The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 29, 1931 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 1931
Page 9
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Ledyard Children Present Operetta, J*^,^. Apttt 28. Bpeelal: On The Upper Des Moines-Sepubllcan, April 29.1931 " » «M1> I , Mrs.' ! and The Griffins W" £ LC,^ JSFj&^Sa^pAMsaS^iCT Kl a * W# a - "The Magte Wood*" .J? 1 ? I"***?. <> f .Ml* Sadie A. Lffli church. ' *•* wc'.LJ? 1 ? mft r la *f <* Miss Sadie A. Lfllte attended and gfeaufen- *5 d Jt e ,° £ MUtof of A1 8°na had been * ta » Prograrn * < I*«r» »,, ? uddy '" "Colonel March," high school band . was a niece of Ko Song '-Children of «," u. s A '• 4 ccuhty ' s fomier sheriff Jud Lun and 6th grades. u- 8> A " 4 ' young couple were to start their < Ma * lc Woods"- telV 11 Hi? Mcterto ° fa ™ '* > ° ltl Wentworth ° reek town «WP. -Caryl Berhow L A te OI >a's honorable mavor J , 0 , had P»^ Willie wink S rd auto ffom John Welland, Sr., left Friday for Council Bluffs where he will at£end to business. Simon w .. rold eT h m obin A Robin ..... teltov srt£? ini un wKh w ? !" eported fls sh ° w Betty AndersonMephew ofTm °^A Vln Person; a le Swift, Betty m 0 « tT S *I ames Pat terson. The young - "et smith. y ££" dl ed at the hospital at Iowa City • •. .Lillian Wentworth ±L r f he had ' —urlel Reece, Verna y B man was Luella Duncan, Tillie Rn, 0 i,,« I *&? and died • Veen "America," f uneral was hehi Music, "Iowa Band I,ow," band. Twenty Years Ago. Great r- an l joc We 'B are this week reshingling the roof of the Anthony Johnson residence. H H Scnutter gone to ,•-_.. _ . —• — —•"«".. **«o Buut: i-u West Bend where she expected to visit a few days with her son, Jerry. The Pred Looft and J. L. Haverly families drove to Ledyard Sunday to CttnH/4 titji _9 A .. _ 4. i * . . \ >7 Mr spend the day at the home of Looft s sister, Mrs. N. A. Pingle. Bleioh ls en >Pl°yed at the o n , e Carl Pranzen home. Mrs. Pranzen, who has been sick for the past tw weeks, is now able to be up again Mrs> Vee Mullin and mv r. - R V Hanson and famine drove to Emmetsburg Sunday to visi in the home of a cousin, Gordon Car>enter. r Deal Sridge ? utchl *>ri entertained th e club on Thursday afternoon SCore at J -, BraIev returned home on t they Whlte when by local lot ? to decld e which were to occupy. Drs of fifty horse power model. and the lates E. O. Bowyer had Just moved Into his Irt. *Ef 5 S? Thorington street, rat door to the Moe meat market Mr. Bowyer was doing optical work and Jewelry and watch repairing ^l^!^ e VlP£_ eld a P ar 'y the tt, Frank Jenknson three miles north of Algona The to KeAeflclc &'Hart m an W were ^ occup the pulpit of the Presbyterian church ? Tr 'iu f? e / and Margaret Coles at th Methodist church; Drs. Tribon an Congregational church and Fellows a the ,^ff Dona Sheetz had received sever " wmie burning rubbish about he Her clothing caught flre bv -tl>p wind blowing the sparks or flamel SK™*-**: back ^d before she her apparel wa» ,„ - attempted to extui- - . by rolling in ' out if it had not been for t »nce of neighbors : her bums wouw have been much worse, it was thought so sel e er^T * he burm Were "°* mt she died later as a result o^them' She wag removed to the home of Dr. 1,l U ,l^. the ardent and her in- County people wef e to have the beforo —j a partial sun on Friday evening the sky WTO « clu . iue was to be total In the southern part of the United States was to leave the last r her homestead claim Montana, where she " fourteen montlis per- B Amo M : ^he was to be assist- ffiSSalSSft.