The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 29, 1931 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 1931
Page 8
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-'*"*—"""•'•-FARMERS SHOULD USE MORE HORSES be Used afc liOwer Oost How Than in in Past 25 Years, IOWA WOOL GROWERS CROP. I «*!«••. ^>L^ an eight horse model multiple hitch outfit last winter as one of two counties having more hitches in use than any others in. Iowa. This hitch has been on display in the office at Algona And has been used by the Smith-Hughes schools at Swea City and Buffalo Center. It is used as a demonstration or as a source of patterns for the students to make hitches for use on their home farms. . By use of this hitch one man can readily drive six or eight horses or even more with two lines. Instead of plowing three or four acres a day per man as before with small teams, the users generally figure each horse In ^»^-^m^ VOL. t Algona Hi Lights ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29, 1931 No. 21 * **** »«**«*•>* »eM M talented writer* to make a &M one acre per team, thus plowing 6 or 8 acres per day with their | 6 and 8 horse hitches. Other work Is speeded up in the IVsrtUtee* Demonstration Will be Es-lf^f; One of the Unlon tabltohed on the Old Cook Farm North of Bancroft on No. 169. farmers recently made his own 8 horse hitch and reports covering seventy I acres in three days with a tandem disc and has also worked a three section Iowa farmers are not using to the best advantage their investment of $74,855.,000 in 1,880,00 had of horses ?J? , mules ' M S^" 511 m estimates of the federal government, according to R. K. Bliss, director of the extension service, Iowa State College. spring hitch. tooth harrow with the same Identify Unknown Weeds. weeds i ing to word received from R. H. For- Iowa Academic Contest. The preliminary or every pupil test of the third annual state wide academic contest will be held May 6. As the name of the test implies, every pupil having received instruction during the present school year, hi a subject for which a test Is provided, will be required to take «he test. The teacher and pupils are busy preparing for this contest in algebra, plane geometry, general science, physics, world history, American history, economics, civics, English literature, American literature and English correctness. „ t. i Por the P ur Pose of this Ititerschool may well be competition, the participating Schools " fc - "•"•*• '"'are classified Into four enrollment groups. Algona is classified under the the Television Explained. Beli at Hancler the . The sup- erlntei ? dent of ths HtoSdale schools, paiw to Algonft to observe Mr. John- drawings of the prlhciplesTnvol^dTin ng 3 yea" the operation of these sets.. £? SSXwSd * • men «. Un. kuk "all-around man Kossuth county to increase their effic- hove them reductlon of spread " advage thowa Breeders Association, toa s: ss & Mule Horse Associa- , tion of America and the animal extension service of Ames have advocated the use of the multiple hitch to secure low cost power and cut operating expense on horse farms. The Kossuth county farm bureau Handling this new "Buick is pleasant and easy because of such features as an adjustable steering colum.i, adjustable driver's seat, silent- shift Syncro-Mesh Transmission and a road shock eliminator which prevents jolts from reaching the steering gear. toil up, f. o. b. -Flint. Micb. Owing to their popularity, the present moilclt of 1931 Buick Slrjigbt Eights will be continued tbrou&b.out lot coming umnttr and fall. ALGONA MOTOR SALES South of Algona Hotel Phone 714. who find they do not recognize, may have them identified rrau the College, Ames. Iowa State Perennial weeds, if identified when first found in small patches, may be killed out with comparaMvely little trouble. But after they have spread over a large area or an entire farm much labor and sometimes money must be expended to eradicate them. To Pool CUp. Many Iowa wool producers will again market their wool in cooperation with the Federal Farm Board under the plan established last year, according •to C. W. McDonald, extension specialist in sheep and wool production at Iowa State College. The various sheep and woo] growers' associations