The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 15, 1931 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1931
Page 12
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SWEA CITY SMOKERS 1 HAVE PIPE DREAM Saved Cigarette Wrappers Expecting Austin Car as a Prize. CONTEST CAUSED VEftY GOOD SALES. . GOOD HOI»I NEWS, Company Explained Why Packages Were Numbered and That the Idea Was all Baloney. Herald: Expectations of a group of Bwea City cigarette smokers that they were going to get back portions of the money they were spending for a popu- Jar brand of fags were shattered last ST. J 1 * 6 ?^ letter was received from ^^$2*5- ^l* "l e «"<*«» A small but courageous group refused to be cowed by the storm on Sunday and ventured out for the usual Sunday services at Good Hope church. Forty were present at Sunday School. An item In this column last week stated that Miss Phoebe Morgan scent her vacation here. This was in" er- or. Her vacation was spent With her brother and family at Eagle Grove. A subject in which every member nd communicant of Good Hope church vill be interested will be presented at ie hour of worship on next Sunday. We trust we may have maximum attendance. Rev. and Mrs. Allen Wood attended a meeting of the Algona sub-district group of preachers and wives at Wesley on Monday at the home of Rev »h, J^u' ?' H> Mo °re. Importan church business was under consldera tion. Mrs. p. L. Bond who has been with her sister, Mrs. C. L. Dittmer for a number of months, left for her home i mm at Hartington, Nebraska, on last aim- L rtQTf m/^*>nl**n. nt- — ^ i . ~ • " o-—"f **v-kyji t*ou»» Ujl JHOl/ OUU" n.'n./v.T.rVTr"^ 0 LCU '"s "ie smoKers «ay morning, she was to stop over they had fallen for a lot of baloney. Sunday with her sister, Miss Phoebe If one examines closely the tinfoil Morgan, at Sheldon. fnoeoe around a cigarette pack he will flnd a number stamped on it. A story got started here that if the smoker returned to the manufacurer the tinfoils Bearing the proper numbers he would receive cash in return, sums as high as ten dollars being claimed. To make the story stronger the claim was ad^1^,5 ^P"! 1 P rlz . e of an Aus- certain up by tin car number. '•^u 5 !, clalms were backed UD ov somebody saying salesmen for the cigarette company had said It was so Furthermore, somebody else was certain that somebody else had heard the «"«•» story_ over th e radio. Straight- ran, not only the pur- brand of cigarettes, but The early part of this week found this community united in Its thinking and activities as perhaps never before Every household has had from one to *^ w °JJl! n l- Wlth an. occasional man, the terrible j OLDEST FORD DRIVER BackF .. S rugged today at 89 as the as in American history he so pi turesquely typifies, J. M. Crow Ethel, Miss., is the oldest For in rf o'iTj" wrn PP ers began to pile up in desk drawers and other places where smokers keep their valuables. Tlie average smoker consumes at least a pack & f f7'* S i ( ? " was no ^ lon £ until plenty ofA Fnf°" wrappers nad acc ">nulated. At length one Swea Cityan eot to ^^^^-toe-pay^or^wls Accordingly he wrote to the manufacturers about it and „__--- the following reply: Thank you very much for your ™=5 atlon * recent date. "w£ Friends of little Margaret Knoll, th daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Knol will be sorry to know that she stir continues seriously ill at the Kossutl hospital. Complications following an operation for appendicitis early las week have been the cause of much concern. The development of more favorable conditions, however give promise of an early turn for the better. Rev. and Mrs. C. B. Mitchell