The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 29, 1931 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, April 29, 1931
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--Ten Pages. MO.tJte3, 44th 38th TEAR ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29, 1931 VOL. 28—NO. 46 ALGONA OFFICERS CATCH MAIL LIQUOR VIOLATORS PAY COUNTY $4000 Outnumber Other Cases by- Large Majority in Last Two Years, PISH AND GAME VIOLATIONS NEXT. County Attorney O. D. Shumway Compiles Statistics fot the Years 1929 to 1930 Inclusive. Kossuth county authorities have made an enviable record In fines and convictions during the past two years. There have been three life sentences *°r bank robbery and the county authorities have, through Investigation, assisted in bringing to Justice two men given life sentences for bank robbery in the state penitentiary at Fort Madison, and have been directly responsible for the apprehension and conviction of two other men sentenced for bank robbery to Imprisonment in the state penitentiary at Stillwater, Minnesota,,^,- '''• Total Sentences. The total of penitentiary and jail sentences amounts to 136 years, five months and 24 days. The total fines In . Justice courts either paid or stay bonds posted by responsible persons amounts to $2648.50 and the total fines and forfeitures in district court either paid or stay bonds posted by responsible Individual persons Is $5012.00. The total fines 'collected amount to $7660.60. Summary of Fines. A summary of the fines and offenses taken care of in the Justice courts are as follows: thirty-eight fish and uamfi .taw violations amounting to $1305.00^ thirty-eight liquor law vtolatyons Irvington Man Takes Own Life in Canada. The body of Simon Gaffney, former well known Irvingtort man, arrived at the Laird & Reimer funeral home on Saturday from Prince Albett, katchewan, Canada. According to a letter received By Laird & Rfilmer from an undertaker there, the deceased had, according to all indications, shot himself In the head. The body was found In a shack on his farm and had been there for some time. They gave 'no reason for his act. The deceased was the.son of Mr. and Mrs. John Gaffney of the Irvington neighborhood and was reared in that vicinity. Of recent years he had been living on a farm in Canada. He was unmarried and leaves two brothers, Robert and John of Irvington and two sisters, Mrs. George Bradley of North Dakota and Annabelle of California. Funeral services were held In the Irvington church Tuesday with Rev. A. English officiating. Burial was in the Irvington cemetery. GRANT JORDAN DEAD IN INDIANA Former Algona Man Stricken While on Streets of Bloomington. HEART TROUBLE AS CAUSE. MRS. 0. MADSON 'DIED FRIDAY P.M. Had Been HI for Two Years. | Funeral Was Held on ; Sunday, WAS ACTIVE IN LOCAL CLUB WORK; •Served for Several Years as Woman's Chairman of the County Republl- can Central Committee. The many friends of Mrs. O. Madson Were saddened last week when they learned of her death which occurred •.Friday afternoon at four-thirty. She •had been in failing health for the past .We- years, and had been bedfast for several weeks. About a. month ago she FAMILY WARFARE ON IN BANCROFT Court Room Garden Provides Bridal Bouquet All winter County Clerk Orton and' County Treasurer Kruse have been car- I ing for numerous geraniums and other | plants in the court room of the court!•-•"••.. house. The plants are strong and Robinson Brother* "Flip TTI healthy and have bloomed most of the * VU "" 1BUU -Diuwiers Jllie in- fofcmation Back and Forth Against Each Other. Was 'frne of fhfe 'Well Known Men of the Algona. Community Twenty tears Ago. 'Word watte to Algona last week of the Strdaeii death of Grant Jordan, who Tor 'iriany years was one of the public Indiana, in the middle of hide _ „ _ of larceny ;'amounte"d 'to V28-5D; <r ninfe •o^ 0 " 6 " 0 ?'' " <sa $^~ a PP*ared Winging $25.00 and eighty days In jail; one illegal retention of a 'storage battery came to $33.00, which was laid out m Jail; three violations of the pure food law $30.W); three disturbances of the peace amounted to $2o:oo; Tour used blasphemous or obscene 'language and were fined a total of $37.0 guage and were 'fined a 'total of $37.50 •with thirty days In ]afl. One person •was fined 510 for destroying a "fox den: $5000 to Tines. In the district court fines 'for liquor ~ 1 ""—.amounted to approximately .. , tony others fined