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Twin City Sentinel 62ND NO 54 WINSTON SALEM RIDAY EVENING JULY 5 1946 PAGES OP A oes Assemble ormidable or ce Battle Against New Control Bill In Taft Heads Second Test Set for July 25 Jews Call Strike I 28 Persons Die in Riot ng arrived in New Nora Carpenter Children Arrive for Reunion five for WEATHER fimtiiiiii iiimii ireworks Cause Some Deaths ending ''4 at of that up in the Abello told his with for were they by a all of Clark said of Mrs Tealcr Holiday Toll Is 112 VV PROTESTS LOODED INTO OICES of Congressmen and Senators Above Senator Robert Wagner looks over about a thousand telegrams which were received by him up to noon of the first OPA less day Most of them condemned the end of price controls A HERD CATTLE in the Yakima Valley of Washington State runs from a crop dusting helicopter which is heading for an orchard spraying insecticide The helicopter built especially for pest control Experiments are being carried on in an effort to prove that in sects rodents and weeds can be controlled in this manner New York (TP) A patrolman who lay at the threshold of death today from a self inflicted gunshot wound was formally under arrest on a homicide charge in the mys terious slaying of a middle aged woman found dead of strangula tion on a Mid Manhattan side walk Authorities still were unable to supply a motive in the bizarre case involving Patrolman Mariano Abello 35 and a woman identified from papers in her purse as Kath erine Miller 42 a nurse of Warren Pa Police said there was no evi dence to indicate the two even acquainted although were linked circumstantially strange series of events The woman was found dead ear ly yesterday on a irst Avenue sidewalk near a damaged police car which Abello and a sergeant had been using while on duty The sergeant related that he had left Committee an the Jews in Po on a one hour the payments production however only item now on which still might The officer ber of Grocz said he understood the cas ualties included the chairman of the Kielce Jewish Committee Dr Kahane Whether he was dead or only wounded was not indicated A 7 pm curfew was ordered in Kielce after two hours of blood shed The security police who suf fered several casualties carried the brunt of the early operations Military reinforcements were sum moned and the situation finally was brought under control demonstrations by hooli gan elements long have been a sad tradition of our Grocz said He described the Kielce riot as the worst outbreak since the Krakow demonstrations last October Kielce was described as the scene of several attacks by derground after the polls closed Sunday i the cause was the issue of freedom Off Bikini Atoll Vice Admiral Blandy direc tor of the Operation Crossroads project announced today that the underwater explosion of an atomic bomb to test its power against naval ships has been set tentatively for uly 25 At the same time Blandy de clared that last explo sion from the air turned out to be far success in most respects than He said the possibility had been taken into account before hand that the July 1 air drop might be a of appreciable which it turned out to be The bomb instead of bursting within 200 yards of the aiming point on the battleship Nevada burst around 500 yards astern and to port according to unoffi cial observers Location Not Given Blandy would not give the location of the burst but said that despite the fact was not precisely where we wanted we still got a very satisfactory While preparing for Test which will test the atom effect on hulls in contrast to the first test against the topsides Joint Task orce One has been evaluating the re sults of Test Able Blandy pointed out that the burst sank or thoroughly dis abled ships of every major type in the navy These included the battleship Arkansas heavy cruis er Pensacola submarine Skate and the light carrier Independ ence all of which were disabled Ships sunk were the Japanese light cruiser Sakawa the de stroyers Lamson and Anderson and the transports Gilliam and Carlisle Instruments Lost Concerning the loss of sometf the task most impor tant instruments aboard the Gil liam dueto the fact that the bomb exploded closer to the Gil liam than expected Blandy said: was the chance we were taking We did not have any instruments that had to be saved to make the test a success Noth ing went wrong to an extent to Columbia City Ind (P) Whit ley County Prosecutor Bloom said he would file formal charges today against a 52 year old Columbia City housewife who he said had signed a statement that she killed her semi invalid husband because he told to shoot Sheriff iemont isher said the woman Mrs lossie Elian Walk er said in the statement that she shot her husband Roy William Walker 54 World War I veteran after an all night argument dur ing which they drank wine Bloom said he had not decided definitely what charge he would file against Mrs Walker The statement witnessed by Sheriff isher and State police said that Walker became angry when a suggestion was made that he be returned to the Hospital at Marion Ind where he previously had been a patient Church 25 holder of Star Bronze Star Purple Heart with By 4Big NORA CARPENTER nnd three babies who York by plane from England today are shown above as they strolled down a street in their native land before