The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 15, 1931 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1931
Page 9
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" , f ..fc.,.. - HoUSe Burned reception of novices at; Mt. St. Francis Near Whitt eMore . ST«.StS?Sft' ,_ .. .. name of Sister Mni-ir r. Whittemore, April 14 Mr 6V Mary Cai «i«wS. Elmer Elbert ' suffered la % L^ «*5« »cmthly meeting of th» elr brooaer housl £TiS,M e °«* ?»«* «wd haS- was alone at tn^^ iSSPSftS 1 * °L the farhl bwea » help wo 1 * be mim- Hum ^£.5* the publlc s <*ool auditor- agent - jhe Upper Bes Moines-fiepttblican, April 15,1931 Algona Hi Lights —^— —.- >W»woow;oowwx><>ow^ g Spring- Footwear I 3 Whittemore Had Birthday Sunday. won the I o«7i it M—»' ****». uwc Jetiks» cut prize A rf^r 8 ! L ucllle Livermore, guest prize. A dainty lunch was served. , it having been 52 OBESCO NEWS, The senior class of this wsen the play "Busybody.' *„ „ ine £;$ , a n^her who has the fatal habit of prying into everyone's busl- v^' ? h ? te conv lnced that "mother knows best," and her convictions result of Sfah?"^ and ^trolls Jumble Sally CMt te M foll °ws: wudin ls r a week and at I IWMBI«mM*aM« "The Lady of the Lake, Taught Creatively. Krampe's freshman English n^e enjoyed a few weeks li „ of "The Lady of the Lake.' ~.~ announcement of the project work aroused an Immediate Interest. — "" " " sty proposed to „,„„ something to his own '"••"' little what the > long as " backgroi jL™ Crelshton, u ieen mui, jake stran- th« fhl *£ op and Jesse Fostef built tne first residence. Now look at us! ~~~~* w *«vwMMM««l«a«w3a^ BANCROFT NEWS. Sadie Potter and Mrs. Carroll are giving a shower Wednesday -..-.—g at the home of the latter in honor of Mrs. Rachel Clayton stiles, ""^•.^fuerite Winandy and little r™ or Chicago are Visiting at ttie J^ 16 "* ^ former's parentsTMr. and Mrs. John Simon. Mr. Winandy Irma Dee noTJ tammer ••••••• -Marjorie uaoman Edgar Snlor-:;;;;;:;;:;;;;;;.^^-..^, Everyal Adams S 1 Dahlha user Is now employed the Thompson lumber yards. ployea . Albert Cutler and at *. o Charle8 ert stues week ffom their and Mason City n*A*\ i u ouiipBon ana James Vlpond pZotPM^ Oenevleve Hartshorn T i? '' i.' Pet er Chubb Lyle Runchey Is acting as stage manager with Peter Chubb- as his assist- BnC. have 0 —«„ x»*,t*i V* t/uiic oti the make It looke like a real ---^ Items as "War Declared -. Roderick Dhu," "King Los^i--«~ Found Dead," drove home more definitely the events of the stor ~ I of the minor Items added to lo I or. "~ ie district of Scotland where"thi ,r? k , plac ^ and emerged It Into a "»i sketch and illustrated It pro, BM/NTM- 4-1**. __,...«._ _ m i«^ JT a n,"o^"" v i ""=«'"««•«' nigh school a meet which showed some isal '" Algona won the high Jump, ..-.;. mile run, and all of the Algona's mile relay team al- sec a new high school record ':ends to beat before season. The record umei four seconds shorter than Coed J. Schlltz and «, CJi —, -—« ilu », were Mason city last week Wednesday. ,i M1 ^f ¥*°. na Schneider 1 ' there Leo °' 0on Mor family of Fort were callers Sunday at the R ° me)Bnd both fa^llM Q evening guest at the F. L - Zeigler home in Algona. ^ A son was born Friday mornlnir to M ^; a " d , Ml ?: ?'. Pi Spark^ - ————»^*»»(j TCI jr overcome their j are now trying no°2 al f POU ^ 1 ' F fc "" UI1C » Q0l ng wfA7 k will h b e e. Play a 8UCCeSS This Boone s. L. J. ed^aT'thf ta h^n aCher ° f LuVerne vlslt StaT^^^^SMn- ?