laid it oiib In Jafl. ity • total of 'forty-one t>ffen'd- ers appeared in district court "for liquor violations and were assessed fines ranging from $15.00 to three years in the penitentiary. County Attorney G. D. Bhumway has. In accordance Tvlth past custom, com- pfled the following statistics -with re'"" sards fines and sentences "levied in the district and Justice courts in and for Kossuth county, Iowa, on criminal prosecutions for the period 'commencing January 1,1929 and ending January 1, the afternoon. It seems that Grant had'been 1 making his home at Bloom* ington for a number of. years, since* leaving Des Mioines where he went from Algona. It is thought that a heart attack was the cause of his sudden death. "Grant Jordan was one of the well 'known characters of Algona twenty years ago. His work was mostly on the road as a salesman or agent for some concern and as he was a glib 1 talker he met with considerable success. His business operations were always secondary when a poltilcal campaign was on and he took part in all of the many Joca} ..bitter campaigns typical of those dayS In Kossuth county. Grant Jordan first saw the light off day. on a farm near Indianapolis, In-,, diana, January 25, 1869. His lather]. returned home from Nevada where she had spent two or three weeks in the sanitarium in the hope of Improving her health. Nicollne Catherine Marie Mailand was born in Slesvig, Denmark. When a young woman she came to this country and a few years later was married to O. Madson at Spencer where they lived for about six years before coming to Algona in 1896. The life of this devoted couple has always been a romance, which has won the admiration of a'll who knew them intimately, and realized the beautiful companionship that existed between them. In their private life their happiness in each others' company kept them from wide association. In a public way, Mrs. Madson was widely known all over the county. Active hi Politics. For many years she served as woman chairman of the county republican central committee and as such took an unusually: active part. Through her untiring efforts she developed an organization all^over^the county which. " ~ winter. Thursday morning the bios? soms were all gone. They had been plucked for a bridal bouquet very very early Thursday morning. Tne story goes that a young couple from Minneapolis started out to drive k> Algona Wednesday night to be mar. [•Jed. They had planned to be married .tile last of May, but decided to steal a.march on tnelr friends and be mar- ,rJed sooner. On the way to Algona their car broke down and it was about one-thirty Thursday morning when they arrived at clerk Orton's home and wanted him to go to town with them to secure a license. Mr. Orton wasn't very anxious to get up at that time of the morning, although he is an early riser, but he finally consented. After the young couple had secured their license they asked about securing a minsiter because the young lady Inslted that a minister and not a Justice should marry them. She was disappointed because they had arrived CECIL EOBINSON FOUGHT HALLOWAY. Officers Searched James Robinson's House and Find Liquor Presumably Planted There by Someone Else. Former Burt Boy Attempts Suicide. Merrill, twenty-three year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Toothman of Burt and R nephew of Mrs. Oscar Anderson, shot himself in the stomach with a thirty-two caliber revolver on Monday at Forest City. No reason was given for his action which may prove fatal. Eye witnesses stated that he drove up to n tire station and got out of the car pointing the gun at his stomach. One of the persons watching him told him to look out, the gun might be loaded, but he pulled the trigger before they could stop him. Tills was about six-thirty at night). He was taken to the hospital, where physicians stated that it was doubtful was a Civil War veteran, and Grant.' who;fwas an only child, always stressed patriotism during his life. He at n tended the Valparlso School and taughfe *egu- ttgo Mi*, &j& TPOB1". 