Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 29, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1896
Page 6
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fr n ortft «...Ai*»«m«.fc n^^^A^.^^^.^^* • WWIp w VWIP V w W9W99WW99W WHISKY'S WOML . "A Man £*&&&• works from Sun to Sun, A Woman's work by Noon is done— V if she uses Santa Claris' Soap. "It cleans quickly, well, the clothes you wear, the dishes ^ you use. In the laundry it saves clothes, and makes your work light. Get a cake of Drunken Father Throws His Little Boy Down Stairs, Mob Tries to Lynch Him, But He Escapes Them and Drowns Himself in the River. . once, I give it a trial. Sold everywhere. Made only by THE N. K. FAIRBANK COMPANY, CHICAGO, Beautiful FREE, Five beautiful dolls, lithographed on card- = board, cightinchcs high. Can be cut out and H put together by the children—no pasting. ~ Each doll has two complete suits. Aincri- cnn, French, Spanish, Russinu, Cliinesc, Japanese, German, Swiss, Turkish and Indian costumes. All parts being interchangeable, c iny combinations can be made, affording endless amusement and instruction. A high-class scries of dolls, patented and manufactured for us exclusively and not to be compared with the numerous cheap paper dolls on, the market. How To Get Tlieni. Cot from five outside -wrappers of Sfone Sncli Mince Meat tbo head of tlio girl holding pie. Send them wltb ten cents In silver—wrapped In papor—and your full name and address, and wo will Bend the dolls postpaid. Or we will send thorn free for twenty heads of the girl. Send only tho heads to avoid extra postage. MERRELL-SOULE CO.,-SYRACU$E, N. ; Y. , illlllllllllllllllllllllllllUllllllllllUllUUIUuUUUluK The Cyclist's Necessity. INTERSALL £ WILL 7UKE CUTS, BURNS. HUC1SKS, WOUNDS. SPRAINS, SUSBURX. OHAFIMGS, INSECT UITES, ALL PAIX, AND JNFT-AMMATJONS EXTEtRSALL?. IX ONLY, HUFF •WRAPPICKS. SEE OUT. 3MTH, PON'D'S .EXTRACT CO., NEW YORK, 7« FIFTH Av r, N v M. POND'S EXTRACT OINTMENT FOR RILES. Sent by mail on receipt of 50 eta. DIET AS A MORAL AGENT Now York Introduced la n Reformatory. A queer food experiment is being jried at the Elmira reformatory, in New firk state, says the St. Louis Globc- QOCrat. All civilized nations liold out inrhicement to tljj; cdnjinal irfinemcnt to sooner secure nis release _ . i legal restrni D t. A cc rtain amount time I" always tatea off for good bD- Iharrior. The criminal lias often been (•aborted to this end by father, mother, [brother, sister and by others who had 1 jhie intercut nt heart. His manhood, lu's Inture, his ambition and his hope of fjniclc release from couliucmcut have [Been, appealed to, and in many cases ID•vain. Mow it is to tho man's stomachi that tlie appeal is to be Diiidc. . Tho proposed experiment contcm- ipSites u, siMacwhiit enlarged scale of die- [tmry privileges, increasing from grade •ttr-graiTt 1 , from lowest to highest, BO within due and proper limits of jindulgcnc? of the appetite by prisoners pn. a prison reformatory for crime -they <con out of their own accumulations hava [the privilege to select meal by meal at |their pleasure, provided always that [they keep their expenditure within the tiimits at indulgence allowed by the [government of the reformatory. The inSBflSKS OF 1'liE The iulcnse itcluny :'.inl siniirtiiis; iuc; itnt tu 'cc;:u;'.>n, tetter, nnlt-rlieum, r.ndotlie; Jiscr-'ias of il:c: f ; ltiii is JKStiuitly iilluyed hj 0!