The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 15, 1931 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, April 15, 1931
Page 6
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SOCIETY The trpper ftes Moines-ftepubUcan, April 16,1931 M. and ». Cfnb— I Mothers and j Daughters oh Clnb— Shower for Wava Patterson— Mrs Russell I,. Maxwell of Sherman township entertained forty friends at a shower in honor of her sister, Wava Patterson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theatre Chatter. paper w a /s?jL!*7 I ^ h i cl i ™ s rr tln *««ns»&., meeting will be held April Mrs. r. B. Williams is Hostess- Party— Tayipr with her mother, Mary De Graw I ,, TheI H ls ^ DS Dorothy Johnson and I ed a guest prize.' fM"f H er , The »««««" scheduled MaryK H " t ^ lns * ave a dancing party oh h f t J lay te a pfl P er - "Things One to /pout thirty of their schoolmates Dinner Party- Should Know in Business Transac- ? nd fr) ends Saturday night at the shel- tions," by Kate Annls; nve minute P 61 " house at th « Ambrose Call State talk, 'Parliamentary Drill," by Marv £? rk ' Badl ° muslc was furnished for Barchett. The club ladies will hold a H| e dancera - Out of town guests at Mothers Day tea the fore part of May the prtrty were Mlss Margaret Laabs ~ !: — and Mend of Lone Rock, Charles Fri-, Mr , Wava Patterson Weds— aay and s\ster, Elsa and friend, Ver- Mr daughter of even^^h^ ™??^J*!!y& I »*' — -~fy --- ». a..*!*.* VUQ1.4. WV/11 high prize for bridge. Mrs. Rex A 1stlne of GNmore City, sister of Mrs. Williams and Mrs. DuPlan won . the second prize. Mrs. DuPlan recelv- Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Prech entertaln- The third gangland picture to b shown at the Call Theatre this rnont is scheduled for. Thursday and Frlda ...... of thla week. The story of "Tho Pin were £ er Points" is supposedly based on th be at Lingle killing in Chicago. Rlchar Earthelmess stars as the characte representing "tingle." Saturday's pic ture Is "The Bat Whispers" witM Ones ter Morris and Una Merkel, who play ed In "Abraham Lincoln." * • • "Mr. Lemon of Orange" Is set for Saturday of next week Instead of as originally scheduled. El Brendel, who made such a hit several weeks ago in "Just Imagine," acts the part of a gangster with an Irish name and a Swedish accent. Fifi Dorsay, who played with Will Rogers in "They Had to See Paris" some time ago Is with Brendel in this picture. Eddie Cnntor of » * Uy Thursdav - Mr » ? nd Mrs ' Peter ' and and family and Mrs. Chas. Ellsworth and fam- S&^^&t^W*™ ** BH",eo. b , wev. Sunderlln of Garner. The bride Mrs- Henry Tjaden wore a silk flat crepe dress of dull rose r OTd And erson Save a shower Saturday wo^t ill; She , carrled a bouquet of |»"srnoon at tne E L Gilbert home in Easter lilies. Th e bridesmaid, Mabel honor of Mlss Le ola Huff who Is soo urace Sunderlln, wore a silk flat crepe i° be ma rried to Stanley Gardner o , fl pale blue Bnd her bouquet con- PIum ^ek township, ststea of sweet peas. Berton Kenon — "^ ^^L 1 "^"' .Tne new Mrs. Love I Entertained Club- Mrs. Hugh Post entertained he bridge club last Tuesday evening. Mrs J. W. Mangan and Mrs. Leo n Merrlt won the first and second prizes res pectively and Mrs. Loren Mlnkler won the consolation prize. le Employees- Manager and Mrs. Everett Hancher entertained the employees of the local and Mrs Wai N . orthw( *tern Bell Telephone Exchange £r° r'i 8 ', wal at an evenine nartv at f.hPir *™m» ,?