7-T-7- — -*-»—•* -r*v» i **vwv*» prevented Her from Attending all tBe meetings, but her. resignation ;wa,B, flot accepted. Mrs. Madsoh'was always aft untiring worker in anything 'that she "believed was worthwhile and she was particularly la-' terested in woman suffrage and TVO- meri's clubs. : During netlife In ATgona Mrs. Mad-: son worked actively In the Congregational church where 'she was president 1 of the Ladles' Aid for several years and assisted "with all other phases -of the work. Organized 'Clubs. "When thB Algona "Woman's club was organized .a few years ago Mrs. TVfad- 1 son was chosen the first 'president and served for two years. She was ins' f .ru-j mental In organizing'the club'by merging the home economics club 'and 'the library aid society. She was 'also in- in Algona too late Jo secure flowers. She had planned so much on having flowers. Then Mr. Orton bethought himself of the court room garden and proceeded to strip the plants of their blooms to make the bridal bouquet. The young man asked the price of the license and when told $1.50 handed Mr. Orton some bills and telling him to keep the change, walked out. When Mr. Orton came to count the bills he found he had $8.00 which left him $6.50 after taking out the license fee, so he decided the trip to the court house was decidedly worthwhile. The young people secured the services of Rev. A, English, who married them. MRS. HENRY LOWE DIED INS. DAKOTA Eldest Daghter of Late K. B. Xrambern^ 'Kossuth County Pit strumental in organizing the Alpha- Delphian club in Algona a 'few years ago, and served as Its first president for two terms. school for a time. He drifted Into rall n | Mrs. Madson was a woman who was If 31. District Court Convictions. The following are district -court convictions with name, offense and disposition: One certain automobile, condemnation, car sold, $327.00. Arthur M. Helter, maintaining a liquor nuisance, 30 days suspended, $100 fine paid. Vance Law, operating a motor vohicle while intoxicated, $250.00 fine paid. Charley Rowell, maintaining a liquor nuisance, $125.00 fine months suspended. paid, three Robert Muehe, breaking and entering, committed to state reformatory at Eldora until 21 years of age. Joseph Hanig, Wreaking and entering, committed to state reformatory at Eldora until 21 years of age.. Fred Carter, resisting execution of process, $50.00 fine. Harold Fox, attempted rape, committed to state reformatory at Anamosa for five years. Percy Kuhn, attempted rape, committed to state reformatory at Anamosa for five years. Charles Nlnnman, alias Grover E Wood, bigamy, five years at state pen! tentlary at Fort Madison, paroled. Floyd Eggert, forgery, committed to state insane hospital at Cherokee for insanity. E. S. Ellsworth, selling and delivering cigarettes without a license. $50.00 fine paid. Ed. Wolfe, illegal transportation of intoxicating liquor, $500.00 fine paid. Hubert Schoby, bootlegging, $200.00 fine paid. George B- Ludwig, bootlegging, $300.00 fine paid. Edward J. Butler, bootlegging, $300.00 fine (stay bond). George Duncan, bootlegging, $300.00 fine (served flue in jail three months). J. O. or Tom Kelly, bootlegging, $300.00 fine (served fine in jail, three months). Herman Stvoman, bootlegging, $300.00 fine (served fine in jail, three months), John Bergman, bootlegging, commit- way work and became a telegraph op* ator at Janesville, Wisconsin, fojf, the Milwaukee Railway, He was a life insurance agent in Idaho and Washington for a time and for three years con* ducted a hardware store in Washing^ton; He came to Iowa in 1898, , For two or three years he acted as manafe? er for the Algona Tombstone Works as well as salesman. Perhaps a dozen years ago he left Algona and for a time he traveled out of Des Moines as a salesman or collector. It Is said th^t he was a member of the Indiana Bar Association at the time of his death, having been admitted to practice law at some time in his career. Grant was married to Miss Maude Mlnkler, a well known Algona girl, on July 4, 1901. They were divorced ten years ago or so and Mrs. Jordan later ' married ' Charley Blake. So far as is 'known here 'there are no surviving relatives, and it is thought that the burial would be made at Bloomington, his 'boyhood home. In many respects Grant was a very interesting personal. ity and was well posted on most subjects. He was a Mason and his friends -here -will be sorry to learn of his death at 62 -years of age. Interested in everything .about -ier. 