>:':nlicil:-.in's Eye unJ. Skin 'Oin'tineni. Tor .:: Tr • very bin .siscs have lieen •d hv a. It is ci'jiialh j; 'I'-ifcs :ir/cl n 'avoritcrcni- li.ii; cliiippcd i.-i!uds, chil- !, in'i'l rlironic core ' eyes. ',:'.•'• t'.l 25 cents per bo;:. <V-.;:;r:':> I/nmlC'-S, Hie; inr."">.r'Wn in b;»lcoil(t' .prisoner*,-under tlie wage-earning system of the reformatory, iis it is at pre&-' cnt, muut earn their living and keep n. credit balance to their account, re j Epcotivcly, in order to progress toward their release by parole. A prisoner, to maintain n credit balance, ir.usfc needs restrain, regulate and exert himself inj 'a. inarinei? winch accomplishes fln<3 Phows his improvement; oul.hithcrta| the diet rate has been inflexible. Itia beljeyec] thyt; if m,9rc latj.yjdp ! . s ay.?^^ nnd the prisoner has a chance of tickling' his i;alate occasionally with mince pic, a juicy roast or other homelike dainties, he will be more likely to make on extra effort to reform. In other words, : ! ho has an iixvitin!? menu tc$ choose from for breakfast, dinner and- sapper, he will get up and hustle and betiman. Cleveland, O., Sept. US.— Just before dark Sunday night Edward Wald, a ship carpenter residing at 53 Muiberry street, narrowly escaped lynching at the hands of an infuriated mob of west side citizens. YVnld- came homo under the influence of'liqi)or, quarreled with his wife and finally struck her. The 14-year-old sou Edward sei/.ed his £a- Clier's arm nnd entreuti'd him to quiet down, whereupon the brute became enraged -and threw the boy down tli3 stairway leading to the sti:ect, a distance of 20 feet. The little fellow screamed Tor help nod rolled out of tlie open iloonyay into the street writhing in convulsions aud frothing nt the moutli. i)r. C. A. Turrjcr was summoned to nt- :ciid the boy, and a" crowd quiclily col- lectcc! to revenge the brutal outrage. ,'!ev. .John McHule, a Cathpl!c priest, •.\as liastcneJ to the scene and administered the last rites of the church to •lie dying boy. Meanwhile thn crowd 1 ucreusei.i to a mob,' which ;wns goaded ,'ito fury by the sig'ht of the helpless -•liild struggling in convulsions on the" avcment until the clamor for revenge • u-cllcd to an ominous roar. An iiu- I'omptu delegation of 40 forced their •Miy into the house to divg out the iti- 'iiman fntlier, and others were dis- •atclied for a rope.- \V-ild had locked iiraself in :L bedroom. The door wus i'rokcn open, aud the. liriit-j draggi'il nto the street, fiphl'ing desperately. The police arrived before '.he rope iip: cared and tliiis intercepted n lynching. The inob gave bnttlf to the police, de- tormincd not to allow Waid to escape loin. During the scrimmage tho prisoner-broke, loose fioin Lhose \vhi'were holding him and ran down an alley toward t'he river. The mob was-lose at liis heels and when the fugitive reached the river, knowing that his ch.-ince for life wus loss thini even if captured, plunged inro I In 1 cold, muddy water of the Cuyagho ami was drowned. His body has not boi'n recovered. The boy will die and (he wife's injuries may also prove fatal. WoHtorn Turf Congress In SoriHlou. St, Louis, Sept. 2S.—The western 'iirf congress was in srssion in the Jocl-.cy club house, nt the fair grounds here Monday.. The congress is presided over by President Milton Young, o.F Lexington; Kv. Among the prominent members in attendance are Eel Corrigan and George V. ITar.kiiis, of Chicngo; \"aii Kirkmnn; t Nashville; • Gra-t^ Hanley, Lexington; W. T. Schulte, Louisville; Alex Labolil, Cincinnati, and dipt. J. 