The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 29, 1931 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 1931
Page 3
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gfae Upper Pea Moines-Republican, April 29, mi fetiteti Couple Were Married iiatt Week, _i n S«*ton, Saturday af ' --- -«• , u*wvxt •jt/mouiiaiiH^tkb hospital last Friday. Rob- Satu^ yh \^ dera WCDt *° ton *f fi? tur . d i y the John and Sessloh te a x&v&y®^^ Breathes there the man with soul'sb dead who does not covet fame Who has no thirst to decorate the headlines with hS n ame? C> First Lutheran Church, 'Sunday Schoof & «!ifarni. v " : Evening! service at 8:00 p. m. iitfth.,. w^V 5 JS? 10 wm me «t at tHe 't Jtl&U Prtufty GVGlllricf flf 0tcrTi^ htts'. Hl *' ^'^on will ;Ue.the -The Junior Mission Band will meet Saturday afternoon at two i with Wllbert Richmond of and Mrs. Chas. Mft atid- MfcTTR sons, Mr. and Mrs. Law rence ,0axto and son, and Mr. and clbtl aws the Iminfen as the candle does the moth. | ':"' ' I ,11 IH » > I I .III. II Illll, Own a Modern Watch Jttazel Anderson spenf tKe^ weeit end at-the Leonard Anderson home Rake was visiting Jensen home last week. ° sbl ° 1 Oaborn. llis wisdom and hi « wives, The movie kings of -HoUrwood their consorts count by fives- i4^ kmS l afiK - in , 'ff ate ««^tygoft%oilbd eggs, ' And Widow Grsen of Diickhurst owned a cat witli' seven legs. One fellow won distinction sitting longest on a tack ^^™«M!tt^ Ai West Branch Iowa, stiirmands tie artistry of yore H. Hoover carved by boyish hands upon- that w. k door. the- week end Bnd Mrs- John Ma , ri . oill Osborn had'the misfortune to Des ^ hls aria bell home. arid • Airs. at ankle Goetsh spent • A. rence Saxton home. John Osborn recently purchased a bvVrfX 8ePar f at ° r - B te °P^ted oy an electric motor. Linus Jensen T.U ?, cl ^ te made a business Blue Earth Friday; th^ »! a S.- a Fu S ? h001 Party'was given'a the R'. T* Angus home Saturday. ^aWk'.'Macumber' has an ta- in her flnger this week. tr,T~,- ^ te society will meet with j Harry Hobson next week Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Sharp made i business trip >to Mason City Thursday. Springs vls e ited^friends 0 ^re eS Sund^ a Mr. and Mrs. Jack Qulnri returned home- from Pipestone, Minnesota, on Sunday. made and took Head-prize as-first to wear a dress Earl Carroll's bathing beauties with a fairy's garb™ less- One's mug adbrhj the page because Revivo ciSS dSffi- ffis neighbors' ^ got the best results from taking Mo vem's Pills. woi>ld has ne ed of you. with this bla tant ballyhoo «, i • vi s a an allyhoo Some folk enjoy the sunlight, some for witching mooiiSt fall But dazzling, luring liin'elight, Oh; it gets then! one 3 all. ' By George H. Free, Algona ii Her* two Sbli .-.are tprendiu models at. 7x^ / rc vi /wi . A j len , Spongberg and Mr. and 11 of Algona - v!sit TV —• -—www**, c*i» i/j, JVIgUIlli-, VZSlu-* wwoAii ed at the John Osborn home last week Monday. Thursday. ^ a , nd , Mrs ^? a y. to n Housman and ««•_ __.. __ " —-—J ""* '.AV/WM110O1 U11U "-*"* *-»*« Ml Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brown and sons of Lott s Creek. Gleaning Service— Remember Our Phone Number 537 We stand always ready to oblige the house wife who wants Immediate pick up and quickest delivery on garments fa}- be cleaned. ren For men, women 'and child, atfwell as household fabrics. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Hennlngsen of Graettinger visited at the E. M. Jensen hom e ounaay. 