*"" Stools who were cared for there.' have been a serious ac- —j-pened Sunday a when a rear axle broke on M. gards auto, as he was passing the Mart Jones place south of town The Haggard family with Mrs. E. E. Conner and daughter, Margaret, ^and J. w Haggard, wer e In the car, which'hap- pened to be going slow at the time of of the accident. At high speed the machine would have turned over several times As It was, no one was hurt, ne stranded party was soon res- by Harry Wilson, The heavy axle was broken squarely off showing that it had been returned proved very George F. Wessling has added pretty addition to his already , ' lawn 'n that a lily pool was in last week. Swan Nelson did the work. The regular Auxiliary meeting wil vf^ursday night 6 with TcSvlred d& there they . visit with her and Mrs. Fred Wirth. rioV. lt ia and , 1 £ rs> Swan Nelson ana it daughter, Hannah, spent Saturday ™» home of another daughter, Mr naiovL^ 6 eld> 1 here th ey helped h celebrate one of her birthdays. Members of the Ladies' Aid ar Planning to hold their annual Ma breakfast at the Methodist church o Friday morning, May. There will b Plenty O f pancakes, bacon and egg toast oranges, and rhubarb sauce. Th serving will begin at six-thirty o'clock The Farmers' Cooperative creamer iave recently completed the construe -ion of a new cream can rack whicl ,'i a fJi een £ aced east of the "earner, building. The rack has a 125 can cnp Hn«« and i i 105 been P laced ln a Posi tion so it is exposed to the sun rays the greater share of the day. met Thursday after— — ...j of Mrs. Leo Bleich 0 ,,»J eBSOn , tor the da y covered current events and roll call was answered by m^ g w an ^ m u f natl onal importance. Mrs. Amesbury led the lesson and gave a report on American Leaders of Today. A pot luck lunch was en- loyed. nr« T^'I "S? 6 !* dau 8hter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Studer, submitted to an op«-"«n at her home Friday afternoon „,„ ^ Cretzmeyer and Adams re- SSZ55.5 ? ath ering of pus which ha collected on >een having ought her i by mem bers whose A *° J .. °f Algona has turceui,- a position as housekeeper at the E T ."° K '~ farm home Mrg Rob , son as employed as clerk at the in Algona rS read y-t»-wear store Mrs. John Hildman has been ill and confined to her bed th e past week Mrs. Glazell, of Garner, he? sister is aring for her. It seems that a gath- 1 '^i her head Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hildman and fam- y drove to Jewell Sunday to spend _" e da y With her uncle, Theo, Baluds her chest. Vivian ha tonsil trouble and it trouble originates fron ais ° be J. TV Meurer guests at the horn Tr»in»t and Mr?- Pr ank Capcsius neai ftylngton Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J w. Finders of Des Moines spent part h^ U f«? y a ," d Sunda y at the home her twin sister, Mrs. J. T. Meurer nday morning until two o'clock thev visited with their mother, Mrs, Elizabeth Lemkee of Algona. Rev. and Mrs. C. H. Moore have re- wived word from their son, George 0. Moore in Osborne, Kansas, thtt nn "i UC » n better from hl * critical llness of two weeks ago and is now able to be up and about again. The Moores were planning to visit their on a week ago when word came that he was Improving and they decided to rostpone their trip until SO m e time Mother of Wesleyans Buried Saturday. Wesley, April 27. Special: Funeral services for Mrs. Christian Nelson, jjast 91 years of age, were held at the Sex%£,*%*% Saturday afternoon with BARN PAINT SPECIALS! MMHR9K9H9IHB^BBB^^^^^^^^^^^H •••••**u*urmmmHmmmmtfifm*m*mmummmmm*t We want your barn paint business, and we are willing to sarifice a *tM«J. —. C ... f* • . - • . part of our profits to get it. , < ,1, eK-',, Mr. and Mrs. Lafe GrUJin had gone commission for several days. Rev. 0. H. Moore, local charge. Mrs. Nelson was many of the pastor in known to earlier settlers In this "' lived __ r--j- — ...