The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 22, 1931 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1931
Page 5
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fhe tfyjief Pes Moines-^publicM, Apyii 22, THE 44th GENERAL ASSEMBLY BROUGHT TO A CLOSE Clocks Stopped Wednesday, Business as Usual Several Days Longer* Des Molnes, April i 1 ?, special to th upper Des Motoes-Republlcan: Th close of the 44th genera ". thl8 ls * rttt *">. ftSWft forces lon that to* s^ 1011 ha* very little to the way o • constructive legislation to meet th ° f * e stete at lal * e - Abou *' th ' by personal desire and privat £ ave gassed, but there has « be lackln s that leadership and wise counsel to make things g< the way they should. Governor Turner is at this writing lacing almost a complete collapse o all his program of legislation. Campaign promises, In other words, cannoi »e carried out by the governor alone t. a J2. p< i al to the legislators must be such that he can get their cooperation Prom a political standpoint nothing very drastio has taken place. The congressional redistrictlng was robbed of its sting when the strong democratic minority was conceded their arrangement of the second district, thereby gaining some democratic cotea to put over the Tamlslea plan. But two republican congressmen are now placed M» Jeopardy, viz.: Thurston and Cole— the latter In the new democratic district and the former to fight It out with Congressman Ramsayer, whose strength Is conceded to be great. The income tax proposition has been emasculated until it resembles nothing •-as first proposed. Senator Clark of Cedar Rapids and other supporters of the Income tax have proven unequal to the occasion In some minds, and while they have worked hard and long at the task, have been thrust in the nine- hole, so to speak, willing to take anything in the shape of an income tax that can be gotten through. At best it is claimed the income tax bill now showing any signs of life would amount to only a political machine of some • -" -on with less than $3,000,000 possible as an addition to the taxes collect,' t v. and no ^Placement, since most of the income taxes to be paid under it would come from those who are alreadv paying property taxes. The third conference committee on the income tax- assessor bill reported it could not agree and although a motion to appoint a fourth committee was made it is not expected to agree. The income tax and assessor bill are dead for this session unless a miracle happens. The appropriations committee came to an agreement Friday morning, the senate memtfers agreeing to all house raises and accepting more than half their reductions. The three state schools get better treatment than giv* en them by the house, all getting sub* stantlal increase In the conference. The total millage will probably be increases in the conference. The total millage will probably be reduced over a mill by the conference report over two years ago. rlday morning the house passed the ite bill putting pipe lines under control of the railroad commission and fixing the license fees at 60c per dta- «• toch I** mile. There are some . ) mttes of pipe lines and the total s expected to reach 10,000 miles, bringing the state substantial revenue. Representative Ditto secured house approval of the senate bill giving women the same compensation under the Workmen's compensation law as men. The house cut the senate's appropriation of $50,000 for an Iowa exhibit at the Chicago World's Fah- to $25,000. The original bill called for $100,000. Drivers' License Law Passed. A most extraordinary resurrection of i long dead bill was accomplished in he house last Tuesday when Repre- entative Raymond Rutledge of Web- ter county called attention; to the rivers' license fend higjiway patrol ill, urged its importance and request, d the house to vote to take the bill rom the table. This act would re- ulre a two-thirds vote of the house, nd he got It. The bill, thus revived, as later put on its passage. Mem- ers of the house who objected to the icdest fee of fifty cents licenses for on-owners of cars recommended an amendment to make the license fee twenty-five cents, and by this concession the bill got eighty votes to but fifteen against it. The senate did not quarrel over the change in the bill and by their act the state will at least have a law that will force the Illegal drivers, the drunk, the reckless and the Incompetent, from the highways, with a force of 5 picked and trained men to patrol the roads and see that the traffic laws are obeyed. Km O. Allen, Geo. E. Miller and Frank O. Byers contains 47 typewritten pages and the minority, Senators Doran anc Balrd contfclns less than half ttia number. The transcript of evidence filed with the chief clerks of the house and senate contains over 6000 typewrit ten pages. •Though finding laxity In many things," states the majority report, "we begin by