The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 6, 1931 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1931
Page 9
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WHERE COUNTY MONEY IS SPENT Financial Report Filed by the ICounty Auditor (Jives Details. MUCH OTHER VALUED INFORMATION GIVEN. Cotinty Property Including Court House Valued at $173,000. Much Money Spent on Pew. The district court expense was $2675 L JUry $3711S - J««ttoe court coroner's court $9. The nri- .»i^?P COSt * 31 °3- 03 and P the general election $3110.02. Th e £?£ amounted to $659.98 and th cellaneous funds as follows"^ The Upper Des Moines-Republican, May 6, 1931 $1354 ' 68 ' soldler ' s fair inst I 84 H,'' s refi 2375 94, domestic animal fund $514.86, T. B ' " , 3 ' 1Ibrar y f«nd $857.. 80, making a total of $72830.86. state are ,, as follows: Cherokee, care of insane patients $15,146.30, Independence, care of Insane patients $261.87, Glen- minded . hospital for and school for feeble Davenport, care of epl- 4- "^financial report Issued by County Auditor Bertha E. Johnson contains . much valuable r the expenditure of county money What the Supervisors Drew. Olaf Funnemark, $2987.50; p ' $; Chas ' Morri «'' . McDonald, $2631.25 $3011 ' 45 - "^ includes ,->, eage, committee work- telephone expenses. Other County Offices. The county auditor's office cost HIP county $5850.06 all of whteh and tubercular patients Bluffs, school 745.94. fo $3,073.16, Council 7Sc> total $21( Poor Outside of County Fund. for blind, $300.00 *ii97Rn "j S" f L P00r * 428 - 9 . rent $1127.60, dependent children $430998 »SL * an , c £ * 2692 - 48 - miscellaneous expense $238.97, provisions $4124.97 £fr$?-° 3 ' fuel * 2004 ' 88 ' »^OU 478.35?"—'»—- al ?- d - h ^ pltal * 2 'of the The County Farm. 8Ives the , / arm consisting of 240 Fenton News Items St-nlor Class Play The seniors will present their class 3lay, "Who Wouldn't be Crazy," this veek only the one night, Friday, Mav i. Seats will be on sale at the drug tore Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Emission will be twenty-five and forty ents. The play is a comedy in three cts. It is a copright play and one of he most popular high school plays be- ng presented this year. The seniors aye had several weeks of rehearsing nder the direction of their sponsor uperintendent G. D. Belken and have ieir parts well in hand. The cast of ,nJ ac } ers te ** fo'lows: Inmate No. 1, rafted Radig; Inmate No. 2, Marjorie ai ey; Pluribus, general utility at the mitarium, Lawrence Glaus; pendie IIss Meredith's colored maid, Alice the proud parents of a baby girl, born Friday, May 1. She was named Ruth Ellen. Miss Ellen Carlson of Algona is caring for Mrs. Humphrey "and the baby. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod returned last Tuesday from a visit with Stanley Munch at Decorah. While thsre they attended the base ball series between Decorah and the Hosei University of Japan. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Weisbrod, Mrs. W. P. Heisbrod, and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kern drove to Cowrie last week Tuesday to attend the funeral of Grant Woods, father of Mr. and Mrs. Philip weisbrod's son-in-law, Jay Woods. Mr. and Mrs. John Brendenuhl of Watertnwn uriennnein „,«.._ „,_,! , > LUHeiLl Friday and Saturday SPECIALS of interest to thrifty cash buyers. Hantelman; Miss Laveile head mm* Z v™ 1 ' ^consin, were visitors at »t the sanitarium, Lorena Dreyer" Mr ™H ? er fT Luedt k". Herman Krause Hlggins, superintendent" SheZ we^s-' " P ' ""*•—- brod; Mr. Marshall, of the board of directors, Eugene Huskamp; Jack, alias M!£!M?