'To the very last she "kept posted -on International problems and current events. She was a woman of convictions and put all her energy into whatever she undertook. Funeral services were held Sunday at the Laird & Reimer funeral parlor with Rev. Fred J. Clark, pastor of the Congregational church officiating. The body was taken to Des Moines on Monday for cremation. Out of town relatives "Who came to attend the funeral are -a sister-in-law, and two nieces, Mrs. Helvine Mailanfl and daughters, Herdis and 'of Withee, Wisconsin. Beside her husband, Mrs. Madson is survived by two brothers, Nels and George, who live in Denmark. DEATH CAUSED BY HEART TROUBLE. Taniily Left Algona "Twenty Years Ago Tor Athboy, 'South Dakota, 'to -"Make 'Home. "We are in -receipt of a letter from Miss Bertha Xowe 'of Athboy, South Dakota, and a clipping from the Lemmon, 'South Dakota, Leader, giving an account of the death of Mrs Henry Lowe, daughter OTK.T3. Lamberson, one ot the pioneers of'Kossuth county. TOrs. 'Henry ~L. "Lowe, pioneer resident of the 'West 'River country, died at her home near Athboy Friday following a lingering-illness of dropsy and heart complications. . "Funeral services were held from the Athboy Church -at T:30 p. m. Sunday «? R ev- Adam 'Hunter of Lemmon, pastor of the church, in charge of th rites. The services were largely at tended 'by friends and neighbors "wl came to pay their last tribute nf*fii It would seem that the town of Bancroft is getting quite a reputation for brother against brother warfare and liquor deals during the post week or two, not that it hasn't always had a reputation as an oasis for thirsty Kossuth countyites, but the warfare business is something new. Fight In Cafe. It seems that there was a fight on the morning of April 20, in one of the cafes in Bancroft between Cecil Robinson and William Halloway. According to the testimony heard in Justice L. A. Winkel's court in Algona on Saturday there was only one blow struck, but there were a number of kicks also. Sylvester Robinson separated the contestants and Cecil then went to one of Bancroft's Justices and pled guilty to assault and battery and was fined $5.00 and costs, which he paid. Filed Information.' This was not enough for Mr. Halloway, mo came to Algona and filed in- forttfation against Cecil to put him under/a peace bond. They all appeared in Justice Winkel's court Saturday rhorning along with their many friends 'and relatives and the caiie was aired. County Attorney G. D. Shumway aslc- ed Cecil what the fight started aoout, saying he was just curious and was asking for his own satisfaction. Cecil, was, unwilling to answer, "but afte a little urging he admitted," 'that 1 was over some alcohol dealings. This of course, drew a big.laugh from the spectators.; The case -finally ended up with Robinson being put under a $20( peace 'bond. whether he would survive. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson and a sister of the boy Evelyn Toothman, drove to Forest City Monday night. Miss Toothman is employed as telephone operator in Algona. DELANO HOLDING COURT THIS WEEK Attorneys Argue Motions on ' the New School House Cases. &IRLSENTTO MITOHELLVILLE. State Brings Case Against Her Associate for Leading Immoral Life with a Minor, Court convened Tuesday with Judge James DeLand of Storm Lake on the bench after a recess of two weeks. The case of Thompson vs.. L. A. Andrew, Receiver of the County Savings Bank was tried before the judge and a Judgment taken in favor of the plaintiff for $500 and costs amounting to $75.00. More Words. tffi? Masons Approve Incorporation Articles. A committee of the various Algona bodies met Tuesday evening and approved the articles of incorporation incorporating the Algona Masonic Temple Association. The committee represented the Royal Arch Chapter, Blue Lodge and Eastern Star Chapter. The articles must now be adopted by the various bodies'at a regular meeting. This will take place soon as the regu lar meeting of the Blue Lodge will be held May 14 and the two other bodies meet before that date. Work oh remodeling the old hospital for a Masonic home will start immediately after the articles are approved and will probably be completed during the summer. Harvey Ingham Talked to Kiwanis Thursday. Harvey Ingham, editor, of the Des pect and otherwise attest to the uni versa! esteosn in which the decease was held in her home community. Bu rial was made in the Lemmon ceme tery. Elva Lamberton Lowe was born near Vicksburg, Michigan, October 15, 1864 Her childhood was spent near her native village. Later with her parents she came west to settle near Algona Iowa. She was married at that place to Henry L. Lowe. After their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Lowe