„ ** h ° me ° n w AIg0 " a Welch junior college at Ames. Mr. Love is a graduate of the Garner high ands a 6tudent at state n, The couple will be at home after June l m Garner. i CALL THEATRE J ALGONA, IOWA other games. Refreshments were served late in the evening. N. B. B. Clnb— The N. B. B. bridge club met at the "Whoopee" fame is credited with writ- Ing the words for the story on which "Mr. Lemon or Orange" Is based. • » • We have discovered that there have been several changes made In the program .for next week. Mr. Rice has I gone out of his way to bring about !some of the changes. We had our Chatter all written before learning the details of the changes, so we will cut things short on this new program. For Sunday and Monday Mr. Rice has scheduled "Stepping Out," with practically the same cast as you saw a few Sundays ago In "Parlor, Bedroom and WHI1TEMOREMAN HASBffiTHDAY Nelson Crawford, 81, Lived] There for Sixty-Two Years, BOUGHT FIRST GOODS BROUGHT BY BAIL. I Has FIvte Children Living.) Mr. Craw-| fora is Very Active and Gets tip Town Every Day. Whittemore, April 14. Special: Nelon Crawford celebrated his eighty-1 rst birthday last Wednesday, He was born In Wayne county, Indiana, and came to Iowa with his parents when he wag three years of age, The faml-, ly settled In Allamakee county. Here Mr. Crawford lived until he was 191 year of age. In the spring, he with Mert Miller and Ben Clarke, former pioneers] came to Kossuth county. Miller and Clarke took up homesteads near StJ Joe. That same winter Mr. Crawford was married to a sister of Mert Miller. The ceremony was preformed In 'i'J Bath." We are just wondering If Char-l little church which stood where .c lotts Greenwood will stage any special- Catholic church In St. Joe Is now bulm d M the wrestlm S match she Justice Leland performed the cermon' with Bust «r Keaton In the other Willard Ringgenberg home Tuesday show - Members of the cast bfcside the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Johann- ' 1Lo , n & est Laugh of the Show," are sen won the family high nrize and Lella Hvams . Cliff Edwards, Reginald Mr^and Mrs. Roy BJustrom won the| Denny and Lmia ? ~" Admirers of Norma Talmadge will be glad to hear that "Dubarry," her first low prize. a year, will be the picture April " Hostess to A. O. Club- Mrs. Anne Fechner entertained the ' picture A. O. bridge club at her home Thursday evening. Irene Vaudt won the, igh prize and Nellie McGinnls the Extra special for Wednesday, Thurs- econd high. Irene and Adah Carl- y and Fridav of next week is Charli en were guests. orprts* Party— Watch! Take Notice! Special Saturday -Pro-ram th week. Special Booking-Sunday. * ° THUBS. & FRI., APRIL 18-17 Thursday matinee at 2:30. 10-300. Prices Richard Barthelmess In 'THE PINGEE POINTS Based on Llngle, Chicago Tribune reporter incident. Just cleared up by conviction of Brothers, the St. Louis gangster, last week. It's timely—big—thrilling. One of the road show attractions of the season. Also— . News and Comedy. TUESDAT. APRIL 2L 2:30 matinee 10c-30c. Norma Talmadge in "JDUBARBY" Norma's first picture in a year. Al Review, Cartoon and Variety. EXTRA SPECIAL APRIL 22-23-24 !? da >' 5 - th «* matinees a each day, prices 10c-30c. SATURDAY SPECIAL, APRIL 18. T 7 t L raatmees 1:3 ° an d 3:30. Prices I0c-30c. Tom Tyler "THE PHANTOM OP THE WEST" Comedy FEATURE hich you prefer outlaws in-iaws ? Chaplin's "City Lights." There Is no dialogue, but some surprising sound ef (fects have been worked out. Watcl Charlie hesitate before he gives his last cent to a poor little blind birl. He'd V giving like to hold back just a litle but after ia honor her kiss, h e shells out hi a hurrv. •-— ' • • • The picture for next week Saturday is "The Lottery Bride" with Joe E. Brown and Jeannette MacDonald. We S _P S? BB-PSES KJSSLTT rjrrif Td =<sei l understand that there are spectacular JTCc^siaj- aftemacc tnii i£_-£. H=xJi * 5cenes »f the fate of a monster diri- ~ srZ b? ~ "~ Arctic. In all probability cirector gleaned a bit here and l t^. from Byrd's Antarctic picture, "sen's Angels," and possibly from -Dirigible." which is being highly ad- Tenised, but which is a later picture 'ran the other two mentioned. We've no score to crab on the gleaning pro- I position, however, because if we didn't . snitch a bit here and there this chatter | just wouldn't chatter. i * * * You can be on the look out now for a program .Pisree. Sirs. Jaha | U» leader oc Ae Euii?.