* te 1°,"' August Krause; Lois Meredith, a visitor, Maxine Weisbrod' Reggie Mortimer, an admirer of Lois Loren Espe; Beatrice, Marie Miller;' Marjorie, Leona Borchardt; Janet IflO •»*«•*» »««.*• C9J-M..1. • «. .- ' _ """"•'I »»-« , ._, ~ — — '*"•«**«•!. v*w, t/l*liei>, Margaret Stephenson, all three friends and A. J. Krause homes from Saturday until Monday. Mrs. Brendenuhl is a cousin of Mrs. Leudtke and Mrs. Herman Krause. While feeding some calves Sunday afternoon, Willie, the seven year old tfr. and Mrs., Carl Walz, at- to ride one and it threw him fracturing his arm below the el- son , - Eve lyn Wlnslow, a wealthy ^ ow . lulte badly. He was brought to Wo " t "" *— * — ' ------- ~ . , patient, Veneta Voigt; Hard Boiled Me- Cafferty, a policeman. Carl Voigt • Edward Gordon, Evelyn's flance, Warren Randall. Time, June first and second f the present year. Place, the court ard of the Good Samaritan Sanitar- acres at $145 an acre, amounting to ium ' near New York City. 4. .„,, and other Penton Teachers— at $29,377, a total of ,„ The county treas- a a of i ^ r. h °£n C , e ,« cX S ended * 7 ' 8 «' 2 3 of|W*,177.48. Other property listed to- L °' ' Belken has aCce Pted a posl- ^wlch $601 4ft wbs for postage and c °urt house $60,000.00, jail and sherlfri f r, " su P eri ntendent in the school $66.19 miscellaneous expense. Salaries residence $10,000.00, Mrs K leDhS's fh Duncomb f- With the exception of '' su P erintend ent the old staff of WBre a" rehlred. The faculty rn i cldentals. der's office amounted "to I Property at Algona'$600*00, JohrfMae- ThA P«, t° r P ° Stage and '"• 2?"""a' 8 pr °P ertv a t Algona $1,500.00 The county superintendent's M**- Pommerenlng's property at * 4n0n °0-90 for help, $290.35 JWOO.OO, gravel pits $90,000 00 t u u«- 5180.54 miscellaneous and ^ sheds and grounds $10,000.00, total ' schools, a total of $173,300.00. f , wU1 be: Merton ot ter- ah and su P e rintendent; E. D. Miss Mar- Fe«s Collected. - -— ~ f *-*»v*£siu , 4VJ.1OO IVlttl " $5023.19. Clerk" rf toe > OoinVort<£ I ^"as^essors of th f ! M&bel B^nd™^"e^oSSte; 1 Mar! reports expenditures of $337L50 for $4976 assessors ° f the county received | gie Kleinhexal, seventh and etehth , P L, The ^riff's office cost $6,130.51 of which $3862.00 was for help, $1163 SO fnL=? a t tand caro of P rlso ners, $1258,53 i *n e a . and eighth grades; Lily Rasmussen, fifth and sixth gradies); Nettie iWtedsbrodJ. third and fourth grades; and Matilda Kressin, fees, nrst and second grades. miscellaneous expense $34.04. funds $16.186.56. T^ecounty olworm ., Other Expenses. tendent fees, miscellaneous from state & th 15-t house the Janitor cost ^ *°* deP ° Sit ° rieS ^^ Penton for treatment. Mr and Mrs. W. R. Wolfe and their' daughter, Edith and Freeman Wolfe of i«ri s itf place ftnd Mlss Ellen Wolfe of Whlttemore left Friday night for Fremont to attend the funeral of Freeman and Ellen's sister, Mrs. Mary Lep They returned home this week Mon day. Mr. and Mrs. George Bolte and child ren, Mrs. George Gremmels, Mrs. Nor wtn ^ estad , a . nd dau 8hter and Mrs Will Miller visited wfcth Mrs. John Jensvold at the William Turley horn in Lakota Tuesday afternoon. Mrs Jensvold is slowly recovering from serious heart attack. Martin Hantelman has secured the contract for the erection of a new house on the farm owned jointly by Alex Radig and Julius Kunz, northwest of town, where the house was recently destroyed by fire. The m structure will be 16 by 26 feet with $1440, water, light and heat $1023 26 The County Roads. Frank Bailey and family and Mrs. Kate Newel were Sunday visitors at the Dr. A. C. Whitlow home in Swea City. making a total of $4420.18. , of structures h ™ v Out of $204.40 paid In bounties $106 $5,183.60; snow removal $5,473.86; equip- hnm P as for o nome ' $30,981.66,; malnenance , crpws and $46.50 for wolves. Stansberry ast year's teachers, spent d at the W. J. Weisbrod _„,.. ,_ Betty Reid of Mason City of structures, l^S. been makin S an extended visit cost $14,632.42; snow removal. $5.23089- e home of then- aunt, Mrs. Ray- equipment and tools $43,366.67; tiling * ° f/ ""™ was for gophers, $6 groundhogs^ $45".