The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 29, 1931 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 1931
Page 6
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rges Moto-Seimblicatt. toil 29, Vftfon M. and b. club— and Daughters home of Julia Tay- her Bridge Luncheon Saturday— , Mrs. H. W. and Mrs. O. w. Stillman were afternoon at a one * entertained Mr. and " West Bend at Tuesday even- home. Sunday and Daisy at another at the Kaln home. Cunningham of * p ort,man folloed wnfredenson elected oresident for another Helen Vogel of BurtrSacenc Burt and Carrie Bourne of Good Hon a* first, second and third vlcTt^-d dents, respectively ^ Kaherme Leastn was elected secretary with score for the bridge I Mls - W. D. Howie, Mrs. W E Luirrf Milton Norton received ? nd Mrs. o. W. Erickson entertain*? *fi ?" d Mrs ; °- H ' Cretzmey- twenty women at a .one o'clockhS „. * h t thl " 1 P rlze - Mrs - Bonar, e°n at the Howie home Tuesday The Pletch and Mrs. Crawford are afternoon was spent at bridge MM »nnfh»r i,.«^«» todfty for |Wm ; Aman won the high prtM; Mrl * " " L. L.' Wel- ALCONA WON TRACK MEETSATURDAY Ettimetsburg, Clear Lake, Buffalo Center and Al- Were Contestants, SMALL CROWD SAW The next meeting will b e a Mothers' Day tea, May 17, with Ada Hoflus as , > ° >c ' ock luncheon recently at The annual muslcale of the Music - ' - rs. the bridge Michel will be given Friday afternoon ' second : and May 8 ' at two-thirty at the PerVuson' Mrs. p. E. Sawyer club under the direction of Mrs AW the high prize for * u ~ «--•'--' MI..V...I —mi ..'../ir.. 1 MIB. A. E. ,- Mrs. Wm, Aman mother. The comr^^ The foriow1ng|home^t-four:th"irt;.' 1" lunch'wufbe that day includes Mesdames Com Refd I day Mrs " ^. ench entertained alone at (served. iuncn wul be Julia Taylor, ' Hohenstein. —* *—. Ctesco Mothers and Daughters- , , as hostess assisted by Norma Bailey Every member is requested to bri ng a ppointed V Mesdames ComReld , Julia Taylor, Mary DeOraw, and Laura , Seven oclock dlnner ' " a „ The Settle* class play of the public School, "Alftfaatnft Bound" will be held th f week Friday at the public school auditorium. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Engessor left 6n Monday for Detevan, Minnesota, for a visit at the home of their son, Prank, ftn'd family. Mrs. Herman Erickson is at Sexton, where she Is staying at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ray Olson, who is at the Kossuth hospital. The P. j. and A. L. Schlltz families and Mrs. M. L. Schiltz spent Sunday ******— « ? *!• ht>me °* their slster and dauBh- INVITATION MEET,) 0> prtestef bf wh ltt6more i**^ 8 - Jacob Ol> ethan and children 6f Mallard visited Sunday at the home of Algona Mad 76 Polttte; Buffalo Center O bridge , ' P rlz es were won by Mrs. A. E. Kresen- A - O. Clab— sky, Mrs Norton. . . - E. Kent and Mrs. Raymond A E. •>' of Mr. and -_^ »« s , on , of Mr - and Mrs - A. R, club met Thursday"with Mrs. ir,,, f n Means "- an d a very Interesting talk was given by Mrs. E. J. Raw-in »* v ," -— ™- """• "• «' son on her trip through the Holv S ardner of Algona, were married on Land. The next meeting wil be w?th T , u !l day at the Llttl * Brown church Mrs. P. L. Miller, May 7th The host- y he E ast °r, Rev- William Kent. They ess invites the mothers of the members ^ a ^.nded by Miss Ila Olsen and to be present. A Mothers' Day program «f L e Huff ' b " )t1he r of the bride, bot is being prepared by the committedH«u, ^'u F*' and Mrs - ««*« Mesdames W. L. Martin and Mrs M L Wll l make , their home on a farm north Dutton. _Mrs. Addle_Oenrich and Mrs.'