plan to pool the wool and ship to the Iowa Sheep & Wool Growers' warehouse in Des Molnes. There the wool will be grad- h , schools In the North-Central district, which includes Kossuth, Wlnnebago Worth, Mitchell, Palo Alto, Hancock, Cerro Oordo, Pocahontas, Humboldt, Wright and Franklin counties. The two pupils making the highest grades hi each subject in the district will be entitled to compete In the state scholarship contest which will be held on June 1 and 2 on the campus of the State University of Iowa. The same pupils may compete In more than one subject in the state contest. The fundamental purposes <V the Iowa academic contest are to assist the high schools of the state In their attempts to measure the achevement of the pupils, to encourage better scholarship and more effective Instruction and to make more rapid progress In the for the coin. Johnson, who Is be greatly THE WORLD'S FINEST WRINGER ON THE WORLD'S FINEST WASHER instructor, times at each end of the receiving end, the current is the improvement of the content of the instruction. through a neon light, Illuminating It In front of the light is a revolving disc which has fifty holes in It, each a little nearer the center until the last one is one inch nearer than the first.,. - — — —...»As the disc revolves, the neon light tune of breaking her ankle while high shines through the holes and makes J um P ln S at home. She is now attend- flfty points of light on the screen. The lng schoo ' i but will have to use crutch- disc revolves so quickly that it makes | es for some tune fifty thousand Impressions per second, noon **** E - F ° st( * ™* interesting ac% Des Molnes - ™ey "S?" 1 ' reheareals , which was given at Shrlne **">&* PrWay evening. Mar J arie Tmlneri had the mlsfor- MAYTAG Thousands bf users flayj "The roller water remover alone, would make my choice the Maytag," It has a large flexible top toll and 6 large firm bottom roll. Garments are dried evenly, every particle of dirt or soap flushed out. Buttons pass through safely. Rolls may be separated five and a half inches between centers. Dralnlsen- closed and reverses automatically. Ntw Miytag Tab)* Ironer—U*e it wherever there is an electric wall plug. Has rapid-heating Alakrome Thermo-Plate, exclusively Maytag, PHONE for a Free horn* trial. If the Mnytai doesn't tell iUelf. don't keep It. Divided payment* you'll never mta. THE MAYTAG COMPANV Foundtd 1193 NEWTON, IOWA Tar ttmu i each point being the same degree of Modtl Teacller Rcvlews and sent to Draper & Company Boston, official sales agency. After the wool is received in Des Molnes an advance payment is made to the producer and the final payment Is made alter all wool is sold. Last year 3,500 wool producers sold approximately one and one-half million pounds of wool. On the basis of That Embarrassing- Moment. Recently a high school student wrote the following letter to the editor of the Question-Answer Department of the "Scholastic" Magazine: "Dear Editor: When the teachers | call on r leaves my I can't say This was the reply; "Do you receive high marks on your examination papers? if your oral recitations are poor brightness as the one started at the Th 1 A ern n 1 l d w and t t V US * ormln » a P^turej In the book page section of the Des The one-way television requires two Moines Sunday Register, Miss and one for television. In the true- ing'in't'erestin^review^ **** "' 1 ' ; cells "The incredible truth for leaders is basic | that Cobb has actually written a book attemp-ing '"*"" *•* *^v;jj«i viittriJif t/l tile nrOr\f*«! /•! V\l ft M. I *™**r •«**<• it^vitunjr wi lltiUil U UvJUK B" Magazine: in?' K a ereen, letting on-1 without attempting to be funny.—and Sditor: When the teachers !?._ «f s fllte £, th ." > ' u 8 ;ft tn « el ec- made a crac'cijif good Job of it, too. le to recite, every thought "2 f h f °rt ° n * l de ' ™ e ^^ above With a setting of personal comments, head. I know my lesson but *£ d the ™* s ™ ^l"*" sid * °r vice he has presented m a serles of unre j ' it.-D. O. D." Sif. ^.^,. I !f? 1 ^?.,_!° d '._ th « e M?*?« l «*"?