Your Throat Protection—against Irritation—against cough Th. TUNB IN- The Lucky Strike Dane* Orchestra, every Tuaday. Thursday, ami Saturday eve* n<nfoverN.B.C« network. I 9 ve got what I want ... now" • Tell me—what can I do to improve my lot? Sure, I'm a farmer. I like farming. I was raised on the soil. So were my folks. "I ought to be able to sell my stuff as soon as it's ready. Well—I'm doing that now. I take my butterfat, eggs and poultry to the nearest Swift & Company produce plant. And I ought to have ready cash just aa soon as I make delivery. I get that too. Swift & Company pays me for all they take, as they take it, at the full market price. "I ought to patronize my own community, and deal with other people who do. Yes— that's true. Well, Swift & Company has 55,000 employes in over 500 towns and they all work for the company in their own home towns and spend their money there too. They pack and distribute the Swift brands right where they live. Many of them are our own townsfolk, helping this town to grow, helping to support our schools, stores and banks. "It seems to me that I'm getting a good, square deal now. And it gives me a real feeling of security to know that I'm part of an organization of 55,000 employes and 48,000 shareholders; that it is able to make a reasonable return on their investment and operate successfully on an average profit from all sources of only a small fraction of a cent per pound." **A Producer" in the .Oes Moines register Each year the Register &• Tri- entered bime, Des Moines, selects theT most outstanding Four-H club boy and girl'from the county winners to represent Iowa at the National Four-H Camp, Washing, D. O. Active In Summer. Four-H work becomes more active during the summer months. The first county affair will be rally day to be held In the Call Park on June 4. At this time the county music memory contest will be conducted and winners selected to represent Kossuth at the state convention to be held at Ames in June. Another Interesting feature will be ;he selection of the county candidate 'or the state Four-H queen. Some of ;he qualification expected in this candidate are a whining personality, attractiveness, good posture, a queenly carriage and girlish charm. Style Show. . A style show will be featured on the afternoon program when approximately thirty girls will model garments in the following classes: cotton school dress, tailored wool dress, semi-tailored silk dress, and an Informal party dress. These are the classes in which Four-H club girls may model in the county, state and national contests for selection of the National Style Show winner. kota, naticfnal prize winner In las pars contest sails aboard the S S Jeviathan from New York City on Jun L7 for a trip through Europe, her prlz :or placing first in the national con «st last year. During June the local health con ests will be held preparatory for th selection of the county champion health girl. The winner's name will be kep secret until Achievement Day whicl will be held in August, when the winner will be announced. Truly th» Four-H clubs are "Glorifying the Iowa Tt)v»vi rrlt.1 " farm girl." LuVerne Meeting. LuVerne township farm bureau met at the home of Ralph Davidson of LuVerne on May 8 for then- regular monthly meeting. Ray McWhorter of Burt gave a talk "Making Pay Dirt of Peat." A general discussion concern- Ing potato growing followed this very worthwhile explanation as to how to handle peat land for profit. C. R. Schoby of Bode gave some valuable ideas for thought concerning cooperation in a talk "Natal Day of Cooperation." «-—•-- - •• demonstration Lotts Creek Lady Was Badly Injured Whittemore Champion: Mrs. Herman Lauck, living three miles north o Whittemore was quite painfully injured when she was run over by a disc while working in the field Monday Mrs. Lauck had dropped one of the reins, or one had broken and when she stooped over to pick it up the team she was using stepped forward pulling the sharp disc onto her, inflicting sev eral wounds. The most serious was at one of her ankle joints and It was feared for a time that it would bo necessary to amputate the foot. It is now hoped that it may be saved, although Mrs. Lauck will undoubtedly have a, stiff ankle. Murial Botty, home -- agent, presented the women s project work and the Four- H club work of the county. A social time followed the formal program and refreshments were served. j®8&G&^^ PLUM CrtEEK NEWS. Frank Geigel Family Visits at Renwick. News: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Geigel ntertalned the following people dinner last Sunday: Mr. and of AIgona ' Mr - an d Mrs. Skililng's sisters, and family. Mrs. O. LJ. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spurgeon and family and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dol» and family spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Skilling and family of Algona. The Irvington school will close for this yfear Friday, May 15th, Mrs. Malloy is the teacher and she plans to give her pupils and their parents a picnic Friday which will be the last day of school. Elmer Dole or Pine Island, Minnesota, spent the week end at the home of Elmer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Oole and family. He also visited at the Lawrence Menke and Albert Schu macher homes at Bancroft. He returned to his home at Pine Island Sunday afternoon. A house party was given Friday evening at the A. M. Lemkee home. Among those present were Dorothy Catherine and Birdie Schultz, Lawrence Mason of Algona, Oran, James and Ira Hudson, Minnie and Henry Scheppeman, ---•••-- Curran, Josephine Lee, Pearl, Albert and Donald Leigh., Howard Butter- neld, Ernest, Elsie and Effie Egel, Donald Roblson, Ruby Koepke, Lawrence and Margaret Miller, Helen Pratt of Algona, Dorothy Miller and Mildred and Lucille Dole. Games were played and refreshments were served late in the evening. Paper Hanging Painting Decorating Work guaranteed to be satisfactory Prices reasonable. Address , R, Scull 120 North Lantry St. «, ' - Fairfleld Dean and children of - u.£,' Mr- and Mrs - Coleman and two children of Irvington and Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Scott of Goldfield. Miss Viola Mach, Tabor, South Da- Swift's Premium Quality Brookfield Eggs, Premium Milkfed Chickens and Golden West Fowl prepared by Algona people. On sale by local dealers. ' B PERSONAL LOANS On Easy Terms Ready Cash-Service We loan you money on a few minutes' notice In amounts from $50.00 to $300.00. Phone or call on us as our method is quick, courteous and confidential. We lend on household furniture and automobiles, and allow you to repay In 20 small monthly payments. HAWKEYE FINANCE CO, represented by CUNNINGHAM & tAOY Phone 598 107 w. State St. has been very ill the Dg White past week. Mrs. Howard Seeley is spending some time in Chicago with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kain are tli parents of a daughter born May 5. The Arthur Haag and Ross Calhou families spent Sunday afternoon at th James Davidson home. Leona and Helen McMahon an Margaret Dodds spent Sunday after noon at the Altwegg home. Virginia and Mary Janice McWhor ter spent last week with their grand mother, Mrs. Bert McCorkle. A number of members of the Socia and Literary club attended a countj federation meeting at LuVerne 01 Tuesday, May 5. A. Meyers, who spent the wintei months in California has returned and is visiting at the home of his daugh ter, Mrs. Ben Knox. The Elite Four-H club which was to have held a meeting at the home of Marjorie Johnson, Saturday, May 9 M^ been postponed until Saturday, A number of mothers of high school students attended the May Day fete at the Bryant school bulling in Algona Priay, May 8, There was an excellent exhibit. The Social and Literary club met ** the shelter house at the State Park Wednesday, May 13th. A musical program was given and a covered dish luncheon was served. The hostesses were Mrs. Bert McCorkle, Millie Slagle, Nellie McWhorter and Mary oi- Bon. * We Insist That Jake is No Straddler. Titonka Topic: J. A. Freeh of Algona had business in town' Friday Politically he is on the fence. IRVINGTON NEWS. A program was given for Mother Lay at the church Sunday. Mrs. Morris Parsons has been suf fering the past week with the flu. Sh is improved at this writing. Mrs. Douglas Riley and children an Mrs. Seward Thorton and children wer visitors at Livermore last Friday. Mrs. Tony Sorenson and little daugh ter were visitors one day the past week at Titonka. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wolfe of Ti tonka visited Thursday with Mrs Wolfe s sister, Mrs. Paul Hudson and family. The Ladies' Aid met Thursday afternoon at the church annex. Mesdames Mijler and Parson were the hostesses. Mr. and Mrs. Seward Thornton and a "? llv of this vicinity spent Sunday with Mrs. Thornton's brother, Douglas Riley and family. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Haln who have een residents here for the past few ears, recently moved to Algona. Mr. lain will be employed: on the section. Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Skilling and laughter, Elizabeth Ann, were visitors hursday evening at the home of Mrs. It's called the Jameoway Bungalow Feeder. It is a big feed saver and keeps feed always clean. Feed can t clog—when chicks hop on platform, feed compartment joggles back and forth and shakes feed down in trough where chicks can help themselves to it. Large overhanging top keeps feed dry when used out of doors. Holds enough feed to last 200 chicks a week— fifty chicks can feed at one time. <«*• , . Don't buy a chick feeder of any kind until you come to our store and see this new Jamesway Chick Feeder. We also carry the entire Jamesway line of poultry equipment such as Feeders, Waterers, Nests, Brooders ,and Poultry House Heaters. Come In and look them over. BEHREND'S HATCHERY Algona, Iowa pi, one 9 .j

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