3£ M : £ Heater family of Wesley Tom O'Donnell and Fred Flalg made business tri P *o-TOrt S'Sg' " 1 " The following home base ball' games Wesley News Items Mrs. Ed. Oasler who was very ill a week ago, Is much Improved. — --\f —«««w-.i»«|j AAiuAic hsnov ucUl' KtLinci? will be played before the close of the school year: May 1, Burt here; May 5, Bancroft here; May 12, Grant here; May 22, Ledyard here. ' Rev. S. M. Gladstone attended a Fort Dodge Presbytery meeting at Lakota last Tuesday and Wednesday. There Henr y and Ivyl Marie . ere was a good attendance and reports were Mas on City visitors Saturday. Fred Anderson of' Algona spent of Thursday in Wesley renewing the ac- _ _ I nilO 1 TlT.aV»n/a f\f t*1*3 f u i_ u _«_ ,, _ u „ {JWVX4, U W V^AlUClillbC UlllJ from all churches were given. Mr. and Mrs. Hred Schoonver Honwf and dependable thfough'the te»f of year*, .Bulovtr watches have gained world-wide confidence and respect. Here are only two of a wide selection— from $25 to $2500. Mill liberty EMi'i/filMy •ngravtd) ••I with lix ilmulattd iapph!r«(*r •m»foldi). FUxIbU brae*- t »»— u, !•» to match, i j [ew.U . . >37 30 rot Ambanador'i Handiorftly engraved; radium dial) 15 |*wal. Flexible bar link band $O' TovincUv. i. »-""ciw»uiea at me carl Johnson home near Corwith Sunday Fred W. Wehler & Co. Jewelers and Optometrists. The baccalaureate sermon will be SSffJS'Sr- QMm B ™** y l- held , be at the Kermore hotel — r" -— w**wvr*. »».4 u* i , * •• -"J *^»»V>*Y ^ Vli , nclc dinner guests at the P. M 1 ua intance of old friends. nome nearl Christensen home last Wednesday Mr! Th P senior m n « v, u IS^rledr^i- ^^^^^^l^^^^^^^. 1 ^ 'graduated from' ^^BroSns | mark. 1 " C ° USUl ' Supervisor olaf ^nne w j^ s> -WWiam Henderson and Mr* ife. 01 ? 8011 , dr °Y e . to Humboldt on «.. .8iM\«u«.vwu, .iium LUC , iaroauiaw hospital at Des Molnes, May 12th. following visited at the Fred| boldt where they had relatives r om Hum- visited other ter ,i«r T if «<««>™°iaer enrertain- Howard^ il We^d^aftemL 0 * "" h ° me 1&st USS5wfc "~"""" """"". ^ ""1;*^" Wednesday' ur/fii ^Thurs'day a ^^S3SM^E££,»^te:^^r u»y near irvington. has been visiting her daughter at La's " on ** representative of the Wallaces „„,,> f and ^ EUo Rahn are the Vegas, New Mexico and son, Lyle at ? armer andihas as his territory Poca- parents of a baby girl born last Mon- Kerney, Nebraska. hontas county. * ""* day. she was named Bettv .Tunn I •»*•_. .; „.•__ ... . I MV nn j »,_,, -, . _. Mrs. Arthur Sprank and| w ^. an " Mr l- °arl Franzen, Enar and ty Jean. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sprank and L rMr - and Mrs - Ca rl Franzen, Enar and •Godfrey has rented the house of Tom O'Donnell went to Pipestone, Min- 5 "' were Sunday dinner guests at Tarbell and will move into It nes °ta, last Wednesday to attend Mrs. „ home of 'Superintendent and Mrs I. Mrs. Tarbell expects to go to Kerr>s funeral. Mre. Kerr was tihe E ' R ' Swanson. L. Mrs. Tarbell ana wiu move into It I " csol ' u 'i iasc vvi June 1. Mrs. Tarbell expects to go to Ke F" s funeral. Mre7 Kerr was'tihe Waterloo. B mother of Mrs. Jack Quinn and a A high school operetta, "Miss Car-'™ 61 " 1 °* the o ' Dt > nn ^'s. "" ""* "" " given at the school gymnasium May 17th. lat Friday, .A **u vii\; i , — —.— r «* v* A*A««I 01 iaU| iVtimic" evening, 5°ta. visited from Saturday until Mon' S5?.,- at the Frederick Schultz home. 'While here Mr. Schultz purchased o. xwupii iiuiDurt ana little son car uanng.was run into by a ma r.,,,.i 0 at the Henry Rath home at Union township who'was driving tti . ulu Curlew Sunday. (coupe. The Earing car liad^oth fen- Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Lease, son, Les„....,.•. i £l r ^ d famu y were Sunday guests at Robert Schultz of Marshall Minne- e ome of Mr - and Mrs. E. J. stud,).