«..jr years, one weaves t J° C ™*™L™™?y> ^ s - Dora Fer- Shaffer, went to Port Dodge Wednesday for a week end visit with the Lloyd Spooner family. y Mrs. Arthur Eason and Marjorie who have been visiting relatives in Orange City the past two weeks returned home Monday. ' • nfA £f^ P , of the Presbyterian ladles of which Mrs. DeRae Godfrey is the leader, held a bake and candy sale at y ,° unir pe °P lc of the Lutheran ren, namely, Mrs. Dora Per- W , pe °P c o e Lutheran rigan and Henry C. Nelson, who for a cmj rch held a social time at the gym- good many years has been the Weslev nasum ? n Tuesday evening of last township- assessor;'' 'Burial was made ^^ week ' The evening was spent In play- iii Blvervlew ce ln & ames aft " as iii Blvervlew cemetery at Algona _ games after were served. which" refreshments Gal. Barn Paint With the purchase of 5 gallons or hiore of like paint. BARN BED NO. Per gallon $1.00 $1.40 BARN RED NO. 2— Per gallon 5 Gallons—per gallon, 1.35. BARN RED NO. 3— fl»1 t Per gallon <?!•' 5 Gallons—per gallon, $1.55 Lusbv's Dr BARN GRAY— Per gallon ___ ..... ____ 5 Gallons— per gallon, $2.15 STANDARD WHITE— Per gallon ______ ______ BEST WHITE— Per gallon ____________ S. W. P.- Per gallon ______ ______ *« r ft «P«).DU ^^ Algorva, Iowa Pure Selfishness LUVEBNE NEWS. w - B. Mason and niece, Jennie Ma- the Koonce, pastor of the Presbyterian church of LuVerne, gave an Interest- 1 o •*-*-' a " d Leulla Swiger visited over in e talk at the meeting. Sunday with friends in Corwith. Mrs. P. c. Lichty entertained a J^ n £ e £ 01 ? ? ub met with Dr. members of the senior Bible and Mrs. Corbin last Monday night. Methodist Sunday School Friday af- U . r , H ^ nse lman lias been caring ternoon in honor of the birthday anni- infection on his hand the past ver sary of her mother, Mrs Fred Les- W ^ K> ler - Eighteen guests were present and Harry Von braska and William sp a P leasan t afternoon. Covers Stoddard had business In Mtaon raSPT* 1&W at four tebles and a *»* Monday. • ^ iy \ course luncheon was served by the Wilson into the Eastern Star chapter of Swea I City last Thursday night. Mrs. Mentor's sister, Mrs. Ryken and L,?^^ NE ^> Seo her son returned to their home hi * 124 - 00 to $144.00. Gayville, South Dakota, Friday. or "' " On Friday afternoon the high school base ball team drove to Fenton to play ball. They defeated Fenton 9 to 2. Miss Jones, Alice Moulton, Bertha XTita and Anita Gelhaus were Fairmont shoppers Saturday afternoon. r. and Mrs. Luella Blumer Sec [ $354.00" to $374.00. . - NW%, Sec. $298.00 to $363.00. |Mc^ btyha fr f r 0 w?r d ope b n y 22-94-29, from \1£&^^-..«*». -« 22-04-29, from I 22-94-29 from Dr. 105— solution). Motion Ayes: all. by McDomald Humboldt-Kossuth jt 8— Nick — " ' and, 1 second I 94-29, ] Sr ^" y na M C> , No matte . r lf P arents a re worried. h^L»n y ?