disclaiming the purpose to charge any specific crime or offense against the board or other executive officers. We make herein no finding or presentment or larceny of any specific Items of money or property. We report ho basis for criminal prosecution of any person." The report criticises members of the finance committee for methods and prices in purchase of land for the university, and criticises use of university funds for this purpose without authority of the general assembly. There Is severe criticism of Mr. ftsk, supervisor of construction for the university, also of W. J. McChesney, university treasurer for method of handling the Rockefeller foundation funds, and expresses the opinion that this ban* owes the state Interest on funds deposited from the same. The report criticises the employment of private attorneys instead of using those of the attorney general's office. The report expresses the opinion that the university medical college and the hospital are both "under careful, skillful and competent management." The report makes a number of recommend atlons as to future methods of conduct Ing the affairs of the university. A careful reading of the report showi that although "Irregularities" and "laxness" are reported, no evidence o mal-adminlstration or criminal acts are shown. The committee laborec long and hard and are entitled to much praise for their work, even though i falls to sustain the charges made a the time of its appointment. The investigation was started some six weeks ago, based on charges brought by Verne Marshal], Cedar Rapids editor, and over 75 witnesses were examined. The investigation cost the state show $22,000. Marshall insists his charges have been proven, while friends of the university deny this, and the reports make no criminal charges. Investigation Com. Flics Report. The long looked for reports of the legislative committee appointed to investigate the State University of Iowa and the State Board of Education filed reports Friday morning. The majority report, signed by H. B. Carroll, By- Kossuth County "SUPER CHICKS" Trade Mark Regiiterod •SUPER CHICKS" Trade Mark Regutered The season for starting chicks is going by rapidly. If you want a flock of poultry next fall that will lay No. 1 eggs, order your chicks now from the Algona branch of the Spencer Ghick Hatchery. Large sized eggs are bred into our chicks for the reason that we have set no eggs for six years that do not average 24 ounces or more to the dozen. For four years our flocks have ben Blood-tested for Bacillary White Diarrhea, your greatest insurance against this dread disease. Write for Reasonable Prices Today Drunken Driver Bill Passed.' It may cost an intoxicated driver of a motor vehicle from $500 to $1000 or a year's imprisonment If he ventures on the highways of Iowa, under a bill passed by the general assembly of Iowa this week., The bill provides a penalty of $500 for the first offense, and that increases with subsequent of. fenses. He would also be deprived of the right to drive for from three months to one year after completion of his sentence. Many Claims and Bills Considered. While marking time for action on the major measures both houses have been busy allowing or turning down hundreds of claims against the state, such as for injuries on the primary roads of state employees, and passing enabling acts correcting errors made by cities and school districts in bond issues; making corrections in the code, etc. These are practically all cleared up before adjournment, but a lot of bills will die unacted upon. „ Tjruck Regulations. Iowa has a law regulating the length width, height and load of trucks anc busses, the confernce committee's re port having been approved by both houses. Thucks are limited to thir- feet in length, and truck and trailer to 45 feet over all; busses can be no to exceed 33 feet in length. The trucks will be allowed to carry a load of four tons to the wheel, the height will remain at 12 feet limit and the width at eight feet. The combined weight of trucks is limited to twelve tons with 450 pounds for each foot of wheel base, this measured from the front » the rear axles. Present trucks and jusses over this length which were in operation February 16th, 1931, can get permission to continue use of the highways until December 31, 1934, provided they make application immediately to the highway commission. Automobile convoys over 45 feet in length will be permitted to operate only until the first of 1932. Convoys of several cars will be required to maintain a distance of 400 feet between each other. The Twice as Good DAIRY MAID BREAD and Made with Double Milk Didn't you know we used milk in bread? Well, we do, and plenty of it- good, rich, pasteurized milk that makes strong, healthy boys and girls. And flour—not just any kind, but a specially selected, short-patent flour, milled from the very heart of the wheat berry, always the