| g ° na- County Federation Meeting— The Kossuth county federation o Women s club will meet m LuVerne on Tuesday, May 5, with Burt and Titon- ke. as assisting hostesses. The business meeting and program Will be held «"in i M ',f', cI V! rch nnd the luncheon will be held in th e town hall. A large attendance is urged as this is the an-' Breen was '• club Thursday evening at — r Schemel home. Mrs. ert Stiles, formerly Rachael ~" " a 37; Emmetsbm-gr 38, and Ctear Lake 28. Spencer »M Not Come. A small crowd of about 160 persons w " ne f ed one of the best track meets held in Algona during the past tew when ~_ - M •-«««**&* and sisters, Afrs. Mary Seger, Mrs. o. D. Hart and Mrs. John Williams. Ed. Vtake, Ben Brink, Aelred Haupert, Cletus and Albert Deitering drove to JaneSvllle, Wisconsin Sunday and camii back with new trucks for the Deitering garage. Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Hatten, Mrs. . . . , . John Berbers and Mr. and Mrs. Otto and Stanley Anna Buss won the second hlffh Hjf*4n A »-» I _ ™ _, - her marriage Thelin of the Algona hos- w members. Members ar e ed to take a covered dish to the " , the County Federation of Clubs to be held May "'"- a business in _ Courtesies for Brides— Several parties were given recenHv for Miss Jeanette Aure of Bode who was married last week to Edward Norman former well known Algona boy who is now manain ' e l?£ U , on meetin &. A E. Choir Entertained— speaker is choirs of y managing a Swift & Com-' , . H. Reid of West gave a six-thirty dinner, April ? 3 , at which ten girl friends of the bride were gue-ste. she was also the honoree J* ^ arty Z*™ 11 by Mrs. T. M Aure whth f S> t 2 RosSin * at B««e tS twe " tvflve Blends were invit- party glven by Miss ti 1 », ors o the Methodist church were entertained by the Ladies' Aid of the church at a six-thirty dinner at the home of Mrs. TT- i — .Hulse and evening. Rev Mrs. W. C. Dewel . Ben ?u uld has ^ en conhn'ed her home the past week with lum- material over as they went to the Drake ti,!. a . ys i, a ; ?! 5 Molnes - Cretzmeyer, their best bet. would probably have taken two or three firsts and an equal number of seconds had he been here? Time Was Fair. time of the races was fair n 0 new torn plow. ^ recently purchased a Deer ractor with a two-bot- h»r 0 a * ^ W1U returnc d to her home here Saturday from Des Moines where she underwent a major operation at the Polycllnlc hospital two weeks ago She Is now getting along nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gardner, the new yweds, spent Sunday at the years, Saturday f"tl *.n« T-if ** » • —«••*• WVUASIU Kt • « * "~ ~" "--•-» »••.» • u*j.i4 jiTAjto, V^l/IAJ Clear Lake, Buffalo Center, and Algona Vaske an d son visited Thursday even- StSteH^ •L* fc ? known as the, Algona i^g . the home of the ]ad!esl mother, invitation Meet. Spencer was supposed |. Mrs - Angeline HaUpert. Mr. and Mrs. Wessels of Dyersville arrived Thursday, having been called here by the serious illness of their daughter, Mrs. J. B. Scholtes who is suffering from erysipelas. The regular monthly meeting of the! bankers' association of Kossuth coun-> ty was held at the Bradley cafe on Thursday evening. L. P. Kennedy is] president of the association. A small flre broke out at the home I of Mrs. Peter Elch Monday morning.! It was caused by an explosion of aj kerosene stove in the basement. Little damage was done. tUCKEMMAb «CRVICI \PKIAU BLOOM'S GROCERY PRICES ARE LOWER. t i n« !, y chUly wlnd hindering the rtihn« ruhners. n , Algona won two of the three ashlon but ln rnnn, of Buffal ° Center, running anchor, made a great sprint to finish ahead of Dick Cowan of Algona, winning flrst for his team. Play Cast The cast of the Alsona cine.: nimr "Btuy Body," and Mr f"i" H JoSS ~»StSSS3KfSFA s£iSrS ! S,r of that city. After the nlav t^A]" . . . president of the Aid gave talks. There nre about forty-five in the choir. being arranged for and the Titonka club will put on a short playlet! Entertained Friends-" nd Mrs ' Oscar Anderson enter- several friends informally on n honor of Mr and Anderson of Allerton, who horn the Mrs y Five hundred was played week. during the evening. Mrs. Hueh Post L lt ¥ a - score wlnner Muckey won the th, T, They were -.»".