Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 29, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 29, 1896
Page 5
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pspp$^^ Dunlap's Celebrated STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and Winter Styles. DEWENTER ji||i||iii|iu||U||y||||||||||i|||MiiMiHP^i^m ' - E It: Will 5oon Be Time to Vote. | I am a Candidate. Of course you know who you shall vote for but I want o be eleoted "Your Tailor." My "Platform" dlliminateTagainst no class. I promise If elected to make a StTclotheB to your measure that fits and pleases. I reoognUe no 8 up.rTor in t J art of Tailoring but I admit th« I sell cloties no Buptfnui to look over my stock and ask pnne don't suit- I am showing terns in Fall Woolens. H. Q. TUCKER, tannfl l the and pat- The Original Pearl Street Tailor. Rob Roy. Rob Roy, The very latest in SHOES for children, See our show windows Full ot the handsomest new st.le shoes ever shown in the city. Stevenson & Rlinsick. 403 Broadway. THE ,HRS1 nATIONAL BANK -OK- LOGANSPORT. . . INDIANA. CAPITAL $250,000. 1 j Murdock. Pro*. W. W. Ron. C" h J. r. Brookmeyer, Alit. Cash. DLKKCTOBS: W. H. BHngHnr»t, RICHflOND BOYS COrilNO Railway Hen's Sound Honey Club Visits Here Saturday. N-exc Saturday night, October 3rd, :he Railway Men's Sound Money club of Richmond will visit the Logans-port •\\ili, amd a meeting will be 'hold "at the Broadway rink. Tlie Richmond dele- ;.ir.i-on will bring a speaker. There will -be no street demonstration. Sailu'.-day afternoon 'tlie big McKinley pole at Kokomo will t>e raised, mere will be a crowd present from lierc, and the Richmond men will re:.urn with 'them in the evening. A most .ntorestiug and enthusiastic meeting is In sS'ght for Saturday night, October 3d, tv.t the -rink. . BanklnK In al; its Departments promptly "fTty 'to'cu^omor, and StockhoW.rs *B««erv« Fund maintained. CATARRH ^ Vour Prouc- ~~™~™ tlon. We positively state that tbli remedy does not coataln mercury or any otbet injurious drug. ELY'S;. DREAM BALM Cleanses the Nasal tas- ^•LMXSSSS senses ol taate »nd smeil IT WILL CURE. Samp es 10c, bj mull. DAILY JOURNAL — ' .. —.II SSS—SS—SS TUESDAY SErfTBMBBR 29 : 1890. __ ^^.^^^^^^^^••^^•1 Co-Won flannel 4c a yard and up.- WONDERFUL NEW nATERlAll Holds In Liquid Form Any Object in Stone or Metal. . Blackford county Democrats will no! fuse wlitli the Populists. Tie Hon. Roswell T. Horr, of Michl gnn -Addressed 3,000 people at THailon The finest line- of dres goods; prices the lowest ever runned.-Trade palacu. One thousand dollm-s to loan on city propcrty.-1-nMlcrlck Landis, Ko. 222%- Four.th street. ., - . . If you want pure spices for your preserves yon .can get them at Ben Flih- er's drag store. About -fifty Rebekahs made a raid on Dr J. W. Ball.ird's elegant new residence last nven-Uig. Eefreshments were served and all spcat a pleasant •time. Chairles Young Ims returned from tlie Flora fair where ho-'had an exhibit of rncsH:- Tin is 'highly pleased with success, as he cwrrled awny seven fi-rst premium is. •. Judge R. T. Terhu-ne opened the Dem- ocrat'lc sound.money .campaign nit Danville. There ware said to over Ii30 Dcm- ocrats-'tn.'HeiidTicks. county who will not fbf<Mor,Bryan. : ^ ' .