-1 ment and tools $6,717~547 tiling $1895 90 crows and 446.50 fm . „„,„„ The | ^ocaljounty^maintenance of roads,'I^"w tolls $936.91, freight, drayage and CA press $36.51,, county school conventions books * 4007 - 95 ' supplies state examiners $870.09, miscellaneous expense $623.40, other trust funds $1874.78. preliminary driUnage expense $661.95, Kossuth County Farm "Bureau $6000.00. registrar Tsoard of education $21.60. Constnictlon fund: county trunk— bridges, permanent $597.58, gravel pits 47, bridges. teowr$«ffl83 Gn- were dinner guests at the H. C home Friday. and -Marcus Lindsey spent Wek vlsltUlg at the ' new ,. , . , ----_., _„ feet wit 14-foot lean, 14 feet high. Work will commence at once. Mr. and Mrs. Abernathy of Heron Lake, Minnesota, were over night visitors at the H. C. Lindsey home Monday. Mr. Abernathy is a general truck driver and was delivering a Hart-Parr tractor from Charles City to parties in Heron Lake. Mr. Abernathy is a cousin of Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey's son-in- law, Harold Steadman. The Fenton Home Oil Company held a special stockholders' meeting last Tuesday night. A new co-operative company will be organized soon and placed on a patronage dividend basis and the old company dissolved The new company will purchase the equipment and building from the old company for $8,500 which is a very reasonable price. Mrs. Kleinhexal'of Archer and H B Freeks of Sioux City, mother and the brother-in-law of Miss Margie Klein- hexal visited here last Friday. The Misses Kleinhexal and Lily Rasmussen Plantation PINEAPPLE sliced or crushed. Large No. 2% can 19c California PEACHES Sliced or halves, 3 larft-e No. 2i/ 2 cans 49c Spanish Salted Peanuts nmni(1 ISc pound Fresh Baked Fig Bars 2 1])S 25c "Superb" Connt-fy flontloinon CORN 2,!;;;«'29c pans "SUPERB" MILK 3 j±25c First Prize Cocoa Gong Corned Beef "Superb" Dried Beef g! 25c & 15c Choice Muir PEACHES Per 17 pound , * i v. , ])OUU(l Blonlicini APRICOTS 19c At/V SARDINES f™'25c Table Figs 2™rl5c EXTRA FANCY DELICIOUS APPLES Booth's "Broiled" Sardines - 2gf25c Santa Clara Prunes - 3J'°T Is 22c Per dozen 36c Flower and Garden Seeds SISAL CLOTHES LINES - Zgff* 25c Blue Barrel Soap 5?™'" JL ' UilL o EINSO, large pkg. - _____ CLOTHES PINS, 5 doz. for _ ______ L grade $59,756.63, surfacing $49,-1 G "lies in Des tiling and drainage assessments s . „. - V1JC1C total ••£..Misses Edith Laage andVerona Weis-i£ ey went to Sioux City for a visit at .-' brod of Cedar-Baplds" ; drove over Frl- vn^ h Pme,of,Mr,,and MtsifFreeks. Thev accompanied them to Archer for a vls- at th e former's home. .From there 'Electric Spark' SOAP 22c "Superb" Brand Macaroni "Tac-Cut" Coffee A mifflity fine coffee that makes more cups per Ib. Steel cut with dust and chaff re- mbved. In pound cans at 33c. In the large cream cans a lower price and a valuable cream can free. 10 pound Q 10 cream! can «'•*«' $59.50 to $75.00 For modem farm homes we offer either the Model 22 Duo-Disc Washer or Challenger Washer equipped with gas. engine. The New "Challenger" Washer brought to you at an exceptionally low price will solve your laundry problem. Its low price places it within tflie reach of thousands of homes. f —._ «Tw t * *i-i ..