of Armstrong, grandparents of the child have been here much of the time since the operation, The spelling contest between the rural schools of Union township at Good Hope church on last Friday resulted in the following contestants taking the *°S fl jfldivjsion (third and fourth ur trt ? w fl ^ t( Madonn a Mahoney, dis- 4;fl second - »«lla Gardner, No> 6; Mcond division (fifth 8)> flrst - Doroth y Ward second, Jean Marie oldest in the United States. When as a babe of two years he rode with Ills parents in one of a train of 30 covered wagons out of Cobb county, Georgia, into Mississippi, the old Natchez Traco followed by the brave little baud was still infested by the swashbuckling ruffians whose bloody outrages gavo that era its place in this country's history as "the outlaw years." One of his vivid memories Is hearing, as a boy of six, the news of General Scott's victorious aspault on the heights of Cliapnltepec which ended the Mexican War in 1847, and his proudest memory is of honorable service as a Confederate soldier during the Civil War. When the southern cause collapsed, Crow was compelled to trudge 400 miles on foot to the old homestead at Ethel where he settled down to rear a family. In the intervening years lie has seen the lumbering stagecoach give way to the fleet automobile and the comfortable motorbus, the soggy gumbo and rough corduroy roads of his childhood to the wide, paved roads of today, and although he was long past middle age >efore the modern automobile became commonplace he is as enthusiastic a driver as youngsters who can boast ess than one-quarter of his years. Five generations of Crow's family re frequently seen together in his lodel A Ford, the second of its type row has owned and driven. has J«f ytopwd from Chicago where he select™™ ^ - sea 5 on : s fashion s ^ dresses and coats. All the newest ideas in ready ,to wear are here at your disposal, readv for your selection., The latest style tendencies are Reflected in the georgeous garments which are now in our stock. You will bo delighted with the lower prices and the compre- ^;° Actions mode during this very successful market Tip. It j on are in the market for graduation and banquet dresses yon will nnd just^hat yon are looking for here If von S been trying to finc^ome particular styled season anc/been Slab^ to do so, look atyChnsdiffles & Herbst again; perhaps we &' ~-». U uiuba,u UU 01 recent date WP rticH-Mf - =-—--" *" appreciate your interest in the brand Rnrfi ff £ '» 1; secor • of • ••* cigarettes and youhaving af- ?£±# dls * rlct Na 1; third ^islon, forded us the onnnrf.nnih, "!;,?£. a f:! .^venth and eighth grades), first us the opportunity to put at'Manor., n"V^," ETOdes) ' flrst ^^»» f « HARLAN MAN TELLS OFHISTROUBLES At the Hospital. rumor. ««; ave not offered, and are not offering, any prizes with our cigarettes- not, Speaks for we wanted to, We a prize hrnnA'c t^f pB , CKa & e . becWe~~thT law brands this a lottery and prohibits it rifrf ^?, 6 ° ne J 88 told you tnis company MF l U ,° h a ,. pr J ze ' >™ h ave been , c o I- second, Dorothy Gustafson, district 'NO. 2. Every project of this kind which is w- - - »*.*»* n ^Jii&c, VU mislead and misinformed. You will want to know why "-""— — - • to place a numb Jackaee. The n,^ «T,"n s P, eclfic machine on me particular package was pro"This machine automatically counts wraps and seals the package that brings the cigarettes to vou in first- .class condition. If the examiners c£- L pa ± a 5 e _ tna t * 5?t one hun- specific township^ anTdded-3'nc-e 3°& progressiveness and advanced think- j? people who live here Of added significance is the fact that this particular project is an entirely volun- ary one. NO educational requirements of the schools require either pupils teacners or patrons to participate n' it. All honor to those who are willing o assume the extra work or lay S n 6 ,nnZ n ,., personal inclinations to do Margaret Knoll, five year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Knoll of near Lone Rock, April 8, major operation; Earl Bowman, Algona, appendix n«Q»«n ft n«* Inn*. _,._!