The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 22, 1931 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1931
Page 10
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X8%XX08%%X&B^^ MANY MEN ARE i LOOKING FOR I s . N. Space, Minneapolis, who has taken the hauling contract from th Mclaughlins, was able Monday whe __ and trucks to finish 01 his crew. Some 25 or 30 truck driv ers will be employed. Mr. Space Mon [day gave preference to local men fWit*M**x-- T*. fla l 8*** inference to local men. Contractors Have L? u EL Mo ™y. er .Tuesday _was watchm Malty Applicants. Local Men Given Jobs. "HO HELP NEEDED" SIGN WAS *avln ff Contractors Expect to Start Work West of Swea City on April 27«i Herald: Replying to the scores of I * "J *•» A ui*uuc*jr rVUO YVCtliUIJllJ the skies with a hopeful eye. Ther was promise of more spring rains which tot a water supply from i --— in case the weather man does not come through water will bt obtained from the Des Moines river ai I Armstrong. Up to Tuesday forty cars of material had arrived at the station here. The unloading crane has been In operation for several days. A second crane will bo set rip at Armstrong and material 'unloaded there for the work In the Paving will begin at a point four miles west and the machines will wor east to connect with the paving on th western edge of Swea City. After th are completed the machine be moved back four mile More Farm Relief on the Way to Iowa, Senator Dick- M ° lnes who mill tinfrM i win *mvc „ *.w**ioi cuue „„ Hoover in a dftv or tttrn on agricultural matters. He will confer with the president on the wheat and cotton situation and the supplies of those products held by the farm joerd. The question of farm relief egislatlon at the next session of con- n-ess will also be discussed. President Joover has recently consulted senator McNary, chairman of the aiwlcuHiirnl ommittee concerning the wheat proB- em. Senator Dickinson intends to de. end the farm board's policy while in owa this summer. Elk Thompson at O« A. R» Cdfigfi tj^f 8 f? 1 * ?', Tfconipsdn is attending svassyafas?« D - A ' , . and stop la New Vork City in Washlngtofl sffe will meet Mrs.ititty Devereaux, former Algona woman how of Madison, Wisconsin, of on her return C ° me by " . who are applying for work , 8up .j and work west "towardTArm'strong: . R. Momyer of J. s. Me- Lsughlln & Sons Company, paving) Al . -,. . f contractors on road 9, is announcing AlgOnian Fined for «»fn ' !JS* Btart to hlre common labor until next week when a few men will emDlOVed for imlnnHinn r.«J fr-g Disturbing Peace. Chester Stoner of Algona was taken vaterpipe lines. Furthermore local L ? h<?stcr Stoner °' A1 *° na w men of this territory will be given pre L. re , M ^ or C> R Specht one ference. The contractors can use be- nf by Marshal F™** Green on the tween 30 and 40 men for ™~ J-« '-- I charge * the of month into this regioi A slgn on SU P« » x s ° Eice door MVS Help Needed." The AfcOulres, the grading contractors, nre importuned dally by men out of work. Messrs Wenke and Men-imam of Uie Milford Consfeructjoa Oampanr who are btiild- ™L ^l 1 ^ ra No ' 9 in Emiret ««mlT. said Tuesday wh en they wire ter* lhej> Also turn men away daily Tfce prpvaffinir price for common labor on &K various forms of road work Is *****' A 6cl -h°»r week Is . on >t<ne paTto work. I He i nh i "-«»BC i" uui/uiuing the peace. begin on WBS fl ?!l d flve dollars and costs - Ifc uegin on| seems that he parked h , s C&T outside a residence in the north part of Algona about twelve o'clock one night and kept squawking the horn disturbing the slumbers of the residents around nearby who reported him. Baptist Church. "Present Day Value of the Bible' 'ill be the question discussed at the morning service in the Baptist church next Sunday. Evening subject, "Choos- ng Currents." "Come thou with us md we will do thee good."—Frank H. Webster, minister. Track Meet Here Rural Carriers Next Saturday. Met at Wesley.] - •• -—*v -«"c rural Isttsr carrlei'S of 1 i*?