The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 15, 1931 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1931
Page 11
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-V. DISCUSSED r StatrWeed liaw Has Been Amended According to . of &griciH4ure, SOIL ASSOCIATION HAS BEEN FORMED ' Cow Testers to Attend Cotfference- *i Mason City Thursday n*d Friday Sweet Clover Good' for SoU. Weed • eradication • arid- control a*e up for considerable discussion because Of the growing menace-of such weeds ao Canada 'thistle to~our grain • fleldi Methods of- control are '-being discussl ea at a series of meetings' -throtighoui the county and farmers-and -land ownf ^S? 1 f e r erallv wmtngr to-take conj., interest In any -program 'thaU oil fertility and productiveness. A our-coittity soil improvement assocla- ioiv has-been organized by farmers n Wayne,- -Decatur, Marion and Lticas ounties. Lester-C.eiapp, who has been a arm manager for the Mueller Lumer Company at Davenport, and who perated- ff Scott county farm for five ears after graduating from Iowa State oilege, is- the soils field specialist, who working in these four counties with nec^lty-of.mpwing--lmmat«e""graV^ xt^lon^'° f the assoolati ° n - ™* will help control the -noxious-weeds. !r • Use of cultivated crpps-on large- areas- has been-encouraged'to-prevent the* The tfpper Bes Jtoines^Republican, April 15,1931 » greatest fflfference was ISA Tjushias in favor of -eariy selected .seed. •".Oerisittition tests on :eeed tsora for 1931 planting show that early picked seed is now germinating US to 100 per ing ate picked seca to' 95 per cent. Father t»f Algona Regardless of how good the .-owner thinks the seed corn is It sTrouW be tested lay-one of several methods such as the saw dust box, the water tester, the rag doll, the modified rag doll or in-sbil nUxed with sand. Enough ear should be tested to get an index of th entire seed supply. If all seed wa gathered-at the same time and put in a dry place, tests of about 100 ears wil give a falir index to the quality of the seed, seed showing not less than 95 >er cent strong germination and less than one per cent dead kernels when seeded Will yield nearly as well as disease free seed according to tests. Form New Soil Association. Iowa has taken another forward .sten i f V*« «M t* I a. 1. _.___. _ • * ... " nthe and reclamation -of crops because of Canada : thistle growthM f xrenslon f^ice of Iowa State College SRSrS^ ^&^K^^^^ -d oZnLS n1^ n 1f A ...j ...... , '«*«*«» OUL-I1 ttO In ' RrrnllKfYHnd 1 t.Vl« nan* «««..t-l.t Man is Dead, Clayton- County Register: Conrad Schnepf, 73, mayor of the town of tJarber, and a prcflntnenO merchant there for the past Bfty-one years, took his own life last Thursday morning. He had gone to his Store some time Before eight o'clodt to get ready for the day's'business. After entering the store he relocked the door and went to the basement, where he hung himself with a rope which he had fastened to one of the beams. . Those Who were accustomed to see- ing'hlm around his store in the morning, missed 'him about eight-thirty and started a search for him which ended In the finding of his body in the basement at approximately 8:45 a. m. It was evident that Mr. Schnepf had been worrying over financial troubles for some time, as he had arranged for everything as he wanted it. He left a note to the county coroner, Leslie Oelke, on his desk In the store and had all other Instructions in a sealed envelope which was at the bank. Mr. Schnepfs sudden death was a shock to all of the residents of that section, for he was well known and liglily respected by all who knew him. Te had made his home in Garber for lie past sixty years. We Have ' Changed All That By Herbert Quick and , Elena Stepanoff Mac Mahon Oopyrlpht by The Bobbs-Merrlll Co. WNU Service Presbyterian Church. . -- • - «"•«««.»,j v.ivJ^/0 OUUil »O alfalfa, sudan, millet, "etc.,-are prac-J ticed successfully on some farms. Chemicals are used on -smaller - and Inaccessible -areas, but the cost generally is prohibitive