'M. Eees, Memphis. Among the matters to come up for consideration at 'the meeting 1 sire the election ot officers, revision of the rules and derisions in o number of cases that.have been appealed. _^_____ Mako Charge* Agnlnxt ArmonlatiM, • Washington, Sept. 2S. — The Turkish legation received from the sublime porte the following telegram under Sat- ; urday's dale: "The Armenian revolutionists of Plnkan. a village situated In the province o£ Slvas, alter puttlnp Ore to their own houses, ran away, but they returned again and put fire to the houses that had not been burned the first time. Tha local authorities took every precaution to extinguish the fire. The object of the revolutionists Is evidently to make the people believe that there Is no security In their.country, but their efforts to provoke again sanguinary troubles have been frustrated, thanks to the efficient measures adopted by the imperial government.'' jlladhess Comes .>With a better understanding of the 1' transient nature of the many pliys- M.l ills, which vanish before proper at' orts—gentle efforts—pleasant efforts— ".S'Qtly directed. There i.s comfort in •:>•& knowledge, th;it so many forms ci ,.n«<ness arc not due to any actual dis- -i^,e, but'simply,to u constipatedcond'- *..«& of thu system, .which the pleasaui ijjjily laxative, fciyrupof Figs, prcnjpt- •.; .removes. ' That is vrhy it is the only •Maedy.with/miHionsof families-, and is •f'/nsrywhere esteemed so highly by all •»5hO v.i.lue gOOil htiiilth,- Its beneficial iStects are due to the f;ict, tivit !tis the i"*s remedy which promotes internal Ji4«nJiness vyithout. de'oililat'.ng the '••;rans on .which it acts. It is therefore V,' .mportant, in order to [ret its ucno- '•'.r-'-ftl-. effects, to note when you pur- •'•.••KJC, that you liave the genuine arti- ,.••.. which i.S manufactured b.y c.Le C;ili- .vaia Fig Syrup Co. only and SUM by j.,i f ?pivtal)?e druggists. j! in the enjoyment of good honith. .jd the system is regular, laxatives or ••»-ier remedies arc then not needed. If with any actnri.1 clisc'iLhO, ona be commended to tho most skillful but if in need of a laxative. IWB should havi; the best, and with the .)n)l'.-informed everywhere. Syrup <if i'i.jjs stands highest ;i'nd is most largely, t, general satisfaction. WAVES WASH THE STREETS. West Const at r.lcxluo Vl*it.cil Uy A Violent S^oi'in, CjiuslijK: Clrcul; IJiunu^o. City of Mexico, Sept. ~S.—The west const oJ 1 Mexico has boon visited by a tremendous storm, which has caused great (Inniage and consternation. The town of Altntii, the port oC the state of' SiualOii, is inundated and the capital city, Culiacan, has suffered severely. Jinny 'small towns have been flooded. The little railway from Al- tiita to Culiaean has been badly washed out and is in a ruined condition. Waves ol water poured into the principal streets of 1 Muy.nlland arid created a panic anil the new embankments for the protection of the town were torn to pieces by the enormous waves, impelled by tin! wind, against which nothing' could stand. Aid is requested for the sufferers, who have lost- a large amount ol property. MR. AUGUSTIN DALY. Look.i L!Uo f.lio I (10:11 Foot Rather Than II TbOKtrlcul Mniutger. A writer in Donahoe's Magazine has a pleasant character sketch of Mr. Au- fi'uslin. Daly. To meet Mr. Daly for the' first time after forming a mental picture of him from his profession and his achievements means, says this writer, a rather pleasant emprise, lie looks like