The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 29, 1931 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 29, 1931
Page 2
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MoiMs-ttepttblicatt. April 20, "• *asan!?i±rsf - * Subscription Kites la Kossutfc County 7 at per of Business Depression »Ji AV ? 2 ^ u H eus t°»>s duties on foreign goods tore- rers here have arrived j vented them from being "dumped 1 'up- that many 6, gtoup ?" our unfortunate shores, thus mftk* rtiticians and pseudo- \«£ ^J^JS*^ WOTse mn the • the id th t E s * t * nB *° thuvk Display Advertising, 30c Per Inch Composition 5 cents per inch extra. - .- CANVASSERS AND FEDDLEHS. 1 A !«•«., If .. n,,Hn t, , Algona and Fenton UUrlnff tnP nn_c:f, four /-Inire li n ..«*.».*. I During the past few days housewives have been more or less bothered with peddlers, canvassers, book agents and a The the I Closely old for true and although some of them looked "a* I T , he . truclc owr *ed by George Godfrey I *',"""", " my '°° K U P°" as the founda-lred rfnriimint'w"""-^""'^"/' """" aac " S frnS m n, m8gaZlneS C ° Uld be se «H w ere flve p6rsons ta the ^rby c£ "on or more ago? lioTlong S"} Scan V Te ? StM ST m , OTe em ' ed from either newspaper office at a As he approached the stalled truck he L? ke an industrial baby to grow UD'M»imti3»« U, a f erted , that - of all the lower price than they are gotten from s ]ack ened his pace. Directly behind H< J7 l on * must it remain a charity States shmM hot^f I * the , Uillted agents and guarantee sure returns for ? ta was °- H< Geronsin, also of Pen- patlent ln Un de Sam's orphan asylum unorfthpnl i h » laat to fal1 back the investment. Every article offered h"' 7 10 l a Nftsh ' ^^ were *>* Per- on an * ce ^am and cake die^a:teH i" te whollv ^ff 06 ^^"?,? 11011 that churches and other institutions of Fauerby and Geronsin parties had ^V' ln * worthy effort to assist nm )J? ?2 V ?, ad no hesit ation In declar- value to the town going, m many been to Eldora for the da P y and were brothers and sisters in real Zd un M™! ^P^ 1 "^ to internat <°n a l cases these agents are out looking for "turning home when the accident oc- merited dlst »*s, must a lot O f Renerous in thJ I °™ ? f ^ gr^test obstacles easy money and there are always some (ou(rred ' No member ° f elto er party was a , nd ram P a "t spenders of otter ££? Such an nn± nCOm ^ erdal recov ery." people who will fall for fhoir CM, D ™ injured, pie's money indulee in n. Knncm «* i, * r uwl an utterance from a powerful I win iaii ror their schemes. I I * ™ a uige in a spasm of nat- Pennsylvania republican ought to be cut out and sent to the two United States senators from that state, with the request that they paste it In then- hats for future reference. «, M f ^contended, on the other hand, that the democrats and their allies among the academic economists In their solicitude for the welfare of America s foreign competitors have never concerned themselves much with the iTy^wh-^ 6 ^- 0 ^- 111 ^ 51 ^ pr °- sper market. Soumll v built to serve yon long aud well iuenpn tat- imrn/i aneojlhe many mnrvflouily aeairaetaagetuseJtamcin- tain Chixmltt quality If you could eec one-quarter butice Ithc new Chevrolet nttd arc indiviitu- Six being built, you ally fitted by hand. would understand why It performs so well, lasts so long lmpose taxes o ex- THE INVESTIGATION. Former Algona Folks The fact that nothing of great wrong Now in the Ozar was found In the recent investigation C uzaf «"| we have been told that" "tomorrow of the state university was received"' J> Hutchison, formerly the North- ? neve F comes," but it looks very much with satisfaction by the Iowa nubile weste ™ fr eteht agent at Algona, who X the ^ore-mentioned unprejudiced There was, of course considprnhio »t to Branson . Missouri, a few ervers here as though "" , WA uuui&e, COnSlueraDle ex- I vnafc «r»« » A «^_ i.t__ »»„. ' - _ . icw | crrav Annmit _* _„ "6" but has from •^^^ZTSISS^^'TBMIfiat»FL= < n tune to time heard rumors of the battle of Wilson's r-rppt „„*. ~r a safe * — •? *"rf»*vi***i*iig nil ttUUUUIJt I to r,ime neard rumors of th e battle of Wilson's Creek, one of and now It has been jne bloody batltes which occurred near V were as