^ J> ^ ulde and ***• ^d Mrs. phambers of Lewiston, Mon^ 1 *? 1 with frlend s a* Nora last week Wednesday. Loretta and Mary Merrill returned Innrfn « ramily. Mrs. Brown spen Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Sparks. )aa8 »»»»»»»^^ WEST BEND NEWS, -^ <. B ' Pl Bllss has b een quite ill ' e P ast week but is better at this dm". BW ^'n?in An f ere ^ g to havm ^ hls h ome cwlV DflinrMri nthtnh n,ddo •- j PICNICS, thAe time of year for picnics' After behig cooped up all ' chilly winds and storms en, tramp around in "the "woods,"irather flowers, and finally settle down to an appetizing lunch in some gnS^ pto? pernaps even get caught In a shower But way down in. his heart, doesn't SST? 6 enj °£ slttin * under a la^e leafy tree until a shower has pamd fuU flres . Leo Klocke since Thursday ' Ferden home of or a er to Jake Wolfe, Lou Conway, Georee Robinson and Vincent Latttaer St on °" day *° wo * on the paving of the sta-ong banquet of enlng, mepTaf tvTT""" 1 AId °»*™y win meet ac the home of Mrs. E. E Zimmerman Wednesday afternoon homl 91 ? 11 ^aHmto is treating his home to a new coat of paint which adds greatly to its appearance'. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. deal an I fam- uy of Rolfe spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mra. Myron Boos and fam- .tf^'iPnri^' Sherman was calling n M? £L**£s* Pr . id . a y-. ?1 in -- — *>jj*Aj ) tne woods &re '„" ""•"* laughter, flaming camp and appetizing lunches spread on rround or on a table. Perhaps are a few ants in the sandwiches ny in the potato salad, but ev- happy to notice this. "**— the meal is over, s while the sun is coming on, and -" living real u ~v»«i. « owwjii coat of arms, with an appropriate plaid, decorated the corn* ers. .-_--.„. dance. Several of the pupils made log cabins to represent Ellen's h — — worked out a suitable wood™T "Zr\ Bround of forest and vines. The^ effect was charming, sterling (made of gray cardboard) was brought Into the clfl>ss< room This hnrf moo«f a great, deal of work on the part of three boys, but the continual idmira- enough PUPUS was compensation An Interesting part of the study of the classic was the acting of several scenes. A number of boys had brought len daggers and swords, which they m"Jrt,t ™ V a £ d an^ng; else which might make the act more realistic. In the scene where Pltz-James and Rod- rfufs^ fi vf ht ; ^ boys Proceeded to put so much of themselves into their histrionics during English period that the class watched eagerly to see Roderick fall prone upon ^his prostrate en- the mur- pretty fair success *.. m .» of turning out o teams it has ever „„„. «,^«'i«"' ^^uiPP" 1 with new white --- running suits trimmed in red When you see some of those red strip- d suits coming in second you can easily make them first by cheering ?J? them and telling them to pull a little narder. Coach Aubrey Bonham Is form- o™ y J X>ys u i nder seventeen years of ^ryTndtraftern^n^er 1106 Park. Father and Son Banquet, MembTs of the Rotary and Ki lues gave a banquet for the boys of I ie Algona high school and the Cathn- ( • f a , Cad i my last Thursday night T ^i^lS 8 ' i* , th ? n'sh Mhool Style and Quality $6 JMtcr Vnlws! 