The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 22, 1931 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 22, 1931
Page 4
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Lela Rosemteil Here from Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Rosenstell arc enjoying a visit from hia sister, Mrs Wm. O'Cuslck of Chicago, who arrivet HLi 8 2? a Iast Sat urday for a week's visit. The Rosensteil family were resl. dents of Algona some years ago, the father being a well known racf horse man, in charge of the old Kossuth County Horse Company's trotting horse which carried our colors to victory for Theatre Chatter. 22, 1931 ~""j;"i •^""Y""'- The father and mother died thirteen or fourteen years ago. This is the daughter's first visit to Algona for fourteen years. Sidney Ros- ensteil is now a perma aent fixture with the Algona Co-Operative Creamery, making daily delivery of milk In Algona. We told you last week that Mr. Rice had made special effort to bring two of the most talked of pictures of the present day to Algona this month. They are Charley Chaplin's "city Lights" and "Trader Horn." "city Lights" is scheduled for tonight, Thursday and Friday. "Trader Horn" is next week Tuesday and Wednesday, rhe picture for Saturday night is "The Lottery Bride." • * * For next Sunday and Monday there is Norma Shearer in "Strangers May Kiss." Norma Shearer was honored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as giving the most outstanding performances in the 192930 season, particularly for work done In the picture, "Divorcee," which was shown at the Call a few months ago. The story of the picture was adapted Tfntvt TTwsitl** f^jikiMu.ii.t.1 *t*n^_ ••J7&. >. I ' Rock Island, niinote, will conduct the service. The offering will go to foreign missions.—C. E. tHsson, pastor. Fenton News Items . rrtniuurs UlttD Met— 1 ] V* 1 ®®**^^ cllb »et Ml» Bt«»m ******* S iSStaTS"i^^K a ^™°oh..«t. the ?« WEST BEND KEWS, Eight birthdays were observed in the f »- Sunday School primary departs "iday. Each received a bifth- with candles. and Louis Schneider and daughters were ftWi Tvv1*m *rt«l4-M*.A m-...^Jt. _ Port visitors Tuesday. tw ° «t. i* w ,° were Rolfe visitors Wednesday. . Mi-, and Mrs. Gerhart and tantha were shoppers in Algona^dVaf W 1* ,.,,.1'J"' r- ""lusroa gave Short book fa* srasjft asa 1 ^ 8 !£*?<£ recen tly Won the Nobel »2JM!J? of he f <U«U-«- »nsSa'??aS 1 .? Bak< * Attends Meeting County Auditor Bertha Johnson and by the Sftme author. ~YotTcan' draw her deputy, Irene Vaudt, drovTto Des y ,°,V,^, own «> ncl uslons as to the pos- Moines Wednesday afternoon and at- slbUities of the Production. ^ tended a county officers' association * * ' meeting held at the Savery hotel. L '"^ader Horn" is one of few pic- They came back Thursday evening. tu , res which was: actually photograph- Miss Johnson Is secretary of the coun- ed where ib was supposed to be—that ?L« i, \°^« latlon ' They de <»ded Mf. Part of it was photographed In Af- upon June 25, 28, and 27 as conven- rl , ca where the story originally took tion days for the organization at Splr- p j aoe< Edwina Booth plays the part it Lake. All county officers with the o* a whlte firoddess who rules the na- exception of the county sheriffs and tlves V. We won>t tell 3™ »«we because county attorneys are members of this you have undoubtedly read as much organization and will be represented about the picture as we have. 0 ~ ™ 1, * • • me xn The high school class play will ba evening. 'Ivnri o* t-V\n rf~i«lt rr«-__A-.r * . . noon. "» ~— suits: preMdeht Mw E nW? *S* H ' p ' ^UOuod was operated , Mr. and Mrs. T. A. dark spent «ffi?Cer'teds* '%?*.