-.--U .• .r<-~ raan.d'Mrs;tFreeks. : TheyI i-i ^. day evening to spend the week end I returned Sunday. ••'-"" " lirwitn the flu at' his home :v 'ln"Burt.'mond arrived Sunday for a visit at I very large crowd, and they were en- with relatives and friends. | »,____,._ . : (He Is much Improved at this writing. I the home of then- son, O. S. Under- thusiastlc In then-'praise of It. - _ ~~^^f i ..... i^.vrwuig umner euests on I Tne Mt E ' Ladies> **& w ' u meet in I I Miss Mary Merrill drove to Carroll School class held then- regular party Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kransp the chucctl basement Thursday after- Little Jean Helen Stauffacher of Lu- last week Tuesday where she visited last Friday in the M. E. church parlor, and family of Lone Rock- the Prtd noon wlth Mrs ' Geor se Moulton as Verne visited Sunday with her aunts, her friend, Olga Elsbecker. Olga re- A good time was enjoyed, and refresh- Jentz and William Eimera 'famUies of hostess - Everyone is cordially invited. Lula Richards, Florence and Margaret | turned home with her Friday and will ments served. I Fenton: Mr. and AT™ ESnii Elmers and Evelyn Mayne is seriously ill again*"""" ' " " and Mrs. Merle | with rheumatism. Mrs. Frank Kelly is Mlller> I fnmn f tr if «• Miss Louise- Hengel, who is employed r, TiT f I a ;, and Mrs - Merle wlth rheumatism. Mi«. Frank Kelly is I Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Schiltz and their in Des Moines is spending a two weeks of Ar m«t°^nt. tv, ?S hter ' ^Wrley Jean staying at the Mayne home to help daughter, Betty Mae, spent Sunday at visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Elsbecker. ' vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hengel, and other friends ana relatives. Mr. Miss Leona Berens and Ruth Ann Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Brown of Omaha, arrived Friday for visit at the home of the former's d Mrs. Peter Berens relatives. • Alma Schroe- I care for her, also Elizabeth Keller is I the home of the lady's parents, I of SD n Lydla Meyers caring for her. and Mrs. Joe J. Elbert at Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Worden and Har- Mrs. M. L. Schiltz returned Friday ' a Mrs. E. J. Frank entertained the Mrs - T - N - McFall was pleasantly vev Jeft Saturday morning for Dows to from Whittemore where she spent the members of her bridge club last Sat- surprised last Saturday afternoon on s P en d the week end visiting with Leon's past week at the home of her daugh- urday afternoon. Mrs. F. c. Bailey her sixty-third birthday when a num- two brothers, Chester and George, and ter, Mrs. J. O. Priester and family. I Fire of unknown origin ™mni 0 ^i w |=^« e rj—%H-S received gifts with Weisbrod Idaho, birthday Saturday. Games were play- Thursday night. Five horses, nine She received many ren j,?i mb i? r < tn f i 10 : of Rochester has Been spending" the I ed after which a daintylunch'was serv- I cows ' four calves - besides allYhe'mach" ith -~ C -" d ? d I P 8 ?* week afc _ the home of his sister-| ed. | inery and grain were destroyed. The inweresWdWThe'se^^^^^ Mr. and Mrs. C. O.. For Family Washing- There's No Place Like Home Kohlhaas Hardware Algona, Iowa. v 3 *®®®^^ Used Cars I Iowa Speller's Teacher is Niece of Algonians. Dorothy Greenwald of Muscatine, who won the Iowa spelling contest on Saturday Is a student of Miss Anita Sullivan, niece of Mr. and Mrs. J. W Sullivan of Algona. Miss Sullivan visited last summer at the Sullivan home In Algona and Is the daughter of Mr and Mrs. D. F. Sullivan who