a min ,,n. I there during the early days of the <"*" ' "• Iowa x ' • and • -— •* "-*o •** will a, «5ttIP recent eruptions of the volcano, It would seem to , were as a — and the officers from president down, vindicated. The motive for this investigation may have been the result grievances, but in our well worth state , ou seem tn clear that our.governmentel^cTen? 8 ado " and brings go much satisfaction and pleasure to its owners. The quality of raw materials'is held to standards unsurpassed anywhere in the automotive industry. In the manufacture of the engine alone there are hundreds of separate inspections. Pistons are matched in sets to within one-half ounce. Piston pins must be within 1V4 tenths of one one-thousandth of their specified size. Connecting rods ore matched to within adoped th!i of King Los > o f e ason and Dlxon it was line and ten miles souih of where we Spent to the nf -BVn., 7"B-»" ui -n-uiK JUOU1S • fjSl B> l Apres nous le de(After us the deluge), it is " "i, that they had in mind '-expressed advice of that f arch r t cl °^ to *Jf e Mason and Dlxon o^?'? >medlan ' **<* Stone, who in and ten miles souih of where we SSS* P ron ounced Broadway success at . Branson the y do not observl I? 16 Red M "l'' sang to us to "Go whTe ration day. You will note that th l ^ oln> *• &°od." ^o wnue **** gives hih raise ° ne ° the *»» to ex e e Ve a . ranso f!? Governor Turner was Decoration day. You will note that th l ^ oln> *• &°od In calling for the investigation* 6 **** gives high praise to the ° ne °{,, the * e complaints had been filed. x °7 a boys. Wilson creek Is Just out- £? l ?L 1of h " cold> ide of Srin m ° rnln to experience the «»» H. "'""""«ior me investigation " le wnter ^ves ftigh praise to the «,„"" °i me nrst to after the complaints had been filed r° wa boys - WIlson cr eek Is Just out- chui , of this "cold, gra If we had a law asking for a thorough I e of s Prl n 8fleld. We are having ,, ng after " was an auditing and investigation of everv ? ne Spring weath er here, had lettuce Pi ^ US u partlclpant i nt he orgy State **»«*•**••-*•*- _ cvciy | from Olir num !horfo ira<.fn*.^».. m ' niffnc nnfrvr-o •««•--._. _ii_ .°* 1 «,,„«„,« daw n of the active and hi" the w **c I.OOKS UKE HORSE PLAY. regards to Algona friends' j wishes to yourselves." I Livermore Man ocooiuii ine Bcn Escaped at Anamosa. teLn^h d ^ Wn toe °" ta *"r<*°™ b B ms"| HMJboidt Re p uWlcan . offlcla , s because the house would not stand for ^ nu , ed their ^^h today for nqyd ^_ COU .^? s !! ssor bm and the gov- ^i°Ll" V 5™5 e ' lnmate « Ant- Ber - —— "• ITWLUU iioi/ stana ior the county assessor bill and the governor vetoed the road bond bill because the legislature turned down the income tax bill. Prom the start the legislature locked horns with Governor Turner and It was a constant battle throughout the entire session. The legislature passed fewer laws than were Passed in the I92n session and in that tton 1 " 1 ! J< i St1 ,^ e Same S ° me Of t^c" Uons look like horse play. New Elevator to be Built at Wesley. Special: The con- TTA/»fr fr\t* tU —*-"*•••**. .me *jvni- ecrVS h,f * i? 5 6W wareh °us e to be er- S? &%£^£%3%S*Z ^KA^AV^ building will be of frame construction ciaa with dimensions of 26 by 60 with two stories high The first P^foCw^l b^fee^i »"^ -n the south side covfered b foot eaves, — — •*'*"•"**'> miim^G ui Ana- serving a five year term, who es. irom the state farm Sunday af- in, offering a reward of $50 for his capture. Taylor was committed to tne reformatory February 20 1930 when he plead guilty to "the crime of displaying on a motor vehicle, license number plates other than the number plates licensing such vehicle " ^"ylor, 26 years old, is of medium , has a medium dark complexion, eyes, and brown hair. He is flve nine and a half inches In height forty-eight pounds. °His wlfef^LIver- hT^ 1 ' M ?V Wilda Wllson Taylor OFLS rlPPn Tirm»l^l*^«. {_. T3I«~i T^ j in Fort Dodge, and Brothers are living if he had it to do over of Utan - and -powered telescope Play to dls cover P a -— Be the great home I ...„.