_ . IP _ i __.. *^-r- I «/»._„ ~ ,. non ; E arl Bowman, Algona, appendix Offers Suggestions to Pub- operation last we <*: Louis Pierre Oes- lin t n -o n ^h „ „. ™ r . . _. l^^^ff^,? 1 *: grandson of Dr. lie to Purchase or Lease Farm Land. CALLS HIS THEORY NOBLE EXPERIMENT. — .~.w..i.., „ jrctuo uiu, granason OI LJI Pierre Sartor of Titonka, tonsillectomy. Notice of Sheriff's Sale. State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a special execution directed to me Many new after-Baster hats are here— dashing niid^season models which show all the latest style fendenS Prices aie very reasonable— $3,95, $5.00 and $5.95. ucuues> lllces aie Come in this week, without fail; extra sales people to wait on you and give you the best of service. wait. on for the Says He will Head Ust ^ Twenty ^VgSSSrfSd tSf C Tlnilat*e Fknnc. TkT_* IT- — I f'V»llTlV» /~1Un-»1 n « TTt *-,!_,, . * Dollars. Does Not Know Farming But Would be Director. rendered in said court on the 2nd day, of April, 1931, in favor of lowa-Des I Sen ' Jr ^s^™ 1 -. 5 *"* & Trust Com-1 ~^~ REN T ho« «7 • !t v ^ ol WOTK ro benefit of the whole community. German Lutheran Church. i d -,, - ~*e"» ^u^ *„ ,. Wo °ster and Elm Street. ^ Harlan Republican recently Dollars and coste^axed 1 a°t On^Hun imdS^nS?* 168 ^ te held coming Minted the following; dred Eighty-Six and no-100 ($ia1.uW unaay lorenoon at ten-f.hirf.w n>»i* n i~ I T^Hffni. TT^^I— „ .,. • _ / Dollars and a/umiinty MA^-'-'V fcJl_-t / , Chubb, Charles E. Chubb, executor o estate of Coleman C. Chubb, Helei M. Chubb, as defendants, for the sum of Twenty Seven Thousand Eight Hun - and 45-100 ($27,859.45 e eld coming unday forenoon at ten-thirty o'clock A y ta u a in maintaining the high quality of our product that we demand in our customers' in- ser- —-I^VMUXVAA uv ai^tjuu Our SGr-« vices is herewith extended to all—P Braner, pastor. Union Woman Has Serious Operation. April 15. Special: Mr and -^ we *° DM Moto Saturday monUng Mrs ' Wanted—10,000 dentists tu use th P new G. & J.'s-the tires with teefh o slippery roads. 28x4.75, Odd Cargo for VVar»hip One of tlie strmimr caries ever cnrrieu bv u nuvy s , lip W|lg (|lat fl( eio'H j«d;asscs, four jennies and four JncK-ass rolts. rt so happened tha, •T, M C ,° mmmlore Elliott sailed from tlie Mediterranean In the frigate Con- stltutlon (Old Ironsides). In 1830 he Placed these animals on hoard to brlns Have -"j • *^*ic*iiia Sorie well-known buildings In Rng- Innd that are reputed to he haunted are i lie Tower, Windsor custle, Cam bridge university on ,| Oxford unlver- si y, nnmptnn court, Si. Jamos' pnlace Misham abbey. Corh.v castle. Unln- mm, union ensile. Un.hton castle I-owther hull. X^vstoad nobev. I'eele ciistle. I'.ollins h.-iII nn.l Inrc ' Editor, Harlan Republican, Harlan Iowa. Dear Sir: There seems to be a general impression that town folks are not affected by the presnt depression, and that there is a lot of money in the mercantile business and a movement for others to get into the game. A survey of our various mercantile businesses in Harlan discloses that very few have made any money in the past few years, and that most of them have had a difficult time carrying on. ffl^" 6 !