taking off for a reunion with former Sergeant William (Red) Thompson of Pittsburgh Nora and Thompson have announced they will be married Abello alone in the car while he went to make an investigation and that when he returned both the car and patrolman were gone Later Abello who was traced to a West Side Apartment through a relative shot himself in the head as officers pleaded with him to come out of a room in which he had barricaded himself Before he was found apartment police said stooped at his home and wife the mother of his 11 year old daughter that in real trouble and I have to do some thing serious about He then left A bus driver told Detective James Brady that a policeman had asked him to stay with the wom body on irst Avenue while the officer went to a police sta tion The driver said however that the officer commandeered a pass ing vehicle and dove instead in the opposite direction NUERNBERG IRE QUELLED Nuernberg Germany (P) A fire in the cafeteria kitchen at the Nuernberg Courthouse was ex tinguished today by workmen us ing sand The flames swept out a window into cables feeding the Ttprlio Corporation of America of fices in the courthouse where 21 Nazi leaders are on trial Police said a stove explosion started the blaze prevent the test from being ex tremely satisfactory our planning we provided for alternate or duplicate meth ods of instrumentation In most respects we had far greater suc cess than Blandy also said that later studies indicated the Able Day bomb was than thought just after the test was not only between the Alamogordo and the Nagasaki bombs in power but closer to the Nagasaki bomb than to the Must Be Rearranged Before the next test can be held which is expected to sink even more ships instruments must be read collected and re placed and the target array must be rearranged Blandy said The Baker Day target array will not be published as in the case of the air dropped test Blandy refused to say whether the Day bomb did any interior or hull damage although it had been reported that ships like the Arkansas lost their boil ers owing to the force of the blast hurtling down their smoke stacks He said divers would go down in the next day or two to determine precisely what kind oi damage destroyed the ships that did sink High Waves Likely Revised studies indicated Test Baker might throw 75 foot waves which will wash over the atoll islands Blandy said It also is expected to kick up a radioactive geyser It may however cause a smaller cloud than the air drop Because the underwater ex plosion will impart more deadly radioactivity to the water Blandy said it will take longer for task force ships to re enter the lagoon A practice rehearsal for Baker Day will be held July 19 but no explosion will be set off as in the case of the rehearsal for Able Day Blandy said Concerning a report that engi neers failed to set faster cameras going at the right time on Able Day Blandy said the task force gathered enough pictures some of which were excellent shots New York (7P) Nora Carpen ter and her three surviving quad uplet children arrived from Lon don by plane today for a reunion with the father formei Staff Sgt William Thompson of Pittsburgh but Thompson at the airport to meet them Present instead was his attor ney Sam Keller of McKees port Pa and a cousin Jack War ner of (4543 riendship Ave) Pittsburgh Keller said the mother and fa ther would be married soon as but that their reun ion would not take place in pub lic He declined to say where the mother and babies would meet Thompson or where the father was staying The mother and children were going through customs procedure and could not be reached im mediately by newsmen and pho tographers Babies ine on Trip However Marguerite Roach of New York stewardess on the plane which brought them said that children were fine on the trip They gave me no trouble at Thompson who served in Eng land during the war had not seen the mother or babies in 15 months He was divorced by his first wife after the birth of the children in March 1941 Keller and Warner indicated that the reunion might take place at a hotel here Keller said the marriage might be delayed by the required three day waiting period in Pennsyl vania but said an early applica tion for blood tests would be Paris (P) The oreign Min isters of the Big our drafted in vitations today for a general Euro pean peace conference to be held in Paris July 29 for debate on treaties intended to end World War II for Italy and the Axis satellites In a seven hour and forty min ute session which lasted into the early hours this morning the dip lomatic representatives of Great Britain rance Soviet Russia and the United States reached agree ment on Italian reparations the final major point blocking prepar ation of treaty drafts and fixed the date for the peace conference The deputy foreign ministers as sembled (5 am est) to draw up a suggested invitation for submis sion to their chiefs at 4 pm (10 am est) An American source said that after approving the wording and before tackling the German treaty the Ministers probably would clean up dds and ends in the five treaty for Italy inland Ro mania Hungary and Bulgaria they will submit to the conference The 21 nation general confer ence composed of Australia Bel gium Brazil Byclo Russia Cana da China Czechoslovakia Ethio pia rance Great