^.^*? «?*.»* Wesley recent- f it the home i Emmetsburg, ' ed. At the Hospital. - meet at the Athletic Park here Saturday. The meet will start at one oclock in the afternoon. The Ein- metsBurg Junior high will compete in a f ew events with the Algona Junior high in addition to the regular events ' Everyone, from President Hoover to Statistician ?wn Slrinera ng a retura to ? ros Perity; our days that we are wondering if maybe, for S ^ these honored gentlemen MIGHT not 1 lA/all iJP WAU^.___ • j • i/ • ' "just around the c . a good look at the special values ii PROSPERITY SPECIAL NO. 1— Fifty exclusive one-of-a-kind dresses in both w^;T p ai ? mate ? a1is ' aboiit half ° f this D ™- 14 to 40 V t K ' g °° Cl liVG StylcS and size « f ™ + *f °- Nothing wrong with these chic frocks except that they have been here over six weeks ' oQ O to $19.75, choice $9.90. PROSPERITY SPECIAL NO. 2— Over a hundred new short sleeved printed •F,/n, i 7 i v-miL.igu inarxet and care- xully selected by our buy cr as t i lc outstanding- va- i n' ,, ai ' gc ral dc ' si «' n « that have that "million aoJJar .look, gi^s 14 to 44, choice $6.75. PROSPERITY SPECIAL NO. 3- Over one hundred new and beautiful banriuet Ml*tlClllcltl011 fllin IVll'f V /IvftC't*/- c< * 1 ' -i n •f •££ J- yj -I l v 'l-H-'OoC'Sj 111 T)Jtllll cll'Kl 1101*11 tan-etas, flat cre])os, nels, laces and satins—thn most, gorgeous array of frocks we have evor hid Those diY'ssjnu LOT,,, .;,,,.j. i.... , . -^J-i-iuhi. and were $1975 $6.75 $11.75 $15.00 PROSPERITY SPECIAL NO. 4- PROSPERITY SPECIAL NO. 5- One hundred priccd coats and choose 'one fur robe. Over half arc in the w-uii are tans, blacks and mixtures. Special, this'„,„* $11-75 $17.50 Still more new hats are coming in—dozens of f] —in tans, blues and blacks $3.95 $5QQ an( j $505 (We had six experienced salesladies on the ready to-wear floor Saturday—all busy—there's i vZ son.) d " ----- ....I be fifteen and iwen- -„.„ ' ? ente . an d a large crowd should urn out andjee theboys perform. Seneca Defeated in Tournament. Seneca, April 21. Special- The ?^^^te™!.<w^? Qulnton Bjustrom, Hobarton. Anrii 20, tonsils; William McGuire? Burke I H™ \, Dak ° ta . April 15, minor oS tion; Mrs. L. B. Smith, Burt, April 19, son of John McGovern of Lakota on- foHnwin" ^ « '« Abscess & Chart following Bjn attack of pneumonia. tournament held at hv w»ntX»" ~~-"'" d y in the semi-finals by Fenton with a score of 18 to 5. One of Seneca's ninvor* Melvin Larson, was n , ~" *"Jy. Due to the lim- s«wsMaf«sa •Sf^SKf&Z&S attisa-^^r"" Corn . Oats , Barley Hogs Eggs , Hens , Algona Markets. ... .3 .... 6.5 ...10-1 •I.13-.1 fhMn frotn No Thr.'ll in This ie innn who Ims just retnrr, ul , i vacation there is no thrill In 000 lion ID Times. tlio money In c coiinlr.v.—Spjiltle Dully Prosperity Specials Notice to Creditors of Filing Petition for a Discharge. Parlicularfy A iiinKtixinc writer sn.vs n ring nil oni|il.v pliico ill n iiiji'ii's llfo." in n ln:o f _ -—„ i-wui o UA the ui , .— for the Northern District Iowa, Central Division. 1Jlscrlct In the matter of Georee R qtpH T^7h Pt J " , ban kruptcy No. ^987 eU ' ItaM: 01 * 11 * 0 ™ 0 '* 11 " 11110 '* 1111 "-* "his is to give notice that on the \ r A°'f^-K>£S; in bankruptcy with the clerk of [he I^KBflSSKS'»1ftSS iK.j.SfrSi"" M - Scl "«^ Notice of Sheriff's Sale. Surely every reader will agree that modem progress in storekeephig has given a new and fascinating significance to what used to be known by the quaint terin ''trading,'' Today the) word ''shopping'' is applied to the constant attention to recurring needs for personal and household use and adornment. But shopping has become less of a duty and mtore of a delightful, stimulating experience. Environment and service have contributed to this, and an addition, there is, at Chrischilles & Herbst, the pleasure of finding displays so fascinating, and assortments so abundant