™ the Little Brown church at Nashua nTf rf a «P Moncla y- Their Union riends offer their congratulations. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred*Paulkner of Chi— came Sunday morning and stayed h™ i!f day ^ at the John Mahoney home. Mrs. Dora Ferrigan of Sexton, Mis. Faulkner's mother, spent Monr and ~----- » High Jump—Hannah (C), lim /A\ n«__ * . •» . paln ' (E) - Oarlock r K^L?^, 3 ^' (B)> tled for third. Height 5 feet 3% inches. w™n- Cowan ' ' rs: Hannah, (C), second; Sigsbee, (A), and for thlrd - A home talent pla.y "The Mummy and the Mumps," will be presented in the Forester hall, Sunday and Monday May 3 and 4 at eight o'clock. The play is under the auspices of the For-, esters and the public school faculty. Everyone is invited. ' HHtnn Hilton, ma tor the pla . .. --.— w ere entertained by the Emmetsburg Phnr^m fc, a » the Sext on Methodist church last Saturday afternoon. -Burial took place in RIverview cemetery at Algona. Mrs. Mahoney also spent Friday at the Nelson home. Faulkner, of Chicago I „*. AI v , . ° •' t 7 Inches. Mrs ' hurdles: Pain, (E), first; Moore, (A), third; Time .15. : Slater, (E), first; V. Kie- second; Patterson, (B), fourth. Distance 42 feet, throw: Costlgan, (B), first; K. (A), second; Patterson, (B) Slater, ( E)> fourfch- Distance 7% inches. jump: Williams, (A), first; WHITTEMOEE NEWS ev- the Hand to Meet— The Helping Hand society of R-Own Club Entertained— Ellis Runchey entertained the ., C' ub Wednesday of last week ± Sda ™?. W - J- «"« Henry Beck- who is a guest at the John Mahoney £££*, <%' s , etcond : Hannah, (6) home, spent Monday afternoon visit- i. f '. nw f it; ' (B) -fourth. Distance mg a former school mate Mrs nin,,**' 1 '. i eet, 8 inches. , of Plum Creek. Mrs. Faulkner 3 remembered as Margaret Per and Mrs. Seeley was a forme girl, Beulah " W Hugh Herman on Thursday afternoon, May 7, at two-thirtv ™ Mesdames Ralph Brown, Mel Cummings the low. Reception for darks'— The Congregational i n^rf n* ., Leonard Cruikshank | and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Jenkinson at tended a card party at the K. of C * a " l a f, tJFrlday evenin S el ve n by the at the church parsonage for Rev and Fred J. dark. The darks' sented with a groom ' and '° recognition of their silver weddtog anniversary. Refreshm Refreshments were srved GTardner - ^ « courtesy to then;J Ce Cre , am and cake was s * the ^ uests a * *he close of the THESE WORN-OUT TIRES ARE DANGEROUS! Yet they are worth Money SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER 29x4.50 at _„ 30x4.50 at 29x5.00 at 4.95 5.60 5.65 6.95 Why nurse along worn-out, dangerous and unsightly tires when you can get money instead of trouble from them. We'll give you a liberal allowance for them, no matter what their condition. And we'll outfit you with the finest tires money can buy-U. S. tires with the patented, non-skid tread and amazingly long life. You will be astonished at how little it costs for complete relief from tire trouble. Find out about our liberal offer—today. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Zanke, who are driving through to Algona in their car 4.J? allfoi ? lia are expedted somte mis week. They spent last Thursday until Sunday at the #inney Byson home in Louisiana, expecting to start for Iowa Saturday morning. Their mnay friends will be anxious to greet them once more. They are being accompanied by a driver. The aZnkes companied by a driver. The Zanke's expect to spend most of the summer with their daughter, Mrs. Robert Harvey and family. Javelin: K. Cowan, (A), first; Slat n^f'^°"? : P- cowan - (A).'third George Crawford is suffering with an attack of rheumatism. Mae Zwiefel of Fenton submitted to | an operation for mastoids. The baby girl of Mr. and Mrs. Mau- I rice Duffy is sick this week. Laura Bell of West Bend is suffer- I Folger's Coffee, Ib. . 