-, Mrs. Lorn Curi-aat, wilio lives on the Boim*tn.irt,-*«rm:;nort-li;of this city, fell f rom-ythe -hay mow : in the bnrn Saturday. wbhe ghitherlng egps, 'and was quite 'painfully injured. Her left wrist was -broken- *nd several other painful bruises wore suffered. . Republican Meetings. Republican speakingswlll be held nt the following'places in Cass county: Tuesday evening, Sept. 20, Cross Roads school house in Upton school house, Harry "Whistler. Q. A. Myers" will speak'at Shfldy Nook Thursday evening, Ocr. 1st. Thursday evening, Get 1st, Gere-go- town, I-Ion. W. S. Haggard. Friday evcuJng, ' Oct. 2nd, Center school liioxise,. TyashJD&ton.; township, Hon.' W. si'.Harfgartl, candidate for Lileu-tonuiJit Govei'nor. Friday evening, Oet 2nd, rink,. A. i'ggto-s, of. Terre Haute. ',Satu-rd«y weritag, Oct. 3-rd. Cen-ter, Hon/W.'.S. H-aggfli'd. AVedn-es'dny.'evening, Oct. Teh, Red School house, XoWe township, Orlando Powell. Ectot. J. Lovel-aml of Peru -will speak at Waverly Monday evening, Oct. 5th Lucerne,'.Tuesday eventog, Oct^ftth Lincoln, Wednesday cvemlm'g Oct. Tth. AayiTEKTiON" SIR KNJ1GBTS. •Mombers of St. John Commandery Kniights Templar, we hereby not! flee to appear at the asylum of the .com mandery to full Templar anlform n. 8:30 a. in.,. Wednesday, Sept. 30th, t< conduct the 'funeral of our .deceases F.rater, Da.vid L. Shent-cr, rtt Pern, Ind CouUmamleiT leaves the hall at o'clock slrarp. Train leaves 0:48. Far -for -the round-'tiUlip has been amvnge< nt sixty-five cents. ISAAC SHIBDELEU,-B.C. S. E. R'TCHA'RDSON, Rec. A. R.U. ORGAKiziNG. Agoats of the American. Rnllwa; Uniion have been at work in Indian' for two weeks. They have been ospc oiaUy active at Indianapolis, Ft Wayne, Tenrc Haute, Evans-vllle, Sout' Bend, Rlolimond, Loganspor.t and otlie a-aUrofld cities, amd have, noit forgotto mnny of Hie smaller places. Their ob Joct, primarily is to secure nvember for the union, but'they are also pollt cal 'agents, 'and .are urging the nrem -hers -to stand firm for Bryan and Se^ •all i.n. spite of the sound money meet •ings and rallies that have heen held a differeo't places. DON'T OHANGKYOUR RESIDENCE ' Do not move out of your precinct af ter gitarihiy next or you wiil-1 lose you vote. Thirty dnys in the ward or pro cinct, sixty days to tihe .townslllp nn six months in- -the State, are tne T quircments as to residence. NOTUCE-W. a.T. U. :' - The loca] rnrion W. G.T. U. will hoi Its .regular Tneeting Wednesday, Sep 30th, at the Home for <ne Friendless. to it riuladtJphia Tiliucs: . Profesi.^)i' Voods, -a AVashtogtoi) oheiuist, lisis djs- overed a substance' -which can b-.i i-nd« to resemble any m-etal or miiiiW'j color and -te.vttirft i:t can be' molded ito n.ny form, takes »- Ivafeh polisli.'rc- reduces the patterns of Uu; i-oughosl tone' or "most dcUciite laci-, is. acid roof, 1mi>crlsli:iWe, ' umbrealtaWe and « probably di-slJiiod to b-ring about a evo-UU'lon'iu art-sand architecture/ Tlie compound, which Iws been The esjiK ot years of study, is a metalloid u its mitarre'aud has been named Pro <-a.ii Plastic from Its fl'da,ptabilUj very me.