— So they have probably been to busy to note the conversion of Dean Donham, of the Harvard F~*— Business Administration, a leading free-trader, to this fundamental protectionist doctrine. The case for the home market as the keystone of the industrial structure and the I need for discretion in reaching out ? rj y {or those branches of foreign f trade that promise to be permanently profitable has never been more forcibly presented than in his latest book "Business Adrift." Says Dr. Donham: "If we in this country change our tactics and start toward free trade it will be because powerful groups are more interested In the industries based on mass production than to our other industries, and because, lacking a general plan, they unconsciously sacrifice tnese other industries on the altar of mass production and risk the future o, this country on the hazards of international trade. The principal market for our Industries, great and small, is the home market." t< J, t JV > stron 'sly republican I Pllnll/*. T.a*4*MM 1 Chevrolet preclllon tnttru- menu an regularly checked agalntl matter gauge* which an accurate la ant millionth of an Inch The spediai alloy* Steel crankshaft Clarrolet tart art run (ntf* lltmt of miles weA^jw at !M «I«A «.il.i K A4 « t General Motors grtat 18 tne subject Of proving ground truly amazing euro and precision in manufacture and cannot vary from per* fee lion in balance more than V4 Inch* ounce! These few examples of Chevrolet standards Indicate the care used in the manufacture of every part of the cor. Soundly built to serve you long and well! No com- promise with quality In manufacture means no compromise with complete satisfaction in ownership. CHEVROLET SIX The Great American Value Wend nf s cover rnend of the new tariff, law In the midst of the ' of dis strain of unpremeditated praise. His main argument Is that, bad £; has been which e nvTn ", i if, i, v, °"«nsjy repumican Philadelphia Public Ledger, by,, assuming: that the rate of duty is added to the retail price of merchandise, and also ignoring the fact that almost two- thirds of imports are free, the democrats have produced a misleading mass ot figures with regard to every tariff law. American labor, which so strongly supported the present tariff legislation, should be the first to defend this measure, which, together with re Krrripr.inn nf tM-.«.i»__i.i _ _. >.. . Sec your dealer below jr, Titonka Roderick Auto Co., Lone Rock BROS. Distributors, Algona WfislPtr Aiitv\ n*. *»i__^_ Wesley Auto Co ., Service Motor Co.. Burt Asserting that the country is aware " s aware concentrated effort of pacifism ^J to , , geer w restriction of immigration,, constitute schools and colleges;" the Nattona! Defense committee of the Daughters of the American Revolution called on that organization to take a firm stand against the "pacifist agitation to wreck tne national defense act of 1920." The committee also urged that the United States lose no time In building •«*» v* miiiiigi atiuil,. UOJlSWlUU such an important safeguard In th LltTlA nf 1acca*iajJ tv**3..r,l—i _^ _ LI n S) P n ° hn Sterling, Kansas. , . ers are ivine at . Ro '/ e a nd Eagle Grove. He wal at ' . When he n^?H US for a lift ^ Or elevatio -. -^mmodities to and from the secon floor. The final rubbish which ha accumulated iron, their recent fir when the eleator building burned t the ground, is being hauled away an cleaned up this week. Ed. Hildman i manager of the elevator with Ed Loe big, assistant, manager News and Comment. troduced «^1 n, generally thought that Governor Turner played a bad card when he vetoed the road bond bill ^Xt^roirwo^rKowmg nTSirShSo Bilr ' wasdefeated ^ Kin e^Alfonso should come to Chi- hls niillions. Some guy in •• "«*^4*ig wneu lit and has not been seen since. Gang War Feared at Bancroft. ceKlerrS^s 1 ^ nV°o5?%g OUt in nhinon-^ ««^ _..*..