^ T *" warjdn e so hard for farm relief, I would suggest that for town rC i? •'^"•' ""* "*"" np-iyu ($186.00 ) collars and accruing Costs, 1 ! have lev! ed upon the following described rea property as the property of the said C. T. Chubb, Charles E. Chubb, executor of estate of Coleman C. Chubb Helen M. Chubb, et al to satisfy said OVOrtl.flnn *.« 1*. . ** —**- execution, to-wit: The Northeast Quarter (NE'A) of LOANS On all forms security Special loan plan for purchasing milch cows. See or write C. R. LABARRE Algona Phone 55 Iowa First door north Iowa State- Bank 40-43 •VWaWflJWWWW^AVVWA; ut f Qualify is Hifh, £)fia<fcal'C3 cw—. <£*-.-** h t H that end I wish to propose a Plan which will sound like it might ^been^proposed by Brookhart. Nor- I suggest that we organize among nnr,T 0ple ° f , Harl ^ n a Corporation to purchase or lease some farm lands- that we employ a manager to operate & n ams f? r the pur P° se of »lstaB ch ckens, cattle and. hogs, conduct l£ y n'V nd , produce our own Butter, eggs and meat. This should be upon a large enough scale so that we would not have to buy anything 'in the way of staple food stuffs. I would suggest that the lawyers grow potatoes, the doctors look after the chickens and the preachers milk the cows. Perhaps the company should be managed by a board of directors, or £rm ,, uT never ]ived "P° n the farm, and had no experience In farming, or even with a town garden It would be easy to get a city promoter to come in here and organize such a ccjrporation upon the small .consideration of about twenty-five per cent of the original capital. ~ -m***i v^j. \J.^4J74 / UX Section Twenty-Two (22), in Township Ninety-Five (95) North, of Range Twenty-Nine (29) West of the Fifth P. M. and the Southwest Quarter (SW'/i) of Section Twenty-Two (22) in Township Ninety-Five (95) North, of Range Twenty-Nine (29) West of the Fifth P. M. And I will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution with costs and accruing costs at public auction, to the .highest bidder, for cash, in hand, on the 7th day of May, 1931, at the east door of the court house in Algona, in Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour of ten o'clock a. m., of said ,?,' J en and wnere due attendance •"ill bte given by the undersigned. Dated this 8th day of April, 1931. L. E. HOVEY, bneriff of Kossuth County, Iowa By EVERETT L. HARRIS, Deputy nl. 4 Va f n> McMahon & Linnan, Plaintiff's Attorneys. FOR RENT—Sleeping room in mod 'T\ nnMio TDl-ii-ivirt frcn TT •>. *. WANTED—Cattle and horsds Phone 752.—Henry Johann- & re ™ H ? ve J oom ta Pasture for 40 I bod??- ^^' 25h tud ° r Poi>d sedan head. Plenty of good water and shade. ^1 A ' No> 1 sh °P e - Inquire at this " — o •"**•• »M>V^,& a,im DilaUC —Haupert Bros., Algona, Phone 14F31. FOR SALE OR TRADE— For cattlo- - • - — WANTED— Accounts, — or cal judg- or . h op-°ne bay mare colt, coming 3 * el broke one ^° T 2! D T?l r , e , e "I!*- ° ne mail car , key. call at this office. 44 Martin brooder houses sold on Installment plan. [Freight prepaid,- sk ^- Pa s e,,,Phone 3F24, Algona, Iowa. •••-'-••-- -. j.i» <« 44*-4S D— Accounts, notes, judg- or .op-°ne b ',, f0 u, collectl on. No age limit. * el broke; one eliable, well-known system. For 2 " one 8rey ma o ,,u, . Old, reliable, well-known system. — • — v, ,, wu IVAAUWli OJOWJIII. V Or I O»»-J A1AC«1I7 JL^ terms and particulars write Pioneer °? e , red roa n Belgi Service Co., inc., Iowa City, Iowa. 44 SteU,Sexton, Iowa. .. FOR^RENT—Room. Man Dreferrfirt. \aa Vio'«« - n**i_ , mare 12, works anywhere- staUlon.-^. . WANTED-House cleaning or work by hour.— Margaret Eggert 602 W. Neb . raskast. 44 . 