The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 22, 1931 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1931
Page 8
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— ——»- ••m»»^» t y * * «*«7 Hurt in Accident. ™ • Aaron Miss Ruth Robertson were injured when collided with another car east of Oar* net. Mrs. Steuusy received a Jonei- tudlnal fracture of the left arm, between the Shoulder and elbow, Mr Btetissy had his face cut and a couple «* ***th knocked out and a fractured rib. Miss Robertson was pinned under the auto and suffered a broken bone in her ankle. The party was headed for Mason City and were riding in a car owned tad driven by Mr. Brooks of Omaha, ft brother-in-law of Mrs. Steussy. A turn in the road and the dust storm toade it hard to see and they collided With another car that was ahead o them. The people in this escaped In Jury and their car was not badly dam aged. Mr. Brooks also escaped with only minor injuries, but his car was Quite badly wrecked. The Steussys and Miss Robertson were given medical attention and Mrs Steussy and Ruth were taken to the Earthquake Horror. Humboldt, April 16.—A description of the recent Managua earthquake was received here today by friends of Mr. and Mrs. L. w. Housel, who were in the city on a Central American tou at the time of the quake. Housel was democratic nominee for governor ; 1928. The Housels lost all their baggag when their hotel was destroyed. Hou sei was not at the hotel at the tim and his wife escaped injury, although several guests were killed, the letter said. Housel narrowly escaped Injury when - i =c"vcu w tuc uwra m supervisors Last Saturday, 16,000 billheads were before the date of said betting. taken by truck from center Lake to ~"~" " " points near Linn Grove and Peterson,, where they were placed in the Little (44-45 Sioux river. A short time ago 5,000 hospital at Mason City. It is under- Stood that Mrs. Steussy will remain in the hospital this week and Miss Robertson will be able to return home the middle of this week. Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge Hanselman, the latter a sister of Mr. Steussy, was notified of the accident and went at once to Mason City, returning home the next day. Fenton Man Returns Home from Germany Reporter: Ernest Pockow. brother o Mrs. Albert Wolfgram, arrived here last Thursday moniin? from New York City where hi landed Tuesday on hir return from a two-j-ear visit in his native countrr, Germany. He ibe return trip in nine days, six of which were spent; corning ricr^ss the Of tan. Mr. Rockow notel ninny changes on his visit In Germauv. like most other c« untries, incluJin,j the United States, the unemployment situation is the greatest problem co-fronting the nation. It is estimated that 5,000,000 people are unemployed at the present time in Germany. Business is also at a very low ebb. It would almost seem that fate played an important part in Mr. Uockow's visit to his boyhood home, as ho was called upon to witness the passing of a brother and a sister while there. It is needless to say that this incident Greatly marred his visit, but he was very glad that he had seen them before they were taken away. the auto in which he was riding struck by flying rocks. The couple spent the night at a marine camp and left Managua by air the next day, flying to San Jose. Moving Fish at Spirit Lake. Spencet Reporter: Getting ready for the coming summer with its fishing season, state game and fish wardens are working on the catching of bbn- heads and pike from Center Lake located between Arnold* Park and Splr- t Lake, and are distributing them am- it is expected that others will be taken from the lake to the rivef. A few years ago center Lake was. iu ^ . made a nursery by the state, and since arc hertby that time thousands of steail flsh have been taken to the lake from the hatcheries and after reaching i ' and The catching of bullheads is tod- ed for hefttifig pmrf «r swn* *% tt* dental to other work that is going court house to Algol*, Iw**, t*fw* «l» forward at center Lake. The main district court of said dea is to remove hike from two to cterk of »M tourtj «n Uiree years old, which hto frtan ele- ft. HI. of the a*y .bor* mwl*^ «n ven to sixteen Inches to length, to persons in««rwled »r» h«t*T aattfft* other lakes and as the MdlheAds «re and rtcwtred «o *ww*n »nd *tW a^ caught at the same ttoe, boUijlf »n.r tliey J»T*. wh* snK Iw^ Jobs progress atonw Uoaw not1» pn«a^I M»| mv It is expected that within a shoHland ft» the J«sH!«a w>« tf«t«»KCft «* Ume the larger pike win be taken frote j said dw»««d. «««w«™ replaced. The eggs taken from ttwjlMtl. atser pike win so to the 1 and after hatching the- small be placed fa Center being taken oul sw? NOTICE OF HEARING ON* ESTABLISHMENT QT SECONDART ROAD DISTRICT NO. K*. t - hesouUlw « t for the estai&asfaHwsa. of a <dfebftft far secondary road: of Said district to tndude the following real es Company ........... .. .... Wm. H. & James P. Gilbride ...... SE>4 ............... ...... 