*» w "«t he himself justi- While your written work is very good indeed, your trouble lies in undue self consciousness. Since I know nothln about you personally, I cannot sugges what it is bothers you. You will have to figure out for yourself where you- thoughts go flying when they should be jusfi and vi- separate channels 'are required, one for flably calls 'graphic, vivid ano each color. In this marvelous way the gorous first-person, present-tens* an - tnmsniission of television is accom- nals of historic evente'-actual accounte plished. ceive the same benefit as growers who ship through the county pools. Fertilizer Plots. An extensive fertilizer demonstration to include several rates of application will be established this season on the old Cook farm north of Bancroft now occupied by Mr. Dontje. The Kossuth county farm bureau is cooperating with the A. A. fertilizer people who are funishing the material to establish four such plots in the state this year and also furnishing help to put the plot in and keep record on the results. 125 pounds of twenty per cent phosphate will be applied on one acre by plant- ter attachment and 125 pounds per ac re of 3-14-6 will be applied to five acres by planter attachment. In addition on the last three acres of the 3-14- G plot will be given broadcast applications of 3-14-6 ab the rate of 175 pounds, 375 pounds and 675 pounds per acre respectively. The plot will help to find how high applications may go and still be profitable from the standpoint of immediate return as well as the possible results from the residual effect on subsequent crops during the following years. The applications range from 125 pounds to 800 pounds per acre on full acre strips. This plot on primary No. 169 about four miles north of Bancroft will undoubtedly prove of interest to the many users of fertilizer in the county and is owned by W. A. Murray and J. A. Devine of Bancroft. Furnishing; Material. The N. W. Potash Export Company is also furnishing material for similar plots on alkali soils where not only Immediate returns will be noted, but also the lasting effect of heavier applications. These plots will include mur- iate of potash, the material now being generally used locally on alkali and also, sulphate of potash and manganese sulphate. Applications will be both broadcast and planter attachment and will vary from 50 to 1,000 pounds per addition to these larger trials there will be several demonstrations to include 0-20-0 and 0-16-8 on prairie sod, as well as the use of twenty per cent phosphate for legume sceclings on acid and alkali soils. Chilean nitrate of soda, complete fertilizer containing all three elements, sales to date producers will receive I focuset l °n the recitations, from 3 to 7 cents a pound more than' "f f you are onl y averai they generally received locally. Th amounts to approximately $61,000 t the 3,500 producers who sold throug the Iowa Sheep & Wool Growers' As scciation. It is an average of abou $18 per grower. Kossuth may not have a county poo but local growers can take advantag of the state pool by shipping direct tc the warehouse in Des Moines and re - . in your written work, your trouble is that you do not really know your lessons. You may learn them only in spots and have no clear idea of the whole subject. The usual cause of hazy recitations is hazy thinking. I recommend the tiresome old virtue of concentration as the basis for glib recitations. If you 'keep the seat of your pants on the seat of your chair during long study periods you will find yourself able to think quickly when you are on your feet. It is rather important for you to earn to speak without embarrassment n the classroom for this will prepare you to speak in public, after you have eft school." Honor Roll. When the honor roll was posted a he end of the second six weeks' per- od, the freshmen were proud to find hat their class had more honor stud- nts than the other classes and to find wo boys' names starred. The students who have won this hon- in the ninth grade are as follows ucile Dole, John Ferguson, Nettie 3rubb, Ida Halpln, Elnora Lattimer, la Leffert, 'Russell Medin, Violet Norman, 'Donald Parsons, Valeria Pickett. In the tenth grade class, the follow- ng students' names appeared: James Bishop, Margaret Fiene, Theo. Gas- ill, Eleanor Keen, Ruby Koepke, La- onne Larson, Norma Raney, Virginia Musical Concert. A fairly large crowd attended thei r,,,-..