-isil and stale with which brought in contact and also ho taiiuraeraible- uses it can- be put. Uic nston!shi'.D'g change by which It vill -take on the testnre of any s*nb- ta.co is Jits gii-iiitest advanwg*, mnd it. hy tills means iflwvt It cam be mad^.to esenvblo ffold, silver, copper,, .ji'on. teel, bra-ss, glass, g.raniu>, • imirble, nyx nmd nii.mlicrlesK other -minerals,. 'lie liibornltory in wHlt-n me Kept ma.ny lodels of This now discovery is -in one ,-t 1 i;he busiest slireeits of the capital. lenititerod albont'rhe room .-.re molds of. lioiJlastiic in cvary form; here a cannco f frold, 'tilmre a bas-nJief of'brojv/e .-•li-ile 0'iia- Ions ta.blo is tiwangcd metal roil Jiud sh'.nln-g gold jestiiifl side: by Ulc wi-th -marble anil mosnHcs of. higl)- cst polish. The plnater-'is a mviUiJioiil, us- by its Dioitmro it pa,rtsil£es o^t 1 the na.tuit'.of a nelsi-1. Professar Woods, however. «hiilx'.s .Uia.t the base of the .plastic is of vwy finely powdered stone. kiKJwu us stea,tiKe, n. variety of soap-stone ;no\vn to comm-erce. r ln:.% with, otilior lite-nw-nts, he places in n cruci'bte fliid 'to a hftTt of nearly GOO dc- adding -at pleasii.rethe sub'sbuice vith which lie vsuies Ms 1'orroula.j to produce the different- effects. ; Tills liquid, wJucli is about the. consistency ot tlii'ii molasses. Is ponrod nto n 'mold n.ud as soo^i .ns cooled is •esidy 'for marker. By mixing ft pe«u- 1'O.r compound conntaiimiiing gold" dust. .he work \fiHl comie out wibL ..a'soldcn. surface; it will be, not gilded wood. or mai'blo, but a metal -as 'hanl-as go-Id ,£ th'e sn me color and po^so.-'stag nil the propea-Jties of the most precious: of ores; except that tt is not qiiHc^so heavy. But U will not corrode and lusts 'orever. WWh 'tti'ls golden 'motas watch is one- •hird cheaper Wran iw\l goJd we could tave oar tomes 'fashioned Into Dowers of oriental luxury. - The houses of the future can he filled -wi.Mi gold statues oxaot copies of "the aticl-wi.t Gi-ecian nrc, nine taiblas.-and service can glitter with yt-llow luster, nnd even tlie doprs md windows may be made to seem parts of Aladdin's fabled palnce. : .The daiintiest lace, will be reproduced on tkfe golden surface -witli every fibre of the thread showing in, Its outline ns Ano as n Iwir; the bowls' and th'e flipu- samd« of uiteusiis am he c<|ua.l .to the dtehes of Jtid-fl's of old. .. -'.'... ..-.-• j If we w-iislv io have a (home which will flush bnck the snnshino f rom'; -Pariau , -their counterfeit compound can he mixed iin a. cerOaln- conststepcy; anc] •sve 'h'nre but to pour It. Into .rt mold ami there we b<uve the shape in tiie' of stone of whslt we wi«i. .-Noi. (jutting for days wtth a slow sawby 'the old'pi'ocess; no flltoK away of the- prec tons 'Stc.ne, but what seems; to >o -the the -Mrest of Itaton' 'nmi-ble^;;: yil' spriinig up out of 'the c.i > U'diMe.flnd ; ;Cob'' into beaiu-tiful slraipes wl'tih-ln our-sifehi -in a few m-lmutes. - - •'•':- :; : ; • < Silvea- nnd other metals and rocks and granite Mocks cam be ImTt-n'ted lex loctly tiie«imie wfl'y, for wjlven .the:plns tic-'i-s removed firom- the'' molds it yll -be found to hto-e- copi*?d -the ..color am texfcure'ol tiie metal or stone to pertec lOioo. It will reaemible.S'tiee.1 so clbael; «hflt -am exi^ert could- not/ tell, the dlf fcren'ce. It is hard -and yields t-ftj jthc file -as slowly ns tihe real • metal, j In bronze work OT statues it will- -lie (in .. , . ....... , The bricks of which boiises\art!;n;0\i built can receive «. coating , of .