The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 15, 1931 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1931
Page 5
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The Upper Des Moines-ftepublican, April 15. LEGISLATURE WITHIN THREE Legislative Program Proves Disappointment Gen- Appropriations Stll Undecided. wh!ch Worked loos9 official rin aournment until the omcial clocks ate started up again l nd fienft £ ^mberaTe Ired , f 3 ' M they """a"? become Iast days of the session fiuis with little scanning and wlth °ut their victory, though they are not I^M""*? f, atls ?. ed with the law, as it [Sight ^ e them BU the P° W£ * they Governor Nominates Two, imer last week sent to --- — names of J. H. Ander- Thompson, former speaker ...>.„„jse and Mrs. Farncis B, worth, Waterloo society woman, T^f? 2J the st ate board of ™_- InwMeq »h « S £ me day ^hdfew both names when it was discovered both \zsu»&£& *• flrtytt ifu" iu— "" an alumnus of either' of tne three state school. Last Thursday sent up the name of Mr. An'"•' '" place of Mrs. Hems- of oniy dcath ' and smoked byowa and the bill would have increased this ent ° ther of Senatorial R*dlstrlctta* Suggestions. Although the house has killed one 1 ^ 1 rcdis tricting bill, there the senf > te who WO "W at- few chan ses. These C0l >nty to the Jones. u add AUamakee to the l5 rmneshlek Strict; put Clay- in with Payette; Wright in with k and Franklin, make of Cerro a separate district an dmake T ?f W "»ee-«»m»ty districts out of Lyon, Osceola and Sioux; Various members are said tobe cadN n?^ f °£ Ileuten ant governor, and some s^ateln ?r membera WU1 ^rive ™ peats in the senate. Even are pre - eleotlon of them will create a row. tfteh & Game taw Signed. £MJfi£ atondhave a ««"»•* State University Probe End Near. It is generally feared that the legis- hl f K tT y be held up from adjourning the 15th, as planned, because it win not be possible for the investigation t, which has conducted tt£ X 81 ^ P"* 6 to ^t its report by that ttae - alhough it has . work. The resolution creat- the committee and authoriing tee f£ atlon tacl rt«* a reqiurelient that the committee report before the ent of the general a*£mb7y they must stop the clock and await the report, or whether it will be « My In time, is causing some worry hS member ? anxlous to get to their d a and Palo Alto The rest of the state would be left unchanged. Road Bond Bill Up Today. Supporters of good roads measures V ^# Wn £ y When *»* 6 " c - h^f in getting the proposed road bond enabling bill made a Special order of business for today at ten o'clorb 2f h °f the «00,000,00o y road bond^: sue had tried to gain first considera- f& r* ba l by RepresentaU^e ft ' .°* » Clarke count y- to prevent further issuing of county bonds: The enabling Mil will, if pa «ed, cany out r<ViSlon of the will make n strong gain nationally. A Sinner given here this week to'the democratic national chairman brought out some 400 faithful, and don't think they were not optimistic. SWEA EVANGELIST LOCATES HELL) Discovers Eternal Home of) Sinners Eighteen Miles from that Burg. NEIGHBORING TOWNS SEEK DISTINCTION. North Kossuth Men Start West When) Told to Go to HelL LUB TUDY in 13 Cars just completed *—' ce. mn J"f°2 wm °° ntro1 and ? state flsn a nd same depart- and dictate its policies. The ton and game warden will be appointed by the commission and be responsible to den w° U ! h ^ P resent * ame ward ™ W. E. Alberts of Lansing, will , offlce untu the expiration 'In 1933. The present deputy f wardjns are to remain, but sub- cause 0 d rT 1SSal by the ^mission foV aS JS 1 f? ame Warden wm be the active executive power B of tnjs law ls the re- .u C T yBar cam Palfm by the Walton League and the Will Oil* conservation league, who are Jubilant It is thought there will be a majority "V?' " the coml nit- VPrs ,ff « , I> and aeatast the Unl S ny , ci ^ s , and ^ stat e board of education. Friends of the university c^m^l 11 * Jessup clata thattoe committee has uncovered nothing of importance damaging to the school's