same quality. Don't be deceived into buying cheap bread. Cheap bread cheats boys and girls, and is not worth the price you pay for it. Compare the way our bread toasts with the way cheap bread toasts. Dairy Maid Bread toasts evenly, cheap bread toast is uneven and burns in spots. Only perfect bread makes perfect toast. Buy Dairy Maid Bread We are also making a wonderful loaf of Blue Ribbon Bread at 5c [ona Baking Company . law also has requirements as to lights on the sides of trucks and busses of certain length and other rules. regulatory s Kossuth County Hatchery Algona, Iowa, 209 E, State St., Phone 800, Road Bond Enabling Bill Passed. There will be no necessity for the general assembly to recess to pass an enabling bill, in case the road bond constitutional amendment is approved by the supreme court and voted by the people, and Governor Turner will not , ha j e , Jo call a special session of the legislature for that purpose. The house Thursday, after a lot of wrangling passed the enabling act providing for carrying out the provisions of the constitutional amendment in case it is voted. A lively battle started Wednesday morning over the bill, but after the debate had grown warm, the matter was deferred and the two interested factions go together and unanimously passed the bill and sent it over to the senate, which made some minor amendments and returned it. A battle raged most. of Thursday forenoon ove concurring in these amendments, bu after voting down three attempts t ™™t ii.-J?,1 veral P r °Posed amend ments the bill as amended by the sen ate was passed by the house and son to the governor for his signature Thu probably ends one of the longest 2egls lative battles in Iowa. With the "sign ing of the bill by the governor, the road paving j>oblem will fake a les prominent place in Iowa politics. The bill passed 61 to 24. A companion bill was passed by the house providing for retirement of coun. ty road bonds from primary road funds in case the amendment Is declared unconstitutional, and this matter is thought to have been cared for in any eventuality. The house amended bill to strike out adding highway connections with all towns of 160 population and the senate concurred. Mrs. Pendry Attacks Bank Lobby. True to form, Representative Oaro- SftJM* "**•«!» ^unty,. in her able to get their bill brought out over ;he refusal of the sifting committee to report it. They were exceeded in numbers only by the anti-T. B. test- Ing delegation of farmers from Cedar county, and were thought even more otent. Appointments Cause Trouble. Filling appointments for which he is responsible often times causes a governor more worrying than all the other problems of state. Some one has said that a governor makes or breaks his political career by his appointments. Whether this last is true or not, no one denies that Governor Dan Turner has had an unusual amount of grief over the selection of his official family. In the first place his predecessor had held office for six years, and the hungry seekers after Jobs were nearly famished—if they did not belong to the Hammill camp. Governor Turner made a long campaign. He built up a new political organization, and with 1 accumulated a horde or office seekers Every man who had helped carry a county felt he was entitled to a nice fat plum. As a result there wfere about fifty applicants for every position. Turner early adopted the policy of rewarding his political friends, let the chips fall where they might. As a result he has accumulated a record crop of sore spots—whether they will heal before another primary campaign remains to be seen. He has now finished the Job, and his appointments the face of the uprising in Cediv county. The farmers lii that cou'ity ha made an organized stand against stal officers testing their herds and ha demanded the repeal of the compulsor testing act. Several hundred of thre same fanners invaded the state nous a few weeks ago in a demonstrate meant to influence action on the bil Governor Turner and Attorney Gcner al Fletcher went to Iowa City to par ley with representatives of the farm ers, and two companies of state militi In Cedar Rapids were ordered to b ready to move on a moment's notice Thus far state officials in charge o the testing have failed to comply with the demand that all state men b withdrav, i from the county and loca veterinarians be allowed to complete the tests. that have been confirmed by the senate include: Board of education—Harry M. Neas Sigourney; Eskil Carlson, Des Moines; J. H. Anderson, Thompson, and T W Keenan, Shenandoah. New fish and game commission—D H. Goeders, Algona; J. F. Walter, McGregor; J. N. Darling, Des Moines; A E. Rapp, Council Bluffs, and W. C Boone, Ottumwa. Insurance commissioner—E. W Clark, Mason City. Labor commissioner—A. L. TJrick, Des Moines. Industrial commission—A. B. Funk Des Moines. Board of parole—G. M. Simpson, West Union. Board of control—E. H. Felton, New Virginia. Fire marshal!