-.. . J 7 U "K I1L sin I,*" C i hiC ,? go and similar episode occurred ^' H R1Va , Iry ln n reduced Prices of "wet „ —-~w« H * i^co ui wet KC long been a source of strife but a the first and goods in _ -——--" vuuuujr wnere wiey were JS*S ^oo^TS^S ^ n l^ *«* Bend : Dougi^ ey - are at and and ' and children the de- d by three brothers . T, Thomas of rvlng of • • —-o "* * W^I^CiOtflJ, IOWfl| sisters, Mrs. Levia Woodward and iwW m argar , et . Jenks of Palisades and Mrs. Eliza Scott of Clifton, both cities in Colorado. The deceased wa* converted at Gait, towa. taiwe S v wt : srK v a '^ u i att f_ ndanfc -«*» *£ th P °i r ^ d n 0nCe ln Kossuth cunty the South Cresco Methodist church ' reputation am-1 and v'P" a rival on the spot" has never before a dM nCd ln , SUCh a bloody manner as did one dny the first of the week A badly bruised ear and several win Placed kicks in the groin put onp man hc the customary hours but all was y 88 pro ^ es - s 'nB Was written. for unabte to for n f Pn / r ° er a f ^w s usual as It is has not h™ Jo,; 1 ' lur n K"tB nas not vet been definitely determined and it may be n«»«-™ f, caJ i o, mcmbe ,f ^ matters be- crews to fore a final territory agreed upon. will bc- Ten years ago we all thought w were rich and prosperous and durin the past two years we all thought w were broke and going to (lie bow-wow and in both cases it was pretty rnucl imagination. Lieutenant Governor McFarlane mav be hurt politically, but his colleagues, hold him in high esteem as an honorable and fair-minded executive and as the legislature adjourned;, prMenti him with a handsome traveling bag. With all the criticism going on ovei our young boys and girls we do not believe they are any worse than the boys and gir'is of the past. They may be less hypocritical and pull stunts more openly but they don't pull anything , that some of our present day granddads and grandmothers did -not pull. Will Governor Dan Accept the Suggestion. Toledo Chronicle: It is told that one good friend of Governor Dan W Tu?n r " ma ?^ h °o WaS , an enth usiastic sup- of the Corning man during the une primaries, recommended eleven ifferent persons to the governor for °ss Pin»u x m f ents but wlthout suc- 11 t ™ allv ' determined not to have 11 or his suggestions overruled, this t^J? u t0 , the B0vernor recommend---„ that he issue a Thanksgiving proclamation, feeling certain that af least lowed ou r t eCO " lmendatl0n WOUld be fo1 - :> na,^t7 v "^ a ""' al ^ K& lor nones ty and '" dustry - He was a good husband and friend" * &00d neiehbor a^d M P ^i a J suervices were held at thi Methodist church in Algona Friday af ternoon at two o'clock. Rev Alfei w B f d0f r,?° 0d , Hopeofflclat e<l. Buria was in Riverview cemetery. Wesley Has Town Booster Group. Wesley, April 27. Special- The " fC ^l n . h - e °^ a n.'-dinto T a e turned to Chicago and are now resld ing at the South Shore View hotel. The bride is a prepossessing youn lady, a graduate nurse having practlc ed her profession In Chicago for the past few years. Personally we believe Andy Is a lucky man to win so handsome and talented a bride. Mr. Berens, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Berens, was born In Bancroft and during his residence here was just the average small town boy, however, he had a vision of conquering larger fields and five or six years ago packed his rf/v- g ^? S and hlt for the "Windy City. For some little time there was some question as to whether the move i t ° Wn boosters who areTur- entertainment Obituary of the Late Edward Wildin. a screen for the movies will be in the east part of town between the Partners Cooperative creamerv and t-ho A L. Klelnpeter quality store Britt M^TG^t Village Mail Delivery .- perseverance he managed to secure a job with a reputable utuity rnnrp™ and soon developed ^ tne £ H c »i oomn « Through fortun- J'tuuStt'T*!? - b^een ^-^•sirarafflwaE^ Telegraph Company, associated with mnh*£E±5 aI F elephone & Tele- Wlth civil ^ Wp'tu'attons \t; Other no 1 /.otlT 4">—.vo, . ro»y, ay i came the second flier of than-air machine ever to grounds. * • • and posal cipal reasons for this dectelon wL sa?d &?T ei V at £ he ' white H °use. J&si , , f , I to be the discovery that about one^ut SS?' 5 er , teacher ^^ h( * secretary, of intensive conferences at- of each thirteen applicants fo? tb^. remauied f °r luncheon. Miss Keller government farm leaders, positions has had a police record. Here- med awar a of everything that went of the Federal Farm BoartU f °rcement di^tons^^UwVvil' OT I £ ecelvln * from the UPSHOT han^oT TO solve the problem of dis- v 'ce have been so recorded i? t ^"npaDaons the comment of her- its unprecedented wheat sur- • » . hosts, and tapping back messages S /U ^ 1 nrf f S y1300 ' 00 ?'1 00 bu- Successful results have been obtain- Sffi? £ ^ er v"^ expressions of de- thThn ^ M , reply to re P° rte that tog to an announcement bvD » nSSSf 1 W , 01 £ d attempfc "^mediately G- Abbott, astronomel-and s • • * h 1 star bond salesman. a ' While Vice President Curtis Is try- t up u« mind whether he on an °ther Hoover tick- the sun sends to th e earth are the °' MaJ ° r Changes in ^ weath. » • • success.' --.... ... *iAw ouiiutroo. p ^ e Bancro " friends of the newly- (3(1*1 Wlcn fn-w 4-U_^. At-_ _ _ . . . " srp sure -- -»»v«u \j± u*ic nc wiy — --. for them the greatest mea- happhiess in the years to come. ..