^- . musical concert given on Friday ev- [^ sstlan era and ening at the high school auditorium. I The band, orchestra, and the boys' and ..,* ov™ * girls' glee clubs under the leadership }? d excerpts of Miss Miller, music supervisor, and 2 e ^f p ° n Mr. Johnson, band and,orchestra in- „ , actual eye-witnesses, recorded in letters, diaries, official documents, newspapers or books. The events themselves, range over the whole nineteen centuries of the are of diverse na- Intimate description of Napo- coronatlon Jostle elbows with vi- Nctke how the top n>ll flrvet over the lower roll —ItroDttbe from a e contemporary <* structor, presented the following numbers: Orchestra Rifle Rangers March Apple Blossoms Reverie Lion Du Bal waltz Dancing Dolls Gavotte O Sole Mio Novelette The Avenger March Boys' Glee Club. Steal Away Negro Spiritual Tinker's Song from Robin Hood ichnepf, and 'Ella Zumach. The eleventh grade class has the acre. In ames of these students on the roll: irdeen Devine, John Hargreaves, Keneth Knudson, 'Phyllis Parsons, Lena Stewart and Margaret Simpson. The twelfth grade students whose ames were on the roll were: Alva enson, 'Genevieve Hartshorn, Hazel [eeling, Karl Shumway, John Simpon and Lucille Black. A Breath of Spring. A breath of spring time was brought into the assembly this week when Lyle Raney walked down the aisle with a bunch of dandelions in his belt and one jauntily bobbing in his hah-. Girls' Athletics. The girls' gym classes are all industriously practicing stunts, for the exhibition on Mother's Day. Each class will be responsible for several stunts. DeKoven Band. Royal Hussars .. i March Pass Time Overture Morning Tears Flower Song A Summer's Evening In Hawaii Descriptive Apollo March Girls' Glee Club. Magnolia Bloom Roos-Bernd Invitation of the Hejlls [from the "Chimes of Normandy" .Planquette Poster Contest. Several of the eighth grade students made posters to advertise the sen- ioi class play, "The Busy Body," which is to be given Thursday and Friday evenings of this week at the Call Theatre. The pupils from each class making the best pasters received a free ticket to the class play. The winners are as follows: eighth grade, Lillian Durant and Dorothy Hendron; ninth grade, William Devine; tenth grade, Theo. Gaskill; eleventh grade, Ardeen Devine; twelfth grade, Irene Devine. The Shortest Way. If you want to reach the bottom of the stairs in a hurry just fall down. The fact that this is a quick way to ;ain the bottom ef the stairs was proved last Thursday by a lofty Junior, who fell five steps, taking the heel off her slipper and the skin from her el)OW. North Central Conference Meet. The entire Algona track team will ;ake part in the North Central con- 'erence meet Friday afternoon and ev- ming at Webster City. The finals will ake place in the evening under flood ights. „„,„,,» It might seem as if the author in selecting his material leaned a little too heavily toward the military and merely horrible, did not the eloquent plea of "Thunder traveling-over-the-mountaln" for justice toward the red man stand as representative of chapters on less violent history. One might wish, too, that he had quoted a little more and commented and paraphrased less. But it would be ungrateful caviling to criticize over-much a book which opens so many intriguing peep-holes upon events of significance." Invitation Track Meet A track meet was held at the Athletic Park on Saturday afternoon at one oclock The entrants' were as follows: Clear Lake, Emmetsburg, Buffalo Center and Algona. Algona won three cups out of the four that were given. Two were relay cups and the other was an Invitation meet cup. In the 880 yard relay, Algona won with the time of one minute, forty-one and eight-tenths seconds. The winning team for the quarter mile relay was Algona with a time of forty-eight second flat. William won the 100- yard dash with the time of ten and five-tenths seconds. Algona won second in the high Jump with Ostrum tie- ing the school record. In the mile relay Dick Cowan was outlasted by a Buffalo Center man. The time was three miutes and fifty-five seccmds The Emmetsburg freshmen team won the quarter mile relay over Algona. Algona won nine firsts besides scoring seconds and thirds In