« v N ° 10ve n°_ 1 ' er^tude In their hearts, just pure bull- h» ff J. elfishness - The unselfish boy or girl does not have to be petted or pampered or coaxed to be good. They are tookine themselves. They are building for the future or? thf ° f honesty ' love and hluna nd kindne^ and have the respeot an Mrs. W. H. Godfrey. ? tone s P ent a few hours the home of Funeral services for Miss Nelll ! Hauser were held Sunday afternoon a "~ Evangelical church, interment be made in the LuVerne cemetery deceased was a daughter of Mr and Mrs. John Hauser of Cedar Falls former residents of LuVerne. She passed away at her home Friday morn- I ments In the hospital. Alton Benedict has reek with his brother^ ] and family at Milwaukee. the past JT v .. ._„ and Mrs. Wm. Schultz'of | Livermore are sisters of the deceased. presented by the we all hide when we see them coming. T I??? lc f 001111688 ninety per cent of our trade is the _• *»,< 2?S. e i? a while we have a snotty customer-the snob who thinks he has the only $5.00 bill in the county or the superciltous female that thinks you ought to turn handsprings to entertain n£' .L gt T e f ra | ly ,u ry to sa . y or cl ° something to offend such people, not that I like or enjoy oflending anyone, but do it so thev will not come back and take ouv time again. We want to eet rid of them. It is a matter of business, of store economy. ? A r^i 8 ™^ 1 Pr °^ store can not afford to waste time on drones £nnfi n «f B en , tleman w °uld never make a success running a small profit busiess. He would be imposed on and faU Selllne shoes at one-half the regular profit you have to do a volume of business or else expenses would (,-at you up. volume or ft nrt^ U f^ Ve to h ! ave ba ' lkbone en °ugh to call a spade a spade and to tell an ugly, selfish customer to move on. Good shops at low prices "real values" will bring the buyers back a^d i? toe S °°ff s " a ^ undvnev S r come back y°ur store Is jut that SSffig w£*K 8HVed * he tr ° Uble and ™ s e of We sell standard shoes from the best factories The same Itaes that are handled by the best merchants at SpencerTEsthe?? riUe, Fort Dodge and towns all around us, but we sell these same shoes cheaper than any town In the state of Iowa. »„ Mrs " Archle Sanford and was witnessed by a packed house. The ramily and Mrs. Arthur Hof were Fort p , rogram was In the form of an indoor Dod e visitor ute Friday " visitors Saturday. High school was dismissed with an entire change of program for four nights. Edward Lin- Monday evening a concert company composed of violins, and ballet and Japanese dances were given- ren Sec. 331 tax of of their mother, Mrs. Blanche Jenfe Sunday - Mr. and Mrs. Earl Jenks and child- Motion b in of Blue Earth visited at the home £unnemarn „_„. „. 0 .,... . ._ _. I H schaller for $5000.00 school „ lereby approved subject to approv- opinioii of county attorney. Ploy Jones, home economics teacher here this year, has signed a contract to teach in Lone Rock the coming year. Mrs. Glenn Yahnke and two children have been spending the past week ar, the home of her sister, Mrs. Winkleman, near Buffalo Center. Mr. and'Mrs. Louis Meyers are the proud parents of a baby girl born on April 24. Mrs. Meyers is better known in this community as Elnora Blome. The mothers of the basket ball and i base ball players met at the George Thompson home Friday night to make plans for the annual banquet to be the players at the school house Sec ' feeof Lot 2 Motion by Morris and second by hereby appointed as a committee to ^«THA E. JOHNSON, 1 County Auditor.. or refund said taxes as case may be In accordance herewith. Ayes: all. On motion board adjourned to nina Mr. Mr, a..v, „»»„. iicimun iimz, isr., drove I ov>vc " «iuwua weru me m to Pocahontas last Wednesday on busl- doln & gymnastic stunts. On Thursday ness - evening "The .Making of a Sheik" was Mr. and Mrs. Verne Stone and twins {£w!! nte(l b f th % & eir!s and two boys ' Dwignt and Keith of SfiC? «Sf' S^S? ^^?.