„ .j^ij-^j * _ . . i er near Corwith. Otto Ostercamp and wife and five months old baby, of Garner were Sunday visitors at the home of his uncle Herman Ostercamp. ' R. O. Bauer has had a crew of men at work making over his single garage into a double on,e. The walls are of hollow brick construction. u » ,, r^i I f . ^""-""'^ tuupe irom me Boa- famlly of Fen- erick Auto Company for his son. ome On the Wfty to . Algona lats' Sunday .. _ .. eve nlng at a.point two-nilles-south and i. John Rath and family and Mr. one-half miles east of Lone Rock' Os- klrs Ralph Hulburt and little son car Earing, was run into by a man from fl at the Henrv TJofh Vmm n «<• TTntnri fnnrnehin nrV,«'n; nn .^i^.., .ti : and ohndre n of Mrs ' EmU Wes- afternoon at the Brother Loses Leg. .-t°n. A Prtl 28. Special: Mr. and William 'Danner left Saturday . for Iowa City to be with Mr. are publio one of her birth - and rooms ln the g for exhibl- 15 - The - - f rogram w111 be h eld In the one . -_ Iowa amputated. Mr. . „» . r. and Mrs. Banner have received no information as to why the operation was performed. IRVINGrTON NEWS. Henry Sherman, president of Kossuth county organi2ation of the the a2aon of the Mastf * ^Barbers of America, drove to ° lt given May 18th'by Rev. Cleveland, the radio pastor at Station WNAX, Yankton, South Dakota. Merwyn'Holding upset his car Friday, night about two miles north of town. : w/ o — - »»wwv*v; v**W AiAUCa HVFVll OI .town. He:escaped injury b\it the car was s somewhat damaged. but the — _ „_ .,„„ riot damaged. iThey aU escaped Injury. 'The parent-teachers' association held .their regular meeting Thursday even- ;ing. The following program was giv- 2iL_ grot £ *'«*?*: what Has the „. -— -f- -- .~«fjw, Truav .ruts uie Home v a RJght, to,Expect of the School Miss?' S '• Glaidstonfe '' Piano 1 solo, H£SS£\ ^^tary and follolin^ officers 8 ^ .^ ur ?^! el cted; president,.N, L. Cotton; i*- T •« *• *%*LiJ'_ • ' _' - - * '' by. all grades was Special May devotions will take place eS ' > The Fred Wegener family ^, cll , nm . ed a number of friends at a dance on Saturday evening. Music was furnish-i .me seniors will pn ^i £ SSf* 0 * 10 * and Dur w«XlNeit- Play, "Safety First." a^ ulC u, »-«„, ' 'f^^^^A^^V^ynighte .i£ u !,.S£'e? »!? Present their class returned from For-lnasium aj-itt asSpajfe iSshhar* his home town for n»vt. mm- on^ m m _ ." (f "i wuiiam wwwvwvuwwvw home towiT to^nextyeirand wm ffiX^W K ^ m> ? Jenn and return here. * S'^^^fe^I^.R^erick, cast includes ' Gordon John New- Glenn and COFFEE Our Stock Consists of All Grades and Prices, Try Our La Salle Brand at 14c Ib. FHUBSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY . Cliase & Sanborn Seal OA ' -•«•« o«* **y *vvsvtci iun., IT,,,, Morris, Evelyn Blanchard and Lillian Angus. Admission will be twenty cents for grade pupils, 25 cents for i 8 , t sch001 pu » Us and 35 cents for adults. Other seniors are Fern Hart- 2S : H , ari1 i et Belter, Beulah Gladstone, nn,niH.,' a oC Church beginning Friday evening at eight p. m. in honor of the Blessed Virgin. Mr. and .Mrs. 6. Mclvold and two sons, Orion and-Wpble; spent Saturday and Sunday at the home of their .daughter, Mrs. Frank Kouba, Jr. Viggo Kiilsholm has been enjoying a visit from his brother and wife of 'near n^S .^Wa, They, left Monday morning for their home in the south The Methodist Ladies' Aid meets' thi week at the; Carl Hanson honie.'