9 W. F. Jenkinson ............... BUen X. NW>4- Part of SE^NW^ ........ 10 ". B. Quarlon "rank L. Miller Mary A Miller .. Mlliam J. Galbraith B. J. Gilmore J. Agatha Green Howard E. Morgan .............. SW'i .Part of SEU NWU 10 .N>* SWU : 10 A SE14 SWil 10 W 30 A SW% SWV4 10 -E 10 A SWU SWi-i 10 .W 10 A SE% SW!4 10 •~>,i A in SE% SW'4 ....10 \ in SEV4 SW',4 10 15 16 SEVi: SEi,4 SEV4 16 A. Hutchison NE i ' .16 Twenty Years Ago. P. W. Hopkins .................... s% ' NE i/. N ',V 'gg,'/ ....... ' ...... P. M. Erickson S i A. Hutchison & E. J. Gihnore . ...mV'/i NW>4 t* pr*to the board of WperWsora on w board proceeded with and allowing of WJH as per hereinafter Dated this 16th da; BERTHA T61, Co,, tflt. CHy'vb Aiiona", iigfht 'and' water im'iintV ijtate of lowft, Kossnth county, ». No. 3498 in distrtct cottfl. Co,, pxpr<"»* A*Tih» n Johnwn, office «tp 1», 1 *«< ' |1 *»' S*iw* city, M. smith, county *i»«rlm»«f rvmv*. oomm, * , comm. A , A «e»»lon 181.80 dn-U, nf-spusor .. ...... 180,25 Anftlntlnit Rtierlff K, S«nrt*, wot*, In Trofts. worfc In clerk's nuppllos dtinpllea trustee trustee mtg. Floyd 0, Pa*tey, HIM fcerv. .,., A, ft, Paiiley, rent Mr*. John Spllle*. re«t tlhfltm Qaylor, rent 10.90 H, Ho*s, rent ........; i«.0« C. G. uettrte. reht 10. ft. K.BilrflB, rent , 1 Victor Jonnsanf rent ., 31 B, n. Worley, rent S4.0I) Mnry A, FroeJtle, rent .-,,. 40.09 C, H. 8«hrftd6r, rent 8,00 w, u FO.T, rent .............. So 09 Knrl Kreb», rent 44.00 Art teStfir, rent 80.08 Btirt Farmers Exchange, coal .. J'refl Anderson, cdftl ,;,.. sg.fli p. a Norton & Son, coal ...... 44.0, W. K. Nfttiddln, coal ,...•..,..... 88.60 3ot»ford Lumber Co., con.1 ...... 9,88 3r. n. I* Williams, med. aid .... lOl.O* j, A. Devlne, med. aid .....,,, t. L. Corbin, med. aid ......... 4 18.26 Ceneflok & Crawford, ntsd. aid 0.87 i. M, Wallace, med. aid ...... 128.88 A. D. Adami, dental aid 80.0* j, Q. Raker, dfintal aid ........ 7.01 to**utn Hospital, med aid. .... 626.0* Algona Hospital, med. aid 14.00 itrt. Lloyd Stebblhg, nursing: .. 4.0* Jeryl Norton, nursing 1 .,,.,.,.,, 40.0» t, Joseph Merer Hospital, hoip. oare 11.90 C, B. Chlpmftn, funeral e*p 77.01 Elinor T. Button, office exp. ..., ig.o» " Brpg. Oarage, supplies 12.84 Wollenhaupt, lodging, 4.16 George etc ..... . Fidelia Htufllck, cftro . . ...... . . 17.59 States Cafe, meals •0 L, K, Hovey, adv. transp. ,.,.,. J.78 Kohllmas Hdwe., supplies ...... BIG • Rendering Works, sup- Ho'ward Strayer, labor".!!!.'.'!! Bfliot H. A. Clark, supplies ,.....,. 23.18 Nelson Hdw., supplies ,...,,,.• A. K. cuff, supplies ..,;.;;::; js* a. F, fowne, supplies and labor 18,01 Hotsford Lumber Co., supplies 4 90 Thbs. Akre. provisions .......... 14688 mi...... tn cf.iit.u ~-.i.2...j..^_ ..... »w.ytf Rllnor T, Button, services ibis C0me on for he aringbeforetheboard"of supervisors at Swca City was figuring on an electric lighting system. A fine boy was born to Mr. and Mrs Chris Nelson in the Third Ward. '• E. G. Fargo had made a number o improvements in the Magic theatre. Walter E. Ward was commissioned a. game warden for Algona and vicinity. Mr. P. Haggard sold his 160-acre farm south of Sexton for $66.50 per acre to George Aman. The Elk Pantatorium was settled in their new quarters in the old Worster & Shilts barber shop building. The funeral of the late Mrs. Crowell •was held from, the Andrew Peterson residence on Friday of that week. Punaral services for the late Denison Paine were held Wednesday afternoon of that week at the Congregational church. John Blinkman had a painful accident at the tub factory when he •caught his thumb in some machinery and cut the tip off. Matt Lamuth had begun the erection of a house in the Third Ward vhere he intended to make a home for himself and family. Mrs. Evalyn Moore of Germania (Lakota) was suing the city of Algona for $3000 for personal injuries suffered in a fall in front of the Durdall hotel. The Algona creamery built an addition to their building for the purpose of making tests. A pure food man was conducting a series of daily tests and experiments. At a meeting of the ministers of Algona it was decided to have a doctor occupy the pulpite on April 30 of that week and have them deliver a talk on tuberculosis. An Algona syndicate had what was supposed to be rich claims in Idaho and some of the syndicate were planning on going there to stay a year for proof of claim. W. H. Horan expected to get away some time that week for his claim in Canada, where he was to remain during the summer. Mrs. Horan was to remain in Algona. J. A. McDonald and