^ e concluding program and M «- Charles Hanselman, I ac " ana Japanese dances were given; I Present their play, a three act comedy Mrs. Herman Hinz, Sr.. drove * ev , en c]owns w «'c the hit of the evening drama, "Bridge Burner." The plav will ontas last Wednesday on busl- I doln ?' gymnastic stunts. On Thursday I be Siven two different evenings but On May 7th and 8th the seniors will present their play, a three act comedy. rtfQtvirt tfO^tfSr** -r-t >i __. . •* spent Sunday Verne. with u with an entire different cast each even- in g- The purpose of changing the cast was so that all the seniors wo uld have ^^^^™ xcmm ** s ^ UNIVERSAL CREDIT COMP Announces the visiting teacher. Ernest the ii=~r *V"• Barton has been on the ust the past week. Mrs s Sorensen has been caring past few J ~ I $*#®xxyx>%^^ LEDYABD NEWS. foomomemememomome^ Miss Rose Quam spent the week end visiting friends in "" here . i - ^Jcttgnu ._.._j i+ v *~«*i_wuti. /i i supper was served at six-thirty and a program followed. The Ledyard-Lakota Leagues were responsible for the (program. Dr. Lease of Algona was! youn S Mrs. A. L. Spooner and mother, Mrs. We sell regular $4.00 shoesund oxfords at SllpperS that regular 8tores & et * 5 -<«> for w e sell $3.85 wm elk. barnyard shoes f g to be looking for- At cost the ttn, fitting qualitie to ou/'So arf stock of shoes ever carried in Kossuth ,* an , d up to the last minute in st yle and No old stock, we keep them moving, our yearly $100,000,00 mark. Buy e'm and sell -em THE SHOE MAN Jimmie Neville Algona, Iowa. ^VVAV^V^AWV.rAV^AVAVAVVV.-i H, W, POST Dray and Transfer Phone 898, Algon*. low* Long IMttancs Hauling. Every load Insured awlnst loss or dam: age. Equipped to do all kinds of draylng and hauling. r—T T- ' ' T [ CETRID OF DISEASE CERMSinnose mouth and throat Let Zoaito cleanse away the accumulateU nocretloiu, kill T?-" X er ' n »> Prevent diseasu. Highly Ecrmicidal. Sooth- Ing to mombrunes. Rev. i Sunday Engelby , Mr. and Mrs. Flynn of Buffalo Cen- |£n.Tk S Cn y '* the h ° me ° f theh " let will be Q wee ^' evangelistic meetings in a tent during the latter part of May or as soon as the weather permits Rev night, May 3rd. i mcae services a daily vacation Bible I James Mayne, the youngest son of scho °l will undoubtedly be held morn- wth a th d ^T; Joe Mayne ls fluite sick lnes - ' with the chicken pox. . ^ „„ v**\, *-w*iic UA (parents in Livermore. Miss Janice Williams Barrett spent Mrs. Barrett's was initiated to Ford time buyers Our organization as authorized Ford dealers will be pleased to extend the «SP™™5lI U CG PLANS i/, U o d , 1 , tor ' s offlce ' 1:3 ° P- m - A Pril it, lUJi.—Board of supervisors of Kos- sutli county met pursuant to adjournment with air members present. Motion by Funnemark and second by McDonald that assessments on Dr 178 be confirmed as reported by commissioners except as to following tracts• sec ' - from $827 - , Sec. $654.00 to $614.00. Sec. $854.00 to $794.00 , Sec. $204.00 to $254.00. C ' 22 ' 94 " 29 ' ftom $759 26-94-29, from 26-94-29, from 22-94-29, from Another Ford Economy— Ask for leaflet Kent Motor Co. Algona, Iowa,

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