spent severa years on a farm near Algona. Then they moved to Ortonvllle. Three years to editor, was a guest of * the Kiwanis club Thursday and addressed the organization. Mr. Ingham was accompanied to Algona by his brothers-in- law, W. J. McChesney of Iowa City and C. W. Russel of Omaha. In his talk Mr. Ingham discussed the general economic conditions of the world and she brou^hTcom tort aid ^che^to real .state values. W « , ta t«, ,*„* *»,,. c1 *° UV4HI A4f;A£|UJi(^A*| hrWVtCe»g>*MK| VUlJlfU-lf- ted to state penitentiary at Fort Madl- jon for three years. • William Cramer, bootlegging, committed to state penitentiary for three years* Merle McQilligan, ponspiracy to sell tnt0*icatJiyr liquor, six months suspended $500.00 (served fine Jn A. H. Borchardt House Had Bad Fire Monday. The residence of A. H. Borchardt, the druggist, which is located in the south part of Algona was the scene of quite a bad fire Monday morning, The fire was started either by sparks from the chinmey pr defective wiring. A large hole was burned in the roof and some damage was done to the furnishings by water end chemicals used by the real estate values. He stated 'hat this country was gradually coming to the stage which has been reached in Europe, in which people work all the! lives to accumulate enough to own home inthe country instead of in town He cited as examples the Hubbells o Des Moines, the Lowdens and McCorm icks of Illinois. Mr. Ingham made tlu remark that If a person wanted tc leave something stable to his heirs real estate was the ideal heritage. A man with a small acreage is able to supply hi stable with food and can make a living. Mr. Ingham expressed his confidence in real estate and stated that a young man wouldn't go wrong in picking up a real estate bargain now and hanging onto it. Mr Ingham, Mr. McChesney and Mr. Russell have considerably property interests around Algona. . other pioneers in . B „ home on the prairies. The family has lived in the Athboy community continuously since. '•Mrs. Lowe was an active worker in the Presbyterian church at Athboy and had served as president and treasurer of the Ladies' Aid society. As a nurse Algona Rotariam Go to Hampton, Several Algona Rotarlans drove to Hampton today, the home of Tom Purcell, the eleventh district governor of Rotary International, and visited with the Hampton club, George Godfrey, A} Pftlfcenhalner, E. j. Gilmore, Henry . Frank W«JJ»m8 wmsti- " a slck b j Jn the vi(y her many acts of kindness won the lov of all who knew her. As a pionee mother and friend she played her ful part in the upbuilding of the coun try. "Surviving relatives include the hus band, one son, John Lowe of Janes yille, Wisconsin, a daughter, Miss Ber tha Athboy and two grandchildren Henry Lowe of Athboy and Letlm Parrott of Pasadena, California, Operation Delays Child's Return Home. Helen, the eleven year old daughtei of Mil and Mrs. Harvey Oliver of Waseca, Minnesota, is a patient at the Kossuth hospital recovering from an operation for appendicitis which was performed Friday. She and her father who is a brother of Ray Oliver of the Albert Garage, had been visiting the alters parents, Mi: and Mrs. Win. Oliver at Whlttemore and were return- ng home. They stopped to see Ray and the little girl was crying and com- )laining of a severe pain in her side. She was taken to a doctor and operated n a few hours later at the hospital. r. Oliver returned home Sunday, but will be back in a few days after his After the trial Saturday morning the Robinsons and their cohorts went back to Bancroft and words were passed between Cecil and Sylvester on one side and James Robinson, another brother, and his wife on the other side. This occurred on one of the streets of Bancroft. James then filed Information ugainst his brother, Sylvester, for using profane language. He was fined ten or fifteen dollars and costs by a justice in Bancroft. '. Find Alcohol. Sylvester In turn had Jim and his wife arrested for the same offense and they were each flned a dollar apiece and costs. On Sunday Sylvester came to Algona and filed Information against Jim on keeping a liquor nuisance; He told Deputy Sheriff Everett Harris and former day marshal, Floyd Newville, that '• -- - pints house, which they did. Jim" "claimed, they framed him and the concensus of opinion Is that they did, but of course, that will all come out in the wash. In the house the officers