— „ « v *u4A uu uiiuuier jioover tick A**. * ec or again seek his old seat in theL,f % r w ° unsuccessful attempts, an I fo? a s eP n^. maJ o° r ^ PWldenttaM ff^-SS 6 *°PP«» gently t£ekrto lh?« wn« S apper of the sam e state tho K n^h^u re S' polnt Iandin 8 °" has blossomed. Information has lust' r^«it< uth ^^^ Hous e grounds de- reached Washington that the admirers I S? Sltng Jta Ray - tes t l«uot, to kllow s^^jsspsyjs *? Midd * ?«Ste ^SSS'ILSS: •*****• pi ^ Washington News - • — By Pred Holmes, Wash Correspondent for the U. D. M.-R. of the if if ^ — I, * "° " e " lu i ana Curtis takes himself out a second GEO. L. MILLER BUILDING CONTRACTOR We Build Model Houses Estimates Furnished, Phone 753 610 South Dodge St. Algona, Iowa, 43-tf » « * The republic of Spain has been formally recognized by the United States The American ambassador, It was an e n d OUfl T ed , at the state department dl «L th* ministry of state in Madri ^~"'*.^-l\* n/WlloJIil TT "", -"•""'•j' afternoon, April 21 He Dad been in an accident working in the fields - " aem The posit office department is read > give Britt village mail delivery IV de ifu e ^ t whon th °y ha ve com with the regulations by plai _. names at the corners and num bers on the houses. age of five years he came to Iowa Former Bancroft Man Weds in Chicago Register: Announcements were re cently received by Bancroft friends and relatives of th e recent marriage of A Bfens, former resident of this city ,-t f°r the past flve years a resident of_Chlcago. »««u«.«k •h at St. Andrew's Cathe;o he was united in mar- Myrtle Ashlund of Ash- Wisconsin. After a brief honeymoon trip, Mr. and Mrs. Berens re- Washington, D. O., April 27—The administration is sticking to Its planto get American armed forces out of Ni :aragua at the earliest possible mom snt. It has not permitted recent out- by banditry in the Central Am- country to shake is determina- ™r "L te matt er. Indeed, the course JoUowed, as announced by Secretary ft 1 " 180 "; since reports of the kill! a " d 10 °ting by bandits on the east coast not only is In entire accord with tne plan of ultimate evauation of all ^f^ ed ?fff of the United States, but gives added promise that the plan is to be carried out. With Senator William E. Borah chairman of the Senate Foreign Relation. Committee defending ThY^S- ministration's right to permit another power to protect its own nationals f, fro C ver Re v Ua in SU %f ^ of a sha '"P »"over — ... v .tk.^1/ i;uiJKJ-t'a3 ovei '7 American policy have multiplied Discussion of the administration's de- Ision not to extend further protection o Americans in the Nicaragua!) inter- or have continued, with administration upporters Insisting that Preslden" pover has not reversed this nation's Nicaraguan policy and with Senator Royal s. Copeland, democrat, of New York, charging that it is a reversal and iat the administration ought to be ashamed" to withdraw the protec? on that has been afforded the na- onals of this and other countries, i "**** x * *»*v.*j(jMibiuu f one n6w r< is thoroughly in control of th mi ,i j> . L " is determined to ful Sat tt ^ f™ atl ° nal obligattons? an that it will, in due course, regulariz ifai status by holding popu] ar elfctioM [PERSONAL LOANS On Easy Terms Beady Cash-Service We loan you money on a few ..—I on household furnitur'n nnri aUptoniobiles, and allow you to HAWKEYE FINANCE 00. represented by «jysf tQ *8f&v®* rather talk tnan write J When you sit down to write a letter and words fail • • • just pick up your telephone and talk it over LONG DISTANCE ;#'„ . } 4«^Jt^tatndMM

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