- rats is the meeting postponed from las week on account of bad road condl City Monday night to attend~th' ir meeting of the association m^mbere 6 neighborhood of fifty Nathan studer has received word ""£• * ? dwar<J at Excelsior; mat he is making prepar- the moving of his road grad- to Dickinson, North Dakota, has a contract for 185,000 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Riley were callers at Emmetsburg Thursday afternoon. Mrs. James Ard and Mrs. Elmer loppers at Mason lons where square yards of work. ,, Mte s Ruth Miller, daughter of O E h^ e ?n,?f TIt onka, called on friends' here Friday on her way home to spend the week end.. Miss Miller is completing a stenographic course at the busi- at Mason City and is about ready to accept a position. Guy M. Butts left Friday in his car for southern Missouri where he went « n A buslne ! s transaction. Mrs. Butte and her father, Mr. Ehlers, spent the week end at Plymouth with heVbroth- - and family. Another broth been « Dole" 00 " of the ot Mrs. Ida Riley who has been visiting at the homes of her sons, Arthur and Douglas, is now spending a few weeks with her daughter, Mrs. Chas. Armstrong of Livermore. Mr. and Mis. Eliott Skllling and daughter, Elizabeth Ann, and Audrey Fry of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Loss and family, and Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Miller, all of this vicinity spent Sunday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dole and family. A picnic dinner was held last Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs O. L. Miller and family. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Victor Applegate of Corwith, Mr. and Mrs. Jule Studer and family of Corwith, Harold Conway, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Gregson of Algona, Miss Audrey Fry of Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Potter of Cresco, Mr. and Mrs. George Gengler and family of Whlttemore. Everyone enjoyed a good time. _ -of this vicinity spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lambert Venteicher at Wesley. Taylor Thornton of Ontarioville, 1111"ok. s Pent last week at the home of his brother, Frank Thornton, and fam Mr. and Mrs. Erby Benson of Al gona spent Sunday afternoon at th home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hudso' and family. Miss Annabelle Bordwell of Liver more spent the past week at th home of her sister, Mrs. Douglas Rile and family. Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Miller were Sun day afternoon callers at the home o M rs . and tlons. Miss »!«;•" MUdred ' Beriton in company with a group of teachers from Emmetsburg and Britt attended the Drake Relays held in Des Moines over the week end. ald p - J - and son .,._,. .—I.,""' * ' "' tmuia. nuu BOH visited at the Leo Malecek home Sunday evening. MI?, and Mrs. R. B. Hopkins were guests at the Wellik home Sunday for dinner. v< t ,,, i Viggo Kiilsholm and brother and wife, and EmU Wester and Alan - children, his The high school' boys played the e > boys in a bae half game a? Renwick last week w<rinirig with — game and it was the best nlav- 2?,,8Pt of & 6eason - A. game" £*L thfe, Weefc Tuesday with ..there and another game Friday night here with Whittemore Hnwt^ H f nson - Raymond Hanson, Howard Hanson, Gordon Giddings, Hanson and families, -Mr. n Tr^ 1 " 6 " 06 Ha nson, Rev. and _ O. H. Moore. Mr. and Mrs. Fred . Dlekmann and " «piwoa""V«~Tu —"^ «»""jr invited themselves to the pleasant Carl Hanson home Sunday where they sprunKa hnan PPy birthday surprise on Mr Han° n ' ,f a ± «»*«"> »•*">*. O f a of Corwith. Mr. and Mrs. Zeke Smith and family were Sunday afternoon visitors al tlje home of Mrs. Smith's sister, Mrs Douglas Riley and family. 