for'large-acreages Two or three- sprayings are usually needed where -sodium chlorate'is used Cost Accqlunt leaflets. Cost account'leaflets have been prepared by Mr. Porter of'the extension service for the use of men who are interested in knowing thereost of-eradi- o »--** <uuuu v*« ~\j± uvti-~ cation work on their farms. The leaflet offers space to record history of patch, methods used, hours of labor required, chemicals used, -crop -grown, . etc. Summary to include -results, suggestion of -any-better method, total cost of treatment and value -of-crop grown. Weeds and Their Control is the title of a new extension weed bulletin • No. 171 that deals with the principles rand methods-of- weed control. -"The Handbook -of Iowa Weeds that can be purchased for five cents from the Bul• letin Editor at Iowa State College is-an • excellent reference-Tor those interested in the work on their week problem. The state weed law has also been amended according-to information •recently sent out to the counties by-the : -state secretary of agriculture The endments are as follows: The weed commissioners maybe-ap-; new association, second of its kind In Iowa. Mr. Clapp will help the farmers solve ^heir soil problems much as a cow test- Evening, Y. P. S. O. E., topic, "Must T Always Forgive." Worship hour, pictures. The annual congregational meeting held at the church on April 7th was of ™ a " S er wos wm member's' of htoZJda- IS±Sf lion and 'the -countv asent workq with e ™ the farm bureau members on ™al farm problems.- Demonstrations of the value of crop rotation, use of manure and fertilizers, lime nnd legumes terracing and tree planting to check gully. ing will be conducted. _The -first such association was form- eel in the .spring of 1930 in Monroe, ivifi nnfiirn • 1xiVi*tnii n ___i * ____ . Interest to all. The reports from the indicate a healthy the maklng for a dnllv : pointed either from the membership of •town councils-or township trustees, or i • the appointment may Sae made .outside' • of such board -or council. -The board ol" supervisors shall fix a 1 •uniform scale-of compensation for-all • township weed w>mmlssioners and 'any •weed - commissioner- appointed In rany city or town, or-employed by the state' highway- conunls§lon ( -fihaTl receive such Wf^5ftn<yBffeage-as ls,Bx-, . he commission-or- couAeti ~ 1t -- 1 •-represents, • Canada-thistle, «ow thistle and quac •grass growing along the seconder Toads shall' be destroyed by the boaw 'Of -supervisors and -these weeds growta -on the primary roads shall-be destroy** 'by-the highway commission. Seed- Corn-Testing-. -Testing seed corn-to be-sure it Is 'free from disease and that "it has a jJilgh germination power will-aid farm- •*rs to seoure-a uniform stand this year 'In • tests covering -five - years, • Hie Iowa •Experiment Station hss founel thai •nearly -disease free seed isecured by ear 'testing-produced-ia crop-whleh yielded ran average of -five bushels moie per acre than ordinary "planter box" corn. Mahaska, Wapello and Appanoose counties. These intensive soils saving projects have com e following the realization by -farmers and agricultural ea'ders that" Iowa has a serious prob- em in the conservation of Its soil fertility and the ^rebuilding of thousands of acres of abandoned land. 'Almost 200,000 acres out of the approximately - 21,000,000 acres of tillable land in Iowa are Idle as a result of depleted soil-fertility or erosion. In these four counties alone this acreage-totals neatly "15,000 acres. 'Tester" Conference. Cow-testers of-Kossuth county will attend a conference that is being held at the-Y. M. C. A: building in Mason City -on Thursday and Friday, April 16 and -17th. This Is one of a series of six conferences that are being held throughout the state for cow testing association members as well as cow testers. Among'the-subjects of particular interest this spring are "What's Ahead tor the "Dairyman", "Pastures "PIlJS 'WhCtf/O" -OM/I 'M3-rt.ff~- T-V-J T*._n_ Bible school, and also encouraging of the youth of the church to enter the stewardship contest. The Presbytery of Port Dodge of which this church is a member will meet April the 21st and 22nd at the Lakota church. Trust many will be able to attend.