the ideal poet ral her than the successful manager; tall, slender, well-proportioned, graceful and nervous in movement, self-possessed in repose; face delicate in-outline, thoughtful and serious in expression; hard as a-flint in business moments, dreamy and sad in repose; indicating the rare combination of business ability and poetic power. Almost CO, he looks no older than a scholarly man of 40,- and the average acute observer would take him for a college professor of the most intellectual sort. ; Mr. Daly is further characterized as undoubtedly ambitious; bia energy How Are Your Kidneys? Ever have your bock ache? Dr. Hobbs Sparagus Kidney Pills hull* Iltaltb? Eldnryi IOBOI. M. D. ilboumotlKm in. Pain* fn Abdoronn* KidnsT Wonluioxi. nnd nil " ' > of the Kldnn I tlmoninln fl-oifl t ' llobbi llrwd; . For Sale in LOGAN SPORT, INC., by . Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth Si. and John ' F. Coulson, 504 Market St. POZZOM'S COMPLEXION POWDER been the ntnndar£ for forty years! and le rnsre popular to-day than ever before. POKZOXFS IB LOO Ideal complexion powder—bequtifylnp, rcfres'Lfnsr, cJunnly, fceftltlU'ul nrd hqrmlcs A dcllcctfc. Invisible proteclloii to tbc lace. Wllh every inn of J'OZZ«>TS a mis Krovllr» VOLH PCFF BOX IA £iven free of charjcv. AT DRUGGISTS AND FANCY STOEES. CHIMES OF OLD TRINITY. The NEW GOLD MINE A BONANZA. Reztou Property In the Kainj- Luke J'rovcs Rlcb lu Quartz. ' U. M. Thomas, 6£ St. Paul, parties, recently purchased gold prop-, erty in the Little Munition gold regions near Rainy Lake, Minn., for $15,000. The discovery was made by a Swedish teamslex-, who was glad to sell out at that figure. The new owners immedi-i* ' ' JTcur Sorlous Trouble. Depison, Tc>!,; Sept. S8. — Serious trouble is anticipated at the mceting.of the Choctiiw council, which convenes at Tusknhonv.1 next Thursday; United States troops have been ordered there. Gov. McCurtain has written United States Indian Agent Wisdom to send a Kijiuid of Indian police to Tuskahomato be present at the open ing of the council. McCurtain is convinced that an attempt will be made by the Jackson party to count him out find seat Jackson. In that event there will be bloodshed. The adherents of Jackson are sixid to be a'r- riving. • ' Poetry Tor the Czar. Paris, Sept. 23. — MM. Copee and Hercdin, the eminent litterateurs and members of the French academy, have each written verses which are to be recited in the presence qf tbe 9gar and cznrina •••.ipon the occasion of the visit of their, majesties to Paris next week. Mrac' Sara Bcrnhar.dt will also recite a poem written by M. Sully Prud- liomrae, the French poet and academician, after the czar and czarina have dined at Versailles. • ' • offrapta Catches' uuil S fully itoeorcli* tlie Melody. New York, Sept. 2S. — The famous chimes of old Trinity were recorded on a phonograph just before- the morning Eervieiia Sundny. It was an experiment that h:ul been talked of for a long time, but it w:is not until last week that Rev, Morgan Dix. gave his permission, he having objected to the work being done pu Sunday. A large phonograph was constructed especially for the purpose and was set up in a gallery just above the bells. All the melodies phiyed by'Organist Meisel- ahn were taken, and the man in charge said the experiment was completely -successful. las been proved, and he is probably im- jatientiu the immediate labor of reach- US' a goal, :-.s out? mostly finds the brtiijiy :md energetic. IIis love of re- ircinuiu is as much the result, of his m:Uiods of work as oT his temperament, U'jt the latter is l::rgcly n detcr- iiig 1 cause. In his i-sirly days, when a large display of his personality might MVC been advantageous, he remained tendily in the background; and nt this cMit he finds it quite difficult to control his nerves wh»n called upon to address an audience from his own su:ge in response to enthusiastic greetings. On Trim fur Murder. ' Michigan City, Inrt.. Sept. :.'S.