£*• «&\*£•*£?J$K 7^ J* 11 Wednesday visiting with relatives In tions werepresented b^v selM ~ WtiSa Bant tess Sundft y Sunday at the ... ~-,m came home last week from oruvet where she has -ing for her daughter, Mrs. Brown and her hew baby. -•Weisbrod was operated on last Thursday afternoon for hernia at jrnriwM*^ v,«™i»». <_ Whittemore. present. for the'eare^f the I Mr. and Mra. Wilmar Hantelmanj .Two piano selec-l ^JS.hos^and hostess Sunday to the - •• -;- — —™.v, Missouri, I —„ „„ the home of Mr. and r. u. Dewitt, o ^ ^ d ^ B 'L t Weber entertained! a few of then- friends at bridge Wed« nesday evening. adjoununent B. Aid Met»» * *• Aid society met last P Musical Program at H. S.FridayNi -» D .. ww*»w* 1,1000 piuy Will D3 given at the Call Theatre next week Thursday and Friday. The name of the play is "Busybody." It is the story of a mother who has the habit T. Munson and daughter, | Wednesday afternoon. ^Ji.f^ d SEP- °' *• Qrove and grand-1 and 6 °ns, Arthur and War E " ft Welfibr ° d and "* *"* les ° n - and Mra Har T^ford and u° f ? 6ar ottos en .were callers at I — — — " lfc put on ' —-i Mr ; and Mrs- J - p - Ne wel and Mr. i to ap- and Mrs. F. J. Weisbrod and children »«=c» for the were visitors at the F. E. Weisbrod i supper to be "ome in EmmetsBurg Tuesday nteht' iDrinor clean-1 ot la st week. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Helmer of Chicago were guests at the Dr. J. T. ^£S£P££L£% r* • 1 ' ooklng and and orchestra, and \^: best Jor everyone. The members of • of the glee clubs tne ca st include Hazel Neeling, Wm » grades, a musical Ferguson, Alva Benson, Burnetta en at the high Bonnstetter, Karl Shumway, Inna Dee my mgni. of this week. No Roupe. Eleanor Backus, Majorie Turn- rST 1 , 'S 1 - be Barged, and the er, E ^gar Flnnell, Helen Morrow, Lyle ££?to MI « We havo every rea- Runchey, Everyal Adams. John Simpson to believe a fine program is in stnm son, James Vinond. Opnovio™ •&**£- , niK 0f will be given at the ~- .. -«. HVU A V1 ,c; A-llUI&y &ftCl"- appendicitis. " for the past ..„ „«,,„. . »r v I -Mr. and fr^i-n fi^ 68 ', who Came home family and from Fort Dodge last week, following sin and an oneratlnn in «Ki n t~ »._ 1. """'B '" 5«J"*sr and C< Hl Ocron - £mto£ii « We havo every rea- "unchey, Everyal Adams. John Simpson to believesa fine program is in store I 50 *- J ames Vipond, Oenevleve Harts- n^lif nose who will be present. The horn, and Peter Chubb. Lyle Runchey PJ;? ^.fJr.-^aphe 1 ?. have been work- M 8 acting as stage manager with HIP , __ T- —**««», n.Aw w«uiic iiomei Ac *w«uy ana Mr o«^i ««•». M—.— J <***u from Fort Dodge last week, following sin and[family ^«¥*S, O i Hl Ocron a ? operation is able to be about part Henrik Faiwrb^ h^m» ? unda y at the of the time and recelvo hw t«£*? U.hoi^ ^,f.._ r ? y . home in Eldora. on fhni— -»"«uy nome their return trip Mr ran into - • On car , v. . <_VUA vsiiUh/U* AJjlt? XvUtH fouTV~.ii—'/—"i'L."*""' oeen worK-i™ acting as stage manager with the nrSw»r^»Si y i. , hls P r °8ram. The assistance of Peter Chubb. The pro- program will begin at seven-forty-flve. I Auction is under the direction of Mrs . T"l TT /"Iruvrt AHH H.I. _ l " p H. Goeders, who has so success- • ill— •"""' *" ««*«) w/ oe aoouc p of the time and receive her friends. .^ ' y -oOGVcrs. littlG dl&uorlitei* ori _ * ~ v~ ** •*««* WUCK. TIIO f^»t»r»i^ ». t _ s-TlH-^^-s SSfttt -SH but Is quite Improved at this time, rate!?' y Were trave "ng^at a! iow »^Ji 8 w r '» A S? a ' -"" 1UI "* uernart ana i enougn to be Mrs. H. A. Sloan and daughter, Dor- came as far as othy were Fort Dodge visitors Satur- were met by p. FOT7R CORNER NEWS!L »«t week we hope'to have the copy { M for the calendar so we can tell you I about the program for May. First Lutheran Church. The Iowa conference of the Evan- .ii~i r,.fu Augustana synod of day. Mrs. Ed. Anderegg is reported somewhat improved. She has been very with an nK ""~- •— '— * - — the flu. paui for ' — - '<«ww uy f^ u brought to Fenton pened near Garner. a by bus and Jley and were > accident hap- this week Monday in. honor of his sbct^ birthday. Games were enjoyed, and refreshments served. The members of the afternoon bridge j£j ^e entertained at the home of Mrs. F. C. Bailey Saturday. Mrs. Q. p. Belken won high score prize! A two course luncheon was served after tne games. of^n * e ^£™l er was .th' guest at tli entertainment. spent ta playlng were served after Due to our marvelous dry-cleaning methods, men need not lay in a supply of new clothes. "We do expert cleaning and bring back all of the original sparkle of your fabrics. Eugs, Drapes and Curtains should be cleaned now. Let us clean and store your fur coat. Elk Cleaners Corner Dodge & Call Street. 