—J. L. Coleman, minister. THE STORY CHAPTER XHT. — Mrs. 'Krnssln, knowing of Musla's visit to korts |s convinced the girl has snvefl 'Ilyn. Mn- sld Is unable (o keep 'her thoughts from the commissar. In which she Is nshamed to find a certain plensurc Then to the mother who has hoped so much from Musla's supposed sacrifice comes the news of the execution of lira and Vlnfllmlr, and In a frenzy she denounces Musla, declaring the elrl hnd "murdered" her brother. fContlnued from Last Wednesday.) "It means a rupture," snld 'Lorls to himself. "Well, .even so, 'I might outgeneral him;,but It Is not worth while. Only one thing 1ms kept me here so long—and thnt—" The automobile stopped at his car eases-the dlffeitmce In- yield -was as great as 12 bushels per acre Indicating that, son*} seed Camples are "badly diseased. -Early -selected seetf on ttie average •will yield more than'late-selected seed localise lOf-strojigr-viWity-attd'less *1- jsease. -Iti -1929 -.the -average tilflerence iUi yield-between early ^andjaiie select- Plus What?" and "Better Dairy Bulls tor Iowa: 1 ' 'Plans tor dairy Held days to be held next summer, re-organization plans and other matters of interest to cow testers ana ie assoc1atlQns , will ' be- discussed. attend;-the meeting -are VlrgU Loueks, Xedard, North Kossuth Association- Ernest Phinips, Algona, Kossuth No T. Association; and Bernard Downing West Bend, West Bend -Association. Sweet Clover Big "Soil Aid. A -white sweet clover crop plowed down about a year after seeding will add approximately 100 pounds of nitro?en to each acre of land, according to E. S. Dyas, farm crops specialist in the extension service, Iowa State College •"""• has recently compiled a mimeo. led circular on sweet clover and ts growth and uses in -Iowa. IFOUE CORNER NEWS.! wyav®®^^ The Mart Elmore family is driving a new Chevrolet car. The Larkin club met last week on Wednesday evening with Mrs. Chester Robinson. Several from this community attended the spelling contest given at the Good Hope church Friday afternoon by rural schools of Union township. The contestants from district number seven or the Arthur Cruikshank school were Mary Cruikshank and Marjorie Drayton. Four Corner Mothers and Daughters club will meet this week Thursday with Mrs. Jessie Mitchell. Roll call will be answered by Bible verses. A paper, "Entertainment for Children on Rainy Days" will be given by Mrs. Iva Wlth- am. This program has been exchanged with one that was to be given at the home of Mrs. oJhn Rich. A play by the daughters of the club will be given there.instead,, , • , <j®y®S88!C&^ I LUVERNE NEWS. Very Simply, "I Came." and he stepped out. He called to him the officers in charge. "Is all ready?" he asked. "Ready, your honor, as It has been for three weeks." :• : "Is all.clear along the line?" were littrher nnd fouler Uinn ever. The mysterlons old city, hnif Knro- penn, hnlf ASlntle, wns more thronped with people tlmn ever; hut nutrnceil nature here, ns In nil Russian cities, wns tnklng cnre of thnt; for these liu- mnn beings, crushed by the ruthless blind forces of revolution Into tho mud-ball called Knznn, were rapidly passing through the gate of typhus nnd plnfiue nnd famine Into n city more mysterious still. The Onthedrnl of the Annunclnlion wns there, nnd might ho Imn.clnod n< cnpnRcd In cnrrylng on n clobnfp will the Suyunihekn tower, Jtnlsetl hy v.