-.. i pie, Ctefi God." W. E, C. Club— The W. R, C. tab TT£ =~=>i TT^-ires- day afternoon. April 2 E; ;y O :~ir- T a: ths^home of Mrs. Cfcrisresa Spacrbers. A large attendance is desirec Woman's Club to M«t— The Woman's c3ub will meet Thurs-, - —» ««- ««„ iu i oay, April 23. at the Ferguson home for; " Tra der Horn" and George Arliss in a one o'clock luncheon. A Russian " The Millionaire." We have it on good will be given. authority that Mary Plckford in "Kiki' —::— is to be shown week after next. L. O. A. Bake Sale— The L. O. A. class of the Congregational Sunday School wfll have a bake sale at the Anderson meat market on Saturday afternoon. Idle Hour Club— -1 JMrs,.HazeI Datelel Is entertaining th Idle Hour bridge clubat a one o'cloc luncheon today. Men's Clnb— The Men's club of the Presbyterian church met at the home of Mr ant Mrs. Hugh Post Wednesday evening. Hostess to Clnb— The young couple lived for a year qn the Dr. Armstrong farm and for threje years on the Norton farm near the riy er. The next year Mr. and Mrs. Craw, Sbrd came to their farm north q Whttemore and this has since been .their home. The year Jhey came to Whittemore, the railroad was bull through It. Mr. Crawford bought tW< first groceries that were shipped by rail Into the town. Henry Munch wrii the store keeper and when the train came Into town with the groceries from Emmetsburg consigned to the Munch store, Mr. Crawford was over there to the depot with his shopping list. Mr, Munch had a scales at the depot and weighed up the first grocery order in Whittemore to Nels Crawford. Mrs. Crawford died in 1911. There were four boys and one girl born to the Crawfords. They are James and Geo who live north of town, Dave of <Vb- sarkee, Montana, Harry in Kansas City Missouri, and Mrs. Cliff Roupe of Whittemore. The Roupe family lives in Crawford's comfortable house in the lorth part of town and he makes his home with his daughter. He enjoys very good health and Is out and about town every day. It will be sixty-two years on June 5, when Mr. Crawford walked into this community from Al- amakee county and it would not sur- Jrise us at all to hear he had char- ered an airplane for that day to take ilm to Allamakee county and back in elebration. We hope he enjoys many more eighth days of Aprils. Eugene Permanent Wave Special Beginning April 20th and Lasting until May 1st Genuine Eugene Waves $8.50 Our regular price after that time on these Waves will be $10.00. When you get a Eugene in this shop you may be assured that the operator is not experimenting on .you. She is not only an experienced permanent waver but she has had actual experience in giving Genuine Eugene Waves. Marigold Beauty Shoppe I Over Bloom's Store Phone 803. you'll find the laugh answers in the fast comedy of hard, babies »nd hardware in EL BSEflDEL n Mr.jfemon of Orange The picture that pokes fun, in- gjitead of a^unjnto yo ur riba^g The Swede iloet. u dual role, one as the Swede doing tru,k:; anrl making lots of fun, the douoie a.s a gangster. You got twice a.s much "Brendel" as in "Just I.riiiifine." Eddie Cantor B avR us "Whoopc-e". He wrote tins utovy lor Ei Brendel You know it's fun. AI.vo— Comedy I'r.i.'vnini. SUN. & MON., \VMlTvyw. Change of prcgrasn. li'.i practically the .same cast of ),lay(.rs as we had in "Parlor, Beuivom and Batli" Just as many laughs. Charlotte Greenwood Leila Hyams Cliff Edwards Reginald Denny ! Lillian Bond In "STEPPING OUT" The five star picture. Tliey tiled to fool the Mrs. and got theirs. Past and furious fun. Also — Comedy, Cartoon and