Britain Greece India the Netherlands New Zea land Norway Poland the Ukraine the Union of South Africa the So viet Union the United States and Yugoslavia will not have the final say on the treaties Russia has insisted on strict adherence to the terms of the Moscow agreement of last De cember under which the Big our are to draw up the final treaties after studying the advice of the peace conference Secretary of State James Byrnes British oreign Secre tary Ernest Bevin and rench oreign Minister Georges Bidault all have indicated that they in tend to press for serious con sideration of the advice of the conferees when the Council meets again after the peace conference to complete the final treaties The Ministers settled their last major conflict Italian repara tions By an agreement provid ing that Italy must pay Russia $100000000 from munitions fac tories from her assets abroad and from current production over a seven year period Italy was given a two year period of grace before beginning the payments from current The agenda trouble of navigation on the Danube The last time they discussed this question the Ministers ap parently were settled on a pro posal that the Council declare that freedom of navigation on the river should be observed Bevin announced however that he wanted more time to study the question and has not made known his position since Before winding up their cur rent session the Ministers also have to discuss the Austrian question and the present political situation in Italy placed on the agenda request Discussion of tions together Icms of peace were expected to occupy Ministers virtually until the of the peace conference WHEN OPA prices with surprisingly few exceptions th? at first Within a few days however they be gan the anticipated upward spiral Retailers like the fruit stand in New York (pictured above) heeded President Tru man's plea until the snowballing upward trend began Jerusalem (TP) The British Army announcer! today that an other large cache of munitions and large quantity of Brit ish battle had been un covered in 1he Jewish settlement of Mesheq Yagur British troops have been searching the settlement which is located in the Haifa Bay area since last Saturday and previously had reported un earthing large quantities of con traband munitions in an elabo rate underground storage depot A British Army officer reply ing to Zionist charges that the Jews were being denuded of their defenses declared: presence of British Army battle dress in the cache could never be considered defensive The oficer added: believe any of us like to see the Jews stripped of those things they have been so prodigiously gathering at such great cost but the thing we object to is the presence demolition Great Loss to Jews He said the confiscations Mesheq Yagur where a total 20 large caches had been found up to last night were a great loss to the Jews but asserted: is only common sense that we must take everything at the present time if we are going to suonress The latest cache at Yagur was found in a stall and con tained a portable radio trans mitted and 667 German mortar bombs as well as rifle ammuni tion and explosives The army said the search at Yagur was still going on and it was not yet known how much longer it would take Tension continued high in Palestine todnv despite the re lease ol three British officers by (Sec British Army Page 2) the latter at these ques the prob Germany the eve OLD STATUES OUND Cairo (P) More than 60 statues of men and women and detailed inscriptions have been found in a 4000 year old building discovered at 10 miles from the present city of Aswan by Prof Lnbib Habashi inspector of the Upper Egypt An tiquity Department it was an nounced todav Warsaw (UP) The more than 100000 Jews in Poland were summoned to strike today fanning the ugly feelings which erupted violently at Kielce "yesterday in the bloodiest anti Semitic riot of recent Polish history The Government announced that 28 persons 26 of them Jews were killed in a pitched battle at Kielce Unconfirmed reports circu lated that more than 50 persons were killed No accounting of the wounded was available Before the Kielce outbreak the Central Jewish nounced that all land would put strike today in protest against British policy in Palestine The strike was scheduled for 11 am Protest Presented Polish Jews presented a resolu tion of protest to the Warsaw Government and to the' Ambassa dors of the United States Great Britain Russia and rance Whether or not the strike call had anything to do with the vio lence at Kielce authorities feared that it would serve as fuel for the flames of resentment already stirred by the riot at the city of more than 50000 including 800 Jews south of Warsaw Gen Wiktor Grocz a oreign Office spokesman said the violence was a aftermath to The elec tion itself had unreeled with rela tively little friction He said the immediate cause was the circula tion of the hoary old rumor that Jews in Kielce had murdered Po lish babies Apartments Raided Armed bands raided Jewish apartment houses to touch off the skirmishing Armored cars were wheeled into action by the mili tary in efforts to break up the formations of rioters Kielce officials said by telephone that scores of Jews barricaded themselves inside a Jewish head quarters building beat off the at tackers and later sought refuge