-this'jcoin pound .in noy colon', s-tone • or .uidt'i •n-tehed n-nd will just forever. Roc-bui inl caskets, pai'ttoulad-y Jn';sucli_coun ta-ies of low imnrsliy land as- NW Or ,ton.iis, fit will spring tato Insta.nt; use In water piptag and swerlign^wi.! be found in-valiKible, ;ns no dirt can'n'e cumulate JIM' can ;a:c-id con-ode ip face. Noi-ther caii it bo broken nn> more easily titan koa. Blfhtlv -s-treet and west on 'Broadway, t'collided with Mr. Harrison's buggy i:nd after smashing it -passed on. •Kifnvwin. Fifth and Sixth streets it •n:n Ijito'Dam Wolfs mJlk w-agori, and n'j\iii'tHl-oiio of Hie -horses- and slightly lLged tiK! wagon. Here the mad )ea>»t-'wii«-stopped after it had wrecked (Ir.'Thomas's buggy completely- £uck- }y no one was Injured in- flic smasliup. TODAY At 8 o'clock, I will Open the doors of the two stores of OTTO A.KRAUS • And offer both Stocks for Sale at Retail. ^ALBERT G. JENKINES, Assignee. 'LEFT HIS RING. ""T: Logansport Cyclist Arrested at Peru—He Escapes. Pc.ni .Toiwreal: Yrstonla.y Officer •?liugi-hue- arrested a •wheelman \vho AVflS"j-Mtng down Main .street on tlie sidewalk. Ho gave hiis name as Robert Sintrh, of Log;iinsiiort,;au.d said he had been out in the country visi'ling a Ct-lewl.- Stiuwrliue took the on:ender bc- 'or<> Mnyor Durajid, who fined bum, but concluded not to lock''Mm up, as the :iwi.n cl-:i:imed that: his friend would bo n town to ward night and pay flic fine. But tire bicycle was Incarcerated, however, 'tn -a. little room iir.the back part of ScliimoU's grocaiT below the Mayor's .office. ' At irigM w'hep the two uiiinio-ns of -the law, lauding that the offender" hail apparently disappeared from: town-, went to look for the bicycle, they discovered it-hatt -broken Jail. Th6'owner:bad sneaked iin and spirited ifrt.way, or rather tad -caused it to spirit him away. The only!.filing left to- go ; toward liquidating the fine is a rtog which he.hnd a3so pu-t up with the deputy m'arsKal.f-or security. CAUGHT RED HANDED. Amateur Store Breaker Captured in The Act. Sunday .afternoon as .Tames Henderson' sat In his furniture store he heard some one at tlie rear end .trying *o ffaln cujrance. Upon investigation he found a.'W engaged in cutting out a pane of glass. He did not disturb him and he put his arm tihrougli to uufast- c piltch on the window, he sciwHl iitm uind took the youngster to jail. He iie h-ad -a. pal asslsti-ug him, but his'story 'i«:«ot 'bedieved. His name is WJiliiim Miller, son of August Miller. llii-,i-leudcr.son's store has been entered .finics iu this manner. DAMAGES EXTENSIVE, Wild Runaway Spreads ^iin^ on Broadway. Yesterday evening fl-bout-'-T 1 .- o'clock, 'Dr. C. L. Thomas's -'driving- horsij ran nway mmd completely buggy to wh'icih .it .y,-ia.s • badly damaged Walter ' py \\-hlch was hitched son's carriage store vpn The horso was' 'dHvew_ Thomas, and wMle on North" s'treel iia hat btevi- off, and 'stpRpJn^t^anli m\ ( be alighted- -and rwerifr.Jttter'>.jii3 InS" Duritog his absence -froin ' horse, started to ; .run,' r turninir» FIVE GREAT CAMPAIGN BOOKS T,he MONEY QUESTION is the theme of the hour. The only way to poet * " ''' 'ADDITIONAL LOCALS. 