News. Qiiariie Oiiapiia o/sceoe fioai".Gitt| Just playing in all the big cities Chaplin silent with all the fun of his previous .stories compared to present talking pictures. Also Well Balanced Program—Always a two hour show. SATURDAY, APRIL 25. Two matiness at 1:30 and 3:30 prices 10c-30c. ' Tom Tyler Serial Comedy Feature Joe E. Brown Jeannette MacDonald in "THE LOTTERY BRIDE" Brown is the world's great comedian. You wwere pleased with him in "Sit Tight." APRIL 26-27— Norma Shearer in "STRANGERS MAY KISS" APRIL 28-29— "TRADER HORN" Wutch for Mary Pickford in "Kiki" George Arliss in "The Millionaire." Mrs. Dr. Sheehan entertained her bridge club Tuesday afternoon. Lone Rock Auxiliary Spongers Contest. Lone Rock, April 14. Special: The American Le glon Auxiliary is sponsoring two poppy poster contests, one for the fifth and sixth grades and the other for the seventh and eighth grades of our public school. First and second i Pr ^ e ?!, are to be S^ 6 " ta each section and the posters are to be exhibited at the community picnic at the close of school. They will then be posted in the business houses around town and will advertise the annual poppy day sale the Satiitrday before Memo/rial Day. All the proceeds of this poppy sale are to be used in child welfare Sixty-Six to Graduate from Local High School. A class of 66 students will be graduated from the Algona high school at the commencement eWcises held > May 28, j. p. Overmyer, superihtendeht.'hls announced. The speaker will be Bruce Gates. The commencement sermon will be given May 24. Members of the senior class who are scheduled to be graduated are: Everyal W. Adams, Eleanor Eaton Backus. Ruth G. Banwart, Otis A. Harr, Helen F. Batt, Wilma E. Behrends, Alva H. Benson, Lucille Beatrice Black, Harold F. Blinkman, Burnetta M. Bonnstetter, Hazel L. easier, Peter R. Chubb, Vivian N. Dale, Irene B. Daliel, Esther L. Dearchs, Irene A. De- Ine. Sara E. Doran, M. Helen Doughan, ike T. Elbert, Wilma I. Etherington, William R. Ferguson. Edgar C. Fin- lell, Anna M. Emma Lena Gllllngham, dna Elizabeth Gllmore. Norma Grein- r, Bernice M. Harrington, Genevieve . Hartshorn, Lula A. Huenhold, Dor- :hy Mae Johnson, Velva I. Johnson, ildna M. Jordan, Joseph P. Jordan, :.M.T.C.WILLBE HELD THIS SUMMER Kossuth County Boys Wil Again Go to Port Des Moines. SHOULD APPLY FOB BLANKS AT ONCE P. A. Danson is Handling the Business in Algona for the Government and Will Supply Information. Banks Should Not Have Been Closed. Humboldt Republican: Iowa Is gradually awakening to the fact that the Iowa State Banking department has done the state untold injury through banks. perfectly There are occasional or ten ( ? nm , ps are c ? n ductfld through* entlr e country and the rail- ares of the boys both to and '« * govern- work. Seneca Girls Receive Basket Ball Awards. Seneca, April 14. Special: Last Friday Superintendent R. L. Rossman presented eight of the basket ball girls who played in the finals games of the county and sectional basket ball tournament with small gold filled basket balls. The girls received silver last year for winning a county tournament. Those receiving the awards were Harriett Jensen, Alice Lenihan, Mildred Goetsch, Dorcella Jensen, Helen Nielsen, Helen Patterson, Margaret Crowley and Orva Halverson. This award gives every member of the team something to show for her efforts besides the trophy in the school This is Coach Rossman's own Idea and award. uella A. Kapp. Eugene H. Kelley, Margaret N. Knuden, Margaret K. Laabs, Amelda M. Lavrenz, Josephine Lee, Charles Lund, Gladys Matern. Mary C. McNeil, Paris Miner, Helen E. Morrow, Hazel A. Neeling, Eugene Nelson, Eugene C. Pearson, Irene Vivian Pentecost, Juanita F. Potter, Max Richardson, Gladys I. Rising, Irma D e e Roupe. Lyle W. Runchey, Mildred M. Ryther, Nina Shackelford, Karl