and varied. Here we touch upon a fundamental principle of great importance. Our aim is not to present merely groups of articles at certain spectacular prices, but to offer really representative, satisfying assortments of styles, colors and sizes, at a range ot prices. Every woman knows how much this contributes to the pleasure of shopping. A series of heart to heart talks with our customers- old and new. This is number 3. I tah>"-i~nrt *T""^ 0 "' Lere srea in said ^, • of the District, Cour 10 after JOHN M. SCHAUPP Referee in Bankruptcy. NORTON MACHINE WORKS Machinists and Welders Service Stocky Piston> R m g s , Pins West of The Corner Grocery and Market SPECIALS Chase & Sanborn Coffee 38c Fancy Peabcrry Coffee, -5 Ibs. for 63( ; ? Fancy Coffee, our own Wend, 3 Ibs. for ____99c Catsup, 2 largo bottles foi> 25c BBBB Corn Starch, State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a special execution directed to me from the clerk of the district court of county, Iowa, on a judgment in said court on the 2nd day -, 1931, in favor of lowa-Des National Bank & Trust Company as plaintiff, and against c T Chubb, Charles E. Chubb, executor of ^ ta ^t ? f Coleman C. Chubb, Helen M. Chubb, as defendants, for the sum or Twenty Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty-Nine and 45-100 ($27,859.45; Dollars and costs, taxed at One Hundred Eighty-Six and no-100 ($18600) Dollars and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following described real £ l T rt ,y , ** th e Property of'the " g**^*<S^ JS5 t" C !,J 1( ;, wai ln the service during Algona Man's Brother Mayor of El Paso. Ray Sherman, a brother of Tom Sherman of Algona and Joe Sherman of Bancroft, was elected mayor of El Paso, Texas, last week by a landslide majority. Mr. Sherman, who has lived in Texas for the past ten or twelve years, waa city editor of the Port Dodge Messenger before going south. Riverdale F. B. Meeting Held Friday execution, to-wit: The Northeast Quarter (NE'/i) ofi Section Twenty-Two (22), in Township Ninety-Five (95) North, of Range Twenty-Nine (29) West of the Fifth P- i" and the Southwest Quarter of Section Twenty-Two (22) in Township Ninety-Five (95) North of I Rant?* Twenty-Nine (29) West of the M. proceed to sell said pro- , of the Riverdale f" m , bu ^ eau took place Friday even- he . center schot)1 of Riverdale A program was given. The S. L. Olsen family spent Mon- and [accruing costs at public auc- ion to the highest bidder, for cash, in hand, on the 7th day of May, 1931, at t> f Sr - te unde r the care R d ° ctor due to a cataract on one of hiS eyes> E. C. Potter famUy was Mrs. John Mahoney spent the week I T?OB end at the,,Nelson home near Sexton \-A assisting in caring for ' son, who has ' bed for the ening. " - wednes 60c Value for 40c 8 bars Big 4 Soap 40c 2 bars Palm Rose Soap 20, all 10 bars for __4Q C Meat Department Home made Hamburg and Pork Sausage __15c Spare Ribs, ]b. 15 C Lard, 5 lb. tin 70c Always have all kind of fresh and cured meats. us your eggs. H.R.Sorensen&Co. Phone L39. r~T T •»• ^ -r WRID OF DISEASE vcRMSinnose mouth and throat Let Zonito cleanse away the accumulated uccrtlions, kill the gorma, prevent diarow Highly Kerraicidal. Soothing to membranes. Mrs. D. D. Sparks and Infant son h^Jf br A u , ght home Sunda y ™°m "n home of Mrs. L. V. Stebbins in Algona We are sorry to report that Mrs hoo^ W H din ^ suffering from another heart attack and poisoning of the syst6m t wn» J an , 3 u° tter was a S" 68 wn Wednesday night until Sunday at the Co^ith V1 ° t0r A PP le B ate "ear Now for the Colorful Summertime This means painting up, usually, and we urge you to not only have your house painted, but to have it done as a preservative as well as for appearance's sake. We have painted scores of homes in your neighborhood, and the owners are our best testimonials. Honest, swift and thorough, and we use only the finest of paints. Estimates gladly given. Harry Baker Phone 778 502 South Jerome St. 43-45 . Harr y Sabin and Earl Miller families were guests a week ago Sunn A? me ° f MrS ' Stella 8abln fnH the H - L ' and L - A families were guests at the August Berneau home in honor of the birthdays of Mrs. Berneau and H. L, Pot- Ed. Wildin Is very low at this writing Tuesday neon, having had several sinking spells Monday. A brother Irving and daughter, Gertrude of Patter- Thursday to he] P CLASSIFIED ADS. The rate per word for advertisements in. this column is 2c ipald m advance. 