—The ii'inl of TIenry .Ton<!s. -\vlio is cJi.'irged with the murdor of Tinnier Thonins, begnn in the eireuit coni-t of tin's ponn- ty. At the time of the (ragi-.-ly Jones and Thomas were fellow convicts in the northern prison. AVhile both rjen were attending rhnpol fervic? ,^ne Pun- day mornin'g- in -Inly .Tones .ifir.cked Thomas with n knifo nnd kille-.l him. started a pit, nnd i't is believed from the results already obtained that they have a bonanza. The vein of gold is 20 feet wide, in rotten 1 brown quartz,; and the gold is almost as plentiful as the. quartz. The, specimens shown are nearly 50 per cent, pure metal. The owners of this bonanza have called their mine the "Manitou,".and there is.not a frng-j ment of it for sale, except to purchasers! nf gold bullion. They estimate their, property is worth several 'million dol- Jurs. • • - .-,.-. .- '• • ^ ~. .• '. , . ••'/.. i. Amorlcan and Bhffllili'Fatonti. The averngo'number of ^American - patents issued yearly is a-botit 23,000; I In England only from 5,000 to 8,000, / Royalty ilcintn QroudO; Ballaler, Scotland, Sept. 28. — The weather was fine Monday and the czar took advantage of the opportunity to go on n grouse shooting trip. The czar and czarina will start on October 3 for the south, en route for Paris, where they are expected to arrive on the morning of October fi. ' . - ' Prof. Gnrber Dead. Allentown, Pa., Sept. 28.—Davis Garber, professor of mathematics and astronomy of Muhlcnberg college, died here Sunday of bowel troubles: Prof. Garber was 37 years .of age. He graduated from Pennsylvania, college, Gettysburg, in 1SC3. ..• To Open Up » New Torlc Houae, > T ew York, Sept. .28. — John.Wanu- maker, of Philadelphia, has boiight the leasehold of the entire stock and fixtures of'Hilton, Hughes <fc Company nnd will begin.business in the Tenth street store almost, immediately:>' •••.'•'•'"''' ' '.M'llU Start Dp In New IJiimpuklre. Maiicliester, N; H., Sept. "S. : —Monday morning nil of tlie departments of the Amoskeng.company,started up with a. full set of .hands. . This esuiblishmeiit emploj's 8,000 Imnds, who hare been idle. since August 8. .. ' '. . ' . • '; Vote A^alDst tbe Women. Indiana, Pa., Sept 2S,—At :.Cond?.j'i session of the Pittsburgh conference of -the M. K. church the question re •ferring to the admission of women as members of the general conference wai discussed behind closed doors and voice upon, The women advocates made a gallant light, but were defeated by five votes. The ballot, stood 7.0 opposed nut G!"