are well known In Algona. She and her pupil will go to Washington, D. C., where Dorothy will participate in the national spelling contest to determine the best speller In the nation. An Iowa girl, Helen Jensen, won the national spellig contest last year. This year' contest will be held May 26 All ex penses of the two will be paid by th Register & TriWune, which sponsor the contest in Iowa. Several pictures o Dorothy were shown in the Register on Sunday, and Miss Sullivan was am ong those listed in one of the group day. Standard meeting was postponed r y Grav home. •~* week Monday, May 10. | The bacca i aureate servlce for senior class of the Ledyard high school Her mother and brothers drrw* I wU1 be held In the high school audi- nday to meet her day at the Keefe home. will present their class play, "Only Sally Ann," in St. John's auditorium on the I Sunday evening, May 10th, at eight o'clock. up Sunday to meet her an'd'spenrtne | ^Jum Sunday night. Rev. pjoi; John"-1 M ^_ M "sse Sj Florence and Margaret LEDYARD NEWS. son will be the speaker. The com-1 mencement exercises will be held on| Monday night. the f operators, vis- a L the home of C. W. Millers at ! g® ( x(®iy^^ UNION NEWS. $®®®®^^ Mr. and Mrs. Earl Taylor and small son visited at the Otto Taylor home near Corwith Sunday. Gertrude Stoeffel came home a week a ° been D. A. Carpenter was In Minneapolis Thursday on business. The Wm. Dorsey family spent Sun, day at the Fred Dorsey home. Mesdames Womack, Curtis and Brack were Elmore shoppers on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Womack and family were Fairmont callers on Sunday. Mrs. J. w. Hartshorn is quite seriously ill and under the care of Dr. Devine. Mrs. A. E. Lauritzen and son returned home Saturday morning from Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Halverson and children were Blup Earth shoppers Sat urday. Miss Lola Wylam of Swea City spent Sunday with her sister, Barbara Wylam. Mr. and ,. . J" 1 '- an « Mrs. John Schiltz and three 1929 Whippet coach 1928 Durant coach 1927 Chevrolet coupe 1930 Ford tudor 1930 Ford coupe 1929 Ford tudor 1929 Ford truck Have a few cheap cars at $15 and up. EASY TERMS. on new low interest charge. Kent Motor Co. Mrs. Cyril Haag are the proud parents of a ten pound son born Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. Ziegler and children of -o« -«..«».,, »,»vm B uccn assisting with i FaUTOon t were Sunday guests at the he household duties at the Matt La- Wm ' Garr y home, muth home in Algona several weeks. Miss Edith Looft of Des Moines is Mrs. Ben Gould who has been con- £P endln e this week at the home " fined to her home for the past tw mother, Mrs. John Looft. of m iowa. weeks with lumbago is able to b e ou again. She received treatment from Dr. Andrews of Algona. Mrs. Glen Jenkinson and her mother Mrs. J. F. Schoby of Algona motorei to Emmetsburg last Thursday where they watched the, men who are seining They also brought home the lake, some fish. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Palmer and children motored to Sheldon last Sunday where they visited at the home of Paul's cousins. William and Charles. They were acwfenpaniedj by Qeorge Palmer and Mrs. Lillian McFadden Byers, both of Algona. Dorothy Keefe, who Is employed at St. Paul, came last week to spend a month Keefe. with her mother, Mrs. Mary Miss Keefe came by train as far as the home of her .brother, Leo, at Winnebago, MlnjiesQta, on Satur- The Ledyard-Lakota Epworth League met at Ledyard Sunday night. Sylvia Koppen of Lakota was the leader. A niece and friend of Mrs. Cecil Peterson drove over from Sanborn to spend the week