45 FOR SALE—I have for sale barberry mshes at my place on West McGregor St., Algona.—B. H. Winkle. | 4 » Phone ... ;F ,, We buy and sell used cars; also have Jewett parts; do recovering and paint- i ing.—Corey Auto Company, phone 563 We have a little money-to''loan oa town prbperty if well'secured.—C A^ [Momyer, Algona, Iowa. 38-tf RELIABLE MAN WANTED to call on farmers in N. E. Kossuth countv Wonderful opportunity. Make $8 rvn pany, Dept. . M daily. No experience or MAy ' McNe Freeport. Ullnois. 44 to -.-— ,-—» tor student nurses. Superintendent Kossuth hospi- 38-tf nfT W r 7 ^ e a s P lendid Proposition to offer local man of fair education and „ t , ^ ' — some business ability; outdoor 'adver- Urn £ P at books for Bale at th » tlsng, no selling. Write at once for HP, per P es Moines-Republican office, details. Advertising Manager 515 w ° ly a few left> lifV-iriQ la dt- 4")_i. «.!.-_ -** . * ** * I - FOR SALE-Seed corn, $2.50 per bu Carlisle. Whittemore. 44-45« -A. O. POR SALE-Golden King 90 dav SSL ""i-W-M P^ bushel-L. V T. ge Goodale St., Columbus, Ohio. 32 -tjf er. -Harry Bak- 43-tf Old floors made new with electric floor sander.—William Aman, Pi 456. A Money to loan on town property — M. P. Haggard, Algona, Iowa. 13-tf 44-45 a. After \v e have, no doubt successfully ° enterprise, We coulcl wth a out .CLASSIFIED ADS. J he rate per word for advertisements in this column is 2c paid in advance. 3c if charged. must accompany all mail orders. Initials count as one word. Minimum charge, 25c. FOR RENT—Modern house. , th > e uc ran c out into the growing of cattle and hoes and grain for the market, and perham mako sufficient profits to operate 155. Phone 44 apartment. 44 FOR RENT—Furnished Phone 99. — •• To turn Bad Accounts into Bank Ac"- I counts, write Honeen P^rvice, l owa stock, nW^rcri'^crtoTurcha'se ho^T * ENT - S ™» %^~^d n^anTnM^ ?, nd realiz . e w«Mn the fir P t year Z ' bo a great Raving to the and WG «"•!<! ""tend our V H Bycrs C'l^ST l ^J,^! 1J «^ ^altorios, 'Washing, Oiea&ing, Brake 'JV.shug- and liolining. Phono 20. We Call for and Deliver. Clapp's Master Service UNION NEWS. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Bailey drove to Minneapolis Saturday and spent t ' ALGONA, IOWA. « , er, ,. 8 Haase and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Emll stoeffel and fam. 8 ?? nf Sunday vlsitlng Datives friends in Bancroft. The Stoeffels Union. ; attendln e the tf.wnship schools were dismissed Friday afternoon. Those wishing to do r, 0 at- ed Spt ' lllng contest wnlch was r °° m at Good POST Dray and Transfer Phone 298, Algona, Iowa (Long Distance Hauling. Every load Insured against loss or damage. Equipped to do all kinds of draying and hauling. 82-tf An overworked word, truly—but is it possible to work too hard toward an ideal expression of service? Even though one might dispense with the word itself, surely nothing can take tlie place of the idea, the endeavor, the performance. At Ohrischilles & Herbst, the aim has ever been to reflect intelligence and courtesy in all branches of s|ore work. We feel that those, who do us the favor to'enter our portals ought to find here an atmosphere of hospitality—a sincere and vital interest in their behalf. To this end are provided roomy and attractive quarters, with an abundance of light and fresh air—everything as safe and pleasant and comfortable as possible Moreover, Chrischilles & Herbst make a special effort to bo represented in each individual transaction bv salespeople and other workers intelligent efficient courteous. ' comfo at home A series of heart to heart talks with our customers- old and new. This is numbqr 2,

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