L. Shumway, John Simpson, Roberta Skilling, Kathryn A. Smith, Ruth Stelnman, Eldon Joseph Stoffel, Arlene M. Sundlng, Dorothy F. Taylor, Marjorle Grace Turner, James R. Vipond, Pearl R. Walker and Clara M. Wlese. Members of the high school faculty are Miss M. J. Coate, principal; Frances Messer, Frances Duhlgg, E-l Frances Messers, Frances Duhlgg, Alv vena Miller, Irma Plaehn, Leona Krampe, Hattie Wilson, Esther Quinby, Ruth Messenger, Floy Horn, Nancy Ruth Renaud, Ruth Kriekenbaum, George S. Johnson, David C. Ward, Adrian Burmeister and Coach Aubrey Bonham. The school board members are T. P. Harrington, president; Glen Buchanan A. E. Michel, Mrs. C. B. Murtagh and Mrs. George St. John. understand this one has only to look at the poor sales of real estate and other defunct bank property by the 'state I !?S g department. i n Humboldt the building of the late People's State Bank i ,«„„* -^-•L. ,.- ~* — w B««cm- was sold to the new Humboldt Trust !?„ , , ^ oy wU1 revive uniform & Savings Bank for if we remember arrival at the camp and the gov correctly, $17,500. This building is and ™!? men * furnish three wholesome was worth more than double the price S, a da f Laundr y will be done bj t brought. It is true that no one L he 1 amp , laundrv at no expense.,. Cnillrf hp fnnn^ nrVtn ...~..i,a t_»j I-.--L I Cne StUQent. .. ing and pitching tents, all this is given to the young men without cost or obligation. The Requirements. The purpose of the camps Is to train good healthy American youth to carry on the nation's work and perpetuate its Institutions. Four courses of instruction are given at camp. The basic!, the first summer and the Red, White and Blue courses, the second, third and fourth summers. The requirements to attend th e C. M. T. c. are: one must be-a male citizen of the United States, physically qualified and of good moral character. You must have passed your seventeenth birthday, be of average Intelligence and have a certificate of character from a reputable citizen in your home town. Apply at Once. To obtain Information regarding the A ?£ |T ^ 0 '-'? r •*•?' W 1 ?:ior admission , to tbjj^camp, if you live 1 ta^Ssuth-: county, a letter should be written to ! ?. A. Danson or to the town commit- I teemen who will have charge of the application blanks. This county Is al- owed only a limited number to repre- ent it at Fort Des Moines, so if any boy cares to attend he should get his pplicatlon blank at once. Algona Markets. orn .. Oatfe . Bartey .46 could be found who would bid higher for it at the time, but that does not mean that it was not worth more nor for it if the banking departmenTcould Uth^rWn or would hnv« ncorf ~, n , n n~. <_ j..-_ ' elt ner clean in the Mason City Rotarians Here Last Monday. The Algona Rotary club entertained — ~>.~w, „«„ a ix members of. the Mason City club visitor in the city Monday and made Uncle Tom Blaine Visits Algona Friends. Uncle Tom Blaine of Sexton, was a ncluding its president, Bert Druni- nond, who gave a talk on "Good Will " His talk showed deep thought and was well prepared. He gave out many fine wints which were of great value to everybody. Mr. Drummond is traffic manager for the Chamber of Commerce in Mason City. The other members from Mason City were William Hathorn, Paul Clement, Dave Convey William Wilcox, and William Hathorn,' Jr., who was a guest of the Mason Cityans. Rev. C. V. Hulse will represent the Algona club at Mason City next week and will give a talk. Swea City Baptists Entertained Here, About forty members of the Swea City Baptist Brotherhood, with their wives, were entertained Monday even- Ing by the Algona Baptist Brotherhood. A program and dinner was served. this office a pleasant visit and also went over many happenings of former days with his old friend, D. A. Hae- gard. Mr. Blaine Is