mother left for Battle Creek, Michigan, where Jim was to undergo some course of treatments for stomach trouble. Mrs. McDonald WP.S to go from there to Ohio for a visit at her old home. A. L. Bowen of Algona was suing Gar Bolster, C. J. Lenancler and John Winderl of Bancroft for $14,400 on a land deal. Bowcn claimed that the Bancroft men had misrepresented the price of Bancroft land to him. E. G. Bowyer's fight for the mayoralty was blocked by a clerical error in filing the appeal bond. The new officials were going ahead with the government of Algona and were apparently considering the matter closed. The youngest son of T. J. Julian was driving a disc in the .fleld one day that week when the horses became frightened at a train and ran away. The boy was thrown and suffered a severe cut on his knee which would lay him up for two or three weeks. Andrew Baker, who lived east of town, had an unfortunate accident on Saturday of that week. He was dragging a fleld and was walking at the Bide of the drag when he stumbled and fell. The horses suddenly turned so that the drag went over his leg, breaking it in two places. Garny Crose, seventeen year old son of J. H. Crose, was arrested by Marshal Hackman for smoking cigarettes. He was fined five dollars and costs by Justice Crowell. The fine was remitted and he was given a week in which to pay the costs which amounted to about four dollar. Marshall Hackman was waging an unceasing war on young cigarette smokers and now after twenty years of reform work, boys and girls are smoking like burning barns. 44-45 Dated at Algona, Iowa, this fith day of April, 1931. BERTHA E. JOHNSON, County Auditor. NOTICE OF HEARING ON ESTABLISHMENT OF PROPOSED SECONDARY ROAD DISTRICT NO. 119. glV °? that there has been med ln the office of the countv of a district for and elght in *oy totessft. to w wuwcstag off OH* foiOcwtaR «tesnr«K<a vati «sfc*4ft, von w« hereby raa%Hted Chut of Iowa and the Blstarajr C of said state desires Ute condemnation of the following described real estate In the SW\4 SB^, SE^ SEU. Sec- 18, T 9S N, R SOW, Kossuth county The North 27 feet of the south 80 feet of the SE& of Sec. 18, T99N, R30 W, of the 5th P. M. containing 1.62 acres more or less exclusive of the present established roads. That such condemnation is sought for the following purposes: For right of why for primary road purposes and for such other state purposes as are authorized and permitted by the provisions of Chapters 365 and 3G6 Code of Iowa, 1927, as amended by acts of the 43d general assembly. That a commission has been appointed as provided by law for the purpose of appraising damages which will be caused by such condemnation. That said commissioners will on the 30th day of April, 1931, at 9 a. m. convene at the sheriff's office, court house. Algona, Iowa, and proceed to view said premises and to appraise said damages, at which time you may appear before the commissioners if you care to do so. State of Iowa and State Highway Commission, Applicants. John -Fletcher, Attorney General. Maxwell A. O'Brien, Assistant Attorney General. 42-45 i. WdWfrtl** > JJ.801 Milton McFaddan too/, *ViWu*is 1J.OO Northwestern Mut , , .... R. A. llansen, supplies ........ 80.86 JflOAD CONSTRUCTION FtJND. 28.00 . rodman .... Mut. Life Ins. Co., roloaslnar mortgake ..........3000.00 IJon T. Nugent, asg T t engineer . 176.00 £'.i p u Chambers, road meeting 8.60 S«th B. Calry pub. notice 78.66 M. T. McQuIre, removing stumps 134.80 Iowa Culvert & Pipe Co., aup plies 1291.88 «it B , econ(1 b >' Fun -1«-«. ' following resolution j \v. F. I Henry BOAKD OF SUPERVISORS ORDKH ~ ~ " FOR DESTRUCTION OF NOXIOUS WEEDS. GC Baastrustee mig. ..?;.:| i 4.00 Said district to include the following real estate: ™°,^ NER Description William Turner Arthur G. Schultz '.'.'.'.' Sarah ICnoll SW& SWH 7 7 8 Sec. Twp. Range 96 29 44-45 Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 6th day of April, 1931. BERTHA E. JOHNSON," County Auditor. NOTICE OF HEARING ON ESTABLISHMENT OF PROPOSED SECONDARY ROAD DISTRICT NO. 161. Notice is hereby given that there has been filed in the office of the county auditor of Kossuth county, a petition for the establishment of a district for surfacing the following described secondary road: Beginning at the southwest corner of section 25-95-28 and running north one mile terminating at the northwest corner of said section 25. Said road to be surfaced with gravel. Said district to include the following real estate: Owner Description Nickolaus Groh Sec. Twp. Range Jacob Harig .......................... E'/6 NW ] ,4 John Arndorfer ....................... BWM. Nickolaus Groh ...................... NE'/i L. E. Beer ............................ SEV4 NWtt 25 95 28 .25 .25 .26 .26 Said petition will come on for hearing before the bbard of supervisors at their office in the court house in Algona, Iowa, at 1:30 o'clock p m on the 29th day of April, 1931, at which time all persons interested therein may appear and be heard in the matter. Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 6th day of April, 1931. BERTHA E. JOHNSON, *4-45 County Auditor. Notice of Sheriff's Sale. State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a special execution directed to mo from the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, on a judgment rendered in said court on the 2nd day of April, 1931, In favor of lowa-Des Moines National Bank & Trust Company as plaintiff, and against C. T Chubb, Charles E. Chubb, executor of estate of Coleman C. Chubb, Helen M. Chubb, as defendants, for the sum of Twenty Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Hfty-Nine and 5 45-100 ($27,859.45) Dollars and costs, taxed at One Hundred Eighty-Six and no-100 ($186.00) Dollars and accruing' costs, I have levied upon the following described real property as the property of the said C. T. Chubb, Charles E. Chubb, executor of estate of Coleman C. Chubb, Helen M. Chubb, et al to satisfy said execution, to-wit: The Northeast Quarter (NE%) of Section Twenty-Two (22), in Township Ninety-Five (95) North, of Range Twenty-Nine (29) West of the Fifth P. M. and the Southwest Quarter (SWH) of Section Twenty-Two (22) in Township Ninety-Five (95) North, of Range Twenty-Nine (29) West of the Be It resolved by the board of super- •Isors of Kossuth county, Iowa: That In accordance with the provl- ions of Chapter 240 of tho Code of 027, It Is hereby ordered: 1. That nil weeds growing In tho ilKlnvays shall be cut at least twice urlns the growing season, the first uttlng to he not later than July 1st, 631, and the second cutting not later han September loth, 1931, and all nox- ous weeds shall be cut and destroyed y the owner or occupant whether on he property or on the adjoining high- ay, between the dates named, to-wlt: 2. Smooth Dock, Buckhorn, Wild Mus- ird, Quack Grass, Sour or Curled lock, Canada Thistle, Horse Nettle Vila Parsnip, Wild Carrott, Russian lilstle, and Sow Thistle between the ath day of June and the 1st (Jay of uly, 1931, and between the 15th day of uly and the the 15th day of August, Shoofly, Burdock, Cockelhur, Wild unflowcr. Velvet Weed, between tho «t day of July, 1931, and the 15th day of August, 1931 and between tho 15th day of August and the 15th day of Sep- Henry Weber, trustee mtgr J. C. Mawdsley, trustee mtg. , . Chris P. Nielsen, trustee mtg. U C. Cast, trustee mtg AVm. Meyer, trustee mtg J. P. Gllmore, trustee mtg H. P. Schultz, trustee mtg. 0. R. Jensen, trustee mtg 1. P. Engessor, trustee mtg. . . . Chester Robinson, trustee mtg. 4.00 4.00 4 00 8.80 400 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 , . . Harry Sabln, trustee mtg ....... 4.00 Geo. W. Brown, trustee mtg... 4;00 M. N. Phillips, trustee mtg. P. B. Norton &. Son, supplies . . .86 Kcuffel & Eeser Co., supplies . . 70.00 Hlbert Oarage, storage ........ 20.00 Ww. T. Gordes, supplies ...... 8.67 ROAD MAINTENANCE FUND. Port Dodge Steel & Foundry Co., supplies, amt. claimed n *J B- !T° -iV ' U ' ' ^ ......... Not allowed C. & N. W. Ry. Co., frgt. . ...... 90 Acme Body Mfg. Co., supplies.. 110.00 * .- - •• Algona, light Berv. .. 39.98 Matt Murtha, tractor .. ........ 165000 - N. Kruse, Dr. taxes on H.-K. G-87 ......... . ........... 542 94 . Hancock Co. Treas., taxes 70t79 Not allowed 9680 4.00 . . , . .. . J. J.- Anderson, quarantine sign 3.60 Kossuth Co. Farm Bureau, appropriation ................. 1250.00 ................. J. H. Warburton, duplicate warrant ......................... Bancroft Register, pub. brd. pro- 6.00 ceedlngs 3S.71 L. M. Merritt. coroner Chris Dahl, assessor Henry Pox, assessor 9.45 183.75 147.50 tember, 1931. 4. That if the owner or person in control of any real estate falls to mow all weeds from the roadside as hereinbefore provided, or falls to cut, burn or otherwise destroy all noxious weeds during the period hereinbefore set out. the trustees, council, commissioners, or board of supervisors, as the case mr.y be, will cause the highway to be mowed and the noxious weeds to be cut and destroyed and the expense of said mow- Ing or destruction, Including costs of serving notice and other costs, If any, be taxed against the land and the owners thereof. i] 6 The county auditor be and Is iiiere- by directed to cause notice of the mak- Andrew Elbert, assessor ..!.'.'!.'.' 178.60 W. H. Patterson, assessor .... 154.00 Henry Klepper, assessor .. Peter Selvlg, assessor .... W. P. Vaske, assessor John 13. Smith, assessor -.. 