> in favor. This is 'the third time the question has been voted'upon, and er.cl year the women arc gaining strength favorable to their admission. The cor.' ference adjourned Monday afternoon selecting Washington, Pa., for the'ir.eut- ing next year. Appointed Receiver. Hollidaysburg, Pa., Sept. 23. — The Blair county 'court Monday rn6rn ; ng appointed Frank G. l»atte'r.son receiver of the Altcrn, ClearfieJd £ Northern Railroad'-company. The outstanding liabilities aggregate $220,500 and the managers, were .unable to pay the op- 'era.t'ng expe'nses. The road was intended nt the time of its. original eon struction as the connecting link in Binir and Clearfield counties between the Pennsylvania and Beech Creek systems. ' ' '" Plumbers In Session at Milwaukee. Milwaukee, .Sept. 28. — The United Association of Journeyman Plumbers, Gas-Fitters, Steam-Fitters and Steam Fitters' Helpers opened their seventh convention, at the Builders'nnd Traders' Exchange Monday morning. The convention represents the United Slates and Canada, and will remain in session all this week. Several cities are mat ing an effort to get the next' triennial convention, •'J'ith Buffalo in the lead, MJiia.Marearot Jefferson Sfarrled. : Buzzard's Bay, Mass,, Sept. £8.—Miss Margaret, daughter of Charles .Jefferson and granddaughter of the veteran actor, Joseph Jefferson, was united in •marriage to Mr; Glen McDonough, of New York, at noon here Monday. The president find Mrs. Cleveland,, who nre personal friends of the Jeffersons, were 'present. : ' " . . '• . . Will Burn Corn for Fuel. . 'JDe's.Moines, la., Sept. 28.—The school bo.a'rd' of; Buffalo Center, Winnebago -county, has decided to burn corn for fuel. Local price, ten cents a bushel, makes it 50 per cent, cheaper than coal, " . , Chlnii'i Slilt Industry, ' • Th e siik-ind ustry in China employs, it Is estimated, from 4,000,000 to 5,000,000 '.people,.' '-.- ••..-'•'• ,."1^ r bu .i uu x ail 'llino. Vi'are, Mass., Sept. 2S.~ The Otis company's cloth mills, in .this town, which have been running half time, for six months, started up on full time Monday .morning. There will be a slight change in the prices paid for piece work. The 'company employs 1,800 hands, and, if trade warrants, .will run r all winter. Bank Kzcmlner Tnkcn Charge, • Washington, Sept. 2S. — Bunk Examiner Van Brocklin has been. placed in charge of the failed First national bank of Springvale, N. Y. The bank is n small one of $50,000 capital, with $253,427 in loans and discounts and $180,803 in individual deposits. It has been weak for some time. _ Uold Uepontted In Treasury. Xew York, Sept. 28.— The steamrliip LaEretagne, which arrived from Havre, brought $2,000,000 gold, consigned to Laznrd Freres. It was later deposited in the subtrensnry in exchange for greenbacks. Arthur J. King »cad. New York, Sept. 28.— Arthur J.' King, o£ It. G. Dun & Co., died a this rcsidoace at Bloomficld, N. J., at one o'clock Monday morning.. ____ THElfARKETS. Grulu, ProvlNlonK, Etc. Chicago, Sept. 28. • WHEAT— Active, Irregular and hlplier. Septemlier, M%5JOr>v:.c; December, C5%g) C7%c;' May, C3@71VSc. . CORN— Easy early and now stronger. No. 2, 21Vtf?21%c: No. 2 Yellow, 21%@21%c; October, 2]%®2l%c; December, 2lw<c/>22>4c; Hay, 25JT25%C. OATS— Steady, with fair trading. No. 2 cash; Mi4®lC?ic; October, ]G'A©J6-31c: May, ]9Vi0il9%c. Samples, steady. No' Grade, •j2@MV'>c; No: 3, !2rfi;l4W.c; 'N'o. 3 White. 1G&3> ilc; No. 2, lC©17-}Jc; No. 2 White, 21@22c. MESS POKK— Market moderately active ana reeling steady. Quotations ranged at Jli.05SW.10 for. cash: $5.95<?G.lO Tor October, and $7.0o@7.15 for January. LARD— Traflins"' fairly active and feel- In"' steady. Quotations ranged at $3.75® 377i/ for cash; $3.72&((/3.SO for October; l3.S, r )ir?3,DO for December, and $4:07K-@4.15 for. 