management, and that the only result taves tigation has been the ext° f °, ver $20 ' 000 °f the Public «; Enemies of President Jessup and the state board assert the charges have been sustained «««¥es Another Tax Measure Defeated. Woshippers of the Goddess Nico- toe were saved the possibility of having their smokes cost an additional " m when the senate Thur^ay de- eated the proposed increase of the tax on cigarettes and a new tax on other obacco by a vote of 23 to 9. The bill was one of the new measures sponsored y the Joint tax committee to furnish 1 J "^ sets "P 'machinery road the P rovls tons of the road program, the completion of the °« n the prtaar y highway sys! to ta ^ Uan °H ° f bonds by the stat e to take up and pay off the county bonds already issued, and furnish funds to complete the road system the ,, s "P r eme court is con- validity of the constitu- me 2 t ' and the roa d bond t c ° ndl tion a i and ineffective the coudt acts and people pass recess session is avoided J h f aotlon of the supreme court is tvl?^ 0 ^ thing - No one wants to go ahead with a special election cost- tag nearly $300,000 and then have Hie vahd d ™^ ^ the ai "endmentl 1 ! valid. This decision will end a lone controversy, as it is expected the voter! will approve the amendment if the supreme court upholds it, as some 37 counties have road bonds that TouW be over by the state upon "ite _ -— —«•— of conversation at City, Estherviiie, Ringsted El-1 more and a few other north Iowa ^^ « »' <Whep ! ta he " ls hell?" An evangelist recently located it eighteen nfles from Estheryille and now he5 trying to convert the sinners at Swea Citv and says it is eighteen miles from "' i * t not glve the direction is taken for granted that it is north, east or west as the people livine - 1 "— that it is n ' Swea City Herald says: Evangelist Dexter Collins, who is conducting a revival campaign for the Pull Gospel Mission at the opera house will on Sun- »wpii n g h * , preach on the subject of Hell is Discovered Eighteen Miles from Swea City." This startling announcement doubtless will start a train of conjecture. Ringsted is eighteen miles from Swea City, but Editor A. L te3Sff° « Slre1ady has denled tnat his town is the place chosen. East Chain likewise is eighteen mile.s away but Kl ody , kn T thafc te a S S »St not given to whoopee making. Elmore tafflhi 18 S ^ me clehteen mlles awa y. but nothing has occun-ed in that town to lead to the belief that it may be the chosen spot. That about eliminate ".^f billies. i t wm be up™o House Amends Mileage Bill T, e ^ house T hursday, true to form went the senate one better in cutting the mileage to be paid county officials Editors Ai-c Perplexed. Some weeks ago the evangelist Silr^f d ° n , th< ; Same s««ert 3 uierville, only that he •Uhteen miles f,omlh.t » p ,°» " .™«1W .n«uea amons th, SSs ^ night in all kinds in n and over ^ Wnds of roads in performance of official duties, but the house by a 62 to 39 vote on amendment by Brown wlth W Tax Reduction Bill to Governor. biU th^vft I ? Iday passed th e Elliott bill, which had previously passed the hp °". se - Baking possible a flat five per cent reduction in all city, school and°° eun t y '" vles - The sUght amend- mentB will be approved bv the hmiQP ? h ° v6rnor T™ 1- eS^ted"^ sign the measure. This is the first ° n measure to have passed and senate - and is expected, has taken fifty years to perfect this system" • "Just think how little I need worry about markets and prices. My chief job is to produce the best butterfat, eggs and poultry that I can—take them to the nearest Swift & Company produce plant and get the going market price in cash for all I can deliver. "Swift & Company gives me, and 200,000 others like me, an ever ready, ever unlimited market. We're not concerned with local gluts and shortages. "It takes organization to keep this vast system in smooth running order. But that system has half a century of experience back of it. It could not be brought into life in a year. "Think of it—this family consists of 200,000 producers; 55,000 employes, 48,000 shareholders, with 114 produce plants, over 400 branch houses and 600 car routes. And the whole organization operates, progresses and expands on an average profit from all sources of less than 2 cents on every dollar of sales. That's what I gall a wonderful system." "A Producer" from hell How'he~knows It "is" an! matter and which way is hell lo. on ? E^herville is still another he should have said £en miles fgrom Es™'TV""" •.