39c Pork & Beans, can —_ 7c Corn, Golden Bantam, large can lOc Soup, Campbell's, 3 cans 25c Castile Soap, large bar 5c Pears, 2*/ 2 size cans :—17c Fruit Gell, all flavors __.5c Bananas, 3 Ibs- 19c Ginger Snaps, per Ib -__10c Pinapple, 2y 2 size can 19c Peaches, No. 10 size cans 49c Post Bran, large pkgs., 2 for __23c Floor Wax, Johnson's, Ib. can 49c Cherries, Red Pitted, 2 cans __29c Blue Ribbon Malt, 3 Ib. can __49c Sanifltish __, 19c Rice, Blue Rose, 5 Ibs. 25c Beans, 4 Ibs. for 25c Coffee, Monarch, 3 Ibs. _____$1.00 BUTTER, Algona, per Ib 27c Guaranteed FLOUB $1.00 49 Ib. bag, P.&G. SOAP •10 bars 29c COFFEE Steel cut 19c Ib. DILL PICKLES 55c ' No. 10 size can. Win" Fain, fee (A), first second; Cretzmeyer, (A) fourth - Ttae .105 V (A) Time 574 ? } A second: c " Norman Anderson ' (E) - fourth _ j ing with a badly infected finger. Helen Farrell was over from Forest! City spending Sunday with home folks. Gertrude Kenne is visiting with her sister, Mrs. Von Bank, who lives near Irvlngton. Both of the children of Mr. and Mrs. O J Hoock, Delores and Dean, are sick this Week. 220 yard dash: Williams, (A), first- Cretzmeyer (A), second; Luick, (C)', hird; Hopkins, (E), fourth. j5. Time 880 yard run: Moore, (A), first- V rrt « ( ^L second : °- Kieweit, (B)! %» B -p llff . (A >- fourth. Time 2:15 440 yard relay: won by Algona, Will- Bloom's Store We Buy Eggs, Cash or Trade. 880 relav: wo " by Algona, Os- ey and Elbert Garage «£ n L TT *—5 South of Court House Phone G12 £J § KKKKKiXe ^ Algona Body and Fender Works West of Court House Phone 391 All kinds of body and fender work. Spray Painting. Tops dressed or replaced. Now is the time to do it. n? E ? AJ CT T °! )S i' CSsed for $ 1 - 00 ' on e day only, Tuesday, May 5. Regular price $1.50. jj®®®*^^ I SWEA CITY NEWS. V®®GO®I^^ Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Carlson spent a few days at Des Moines the past weelr Mr. and Mrs. Earl Griffith of Algona spent Sunday evneing with Mrs Anna Griffith. John Peterson, who Is an operative patient at the Fairmont hospital Is improving daily. Mrs. A. H. Hundeby is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs Schaffer at Zumbrota, Minnesota. Miss Lois James is spending an enforced vacation from school duties on account of illness. Mrs. C. A. Holm disposed of her household equipment at a public sale Saturday afternoon. Harold Anderson of Thompson has been hired as athletic coach to succeed Karl Deemer next year. and their Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Tweeten, and Mrs. Anna Johnson enjoyed the con Olaf's choir at Fairmon Mile relay: won by Buffalo Center 7' <? ™ i(;> Betels ' Grimes and C. Kie wen/. Time 3:55. Friday afternoon the local trackmen leave for the Big Six conference mee at Webster City. The finals are to be run Monday night if the weather is Well lil. The officials for the meet Saturday were: starter, George E. Johnson; head judge of finish, W. W. Sullivan- heac scoreiv Adrian Burmefcter; hurdle 8 Convention of Women' Clubs to be on May 5th. At the county convention of Wo" Ien » clubs whlch wm be held Tuesday May 5, at LuVerne, the chairman ™ Johnson - . Leo Swanson and son, Rex, spent the week end in Oelwein visit- ng with friends. Mildred Simpson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Simpson, has been very ick, but is now improving. Mrs. George Sander of West Bend underwent a minor operation at the McCreery hospital this week. Mrs. Peter Haag is enjoying a visit from her father, William Miller and sister, Hattie Miller, who live at Guttenberg. lome of Dr. and Woodward is quarantined fever. Then- little with the disease. A. B. Carter, who submitted to an operation at the McCfreery hospital two weeks ago, returned to his homo in West Bend Saturday. The three year old child of Mr. and .rs. Guy