in their homes Grocz said the attacks were or ganized by ascist elements who probably members of the illegal underground organization NSZ freely translated as Nationel Armed orces Polish newspapers published no accounts of the rioting Authori ties feared that such publication might prompt similar incidents in other cities Officer Is Slain dead included one Polish and one non Jewish mem the Polish Workers Party imiiiiiiimiiiiiUMiiiiijfil'ui I Wiesbaden Germany (P) A life sentence imposed on Ingeborg ischer plump blonde German girl for slaying her former sweet heart Sergt John Chinar of Tus carora Pa was reduced to 15 years imprisonment by the Ameri can Military Government today because premeditation was not proved The German girl 22 was con victed May 1 She had been found standing over body with a pistol in her hand March 15 Hie sergeant had been shot through the heart in his billet after he allegedly told her that he wanted nothing more to do with her At the trial the girl said Chinar tried to take the gun from her and that in the confusion she ac cidentally pulled the trigger North Wilkesboro Two men both veterans of World War II were killed another seriously in jured and a fourth slightly hurt in an automobile accident last night on Highway 16 near Wil bar about 14 miles northwest of Wilkesboro McKinley the Silver Medal and cluster died in Wilkes Hospital at 11:30 pm shortly after the accident Isaac Eller 22 who served three years in the European thea tre during the war died in the hospital at 1 am today Both men were badly crushed and suffered head and internal injuries Also badly hurt was Roy Mc Guire whose condition was re ported as critical this morning Dancy escaped with minor in juries According to Sergt A Clark of the State Highway Patrol the four men all of the Wilbar com munity were riding in a car driven by Church In attempting to pass a line of several cars Church collided with an oncom ing Tennessee Carolina bus and turned over three times the car finally coming to a stop in a creek Sergeant Church son Wyatt Church is also survived by his widow aye Church and two children uneral service will be held at 3 pm Sunday at Red dies River Baptist Church German Sentence Is Cui (By The Associated Press) The nation celebrated a com parative safe and sane ourth of July holiday yesterday ire works caused some deaths The toll of violent deaths a survey disclosed was far below the estimate which had been forecast by the National Safety Council for Independence Day and the extended four day holi day Weather in most parts of the country was pleasant and mil lions joined in the first peacetime Independence Day celebration in five years The survey showed at least 142 persons suffered violent deaths with traffic accidents leading the list of fatalities with 65 At least 42 persons drowned in holiday outings while violent deaths from miscellaneous causes totaled at least 35 On the ourth of July last year a Wednesday 159 per sons suffered violent deaths Explosion Deaths Deaths resulting from explos Official Weather Bureau records of The temperature lor the 24 Hours at 8:30 am Rainfall Asheville 01 Atlanta 01 Birmingham 101 Charleston 03 Char lotte 22 Columbia 07 Denver 03 Galveston 81 Greensboro 25: Jackson ville 01 Memphis 100 Miami 128 Mt Mitchell 16 New Orleans 33 Ra leigh 02 Spartanburg 07 Wilmington 345 Winston Salem 07 Policeman Strangles Woman Shoots Himself Is Near Death Washington (UP) Sen Robert A Taft (R Ohio) today marshalled formidable forces to battle a new Administration backed bill which would revive OPA in a modified form for one year OPA foes predicted the new price fight in the Senate would be more bitter than the last It will begin as soon as the bill is called up for Senate either today or Monday Taft and his bloc again will try to end price controls on meat poultry and dairy products lie took charge of the attack on the new bill immediately after the measure was approved 12 to 5 last night by the Senate Banking Committee Taft had been work ing with the committee all week to reach an acceptable compro mise but when he was out voted in the committee show down he decided to carry the Issues to the Senate floor He was backed by a goodly num ber of Kcpublienns and promised a crashing assault against pro OPA forces led by Senate Demo cratic Lender Alben Barkley (Ky) who predicted eventual pas sage of the bill in its present form Provisions of Bill The measure written in com mittee to meet President objections to the vetoed exten sion bill would: 1 Cancel rent increases made by landlords since the old price law expired Sunday Landlords however would not be required to refund money already collected as a result of the temporary rent boosts 2 Allow producers their 1940 prices plus any increased produc tion costs since then if the OPA deems the higher prices necessary to boost production This Barkley sponsored plan approved by 9 to 8 by the committee knocks out Taft's amendment which drew the bitterest criticism from Mr Tru man in his OPA veto message Taft would have set Oct 1 15 1941 as the base price period and would have made price allowances for increased production costs without specific rulings on wheth er they were necessary to increase output 3 Allow distributors whole salers and retailers their June 29 1916 mark ups in place of Jan 1 1946 mark