several of the events. A Fine Piece of Workmanship Mr. Burmeister is completing a very fine piece of furniture. It is a table with a top consisting of 656 pieces of Dirdseye maple and black walnut. It is octogonal in shape with the grain jolng in different directions, producing a very pleasing effect of shading. The pieces are all triangles and fitted form a beautiful piece of work. Mr. MAYTAG NOW MAKES A WASHER MrtnCI"E'Y NOT STLJAT mVSI/Eb T WIUSTRATEW I MAT SELLS FOR LESS THAN _$IOO_ .Permanent Northwestern Factory Branch, Maytag Building—515 Washington Ave., North, Minneapolis, Minnesota. A. K. CLIFF UTILITY STORE In Former Modern Dry Cleaning Bldg. Phone 791. Algona, Iowa. Swea City, A. B. Tweetin Wesley, Lease & Lease. Whittemore, J. M. Fleming Bancroft, Oscar C. Sprout Lakota, Walter W. Rosenau. LuVerne, C. H. Lichty & Son 20.34 TUNE In— -Enjoy the M.rttf Radio Hour orcr N.B.C. (.'out to Cout Blue Network— ' """"Wi Dajrlltbt S»vlM Time. «:M .. B. T.— 4:00 C. T>- J :OOM. T.— «IO» C.T. Studard time boubour earlier* HER-TABLE IRONER vey the Southwest Quarter (8W%) of Section Five (6), Township Ninety-toe (98) North, Range Twenty-seven (27), West of the Fifth P. M., and the West Half (W%) of the Southwest Quarter (SW%) of Section Twenty-three (23) and the .West Half (w%) of the Northwest Quarter. (NW%) of Section Twenty-six (26), all in Township Ninety-five (95) North, Range Twenty- eight (28), West of theFifth P. M to one R. A. niff for the purpose of having the present loans refinanced for a period of five years and upon condition that after said loans have been refinanced that said real estate be reconveyed to said receiver subject only to said first mortgages and taxes. For further tlon on file. appllca- You axe 'further notified "that the- hearing on said application will be had at the court Jiouse in Algona, Iowa on the 6th day ot May, A. D., 1931 at two o'clock p. m., of said 'day at which time you may appear and show cause, if any you have, why an order should not be entered authorizing- said action. L. A. ANDREW, Superintendent oif Banking ot the State of Iowa, as Receiver of the County Savings Bank, Al- By R. H. MILLER, E&amiiiteiMIn Charge. CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. ATTORNETS AT LAW T. P. Harrington L. J. Dickinson HAKRINGTON & DICKINSON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW Rooms 212-14 First Nat'l Bank Blk ALOONA, IOWA PHYSICIANS 8c SURGEONS Burmeister has taken great pains in showing the boys each step of this unusually fine piece of work. It shows the possibilities of enhancing the grain of wood. nitrogen, phosphate and potash will also be used in a number of comparisons with phosphate on normal soils. The common usage of phosphate for beets and the unusual results from many demonstrations in former years on abnormal soils has increased the local interest in the value of each of J WWl '™ rtA «vyvwvwvvjw^ I Bargains in Used Cars Ford sedan Buick Master coupe 28 Chevrolet sedan Dodge sedan Ford tudor 29 Chevrolet sedan See the New Chevrolet Cabriolet and the 157 inch New Truck KOHLHAAS BROS. Phone 200 Algona, Iowa. the various kinds of fertilizer material for both normal and abnormal soils, so that the local users are now quite generally buying the correct analysis for each of their varying soil types and gaining the maximum return for the money invested. How About the Dairy Calf? Now is the time for Four-H boys and girls to start their dairy calf club projects. Any dairy breed may be used according to the preference of the individual member. The calves may be grade or purebred although grades may be shown only at the county fair, while purebreds are eligible for exhibit at in excellent condition will list twenty head; Ben Studer of Wesley will sell four head of good ones that will pro- bulls. include two Gelshecker females and "two Bros., of Liver- Iowa State Fair" and Dairy Cattle Congress. the Waterloo Members may purchase calves from their parents' herd or It is now possible to purchase other calves locally at very reasonable prices. Purebredu, too, can be bought for little more than was formerly paid for grades. West Bend, Wesley, Algona and Lakota dairy calf clubs are organized and new enrollments have come in from