—J. W. Strohm, Olin- ion. Town of Swea City Carries Insurance. Herald: Taxpayers who read the council minutes this week will notice the town has paid $100 for insurance This is to protect the town in claims for damages that might arise from icy sidewalks, obstructions in the street, and so on. Local raffle has increased vastly in late years and the hazards have multiplied. This is particularly true on road 9 which croses the town. The authorities have been buying tills form of insurance the last three years and it Is their concensus that the , motton to Delude » from the floor, after about XOO bankers fjrpm all over the state appeared one day last week in the Interest of a bill to exempt banks from the state securities sot. The bankers, being men of Influence in their communities, were naturally invited to seats beside members. They were un- Health commissioner—Dr. D. c. Steelsmith. Des Moines. State board of assessment and review—Dr. J. W. Reynolds, Creston. HQWW Refuses ti> be Coerced. ,. -By the decisive vote of 80 to 22 the house last week refused to reconsider its vote tub,hr^ the bill to repeal the compulsory T. B. testing law, in noney is well spent. Thus far the ;own has not been called upon to de- 'end itself in a damage suit, but nobody knows what may arise. The town has been buying employees lla bility insurance ever since the state law was enacted. Miss Anna Ramus of LuVeme is spending a few days at the home of her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rlley and family. Mr. and Mrs. Zeke Smith and family of St. Joe, spent Friday morning at the home of Mrs. Smith's sister, Mrs Douglas Riley and family. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Skilling and son, Donald of Algona spent Sunday at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Robert Spurgeon and family. Mrs. Clifford Camerman of Danbury, Iowa,-who has been spending the past two weeks with her mother, Mrs. Ray Watson, left Saturday for her home. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dutton and daughter, Conrine of Algona spent Sunday evening at the home of Mrs. Dutton's brother, Fred Dole and family. Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Miller and daugh- -er, Betty Mae, attended a six o'clock dinner given Wednesday night at the lome of Mr. Miller's sister, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bartholomew of Algona. Mrs. Ida Rlley who has been confined to her bed for some time witl high blood pressure is now able to to up and around again. Mrs. Riley i now visiting with her son, Arthur anc amily. Mr, and Mrs. Elliott Skilling and aughter, Elizabbth Ann, and Mrs R t. Fry and daughter, Audrey of Algona pent Thursday evening at the home $®M%XXX^^ IRVINGTON NEWS. ®vxtixa&!^^ The missionary aid society met Friday afternoon at the church annex. Mr, and Mrs. Douglas Riley and family motored to Fort Dodge one day the past week on business, Gus Sjogren of Algona was a Sunday morning visitor at the home of his sister, Mrs. Ray Watson, and family Frank Simper and Agnes of Garner were Sunday morning callers at the home of Mrs. Fred Dole and family. Mr. and Mrs. Verne Applegate of Corwith spent Sunday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Miller and family. I HOW TO GET RELIEF FROM STOMACH TROUBLE Stomach sufferers will find relief and correction of their disorders though the USD of Pfunder's Tablets There Is a high grade, ethical-minded druggist in your city (name below) who has taken the time and the interest to post himself on the merits of Pfunder's Tablets and who has a host of users right in your city to whom he can readily refer you. Pfunder's is a highly ethical preparation, compounded expressly for the relief and correction of stomach ailments, such as gastric hyperacidity- spur stomach, gas disturbances, bloating, belching, heartburn, bad breath (halitosis), loss of appetite and broadly speaking, all of those stomach and Intestinal ills due to or accompanied by acidly or fond fermentation. Futher information, explanation of the liberal guarantee and an interesting Pfunder booklet may be secured at Lusby's Drug Store, exclusive agent in Algona. of Mr. Skilling's sister, Mrs. Robert Spurgeon and family. Mrs. Fred Dole and daughter, Helen, accompanied by Mrs. Elliott Skilling of Algona, motored to Garner Thursday on business. Helen remained for a few days to visit at the home of her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. John Ludwig. CASH LOANS Automobile Loans Refinancing—Payments cut down. Special Loan Service to farmers for the purpose of buying good graded nailch cows. Loans can be made on cows you already have. Convenient terms. Loans made at once —No delay Western Credit Company Algona, Iowa Phone 55 First door North of Iowa State Bank. PROBAK- itfves >arber-sfiop shaving comfort)

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