Kuyper had his leg fractured when one of the older children fell on it while at play. Fred Baumgartner, the clerk at the zumach meat shop, was confined to his with the H. E. for scarlet Is sick the r,,H J - e xecutiye board consisting of the presi- and one to the lecton f th J . h i icers and to tra nsact any ther business necessary. Election of officers will The Citizens' Service Company start ed business the past week, with Wm Pool as tank wagon operator. The bulk station will be erected at an early dat e near the Rock Island tracks Herbert Winter and Vivian Kinne, spent several days at Des Moines the fiff 1 ,* 6 ,*' Jl urch ^. n ? evuipment toi , the junior base ball league. ald the will Practice rst game be played May 14 „ of the season ar Armstrong. H. T. Winter left Sunday to enter a government hospital at Dwight Illinois for hospitalization. Herb has been waiting for several months to enter an Iowa hospital, but the hospitals of Iowa are full, and so a transfer had to be made. His hosts of friends here hope he will regain his health and soon return home. The American Legion Auxilasy has voted to put the City Park tennis court in readiness for playing as a community service project. This was formerly the best court in the vicinity, but for the past four years, has not been used. It will require a lot of work to jet it in shape but many favorable comments have been made and as tennis is again a favorite game much enjoyment is anticipated by the play- rs. With the Legion sponsoring jun- or baseball and the Legion Auxiliary ennls this part of the community ught to enjoy some snappy games in ne future. BANCROFT NEWS. Frank Allison of Algona was a business visitor here Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Janvrin of Webster City visited Bancroft Sunday. friends on Mr. and Mrs. William Blanchard and son of Humboldt visited friends here Saturday. Mrs. Oliver Mathson entertained the Lutheran Ladies' Aid at her home on Thursday evening. J. J. Sherman is the owner of a new Ford tudor sedan purchased from the Menke garage Saturday. Jake Wolfe returned Sunday from Algona where he spent the past week at the Lou Matern home. Carl Pearson of Algona spent Sunday at the home of his parents, Mr and Mrs. G. A. Pearson. St. John's high school played ball with the public s<ftiool Friday and were defeated by a score of 4 to 5. John Berbers left Thursday for Breese, Illinois, where he was callec by the sudden death of his mother. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Renger are the proud parents of a baby boy born Sunday. This Is their first child vjsited last week Tuesday at the ifome of their daughter, Mrs. LeRoy Schiltz. T Mr- 2 nd Mrs ' John L - Haupert of T.PH M ^ spent Sunday at the h ' ome "J s parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Mrs. Chalus celebrated her eighty- sixth birthday Tuesday. Mrs. Chalus s very well and as active as can be. She always has to tell her age or we miss it twenty years and more. f 0At a j e , cent meeting of the base ball team, Heinie Behnke was named cap- fm?; T ^ 8 f t , team has thelr schedule filled until the first of June after which they wish games. All communications Fral addressed to the sale and retail, ice cream, confectioneries, ices, and any other it may care to handle. The capital stock of this corporation shall be Ten Thousand Dollars ($10 000.00) common stock, divided into shares of one hundred dollars ($100.00) each, all of which is now fully paid up stock. The stock of the corporation shall be transferable only od the books of the corporation, on the surrender of the stock certificate properly assigned. There is also outstanding, two hundred fifty (250) shares of preferred stock, of the par value of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) per share, upon which stock is to be paid an annual dividend or eight per