0renter Vnrioty! Newest Pa f torus! Ton will bo enthusiastic about theso offerings for Spring;—so utterly new and different. Created by expert design- era especially for the wo- nten who demand fashion with, economy. They please and fit, 5/ro^ SHOES AND HOSIERY. *„„ P T° f< H> tw< Be hnke and Prof. P. « U & Li ^ Cssen atte nded the annual spring " a dCSlre roU Talk by Grinnell Man. —, __ * ™-'"' W-JT-~ * WtfWy' ' ^"^ "turned home Satur- Mankat °. where he attended con ventlon which ^as Rwh«» nda5r and ^day. *fc. Kohnke te the manager of the Thomn- fion Lumber Company here. H™±T«. Amheson and Mrs. Maud «wui^a^ a v^^t South Dakota. -----a Pleasant, restful night. We who enjoy picnics have a sensV nf sympathy for you who see no ° f in being acquainted with Bernlce Dearchs. Girls' Glee Club. Mr. Mill- the Rotary Mrs> Loy Oliver of LeMars on Sunday. They were | The Olivers now have two girls. —„.. amiwi. wao eavo a «nni* t n i* "« " "* * ® on was awarded thlr- honor of the men of the two H,,^ o Jy-flve miles of grading at a road let- Boozer then gave a ver^ S?~ - M V> « ng , to Mgon& last week Brereton & talk which enfed £ Su'eT""»• | ?ain^Sf^MS? ^ ^ SHOULD WE DO OUR BES T 7 \C?ff^. Sn^^n S nnprprf"o7"^»rT,"*, c " " luaia conference opened at Des Moines, April 13, with headquarters at the Hotel sirt Des Moin BS and.wux.contlnue^bWgh fp! o .. F. H. Mescher and children returned last week Tuesday from Dubuque, where they attendedthe TEN Photos 0 at the nd &Dd —-o *»» •d«^iJA| J-UUUJiOf if home of her parents George Struthers. Txr 1 ^ 5 Ad .?J lne H alverson drove to Webster City Tuesday evening, she has been elected to teach grammar ta the schools at that place. Bilimniar m Mrs. Scurr and daughter, Susan, of t"fan-spent a few days the past week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. c Scurr. They returned home on Frl- Mrs. Jos. Mikes returned to —_--*» •*? ^wxwjiy Eli- Gladys Rising, who .--- ------—j "" participate In the contest. The girls were accompanied bv Miss Grace Miller. I c. nTh , e u h , orus ta which the girls will lars ^•SSSSF Jaco ^ Evan - Third Ward News. The pupUs at Thu-d Ward have been S^tnT^^J?*^^ "MTIee Tallinn ^.J. _ J.i * . -.».w. uuwjcuu ui jus sDeech the necessity of a liberal arts edu. >n hPfnre taking up the individual a university. In a liberal individual attention is gi v — — the universities, attention — given to a class as a groun or in some instances to very outstanding pu- One thing everyone must do is to plan on going to college and taking the subjects which will be of most aid when he Is taking up his life work ,7n e ? 7?' £ rades must: always be kept 'Sf«!j2lf. • e - I 2 st - or;s ' < » e> « ability. The ^^S u ton l S^n were greatly appreciated by the seniors and Juniors, many — wnom will soon be fnnp/i mitvi tv, necessity of choosing the'lrVe work i. t« i . UCou vIlCSO IQSb both to show his teachers how .really can do his work and to - — ailing grades. Right now lust to^eVst^tf/^^^' » a *™ d toe w get started. The spring fever Is over in most cases. Let's show our teachers what w e can do an £* the next year in the new building -^D^nrKn^ "^ SUC -' Corridor Clippings. Max Richardson are Mrs. Oscar Polrot entertained several little folks at her home Wednesday for her son, Robert, who was six years old that day. The youngsters nnjoyed themselves immensely. ""'. and Mrs. Ray McCullum visited week in the Tom Kelly home, lad brought Buddy Kelly, who -«« uden visiting the McCullums In Emmetsburg home. Mrs. McCullum is a sister of Tom. The Senior Magazine. The seniors have been Popular Price Studio Located over Steele's Store. Open evenings iture rooms consisted entirely of paintings