330 the •J 1 ^ o nt l Mrs> Quinten BJustrom spent Sunday at Boone. Mrs. Noble Mitchell was taken seriously m last week Thursday at her The Io wa conference nome, but is slightly improved at this £ e1 !?? 1 Lutheran Augui writing. She is under the care of a North America will h nurse, Miss Josephine Dittmei; of kl- mcctlng at Essex - Io wa, gona. Miss Erna Madson is dolnir t.hp The following left ear hold its annual 26 ^0. Mitchell and work on a i at the next housework. nnT^^H 68 J, ren ?' Or ace, Edna, Le-l i Mildred ttmet of Al- S^ ellnB al; Essex, Iowa, April 22 to 26 is doing the ^ following left early Wednesday o^??S«£L Btte !? d «, aie meeto &. Rev. dele- from —. „.»„ J.TA40. ui/iui Sfttcm rfit_ - __ from Des Moines on Wednesday. Mr! I RockT Sat j. ri V went to see a specialist regarding; his health. He will not need an operation at this time. Nella, the baby daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Satern, has been having the pneumonia but is better at this time Mrs. Hundermark, the mother of Mrs Satern, has been caring for the baby.' The trial at the Presbyterian church I Verdell visited over night" home in Lone °f ,Whittemore Superintendent G D 1VH41.. . *"* " *-'• , Wends here W entertain^ afK^ home Sunday E- D> *n G nr^^r d he Wa ^ eSlX °'^ Superintendent G. D. Belken received aJeHer_ from John Mickllck, our last , „•: accepted a position atLohr- vllle as coach for next year. There are sixteen teachers in the school Weisbrod went to Hartley on Hft era tro*-! n,. n *_ _^.» »_i. _ . ,. Stayed over the * »V ~,, at the h ? me of her dft ugh-1 Senior Ladies' Bible class of the M ter, Mrs. Wm. Turley, the past few church on Friday of this week/ •ring Footwear !§?SS:i§j^ s "^^^ Spring is h'ere! And so are the newest in shoe fash ions. Yale ^^m* Ultra Styles and Quality There's beauty in the Mrs. Peter Jensen fell in some way about four o'clock Friday morning and Injured her hip. She thinks she must have Tainted on trying .to arise from her bed. Dr. McCreery of Whittemore was called and found no bones brok »• n> , n * a te home of his uncle, LeRoy Newel and on Monday started for his home in ^ 0 ' H ? Wtch-hiked back n, *l d Spent the winter. here. made the return trip by car. N t UIS °^ Waterloo was a business ^ ^ Week " The NclUs ,,, a i n to move back to Fenton wm store their furniture here un- T' when tne y will move into home now occupied by the SUD- erintendent Belken family. P The junior-senior banquet was held Friday evening at the Hotel Kermore in ti- r.ietsburg. The subject of the program was "Miracles of April-; The uei, win. luuey, tne past lew I weeks, suffering from heart trouble, is on the road to recovery. Mra. Frank Miller, who has been ill for several weeks, took a turn for the worse last week, and on Saturday was taken to the hospital at Iowa City, accompanied by her husband and her nephew and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Park of Algona. Mrs. Miller has a host of friends here who hope she will make a speedy recovery. The Commercial club held a meeting last Tuesday evening at the Woodman hall at which time two representatives of the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company were present and snowed pictures and gave talks on their line of work. The next meeting will be held the second Tuesday in May. The Royal Neighbors served the din- npl* of cai,An ^t'nlA.ttv ner at seven o'clock. ••-- — ~w..svra "Welcome to •-—-J by Martin Pertyl; "Spring" bv Marque Bailey; 'Thunder Showers" by Miss Martha G.'.',* 5; -Sunshtae", by August Krause; "The 2?