-••j.juafa are a Jot of nlanaa eighteen miles from Estherviiie. There is Emmetsburg, the Iowa lakes sevorai tttt 04 * r * sorts ' Arnom ' s Pa* sp™- thor B f and more places - And then there is a possibility that the evan- geiisc was looking up or down when he made his statement. Anyway if a man is on the road to hell and gets fa S r C t^tn aS ^f* 61 ! 1116 he won't have vou to ^tnfS *?*? S0me one tells you to go to hell, start for Estherviiie." Miss Donovan Speaks. Miss Anna Donovan, editor of the Emmetsburg Tribune, Joined the colloquy and incidentally took a side swipe at coiintv Attorney Wm. Johnston o? Miss Donovan wrote as 1,3 latest models used iti scries of motor oil track tests running 25 days nurcK oi.nsiMonii.E NAsri cr/KVKourr COKD CIIKYSI.ER I{r -O CAWLLAC HUDSON PO.NT1AC WILLYS-KNIGHT This advertisement ap. proved by Contest Board of A. A. A. Conducted by Contest Board of A. A. A. on Indianapolis Speedway An evangelist at Estherviiie, as the h7 f g °^ , recentl y preached on the nibfimfc. -Hen ta Eighteen Miles from e.' The ever alert Emmet thr^on , ey V W - S ' J °hnston, took covor S o, „ " £ and P r ° b aWy to re- d ^eat of most of measures urged by Gov "%.,*» JoUlt taSdattTO mota, 1 ^^ measure assume s special iinportance, and the only re- 0me tex a"* « ou "appear to be dead Uke th fvf v, con ference committee, IhtmJ + St> have "Ported their inability to agree, and at this & a ^^ committ 'onl U v ™£ llttle hope of only new revenue raisins mpa- of nher,f ^ P3SSed are the increase of inheritance taxes and the oleo and lard substitute taxes. The billboard tax has been killed and ' luis is probably the most thorough an l comprehensive lubrication study ever made. •." *. The Contest Board of the American Automobile Association conducted the work and is compiling the results for certification. Car manufacturers sent representatives to the track for observation. Here are some of the technical questions included in this study: 1 Extent to ichich motor oil thins out in the crankcase? 2 Effect of speed on oil consumption? 3 Volume O f ca rbon formcd wi(h ^.^ grades (.viscosities) of oil at different speeds? 4 Engine wear at known speeds uith vari- oua grades of motor oil? Soon these cars will take to Kmbleni of Con tr ••'. Board of America;, •Automobile Aat.ii. thto wek Speclal companies, it would have added thS K T? paniOS to the "«t of the state now paying a tax. Appropriations to Conference Pi-opriations bill with about a million dollars greater reduction than tha Stive" ± W The " servative senate is not con- Swift's Premium Quality Brookfield Eggs, Premium MUkfed Chickens and Golden West Fowl prepared by Algona people, On sale by local dealers, B £?S«S*™«"«« 1932 Speakershlp Fight Starts. With the nearing of the close of the 44th general assembly talk is rife con! cerning probable candidates fnr tvio speakership of the 45th Snbly" and the name most often heard is that of Raymond Rutledge of Webster county, speaker pro tern of the 44th session. It is rumored that Speaker Francis Johnson would like to be Governor £SffWJafJWSK sns.'ss^sffi.fe.ri fflfdn "^df/nocrats are unually optimistic and declare they will put a full state ticket in the field and make a vigorous campaign to elect a demo- cratip governor and general assembly on the assumption that the democrats on, —12— deputies to Ring- n ~* 0 y ra i ded a dance hall while a dance was in progress, it caused considerable excitement for a time but nothing like hell or anythtag over a two per cent content was fcmnd A pool hall was raided but the officers did not recover