Fenton, Titonka and LuVerne. Boys and girls who wish to take part in club work may send their names to the farm bureau office at Algona. Ar- rang)Bments will be made to assist them in procuring calves and material for carrying on the project will be made. To Bold Sale. William Johnson of the Shorthorn World was in the county last week to assist some of the local breeders in arranging a sale to be held at the Kossuth county fairgrounds May 27. Mr. Saunders of Lone Rock, who has a herd of well bred shorthorns that are more will sell nine head including four females and five bulls. Forty-two head only four consigners, there being one outside consignment of nine head, including some of the good cattle of the county will offer an excellent opportunity to many farmers and breeders to buy locally good useful cows or a good herd sire. Kossu'th county is gaining a reputation for having some of tjhe best breeding cattle I in the country and this will Include some of these good blood lines and offer buyers an opportunity to obtain some of the goo;l individuals at their own price. J. I* BONAR ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention. ALGONA. IOWA W. B. QUARTON H. W. MILLER ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Kossuth county state Bank Office Phone, 427 ALQONA, IOWA J, W. Sullivan S. E. McMahon L. E. Linnan SULLIVAN, McMAHON & LINNAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over County Savings Bank ALQONA, IOWA. KENEFICK & CRAWFORD Office Phone 300 Residence Phones: Pr. Keneflek, 57 Dr. Crawford, UK C- H. CRETZIHEYEB PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Glasses Fitted Office in J. Galbralth Block. Residence °2? blo £ * ast 8nd one Mock south of office. NO cans made after 9:30 p. m. __. ALGONA, IOWA. Office Phone, 310. Residence, 444. Notice of Application To Deed Certain Keal Estate for the Purpose of Placing Loans Thereon. In the district court of Iowa in and for Kossuth county. In Equity No ' J" A -, Andrew, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, plaintiff, vs. County Savings Bank, Algona, Iowa, defendant. To all persons interested In the receivership of the County Savings Bank, Algona, Iowa, and to whom it may concern: You are hereby notified that there is now on file in the^ office of the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, the application of L. A. Andrew, Superintendent ot Banking of the state oif Iowa, as Recfrivdr of the Iowa, E. J. VAN NESS & G. W. STILIMAN LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank. Phone 213-W Algona, Iowa. L, A. WJNKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office in Quinby Building. Phone 180. ALQONA, IOWA « i D ?' W ' D ' ANDREWS. Osteopathio Physician & Surgeon Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Obstetrics. Located over Hub Recreation Parlor. Phnoe Office 187, Rsedlcene, 688. ALGONA, IOWA. P. V. JANSE, M. D. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office on South Dodge St. Phone No.—Res. 366; Office 668. INSURANCE Gaylord D. Shumway Edward D. Kelly SHUMWAY & KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Quin'oy & Krause Building Algona, Iowa. Phone 88. E, C. McMAHON Attorney at Law. Office over Quinby & Krause Bldg. Algona, Iowa Phone 129 DENTISTS CITY PROPERTY LOANS FARM LOANS REAL ESTATE INSURANCE OF ALL KIND8 """'"•'*' CUNNINGHAM & LACY Phone 698 107 w. State St. ALGONA, IOWA. ALOONA INSURANCE AGENCY Reliable Insurance Service 0. H. LABARRE AL FALKENHAINER , . Phone B5 First door north Iowa State Bank VETERINARIAN DR. H. Bf. OLSON DENTIST Gas or Novocaine used lor extraction. Located over Christensen Store. Phone; Business 166, Residence, 479 ALGONA, IOWA Quinby Bldg. DR. O. D. SCHAAP, DENTIST Algona, Iowa. Phone 133. GEORGE L, MILLER, ,. < ?S?*5 RAL CONTRACTOR DB. L, \V. FOX . 220 west State street. Office Phone 476-W; Res. 475-R. ALGONA. IOWA. NORTON MACHINE" Machinists ana Welders, Service Stock on Piston Rings, Plna and Bearings. w West of Court House Phone 652 MORTICIAN WVUII/JT BBVUHSB OHtW, Algona IOW8. flin a~,.Mi T>_J —T-" "*•»»•»"»» asking that he Be authortod to con.'j 6l ° Soi)th °Al!on?'lowa phone L. M, MEBBITT Mortician* JFuoerai Phone No. 11 IOWA

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