-lint they both hml seen, ns to the relnlive merits of Jesus nnd Mnhomcf. They now looked down upon Tovnrlseii Vlllnsky In full cninmnml—-nwnltlng n Mnrnt to displncc n nohespierro. They looked down on the old Krnssln mnti. slon, nnd In It upon nn old woinnn with purple spots In her cheeks, tolerated because she wns useful ns n cnrctnker and housekeeper. They looked down on n society In tho Inst stages of dissolution. Wnr, tyranny, anarchy had worked their will with the greatest of nil empires, upon which thinkers hnd long looked as either the peril or the hope of tho world according to what use tha Fates might make of It. It still remains even more emphatically tint' peril or the hope of n world In 'which hope has become nn essential need, with tho scales sloping down steeply I on peril's side. Travelers still cnnio over the hills bound for Kazan, but not so many as in midsummer; nnd now they drifted rather tlmn traveled—drifted like human flotsnm In some raging stream. People struck with palsy do not migrate; they drift. Of tlioso who came now, none \vna tf the sort who, when they cnuRlit their first glimpse of the cily spoke of (ho Krnssln family; and If one did, h,i spoke ns do travelers among the ruins of Xineveh or Bubylon—of \vlint wiig once. I-'ate had struck thnt family down In ruins; but that wns the usual thins in Russia. Over all the former empire It was the same. The people of the Krnssln type hnd mot their doom; and now the wave whlch.Jmd overwhelmed them wns rising to engulf every mind, whether that of nn arlsto- crnt or not, which could not accept ready-made, the daily-altered formula of the Dictatorship of tho Proletariat. With which dictatorship, the prole- tarlat hnd ns little to do ns the Krns- sins and their fellows. To all, save to the few maniacs who hnd overcoma their keepers and assumed rulcrshlp, had come the snmo fate: dcsolntion, disillusionment, dissolution, and tho supreme trial of souls. The Bolshevik organization Is a mystery—a mystery full of terror. The people are afraid of what Is safe, nnd they are not able to estimate tho danger of what is perilous. They feel na one might In dealing with wild beasts which might lick one's hands or devour one, as n whim or appetite might suggest. One great element in the Terror lies in the inability of people to understand one another. Human minds become mysterious ns they come under the SWOF of new purposes, Thinking It Over eiuTa 'fiddle 1-ou have" "'^ ° W " S a h ° Und ''° g ' a runnin * sh'irt ofT e from 1 h f i Sg b^k f lf I h T c"' ha'd^oV,'^' *" C °" ind ' B ' V ° *™ ^ t*™mnnlw " Mm- *° }m * ™ y ™° »c ^wild'ncwr ^ veS rry in in u to of a fellow's tl?iio niul ovorx* hif nf nm T He'hn^T m ? ll ™\ ni 7 cl "»>it' has to bo tipon'hls toes nil The time" He hns to study his business from every niiple. Buying nnd wiling nnd tho buying is by nil mcnns thc most Important part of any busine You have to be lined up with the best factories, know what each factory Is mnkinnr nnd what service nnrl satisfaction their product is giving your customer. To be successful you have to buy standard Roods nnd sell them nt smnll profits. Standard goods will build a business, low prices will bring volmnc nnd volume gives you buying power. Standard goods low prices nnd buying power are the whole thing In a nut shell. Chcnp shoddy shoes will kill nny business but good standard shoes at low prices will oulld any business. Another factor in favor of the quick selling, small profit plan Is i"2fl S5 c , nsy sellln &- xt ls «n easy matter to sell regular $5 00 nnd $8.00 shoes nnd oxfords at $2.98 and S3.95. You do not hnv e to coax and beg. All you have to do Is nt their feet. Fitting is one tiling I nm fussy about. I do not want a pair of shoes or slippers to go out of the store unless they nre properly fitted I tell the boys to lose n snle. rather thnn send out an ill fitting shoe. Future business, the repent customer is always uppermost in my mind. I nm always hunting tho market 'for a bunch of good solid shoes thrit I cnn sell at a price. Big values keep the crowd coming. People are looking for values. They want, nil they cnn get for their money, when they cnn buy a good pair of child's slippers for 98c and a pair of stock-- ings for lOc there is no use paying double thnt for thc same kind. Jimmie Neville THE SHOE MAN Algona, towal wy^yssx^w^^ 400.00 34.55 12.65 Frank Gelgnl, 24 council meet- Ings 24.00 Chas.Taylor, 25 council meetings 25.00 D. L. Leffcrt, 25 council meetings 25.00 J. L. Bonar, services, solicitor Advance Pub. Co., printing .. Nelson Hdw. Co., mdsc GRADE FUND. Jesse Lashbrook, salary 69.20 Jesse Lashbrook, salary 35.00 Elliott Skilling, team labor .... 