0 « Mr ^2 nd ¥ rs ' Pred °elgel and family and Edward Mawdsley of this vicinity spent Monday evening at th& home of Mr. and Mrs. o. L. Miller and family. Mrs. George Scuff ham was a business ness caller at Fort Dodge one day the the past week. Mr. and Mrs.-Alvin Weber were also callers at Fort Dodge Friday. James Donahoo and daughter, niM, r> ' "fr son> Leo> an <l friend, Dick Reynolds^pf Waterloo spent the relatives here. and •NOTICE Truck Owners! Here's a Buy! GoodyearPathfinder 10-pfy Heavy Duty 32x6 $20-75 Goodyear Tires, Willard Batteries, Washing, Greasing, Brake Testing, and Relining. Phone 26. We call for and deliver, Clapp's Master Service Algona, Iowa . Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Olson spen Friday with relatives at Fort Dodge. The Ed. Jorgensens recently moved from Algona to the F. A. Corey ranch Miss Kathleen McTigue of Algona Is caring for the household duties of Mrs [ D. D. Sparks. Grover Reed family, north of Brand Coffee, can Five pound cans, per pound Hill Bros. Coffee, per pound 35c 39c Long's Food Shop Winners of our word contest announced next week , were visitors Sunday Dutton home. at the M. Mrs. J. H. Fraser and family enjoyed a visit the past week from her mothejv Mrs. Benedict. Eva Germann of St. James Hood of Waconda, South Dakota, came Thursday evening and was a guest at the Lewis WUdin home until Sunday afternoon. Mr. and MJBH. Harry Sabin eoent Sunday evening V the hSSeof Mrs 3tella_SaWn in Algona vjsitlng an aunt'. Mrs, p. D. Boloman of Spencer. vicinity Attended of Mrs from er^l fwday , B*as jat whjttempjre tn the n ohurcli; She wajs the nioth ey of Mrs, Lelajid Mrs. Frank Haldeman assisted her father, R. A. Clark at the store on Monda y- Mrs. R. A. Clark spent the day at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles Reaper, east of town. Mr. and Mrs. Orvllle Varner and 11 tie daughter returned to their home a Keokuk the fore part of last week afte a four day visit with Mrs. Varner parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Teeter Mildred Gerber came home Thursda after spending a week with her sis ter, Mrs. Sam Mogler at West Bend who has suffered for several days wit w»t t walk two days. ; 1 her back - Vlcto if relative and unable * of Corwith Wends her fl. , ens er Saturday, closing her school betweei ft n, d St. Benedict on Friday A picnic dinner was enjoyed by the Friday evening, April tenth, Mrs Wm. Runchey entertained ten couples n honor of her son, Fernley's. twenty- econd birthday. Most of the guests Epworth Leaguers. Games «™-~ enjoyed, _Mrs. J, F. Schoby of Algona visited Thursday with Mrs, W. F JenkS who can now get from the-betfioS chair alone and wajk about the house with a chah- before her- She ajsg went for a car ride last week, but her ngnt hand remains quite numb. Mr. and Mrs. Archie McDaniels of Sioux Rapids were visitors last wee Wednesday evening at the D. D. Spark home. Mrs. Nellie Brown of Boon returned with them for a visit having spent four weeks here with her daueh ter and other relatives and friends ' Mr ;, and ^ Mrs ' Pred Parks took Mr and Mrs. Frank Miller of Titonka to Iowa City to the hospital a week ago Saturday, returning home Sunday. Mrs Miller underwent an operation and on Wednesday Mrs. Parks was called, remaining until Friday. Mrs. Miller is an aunt of Mr. Parks and little hopes are held for her recovery. New and Used We trade new for used, so when cleaning house and you have something you want to trade in if you will let us know we will call and see it. We do repairing and upholstering The Furniture Shop mo SQQ ., •_ Phone 399 Algona, Iowa

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