ups proposed by Senate Republican Whip Kenneth Wherry Neb This plan which would not require any cost ab sorptions after June 29 was ap proved 10 to 7 It was sponsored by Barkley In most other respects the bill is similar to the old OPA law It retains price controls on meat poultry and dairy products and that was expected to precipitate the bitterest part of the Senate fight on the bill Even the anti OPA bloc seemed generally inclined to support re vival of rent controls Barkley while predicting that the measure would pass the Senate and be approved by Mr Truman conceded a fierce battle is almost inevitable over the decontrol fea tures Taft protested that the bill as now written would give OPA same discretionary that it had under the old law Husband Slain Woman Is Held Wilkes Wreck atal to Two Great Boules of ire! By STAN ARNOLD boom or bust says Chester Bowles Our ceilings now are full of holes Or putting it another way all some rainy day made so that a court request a waiver of the waiting period could be initiated Neither of the men would say how or when the party would leave for Pittsburgh except that the trip would not be made by plane Thompson in City Thompson now a pressman ar rived here yesterday they said He was discharged from the army on July 1 1945 The stewardess said the chil mother during the trip but that the ba bies Madeline Maureen and Michael slept most of way and cried very little Pale and apparently nervous Miss Carpenter left the airport in a taxicab about two hours after arrival She declined to talk to reporters saying: sorry I stand any Dodges Questions She carried Maureen in her arms while a passenger carried the oth er two children Warner and Kel ler led the group to the waiting cab Again asked by reporters when she planned to marry she replied: know ask me any more As the cab pulled away news men discovered that Miss Carpen ter had left her two traveling bays on the pavement The cab stopped and the suitcases were put in While customs formalities were being completed Maureen cried and stamped her foot on a counter but Madeline played with a pen cil and Michael sat quietly watch ing the proceedings 'British Battle Suits ound In Jew Cache Opposition To Measure Peace Parley Bid Drafted Increase in Living Cost Still Spreads (By The Associated Press) The American laborer business man farmer and housewife paid more for many necessities of life today as the first test of a peacetime free price economy drew to a close and Congress got set for a showdown on whether to hand the cost control reins back to OPA Although some of the major cities and rural areas came through the first few OPA less days without a noticeable dent in the pocketbook there was ample indication that most of the coun try was not so fortunate Meat prices all but staged a runaway in a majority of cities although some industry spokesmen saia they were still under black market levels and would begin to (See Living Cost Page 2) (Data lupplied by Weather Bu reau Station at Smith Reynolds Airport Telephone 3 22501 Sun rises Saturday July 6 at 5:11 am and sets at 7:37 pm OKLCAST WINSTON SALEM AND VICINITY Considerable cloudiness this afternoon and tonight with little change in temper ature Saturday partly cloudy and a little warmer HOURLY TEMPERATVRES Yesterday (pm: 1:30 75: 2:30 75 3:30 75 4:30 7B: 5:30 75: 6:30 74: 7:30 72: 8:30 70 9:30 69 10:30 68 11:30 UH Todav famt: 12:30 67 1:30 67 2:30 52: 3:30 60 4:30 GO 5:30 61 6:30 61 730 62 8:30 63 9:30 64 NORTH CAROLINA AND SOUTH A RM INA Considerable cloudiness io MIV Ml IMiffiL Illgmio Ulirmo? Is in terior Saturday partly cloudy and slightly warmer ives were reported in Philadel phia and in Waukesha Wis Jeane Piccone 12 year old Philadelphia girl was killed by a mortar shell fired during a ourth of July celebration in airmount Park In Waukesha a prankster tossed a big firecracker near George Bucher 17 who was swimming and the youth died as a result of a ruptured lung caused by the ex plosion of the firecracker In Paterson Harry McNally 57 died of a heart attack and the car he was driving careened into four cars in a parking lot after a prankster threw a large fire cracker in front of the machine The National Safety Council estimated 800 immediate deaths for the four day holiday with 275 traffic fatalities They had forecast 75 traffic deaths yester day Ohio Leads States Ohio had the most deaths over the holiday with 15 including eight traffic fatalities In Winston Salem it' ANCHOR adv i I Zb I I 4 5 ''4 'S a ATT i rp wr z'vi i iiinanfniiiniWif vs aXa AsmXI'XwswWW'' xc ZxNv A A as'S 1 kz A A A A s' i 1 4 I Xa a A 'k '''Tov Xaza' A a A AZ A Vs I I I i i j1 HiTiiinfftijjniii) I illMii iiiiiii iii 7 iiiiiSi a EEhv I A I A NiA AXA Axzvx'' i yiwjiA a 5 A zSK 7 a si i aaaaS (X a'I blatioo: II Station: Asbevill 79 63 Memphis 83 71 Atlanta 91 67 Meridian 88 68 Augusta 76 69 Miami 88 76 Birmingham 82 69 Minn St P78 64 Boston 83 65 Mobile 73 Charleston 84 75 Mt Mitchell 50 45 Charlotte 70 62 New Orleans 86 76 Chicago 80 63 New York 85 66 Columbia 75 70 Raleigh 71 67 Detroit 80 58 San Antonio 34 69 Evansville 83 66 San rancisco 71 50 Galveston 86 74 Spartanburg 75 63 Greensboro 78 61 Tampa 93 64 Jacksonville 90 74 Washington 82 63 Little Rock 68 21 Wilmington 82 72 Los Angeles 77 80 Salem 77 60.

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