147.00 Wm. Runehey, assessor 145.25 150.75 150.00 --—-•——«--• >^w. AlUIAO.! LUACO t t • * t Railway Express Agency, express 2.6» Barton-Warner Co., supplies ,.1972600 Harold Curran, ,haullng grav- rA 1 ••,•,•••.',• Peter Movlek, patrolman ...... Relnder Krommlnga, patrolman 100.09 Hans W. Nielsen, patrolman . . 09 00 Oscar Earing, patrolman ...... 125,00 Will Leeper, patrolman ...... 43.20 J. F. Qulnn, patrolman ........ 84.00 Alton Pettlt, patrolman ........ 75.60 John Phillips, patrolman ...... 120.40 John S. Nelson, patrolman .... 100.00 John Hanselman, patrolman , , 130 00 Clem Goodman, patrolman .... 104.00 S. D. McDonald, patrolman .... 100.00 Tom Weir/ patrolman .......... 104.00 Wilbur A. Fisher, patrolman .. 0000 Elmer Ewlng, patrolman ...... 114.76 Wm. I.udwlg, patrolman ....... 104.00 Edward Fuchson, patrolman C. A. L,amoreux, patrolman . J. H. Montgomery, patrolman 104.00 125.00 81.60 Albert Krossin, dragging 11.25 Randolph Johnson, dragging .. John Rodmaker, dragging W. J. Bourne, assessor 12.75 Notice. To all landowners, occupants, and persons in possession °r control of lamlF. including railroad lands within KoHuuth county: You and <-ach of you are herehy notified that the board of supervisors of Ffiid county have, by resolution duly entered of rerord ordered all noxioiin weeds to h« destroyed at the time and In the mnnner Het out In the following schedule: 1. That all weeds growing In the highways filial 1 be cut at least twice during the growing .season, tho first ci.tting to l,.e not later than July -,Ht. 3031. mid tin- second cutting not later thiiii September ir.tli, 1931 and all noxious wetrls shall be cut and de- strove,] l,y the owner or occupant whether on the properly or on the ad- Joinint,' highway, between the dates named, to-wlt: 2. .Smooth Dock, TSurhhorn, Wild Mustard, Quack Grass, Sour or Curled Dock, Canada Thlslc, Horse Nettle, Wild Parsnip, Wild Carrott, Russian Thistle and .Sow Thistle, between the l&tli day of June and the 1st day of Julv. 1831. and between the ICth day of July, 1931, and the 1! any of August, 1931. til 3. Shoofly. Burdock, Cocklebur, Wild Sunflower, Velvet Weed, between the 1st day of July, 1031, and the 15th day of August, 1931, and between the 15th day of AueiiKt and the 15th day of September, 1931. You are further notified that unless said order is compiled with tho weed commissioner will cause Bald weeds to be destroyed and the cost thereof will >e taxed to the owner of the property; that if said order is not complied with and it becomes necessary for the weed commissioner to destroy, or cause to 10 destroyed, said weeds, any loss or damage to crops resulting from such destruction shall, under tho statute, be borne, by ihc owners of said real es- p. m., the north 5-12 of Lot Four (4) In Block Five (5) of the Original Plat of Algona, Iowa. Sale will be held on premises. This property consists of a well located corner lot with a five room frame house, renting for Twenty-five Dollars ($25.00) per month. Terms One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) cash, balance in thirty days, when abstract will be delivered showing good title, free from all liens and encumbrances. Subject to rights of tenant in possession. No lease. M. P. CHRISTIANSEN, 44-45 Executor. Fifth P. M. And I will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution with costs and accruing costs at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, in hand, on the 7th day of May, 1931, at the east door of the court house In Algona, in Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour of ten o'clock a. m., of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this 8th day of April, 1931. L. E. HOVEY, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. By EVERETT L. HARRIS, Deputy. Sullivan, McMahon & Linnan, Plaintiff's Attorneys. 44-45 BOARD PROCEEDINGS Auditor's office, April 6, 1931 — Board of supervisors of Kossuth county met In regular session with all members present. Board proceeded to read minutes of last regular session and all adjourned sessions. Motion by Funnemark and second by McDonald that minutes be approved as rend. Ayes:- all. Motion by Morris and second by Funnemark that Secondary Hoad petitions Nos. 175-176-177-178 and 179 be refcr- engineer for report, with Notice of Hearing on Engineer's Report. In the matter of Drainage District No 84. To all owners of lands, railways and highways within Drainage District No. 84, and to all other persons interested in any lands or railways within said Drainage District. You and each of you are hereby notified that on February 19, 1931, and April 6, 1931, A. E. Michel engineer in k . „„• --- - -• -charge of said Drainage District No, 28°'«H62*eo. 4 N 2n! i^ 0 -«i 2 niT!. 16 ^ 01 ,?°84. filed with t.ho Km,™? „<• =„„„„.,"_..' 2£rA 35 l?- 60 L N °i.i?