by Iowa artists. One room contained portraits and the largest room contained the most expensive palntines or nationally known artists. pBmimgs ones mm^I *1 ams W F enter ln the sectional ^prll^S. 0 "^ t0 be held ' - folfws rdS th» M e typlng classes are as Mr. Overmyer, Miss Coon and Grace Miller attended the musical est at Estherville last - muslcal Boys' Glee Club. Besides the usual glee club practices, « ilh y *, have been work mir exception- any nara in preparation for commencement exercises. Miss Miller the mnsin instructor, has selectprf » „««*, i ^,.ii ri i «"ci«M!a a number of suitable part songs and the boys seem very enthuiastlc about learning them So far nrn,rr 0 .« *„„ been ma | e '"™^ studies at Simpson College. She spent her spring vacation at the home of her brothers, Vic and Paul Robinson .We now have a complete line of new dining- room, living- room and bedroom suites. Beds, springs, and matresses. Sewing machines and washing- machines. Our used dapartment is well filled with very good pieces. Call us and let us do your repairing. Work guaranteed. Our prices are in keeping- with the times Trade your old for new at The Furniture .^^k .A ^^H lo*"Tr Carl Vohs and daughters were h 0 = Alg ° 1na Saturday where Mrs Vohs | has a class In violin. Janice and Car- Ul --i home of their " s. G. L. Vohs. •hn Satern sold his taterests in --- Champlin oil station to Ben Anliker Thursday. Mr. Satern Is in poor health, and goes to Des Moines thte week to the hospital. H e may have to submit to an operation for ulcers of the •a^^s&ffas ££ tts fln alim^r S oon hemayfindS Royal Road to Romlnce-Ty"^!^ aigMssassarsa returned I „?Y°^ d w uf rece lved here of the birth ° fH . a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Pallls in Des Molnes. 1 >«--~ ----*" «._ Tlll7o „ u "y wiui reiaiives in Eagle Gr heref "btft who^f' ^"tSM'ta Pather °' P ' *"«*<» of *»" vton this VPOV =„„„* „ x.? ac , mn ^.. ln was visitine with fHpnrie ^ *„ Mpwfnn fhi s now te achin§ Newton this year, spent a few days Inast W p«b- visltmg w me ™ duay - WHITTEMORE NEWS. M ••————•--!*'*.VAV^J AlJCJVVOiR IX ^ i ^^«f^^ V/ash Harris sold his forty-acre farm south of town to John Van Buskirk of Sibiey at $150 an acre, possession to b? given May 1. Mr. Harris, who is township asss^or, will move his family to West Bend. , I £f s I* 6 * 1 Wegener celebrated her elghty-first birthday on March 28 and enjoyed a visit on that evening from the Rev. H. D. Stahmer family, Q, M. «m" £p faTm H y '™ dWard ^ remert fa ' milv an" the Jplin Wegenei family, nr^ her f W ^ Velt entertained several priests at the rectory Thursday. The Vistors among whom Were Fathers Gearin and Clark, had been attending the funeral of Monslgnor Grlffen in Port Dodge on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Shellmyer went wrc BI Dodge - Sunda y and brought Mrs. Shellmyer's mother, Mra. Mikes, tc her home in West Bend. Mrs. Mikes underwent an operation for gall stones at Mercy hospital two weeks ago. Mrs. James O'Brien has lost four '""" ? ead of u young cattle - making •B«U head which have died in two weelfe. Tlie stock .is affected! with lemorrhagic scepticemia, a disease of the heart and lungs and seems to run among the young stock, Herman Bierstedt has purchased the H. W. Geelan house across the street from the Lutheran school. W T i-'ish %»° £ BS , be ? n occu Pymg the 'house since the family moved here from Lone Rock, will move to the