^',' b y E 1111 Dreyer; PJK, Alice Hantelman; . "April , Budding LUVERNE NEWS. Robert Blumer went to Canistota, South Dakota, last week to consult Dr. Ortman in regard to his health. Sylvia Becker left Saturday for Monroe, Wisconsin, to attend the funeral services for her aged grandfather. Kenneth Curran went to Elkhorn, Wisconsin, last week to work with Joe Curran, who is foreman of a road construction crew. The men's glee club of Western Union College, at LeMars gave a free concert Saturday evening hi the Evangelical church. Mrs. R. R. Masterson and Mrs. De- Rae Godfrey were visitors Wednesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hibbard near Humboldt. class colors, green and white room , o used I about the table and other decor —, during which Mrs. Zimmerman I served a covered dish luncheon a"Jst- ed by Mrs. Jerry Schutter. ' ' A ' A> light Sea that your — new colors- v San'd. Footwear is in keeping with wardrobe. ,^ a A ;^ Dunham of Wat-IJf^ota Rev. Lease "of "Algon^"and"the > up Saturday to spend Sun- Methodist pastor of Titonka '' ' e home of their daughter olose ot the banquet the two Mayer. class" periods wer« h»w T* .., ^ •_ . - - ----- 11--WW «UXQ IfVVU J"ClfUia] They fit and please. of e- whe tale of the late Mrs. Hanna Brown and SS?Ai5taS ^ 6y vWted at tne . was settling up her affairs. The Fres- 2S ^ erson h ^ me ' ^^ st °PPed In byterian church was willed some pro- ^ ge on tnelr hon »e. perty and he and the officers of the Mrs. Wm. Weinberger went <» church were making B settlement. neapolte on Wdaftif^eM t£ w The seniors have picked as their £»!? wlth , Mr- Weinberger and to bring class play, "Cat o' Nine Tails." and I the }?£ E° tbe Z , F"- A - J - Galagan, who cast has been chosen. The S£l P 3 **» ^"^ there horn ° play ,» Superin tendent and Mrs. A. K. as? LAKOTA NEWS. The Harvey Johnson family visited Wlth relatlves •* last Sunday. „ .. and daughter Lor- were Bancroft visitors one day SHOES AND HOSIERY. -—-- „. ^vum i-ttiii, urove UD Saturday for a short stay at the Sloan home. ™*V ^turned that night with Mrs Jack Wooley, who will stay with Mr and Mrs. B. T Stover, who are at toe Punk home. Mr. Stover to heajth at this writing but he held that he will recover soon. was called to Baltimore, . —jnday by the serious 1111™ ^ fh f ath , er> He lt(:t th at evening for that place. Mrs. Givens received word from him that his father would not be operated on at this tune as ^reported at flrst. Dr. McCreerj-of 1 Dr - Shipley of Ottosen Cecil Williams has arrived home to assist his father, Dr. T. L. Williams. Cecil is a student at the State University at Columbus, Ohio. Mrs. Charles Vargason returned on Thursday to her home in. Akron, Iowa, after several weeks' visit in the home jof her son, J. L. Eustaqe^^,^,,,,,^,..,, new The play. "The GhosiN>arade " given by the'young people of ,LuVerne 7th to lasfc Tuesday night in the high school I gymnasium, was well attended. Charles Hanselman and family were MWburn Steussy recetived a broken """"" "" atte^&^il^ eve v!^ when he i Edward Dehnert is driving- phevrolet sedan. A baby boy was born April Mr. and Mrs. Earl Linstrom. -""••"'-u *.*CM*ocuil4Ul tUlVl ItUHU Algona shoppers last Saturday, Mrs. Charles Hlntz entertained the, Good Will club at her home last Thurs-1 nei "day. —. Methodist Ladies' Aid was entertained in the town hall last Wednesday. community hall, Mrs. Win. Zent--.. -us. Lee Llchty and Mrs. Clarence Krause being hostesses. . members of the sophomore class ?* the local high school entertained the high school and the faculty at Thursday. The four year old son of Mr. and — -sr -™- T^f JL JL •. ^/ ELECTRIC RANGES Product of General Electric Cleanest Stove Made^Cost jp»»Ma»M3£8»S*S^^ LEDYARD NEWS. " was Swea City returned home on baU tournament. the wlnner8 of the south half tournament. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Brand left on Friday morning to take Mrs. BrandE mother, Mrs. Wiese home. Mr. artd tfwSSf Nu f (nfeldb accompanied them to Minneapolis where they spent the week end visiting relatives. fl^?' ?1£ Mrs> Gus Nuenfeldt left the first of the week with their household goods for Alden, where they have pur , a home. Mr. and Mrs. Nuen- riend who regret to see them leave. Lin cohi township farm bureau ~ «. ... e uu»ciiw BUIUXUS will pre.