8c u charged. Cash must accompany all mail orders. Initials count as one word. Mini mum charge, 26c. -«..". e iiw auoeiice. i Modern home. Chester Bailey has greatly improved phone 601 his farm north of Algona by setting "pommr^ ; out ninety young Norway spruce ever- i FODND —Three keys, one ' •' n two and threeMfeet | "^l_^ a11 at this office. purchased ^^^P&.°ffiSes B ^ r ?St|H^ n ^ *£?' **** **&£out just north of the present g?ove ' ° ne 3P24 ' ^8°™. Iowa, which was recently pruned and thinned 44 *-4 WANTED—Washing and ironinir Phone 701-W. 300 East Elm. w FOR RENT-Sleeping room. Phone 154 " 45~ Silver Ktag and Golden King seed "•" '<w sale. These are the two high r - variet ies for northern Iowa.— !. Thompson, phone 26P12, Algona. 45-48 LOST—In Algona, large package ontaining dresses. Finder return to his office. Reward. , 45 FOR RENT-Purnished rooms, close n. Phone 357. 45-tf Estimates •Harry Bak- 43-tf floors made new with electiic sander.-Willlam Aman, Phonfe 43-tf FOR RENT—6"room house, practf- cally modern.-Quy M an tor. 4i-tf WANTED-Girls for student nurses. Apply Superintendent Kossuth hospi- t£ ± 38-tf •Sl^L? 1 ^ . book l for sale at th» "Algona's Wife Saving Station "Kirch's Laundry. Phone 287. 50-W « AT 5 » residences and farms for sale. List your property with us. MUJRTAGH BROTHERS. Licensed Real Estate Brokers. Pour burner gasoline range with ov- n,—Mrs. Bert Deal. 45.^ Patrons of the Union school district u^jraw^sK •"luse leveling down the school yard ie yard had not been leveled since t. 41 _»i wtio uiifc> loi* tricir new building about two years ago Mrs Ed. Genrich is the teacher. '$8®'*^^ * UNION NEWS. *^«<*ss»®^^ A number from this vicinity attend ed a dance at the Sexton hall last Fri FOR SALE—Rose Comb Rhode Island White hatching eggs. Fair prize winners. —Leona J. Ferstl, St. Bene- ^*wj». J6* WANTED—Dressed chicken.—States Cafe - 45-46 FOR RENT—Modern house. Phone 15 1 45 FOR RENT—Furnished Phone 99. • apartment. 45 . P . OB BENT-Small lighted and heated office room in Iowa State Ban bldg. See A. L. Peterson, 44-t Mrs. Ben Gould accompanied Mr and Mrs. Fred Will to Des Moines las weke where she visited at the home o her brother, Henry Boring. The Orvllle Dlxon family spent Sunday near Emmetsbu-:,* visiting w jth Mrs. Dion's ralatl'.*. They reported ^ore rain there ',han fell here Sun" Mr. and Mrr, Eugene Hoflus and -aughtej's of Jone Rock were callers at "ie Lou'.-; Bode home Sunday as we "> also the Misses Esther Lamuth and Helen Zittrltsch of Algona Hose Loper, sister of Fred Will, Is caring for the Will children and doing Mrs. will* household duties during he? absence at Des Moines. Mrs. Will la Unprovlng nicely but will not be ftbJe to come home for another week. •« a u n . Jenk ta«m left Tuesday ^J* *f Wto for Dea Moinea to ; f n S2.y?*f*?f , 8 »** u at tnfl ^ *W» In regard to defective hpftrjng, ai e n has been more pr less j»rd o| * ALGONA Art Studio Over Smith Billiard ! Parlor i iWATCH FOR THE ! OPENING DAY Secure a coupon from our representative for our special advertising- portrait offer. All work guaranteed. Two to five poses for. each person. Special rates on wed- §: ding pictures. Free use of drapes and flowers. W. R. IEMKE, Mgr. (We specialize in family groups.) ^yvwuvvvtfvvi If sTiere at Last tT* 0ood Home Made Ice Creawi TA-KOM-60M and satisfy that qraving for ice creani,, - h Wl ATORSON & BOREN

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