end at the Peterson home. The Four-H club met Saturday afternoon with Marjorie Maetzner. There were nine girls present and a lovelv lunch was served. Mrs. Glenn Yahnke has been spending this past week at the home of her mother and father, Mi-, and Mrs. Julius Jensen of Buffalo Center. A crew of volunteer workers are graveling the road from the cemetery nto town. This will be a big and very much appreciated improvement. The friends of Mr. Mansmith were prry to learn that he has been very Saturday their parents, . LuVerne. Word was received here last Monday by relatives that the infant son, . ~.iv. w^.^v of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Looft of Wesley c h"dren of Des Moines spent the week had passed away after only a few end ^ * ne home of the former's moth- hours' Illness. The funeral was held er ' Mrs - M - L - Schiltz and other lo- ] Tuesday and the Plngles and Loofts cal relatives and friends, from here attended. The home talent play, "The Mum-I Mrs. Ella Gelhaus, Mrs. M. Poppe and my and the Mumps," held Sunday and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Poppe and children Monday evenings was attended by a I attended a forty year jubilee service it the Lutheran church in Lakota on Sunday morning. Rev. Long and Rev. Prigge, who served the church many years ago, were the speakers of the morning. Mrs. D. A. Carpenter has been in I Winnebago the past week at the home of her sister, Mrs. George Lobb. While there she has been taking osteopathic treatments in the hopes of obtaining some relief from her neuritis. Mr. Carpenter went up to spend Sunday and brought Mrs. Carpenter home. H, W, POST Dray and Transfer Phone 298, Algona, low* Long- Di*tance Hauling. Every load insured against loss or damage. Equipped to do all kinda of drayinjf and hauling. 82-tt BANCROFT NEWS. I Bert Scherf of Oelwein visited with Bancroft friends Thursday. Ed. Droessler attended a farm bureau meeting at Algona Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Sandt are the proud parents of a baby boy born Saturday. Mrs. Mike Hoffman, Sr., of Hospers I s visiting with her son and daughter, Mike and Emma. Lulu Richards visited Thursday at) the home of her parents, the C. W. j Millers of LuVerne. A. H. Fuchs returned Thursday from j Rochester, Minnesota, where he at-1 tended to business matters. Baptist Boyre returned Saturday | from Cascade where he spent the past winter with relatives and friends. Mrs. L. E. Conway of Graettinger visited Sunday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. A. Conlon and family. Mr. and Mrs. John L. Haupert of bedyard spent Sunday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Schiltz. Mr. and Mrs. J. Underkofler of Bel- Long's Grocery Our Word Contest Closed April 30th CONTEST WINNERS i r, BOYS 1. Robert Lewis, Bancroft, Towa 044 2. Arno Pedemm, Al^ona, Iowa ~~~ " 10(i .i. Chester Simpson, Lone Hock, I,, wa _ KM 4. George Ilanna, Lone Rock, l uw «i I(i1 0. Chas. Morrow, Algona, Iowa 150 GIRLS 1. Evelyn Rammer, Algona, Iowa 049 2. Lucille Nelson, Lone Rock, Iowa 11^30 3. Fern SchenduJ, Algona, Iowa I _187 4. Doris Witliam, Cedar Falls, Iowa 180 a. Catherine Putzstuck, Wesley, Iowa __ 173 Miss Betty Patterson of Towanda, Pennsylvania, lived the farthest away. Too bad, Betty, you didn't have more names so we could send you a doll. Besides making the boys and girls happy with ball, bats and dolls, we want to make every one happy with the finest quality of foods at lowest prices. Right now—Cabbage and Tomato plants are taking up our spare time. Cheap this year. Long's Food Shop

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