cent (8 per cent) as evidenced by the conditions of the certificates of said stock now outstanding before any dividend Is paid on the common stock. The affairs of the corporation shal be conducted by a board of director consisting of not legs than three o more than five In number, as may be determined by the board of directors each director shall hold office for one year, and until his successor is elected and qualified. Whenever a director disposes of his common stock, he special meetings of the stockholders at any time, and shall do so, upon the written request of two-thirds of the holders of the common stock. The private property of the stockholders shall be exempt from the liability , of the of the 46-49 O. H. Gret CHAS. H. TAYLOR, 611 ' Secretary Helen Oliver, daughter of Harvey Oliver, was operated on at the hospital in Algona for appendicitis. The little girl and her father had been here visiting relatives and were in Algona on their-,way to their home in Waseca Minnesota, when she was taken suddenly iU and was rushed to the hospital.; . shall immediately cease to be a director, and the remaining members of the board shall choose his successor fripm among the holders of the common stock. The board of directors shall elect from their number a president vice president, secretary, treasurer and genera] manager, who shall hold office fo,r one year, and until their successors are elected and qualified. The same Pftrty may hold the office of secretary and general manager. The, annual meeting of the stock holders of this corporation shall be held at the office of the secretary at Algona, Iowa, on the flrst Monday in March each year. Each stockholder snan be entitled to one vote for each u. r t of Dromon stock owned by him, which vote may be cast in person or by proxy. Notice of each annual meeting of the stockholders shall be given by letter mailed to each holder of com- Notice of Letting. Sealed bids wiU be received at the office of the county auditor, Algona Iowa, until 10:00 a. m., May 13th, 1931 ™ 1 M ravel surf aclng Secondary Road Districts No. 179, 161, 172, 156 157 It 163, 173, 137, 167, 142/116, 159 17? '166' 158. 174, 162, 64A, 169. 68 165 160 170 164, 175, 176, 177. 178, 128, 118 > 136 168 and 127. Involving 'l08,000 w. *te 814 SKJS 10a , d and haul one S 814,000 units of additional one-half mile haul and 34,700 cu. yds of S l8ra ? a , P , its> Blddin S additional information may ° f the and Algona, Iowa. April 27th, 1931. BERTHA E. JOHNSON, ' County Auditor. PROBAK -shop vind comfort) *rt home (PRQBAK6LAD Notice of Renewal and Extension of Corporate Existence of the Algona Ice Cream & Candy Factory. Notice is hereby given that the Algona Ice Cream and Candy Factory by proper and legal proceedings has renewed and extended it corporate existence for a period of twenty (20) years from March 1, 1931 to March 3 951 - and has adopted an amended and substituted Articles of Incorporation, which Articles of Incorporation among other provisions, include the following: . name of this corporation shall be The Algona Ice Cream and Candy Factory; its principal place of bUsi ness shall be Algona, Kossuth county &' h tvr uslness of tnls cw Poratioi shall be the manufacture and sale o ice cream, ices' and candy, and the corporation is also to carry on a wholesale and retail ice cream and candy business and shall be authorized to manufacture, buy and sell at whole- U8ETHEOKD MARSHAITS Do You Keep Up Your Check Book Stubs 1 Q NE of the many advantages of paying all of V your bills by check is the record you can have on your check book stub, You always save money by knowing the act state of your finances. If you are not k ing up your stubs regularly, try doing it few weeks and see what a satisfin ex- satisfying habit it is KOSSUTH COUNTY STATE BANKl Algona, Iowa

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