1 •";'- f - -• < _ 'WaJj'ted-A good girl nt 200 North Sixth .street. ,-,-.pomcoce-etoleo. number of tools from yaJiBuskJrk's saw mill. Sunday. The robbery is attributed to small boys. 'Soune thief'.tried to gnta' entrance to 'Ma's Winter's 'Broadway saoe store S-i'tui-ftiy niglk'bnt was unsuccessful .•Mrs;' N. W. Obenchrtin possesses .' "fthe. 1> -Tx>gain wheel, presented by tin rRlverside -Cycle club Vast night. He amrrtbcr was 23. '.'.'. '•-.iSisphen-'A. Field, .T-iidge of the Lnit •cd:'States court, passed through the -city .••yc&twla.y on rail-handle trail n No 20oiironte from Chtaigo to Now York vTl3<Jre wMl 'be a meeting tonight ' Hie sitoi-e of Mauaficr Walter B. Le" of tho-L.-A. C., mud it is requested tlia, a.H -members of the associJJtion.be pros but."' -.:••,.-. ,Th« '-residence- af.Kafl Eekeriy 01 I Helm 1 .street was ewtored by burglar tSuiidny dnrine the -aibsence of the fa-in lly, iiiwl-iFii in money was soevu-ed. "" • tra-ncc was gaiaied' thrutigii Wie tran isom- over 'the front door. ;• Two -dmiuks awl itAVo'va,' were bo 'i'".'».M'ii.yor McKce ycstei-d'iiy mornin two'-vaffs -and ,i--.idrun-K v wcre re „,.,._<] aiml caimpeHcd'to iM-ve Hie cltj wlvile the other drunk : was returned t .1:i.il t'O.-lay out a tine. •'•' O'scii-r Dickey who was so soverelj '•jiiij'mx'd'ln tli'e.mlxup 'wiil'h' Jim Ben-y . few' 'd-aiys ago. is stiffl nma.ble to tflik •H-e eats, drtoks n.nd undorstiiuds. wlia 'is.sa.id, to• him. but. c-minot'utter a word "'He is expected to recover. 'sUe fell in the National L«igue ha •''ended: rill of the clubs, tavtiiiig ptaye. Su'rtSdlr' -allotment of games and nov c a:li'''tlint r'einh'tns to bo- play«l is th senles which w'i'I or Tlmrsda.y. ev'en'ilng wklfe Patricl Moow'of tiie We'stside was"Uneellnfi in front of a. liorse adjusting -the harness ' ' 1 Vprnhg upon Mini and tnira- ,„.' k b'roken collar bone and pniiriful bruises were'sustained. ''-Sn,t!iird'a'y ' Contains tell its One of the M'KINLBY AND HOBART. . (Illustrated) Contains the lives, records and principles for which the ^publican Utes h'a.ve fought; the military record of Mnjor McKniley; h,s gicat or protection and his record on currency. Price 2u cents. BRYAN AND SEWALL. . (Illubtratei ) life Wstory of William Jennings Bryan ami Arthur In Congress; W. tariff speech; toils of his enemies; give. TJION SI-EECII which wasahc direct cans, of I»s w>m- nation. Price 25 cent*. GOLD OR SILVER (Ulu tnited.) books in the interest of a gold standard; tells whi on theories that are wrong, 1— « comn« errors; tells the uisusfrotis results of free co.najre, etc. tt ice -o cems. HONEY AND BANKING By Horace White. standard authority on these 'subjects; gives the evolution of Price 50 coats. Everett Dictionary of American Politics. Stranss, comprising ^cotm'.s of politic* A most excellent -book of reference. C. W. GRAVES. Book Seller and Stationer. Successor to W. T. GIFFE. 