—$ 10 ".46j No. 27— red to county Ayes: all. On motion board proceeded auditing and allowing ot bills. On motion board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m. board of supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Hclken and second by Morris that the following final estimates of M. T. McGuIre for grading are hereby allowed: Project 29—$707 55' No. 1—$590.53; No.. 2—$68.22; No. 31-1 $278.90; No. 3—$480.69; No. 7—$3122.40; No. 11—$809.80;No. 9—$1975.76; No. 12— $1624.07; No. 13—$2461.06; No. 14— $299.10; No. 16—$902.67; No. 32—$63.60; XT*-. OO »-<njnn.-fcT_ n r .*.<-.. ^ ,7 *"*•'** w f Dated this 13th day of April, 1931. F. J. BALGEMAN. Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Attest: 1UORTHA 10. JOHNSON, County Auditor. Executor's Sale of Heal Estate. In order to close the estate of L. S, Strom, the undersigned executor will offer for sale at public auction on the 27th day of April, 1931, at two o'clock 84, filed with the board of supervisors of Kossuth county, Iowa, reports setting forth the conditions of the improvement within said Drainage District, and recommending that certain repairs be made, consisting of the extension of the open ditch and relaying of tile. For more complete description of said repairs you are referred to the engineer's reports which are now on file in this office. That the board of supervisors are of the opinion that said repairs should be made; that the 20th day of May, 1931, at two p. m., at Algona, Iowa, has been fixed as the time and place for hearing on said reports and recommendations. That any objection to the making of $63.60; No. 20—$112.68; No 26—$919.89; No. 10—$599.27; No. 21—$817.60; No. 24—$882.57; No. 17—$1047.76; No. 18— $71.50. Ayes: all. This being tho time and place heretofore flxed for hearing on commissioners report on assessments on Dr. 178 written objections read and discussed orally. On motion by Morris and second by McDonald that further hearing on commissioners report on Dr. 178 Is hereby continued to 1:30 p. m. April 14th, 1931. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Funnemark that county auditor Is hereby authorized to accept payment of *4 000.00 school fund loan to Mrs. loulsa A. Thompson on W ] /4 NW'/i Sec. 9 Twp. 94 Range 28. Ayes: all. Motion by McDonald and second by Morris that first quarterly report of Bertha E. Johnson, county auditor and Laura Paine, county recorder Is hereby accepted. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by Helken that official bond of H. H ..- tpvrbe-publfshed j once in each of the official newspapers of the county. Ayes: all. Adopted this 7th day of April, 1931. Motion by McDonald and second by Helken that 1st quarterly report of Clark Orton, clerk of district court, ia hereby approved. Ayes: all. Motion by Morris and second by Funnemark that following refunds and abatements are hereby allowed' That taxes of Lloyd Gross on $313.00 taxable value be transferred from Al- jona Independent Irvlngton to Irvlng- :on township for 1930 on account of bong erroneously taxed to wrong district >y assessor. That delinquent dog tax of $2.00 for 1930 of John Haag, Whlttemore Township be refunded on account of being erroneously entered by assessor. That taxes on $614.00 taxable value for 1926 Algona Independent Irvington be cancelled against J. L. Farrell L. K Hovey, sheriff .......... 17o!70 Seth B. Calry, supplies ........ 175.00 COURT FUND. R. K. Davidson, court reporter .. 24.50 R. K. Davidson, court reporter 12.25 L. B. Hovey, sheriff .......... 302.25 L. A. Wlnkel, J. p. fees ...... 75.25 W. C. Danson, j. p. fees ........ 24.50 P. A. Newvllle, marshall ........ 6.15 Walter H. Steward, marshall . . 33.75 F. W. Green, marshall ......... 95 Chris Asmussen, marshall ...... 7.75 E I* Vincent, Jury fees ...... 1.00 Wm. Rlcklefs. Jury fees ........ 1.00 Henry Dearclie, Jury" fees ...... LOO Freeh, Jury fees ........ 1.00 ' ^ Alfred Nornmn,. jury fees Wm. vSi'gabae,:, Jury, fees 1.00 1.00 4.49 15.75 14.25 9.00 f c-e.. 487 Ole" M. Ravn, dragging"."?. '.'.'.'. 11.25 Albert Fritz, dragging 8.26 Loren Byers, dragging 35.25 Henry P. Hofbauer, dragging AlH/\.*t Tin I .,.-,._*« -1 .«_ Jay Godden, dragging Fred Butterfleld, dragging Raymond Barslou, dragging E. R. Intermlll, dragging Clarence Green, dragging Albert Wlttkopf, d'raggfng "". . '. '. 16.50 " " ~~' ..... 8.25 __________ u ...... 12.10 Peter N. Thllgcs, dragging '..'.'. 16.20 W. P. Vaske, dragging ...... 10.61 Paul Zlelske, dragging ........ 826 Arthur H. Zlelske, dragging .. 17.26 W. H. Grover, dragging .. ...... 14.00 Roy Bane, dragging .......... 4.00 Louis Scott, dragging ........ . .. 4.BO " . ,, , ...... . Mrs. XU;B. HoveyVvwitness fees.. ' .60 Glen Shay, witness fees ........ ,60 Mrs. J. W. Cassel, witness fees. .50 Mrs. Glen Shay er, witness fees.. .60 Stanley Cassel, witness fees . . .50 Bud Cassel, witness fees ....... 