found a half | t bottle nearly full of alcohol but Stole Two Mail Pouches at Belmond Early Saturday Morning. HID POUCHES IN PIT NEAR WESLEY. Captured by Deputy Sheriff Harris, Ncwville and Whcclock When Returning for Loot, Last Saturday morning as some Wesley people were hauling gravel from the gravel pit about five miles east of Wesley, near the town of Hutchins, Mrs. Hutchison, who had accompanied her brother, Mr. Lawler, saw a pheasant fly up at the pit and going over to see if a nest was near, discovered a mail pouch concealed under some..weeds. They brought It to Wesley ( and . turned it over "to'Post- master Sturdivant. The sheriff's office in Algona was notified as the Mason City inspector could not be located. Deputy Sheriff Harris, P. A. Newville and J. B. Wheelock went to the pit and while there planted another pouch where this one had lain and in the evening drove over, concealed their car and lay in wait. Sheriff Hanson of Hancock county was also notified and was stationed in the pit on the north, side of the, road. Shortly after nine o'clock they saw a car coming from the west, it turned into the pits and the lights were extinguished!. Two men Beft the car and one of them approached to within a few feet of Deputy Sheriff Harris and as he took up the pouch was commanded to put his hands up. The other fellow went In another direction and when he saw what had happened started for the car, when Newville and Wheelock stopped him. Neither offer, ed any resistance. The men were searched and no guns or money were found. As they were leaving the pit the officers returned to get some blan- - .-v WMUW nrltjlu* ,M> J.U ore&cli of contract the defendants were given thirty days -to plead.. In the two cases brought by the Humboldt Investment Company a, motion for a cost bond was confessed and bond fixed at $200 In each case. The company has thirty days to file the bond. . L i la ; Hamm of Bancroft was committed to Mitchellville this morning on a charge of delinquency. She is a daughter of Mrs. August Sprank of Bancroft, she is under sixteen and s to remain at Mitchellville until twenty-one, she had been associating with Cyril Deitering of Bancroft against whom a case has been filed °S «pounds of leading an immoral Ife with a minor. FENTON BUSINESS HOUSES ENTERED they wouid rind a couple'or'haFfj Lumber Yard and Elevator of alcohol on the steps of Jim's _„ _ .M«JVCH,J Were Broken into Last Week. they had used to sit on while wait- tor the robbers. In looking for the blankets the officers stumbled oh a second mall pouch concealed in the weeds. Qne ol the pouches had been out open, the other had not been opened. Pouches Stolen at Belmond. ! The two men gave their names'ai Russell Buchanan and Fred Francis, Jr. Buchanan gave his age as 23 and Francis as 16. They were brought to Algona and made a verbal statement to , , c ? unty Att °niey Shumway -after which they were placed in jail. Buchanan stated that he had been em- the sugar beet factory at Belmond for several years. He is mar- i^?j vSlu 11 * 8 - 11018 ' slster and hft s one child. They had been at Belmond looking for work as they had been out of employment for several months and ah were staying with Fred Francis, Sr., father-in-law and father of the two at Bancroft, where Mr. Francis had moved some time ago from Gar-- ner. Early Saturday morning as they were leaving Belmond, the night train came in and they decided to steal the in. the hopes of securing some money. They stated that as th,! night man was taking the mail truck into the depot to lock up the mail they took the two pouches off the trttdk and got , Burned Letters and Checks. I the way to Britt they cut one of -the pouches and took two V& 6S °/ £"?'? out men w the vicinity of Hutchlns. they tyad tn-e , ^ _, and as Jt was growing lighter decided to hide the pouches and get them later. They took H «h™ f t°?l the pouch wlth *""•'« «»« vhen at the elder Francis home op- ned them. They found two checks nd a small money order all of which hey placed In the cook stove and timed. Quizzed by Inspectors. Post Office Inspector Shaw of Maon City and Mooney of Fort Dodce were in Algona Monday morning and uestloned the two men, the above tory being about what Buchanan had o say. He further stated that he had ever been in trouble before and lack f employment tempted him to make the robbery in hopes of finding some money but they were evidently unsuccessful as not a cent was found upon either man. The two inspectors then took them to Fort Dodge where a h P ar, — — , M ..v* *.vk*uw*t *-*MV4*t*il(*il ( fUlt M\J\jil I urlnrl 1 4-1 ~ » "" "--O " v * vfc '** l 'li»l™ urn t it OW II *il^i !