413 Broadway. BI&MARCK VS. ALTiGELD. CM/cago Inter Ocean: Neither Governor Al-tgeld nor any other political special pleader cait lesson the weight o'f Bismarck's great speech before the Reichstag on.May 14, 1SS2. In ihat speech he urged upon his conu.tiymen a close iniiitaition of The United States system of protection by tariff, and. so logical was his pl«a. that protection became aifi German rale of action, and is today its rule, -and it is n. rnJe under wliich'tbe German nation has prospered, amazingly. It may be welt to reproduce some •passages ot the speech of the jircat chancellor: ' "Tlie success of the United States in material development is tire most illustrious in modern times. The A-nxjr- Icftt. Notion 'hns not only successfully borne .and suppressed the most gigan- ,'tto and expensive war of all history,but .immediately afterward disbanded •its .winy, found employment for all of its soldiers and nm-inei-s-, paM most of i'ts debts, and pave labor and homes to all the -unemployed of Europe as fast -as they could arrive within its territory; and still by a system of taxation so .indirect as not to be perceived, miuch •less. felt. Because it is my deliberate judgment tlia.t tJw; prosperity of Amerca 'is mainly due to Its system of pro- 'tec'tive law, I urge that Germany Iras now readied that point where i-t is necessary to i.ui.Utito'tlio tariff system of the TJniitted States." It was hy protection and by the nuiin- .tennnce of a sound bimetallic and paiper currcjicy that this couivtry l»ssed ou:t of the troublous era. of "war iu.to an. era of such commercial prosperity as tiie world never 'before saw. The volume of ,tiaxa,tio» was deereiaseil wliMe the volume of debt was dimin- Mphed. The -nation- became the largest iron manufacturer of the world. The aggre.ga.te of. wealth in the United Wii'tes grew till it exceeded tlia.t of any other Jiation, and its dJs-trihudon wfls .by ffl.r the most equitable. Wages w«re higher th«.D elsewhere. And not only was oil ittuls mccomplished while tlie nattve-born population increased in a healthful ratio, tout while hundreds of thousands of foreigners, few. of •mlwraJjrouKht much money with them, were absorbed into the ranks of citizens, and- converted Into prosperous D OI-AX'S OPERA . William DolHii MHnng-er. JUST ONE NIGHT WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 30* Tb« Farclal Triumph Jolly Old Chums Interpreted by The Original Company Greatest Laughing Success in iioerka. Prlcfts 25.55 Maud 75 Seats on sale at JoliDf ton's CruK store. of the political amd industriouc An honest cun-CJicy by which att pnbUc nud private debts can, be paid in money of universal acccptsiuoe, and n system of protect ion 16 all Americaa indiw-Wes are issentisils to the welfair, of the 'people of the United States. PA-SSING O p N'OTEP WHEEL'JIES. Lafayette CaM: Wfllter Kflssain, TJC« cliieT counsel of the L. A. W. of Indi- nina, and Herman Kav<; of .Tefrerson- vjlle. arivod in Lafayette Thursday jitght. Mr. Ha.'sau Iwiving for Frankfort yesterday momi'ig and Mr. Bare going 1 'this morning to TJiese gentlemen ca.me a.wlieel WyaiHlottc cav<-. St. Mem-a.rd Louisville, Mt. Harnrony and Terre Hau-ie— a. cycling trip gethei 1 of 'WO miles. COMRADES NO'IMCE. All ' memlws of 32S Did. Vols. wffi meot. Comrade WilLfc «• 0)-ah.'im at dt-pot. .'it (!:J5 a, m. or epr. 30. 1o :i«end reunioii at, New Carlilso. For wa or more spec-to] rates will be The -fumera.! of the laie James TL Graves w:is heW yestwlsiy afternooc from the Tesklence. Interment wae ihod in the I. 0. 0. F. oemeterj- nt Galveston. .

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