37.10 Elliott Skilling .team labor .. 49.00 George Gunder, street labor .. 27.65 Frank Skilling, street labor 27.30 Louis Hagg, street labor 12.25 Willard Gregson, team labor .. 3.50 Fred Baumgartner, gravel and labor - 3.20 CASH LOANS Automobile Loans Refinancing—Payments cut down. FIRE FUND. C. C. Wright, salary 45.00 Fyr-Pyter Co., mdse 14.85 Cunningham & Lacy, firemen's ins 108.50 Kohlhaas Bros. Garage, mdse. 1.75 Algona Fire Co., 3 fires 90.00 SEWER FUND. J. W. Kelly, salary 35.00 "Then send out orders to have tbe w.ires cut, couple tbe engine on at once, nnd pull out; the unexpected we have always with us." He wns leaving the Bolshevik! • he Dimler has purchased a new| strode across the tracks,-leaped up the steps, his heart beating high that the VB&X®Xa!0^^ Peter Thompson is driving a new Whippet coupe. new lives. [THE EN&J Special Loan Service to farmers for the purpose of buying good graded milch cows. Loans can be made on cows you already have. Convenient terms. City Pays March Bills. sedan. . Careful analysis made at 'the Ohio sxperlment Station show 'that sweet clover grown the previous year with mall grain contained 150 -pounds of nitrogen in stalks and roots. Two- .hirds of this nitrogen had been taken rom the air. In commercial tertilizer nls 100 pounds of nitrogen would have cost from $18 to $20. The mlmeograph- Notice of Hearing on Engineer's Report. | In the matter of Drainage District No. 84. To all owners of lands, railways and enlng of this week. . - — ^, Algona, Iowa, March 2'6, 1931.—City, , ,,„.., „„„ of Algona was a business! Breat adventure was under way. A council met in regular session on this highways within Drainage District No jar moved the train; it was the en- dav nt the cit V hall and among other 84 - and to all other persons interested '"-'—- " in any lands or railways within said | Drainage District. You and each of you are hereby notl- caller in LuVerne Thursday. The local order of the Rebekah lodge I glne bcing cou P le <> on; his' machine I thln 8 s >* !1 <wed the following"billsT held a special meeting on Tuesday ev- wns workin s promptly. ELECTRIC FUND. Mrs. Lillie Hesse of Muscatine Is \~ itlng at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Hintz. ' In the car was the usual silence; J. W. Kelly, salary If no )lA otannnA \\frllt\V flnil h IT " - owaiy reception room, be L eo stopped short. A little dark figure Walter Gorman, salary rose, , - ' " • ' incnn o 5 o°o 0 a 55> obtained > y writing the extension service at Ames. week at the community hall. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Thornton off "You see," Musla said very simply ?' ?.' like a little child "I came •• IU £' ^ J ' IllS flnnme nnr\ cf^ nn | n «. , . . lir T-» »n •. «-*_. — , J.U.OC- OI U1C, 1™™ ^, K ° SSUth county ' Iowa - reports! 130.00 setting forth the conditions of °" "" improvement within said Drainage ,...,„,. ».. J recommending that certain I CITY PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. ATTORNEYS AT -LAW T. P. Harrington L. J. Dickinson HARRINGTON & OICKmSON ATTORNEYS AT LAW Booms 212-14 First Nat'l Bank ALGONA, IOWA PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS Mrs. A. J. Eason and daughter, Marjorie, are visiting at the home of her mother, Mrs. Slickervere at Orange i * her pB - , andfI ««>«>P'ns, Peered into seml-darkness In- Allen Mfg. Co., mdse. .. Westinghottee Electric Supply Co., mdse 303.42 "I Imve no one but you now," she I Pu . bllc , Ownership League of 3. L. BONAR ATTORNEY AT LAW Collections will receive prompt attention. ALGONA, IOWA VI, B. QUARTON IL W. MItl£R ATTORNEYS AT LAW •Office over Kossuth County State Back Office Phone, 427 ALGONA, IOWA JS. W. Sullivan S. E. McMahon L. E. Linnan StULLIVAN, MoMAHON & LfNNAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW ; .Office over County Savings Bank ALGONA, IOWA. E. 3. VAN NESS & G, W. STILLMAN LAWYERS Office over Iowa State Bank. Phone 213-W Algona, Iowa. KENEFICK & CRAWFORD Office Phone 300 Residence Phones: Dr. Ksnefick, 57 Dr. Crawford, 115 O. H. CKETZMEYER PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Glasses Fitted Office in J. Galbraith Block. Residence one block east and one block south of office. No cans made after 0:30 p m ALGONA, IOWA. ' Ogles Phone, 310. Residence, 444 DR. W. ». ANDREWS. Ostespathic Physician & Surgeon iEye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Obstetrics Located over Hub Recreation Parlor ' iPhnoe Office 187, 'Rsedicene, 688. ALGONA, IOWA. r, y, JANSE, wr. D. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON Office on South Dodge St. Phone Wo.—Res. 366; Office 666. 1. A. WINKEL ATTORNEY AT LAW Office in Quinw Building. Phone 180. ALGOWA, IOWA Gaylord D. Shumway Edward D. Kelly SHUMWAV & KELLY ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office over Quinby & Krause Building INSURANCE CITY PROPERTY LOANS FARM LOANS REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Phone 59U OF ALL KINDS CUNNINGHAM & LACY ALGONA, IOWA. 107 W. State St. Algona, Iowa. Phone 58. B. C. MeMAHON Attorney at Law Office over Quinby & Krause Bldg. Algona, Iowa Phone 129 MORTICIAN , L. M. MEHRITT 1 Mortician & Funeral Director ; Phone No. 11 ALGONA, IOWA VETERINARIAN ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY Reliable Insurance Service O. R. LABARRE AL FALKENHAINER Phone 55 First door north Iowa State Bank DENTISTS j of last week. Dr. A. L. Spooner and Dr. R. L Corbin gave the school pupils anti- diphtheria shots last Friday morning at the school house. Mrs. W. F. Godfrey and daughters Florence and Mrs. C. O. Anderson and Miss Louise Zwiefel were Algona visitors Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Lou Pearson are „„- Joying a visit from his brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Pearson of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Little Lucille Shipley came home on Friday after being in the University hospital at Iowa City for the past three weeks receiving treatments. Louis Merkle and Maynard Spoonei returned home Thursday from Rochester where Mr. Merkle had been in the Mayo hospital for a few days. The young people of the Lutheran church held a social time in the community hall Friday evening. The even, ing was spent in playing games after which lunch was served. On Tuesday evening of this week the faculty of the local school and the members of the Junior class present "The Ghost Parade." The proceeds will help to flnance the Junior-senior banquet. The annual guest party of the J. j club was held Friday afternoon at th community hall. Each member of th "Be good to me," said she; "I am jlowa Machinery '&' Supply' Co.', so tii'ed! [ mdse. "My dear! My dear!" he hnlf wills- Hi & lev Chemical Co., iiidse. " 2.211 For more complete descriptioln of said repairs you are referred to the engineer's reports which are now on file in this office. That the board of supervisors are of i no i u °P inIon that said repairs should 1-00! be made; that the 20th day of May, 1931, at two p. m., at Algona, Iowa, has been fixed as the time and place ifin«l for hearin s on said reports and ve- 16.08 commendations. Loans made at once —No delay Western Credit Company Algona, Iowa Phone 55 First door North of Iowa State Bank. Bargain Fare —To— CHICAGO April 17-18-19 Trip pored, still holding her bands. "Do you think you cnn cnre for me?" "I think I do," said she. As she said this, rattled nnd righted Cedar Rapids Pump & Supply 3.30 Graybar Electric Co., mdse... Fulton Iron Works Co., mdse. & Awning Co Lorls—Tova- r sch no longer-hud made his sensa- w - - , tlounl escape from Kazan: escaped In Iowa Lea &ue of Municipalities, the very hour when Vlllnsky had -"•• ' dues --, dist.. M. & St. P. Ry., frt on dist A. Dutton, mdse. 12.161 Datec i tnls loth day Qf Aprjlj 1!m infill,.. BERTHA E. JOHNSON, 482.45 4 " 45 County Auditor. W-41 I No Virtue in Ruslness (lis-pmclied Is business well 10.001 ''".'l 0 ', ""' '"'sl'iosr hurried Is III done. than --- .. .. uu , ntii£, n v Hull UUI1" I /•"» w .............. itii.. XU.UU I ,, . deinned him to death; escaped onlv a S 6 °' Hansen - m <&e ............ 