50 . . and entered against John Frankl. Ayes: £lll> That Henry G. Rleken, .Burt, Iowa, be refunded taxes on 1% acres road on NEW Sec. 12-96-29 for 1926-19271928-1929-1930 on account of not being properly credited. That road poll tax of Roy Farrell for 1926 Irvlngton township Is hereby H?i a . t .S. d on a °count of being paid In Whlttemore township. That P. A. Holcomb Is hereby refunded taxes on 2 acres road on east U?,, e SW A Sec - 3-99-30 for 192(1-19271928-1929 and 1930 on account of not being properly credited. That assessment on Block 193, Call's Addition, Algona, for 1929 and 1930 be re£u , n £ ed or abated as the case may be on difference of ssssesment from $800.00 to $200.00 on account of being erroneously assessed to Mrs. Mary Zelg- That Chas. McGlnnis be refunded the sum of $11.72 paving assessment DIst for 1929 and 193 ° on Lot ' o, .n Block 128 Call's Addition to Algona, on account of being erroneously taxed. That Charles Magnussen, owner of Lot 1 of Government Lot 4 Lot 1 of Government Lot 6; Lot 2 of Government Lot 5; Lot 4 Government Lot 4 and Lot 3 of Government Lot 4 be taxed as agricultural lands and that all taxes for city pvrposes be cancelled ex™?A as ^ ro "- d and library tax for 1S130 on account of being used for agricultural purposes. That L. C. Knudsen be refunded $4.00 road poll Swea City Inc. for 1930 on account of having paid same to town clerk and erroneously charged should he charged to Leo Knudsen. Ayes: all TI Motion by McDonald and second by Helken that report of engineer filed I'ebruary 18, 1931, and amended report filed April 7, 1931, Is hereby approved and county auditor Instructed to notify landowners by publication fixing date of hearing on report on Dr 84 at 2 p m. May 20, 1931. Ayes: all. Motion by Helken and second by McDonald that 1st quarterly report of L. E. Hovey, sheriff, Is hereby approved! Ayes: all. Motion by Funnemark and second by Morris that final estimate of Helbert boverlens on Dr 176 Is hereby accepted and filing of maintenance bond is Thomas Forberger, witness fees 2.20 Guy Bruns, witness fees 2.70 John Rlppentrop, witness fees . 2 70 William Peterson, witness fees . 2.70 Alfred Oesterrrelcher, witness fees 2.70 H. C. Allts, witness fees 2.70 Dean Andrews, witness fees .... 2 70 Clark Orton. clerk's fees 1860 W. B. Quarton, attorney fees . 10.00 Rose Haverly, dup. warrant .. 7.30 DOMESTIC ANIMAL FUND. E. H. Beardsloy, listing dogs .. 13.00 W. H. Patterson, listing dogs .. 10.40 Henry Klepper, listing dogs .... 9.90 0. W. Berggren, listing doss., 5.40 L. A. Barslou, listing dogs .... 7 20 A. L. Bosworth, listing dogs .. 8.20 S. A, Butcher listing dogs .... 8.36 J. P. Cunningham, listing doga 2.00 John Dempsey, listing dogs .. 1 60 D. C. Ellis, listing dogs ...." 1.90 J. N. Ludwlg, listing dogs 840 Leon Worden, listing dogs .... 1 701 Fred C. Wegener, listing dogs 9.70 A. J. Seller, listing dogs 9.70 Paul Selberg, listing dogs 6.10 D. F. Sehwletert, listing dogs .. 9.40 W. P. Vaske, listing dogs 6.60 Herman Ubben, listing,dogs .... 12.70 J. E. Smith, listing dogs 9.60 Eleanor Potter, listing dogs .. 9 60 Henry C. Nelson, listing dogs .. 10.60 H. L. McEnroe, listing dogs 7.60 Thos. Hawcott, listing dogs .. 10.80 L. A. Johnson, listing dogs .. 6.60 1. A. Qerdes, listing dogs 2 10 R. E. Goddard, listing dogs .... 1.90 Andrew Elbert, listing doga 9.50 Frank W. Elbert. listing doga . 2.10 W. J. Bourne, llatlner doe-a .. men Maynard Sohn, dragging Ubbe' Winter,' dragging '.'l.'li!' Advance Pub. Co.,. pub. notices Central States Eleo. CO. 1 ", light 12.75 ____ ............ T ..... ........ 1,70 W. a Horan Elee." Co., supplies S.'so J. A. Roberts, bridge' ........ 260.80 Pi D. Rythor, labor .......... 827.20 T. P. Harrington, furnace ...... 22.60 ' Maurice E. Kell, supplies ...... 286.00 John A. Erlckson, labor ........ 81.26 Wm. Blomster, labor .......... 31.26 Harley Haynes, latfor .......... 22.7S Ubbe Winter, labor ............ 600 Watson & Shlpler, labor ...... 8.40 Benedict Gisch, labor ..... . ... 1295 Edward Hagge. labor ..... ..... 16.38 Pearly C. Haynes, labor ........ 36.7S Carl Johnson, labor ....... ..... gg 10.60 .- . —. .wuttiv), Jtaiui^ UUKD i* JU.OU C. M. Erlckson, listing dogs.... 1.80 Peter Selvlg, listing dogs 7.70 Glen Sharp, listing dogs 60 Wm. Runchey, listing dogs .... 7.60 H. F. Gutkneeht, listing dogs . 1.60 Ray E. Hanson, listing dogs .. 9.20 Chas. Haas, listing dogs 4.80 John E. Kell, listing dogs .... 1.70 T. B. ERADICATION FUND. R. C, Ball, vet. serv 38 00 L. W. Fox, vet. serv 81.84 H. E. Woodward, vet. serv. .... 60.66 POOR FUND. Mrs. Eric Anderson, care of sick, amt. claimed $27.00 ... .Not allowed Kossuth Hospital, med. aid, amt. Dwlght Graham, labor 17.60 Gus Rlchter, labor 21 00 George Welg, labor 1676 H. M. Hansen, labor 8 76 Bennle Leech, labor 14 00 Dan Taylor, labor 1400 Oliver Young, labor 14 00 M. T. McGuIre, labor 47.26 Amelia Koppen, storage of tractor 30100, George Holtzbauer, supplies .. 