a Scotchman and can tell and enjoy stories about his countrymen. He is a member of the Algona Masonic lodge and while suffering more or less with rheumatism, he is devoted to the order and frequently attends the meetings. or would have used more ing cost more than $10,000 *we'a"re"toid~, Nor is this the only example of poor sales in Humboldtf The other real estate that the bank' held as security was sold little better.' If-the bank paid fifty per cent in liquidation, It Is safe to say that it was a solvent bank when closed. Then what about a bank that pays out one hundred per cent under the expensive manner of liquidation. It Is said that the First National Bank of Wesley recently did just that. Then why was this bank closed? Why was the late Peoples State Bank here examined, its affairs overhauled by a bank inspector and given the O. K., and then a, tiew charter refused? paper does not believe ttia either of the Humboldt banks that were closed should have been closed. Did you ever stop to think what It means when a bank Is closed? It means that depositors lose the per cenl of their savings that are dissipated In liquidation. These depositors, especially the time depositors, are the old and dependant people who have finished life's battle and are unable to go out into the world again and remake what they have lost. It means that they will go to their graves—men and women who were formerly respected and self-respecting—on charity's dole. It means privation, hardship and of times death. Go to Fort Des Moines. Kossuth county will •'-- and will live if or under can- >st red-blooded . like to do. They receive free medical bitttei go home a better health and will be .retun " P 8tUdies or County Jail Cleaned and Re-Decorated. The county jail has recently been cleaned and renovated. Lighter color paint was used to brighten up the place. Other Improvements to make the place more healthful and sanitary were also made. Started in 1921. C. W. T. C. camps started a it. en p - A> Da nson and W. W. Sullivan attended from Algona and Ptace that time close to a half million .fathers and mothers have sent their " *7 these camps for training. The are supervised by regular army i because the war department !„ u, H? e besfc a e e ncy for handling the youth of America The gov- ehiment supervises the athletics, teach e^ swimming, marching, drill, shott- Eggs . "' Hens, all wts. 18, Leghorns" Roosters, heavy, 09, Leghorn .. .40 .. 7.00 .17-.12 .. .13 .. .07 Executor's Sale of Real Estate. HttX *! ° c i ose tne estate of L. E. Strom, the undersigned executor will offer for sale at public auction on the 27th day of April, 1931, at two o'clock feS SL"^ 1 5 /l? < L °t Sr («to ° f . Sale will be held on premises . t Subject to rights of tenant In posses- No lease. M> P ' CHRISTIANSEN, Executor. 4 Save for the Sunny Day rt°^ ** about «» T . I That is a worthy motive, and has brousht mppmess to untold thousands of peon e wh have had the foresight to protect the r fuSe with a systematic savings plan. Permanent Wave Demonstration Tonight. Mrs. Dailey's permanent wave demonstration will be given this evening at seven-thirty at the Marigold Beauty Shoppe I. Several permanent waves will be given to demonstrate the different kinds of waves. There will also be an opportunity for some one to secure a free permanent wave. Guy Mantors Home from Wedding Trip. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Mantor returned home Monday night from their honeymoon trip to Sioux City and out Into the Black Hills country. They are at home in the Phillips residence at present St. Thomas Church. Sunday, April 19th, at seven-thirty p. m, evening prayer and sermon. als^f or Pe ° plG 1e ° pG oa y arc sa ™g money KOSSUTH COUNTY STATE BANKl Algona, Iowa '

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