^. i—,-- an Indoor chautauqua Friday ev- Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lena and baby entag of tttia lS ek at the high school visited Sunday with relatives in Fair- symp^um. TSiere will be too ad- mont. Minnesota. | mission, charge. , . Mr. and Mrs. w. F. Godfrey and ntHThtln- Di.K., IHI . _• "•**• n,m will w the M. E. Ladles' Aid Guest Day in their church wTnin'r*"' lacUes of Ledyard and vicinity as well as Lakota. Swea city . a " d Grant are cordially invited. An interesting program has been arranged There was a lesson basket weaving given Thursday night at the D. B Mayer home. Seven ladles were present and two baskets and three trays were completed. These additional les- 1 J.Q y^ yp. B0n jg nt njrw Hn ^ m«t_ r —~' —~~~~o ac tne AIVIU of Mr^and Mrs. Lars Reisem northeast j^SS^Afi^^ -tig with Dean Kienitz at the Par hospital. WB *^ ar ^ 5ttM°sua. JSUT C t t e h r ; h s^r edtoh -homeVe h e w hostess to the and a u d Larry Barnes have a basement under the Worden home this past week A DAY Kohlhaas Hardware Mr and Mrs. Ralph Johnson daughters, Marvella and nSSSo Gurkeen. were in Ledyard Friday and H tlom the nursery In has been setting out shrubbery at several places in tov£i this week. Mr. and Mrs. V. A. Barrett drove to week end with Mr. BarTetVs Kte t n?* e Ba shara grocery opened for bus- u «ss on Wednesday with many specials ana has been enjoying a good patron- Mrs. D. A. Carpenter and Miss Opal Dorsey drove to Hurt Thursday spent (he day at the o. I. " home. Little Evelyn Mayne, who has been On Thursday afternoon, the high school base ball team met Brttt on the local diamond and succeeded In defeating them 10 to 4. In the second Inning Ledyard ran in six scores and got a lead which Britt could not overcome. Ervin Klinsiek hit a home run for Ledyard. Underkofler pitched for Brut and Green and Osterman for Ledyard with Warner catching. The Juniors and seniors who are taking civil government this term drove to Blue Earth Thursday to attend a session of court. They have their class organized Into a court and are trying cases of discipline that arise in the *vWt d to t a W 5iS 0 ^ 1 ttw 1 a ve v more concrete idea of court *';'7u vJnBS ' They report that most ofthe cases were bootlegging charges and hope to go back when there is a criminal case on the docket. On last Tuesday night Mrs Glenn Yahgke and Mrs p. B" Mayer attend^ ed the final meeting of the Church School Methods class* at Buffalo Cen? tev. A banquet was served at 6:48 at wSfflK ttffl* basement on The August G. Christ farm southeast of town, occupied by David Patterson was sold last week to Fred Ubben, ttw price being ninety dollars an acre. Mr. and Mrs. Aleck Bockholdts and daughter, Harriett, of Titonka were here Friday evening visiting the lady's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Faulkner and Mrs. F. o. Johnson of the church were at Des Moines last where they attended a meet- of the school of music eupervis- ors. . E. f p rt solUa cl«b held a Silver tea at the library last Wednes4ay after. noon th* proceeds amounting ' * Thaves ' who underwent Miss Dorothy Benedict of Eagle Grove visited Saturday with her cousin, Miss Amber Rogers. Mr. and Mrs. Richard De Boest from rata*>1«u «l«l«._^i A«_ . _ . . . s rom Waterloo visited over the week end at . —, . •*"*• «•*»• o. JP . vjoairey ana daughter, Ruby, Florence and Mrs. c O. Anderson and Mrs. A. w. Dimler drove to Mason City Friday to visit Mrs. Harry Von Draska, who Us a SSS? 1 *,*? .ES ?"* hospital there* The Mrs. Bertha Jenevold who has been the Roy Masterson home. Mrs. P. o. Llchty will entertain the • -• — i—— v—-"<?"'*V ftEB***B s "VW i'CCtMSI. ALiB « big feed Mverund jiiftMsled alwpvs S;Fc«d can't clog~wh£ chSfes hop •'ooBBflRfc fcS KOS&OffJK. ARK flll •elvM to If. r.otuM «,,x,.u-2i~j-_ A. i:_r. . __— „ j,^^^. r ,., v<v j,«»»y(fcp vmt iicip uiem< iclvei to it targe overhanging top keq* fwd drv when u««H Ant- «f /<~»J* iAi *? ._ iX^T. fr HAND'S HATCHERY

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