10.93 Farmers Elevator Co., supplies 9 60 Royal Lumber Co., supples 415 Fay Mlnard, supplies 28 00 F. S. Norton & Son, coal 6.80 O. P. McDonald, coal 2195 W. E. Naudalni coal 11.36 Northern Lumber Co., supplies 6.76 Botsford Lumber Co., supplies.. 43.60 Frank Flalg, supplies 17.00 Elbert Garage, supplies 77.05 Wesley Auto Co., supplies 44,00 Wm. Meyers, Jr., supplies .... 4.00 Lease & Lease, supplies 17.80 Joe Greenberg, supplies 40.68 Algona Insurance Agency, flre ex. refills 315 Clapp's Master Service, supplies 4'.76 B. A. Thorpe, supplies 6.90 LuVerne Auto & Machine Co., supplies • 65.00 Wheeler Lumber Bridge & Supply Co., supplies , 6600 , Edwin W. Lusby, supplies 2.65 Hovey & Pehrson, supplies .... 18,36 Kohlhaas Hdwe., supplies .... 30.81 F. L. Fleming, supplies 1.29 C. S. Johnson, supplies ........ 6.50 G-lbba-Cook ,Traotor & Equip. Co., supplies , 127.02 Barton-Warner Co., supplies .... 40.28 J. D. Adams Co., supplies 3357.75 Wood Hydraulic Hoist & Bofly Co., supplies Lelghton Supply Co., suppllas .. Economy Welding Works, sup- 24.18 4,98 97.73 claimed {10.00 ... .Not allowed St. Farm Mutual Auto Ins. Co., Insurance ., 737 Elinor T, Button, transp 15.'oo Northwestern Bell Tel. Co,, tel. serv 1801 Elinor T. Button, transp. .,,.,. 8.50 Elinor T. Button, transp 8.00 Elinor T. Button, tranap 20.00 Elinor T. Button, transp 26 00 Elinor T. Button, transp 26.00 Motion by McDonald and second by flelken that chairman of board is hero- ay authorized to purchase 6.35 acres '""•vpl pit In 8W/4 SE'/i Sec. 15-94-80 1500.00 per a,cre from Joe Sehaller. Ay6a • fill, Motion by Funnemark and second by SW^JXL'JWw «PS? < Jltch r '*iu be . jt.. Lucy Wagner, 29, .07A. Mathlas gelmet, 94-29, 1.36A; Dr. 177— Sec. 84-94- SWV4 Seo 8B- See? 35-94-29, A. H. Hoffman and W. B. Davy NEW NWVi 32-96-27, 1.89 A; BWYt NWfl4 82*. 06-27. 0.42A; SE14 NW% 82-l6-27i Wl A. H, Hoffman, NE i! H . 28-.95.-27, _ '1,89 % 82-6-27i # SB" M »* /* "v-vv~fHt *tvP*Xi C SBJJ SB* 29-96-87, 1T78A: SW? i . , Dr. 80— Henry Gray, 29-96. NEW. 86-98-2«, 8.6 Algona Coop. Cry. Co., provisions 12.26 Merrill Bros., provisions ..,, G. A. Sharp, provisions E. Boyd, provisions Smith Dept. Store, provisions H. L. Hanson, provisions .... W. T, Trainer, provisions ,. R. A. Clark, provisions , J. Bruer, provisions 30.00 28.91 35.18 20.00 15.48 9.00 61.87 10.56 62.45 28.51 claimed $30.6~4' .V.Y.7.717! ,T."V 29,12 Jos. I 1 . Menfce, provisions ...... 0.20 , Moe & SJogren, provisions B. A. Hansen, provisions J. B. Brpelding, provisions, amt. piles Globe Machinery & Supply Co., Supplies 41.05 Sargent Tile Ditcher Co., supplies 88.80 Sleg-Fort Dodge Co., supplies.,. 413.22 Shell Petroleum Corp, supplies 7.25 Blmmer Oil Corp., oil 26.60 Peerless Oil Co., gas and oil.. 441,07 Standard Oil Co., gas and oil ,. Thos. Berg, gas and oil Phillip Petroleum Co., gas and oil 6.60 8.26 68.15 4.95 Standard Oil Co., gas and oil Pennsylvania Petroleum Co., oil 14 69 DRAINAGE FUNDS, Lafe Simmons, cleaning tile .. 26 00 Dr. 9— Seth Cairy, pub. notice 11.70 A. B, Michel, engineer F. H. Lathrop, rodman 187,00 71.75 Wm. B. Devlne, provisions 9.16 ., --., •*, A^w(a**ui A J »vv4a*wiio *««• V*1U Ernest L. Phillips, provisions . 16.00 McFarland & Walker, provisions 20.00 A. W. Jurgons, provisions , 4.65 Hoods Cash Store, provisions ... 49.77 Benedict's Store, provisions .... 16.01 Garfiold Erlckson, provisions ,. 3,10 O. 8. Pehrson, provisions 28.37 Handy Store, provisions ...... 10.10 Kennedy Brothers Co., provisions 80,48 Paul Qrames, provisions ,,.,.. 10.00 Thavps Sisters, provisions ...,., 16.00 A. A. Droessler, .provisions .... 14,02 Nelson Mercantile Co., provisions 81.82 Hattle Llohllter, provisions .... 9.30 Edwin W. Lusby, provisions ,,., 490 Tlce. Brack, provisions 54.66 Herman Wise, provisions 77,74 Bills Runohey, provisions .... 48.94 Alma Arraetrong, provisions ..,,. 6,20 H. M, NotestUiO, rent ., J» 00 — • «. "r'"LV **« *"w*»»»n .... II,(u Keuffel & Esser Co., supplies . 11,51 17.00 28.00 2.63 12.00 Halverson, estimate ^u, o ,,, 72R 11 Humboldt Gravel & Tile o"es« °'" flmnfn "KTrt A ' WSI Dr. 84 A. E. Michel, engineer A. E-. Michel, engineer F. H.^Lathrop, rodman J ~ & tlmate No. 4 w §• ?"?i? el> ei'B'ne'eV'.','.';;; P.. H. Lathrop, rodman 684.06 74.00 6.13 22.31 A. E. Michel, engineer ,. ' n m> Resolved; That the county"midftn. Is hereby ordered and directed to i2 p sue warrants for all bli s allowed It this meeting as shown bv th« .-?£v, B * dule of Claims" here? n b«fn»» S ,?k 8 " Ayes: all. lms" hereinbefore <"> each BERTHA B. JOHNSON County Auditor,

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