2.15 ^l"H«-cr-l..vftr,ii. bare half hour before the company ^ US f e i Fl ' y efc al > refund de P° slt 3U0 1 of sai,or 8 enme to arrest hi " ^' "" ° i coaches scheduled" to leave" not'later a. m. April 19. 173t For further particulars ask Local Agent The MILWAUKEE Road enme to arrest him ; escaped over tho ,, I10 wlllch |)y ,„„ or(]erg ', 4.19 13.75 adherents had cleared for his Train L.' X.' Andrew' R^eiver'^ck 4 ' and WhOSO purs tin »ilnl,/,,l .,_ __ ...In *r M- lir -n.. ,^ """>• luu.yy - he made his wild night. To what? Safety? ««e W. Ry., permit 5.00 C E. Chubb, engineering 22 00 Railway Express Co., express .... 5.71 There was never any certainty as I S;, CW> ^ frt and drav - •• 8.86 "•-' ....-* J " a I Nelson Hdw. Co., mdse. to that. All sorts of reports were accepted and rejected In turn. The .49 WATER FUND. Bolshevik handbills called newspapers J - W. Kelly, salary . . 75 nn stated that he had got away with much Prank Ostrum, salary ...... '.'.' 13000 treasure and a considerable body of a R Atc heson, salary men to the Cossacks on the Caucasian ? nnE ; ^ he ,f 1n front. Rewards were offered for him DR. H. M. OLSON DENTIST Gas or Novocalne used for extraction Located over Chrlstensen Store. Phone: 'Business 166, Residence, 479 ALGONA, IOWA »R. t. W. FOX Office 220 West State Street. p_fjflpe phone 476-W; Res. 47^ ALQONA, Quinby Bldg. DR. C. D. SCIIAAP. DENTIST Algona, Iowa. Phone 133. GEORGE L. MILLER. GENERAL CONTRACTOR 610 South Dodge St. Algona, Iowa, Phone 753 club had the privilege of bringing a guest. The afternoon was very enjoy ably spent after which luncheon was served. The Lutheran parochial school teachers of this district held a three day conference in .LuVerne on Wednesday Thursday and Friday of last week. The ladies of the Lutheran church served dinner each day for those in attendance at the community hall. The Progressive club met last Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs Burdette Agard. The following officers were elected for the coming year: Mrs Ray Stone, president; Mrs. A. L Spooner, vice president; Mrs. J. M'. Chrlstensen, secretary; Mrs. p. o. Llch- ty, treasurer. At the close of the afternoon lunch was served by the hostess. , 1 ^ '' stored forces tlie Blnck sen, and with his young wife hnd made his way to America. The Bolshevik! stated that ho wns mere robber and had carried away with him an Immense amount of loot • this was answered in certain circles by the assertion that h e had only re •"•"'- 1 the treasure to the Russian to whom It really belonged. And there were rumors that all the treasure he possessed, except Ills litllo girlish wife In her black dress, were certain rugs and curios. One thing only was certain; Lorla and Musla had vanished from Kazan together Kazan lay next day stripped of' its summer greenery, but otherwise as it uad appeared when wo first saw It The leaves hod turned from green to gold, had fallen and mingled with the.plles of fllth In the streets, which A ' *' A 100.00 25.00 110.00 44.25 1.47 .. 30.36 .. 56.26 | FUND. salary i:>g.oo I use of car 15.00 A. L. White 10.00 • —~V "* WHA .... 1U.UU Frank Green salary 125 00 Thos. Akre, rent Austin Western Road Machinery Co., broom cores 57 27 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., mdse. 36.23 Standard Oil Co., mdse. 37.41 3.25 .75 300.00 8.04 Geo. Hansen, mdse. and labor'.'. 2545 Skelly Oil Co., gas jQ20 N.-W. Bell Telephone Co., service Andy Bowman, labor ...'!..'.'.' M. V. Norris, engineering H. W. Post, frt. and dray. .. Jesse Umbenhower, care of dump J25Q lbert Ogren, salary for year.'.' 500.00 H. M. Hauberg, treasurer, salary 4000 Or. R. H. Crawford, health of- flcr salary 50 . 0 o o. Herman, 21 council meetings 21.00 Thos. Kain, 25 council meetings 25.00 GARAGE ,\Ve will bo pleased to meet all our old friends as well as now ones at our new location, 117 NORTH THORINGTON PHONE 165

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