Kenne residence J n the east part of town. Mr, and Mrs Bierstedt will soon move into town Notice. In the district court of Iowa. In and ror Kossuth county. L. A. Andrew Superintendent of Banking of the •ftot i? f J 0wa> Dlamt lff. vs. Algona State Bank, of Algona. Iowa, defend- Eint. To whoin It may concern: You are hereby notified that there is now on nle in the office of the clerk of the district court of Iowa, in and for Kossuth county the application of L. A. Andrew, Superintendent of Banklnir H, f i ^ tate of Iowa ' M Receiver of the Algdna State Bank, of Algona, Iowa for authority to pell the premises described as: Lot Nine (9) in Block Two (2), Original Plat of Penton, Iowa, to John Dpmnspv „„ „„. fA—„ . et Qut Jn gald . You are further notified that by order of the Hon. P. c. Davidson, one of the Judges of said court, the hear- ng on said matter has been set for Wednesday, the 22nd day of April. 1931 at ten o'clock a. m. of said day, at the court house In Algona, Kossuth county, Iowa, at which time and )lace you may appear and show cause, f any you have why said sale should not be made and order entered as Dr £ye. d for in said application. Dated this 15th day of April, 1931. L. A. ANDREW. Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, as Receiver of : The Algona State Bank, of Al- B. H,. MILLER, WEEKEND Eastman . . eey o ort Do.lce was visiting with friends in town 01 i ounda. ounday. Wm. Walsh drove to Iowa City last vlsited with mends rSi Pred Is seri- ?**™™*^^ ELLIS RUNCHEY' Phone 237 Bunchoy 's special snpn~riin™"7r "«"*"*s««'i wno hns been spending the winter at the homp nf her daiic-hfpi* in Tiiin^i *»^u*c UA K,,^ B rr '"tools, came home on Sunday. Her many friends are elad hT , a i. better health than she has oeen in the past. Joe Weldineer nnri Mr. and Mrs. Den-lckson of Lake Park spent Sunday at her home. seventh and ivr She ' lm yei- went to Eagle Grove Monday where he is employed with a road construction outfit. Dr. Glvens of West Bend left Mon- f a th^ ng ' aplv «™««t to visit wi"h father, who is very ill. The still-born baby of Mr - Phone 399 Algona, Iowa, , did not win flrst places but tho lexperience helped tfam to &j? BD$! ess to the olio cemetery last Wednesday th^ne^stYaight^i h tdl ' lving one of her husband has presented^he? fl r, Q n^°f au 1 e ^u^ey. who has been was P takPn at * he McCreery hospital, was taken to her home near - •• - ' A boy, who has been named Gerald Henry, was born Friday toCT i- <JC " uc ? Mrs. nhn« »«• -o .'. *" 01 .. ot j? fish has accepted the agency of he international Harvester company " A. D. Brogan and Gene Martina are Monarch Kraut, Z\/, size can, 3 cans 25 C Coffee, Bloom's Special Blend ig c Maxwell House Coffee, 1 pkg. La France Free with, each, pound of coffee at ggc Catsup, large bottle 15o Peanut Butter, 33 oz. Jar for .., 29c Oatmeal, 7 Ibs 19o Briny Your Proctor & Gamble Soap Coupons Here. Chipso, large size .,10o Oxydol, large size .,19o Camay Toilet soapl, 3 bars for ig c tvory Flakes, large package iSc Ivory Soap, 3 bars 21c How the Folks Do Buy Our Gallon Fruit. Always Get our Prices First Peaches, No. 10 large can 49,. Pineapple, No. 10 large can 89c Blueberries, No. 10 large can 79c Cherries, Bed Pitted 79c Blackberries, No, 10 large can 87g Fancy Cookies, 1 ib. 29c lOc bag marbles free with eaoh bag cookies. Folgers Coffee 39 C Ginger Snaps, ib. c Bloom

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