_• t* HC«* of Bancroft, charged with the theft S" d ? w '" the d ? or ar 'd th en unlocking L^f f 7^ give , n , them by the United of two sacks of mall at Belmond Satur- the door from the icicle. ° tates Commissioner. Special Agent day, waived perllminary hearing be- At Blnjrsted, Too. «„,*„, • 1u Q ' & N ' W ' ^"road forei United States Commissioner H. M. The desks and counters and safes w evidence y Monda y lookin e Pratt yesterday, and were held to the were ransacked also and thl™™« Th«nifi ft federal grand jury on $1,500 ball each scattered. Deput'SheAff Everett Har LaTh P hSi '?*", ?? Belmond statfid They were unable to furnish bond, and rte and former maVshall Flovd NPW" deoot w f P ed t '° " lail lnside the were t« t.ho w 0 h c t»,. „„„„ viiio ,,i t .if nJ *u' '_ "' .f J °y a New- aepot, which was locked with n switch •'i #m ciaimed"that"one"of"the doctors"in I OFFICERS UNABLE TO Bancroft had prescribed that for fam- T-TXT^ At-r,t ily use. That also remains to be seen. | « FIND ANY CLUES. Another Search. Jim then went to Burt and filed in-, _ formation for a search of Sylvester's uver Fi "y Dollars Are Taken. Ring- end Cecil's place but the officers failed to find anything. Monday, Jim filed Information against Sylvester for disposing of mortgaged property. This case was heard in Winkel's court this] morning and was dismissed. Tried This Morning. Cecil Robinson countered with an in-1 and $59 Vn"ca7h" w^^takenToni'the vmntinn analncf rr,,lt«,,,,,., t — 11. I ,,]«.,«t „_ . "«"»""«'« liuin UIC sted Buildings Entered Later. Thought to be Same Gang. The Thompson Lumber yard and the Farmers elevator at Fen ton were forcibly entered last week Tuesday night ncn ro, n formation against Halloway for excit- elevator safe and a blue fountain nc ng a disturbance in a public place in and pencil set from the lumber yard Bancroft. This hearing took place this At both places the dials and knob*ft tei ; n °Th iln W ^ kel ' S C ° Urt ' but to ° of thes afeJ were knocked on ^^ with an fl t,» fnr thi ° """""• ™~- a* which was stolen from the lumber yard and the combination was worked with a screw driver. A window in the h « d ** n . taken off and laid ate for this week's paper. Mail Robbers Were Placed Under Bonds. Fort Dodge Messenger: Donald Fran- I u Ver th ^ room Entrance into the"!urn-' cis, 16, and Russell Buchanan, 23, both ±/™l^ a ,L ga ! ned . b ? ***** 9«» ^ were committed to the Webster coun- ville visited the scene of the burelarv" lock h, I' ty jail to await the action of the grand but no definite clues ~ • blaglaly I . ock ' but jury, which meets in Fort Dodge in The same night what June. was locked with a switch no key answering the descrip- on the Thieves Attempt to Pouch Stolen in February. pouch was stolen from the Local Shop. Some one attempted to break into day night, but were unable to or were Tightened away before they could get ffi me s,ame gang broke into an oiJ station, pool hall and elevator at Ringsted and about $27 was taken. The rom e onicers found some finger prints and de I )Ot at Belmond some time in Feb?! H? P ul hat thes e may lead to the ruui 'y a '»l has never been found but iclen «ty of the criminals. Buchanan declared he knew not'hin- about this, had never heard of it and had never been in trouble before Mr Francis of Bancroft, the father and o i /-, »-» . - County Bankers Held n. A window was broken in the at- Meeting at Bancroft.! empt. No • trace was found of ulprlts. tr °bl tll0m 1WWi CVei before been in the | '-V 110 County Bankers' Association met at Bancroft Thursday evening for six-thirty dinner and meeting. Thoss Hlit wS d ^'° m A 'i° na were H ' E 'l — -- — —, um, llley hist, Haiolci Gilmore, Frank Williams, a very narrow escape after hidinir J. S. Auiier O. S. Buchanan, John pouches and whil/ on their S Frank! and Eugene Schemel. — -. -. e u " "'«" were about Narrow Escape. The two men stated that they haci Bancroft. They had Just driven crossing east o to Algonians Fined For Ernest T. Moe and K. Johnson, both _. ... p/vcfo i -R ~ Ji ~ f —""* "*•*" "^*YVM at mi? i wwv uewuuac oz a nea >-^l^nJSK3grSWi^7^J^A«!5ni; 0 ' when the train whizzed by them. not

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