'January. ' J3UTTER — ' Market firm at S(Jj>15c for creameries, and 10@13c for dairies, LIVE POULTRY — Quiet. Turkeys, C@ lOc; Chickens, CVjipTo; Ducks, S$9c per pound: Geese, per dozen, S3.CO@C.OO. WHISKTr-Steady on the basis of J3.18 for high wines. • New York, Sept. 2S. FLOUR-Firm.. WHEAT— No. 2 red declined I'-fcc on lower cables and foreign selllnK with the west lower nnd Increase 'In slocks; rallied ?i@ with the west; fell %©?8C; steady; fairly active. December,., 71%Q>72 5-lCc; March, M3>1W&; May, 7^@75c. CORN—NO. 2 moderately active, easier. No. 2, 27 1/ 4Si2SV4c; October, 27c; December, 28%c; May, SO-XiSlSOTic. OATS— No. 2 dull, steady. Western, JO® 29c; December, 21%c nominal. BEEF— Quiet. Extra mess, J5.50SW.OO; family, J7.0C@S.CO. PORK— Steady. , New mess, J7. 75SS.50. LARD— Quiet; steam-rend cred, $4,15 bid. BUTTER— Choice firm. . Western dairy, do; creamery, ll@lCc; do. factory, Muiison Typewriter Is a Good Machine. 4 Alilgh standard or exccilnnen. ifanj viseri of the "llunson" cousidec It THE BEST. " You will find It a valuable assistant In jour office. Address for particulars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MANUFACTURERS. S40-S4 * Went Lake St.. Chicago, 111. Joing For A Lake Trip? You'll fully enjoy all of «B6e;^ht> if you take one of the ".ARE MICHIGAN AHD LAKE ;SOPEWGR TRANSPOftTATIQHCO'S V ; 1E6ANT STEAMSHIPS. " 5allings between Chicago and Micklnac Island fuur times every week, . "Clio DCW stool steamship "Mtttlton" Is a ..•i.ins palace. Travels 'twl.xt Chlc«ifo '.irlevolx, Harbor Springs, JPetpskey, ..:;':ir.ac Island, etc. Write for our readable reading' matter, free, or nslc your nearest nirent, > Address Jos. Berolzhelni. G. 1>. A. I;AK£ men. AND LAKE * SUPERIOR TRANS. CO. Rush and N.W»terSL. ChiCUO LOOP POISON A CDCTPIAI T Y Prinuur, Sgfr 0rEiWlfUa>l .1 omlary orTot* 11.1x7 BLUCII> 1'OISON permanent]* iurcd lu 16 to35 days. You can beircatcditt ty.Itjoaprefortocomoborowcwlllcoo- trnoltopjiy railroad farcandboitoICillls.and aochnree. K wo fail to ouro. If you tmvc takc.i mer* cury, iodide pot:ish» and mill bavo aches and pimples, Copper Colored Spot*, Clcer« on any partoi (ho Dody, JInir.or£rebrotrft falUnit sat, U II this Secondary MtOOU POISMf •re troarantce to core. Wo nolicl t Uie most obstt date cares and ciiAUcu^o the world for • case wo« mnnotciire* Tlila dlneAsd boa alwava '•aUl cd tliP skill of tho most eminent phynl- - irn'iconai. It Killed 00 Manhood Restored. Woiir " " ' fS>10V>c;. Elglns, 16c; Imitation creamery, Jg'Jlc. ' CHEESE— Quiet; part skims, EGGS— Firm, . Western, tho pfn.eraOTo Orenni!, yout ...... Khr; HODIO tee to~curo"'aii S'orv- OUB DlBOftR***- tllCb IUI Weak Mom^T, boas of Brain Power, I1<?*d- Lf Ft'Manhood, h'orv- oisncfis. A trophy, KtilKxione, Varicocde, Llvltiidc, All drain* aiti io«* of power of -^usod by , *'— a. F. K^tlinc. LOGANSPORT. 1ND- Lt it Stock. : . . . Chicago, Sept. 28. CATTLE—Market steady to 10Q!)5clower. Fair to best beeves, J3.35i5:r,.oO; stockersand feeders, .$2.COig)3:75: mixed co\vs and bulls, 3,25(5/3.50; Texas, ?2.50©3.CO. HOGS—Market ' strong.' to 5c hlBl:er. ,lEht. *3.00@3.5C;. .rough packing, J2.u54(^.75; mixed and butchers', $2.M@3.45; heavy and shipping, S2,SO®3.30; piss, $1.60 • '• fclK w IP 3 :3 rolled)' • for on. unn^tur ; ;V die- CUB, or '*ny Ctflamina; frriu.tioa or tlccr* tion of mttcoiiR mom brancs. Non-iw>;riiigont Hold by UrarffUtsH 'or sent in plain wr.iTipor, 4>r oxprofia, preinkM, for «1.00, or 3 bot.tlr-, ?1!.T5. Circular ee^t ou r^uost Br"ilip.ij Balm cures colds, old cougtm, croup, bronchitis and pleurisy uk«

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