Estherville's lost possession i "While Emmet county officers seem still to be chasing a will-o'-the-wisp, the concensus of opinion throughout northwest Iowa is that the evangelist gave the county attorney a bum steer. It is generally believed that the old camping ground has not been changed, for it is unreasonable to think that hell would move eighteen miles from so favorable a location as Estherviiie "At any rate, if it should be gone and should never be found, the county attorney of our neighboring county is amply able to raise hell any time or any where. He can do it with less effort than his home town could raise thirty cents for a Fourth of July celebration." Anderson Makes a Denial. Miss Donovan's report was strenuously denied by Editor Anderson of Stows- ed Wh ° W1 '° te ln hlS paper as "The Palo' Alto Tribune last week published a version of the story 'Hell is located eighteen miles from Esther- yille' and stated the dance hall raid took place in Ringsted. We wish Editor Miss Donovan would correct this story as no raid was made here and v£i«u "I, J? cated anywhere in this vicinity. Nothing gets away from the county seat in this county" the road on extensive individual tours. These tours w»H serve a dual purpose. First, to deliver to automobile dealers the certified results of the lubrication study and give them the privilege of inspecting their car. Second, to carry on the lubrication study under the identical conditions that your car faces every day. Watch for these cars. Inspect them if you have the opportunity. The broad scope and thoroughness of this work explains why Standard Oil Company (Indiana) is able to provide you with motor oil that meets exactly "" the lubricating requirements of your car. •^ eiv 0-VI OTOR OIL OIL (.Indiana) COMPANY Algona Boy Taken to State Hospita Max Speicher,' 28, son of Fran Speicher of Algona, was taken to th .state hospital at Cherokee Friday suf «?r,1 B f±f± e . effc «! ts of e as <»'<* ' Eagle Grove Honors Her Old Settlers a: Next Tuesday evening th wiiTT °J? Chamber of Commerce will honor the men still living in Eagle Grove who have been in business here thirty years or more. The town was founded Just flfty years ago the flrsi passenger train pulling into this poinl fifty years ago this summer. P the veterans who have been '""—sfc and who are still in A. L. eYarousi, O. H. ' ^' ^' ^- orse ' Ralph A. M. smallpage, John Howell, WnMrVT"*? e< These men go away oacs into tne early eighties. Men who rHr&o A ~ I L Bwnes ' J ohn Porter, Dr. O'Tpple, S. Flynn are mere youngsters! th P aon the army when ho was fourtee yean, old and went through most of th J1 ;n e f nga f gements of tlle war with th infantry. For the past two yeai 5 6 !? W ° rking f0r 0e «"BC Millei n h Algona. He has always beei a hard worker and it seems a Vain that one so young should be made t suffer as he has His friends aro hope ful that he will benefit from th treatment, and will be able to come home with his health restored The American Legion post in Aln» took up his case and tried to get him admitted to the veterans's hospital at Knoxville, but as it was fun they had to take him to Cherokee foi a time until there is a place for him at the veterans' hospital Judge Quarton Gets Highway Appointment, by the chief of the supreme court. There commissioners In thl W1U recelve On the Way to San Antonio. Archie Hutchison always had a poet- wnir£ and h ° Wossonis forth H» «>ng when the occasion gives any ixcuse Last week on his way to San Artonto' ' *"£ Ed ', H ° Ugl1 he Paused in" S southwards long enough to send inn Des Molnes -Republican the following card. "This is April 8 somewhere north of San Antonio, on theM.K.&T. By . Trees are in bloom. Corn is so you can row it, Cotton is so you can hoe it, Oats so you could mow it, and Mules, how they go it." ?™™^^ 5 S Bargains in Used Cars Ford sedan 1928 Chevrolet coach Willys Knight sedan tudor See the New Chevrolet Cabriolet and the 157 inch New Truck KOHLHAAS BROS. nv\r> OfiH

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